Good morning!

Rise and shine!

Another great day about to embark upon us!

But at this moment just after 6 am, it is pitch black outside!

This morning the Key West Lou Legal Hour! Please listen in. At 10 am. KONK 1500 AM radio. Better yet, on the internet world wide to both see and hear.

Some of the topics to be touched upon and their legal implications include the oil spill, Y-Net and the Monroe County School Board, financial reform, Illinois weird dumb laws, immigration, Eisenhower and a stimulus package, recognition of Israel, Amazing Grace and more.

The afternoon was overcast yesterday coupled with a cool breeze from the ocean.. I sat on my deck and read for a couple of hours. I am mid way through The Help. A book about the American South in the 1950s. It is presently #2 on the New York Times best seller list. A friend loaned it to me. I am into it enough to say it makes for interesting reading. I enjoy anything about the South that helps me to comprehend what motivates the South of today.

Bocce last night. It started raining about an hour before. Lightly and then a bit heavier. Enough to screw up the court surfaces. Bocce was called off.

I went over to Hogfish. Because of bocce, I had not eaten. Enjoyed fish and chips and read the newspapers.

The long cold spell affected the iguanas. They burrowed deep to avoid the cold. There were few to be seen.

All of a sudden in the past two weeks, there are iguanas all over the place. Especially on the golf course. Running all over, climbing trees. Especially energetic.

I figured the warm weather brought them out. I was wrong. I read somewhere a couple of days ago that this is iguana mating season. They are chasing each other!

Hope you can join me for my radio show a 10!

Enjoy your day!

An outstanding time on the golf course yesterday!

I hit the ball longer, farther and straighter than I have in 10 years!


I did not win. No problem, though. Lost all of $2. Tom was the big winner with $8.

Played with Tino and Yankee Jack, also. Tino’s last day of play with us till the fall when he returns. At this very moment, Tino and his good wife Maria are on their drive back to Chicago. They will be missed.

On my way out last night, I stopped at Publix and bought the grandkids some ice cream. Ice cream on the stick. Vanilla covered with chocolate.

Actually, the ice cream was for Robert. Last week I bought Ally an egg slicer. Robert was offended that I did not buy something for him at the time. The ice cream was Robert’s egg slicer.

Robert was excited. I had purchased a whole box. I told him to share with his sister Ally. She was standing there. He said no. She won’t let me use her egg slicer.

I dealt with the problem. He shared. It was like trying to get the bank reform bill to a favorable vote in the Senate.

Then to the Chart Room.

Marty is back! Finally! My dinner date.

He had a friend with him. Luis. A good looking individual from Houndouras originally. Late 30s. Lives in Fort Lauderdale. Takes care of Marty’s house in Hallendale. A charming outgoing personality. We had a lot of laughs over the course of the evening.

I chatted a while with Michael and Captain Peter. The oil spill. It is the item of discussion every where in Key West. We live on an island. The spill will eventually reach our beaches. It will affect our economy.

There is concern. Validly.

Met Susan. Susan is the new bartender at the Chart Room. It took a long time to find a replacement for Mark. Michael was there last night training Susan. She needed no training.

Susan is an outgoing personality. She will do well at the Chart Room.

Dinner was at the bar at La Trattoria. The three gringos at the bar. Well, actually two gringos and Luis. We had a good time.

Luis is not new to Key West. He has been here before. He wanted to go to Virgilio’s after dinner. Virgilio’s is the night club behind La Trattoria.

I have not been to Virgilio’s in well over a year. Why, I don’t know. The place is alive. People enjoying themselves.

This was to be Luis’ place last night. He fit right in. A good looking guy. A terrific dancer. An instantaneous hit!

Marty and I left after a while. Luis did not need us.

I was walking on Duval towards my car when I heard Louis! shouted from across the street. It was Jean Thornton. We missed each other for a whole week. And now we keep running into each other. Even on Duval.

I crossed over and joined her. A golden girl in every respect!

