I have always thought there was a degree of unfairness when police use radar or a sobriety check point. It sort of gives authorities an unfair advantage. The fact that I might be wrong being immaterial.

Florida is a screwy state when it comes to laws. One good law requires police to give notice when and where a sobriety check point will be established. Together with the hours. Fair.

There is a sobriety check point tonight on US 1 and Cross Street for north bound traffic. It has been advertised in the Key West Citizen twice this week. To be forwarned is to be forearmed. Stay away from US 1 and Cross Street from 7 to 2 tonight.

I am. Not that I get smashed and drive. I drink, but very rarely to excess. However, one never knows. Better safe than sorry. I shall either stay home this evening or limit my out of house activities to the three places that do not require me to pas through the check point. Roostica, Hogfish, and Geiger Key.

Sad that a sobriety check point is being conducted this evening. Tonight is the Lighted Boat Parade. To attend would take me into town. On the way back, I would have to drive through the check point.

I would have watched the Boat Parade from Schooners Wharf. It will be cold enough there. Around 62 degrees. On a boat, the experience 20 degrees cooler.

I wrote my KONK Life column for next week yesterday afternoon. The American Dream Revisited / Torture Pays. There is money to be made it doing sick and  distasteful things. Like torturing. The column concerns the two individuals who were paid $81 million to devise and help implement a torture system to be used on Guantanamo and other located detainees.

An interesting article. Especially where it is spelled out how the government got ripped off.

It was cold last night. Mid 60s when I decided to go out. The Chart Room friday evenings seems to be absent regulars. When  I am out and about, I am first looking for the company of friends. My sense was that the Chart Room regulars were doing the outside Galleon bar fridays. The bar is located on the water.

Ergo, I did not even stop first at the Chart Room. Went straight to the Galleon. I was wrong. No friends. No one I knew. Cold as hell! The wind off the ocean. JJ bartending. I had one drink and was gone. I decided it was too cold to stay out and went home.

I mentioned the other day that gasoline had dropped to $2.99 at the K-Mart station on the boulevard. The Shell station near my home was still $3.10. Yesterday, it dropped to $2.99.  This morning’s paper says gas prices will continue to drop. About time! We got screwed for too many years.

This morning’s Key West Citizen carried an article regarding the arrest of two local men. Alleged marijuana charges. The article also advised a continuing investigation regarding an alleged illegal gambling operation. The nick name of one of the individuals is Joe Weed. He is an $85,000 a year computer analyst for  the Monroe County schools.

I do not know whether is he guilty or innocent. I really do not care. His business, his headache. What bothers me however is that he is one of the leaders of the group protesting nudity during Fantasy Fest. Hypocrisy, assuming he is guilty.

Street demonstrations are occurring all over the world. Not just in the United States. This week alone, Greece, Italy and Haiti. Not a healthy situation. Sometimes however, it is the only way a people can be heard.

My friend Anna in Novara contacted me yesterday. There were demonstrations in 50 Italian cities. Union led. No one worked. Brought Italy to a halt for one day. Italian demonstrations are riots. Actual clashing with the police. See the pictures on the internet.

The economy is the problem. As with Greece, the austerity measures imposed on the people have become onerous. They won’t take  it any more is the message.

Interestingly, Silvio Berlusconi is back! You can’t keep a good man down. Convicted of income tax evasion and having sex with a 17 year old, he continues to hang in there. The word is he is maneuvering and pulling strings behind the scenes.

Enjoy your day!


I walked outside on rising this morning. What a day! Spectacular! Bright sun. Sky perfectly blue. The weather cool. A God is in His Heaven, all is right with the world day.

However, it is not such a day. The Catholic Church has screwed up once again! Yesterday a world wide synod of bishops meeting in the Vatican stopped an attempt by Pope Francis to correct what he perceives as Church errors.

Pope Francis had proposed a welcoming of homosexuals and divorced Catholics be permitted to receive Communion. A two-thirds vote of the synod was required to approve. The correction/amendments to Church doctrine failed. More than half the bishops voted in favor. However as with the U.S. Senate on occasion, a two-thirds vote was required.

An open insult to the Pontiff. An open insult to Catholics world wide. I do not believe Catholic bishops are in tune with their flock.

