Last night turned out to be special. I saw the new documentary Pavarotti. Directed by film maker Ron Howard. A masterpiece!

His recordings and videos over the years always moved me. Left me with a good feeling, touched my soul.

As his voice should. He is recognized as one of the greatest tenors of all time.

Pavarotti’s voice and life story in one film. Can’t be beat! His talent and blemishes in one undertaking.

Pavarotti is playing at the Tropic Cinema. Do yourself a favor and see it.

June is Pride Month. Key West has already had its day of parade and celebration.

Today probably the biggest parade of all will be held in New York City. The New York City WorldPride Parade.

A touch of Key West will be represented in the parade. The rainbow flag. A 100 foot section of the flag first unfurled in a Key West parade June 15, 2003.

Gilbert Baker designed and was instrumental in the creation of the flag. The original flag 1.25 miles long. Ran the length of Duval Street. From the Atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico.

A brilliance of rainbow colors. Took 3 months to make. Seventeen thousand six hundred linear yards of fabric sewed. Required hundreds to carry the flag in its first parade.

A special celebration today as part of the New York City parade. It will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising. The gay shout to New York City police and the world that they were not going to take it any more. Harassment of gays had to stop!

Included in carrying the 100 foot flag today will be current and former Key West residents, their friends and families.

For those who are part of the LGBT movement, the flag is held in high esteem. It is considered “one of the most iconic pieces of history.”

Key West is having its own small gathering to share the New York City parade. At 6:30 this evening, a party is being held at the Sidebar. Locals will have the opportunity of sharing the flag’s unfurling and participation in the parade.

Yesterday, I wrote of human sex trafficking in the United States. Sick and perverted. Today, I share another story involving sexual madness.

Reggio Emilia is a town in central Italy consisting f 10,000 residents. Eighteen persons have been arrested. The 18 included the mayor, social workers, and psychologists.

The crime brainwashing children via physiotherapy and electric shock into thinking their parents sexually abused them. The parents lost their children as a result. The “abused” were placed in foster homes where the new parents paid big dollars to acquire a child of their own.

In the meantime, the “real parents” went to jail. The mayor and his accomplices shared hundreds of thousands of dollars. The children mentally screwed up.

A lot of sick people in this world.

Today, the last day of June. Tomorrow, the first of July.

Half the year has already gone by.

I don’t know what it is. I suspect my age. It seems like the days and months move faster at this stage of my life.

Discouraging news. Suicides in the U.S. are at their highest level since World War II.

The suicide rate increased 1 percent a year from 2000 to 2006. From 2006 to 2016, 2 percent a year.

In 2017, there were 1.4 million suicide attempts. Of that number, 47,000 died.

Suicides are at a crisis level.

Gone With the Wind. One of the most successful novels and movies ever.

Margaret Mitchell published the novel this day in 1936. The movie came out in 1939.

I have always considered Rhett Butler’s line at the end of the movie as one of the best: “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

The book’s version a slight bit different: “My dear, I don’t give a damn.”

A step into history. A showman’s step into history. Even if few admire it. I refer to Trump’s visit with Kim Jung Un at Korea’s demilitarized zone yesterday.

Trump elevated Kim Jung Un in the eyes of the world. The leader of the free world meeting with probably the most despotically sick person in the world.

Typical Trump. He sucks up to and enjoys being with the World’s worst persons.

At the recent G-20 meeting in Japan, Trump spent much of his time with the other bad guys. The likes of Putin and Xi. Trump thinks he is becoming “one of the boys.” I believe they recognize what he is and are taking advantage of him at every turn.

Trump thinks he did the proper thing. He believes he is bringing the U.S. closer to North Korea. That the closeness will ultimately result in North Korea agreeing to denuclearize, and eventually history will remember him for it.

The man is sick! History will recall him as the person who upset the world apple cart by his actions.

With regard to Trump’s moves as regards Kim Jung Un, forget not Otto Warmbier. The 22 year old U.S. student who was taken into custody by North Korea. His family worked diligently to obtain his return. To no avail.

Finally, Otto was returned to his family. He was comatose. He died 6 days after returning. How can Thump work with North Korea after what was done to U.S. citizen Otto Warmbier? How can his parents feel watching Trump suck up to Kim Jung Un? How can they feel when Trump says he “loves him?”

Something wrong here.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Florida ranks #3 in human sex trafficking in the United States. Which means there is a significant amount. The numbers continue to grow.

One initially thinks of young ladies being trafficked coming from France or Saudi Arabia. Not the case. Most are home raised Floridians. Run aways. Just a few miles from home. Some are still transported in from France and Saudi Arabia. The number small, however.

