Happy Halloween!

One of my happiest days as a father. When the kids were little, I took them Trick or Treating. I would stand on the sidewalk as they ran up to the front door of each house.

Their excitement became mine.

When we got home, we would lie on the living room carpet and go through the goodies. Me, too! I enjoyed the excitement of….Look what I got! I enjoyed also in joining them eating the unhealthy food.

Their mother was always in the background yelling at me to “stop letting them eat that garbage.”

Those were the days.

I have been in quarantine again for 3-4 months. Sick of it!

Next saturday will be 2 weeks since my booster shot. I can’t wait. I am getting stir crazy. I am going out next saturday!

I missed Fantasy Fest this week. All I have are some newspaper photos to show me what is going on.

From my perspective, nothing should have been. Key West cancelled the parade and other public events. However everything else was planned, open and available.

Saw a picture of the Zombie Bike Riders. Three different streets. Crowded shoulder to shoulder as far as the eye could see. Everyone made up to look like zombies.

The zombie parade begins at the cemetery. Because of the crowd, three separate streets were used. Each ending up in the same place on Duval.

There was also a photo of costume dressed people marching down Duval all excited. Not as many as the zombie event, but enough.

My age affects my thinking process. I believe all of Key West should have been shut down. No partying anywhere, inside or out.

COVID is not behind us. Yes, the numbers are better in Florida the past 2 weeks. Guaranteed the numbers will be up in Key West in 2 more weeks. COVID must have had a field day this past week while enjoying Fantasy Fest together with the humans.

Facebook has billions with which to operate. Whatever they do should be better than what has been done. All of Facebook’s problems probably could have been avoided with better care being taken in the formulation/development of new steps.

The most recent example being the new name for Facebook revealed this past week by Zuckerberg: META, short for Metaverse.

Facebook blew it!

The term META is traceable to “dead” in Hebrew. Israelis have been mocking the name. Someone developed a new hashtag: #Facebook Dead.

When it rains, it pours!

Lori has been cutting my hair for more than 25 years. We have become friends.

I got a haircut about a week ago. Lori told me she and her husband were going camping this weekend. Where, I asked? In the Everglades.

Sounded strange to me. I have been through the Everglades by car several times and once by a 24 hour boat trip.

I asked why would you want to go to the Everglades to camp.

They have done it before. They were going with another couple this time. The others like to swim. Swim!!! They’ve got to be crazy!

Lori agreed. She refuses to go in the water. There are alligators everywhere. And who knows what else.

This blog appears also in Feedspot everyday. Feedspot carried an article today: Snorkeling in the Florida Everglades.

No way, Jose! Some people are just plain crazy!

Gas prices have been going up the past several months. COVID and the supply line problems the reasons given why.


Saudi Aramco announced yesterday that it had posted a 160 percent rise in profit for the third quarter just ended. In dollars, the profit amounted to $30.4 billion.

We have been warned gas prices will continue to go up. Aramco announced they expected the next few quarters to be even better.

President Biden and Communion. An ongoing issue.

Prior to Biden’s visit with the Pope, several American bishops wrote the Pope chastising him for meeting with Biden. The reason being Biden supports legalized abortion.

Recall a good number of American bishops are anti-Pope Francis. They want him removed from the Papal Office for a number off reasons. They are joined in the effort by Steve Bannon and Newt Gingrich.

The Pope handled the matter well.

In their face to face meeting, Francis called Biden a “good Catholic” and said he should continue receiving Communion.

That same day, Biden and his wife received Communion at St. Patrick’s Church in Rome. St. Patrick’s a part of Francis’ archdiocese. Father Joe Ciccone is Vice-Rector at St. Patrick’s. He said, “When you are a public figure you have to make certain decisions, especially in a democracy, on behalf of more than just your own personal feelings.”

The Atlanta Braves continue to have a nick name problem. A number of people want the name “Braves” removed.

It’s World Series time. Last night, Trump and wife attended the game in a private box. They were seated up front in the box. They smilingly joined the rest of the fans who stood and did the “Tomahawk Chop.”