Many opposing the Pope’s will were Catholic bishops. Catholic bishops have become like U.S. Senate Republicans. Similar mentalities. Catholic bishops joined with the  U.S. religious right several years ago. The two groups stand shoulder to shoulder.

I am a fallen away Catholic. Interestingly, I have been considering a return to the Church of my birth. Pope Francis the motivating influence. He was opening the windows of the Catholic Church for the first time in more than 50 years. A breath of fresh air long overdue.

Catholic Churches are empty these days. In my youth, it was difficult to get a seat at Mass. Catholic schools have closed. Only a small percentage remain open today. Churches themselves are closing. Two or three parishes joining together to make one. Poor attendance means fewer dollars to support a parish. Significantly fewer young ladies are becoming nuns. Young men not opting for the priesthood.

It will continue that way unless and until the Church recognizes what Pope Francis seeks to accomplish and support him in his endeavors. The two that failed and the more that will come. We are all God’s children.

I hope those who voted against the Pope are happy with the result. They have embarrassed their leader publicly. God’s man on earth.

Yesterday was a football day for me. Syracuse in the afternoon and the Florida State/Notre Dame game in the evening. Syracuse won! I did not expect it. Handily. 30-7. Florida State won one of the finest played college games ever. Both teams at the top of their game. Could have gone either way. Decided in the last ten seconds.

In between games, Tim Reynolds and Keith came over to set up my new flat screen TV. In the bedroom. Wow! What a picture! It was a pleasure watching the Florida State/Notre Dame game on it.

The Asia-Europe Meeting was held in Milan this past week. Interesting what happened and did not happen. Putin was to meet with Merkle. He was four hours late. He had to stop to watch a parade in some satellite country. Merkle was upset.

Later that evening, like one in the morning, Putin met with former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. They met at Berlusconi’s Milan home. Berlusconi is under house arrest for either his dalliance with a 17 year old female or income tax evasion.

The two men were together till 3:45 in the morning.

Turns out Putin and Berlusconi are friends. Close friends. For years. Putin bought a vacation home some where in Europe next door to Berlusconi’s. They have visited each other’s homes many times over the years. Their families are close.

Berlusconi remains an influential figure in Italian politics. Berlusconi is also an extremely rich man. He and Putin have large holdings in a Russian oil company. It is reported Berlusconi will be investing in further Russian oil ventures.

Fried dough. I have not enjoyed fried dough in years. I consider it an Italian delicacy. Lisa made fried dough this morning.

Robert and Ally helped. One rolled the fried dough in a bag of sugar, the other in what was thought to be a bag of powdered sugar.

Ally was the first to taste the cooked dough. She opted for the powdered sugar one. It was not powder sugar. It was flour. Someone screwed up. The incident added to the festive mood of the breakfast.

Enjoy your Sunday!










Finally! Goombay arrived last night! Fantasy Fest underway!

For those who attend events each evening, it will be as grueling ten days. Fun, however!

I did Goombay last night. Each year a bit better. This year more music. Cubby holes between buildings were filled with musicians and those listening. The food appealing, as usual.

I make it a habit not to eat the food. It suits me! However for me it is not easy to stand and devour an exotic dish with people crowded around me. If you have been to Goombay, you understand.

The end of Petronia, where the main musicians play, was crowded. I noticed more and better children’s rides. Robert and Ally go tonight. A big time awaits them!

It was Don’s Party last night. Goombay always is. A crowd gathers at Don’s Place. He orders a couple of big cabs and has everyone delivered to 801. I got the starting time screwed up. Arrived at the bar too late. The cabs had left.

I opted to walk to Goombay. In fact, I walked all night. Up and down Petronia for the festival itself. Then back to Don’s Place with a stop in between at Square 1.

On the way up Truman to the event, I came in contact with three African-American nuns standing in front of St. Mary of the Seas buildings. They are stationed now at St. Mary. There is a scarcity of American girls entering the nunnery. Catholics import nuns today. As they do many priests.

We chatted a while. Great women! They must have thought what a wonderful guy I was to stop and chat with them. Actually, I was tired and resting for the next part of my walk.