It is a $150 billion global criminal endeavor. Human sex trafficking surpasses the illegal sale of firearms. It is expected soon to outpace revenues from the illegal drug trade.

The greater portion of the Florida trade is centered in south Florida and the Keys. The business has grown so rapidly in recent years that it has outpaced local enforcement’s understanding of the issue and ability to cope with it.

Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 3 examples.

Miami has the problem under control. Miami has geared its ranks to deal with the problem. Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach have not. Accordingly Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach are basically inept at dealing with sex trafficking. Yes, they do arrest. However few if any procedures are in place for follow ups. To assure prosecutorial success. Police, prosecutors, judges, and medical personnel require specific training as to how to deal with sex trafficking cases post arrest.

Miami took the time and incurred the expense to do so. As a result Miami’s success has been obvious. Miami is the largest city in Florida. Its arrest numbers are high for sex trafficking. Its conviction/pleas on the high side also compared to Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach.

Human sex trafficking exists in the Keys. Especially with under 18’s. I could locate no numbers indicating percentage of success with bringing Keys white slavers to justice.

Human sex trafficking growing. More required to deal with the problem. Florida being #3 is nothing to be proud of.

Spent some time at the Chart Room thursday night. Tammy bartending. Good friend David at the bar. One of the nicest people in Key West.

Met a terrific couple. Allie and Michael from Naples. In Key West for a long weekend.

Both around 27. Attractive, bright and interesting. Allie has a very giving job. Giving of herself. She teaches kindergarten autistic children.

Michael no slouch either. He has a Doctorate in physical therapy. Seven hard years of study. His specialty is helping patients avoid surgery. Interesting work.

Originally from Chicago, they now live and work in Naples.

Married 2 years. Allie told me they were trying to have children. She said they were “working” on it.

They indicated they would return to Key West. I hope so. I would enjoy chatting with them again.

Last night dinner at Donna and Terri’s. Donna cooked of course. She has the touch! She could make show leather taste good.

We enjoyed fresh caught fish.

I have not seen my lesbian wives in about 6 weeks. During that time, I was sick. Terri had a heart attack. Her second. Donna was in the hospital with pneumonia.

The black cloud was over us.

The last time I saw Terri 6 weeks ago, she was extremely tired. Obviously so. The doctors thought it was the many meds she takes re her cancers. They missed the actual problem. She was 99 percent blocked in one of the vessels near her heart. Stented and ok.

Lucky she did not die.

Last night, she was a new woman. The Terri I knew. Joyous, laughing, chatting away, etc.

She recently received word from her cancer doctors that her cancers are in remission because of the drugs she is now taking. A stalemate between the drugs and cancer. Better than the alternative.

Donna was in better health. I forgot to mention she was in the hospital again last week. She thought she was having a heart attack. No attack. Doctors not sure what. She is undergoing a ton of tests.

I read an interesting political comment this morning.

At this time in the GOP primary race for the Republican nomination in 2016, Jeb Bush and Scott Walker were leading with 22 and 17 per cent respectively. Donald Trump was in last place with 1 percent.

The Democratic race still too early to call.

A little World War I history I never knew till recently. U.S. infantry troops arrived in France in June 1917. Doughboys.

A problem. They were untrained, ill equipped, and far from ready to fight. Wilson had to show America’s support for the war soon after the U.S. got involved. So he sent 14,000 untrained troops for “show” purposes to France. Their next 4 months were spent training. General John J. Pershing set up a training camp. Four months later, America was in the fight for real.

More troops and equipment soon arrived. The troops had been trained in the U.S.

Seventeen months later, the war ended. An armistice was declared. In that short period of time, the U.S. sent 2 million soldiers over. Fifty thousand were killed.

It was the war to end all wars!

The G-20 meeting in Japan has come to an end. Trump smiling and appearing to make friends with everyone. He has sat down with China’s Xi. No final decisions arrived at. Trump however is holding future tariffs in abeyance to see if the treaty being negotiated can be finalized.

Then Trump can declare he “won” the confrontation.

Trump sat with Putin. Videos show the 2 amiable, both laughing. A reporter asked Trump is he had warned Putin to stay away from the U.S.’s 2020 election. Trump kiddingly turned to Putin and in a joking manner told Putin to stop. They both laughed.

History will show that Putin bullshitted Trump all the way.

Don’t forget North Korea’s Kim Jung Un. He and Trump write “love letters” to each other.

In a tweet, Trump asked Kim Jung Un to meet him at the DMZ border separating South and North Korea. They could shake hands and have a friendly conversation.

Trump is convinced he is going to convince Kim Jung Un to stop developing nuclear weapons. Trump is totally unaware Kim Jung Un is making a fool of him.

The social media companies sense the government is going to be on their asses soon big time. So they are doing whatever they can to show the U.S. government they are “good guys” and “cooperative.”