The term is considered racist and demeaning by Native Americans.

Syracuse won again yesterday. Beat Boston College 21-6. Hope we win a couple more.

Enjoy Halloween!



Tomorrow night is Halloween. All kinds of evil things will occur. The dead will rise from their graves. Ghosts will run the streets. Satan will do his sinful work. Children may be stolen.

Witches will be out and about. Satan’s mates. Cats scurrying about. Especially, black ones.

Lock yourselves indoors!

Witchcraft was in vogue from the 1200s through the 1600s. The Catholic cry was to get rid of the witches. They were the Devil’s representatives on earth. Good people were burned at the stake.

Cats got involved. Witches and cats go together. Cats were linked to Satanism and witchcraft.

Some Pope in the 11oo’s decried cats were diabolical, associated with the Devil. Cats began to have their own Inquisition. They were tortured and culled, just as humans during the Spanish Inquisition.

In 1233, a Trump type was Pope. Gregory IX. He needed to enhance his image. He issued a papal bull. Vox in Rama. In it, Gregory clearly spelled out the relatioship between cats and the Devil. An evil marriage.

That was it for cats. Cat executions significantly increased. They were executed in large numbers. Very few, if any, cats existed for 400 years.

Cats were #1 rat predators. Without cats, the rat population flourished. Rats were the ones that spread the bubonic plague aka black death.

It took 100 years for the effect of the slaughter of the cats to be felt. Europe experienced its first bubonic plague outbreak in the early 1300’s. Three more thereafter. It is estimated 50 million died. The number represented 50-60 percent of the world’s population at the time.

All because a Pope assumed cats were evil.

Cats generally carried fleas in their body hair. The fleas were infected with the plague. The plague was transferred from the cats to humans in 2 ways. A cat would bite or scratch a human. Or, the fleas carried in cat hairs jumped over onto a human’s body.

It was game on! The plague bacillus is known as Yersinia pestis. It found its way into a person’s nearest lymph node where it replicated itself.

Death ensued.

There has never been a vaccine for the bubonic plague. Modern day medicines have been developed however which can cure the plague infection if timely received.

The plague was born because a Pope thought cats were in some manner related to the Devil and recommended the death of all cats.

A brilliant move thought he. People acclaimed him. The Pope a precursor to Trump, though by many years.

Enjoy your day!




What goes around comes around.

Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema will get their just due. It is only a question of when.

It is not because they played hardball. Rather, it is because they did not know how to say yes when asked to cooperate, for a favor, etc. Many visited them over the past few weeks asking for help. Reasons given why. Positive responses appear to have been none.

Those asking were primarily contemporaries. Other elected officials. Including President Biden.

Manchin especially refused to bend.

Everyone needs a favor now and then. Special help. Manchin and Sinema will approach those they have recently turned down. Memories are long lived. They will receive the same congenial response they gave to those who asked for their help. Sorry…..I just can’t do it.

A man I have admired for many years is New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof. He started with the Times when 25. Now 37 years later at 62, he is leaving.

Hard to believe.

He is leaving to run as the Democratic candidate for Governor of Oregon.

He feels an obligation to actually fight the battles he has commented on up to this time.

A good man. A very good man. However, I think he’s crazy. He is entering the twilight of his life/career. He is highly respected. Twice a Pulitzer Prize winner. His written words always steeped in wisdom.

He has been motivated by a desire to help. No selfish purpose involved.

In his sudden good bye column, he wrote: “We are an amazing species, and we can do better.” Such will be his goal. To do better by helping those most in need. If you have been a loyal reader of his columns over the years, you would recognize his motivation an unselfish one.

Such is the man.

Andrew Cuomo has been legally charged. With one misdemeanor. Eleven women complained. Only one’s complaint is being pursued apparently.

The woman claims breast fondling.

The charge carries a maximum sentence of one year. The case is venued in Albany City Court.

The case could be one involving she said, he said. Perhaps more. Time will tell.