Met my group at the bar at 801. A drink and I felt better. A big glass of water, also. Seated outside 801 were Pittsburgh area friends Karen and Dan. Their daughter or son and spouse were with them. I cannot remember everything. Very nice young people. Costumed for the evening.

Don’s group meets at Blue Heaven’s outside bar to conclude the evening. Always packed. It is in the middle of Goombay.

I got there first. I can only walk in a hot crowded area so long. I grabbed a seat at the corner of the bar and watched the world pass by. I decided to leave just as the rest were arriving. I had had it. I was off. Made my good byes and thanks to Don.

I still had not had dinner. Thought I would break the walk back to the car. I stopped at Square 1 to get a bite at the bar.

Lovely Mandy bartending. Such a nice person!

Met Desmond and Sandy. Originally from England. Not happy campers! They bought a house in Key West two months ago. Previously, they had been living in Naples. Tough to talk with initially. Oozing with unhappiness. They did not like this, they did not like that. Sandy asked Mandy where the mussels came from. Never heard that question asked before. Who cares. Try them. If good, try them again another time. If not, do not.

I know people either love or hate Key West? Were they part of the hate group? I did not think so.

Desmond was in the newspaper business in England. He was a radio broadcaster in Naples. Sandy was part of the fashion industry. Desmond should meet Don who was in the hierarchy of a Buffalo newspaper and later a publisher in Ohio or Indiana.

By the time I left, we were friends and they had calmed down.

I know they are reading the blog this morning. My advice to Desmond and Sandy is they go to the Gardens Hotel tomorrow evening at 6. In the back/center there will be music, drinks and people. Most will be locals. Most sociable. A taste of Key West. You will enjoy. Do not be negative. These people love Key West. You will get your heads chopped off!

ML won! My choice for Queen. Congratulations, ML!

Syracuse this afternoon. against Wake Forest. Syracuse favored by 3-4 points. I hope we win.

Enjoy your day!



Italy is basically without air conditioning. It is claimed there is some. However, you can’t prove it by me. I have yet to experience any.

Which means…..Hot and uncomfortable in Novara.

A person sleeps with the windows wide open. Need air! Sheets a bit sticky. Dying for air! Air conditioning!

The open windows invite mosquitos. Every night. My blood must be sweet in my old age. I am the recipient of several bites a night.

There are two reasons for the lack of air conditioning.

One is that Italy does not have nor ever has had sufficient electric power. The other is that most of the buildings are so old and with such thick stone walls that it is impossible to air condition them.

A lack of air conditioning is why Italians eat their big meal at lunch. It is too hot to stay in their apartments, let alone cook a big meal in the evening. Italians rush outside. Sit around till about 11 at outdoor cafes. Have a sandwich or pick on something light. At 11 things are cooler, though not cool cool. They return to home and bed. Pray to be able to fall asleep quickly so they will not continue to feel the discomfort of the fading heat.

Automobiles are involved with the air conditioning problem, also.

Most automobiles have air conditioning. However, it is little if ever used by Italian drivers. The reason is the cost of gasoline. Around $13 a gallon. The same reason why all cars are stick shift and small. To conserve on gasoline and save a dollar or two at the gas pump.

Italians drive with open windows. The outside hot humid air blasting in. They think they are cool.

When I am in a taxi or limousine, I wait a few minutes and then ask for air. The drivers always turn it on. About 20 per cent of what is required. The windows are shut. The air conditioning grossly insufficient. I start to swelter and sweat. I ask for more air. I generally have to repeat it several times to get the air to the point where I am comfortable.

Yesterday, I walked a couple of hours. Downtown Novara is an interesting place. Most buildings constructed in medieval times. Like 1,500-2,000 years ago.

I ventured into the side streets. Deserted. Narrow roadways. Just enough room for one small car to travel.

I got lost. No big deal. Saw a lot of old buildings. Some in good shape. Some in terrible disrepair.

I came across a small retail store on one of the side streets. In the window were Church vestments. The type Catholic priests wear when saying Mass. I went in. Fortunately, the proprietor spoke English. Yes, he only sold vestments for priests. He was actuTlly a mail order business. the vestments were made in Novara and shipped world wide.