Tweeting is Trump’s favorite social media. He would be lost without it. If not able to use it, he would undoubtedly have withdrawal symptoms. Big time!

Tweet announced 2 days ago that influential government officials who used the site for bullying and abusive behavior would face consequences. The first news report looked like a bar to such conduct. Trump definitely in trouble!

I read this morning however that such tweet messages would not immediately be shown. Rather a label would show up on the screen indicating bad behavior. Then it was the responsibility of the reader to press  and eliminate it or go ahead and read it.

Trump’s messages will still get through.

Reminds me of Don Quixote fighting wind mills.

Enjoy your day!







Last night was the second evening of the Democratic Presidential debates. A new team of 10. They came to play. Not like the previous evening that lacked a punch. Probably because most of the major candidates were scheduled for last night.

My thoughts, observations, etc.

There was a major drawback. Most of the participants were into yesterday. Few spoke to any degree about tomorrow. Their thoughts  for the future of the U.S., its programs, etc.

Biden. Screwed up big time. Disappointing. Probably the best qualified. However it did not come across. Harris buried him.

They say Biden does not practice for the debates as he should. A mistake. Even champions have to get ready.

Biden had to know someone was going to come at him with his comment last week re the 2 Southern Senators from more than a generation ago. Biden’s response defensive. Biden was making the point he could work across the aisle. His message simply stated. Misconstrued by many. It became the basis to beat him up re his purported admiration and support of the segregationist south.

Biden should have been ready to pointedly and effectively jump on the defense when the issue was raised. The issue was a yesterday problem. He reacted and voted consistent with the rest of the country. One reacted to events that way. Quickly Biden should have then spelled out one of the primary issues today is police shooting blacks and offered his thoughts re the issue. Bingo! He would have taken control of the argument and thrown Harris off.

He went into yesterday on other items also. He must stop. A brief comment fine. But get on the offense quickly. Control the dialogue. Otherwise, he will not be the candidate.

I have spent considerable time evaluating Biden’s performance because I believe him best qualified to be our next President.

Harris. A fighter. Unquestionably. If she were President, the country would be in good hands. Though Biden is the more experienced and would make a better President. A Biden/Harris ticket would be a winner.

Sanders. Sad.His comments a rehash of 2016. The election is 4 years later. New times, new issues. He cannot win with 2016 alone. His poll ratings will continue falling.

Buttegieg. Love this guy! Brilliant. Perhaps the most articulate politician in years. Outshining even Obama. Not his time, however. A bit too young and his same sex marriage needs more time to take hold.

The winner last night. NBC’s Jonathan Allen said it correctly: “Donald Trump the winner of the first debate.”

Which brings me to a final point. Besides discussing present and future issues to be dealt with, the candidates should have beat Trump up a bit. From my perspective, Trump got a free ride.

Enjoy your Day!


My thoughts re the first night of the Democratic Presidential Debate.

Too many candidates. Ten last night. Ten more this evening.

Three stood out.

Elizabeth Warren. Outstanding in every respect. It was expected of her and she disappointed no one.

Julian Castro. Came out of the blue. Smart, articulate, fearless. He will move up in the polls. My sense is he could take on Trump and defeat him. David and Goliath. Physically and mentally.

Corey Booker. Going to be difficult to knock him over. A smart guy. Personal. He weaves his roots into many of his responses.

There is one candidate who got lost in the mass. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. He has accomplished much in New York City. He took its problems by the horns and came up with several significant solutions. He sees where others do not and has the capacity to come up with new and fresh programs that work.

Unfortunately, he will not go far in the Presidential race. The way it is.

Comment is required re the moderators.

The first group consisted of Lester Holt, Savannah Guthrie and Jose Diaz-Balart. They did a poor job. They were like school teachers trying to keep what they anticipated would be a rambunctious group of students in line.

The way they questioned, insisted on keeping to the schedule, nastily cutting off candidates, created a not needed tension. They forgot one of the candidates might be President and all should  be accorded respect with that in mind.

The second group of moderators were Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow. Performed in an outstanding fashion. Kept the mood light. Permitted a bit of rambling. Made a sincere attempt to allow followup questions by the candidates themselves. Showed respect for the candidates.

Tonight another group of 10. The luck of the draw has pitted most of the leading candidates in this group. The evening should be interesting.

Enjoy your day.



The Bible tells us the way things are. It speaks as to the consequences of bad deeds. Do bad and bad will come back at you. St. Paul’s epistle to the Galatians, Galatians 6:7: “Be not deceived, God is not mocked: for whatever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

Future consequences are inevitably shaped by present actions. We all pay for our sins.

Trump has a big misdeed to pay for. He should pay every day of his life.