She was with the shoe girl Stephanie Kaple.

Stephanie is one terrific person. She works with the homeless. She has an affintiy/addiction to female shoes. Every free penny she has goes into buying another pair of shoes. And cheap they are not!

Stepanie is intellectually talented. She writes a weekly blog. Deep. She starts off talking about shoes and somehow turns the dialogue into a treatise on some world shaking problem. Her blogs are all very well done.

You can read Stepanie’s blog at I recommend it!

Stephanie shared a piece of information with me I was unaware of. She is going to do a radio show also. Good girl, Steph! I wish you luck!

She will be on KONK radio as I am. You can hear her on fridays at 3. I am not sure whether she will be starting this week or next. However look for her and listen to her show. The topic will be fashion.

Speaking of radio shows, mine is tomorrow at 10. KONK 1500 AM radio. See and listen on the internet world wide at

Enjoy your day!

Golf this morning!

I can’t wait. I am anxious to play.

Hope I hit the ball as well as last week before I tired. I will be drinking water today.

Yesterday by day was a quiet one. I stayed home buried in paper work again.

Terri opened monday night in the musical Chicago. I was all over the internet trying to find her reviews. I could find none.

I telephoned Donna in New York. Where are Terri’s reviews? There are none, she said.

Chicago is an ongoing musical. 13 years. When an actor goes into an already running Broadway play/musical, critical reviews are not conducted.

I did not know. We live and learn.

Donna said Terri was terrific, rewiews or not!

Speaking further of Terri, she was nominated for an Outer Critics Circle Award. As Best Featured Actress in a Musical. Finian’s Rainbow. Her competition is Angela Lansbury for her performance in A Little Night Music.

Good company Terri is keeping!

The Tony nominations are announced May 4. That is the big one! Lets hope Terri is among those nominated.

I had an 8 o’clock meeting at Larry Smith’s home last night. To work further on our tv/radio show idea. I had to eat first. So I stopped at Lucky Day Cafe. It is about 2 blocks from Larry’s. Enjoyed a grilled cheesesteak sandwich and read the newspapers.

The meeting at Larry’s went well. We sit and talk. This whole thing is still in the development stage. Henry brought a CD of some of last week’s work. Good! He knows what he is doing.

Larry, Alex, Henry, Adare and Doc Covan were in attendance.

I do not know what will come of this. But we are moving ahead. Though slowly.

On the way home after the meeting, I stopped at Lisa’s. Corey was in the living room. Lisa in bed on her computer. Robert sleeping next to her. Ally in her own bed asleep. A typical American family settling in for the evening.

Lisa lives near a Dairy Queen. Soft ice cream. I have not indulged in almost a year. I had the desire last night. I stopped and bought a cone of soft chocolate. Small, of course.

When it was handed to me, I thought it was too big. It had been a long time. Was it good! Iam glad I did it. There was no guilt involved.

Friday will soon be upon us. That means my radio show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 am. KONK 1500 AM radio. On the internet to see and hear at

One of the persons I plan talking about is John Newton.

Newton was a slave trader. One of the last. Part of a group outlawed by the United States government in the early 1860s. Newton’s claim to fame is that he found God thereafter and became a minister. And wrote that great hymn that is genrally played at funerals. Amazing Grace.

Got to get ready for golf. Hope I hit them well!

Just received a telephone call from Utica. It is snowing. Snowed yesterday also. Has it ever snowed in Key West? The weather presently is in the low 80s by day and high 70s by night.

To my friends up north, come join me!

Enjoy your day!

I slept with the glass sliding doors to my bedroom open last night. It was that kind of an evening.

My bed faces east. When I woke this morning, I could see the sun rising over the horizon. A bright yellow ball.

God is good!

I was right about yesterday. The telephone call came from Lisa just after I finished the blog. The grandkids were sick. Would I babysit? Of course!

They were not that bad. Both had a few sneezes. Ally a slight temperature.