I found the whole experience exciting. I was an altar boy for years. I used to get the vestments out for the priests, return them to the closet after Mass, and assist the priests in dressing before Mass. Brought back memories from 65 or more years ago.

It was a Church day. I passed what appeared to be a small Church. Decided to stop in. Catholic Churches are generally beautiful inside. A Mass was just starting. I am a fallen away Catholic . I have not been to Mass in I don’t know how many years. I stayed. For the whole Mass! Talk about memories from days gone by!

I went to a birthday party last night. In an Italian restaurant that served only Italian food. I was the only American. Every one else was Italian or from some other country.

My hosts were Italian and Moroccan.

The meal started with a large dish of assorted fishes. When it was placed before me, I thought I was supposed to take some and pass the plate on. No, each person had their own large plate.

I dug in. I could not finish. Left about a quarter of the plate. My Moroccan hostess was seated next to me. She looked at the dish and looked at me. You do not like, she asked. No, I am full. Are you sure? Yes.

Turns out it is considered an insult in Italy not to finish every morsel of food on your plate. It means you do not consider the food good. An insult to your host.

I thought the fish dish was it. We were done eating. No, the fish dish was an appetizer. Now the main course. Each person ordered off the menu. I order what the host ordered. Spaghetti in oil with clams. Spaghetti vongole.

A huge platter was placed before me. No American restaurant serves that much pasta in one dish. I dug in. I did not wish to insult my hostess further.

The dish was too much for me. I was splitting and uncomfortable. I gave up half way through. My hostess said nothing. I believe she was convinced I was full.

Interestingly, every one else cleaned their plates.

It was announced last night Silvio Berlusconi’s appeal failed. He is scheduled for jail. Because of his age, he is 76, he will probably get house arrest or community service for one year.

Berlusconi is an extremely popular man in Italy. Especially in the north where I am. He is also the political power in Italy. The news reports are clear that if Berlusconi is not treated properly, his party will probably withdraw their support for the present President and Prime Minister. Italy’s government would immediately collapse.

Even the appellate court that ruled against Berlusconi was/is aware of his importance and how he must be treated with kid gloves. Berlusconi presently sits in Italy’s national legislature. Under Italian law, if convicted of a crime, a person can no longer hold office. The court in its decision asked that that portion of the law be relooked at so Berlusconi could continue to sit.

Berlusconi is also presently on appeal for having had sex with a 17 year old. He was convicted and sentenced to a jail term. Last night after hearing of the appellate court’s ruling against him, it was reported Berlusconi said in effect…..Screw them, I am going out and pick up some young girls tonight! The reaction of the Italian people was to be expected. They loved his comment! Typical Berlusconi!

I leave for Courmayeur later today. The Alps. I will be staying in a Swiss chalet half way up Mont Blanc. Mont Blanc is the highest peak in the Alps.

It will be cool. I have been told to bring long pants and a jacket. What a difference three hours traveling will make.

Enjoy your day!


Athens is a 25 minute flight from Santorini. I had to wait 45 minutes to get my luggage. Amazing!

Nikos drove me to the Santorini airport. What a guy!

I noticed on the drive into Athens from the airport that there were a lot of police cars. The cab driver told me it was because Italy’s Prime Minister Enrico Letta was in town to meet with the Greek hierarchy.

For some reason, I was not in the mood for plaka last night. My usual Athens night time haunt. I walked in the other direction. Ended up at the Grande Bretagne. I had tried to get a room there when planning the trip. One of the world’s great hotels. I was told there were no available rooms.

There were a lot of policemen outside the Grande Bretagne. Inside, I had to go through security. Like in an airport. I sensed Letta might be staying there. I would not ask, however. Greece makes me uncomfortable on occasion.

I enjoyed a superior evening at the Grande Bretagne! Even better than that!

I started at the bar. I was drinking Beefeaters. During my talk with the bartender, he asked if I had ever tried Beefeaters’ 24 Gin. It is Beefeaters top of the line. Forget never having drunk it, I had never heard of it. I wonder how many of you have.

In any event, I tried a glass. I did not like it. It had a perfumey bouquet like Bombay Saphire.