I refer specifically to the father and daughter who drowned recently in the Rio Grande. A photo of their bodies is everywhere.

Father, mother and daughter left El Salvador for the United States. The daughter 23 months old.

The family waited 2 months in a migrant camp in Matamoros. The temperature hit 113 degrees some days.

The family had received a humanitarian visa from the Mexican government. They could not enter the U.S. however. The ports of entry were too crowded.

They were desperate to get to the U.S.

The father swam across the Rio Grande carrying his daughter. He reached the American side. Placed his daughter on the bank. Admonished her to stay there.

He then turned and began swimming back to the Mexican side to retrieve his wife. His daughter went into the water to follow him.

He got to her in time to save her. However the current was too strong. Both died. Their bodies washed up on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande.

The photo mentioned was taken of them. Both lying face down in the murky water. Beer bottles and reeds about them.

The saddest part of the photo: The little girl had her bare arm around her father’s shoulders…..It’s ok Dad.

The little girl and her father died because of events Trump had put in place. Some not even legal. All in his effort to keep asylum seekers out of the U.S.

A fitting punishment would be for the photo to be enlarged and hung in the President’s bedroom. Opposite his bed. So every time he looked up, he would be reminded.

I am not sure it would bother him.

Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou last night. Unfortunately most topics involved Trump. He has taken over our lives.

I was able to cover Hezbollah, Archduke Ferdinand, Saudi Arabia on U.S.’s blacklist for human trafficking, Nicholas Kristof’s column on child malnutrition, Trump imposing additional sanctions on Iran, the sunday ICE raid that never took place, the detention center were 330 migrant children were maltreated, and several thousand American soldiers still at the border wall with nothing to do who were painting the border fences.

The half hour went by swiftly.

A Key Wester died on Higgs Beach.

It was mid-afternoon monday. A woman went on the beach. Saw a man lying on a towel snoring. She took some sun several feet away. Suddenly dawned on her he was no longer snoring. She thought nothing of it.

A little later she walked over to him. She was concerned he was in the sun too long and might burn.

The man Jerry Earl Hickerson. He appeared dead. She and several others gave him CPR. To no avail.

I wrote yesterday about Julius Stone, the WPA, and Key West. I forgot to mention that Diana Millikan wrote about Stone and the Pirates of Penzance. She wrote a play. Took her a year. It presently sits on a Key West director’s chair with many others. He has to read it and decide if it is worthy of producing.

I hope it is. Diana worked hard on it. She is a talented woman. It has to be good!

First Democratic debate tonight. At 9. Can’t wait. Love politics!

The Clint, Texas migrant children detention center. in the news big time the past few days. Properly so. Things were in a disaster state. As a result, 300 of the 330 children were moved yesterday to another detention center.

My concern: One hundred of them were returned in the afternoon.


The House worked late into the night. Fine tuning for the border bill to sufficient monies for Clint and other detention centers. Trump claimed he had no money to properly provide for the children. A lie. He could have taken from one account and loaned it to the detention centers account. He has done it for many things already. Like the wall, troops, etc .

The bill totals $4.5 billion.

It is different from the Senate’s bill. Means the bills go to a conference committee for resolution.

Trump says he will not sign it. The House bill only covers humanitarian needs. It strictly prohibits use of the money for ICE raids or the border wall. It is for toothbrushes, food, blankets, medical attention, etc.

Everyone better move their asses. Congress gores home shortly for the July 4th holiday. Trump probably to Mar a Lago. If so, their attitude will have been the children can suffer a bit longer.

James Bond. 007.

A new Bond movie being filmed. Bond 25. A new fresh Bond younger obviously than those of yesteryear.

It was announced yesterday that Mueller had agreed to honor the subpoenas served him and appear before 2 House Committees on July 17.

I worry about Mueller. I was all excited he was investigating Russia and Trump. A top quality man from what I understood.

His report grossly disappointed me. He did not take a final position re Trump’s involvement. Which placed the Russia/Trump issues in limbo.

I fear he may not do on the 17th what he should have done in his 400 plus page Report.

If so, it will only make matters worse.

Enjoy your day!






Prosperity has it ups and downs. Key West knew great success in the mid 1800’s. Key West at the time was the wealthiest city per capita in the United States.

The Great Depression beginning in 1929 took its toll. By the time 1934 arrived, the entire country was in the depths of the Great Depression. Key West went bankrupt. Eighty five percent of its people were on relief.

Roosevelt had formed the WPA. His intent was that public funds be utilized to bring America out of the doldrums of financial disaster.

Key West owes much to Julius Stone. He was the Florida Administrator of the Federal Emergency Relief Administration. He traveled to Key West to assess the situation.