Facebook announced it is changing its name to META. No more Facebook.

How this will help them re the company’s present problems, I don’t know.

Several other social media companies are doing the same.

Men! Beware or aware. I am not sure. My message is that cosmetic companies have decided to go after men. A multibillion dollar target from the perspective of producers. Make up “is the final frontier of men’s grooming.”

In 2019, the market was $47 billion. By 2027, it is expected to be $78 billion.

Male grooming is big in Asia. Especially Japan. Japan is 65 percent of the world’s business. At the present time, the U.S. a mere 5 percent.

Enjoy your day!


President Biden leaves today for Europe and a series of meetings. One involves a meeting at the Vatican with Pope Francis.

Francis the #1 Catholic in the world. Biden one of the most devoted.

There is much they could talk about. World problems are many. However due to the constraints of time, I have selected one which I believe will consume a good portion of their time. American bishops.

Both men are “common targets” of a large group of American bishops seeking to undermine them.

Climate change is an item of concern to both men. A significant one.

In 2015, Francis wrote the encyclical Laudats Si. It dealt with climate change and global warming. Francis recognized the dangers and wrote the encyclical which in normal course would reach Church members world wide.

It is common knowledge that a significant number of Catholic bishops oppose Francis. The U.S. Conference of Bishops one. Whatever Frances stands for, they are against.

The Bishops Conference is the far right wing of the Catholic Church. Like far right Republicans in the U.S. In fact, the Bishops and far right Republicans have joined in their efforts to oppose the same things politically in the U.S. They walk hand in hand.

To appreciate what is being set forth, recognize that the U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican under Trump was Callista Gingrich. Wife of Newt Gingrich. Her position gave Gingrich influence in the Vatican.

During the Trump administration, Steve Bannon became interested in the Vatican. His purpose to bring down existing governments was extended to include the Vatican. The Vatican is considered a government state.

Bannon spent considerable time within the Vatican. He and Gingrich worked hand in hand. Both strongly opposed to Francis. The two worked with the Catholic bishops and Vatican hierarchy opposed to Francis.

What a marriage! Catholic bishops, Vatican hierarchy, Gingrich and Bannon all working against Francis.

Francis needed God on his side then and now.

Encyclicals are like a letter to all Catholics. Bishops and local clergy are expected to make parishioners aware of an encyclical’s contents and push parishioners to support a Pope in the position taken.

Catholic bishops did not push Laudats Si. Never made it a priority. Went their own way by ignoring the encyclical. By so doing, the bishops diminished its importance.

Silence can influence a subject. Silence can work as a denial of a subject.

Catholic bishops seem to be of the same frame of mind as older Republicans. Also each group is white. Older and white. Sound familiar?

Most interesting was a survey conducted. Forty seven percent of those Bishops who responded said FOX News was their primary source of news.

Would you believe!

Biden was to fly off to Europe at 8:30. He has not left yet. He is making a last ditch effort to package the social infrastructure bill.

Manchin and Sinema are the culprits holding things up. Their 2 votes required.

Both can congratulate themselves from destroying what initially was a terrific bill for the American people. They have eaten away at it. Many important matters had to be removed. Some lessened in time and money.

Retribution and revenge are in order. It will come. Not immediately. However at some future time, each will feel the wrath of their Party and the American people.

Kyrsten Sinema committed sacrilege. Tuesday she wore a black T shirt and blue denim vest when she was Presiding over the Senate.

She has chosen the path of personal ambition over party loyalty. She perceives herself as another John McCain. She kids herself!

Diversity has been around for two generations now. Intended to help blacks and other minorities. The tide is turning. In recent years, diversity in some cases has been working in favor of whites over blacks. Sort of what’s good for the goose is good for the gander and vice versa.

The day of successful “reverse discrimination” is at hand.

David Duvall is in his early 50’s. A white man. He was part of senior management with Novant Health hospital system. He was Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications. He had been employed by Novant for close to 5 years.