I spent the morning watching them. It was like a workout at a gym.

We played hide go seek. They had just learned from one of their friends. So they taught me. I had to go to a corner of the kitchen, cover my eyes, count to 10 and shout…..ready or not, here I come!

I am a quick learner.

We played for over an hour. Robert and Ally were easy to find. They giggle when you get near them. I fooled them once. They could not find me. I stood in the tub with the shower curtain partially drawn. My high point of the day!

Then we played bingo. A variation of the usual game. This one is done with letters so they can learn the alphabet and words. They beat the hell out of me. For real! They were both excited that they were winning and I could not.

Lisa came home early. I left. Went to Lucky Day for lunch. Cuban toast with tomato and melted cheese.

As I was leaving Lucky Day, Jan walked in. I had met him Sunday. He operates the mechanical portion of the Shell station on the boulevard. My rear light had gone out. It took Jan and one of his helpers 45 minutes to replace it. These Audi lites are difficult to remove. When he had finished, I asked him how much. He said nothing. I was embarassed and gave him $20. I had to fight him to take it.

We chatted for a few minutes at Lucky Day. A nice guy. Give him business, if you can. I think he operates the car wash also.

Then to Publix. The cupboard was bare again.

I have spent a week trying to hook up with Jean Thornton. She is one of Mel Fisher’s Golden Girls. She was vacationing from Indiana, dove off a Mel Fisher ship and found gold and jewels. Changed her life!

She now dives everywhere in the world. She also has a place at Truman Annex here in Key West.

We have been e mailing each other all week. When are we going to see each other again?

Yesterday at Publix. As I was leaving, she was pulling out a cart. We hugged. She has lost weight. About 15 pounds. Looks good! I told her so.

She told me she was going to hear Corey’s talk later in the evening. I told her I would be there with Lisa.

I stopped at the Chart Room first last night. Who was there? Jean Thornton! We enjoyed a nice conversation.

Lisa and Corey showed up. We had planned to meet there. We had dinner at the Pier House outside on the deck. It was a perfect evening for such a dinner. Calm and peaceful. Larry Smith stopped by to say hello.

Then it was off to the Mel Fisher Museum. Corey is the Chief Archeologist there. Has been so for close to 25 years.

He was giving a lecture last night on the last three slave ships.

Corey is the world expert on Spanish galleons and slave ships in the Caribbean.

An interesting talk. Slave ships in the United States ended their existence in the early 1860s. Corey traced the history and laws regarding slave ships from the inception of our country to that time.

Corey is an engrossing speaker. Moreover, he is an adept investigator. He digs for little pieces of information and then traces those tidbits till he discoivers the true story. So it was last night. His investigatory prowess was evident.

Corey had to stay after the lecture to speak with guests. I drove Lisa home. Then I drove Vanessa the baby sitter home.

All in all, it was a good evening.

Enjoy your day!

Dark outside.


I can hear the breeze.

It is going to be another great Key West day.

I spent yesterday morning in bed watching the Sunday TV talk shows. Immigration is steaming up. Because of the Arizona situation. It is going to be interesting to see if Obama and Congress deal with the problem at this time or let it sit into next year.

It was the Shrimp Shack on Stock Island for lunch.

The Shrimp Shack has been open and closed for the past two years. It is open once again. This time to stay I believe.

Inside it is a fresh fish store. One of the best around. It is where I buy my fresh catch and stone crabs.

Outside the dock is now covered with tables. Laquered and painted. The painted ones are bright hues. All covered with brightly different colored umbrellas.

Sitting next to the dock on the water are shrimp boats. There were 9 yesterday morning. Old, beat up. Probably 50 plus years old. They go back to a time when shrimp was king in Key West. A time before the shrimp farms of South America sprang up.

There is still a market for Key West shrimp, however. These boats go out every Monday and do their thing. They stood proud and tall yesterday. Manifesting a confidence borne of time and experience.