Stone concluded that the only remedy was tourism. He envisioned  rehabilitation and beautification as the first step. Make Key West an attraction as a tourist resort.

His thought was to bring artists to Key West from other areas. They were Public Workers Art Project artists. They did paintings and murals. Tourist brochures and postcards were created. An art gallery established for sales. Art and craft classes were made available.

A choral society and dramatic organization were established. A week long festival created. The choral and dramatic groups produced Gilbert and Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance.

Stone’s efforts were successful. The winter season of 1934-35 brought 35,000-40,000 vacationers to Key west.

Key West was on the road again! Success!

The WPA took over from the Federal Emergency Relief Administration. The WPA continued to operate the program into the 1940’s.

Tourism took a beating following its first successful season. The Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 responsible. Bridges and the railroad wiped out. Access to Key West became difficult.

A highway was completed in 1938 which connected Key West to the mainland. Tourism flourished for a number of years.

Much of the Depression Art created exists to this day. Two of William Hoffman’s large murals are on the walls of the new City Hall’s Commission Chambers. Gallery on the Greene offers some of the works for sale.

Noteworthy artists from the first batch to arrive included Stanley Wood, Avery Johnson, and Alfred Crimi. Later came Walton Blodget, Marion Crawford-Parker, and Townsend Morgan.

Hard times would fall upon Key West after the Navy left sometime in the late 1940’s. Key West was in a state of economic despair til the mid 1960’s when David Wolkowsky returned and created a new successful Key West. His story has been told many times in earlier blogs.

In a certain respect, what is presently transpiring between the U.S. and Iran reminds me of another time in history.

It was June 28, 1914. Austria’s Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were assassinated. All historians agree it was the spark that began World War I.

A July Ultimatum dated July 28 drew the battle lines. Within 2 days, sides taken. All European nations were involved on one side or the other, except for Italy. World War I had begun.

The war was an unintended result of an intended act. The Archduke’s assassination the intended act. World War I the unintended result.

What is presently transpiring today between the U.S. and Iran could result in an Archduke/World war I situation. Trump keeps pushing a war. He may not intend one. Though in this instance I suspect he does as it will be considered a major occurrence benefiting Trump’s good friends Saudi Arabia and Israel. Both who have sought the destruction of Iran for years.

Big tree from little acorns grow. The back and forth between Iran and the U.S. involve minor happenings. Till now. Who knows what will happen next. Any small episode could result in war.  A war between the U.S. and Iran would immediately result in Saudi Arabia and Israel siding with the U.S. Other Middle East nations will choose sides. Russia and China will back Iran. The beginning of World War III.

Most Americans have to be appalled by the up front news concerning the 330 children detained at a border station. Disgusting, deplorable. Unamerican. Yet Trump and his cohorts do not seem to care.

The children ages 0+ to 17 had no toothpaste, soap, clean clothes, showers, and medical care. No beds resulting in children sleeping on concrete floors. No blankets, either. Some children living in the detention center as long as 9 months. Eating the same food every day. No deviation. Eight and 10 year olds caring for infants 1-4. Flu and lice going untreated.


Trump’s excuse is that there is no money. No money because the Democrats in the House won’t vote the funds. A lame excuse.

Trump transfers funds from one account to another for the wall and other things. Why not transfer funds to care for the migrant children detained?

Something else bothers me. Does the fact that the children are Latinos have anything to do with it?

Because of the public outcry the past 3 days, 300 of the 330 children have been transferred to another detention center.

I almost forgot. There is a 2 year old girl. She cries constantly wanting to be held. Even during the night. The older girls (5-10) take turns holding her.

There is a Hell for those who treat the least of us as these children have been.

Teddy Roosevelt responsible for many sayings/quotations popular even to today. Like Maxwell Coffee…..”Good to the last drop.”

M blog has a Comment section. Do I get comments! Some rough. That’s life. My readers cover the spectrum of events from one end to the other.

Very often they conflict/argue with each other.

Some share their names. Others a home made funny one. Many are signed Anonymous.

Anonymous does not mean they are ashamed of what they write. They merely prefer not to have their name bandied about. Understandable.

The names are numbered regardless of how signed.

There is Anonymous A solid citizen. Reflected in comments submitted. Number 23 etc. responded to something with a quote by Teddy Roosevelt concerning Patriotism: “Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the President or any other public official save exactly to the degree in which he himself stands by the country. It is patriotic to support him in so far as he efficiently serves the country. It is unpatriotic not to oppose him to the exact extent that by inefficiency or otherwise he fails in his duty to stand by the country. In either event it is unpatriotic not to tell the truth – whether about the President or about anyone else – save in the rare cases where this would make known to the enemy information of military value which would otherwise be unknown to him.”