Novant determined a need to promote diversity in its management ranks by sex and gender. Duvall was fired within 5 days of his fifth anniversary with the company. Significant also in that he would have been entitled to a greater severance pay if he had reached the 5 year mark.

Duvall was discharged for alleged incompetency, mistakes, etc. He was replaced by a black woman and a white woman.

Duvall sued in federal court in North Carolina. He claimed he was fired because he was a white male.

The jury agreed with him. He was awarded $10 million.

Enjoy your day!



I sense I am watching the destruction of our government. Day by day. Always something new.

How many of us care? I assume at least 50 percent. I wish it was 100 percent, that we never had to deal with the problem.

I have lived a long life. Never once conceived what is happening today would occur.

I fear we are not killing the “coup movement.” So many a part of it. Not just politicians. Everyday people. Young and old alike.

The U.S. has always reflected being made of stern stuff. It could overcome everything. I hope it can this time.

Krysten Sinema. A hippy from the ’60s. She arrived two generations too late. She would have been a leader in the 1960’s lifestyle.

She has acquired a new label: Denim Girl.

This past week she wore a denim vest while presiding over the Senate. Pure intentional disrespect.

She had to know it was in poor taste. That it adversely reflected on her respect for the Chamber.

Denim attire is prohibited in the Senate. There is a sign for example in the Senate Press Gallery: DRESS CODE / No: Denim, hats, overcoats, purses, bags.

Perhaps she cannot read.

All type of commodities are beginning to run in short supply. Oil is one. I have repeated the situation several times. I feel the need to repeat it again.

The pump price of gasoline continues to slither up. Prices surging.

Oklahoma an example of what is happening. Its crude oil tanks are being depleted. Which means even higher prices at the pump. Any depletion results in higher prices

The consumer never wins.

Short blog this morning. I am not sure how I feel.

The booster shot reaction may still be with me.

I thought I was fine when I started Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou last night. Within 15 minutes, my energy factor was moving to zero. I pushed myself to finish the show.

I could tell how I felt was being reflected in my voice. It lacked zip. Articulation poor. I was slowing down.

I diminished.

This morning I went to the show’s archive. Listened to last night’s show. I was correct. My voice sounded like I was a dying man.

I then went to a show I did a few weeks ago. The difference decided. No question I was screwed up last night.

Not sure how I feel yet this morning. If no correction, I’ll see the doctor this afternoon.

Enjoy your day!



Paper shortages return. Second time in recent years. Especially toilet paper and paper towels. Some supermarket shelves totally empty. Some partially. Shortages expected to be a disaster by Christmas.

Paper towels we can do without. Toilet paper another story. A “necessity.”

There is a replacement/substitute however. The bidet.

Jokingly referred to as the “toilet sidecar” and “derriere power washing.”

The bidet came first. Historically in use prior to toilet paper. Prior to either, one’s cleanliness depended on leaves and sticks.

The advent of toilet paper was introduced as a “luxury.” As well as a necessity, it continues to be considered such. In each paper shortage, there has been “panicked toilet paper hoarding.”

COVID-19 has spurred recent shortages.

The shortage problem has been partially solved with the U.S. discovery of bidets. Bidet sales have boomed this past year.

Bidets are perfect for cleansing the nether regions with a gentle jet of water. Its powers considered vastly superior to toilet paper.

Bidets have been popular outside the U.S. for years. Bidets are called “Toto Washlet” in Japan. Eighty percent of Japanese homes are equipped with bidets. In 1975, Italy mandated their presence in every home.

Their slow U.S. growth has been moved along in the past year because of the pandemic. Two type bidets are in popular use. One is an actual toilet appearing structure, minus a seat, which sits next to the toilet in a bathroom. The other a “bidet attachment.”

The attachment has received rapid acceptance this past year. Probably due to cost. $39.95. The attachment is attached to the bottom of the toilet seat. Connected to a water supply by a simple attachment beneath the toilet itself.

Cheap to purchase. Simple to attach. Easy to use.

