What a beautiful morning!

I appreciate some of you may get bored with my frequent comments regarding the weather. But…..weather is the reason people settle in Key West!

The sun is bright. Absolutely no breeze. The palm trees are not moving even the slightest. The water, the same. Not a ripple. Like a mirror.

The tide is out. I enjoy what remains. Rocks and roots of  mangroves.

Mangroves are the predominant vegetation in the Keys. They are relatively short. Protected by law. When a hurricane hits, the mangroves are the only things certain to survive. Their roots run deep. And that is what I am getting a glimpse of this morning!

I was all excited that I met Hulk Hogan yesterday. I told Lisa. She said no big deal. He has a place in South Florida and visits frequently. Well…..it was a big deal for me! I did not know and had never met him before.

Yesterday was my parents’ 77th wedding anniversary. I wished them both well. My 97 year old Father over the telephone. My Mother from  my heart with a nod to the heavens. She has been gone twenty plus years. My Father said his wedding day was the happiest day of his life!

God bless them both!

I never went out last night. I was tired. Made myself a light dinner and went to bed. Had a good night’s sleep.

My jaw continues to bother me. On the left side. What a pain! Dentist says everything is ok. The cadavers and my bones are healing well. It is just a question of time.

Enjoy your day!

The last 36 hours have been very exciting!

I started last night with Hansel and Gretel. The Brothers Grimm fairy tale. Robert was in it. His first play on a big stage. He was thrilled and proud!

We all went. Lisa was more excited than anyone. She lives for her children.

Ally is 5. She grew up last night. She did not want to sit with the family. She asked to sit with her girl friends.

Robert, of course, was brilliant! He played a mouse. He sang. He danced. He did some gymnastics.

My grandson, the performer!

After the show, I hurried over to bocce.

I missed the first game because of Robert’s show. The second game had just started. We had lost the first game decisively. Not good. It was a money game. However, my team came back in the second game and won big.

I talked with Don prior to the third game. He and Keith were playing at my end of the court. My thought was you guys just played a terrific game. You’re hot. Stay in and let the momentum carry over. It would not bother me under the circumstances. He and Captain David agreed. I sat out the only game I could have played.

We were getting killed in the last game. Badly. Finally rallied and only lost 16-12. I told Don never again. We should all pay when we are supposed to. I think one of our recent problems is we are mini managing our every move at bocce. Screw it! Let’s just roll the ball and have fun!

I had no intention of watching the Royal Wedding this morning. For what ever reason, I  woke at 5. I watched the wedding. Beautiful. Colorful. Touching. The size of the onlookers bespoke tradition and stability.


I recalled that in my lifetime,  the wedding days of my four children were extremely happy ones. A warm feeling of family and friends.

At 10 this morning , I did my Key West Lou Legal Hour live on the internet. I probably am immodest, but the show once again was terrific!

Great topics. Like gasoline prices, Exxon and Shell’s first quarter profits, Russia cutting back on petroleum exports, storms in the South, a couple of matters involving the U.S. Supreme Court, Georgia stepping into Arizona’s shoes regarding show me your papers!, Japanese fu-go, Alabama weird dumb laws, the new Key West school building, Massachusetts and pot smooking, suicide in the news again, and that charmer of charmers, Donald Trump. My comment regarding Trump was made with tongue in cheek.

I had lunch today at Hogfish. Guess who sat at the table next to me? Hulk Hogan! In the flesh. A big guy! Wow! What muscles!

Hogan is the world famous wrestler and actor.

A nice guy. We chatted a bit. He is in Key West with friends. They were boating the keys. Pulled their boat into Hogfish’s dock for lunch.

I ask you, does it sound like I had a good time the past 36 hours? Absolutely!

And…..I still have tonight ahead of me.

Enjoy your day!

It’s a small world!

I have been eating yogurt daily for years. About six months ago, I tried Chobani Yogurt. Greek yogurt. I was motivated to do so based on comments I had heard from others that it was good.

I am now a confirmed Chobani Yogurt fan.

Yesterday, I was reading the fine print on the Chobani labeling. The address for the manufacturer was New Berlin, New York. New Berlin is 20 miles south of my home town Utica. It is a very small community in the heart of the dairy farming belt.

An internet investigation was in order.

Strange! I had never heard or known of Chobani being in New Berlin. Turns out the reason I did not know was because Chobani was only founded in 2004. I was already living in Key West by that time.