I decided to eat something. It was around 11 in the evening. I had not eaten since brfeakfast. I took a small intimate table just outside the bar area.

I ordered bruschetta. Three different types were served on vertical slices of a French type bread. One salmon, another mozzarella and tomato. The third was a vegetable of some sort. I susect zucchini crushed into an oily dressing. The whole thing to die for!

There was a piano player. Seated at a large baby grand. He played only American songs. He caught my ear with My Way. Later, his rendition of the theme from the Godfather blew me out.

There I was seated in absolute beauty enjoying excellent food and entertainment.

I thought how lucky I was.

The room. The Grande Bretagne is a distinguished old hotel. The bar area where I was seated is on the side of a huge high ceilinged dining area. Columns to the sky. Paintings. Antique furniture pieces. A physical heaven.

The Germans desecrated the Grande Bretagne with their presence during World War II. High ranking German officers occupied the hotel for living purposes. Offices were maintained in the building, also. I could envision German officers enjoying the room then as I was last night. A shame.

When I left, I had to pass through the crowd of police. I made it out just in time. I was 25 feet from the hotel when the sirens came blasting. Cars drove up. Four abreast. The street is extremely wide. Brakes screeched.

It was the man!

Italy’s Prime Minister Letta was staying at the Grande Bregtagne. He hopped out of his limo, gave a wave to everyone around, and entered the hotel. He had his jacket slung across his arm, no tie and his sleeves rolled up. Gave the impression he had been working. Some one told me that is his trade mark. No jacket or tie, sleeves rolled up.

I recently read that when ever Obama travels anywhere, like 200 staff and protection persons travel with him. The cars he will use are transported by plane, also. It made it easy for me to understand the retinue of cars stopping and people following the Prime Minister into the hotel.

There are two type police in downtown Athens these days. One official. The other unofficial, but tolerated. The usual police and members of the New Dawn Party. The New Dawn Party is the Nazi type political party gaining power on an increasing basis every day. The New Dawn members wore black and both walked and rode mopeds. Young good looking strong appearing individuals. I saw them out and about last night. In three different places. They travel in groups.

There was some sort of demonstration yesterday in front of the New Dawn headquarters in downtown Athens. Near Parliament. The party memebrs played the Nazi National Anthem. The very same one banned in Germany since World War II. During the demonstration, New Dawn handed out free food to whoever needed it. Not a hot dog. Bags of food. Families have a hard time getting enough food to eat in Greece these days.

Immigrants are the Jews of yesterday. The New Dawn Party blames them for Greece’s economic problems. Each person receiving food first had to establish he/she was not an immigrant.

I cannot wait to walk the streets of Athens today. Greece is an interesting and increasingly dangerous place.

Enjoy your day!



I flew to Washington, DC yesterday. Key West to Atlanta to Washington. Tropical storm Anderea had no effect on the trip. The ride was smooth throughout.

Just as I was getting into the car at Washington-Reagan, it got dark and started to rain big drops. I thought it might be Andrea. It was not. Merely a precursor. Andrea not due till later this afternoon.

The plane trip was different. It was announced several times as we entered that the plane was carrying the body of a deceased Airman. There was an Air Force Major on the plane who was upgraded to first class. He was accompanying the body. He did not want to move. The attendant insisted. She also quietly thanked him for his service to our country.

A strange feeling permeated the plane. There was an unusual silence throughout the flight.

When we landed in Washington, we were asked to remain in our seats till the body was removed. We did and thereafter walked off as if leaving a friend’s wake.

The solemnity of the moment was apparent as we entered the terminal. It seemed as if everyone in the terminal was at our gate. Noses pressed to the window. All quietly watching a group of Airmen lifting their brother into the hearse. Each move a precise measured one.

On the drive to the hotel, I passed by the Holocaust Museum, the Washington Monument, and many federal buildings. I even got a quick look at the White House.

I am staying at the JW Marriott. Not the usual Marriott. This place is first class all the way! The first floor lobby space reminded me of the Waldorf Astoria.

I am on the concierge floor. My first stop. I needed a drink. I stayed and had a couple more. Free. Including some goodies to pick on.

It was late. I was tired. I knew Washington not at all. I decided to stay in and eat in the hotel’s dining room.