Bidets actually pre-date modern rolled up toilet paper. Rolled toilet paper was patented in 1891. Bidet roots go back to the 17th or early 18th century in France.

Various designs were in use which led to today’s model.

Bidets grew in popularity prior to World War II in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and South America. Not in the U.S., however.

Initial bidets were wood constructed. Sat along side toilets. They were faucet fillable sidecars in effect. Water was run into the bidet. Hands required to wash the backside.

As models advanced, nozzles were added that applied a light spritz of water, thereby eliminating hand washing.

The U.S. was not impressed. The primary issue was size. A bidet is almost the size of another toilet.

Many Americans viewed the bidets as symbols of French indecency. Bidets had become popular in French whore houses for use by the ladies for cleansing purposes and birth control.

Bidets are hygienic. Cleansing with water rather than paper more logical.

Following the water spray, a hand towel can be used for drying. Not cleansing. The cleansing already accomplished by the water spray.

U.S. citizens find it difficult to adapt to change. They are not fans of change. Sometimes such can be a “bummer.”

My personal experience with bidets has been extensive. The first home I purchased in Key West I lived in for 23 years. The master bathroom came equipped with a bidet. I used it. Found it to be absolutely the best for cleansing! Better than toilet paper!

I presently live in a rental. Four years. No bidet the first 3 years. Relegated to toilet paper again.  I was not a happy camper.

Last year, I came across the $39.95 attachment on the internet. Purchased it.

Happiness returned!

Enjoy your day!




I received my vaccine  booster shot saturday afternoon.

Has knocked me on my ass.


Yesterday, I could not focus till 5 in the evening. I tried everything to get a blog out. To no avail. I have notes for a Justice Sotomayor piece. Tried to write it. No way! In the past 12 years, I have done 4 Social Security pieces. Referencing the rape of Social Security by the government. I have been wanting to do one again. No way could I put it together.

I tried my usual several topic format. Did not work.

It was hard to think. Best expressed, I was foggy.

Ergo, skipped yesterday’s blog. Going to happen today again.

My head is clear. My body totally exhausted. I can’t believe how tired I am.

I have been told several times if you have a reaction to the vaccine, it’s good. Means the vaccine is taking hold. It has got me!

I hope these few days of maladies will be over today. I want to feel better.

Hopefully, tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!


I have to smile. Some are critical that I favored getting the shots and am excited to be getting the booster shot today. Makes me wonder. Is freedom of choice only for those who do not want the shot?

Halloween a week away. Ever wonder the origin of the Halloween pumpkin?

Pagan roots. Not surprising. Many things are of pagan origin..

The night connecting October 31 and November 1 has always been a scary one. The “spirits” are out. Thought for real in times past. Today part of the tradition.

The story takes us back to Samharin. An ancient pagan festival. The evening of 10/31 into 11/1 was considered the time when autumn transitioned into winter. The ancient Celts believed on that particular evening a thin “veil” existed between life and death. “Spirits” roamed freely between between life and death. Celts of course did not want to meet them.

One spirit in particular: Stingy Jack. Purportedly the Devil’s representative.

To protect against Stingy Jack, lanterns were prepared. So as to see Jack. Lanterns were placed in windows, in front of houses and carried by hand if out walking.

Initially, lanterns were made of metal. Too expensive. So people began using earth vegetables. Turnip being the most popular. As with today’s pumpkin, the turnip was carved with a face figure and candles were placed inside.

Somewhere along the line, the turnip gave way to the pumpkin.

People originally believed that Stingy Jack or one of the spirits might capture them. If so, they would be taken to “Limbo.” There to remain forever, never to see the face of God.

The Halloween lantern scenario began in Ireland. Made its way to the U.S. sometime in the early 1800’s. First made its existence known to all in the 1820 adaptation of Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The Headless Horseman was shown with a pumpkin pick o’ lantern in place of his severed head.

Today one of historical significance. It was on this day in 42 B.C. that Marcus Julius Brutus committed suicide.