Another night in. Intended to go to Dueling Bartenders. Never made it.

Donna e-mailed me that she was at Aqua and where was I. Terri was singing. Apologized and told her I loved my bed more than Teri at the moment. She understood.

Terri is out their singing several nights a week. Amazing! Only 2 weeks ago a heart attack.

My blog talk radio show tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. A fast moving half hour. I rant and rave. A lot to rant and rave about this past week.

Enjoy your day!





“He roars like a tiger but usually acts like a scaredy cat.”

So Washington columnist Max Borst wrote on June 23. His column concerned Trump and Iran. Specifically re Trump’s backing off at the last minute from a retaliatory military strike against Iran for the shooting down of an American drone.

Sort of…..He talked the talk, but did not walk the walk.

Borst in an earlier April column commented following Trump’s failure to close down the Mexican border: “Trump is the master of empty threats. The pontiff of broken promises. The bard of bluster, bluff and BS.”

The descriptions apt. I share them with you only to describe the “man” Donald Trump. I express no thoughts as to whether the decisions he made were correct.

I read what the other side prints, what is said. Though I may  not agree. My philosophy to know the opposition.

Which brings me to Michael Snyder. I have referred to him in the past. Commented  concerning his writings. Even though our writing is diametrically opposite. I respect Snyder and his mode of expression. Generally as far as it goes. He is a strong conservative. A Christian evangelist.

In the past few days, Snyder wrote about Hezbollah. The world wide terrorist group sponsored by Iran and Syria. A group that regards terrorism as a useful tool for advancing a revolutionary agenda. Hezbollah believes it has a religious duty to conduct a “global jihad.”

The organization is bigger, better equipped, better organized, and potentially more dangerous than any other terrorist group.

Snyder claims Hezbollah operates in more places than merely outside the U.S. He suggests they are in the U.S. Organized and ready to go. They operate via “cells.” Much like the Communists of years ago. They are well armed and ready for military operations in the U.S.

The question arises as to why have we not heard more of Hezbollah, its presence in the U.S., and what they will likely do in the event of a U.S./Iran conflict.

The enemy is more than just at the gate. They live among us. We know not who they are.

I was out of the house  yesterday. To grocery shop at Publix. Seems to be my major activity lately. I am still going slow. I want nothing to screw up my recovery.

John McCain a war hero. No one except Trump would deny the fact. Five and a half years a prisoner of war. Grievously tortured.

Key West has a similar war hero. Not as well known as McCain. However as much a hero. Floyd Thompson. Colonel Floyd Thompson.

Thompson became a Key West resident following his discharge from the service. He died a Key West resident.

Thompson was captured early in the Vietnam War. Broke his back when the plane he was a passenger in was shot down. The Vietnamese kept him captive for more than 8 years. Actually, 10 days short of 9 years.

He rarely saw another American. He once went 5 years in isolation, seeing only his captors. As with McCain, he was brutally treated. His unfortunate distinction, he was the longest held prisoner of the Vietnamese War.

On this day in 1988, Thompson received from President Reagan the Prisoner of War Medal.

The sixth annual Key West Mystery Fest will be held this weekend. At the Studios of Key West and other landmark locations.

The Mystery Fest has become a gathering for South Florida mystery writers, aspiring authors, and non-writing mystery buffs.

Mystery writing and love novels are the two most popular and best selling works. When I decided to try my hand at book writing several years ago with The World Upside Down, my publisher pushed me to write a mystery or love novel. What I had written would not sell he said. He was correct. I don’t think I sold 100 copies.

I tried my hand at mystery writing. Could not get into it. Not my cup of tea. My mind was such I could not think effectively to qualify as a mystery writer.

Gave writing a love novel a shot. My publisher said throw a bit of sex in. I found I was inadequate at love and sex writing. Amazing!

I envy those who write mystery novels. It requires a rare talent which obviously I did not have.

I’m good at hurricanes. Irma and Me was well received and sold significantly better.

Out tonight? On the road? We shall see. I would enjoy getting back to Dueling Bartenders.

Enjoy your day!




Must be my recent health problem combined with being 83 years old cause me to think a bit. About my life in general and the lives of others in my age bracket and condition.

The thought…..Tomorrow is too late. Now is the moment. Do what you want at this time. Assuming of course that such is feasible. Too many people think about doing this or that and never get around to it.

I am not complaining. I have had a god life, success, traveled, etc.

One does not achieve everything desired. I came close however and cannot complain.

My admonition is for those who can and don’t. You want to do something and can, do it now! Tomorrow is too late!

Yesterday did with an afternoon visit from Sloan. We accomplished a few things. Sloan is one of he finest people I have ever met. Concerned, caring, competent.

Last night was the outside bar at La Te Da. First time in a while I have been there.