In its short existence, Chobani’s sales have reached $50,000 million a year. A wow!

My relatively new breakfast friend is also a neighbor from up north. A comforting thought!

Golf yesterday!

I played terrific! The best in years! Won $22! Big!

I played with Larry, Yankee Jack and Aaron.

I may have played good. Larry shot better.  He pared the first 5 holes. He pared 7 of the 9 holes on the front side. Spectacular! Shot a 38. He lost it on the back side, however. Not one par. Shot a 47 or 48.

Still a good round!

The reason for his down fall on the back nine was simple. He started drinking. No beers on the front nine. Four beers on the back side.

We told him not to drink. His game was outstanding through nine. But…..Larry is Larry!

I had dinner with Lisa and the family last night. I intended to go to the Larry Smith Show at 9 at Hogs Breath.  Instead, I went home to bed. I was tired from golf.

I have a dentist appoinment early this morning. Have to hustle. I am about half way through this ordeal/procedure.

Enjoy your day!

Good morning!

Gray outside. Sun will be breaking over the ocean soon. I am up early. Golf this morning.

My yesterday started with Office Max. I work on a large laptop. It seemed to be hot all the time. The heat coming out of the left side was making me perspire. That is hot!

Someone suggested a cooling platform. That is why I was in Office Max.

I wish I had known about cooling platforms sooner. It makes a big difference.

Ran into my neighbor Andrew at Office Max. Andrew is the neighbor with the MTV house across the water from me. We argreed to have dinner together next week.

Took a walk after Office Max. Along the Atlantic at Smathers Beach. Never a lonely place. It is amazing how many people walk there every day.

I spent the afternoon writing. Did yesterday’s Amazon Kindle legal blog. FU-GO. Appears to have dirty word implication. Does not. It is Japanese for ballon bomb.

Last night started at Don’s Place. The whole world was there. Including Don, David, Jeff and Boomer. Bocce tonight. Much of our conversation surrounded bocce. Tomorrow night is a money game.

It is amazing how values change. Bocce has achieved a level of importance to me. I never played it in my other life.

I have been desiring the mussels and shrimp served at the Southernmost Beach Bar. It was my spot for dinner last night.

In addition to the shrimp and mussel appetizer, I ordered fried calamari. My jaw is not yet ready for calamari. Oh, the pain!

Emmett is now bartending at Southermost. The pool bar oceanside. I went over after dinner and had a drink with him. A good guy!

Have to move my butt now! Can’t be late for golf!

Enjoy your day!

I apologize for my continued repitition concerning the weather. But…..it is so good! Never better at this time of year. And this morning is no different. Sun, minimal breeze, slow moving water, a few clouds scattered through out the sky.

God is good!

Yesterday was a quiet one. I stayed home during the day. Researched a lot. Did some writing.

One of the things I wrote was my Amazon Kindle legal blog of the day. It was entitled “McDonald’s and Happy Meals.” Happy Meals are under attack. There is a federal court lawsuit to eliminate the toy from the package.

What a reaction! You would have thought I was talking about eliminating Social Security and Medicare!

The message was loud and clear. Don’t screw with Happy Meals!

Two examples of the reaction include Tom Dixon and Jimmy Pirate Jowsey.

My Buffalo friend Tom Dixon wrote: “DON’T mess with Happy Meals…40 million adults were weaned on Happy Meals.”

Jimmy Pirate Jowsey wrote: “First Cracker Jacks and now this? What is this world coming to?”

I did go out for a couple of hours early last night. Stopped at Don’s Place.

Jeff was there. He is going on a 36 hour trip tomorrow. He and some others are attending the Marlin game at noon Wednesday. Then to Hard Rock Casino. They hope to be back in time for bocce Thursday night.

Lori and PD at Don ‘s also. I received a hug and kiss from each. Made my evening!

What will today bring? I do not know. And that is the way it should be!

Enjoy your day!

Nice day!

I cannot remember Key West weather being this consistently good in many years. 80s by day. Cool in the evening. Open window weather to sleep by.

We celebrated Easter with Sunday Brunch at the Yacht Club. It was a special Easter Sunday brunch. even the Easter bunny was present. Robert and Ally received Easter baskets from him.

We sat outside by the water under a tent. Robert and Ally are old enough now that there is no rush at these events. They sit and talk with us. We converse.

A manitee had been sighted earlier in the dock area. We went looking for the manitee. Robert and Ally had never seen one. Unfortunately, the manitee was no where to be found.