I was not really hungry. Ended up ordering a burger, a couple of drinks and a brandy after dinner.

The JW Marriott is a new hotel. It is in the middle of everything. The White House is just around the corner.

This Marriott has amenities I have never before seen.

The refreshment center. We all know what it is. Booze, soda, water, peanuts, etc. Convenient. Extremely expensive. I learned years ago to stay away from them.

This hotel has gone a step further in grabbing you. There is a tray of peanuts, soda and water sitting on the corner of the desk. The bell boy warned me. Move an item and it is automatically billed to your account. Even if you put it back. Same for the items in the refrigerator.

The elevators impressed me. You punch your room number on a large key pad where the elevator bank sits. Same as you did when you wanted an elevator. You pressed the button. Instead here you enter your room number. When you get on the elevator, you press nothing. The elevator automatically takes you to your floor.

The wonders of modern science!

This morning’s news announces that Russia’s Putin and his wife have divorced. After 32 years of marriage. Speculation is there is another lady in Putin’s life and she is pregnant. A wedding is imminent.

Turns out Russia has a high rate of divorce.

I thought how terrible that the head of a nation divorces while in office. Then I discovered it was not uncommon. My friend Silvio Berlusconi did it. So too did France’s Nicolas Sarkozy.

I do not like divorce. I was divorced after 52 years of marriage. I have always and still do consider divorce a blight on our society. There are too many. Even in the United States.

This trip is a trial run for my European one which I will soon undertake.

I was all excited. I was going to use my tablet. First time. I could read the New York Times and Key West Citizen on the plane. I could not. No wi-fi for me. I had a data port. However, I did not know how to get into the tablet’s settings. Sloan will teach me when I return.

I am doing this blog on my laptop which I fortunately also brought. It is already set for the data port.

Show time this morning. The Key West Lou Legal hour. A recording of a past show will be aired. Comcast Channel 87, U-Verse Channel 19, and www.weyw19.com. Watch the show. You may not have seen it before. I am going to watch. I rarely get an opportunity to view the show.

Enjoy your day!





This world of high tech is amazing. I received an e mail Valentine message yesterday from Silvio Berlusconi. Former Prime Minister of Italy and probable Prime Minister again after the next election.

I have never met Berlusconi. I have mentioned him several times in this blog. I speak of him often on my television/internet show. Many Italians follow the blog and TV/internet show.

Whatever, however, my name is now apparently on his e mail list.

The Valentine greeting was in Italian, of course. I do not speak Italian. But the jist of the message was understandable. Greetings, I love you, vote for me!

A very busy day yesterday. Started with the dentist. I think we are getting close to resolution. Then the Plantation Coffee House. Chatted briefly with Diane. Tammy for a manicure. Her 5 year old son had gotten sick in school. He was sent home. He was running around the salon having a good time. A fast recovery! Publix for some groceries. Then spent the balance of the day fine tuning today’s Key West Lou Legal Hour.

With all modesty, today’s show is terrific! Especially my discussion of the minimum wage issue. You will love it!

The Key West Lou Legal Hour is available at 10 this morning my time. On  television all the way through Miami-Dade County via Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. World wide via the internet. www.tvchannel19.com.

Join me!

Peter, Paul and Mary were from my distant past. All of a sudden, Paul is a part of my present. I learned yesterday via the Key West Citizen that Paul, aka Noel Paul Stookey, has become a Key West snow bird. Has recently been spending one month during the winter in Key West. A couple of days ago, he did a fun musical thing with the high school kids. Some to honor him, dressed as hippies and carried signs stating Peace Not War.

Syracuse basketball tomorrow night. Play Seton Hall. Eight in the evening.

John Lukas is throwing a party for Syracuse fans. Free appetizers. Come enjoy the game with me at John’s Big Ten Sports Pub.

Big evening tonight! Jenna and I are having sushi at Ambrosia. Good company and good food!

Enjoy your day!




I cannot diet and visit my usual haunts. The near occasions of sin are food and drink. So, I remain home evenings. My recollection is that last night was the second time in the 35 days I have been dieting that I went out.

I was excited. It was exciting.