Mary was to meet me for dinner. I arrived an hour before her. My entire time at La Te Da was 2 1/2 hours.

I have been doing La Te Da for 30 years and several owners. A more frequent visitor in my earlier days. Always a fun place.

One of the bartenders was a lovely woman. Never got her name. Probably in her 60’s. Stunning! Thin! High cheek bones!

I was concerned how she kept so thin. She said it was easy. She is Norwegian and Norwegians look that way.

Enjoyed dinner with Mary.

No alcohol or cigarettes for 5-6 weeks. Last night the worst! Everyone at the bar drinking and smoking. Came close to capitulating before Mary arrived.

I am still treating myself like an old lady. Took Mary home immediately after dinner. I was in bed by 8:30.

The pancreatitis the problem. Doctor says I no longer have pancreatitis. Then why do somethings bother me? He says the pancreatitis screwed up my stomach and body and it will take time for everything to settle down.

I wish it would hurry up!

The humidity has been thick the past few weeks. Comparable to when it was 10 below in Utica during the winter. Each an extreme.

Friday the FDA approved a female Viagra.

There has been such a pill called Addyi for 3 years. The pill had to be taken every day, even if not needed. The new enhancer is a shot in the stomach or hip. Only required when sex is shortly contemplated.

The shot boosts a woman’s sex drive for several hours.

A bit of interesting history. France surrendered to Germany on June 22, 1940. An armistice was signed 3 days later.

Hitler decided to see his newly conquered Paris. The next morning at 5:30, he flew to Paris. Took with him his architect Albert Speer.

Hitler remained in Paris only 3 hours before returning to Berlin. He saw only those monuments, etc. that he wanted. The one he spent the most time at was the tomb of Napoleon. Napoleon always Hitler’s hero.

While in Paris, there was no fanfare, no parades. Few even knew he was there.

He told Speer while in Paris that he wanted Speer to drop everything and complete building the new modern Berlin that Hitler wanted. Speer did so and rapidly. What he designed and had constructed from 1940 on was totally bombed out of existence by 1945.

Hitler never returned to Paris. Some believe it was his way of showing distaste for the city. It was just outside Paris that Germany signed the Armistice with the allies in 1918. Hitler considered that Armistice an insult to the German people.

Syracuse has new football uniforms. Great! What a 10-3 season will do for a team.The old ones were newly designed in 2014. Stunk! Drab orange. Saw pics of the news ones. Bright and exciting.

Apparently not everyone in Washington is aware that the U.S. and Saudi Arabia are the best of friends. It was announced Thursday that the U.S. added Saudi Arabia to its human trafficking blacklist.

I close with 2 items re Trump.

The first involves Iran and the story that he tells how he called off the military raid at the last minute because of lives that would be lost. He also indicated he wanted to sit down with Iran and talk. Iran of course said no way.

We were not told the whole truth when we were told that the attack had been called off. We were left to think everything was as is and no further aggravating moves had been made or were to be made by Trump.

We were not told. The very same day Trump called off the planes, he authorized a cyber attack on Iranian computer systems that operated Iran’s missile control systems and spy network.

Over the weekend, warmonger supreme John Bolton was videoed in Israel following a conference with Netanyahu. The men were standing together. Bolton made it clear the U.S. was not done with Iran. More would be coming.

Trump’s people described the cyber attack as retaliatory for the U.S. drone shot down.

In the background lurks the tank missile attacks. I am concerned.  Why is the U.S. involved in the tank missile attacks? The tankers were not U.S. ones. They were Norwegian and Japanese.

I have a feeling Trump and associates are looking for a reason to join Saudi Arabia and Israel in a war against Iran. Which suggests that everything Trump has done with Iran has in large part been done to satisfy Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Today was the day ICE was to begin its raid on illegal aliens to arrest and throw them out of the U.S. Trump said the number would be in the millions. It got whittled down as of Friday to 10,000 for the time being.

Trump announced last night that the raids would not take place for 2 weeks. His excuse was Nancy Pelosi had telephoned him and asked him to hold off so Congress could see if they could get out an acceptable plan that would stop the raids.

Trump appears to have talked with a forked tongue again.

This morning’s news reported Trump called off the raids for 2 weeks for other reasons.

One was that the news media had found out specifically where the raids would be and were prepared to print them. The other that ICE had reported to Trump that it had no place to hold those who would be apprehended. ICE also said the plan was moving too fast. There had been no time to work details out.

Enjoy your Sunday!



It came close. War. First the babble back and forth. Then threats bringing the parties to the edge of war. Finally, war. The sounds of war first in Iran. Then spreading through all the Middle East.

Iran is a proud and ancient civilization. Tough to the bone. Capitulation not part of its make up.