I sat at one of the tables right on the water. Spent about 3 hours there. It was comfortable. Just warm enough. Coupled with a cool breeze off the water.

I read the Sunday papers, gazed at the people, enjoyed the boats and contemplated. I was in a good place at a good time.

I also ate. A reuben mahi mahi sandwich and cole slaw. The sandwich was to die for.

It was Sunday dinner with Lisa and the family. I will probably end up baby sitting some time this week. Both Robert and Ally were sneezing.

Tonight I have a date! A sweet young lady! My daughter Lisa!

Corey is doing a talk at Mel Fisher at 8 on slavery. He is the world expert on American slavery. For real!

Lisa will join me at the Chart Room at 6. I want to show her off. Then we will have a light dinner at the Pier House on the outside deck. Followed by a short walk to the Mel Fisher Museum to hear Corey’s talk.

Speaking of Lisa, I recomend a visit to her internet department store. Mothers Day is around the corner. What better place to buy a special personal gift for Mom!

I have to kill some time this morning. I do fasting blood work at 8:30. The mind is a wonderous thing. I always seem more hungry at a time like this.

Enjoy your day!

I bowled yesterday. Yes, bowled.

I have only bowled one time previously in my life. About 60 years ago when I was in high school. I think I shot 20 at the time.

Yesterday I did a bit better. 84, 89 and 82.

It was not easy. Especially at the beginning. At the end of the first 4 frames of the first game, my score was 8. I had 6 gutter balls in those first 4 frames. Then I got a spare. Everyone went crazy! High 5s all over the place!

How did this all come to pass?

It was early afternoon and I was having lunch at Lisa’s with the grandkids. I got a call. Don Manaher. Want to bowl? Bowl? I don’t know how to bowl! So what? You don’t know how to play golf either. Ok. Meet at Don’s Place at 3. I have a limousine van to take us out to Boca Chica to play.

The bowling alley is located on the Naval Air Base at Boca Chica.

I was late. The limo left without me. I hooked up with everyone at the gate to the base.

Nice bowling alley. They have changed since 60 years ago.

No one has to keep score. Done electronically. There is even a tv type screen that shows you where to throw your second shot. A bright and cheerful place. Not the dungeon I recall my father taking me to when he bowled in his friday night league.

I rented shoes and went at it.

We were a large group. Don, Boomer, Carey, Jules, Jim, Tino, Maria, Tom, Nancy, David, Karen, Michelle, Kurt and many others. Don split us into teams.

Michelle was on my team. Her first roll resulted in a strike. Big! We all cheered! I thought this is going to be embarassing.

That was it for Michelle. Her last strike. My overall score was better than hers. I am proud to say I beat the 2 ladies on my team with my overall score.

Otherwise, I looked like a complete ass! However, it was fun!

We ate and drank. For me it was diet Pepsi. But I ate all the fried goodies and fries laid out. On top of the generous lunch Lisa had made for me.

One of the ladies in our group looked awfully good. Her game, that is. She looked good, too! I noticed how well she bowled. She threw her arm up in the air on the approach and that ball aimed for the heavens. And her shots were good. She scored well. I mentioned to Jules that that woman shoots well. Jules said she brought her own ball with her. Says it all!

I telephoned my father while we were bowling. He is 96. He bowled for many years. He was surprised to hear I was bowling. Laughed. Wanted to know how bad I was doing. I told him in the 80s. He thought that was good for basically a first time.

We then went back to Don’s Plce for a cook out. Burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, macaroni salad, salad and brownies. The good times continued!

What a life! Key West offers it all! I love it here!

I ate constantly yesterday. Beginning with lunch at Lisa’s to the pickies at the bowling alley to the cook out at Don’s. The scale says it this mornig. I gained 3 pounds!

Enjoy your day. Sunday!

Two special experiences yesterday.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour in the morning and Terri White last night.