The Chart Room was the venue selected. It had not changed. JJ bartending. Dave, Sheila, and Captain Peter in attendance.

I was good. Did not drink nor eat pop corn. Two diet Pepsi’s instead.

Captain Peter never ceases to amaze me. I learned last night he was a bird watcher.

The Captain spoke specifically of two birds. I did not know them. I know nothing about birds. He had sighted one species here in Key West. Another flying in mass over Miami recently. Both totally foreign to Florida.

The birds’ habitat is Labrador. They were far from home. Captain Peter attributes their Florida presence to Hurricane Sandy. Interesting.

Duval Street was packed. Jam packed. Traditionally, the week between Christmas and New Year’s is the busiest for Key West. Come Wednesday morning, there will be no one. You can throw a bowling ball down Duval from one end to the other without hitting any one.

Tomorrow my blog talk radio show! Seven in the morning my time. You can listen and/or call in. The show is quick moving.

This will be show #3. Help me! Not only listen, telephone me from anywhere with a comment or thought. I am going to lead with the fiscal cliff, France trying a 75 per cent tax on its millionaires, and Silvio Burlosconi having to pay his wife $3 million a month. We are not limited. Can talk about any topic you wish.

Those living outside the United States can listen in/participate via Skype.

It may be radio, but a computer is required to join me. It is a radio internet show. Found easily at www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou. Click on the second box that appears. The one with the date of the show. Voila, you will be in business!

I plan on going out again tonight. I will cheat, however. Plan on drinking. The game plan is to walk Duval a bit and at midnight watch Sushi come down on the red shoe at the Bourbon Street Pub. If I change my mind and stay in, I will still watch Sushi. CNN carries the drop live each year.

Hillary Clinton. How sad! How terrible! Hope her condition clears up swiftly.

Many were critical of Hillary when she announced she could not testify before the Congressional committee looking into Benghazi because  she had fallen and suffered a concussion. Many thought it was a convenient made up excuse. One of this blog’s loyal readers wrote and referred her malady as an “immaculate concussion.” I must concede, I thought ill of the situation as well. A lesson to be learned. Never jump the gun…..give a person the benefit of the doubt. Not all political figures are the same. Some tell the truth.

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve day! Better yet, enjoy this evening!



Today is friday. Friday means the Key West Lou Legal Hour. My internet broadcast. World wide. Ten in the morning my time. www.konknet.com/tv/personalities.

Needless to say, the week has been exciting. And sad. Joy and tragedy. I have many today topics to share with you. Comments regarding Sandy and the Presidential election, of course. Plus Panama’s desire to get into the euro, how brothels are financing Greek football clubs, Auschwitz, the first gay Episcopal bishop, the 1948 Presidential election, and the New York City police officer charged with planning to kidnap, cook and eat a woman.

In addition, a Chinese exam story, more Silvio Berlusconi, Muslims bombing a Catholic Church in Nigeria, the failure of the Personhood Amendment in Oklahoma, and more.

Please join me. Guaranteed you will not be bored!

My yesterday started with a haircut with Lori. We discussed my new beard. It is now entering its third week. Decided it was too soon to do any trimming.

Stopped at Blossoms for lunch. The best Cuban cheese toast with tomato in Key West! Stayed and read a while. Three young ladies work the place. Very young. Twenty one or under. Energetic. Helpful. Enthusiastic. Always a smile on their faces. Made me wonder if a person has to be young to smile all the time.

Publix next. Needed some groceries. I enjoy grocery shopping. I who never did it in my other life. I meet people I know. Make new friends.

Bocce last night. We played the #2 team. Prior to last night, we were ranked #5. They were good. Beat us decisively in the first game. The second game was close. We lost by a point. We were down 10-2 and came back. The third game we won. By one point.

Someone brought what was represented to be moonshine. I never tasted moonshine. Tried a bit last night. About a half inch in a cup. Commented before drinking it that I hoped it would not make me blind.

The moonshine or whatever had no effect on me.

Met an interesting couple at bocce. Jack and Var. I may not have the wife’s name correct. If not, I apologize.

Jack and Var are from Dublin, Ireland. They are here on a three week trip. Have been here before several times. A daughter resides in Key West.