Trump bares the major responsibility for the present Iranian situation. He cancelled the agreement which put off Iran’s nuclear search for 15 years. Then began talking tough in his peculiar bombastic fashion to Iran. Trump continued imposing harsh sanctions. The final blow his efforts to stop Iran’s oil sales.

War came close. Trump blinked and avoided war for the moment. He permitted Iran to out fox the U.S. He knew not his enemy.

Speaking as a purported man of peace and a humanitarian, Trump pulled back the air and naval strike. He said, “Planes were in the air and ships positioned.” Followed by a we were “cocked and loaded.”

Bravado! He saved the world!

He bullshitted only himself.

I question whether our planes were even in the air. Trump seemed to be backing off on that point. His most recent statements indicate the planes might not have yet taken off.

The whole scenario typical Trump. Create an emergency situation. Then take it back at the last minute and come out of the event claiming a false success. One surprise for Trump this time. Iran has backbone and would not back down.

A significant issue in the U.S. treatment of Iran has been Saudi Arabia and Israel. Each wants to take over Iran. They realize the help of the U.S. is required to accomplish it. So they constantly suck up to Trump.

Iran does not want war. However a nation can only be pushed so far. Humiliation especially hurtful. Iran had no choice in whatever it did to bring its problems to a head.

The episode is not yet over.

I was at the Chart Room friday night. What a crowd! Loud and noisy. Having fun.

This is the off season. Hotel rates and restaurant prices are reduced. Many drive in from Florida and Georgia to enjoy long weekends.

Mary came in. I suggested we go to dinner. The noise was getting to me.

We dined on the outside deck at Pier 1.  The food continues to be outstanding. I enjoyed a good sized piece of tuna merely seared on the outside.

Dropped Mary off afterwards and went home. I was in bed by 9. Tired!!!

I mentioned in my last blog that Bria Ansara would be singing at Bourbon Street’s outside bar tuesday nights. I was wrong. Lynda Frechette emailed me from her summer home up north that she had talked with Bria. Bria was in New Hampshire at her mother’s and planned on spending the summer there.

KONK Life’s E-Blast ran a photo of Howard Lanin and his band recently with a comment that it was taken in June 1938. Lanin and his band were performing at the Casa Marina.

Howard was known as the “King of Society Dance Music.”

A USA article noted: “For generations of the rich and famous, a society party isn’t a successful party unless (Howard) Lanin is there with his back to the tuxedoed crowd.”

One of Howard’s brothers was Lester Lanin. He too was a band leader of renown. Many a time I danced to Lester Lanin and his orchestra.

It was during my college years. The more affluent female colleges for their special dances brought Lester Lanin in to play. I was fortunate to be invited by the ladies to these dances. Great dancing music. Lovely ladies. Many formal.

I did not own a tuxedo and could not afford to rent one. Nor could many of my class mates at Manhattan College. Manhattan was a poor boy’s school.

The problem easily solved. We would wear our Air Force ROTC uniforms with a black bow tie added. Passed inspection!

Corsages an economic problem also. We would take turns riding the subway to Times Square. A 45 minute ride each way. Whoever went bought orchid corsages from a street peddler for like 50 cents a piece and brought them back to school

Those were the days!

The politicos are playing Gotcha! I refer to the recent situation with Biden. Concededly not the best use of words by a politician. However enough is enough. Stop making a big deal out of it. The man has been a civil rights leader his entire career.

I was particularly disappointed with the several primary candidates who jumped on his back. Some still doing so. They should be admonished not to speak ill of a Democratic opponent. Especially in a questionable situation. To do otherwise will guarantee Trump’s reelection.

Recall Reagan’s words: “Never speak ill of a fellow Republican.”

I mentioned a few days ago that Venezuela’s inflation rate was at 130,000 percent. Imagine how many 1 bolivar bills are required to equate to $1. Probably 3-4 large paper bags.

Maduro is trying to alleviate the situation. Also to make himself look good in the process. Venezuela’s central bank has issued new banknotes to cope with the raging inflation. The bank has had printed 10,000, 20,000, and 50,000 bolivar notes.

One 50,000 bolivar note is equal to $8 American money.

John Whitehead is a political writer of note. His most recent book: “The Jackboots Are Coming: Mass Arrests, Power Grabs, and the Politics of Fear.”

In a recent article, Whitehead wrote of the 3 “can’ts” that affect a people’s lives. Words of wisdom: “… can’t claim to live in a constitutional republic if you allow the government to act like a police state… can’t claim to value freedom if you allow the government to act like a dictatorship… can’t expect to have your rights respected if you allow the government to treat whomever it pleases with disrespect and an utter disregard for the rule of law.”

Enjoy your day!