I did a 15 minute segment on anti-semitism on the radio show. A hit! The telephone calls and personal comments during the day following the show were more than normal. Everyone liked it. Not only was it enjoyed, but it caused people to speak about matters I had discussed.

Last night was a night of nights! Terri White!

Lets place last night in perspective.

Less than two years ago, Terri was homeless in New York City and slept on a park bench for 3 months. Then she came to Key West. Got a call to return to New York to audition for the Finian’s Wake revival. She went, auditioned and got the job. The number 2 lead.

Terri was a spectacular success in the show. She is being mentioned for a Tony nomination. Nominations will be announced May 4th.

Last week she starred at Carnigee Hall in a Gershwin evening of song.

Last night she returned to Key West and the Waterfront Theatre for a one night performance that had been planned way before her Finian’s Rainbow success.

Monday she opens on Broadway as Matron Mama Morton in the hit musical Chicago.

Terri is a personal friend. Very close. Both she and her wife Donna. A same sex marriage.

Terri sang and sang and sang. There was no stopping her. I felt the presence of Al Jolson who did likewise. Just kept singing, just kept entertaining.

I was in the presence of greatness listening to her. Better stated, I was in the presence of something special, someone special. There were moments when tears were rolling down my cheeks. I am not sure whether it was for her renewed success or the quality of performance my eyes were seeing and my ears hearing. Maybe both.

Quite a day!

Enjoy your day!

Good morning world!

Today is friday!

And what do we do on friday! Listen to the Key West Lou Legal Hour.

If time permits, join me this morning. At 10 am. On the radio locally at KONK 1500 AM. On the internet worldwide where you can see as well as listen.

Some great show topics. The Key West nude beach, the stimulus impact on Key West, anti-semitism, the Catholic Church, Abraham Lincoln and the Gettysburg Adress, the Supreme Court nominee and women’s rights, a same sex marriage update, Confederacy month, Virginia weird dumb laws and more.

Virginia is not the only place where things are weird. They are weird here in my home. At least yesterday.

I stayed in all day! I did paper work from 8 in the morning till 7 at night. Non stop. If I am going to work this hard, I should never have retired!

I was supposed to play bocce last night. I would crawl to play bocce. Not last night! I was too tired! I telephoned Don my captain and told him I would not be playing.

It was early to bed for me. And early to sleep.

Tonight is a grand one for Key West. Terri White has returned! She will be doing a solo performance at the Waterfront. Terri in Paradise. I will be there. I hope you will also.

On monday Terri opens on Broadway as Matron Mama Morton in Chicago. Wow!

Again, try to tune into my radio show. The internet is more fun. You can see as well as hear.

Otherwise, enjoy your day!

Maria is a friend. I met her at Don’s Place a couple of years ago. She is one of my bocce partner Jules’ friends. Maria lives in Tampa. Works as a school teacher with the disabled. Drives a beverage cart on a golf course in her off time for extra money.

She is also a Facebook friend.

Maria’s message to the world this morning on Facebook: Happy Hump Day!

Smart girl! Good girl! Thank you for wishing us all such a day!

Golf yesterday morning.

I played well on the front 9. Even I was impressed. I was getting off the tee. And hitting them long and straight.

It did not last. I tired on the 11th hole and stayed tired the rest of the round. My score showed it! I lost my swing.

Why? I was not tired the previous two weeks. My swing was getting stronger. Medically I seemed to be recovering.

Then yesterdaay occurred.

I analyze everything. It was hot. I did not drink any water. My doctor told me to drink Gatorade 2 while on the course. I had 2 large bottles with me. I drank it all. Forgot to intersperse with water. I think the lack of water is what did me in.

I ended up with a blazing headace and was dead tired.

I also ended up losing $7. I was ahead on the front and then lost my swing and my money on the back side.

Played again with Tom, Yankee Jack and Tino. Tino was the big dollar winner.

I hit my bed right after golf and fell asleep. Not for long. The grandkids showed up. Poppa!!!