Jack and Var are friends of Don. Don introduced them to me.

Jack is likewise retired. Seventy five. We are birds of a feather. We spoke of health issues. Especially heart ones. And fortunately, the vitality still within us. We spoke also of golf. Jack is a player.

Jack owned his own business in Ireland. Another daughter now runs it. The business has to do with tool making and specialized high production items. He spoke proudly of his accomplishments work wise, as he should. Boeing was one of his customers.

We also discussed the euro. Ireland got into the euro at the beginning. Still is in it. Jack said money was easy and plentiful at the beginning. Now Ireland cannot pay back its debt. Germany and the Euro Nation are on Ireland’s ass. The story much the same as with Greece, Italy and Spain.

Taxes came into the picture. Federal taxes. Jack paid 49 per cent of his salary in taxes. And our successful business people, the 2 per centers, do not want to pay 38-39 per cent!

I enjoyed my time with Jack and Var. Hopefully, we will be able to spend a bit more time together before they return home.

Remember to watch my show.

Enjoy your day!


I got eye strain last night. Bad!

I walked Duval from the Pier House to 801 and back. Naked breasts galore! Spray painted or with pasties. Some ladies even painted their privates.

It was a good night to be a man!

Sandy was still affecting Key West. Winds and a light rain. The winds are cut in half this morning. Down to 20 miles per hour. A few scattered clouds. White ones. Not gray or black. Palm trees no longer bending. Sun bright already.

The bullet missed us again. Fortuantely. I fear for those up north where ever Sandy hits. Sandy is a triple cocktail. The hurricane, a northeaster and an Artic cold front all coming together. A first! All three have never joined before. Even the experts are not sure how bad Sandy will be.

To my friends north of me, listen to what you are told to do. Get ready. Sandy will not be a joke once it hits.

I was enjoying doing the internet show yesterday morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Love doing it. About 35 minutes into the show, everything went crazy. A song came on. A 4.5 minute one. I good not get rid of it. I was alone in the studio. An engineer I am not. I assumed my face could still be seen. No voice, however. Just the music. I said screw it and waved good bye to everyone.

Though shorter than normal, the show did arouse significant interest with one topic. Sandy! Hurricanes are interesting and serious business.

After the show, I stopped at the Plantation Coffee House. Read the newspapers and enjoyed a coffee. The place was packed. Fantasy Fest. Sandy also helped get people into Plantation. The dark clouds and rain kept visitors off the beaches.

Diane was working. Swift and hard. Lovely as usual. She must have gotten sun earlier in the week. What a tan!

Ally telephoned while I was at the Coffee House. No school yesterday because of Sandy. Poppa, will you take me and Robert to lunch at the new Five Guys? Of course. What else would I say. I was pleased she asked.

We have a new Five Guys in Key West. A big one. In the Winn-Dixie Plaza. Real big! Packed. It was lunch time. The line about 20 deep at all times. Moved fast, however. There is twice the staff as the one at Truman and Duval.

We each had a small bacon cheeseburger and a cheese hot dog. Robert and Ally said they were still hungry after downing the burgers so we tried the hot dogs. These grandkids of mine have healthy appetites!

My evening started at the Chart Room. Emily working. These are big nights for her. Peter and Ollie there also. Chatted a bit with each.

Then I took the trek down Duval where my eyes were hanging out of my head. Evryone in a festive mood. Some in wheel chairs. Some of the ladies in the chairs proudly exhibiting their twin sisters. Good for them, I thought!

I was hungry. It was back to the Pier House for me. I ate at the Wine Galley. Enjoyed Larry Smith while dining. A good crowd in the Wine Galley. Mostly locals. Exchanged a lot of hugs and hellos.

The parade tonight. Fifty to 60 floats participating. Tomorrow’s newspaper will tell us 80,000 people watched the parade. I believe the figure. Key West will be busting at the seams tonight. The parade is the big event of Fantasy Fest.

I wonder every year where they all sleep. There are not 80,000 rooms in Key West. Not even 40,000. If you drive half way up the keys, like 60 miles, there are still not enough rooms. Some will sleep on the beaches. Some in their cars and vans. Where do the rest go? The question perplexes me every year.

Enjoy your day!