Brutus is best known because of his “Et tu, Brute?” fame. He was one of those who assassinated Julius Caesar.

Caesar spoke those words as Brutus was knifing him.

Brutus’ cooperation in the assassination was thought strange. He was much younger thn Caesar. Caesar had been his mentor. Taught him the ways of Roman government. He was responsible for Brutus’ successes.

Those assassinating Caesar were of the opinion that Caesar’s death would help to better Rome’s government. They were wrong. Everyone wanted to then be Caesar. Civil War broke out among several factions.

Two years following Caesar’s death, Brutus’ army was defeated by those of Octavius and Anthony. Brutus committed suicide as a result of the defeat.

There is a certain “classiness” that goes with being a former President. Certain acts and statements are not made. Lacking in good taste!

The story of Trump in a Moscow hotel room with some prostitutes before his election and some peeing on the bed or its occupant has been around for years. Never proven.

Trump spoke thursday evening at a key donor Republican dinner. Unprompted and not invited, Trump made the statement: “I’m not into golden showers.”

Thank you, Donald. We have all been waiting for your denunciation of the alleged occurrence.

United Airlines warned prices will spike thanks to rising jet fuel costs. The result of recent supply shortages and the pandemic.

Syracuse plays Virginia Tech at 12:30. A toss up as to who will win. Syracuse is 3-4 and Virginia Tech 3-3.

Syracuse carries a heavy on their shoulders. Its last 3 games were each lost by 3 points. Close games. Had Syracuse won, its record would be 6-1 going into today’s game.

Would have beens don’t count, however.

Church bells rang on wednesday this week. Jean Thornton had returned! Key West’s Golden Girl because of the emeralds and gold coins she found on a Mel Fisher dive. Changed her life!

Everyone loves Jean!

Enjoy your day!


Vanity Fair’s Bess Levin does it again! A terrific article re Senate Republicans refusing to even debate the voting bill.

Levin calls them as she sees them. No beating around the bush.

Re the voting bill: “Senate Republicans kick democracy in the balls while it’s doubled over coughing blood.” Casting their ballots against the voting bill debate “disenfranchised millions of voters, and knocked democracy unconscious before burying it in a shallow grave.”

Breaking news. Yes, even in Key West breaking news can occur.

The Royal Caribbean Serenade of the Sea was permitted to make an emergency stop yesterday afternoon in Key West. The huge vessel put into Pier B.

It was a matter of life and death. A male passenger was in septic shock. Clinton last week was hospitalized because of a somewhat similar situation.

The Coast Guard lead in making arrangements for the vessel to dock, the man removed, and medical assistance provided. As a Coast Guard officer said, “It was a matter of life and death.”

The cruise ship referendum may end up in mediation rather than further litigation. An unwise move. Meditation by its very nature ends in compromise. It will end the problem. However in the process bury the City’s referendum. Key West will end up the loser.

At least one Key West Commissioner appears excited about the prospect of mediation. I fear Key West will be sucked into a result not reflective of the will of the people.

The County has made a bad move regarding the mask mandate it imposed. Masks were to be worn in public buildings. The County ended the mandate yesterday.

Bob Eadie, the representative of the Florida Health Department for Monroe County, agreed. Surprised me. He normally is more cautious.

Eadie was of the opinion that the number of new cases had dropped to a level where the Country could rescind the mandate policy.

The devil virus remains with us. The numbers may be down. Not that dramatically, however. They have been down in the past also only to return.

With Fantasy Fest about to begin, I fear by November 15 there will be a new surge. You don’t have to tell me Fantasy Fest  visitors will not be spending time in county buildings. Some will drop in. The virus requires no special invitation as to where it will appear. It has had a way of showing up everywhere.

The move premature! Jumping the gun!

Another day, another Manchin surprise.

He has mentioned in the past his not being supportive of the child tax credit. Then again, he has mentioned just about every provision of the social infrastructural bill as not to his liking. Yesterday however he nailed the child tax credit between the eyes.