After they left, I analyzed my headache and tiredness. Came up with the water cause. Hope I am correct. Devoured several glasses of water and took a couple of Advil. A couple of hours later, I felt ok.

Hit the Chart Room first last night.

Met Donna! Donna had texted me Sunday night asking why I was not at the Chart Room. I was not sure who she was. Turns out I had never met her. She reads the blog daily, however.

We met last night.

Donna is here on a week’s vacation. Staying with her friend Kathy, a local interior decorator.

Donna is presently from Salt Lake City. She did live in Key West for 15 years at one time.

I liked Donna. We had a good chat. Hopefully I will run into her again at the Chart Room before she leaves.

Che and Captain Peter were in attendance also. We all sat around the round table and had good laughs and a good time.

Then I was off to the Sports Page Bar for a light dinner. A turkey sandwich and fries. Both delicious!

Chris bartending. We have become friends after our first stormy meeting. Patrick the owner stopped by to say hello. A good young man running a good business.

This is Conch Republic Week. The 28th anniversay of the establishment of the Conch Republic!

Twenty eight years ago, the U.S. Border Patrol barricaded the road to U.S. 1 at Florida City. It was a misbegotten attempt by the federal government to stop the flow of drugs at the time out of the keys into mainland America. The people of Key West were pissed. A group formed the Conch Republic and seceeded from the Union.

Immediately following the secession, the Conch Republic surrendered to the United States and demanded war reparations.

The event is celebrated every year at this time.

Tonight is the parade. Hearlded as the “World’s Longest Parade!” It will at one time run from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. People come from all ove to participate. Including some Maryland firemen who show up every year.

The parade ends at Schooner’s Wharf. Big party there tonight. Howard Livingston playing. Will add to the crowd.

Charles Kuralt was a famous news broadcaster in days gone by. He used to spend his leisure time in Key West. He referred to Schooner’s as “…..the center of the universe.”

Unfortunately, I shall miss the parade. Bocce tonight. It is a question of priroities.

I will also miss Donna and Terri tonight. They returned to Key West last night for a few days. Donna telephoned yesterday and wanted to have dinner tonight, No, I said. Bocce.

Hopefully, we will hook up Saturday. They leave Sunday.

Terri starred at Carnigee Hall last week. She is appearing in a solo performance at the Warterfront Theatre friday night here in Key West. Monday she opens on Broadway in a three month gig as Matron Momma Morton in the award winning musical Chicago. A talent!

Tomorrow is Friday. Friday is Key West Lou Legal Hour time. 10 am. Please listen in on the radio at KONK 1500 AM. Better yet, watch and listen on the internet at

Enjoy your day!

Tino the videographer!

Tino is a retired federal police officer of some sort. From Chicgago. Short. Tough.

His life has changed since his retirement to Key West. As it has for all of us.

He was part of the group at Larry’s Saturday morning. We are trying to put together an internet/tv show. Where it is going, none of us is sure. We keep rambling along.

Henry was videoing our activities. So too was Alec. Tino occasionally assisted. He would be handed one of their cameras.

Apparently Tino got bit by the videoing bug. He e mailed me yesterdsay. Said that since Saturday he had gone to and purchased a used video. He then used it to video a local show about the boats that have made it to Key West over the years from Cuba. The video even has music and dialogue.

It’s terrific!

All of 9 minutes. Watch it on

I opted to stay in last night. Made myself a light dinner. Eggs in a pasta sauce. Like my Mother did. Then to bed and tv.

A good tv night. Robert Taylor on the Turner oldies channel. I started with a 1937 comedy of his and ended up with Taylor’s 1953 hit Ivanhoe. Saw Quo Vadis in between.

I recalled reading Ivanhoe when I was a junior in high school. It was mandatory reading. The movie was easier to handle.

Friday is around the corner. My radio show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 in the morning. Please listen in at KONK 1500 radio. On the internet worldwide you can see and hear.

Golf today. Tino will be there.

Enjoy your day!