He is opposed in its present form. Millionaire Joe Manchin wants to add a work requirement to the child tax credit. He fears some parents might live off of the $250 or whatever per child that will be provided families. He fails to recognize how the temporary child tax credit immediately took millions of children out of poverty in the last coronavirus relief package.

Manchin wants parents “to make some effort” to help support their children. The man infuriates me. Few if any parents fail their children when it comes to making an effort to care for them. Even to the point of the parents going without so their children can eat.

The man has become a destructive force in government.

Enjoy your day!


Washington disgusts me! My exasperation has reached the point of being without end. The whole kit and caboodle of them. Position and party immaterial.

The nation seems to be gong nowhere. Biden’s legislative package failing because of two Senators impressed with their 15 minutes in the sun and a Republican Party that forgot years ago how to legislate. Nothing is getting done.

I reached this point this morning while watching MSNBC. Mika was interviewing a Congressman from New Jersey. Don’t recall his name. All he kept repeating was how good things were going. He kept repeating in effect how proud he was of his part, never specifying what it was. His thoughts in no way reflected those of most Americans.

Is there hope for the U.S.? Will we survive this crisis which had many beginnings, the worst however when Trump was elected in 2016?

Woe is we!

A comment by Chauncey De Vega in today’s Salon re Trump: “Donald Trump the man is identical to ‘Donald Trump’ the character, who is so ridiculous that he could not possibly exist, yet he does.”

Bess Levin is the outstanding journalist who writes for Vanity Fair HIVE. In yesterday’s edition, she penned an article titled: Trump Pretty Panicked About Congress Finding Out Exactly What He Was Up To On January 16.”

I share three pertinent quotes from her article.

“He is fighting the House Select Committee like a guy with an incredible amount to hide.”

“He already looks like a guy who tried to overthrow the government because his parents never hugged him as a child.”

“Instead of letting the investigation unfold like an innocent person with nothing to hide would, Trump instead sicced his lawyers on the government.”

The House January 16 Committee held Bannon in contempt last night. The matter next goes to the House for a vote as to whether Bannon should be so charged. Following which it goes to the U.S. Attorney for Washington, D.C. to determine whether Bannon’s contempt citation should be presented to a grand jury to determine if he should be indicted.

Hopefully all this will not take a year and a day.

Delay of any sort for any reason will weaken the contempt charge. It will slowly become of little effect. Such is Bannon’s game plan, such is Trump’s game plan.

Some believe Bannon will “capitulate” before being criminally charged. They claim regardless of anything in the past, Bannon and Trump are no longer friends. They suggest not to be surprised if Bannon “screws Trump” by “blowing him in” as the saying goes.

Key West has always been the home of many authors. One is James Leo Herlihy.  Herlihy died this day in 1993 while living in California. He had lived in Key West from 1956-1972.

Herlihy is best known for two of his books which were made into movies: “Midnight Cowboy” and “All Fall Down.”

Keys News made mention this morning that in Key West on this day in 1893, Jefferson B. Browne took over the office of Collector of Customs.

I recognized the name immediately. Said to myself I know the man!

Browne published a book in 1912 titled “Key West: The Old and The New.”

I bought the book last year. It has been an excellent source of information re Key West’s early days. It covers everything up to 1912.

Joe Manchin is replacing Donald Trump in my mind. A day does not go by that I do not think about him.

Some of my thoughts re Manchin.

He is betraying West Virginia. The State’s coal industry is doomed. Dying more and more in recent years. Manchin wants to take West Virginia down with it.

Manchin advised yesterday he will not vote for the $150 billion Clean Electricity Performance Program which is part of Biden’s social infrastructure bill. He had been hinting and skirmishing around whether he would for months.

Which means Biden will go to the upcoming climate talks in Scotland with nothing in hand. Such will seriously harm the meeting’s prospect of success. And as a practical matter embarrass Biden personally as he has been seen as the leader in the fight for climate change.

What goes around, does come around. Manchin’s day will come. No one will feel sorry for him, however.

Enjoy your day!