Robert and Ally gave me a chocolate bunny. Actually, it was from Lisa’s heart. Lisa knows I enjoy the thin chocolate bunny at Easter. Not the thick hard one. She has given me one for years.

The chocolate bunny sits in the refrigerator. Later to day I will try a piece.

I needed groceries. Headed over to Albertson’s after brunch. Publix was closed due to the holiday.

I hate shopping in a supermarket I rarely frequent. I did nor know where anything was.

All of a sudden I heard…..Poppa! Robert and Ally ran over. They were grocery shopping with Corey and Lisa.  The grandkids spent their time going from their parents to me and back. They were a big help shopping. If I listened to Robert and Ally, my cart would be overloaded! They try to buy everything!

I watched Morning Joe for a while this morning. They show is being broadcast from London. The Royal Wedding is Friday.

Joe and Mika were sitting outside. I immediately recognized where they were. Or so I believe. Trafalgar Square.

Seven yearts ago, I had legal business in London. At Lloyds of London. I stayed at a hotel on Tafalgar Square. I could see it on TV this morning. I recognized the area. Believe I saw what was Nelson’s Column, a huge statue.

If I am wrong and it was not Trafalgar Square, I will receive many emails today telling me so.

London was beautiful and interesting. Truly an historical place. I would enjoy returning.

Enjoy your day!

Happy Easter!  Happy Holiday!

Things change with time. Especially holidays. One of the items I will miss most on this Easter Sunday are two special Italian dishes. Actually desserts of sorts.

One is gazzad. I am not sure I am spelling it correctly. Perhaps gozzad. Or something else. Whatever.

Picture a huge round baked pie 4 inches high. It is made from Italian ricotta, chocolate candy, cherries and some other fruits. It is surrounded top, bottom and sides with a thick crust.The top crust is crispy. The side and bottom crust softened by the ingredients and having a flavor of its own.

Delicious! To die for! Fattening! Three million calories!

The other dish is sausage pie. Made like a regular pie. Top, sides and bottom crispy crust. Inside ground saugage, eggs and cheese. Also delicious! You can’t stop eating it! Even though it sits like a rock in your stomach afterwards!

Lisa telephoned around noon yesterday. She and Corey wanted to drop the grandkids off. They had to do Easter bunny shopping for Robert and Ally.

The grandkids and I had a good afternoon!

When they arrived, I was watching a great World War II movie. Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo. Spencer Tracey and Van Johnson. Robert and Ally wanted to watch SpongeBob. I said no. When I am at your house,  I watch what you want on TV. I watch spongeBob. In my house, we watch what I want.

Sounds mean. Not really. They kept squirming however, asking to swim. I gave up after five minutes and told them to put on their bathing suits.

We all swam. Even me. They are fish. Take after their father Corey who is an archeologist for Mel Fisher Museum and dives wrecks.

At some point, I suggested a picnic. They were game. I laid a huge towel out by the pool. We had sandwiches, cookies and juice.

Then back in the pool. Them, not me. I can only take so much. I got them to race each other. I lay on the chaise lounge and played starter.

When they were tired, we called it quits.

The three of us ended up watching the golf match on television. No problem this time. No cries for SpongeBob. The grandkids are into golf at 5 and 6 years of age. They have their own clubs. They are official members of the Key West Golf Club.

Ally was cute. Every time a pro golfer made a putt, she shouted hole in one! Whether 10 inches or 10 feet.

Last night Jenna and I went out.

She was a knockout! Lovely blue dress. The right high heeled shoes. Tanned. Hair flowing.

I was proud to have her on my arm!

We had a drink and then headed over to Ambrosia for sushi. A great meal! Even better conversation.

After I dropped Jenna off, I stopped at Don’s Place for a night cap. Another good time! Chatted with Erica, Herschel, Tino, Toni, Boomer and others. The conversations at Don’s Place would make great TV entertainment!

Enjoy the Holiday!

If you missed reading my blog yesterday, it was because I did not do it till 5 in the evening. A long story. Please go back and read it after this one.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour was fun and interesting yesterday.

I retold the story of Bank of America and demonstrators that I reported earlier in the week. Some disgruntled persons were walking on the sidewalk in front of the bank on Flagler carrying signs. Like “F–K BANK OF AMERICA” and “PAY YOUR CORPOATE TAXES.”

I chatted a bit about how with government being broke, services to people will lessen. It is a fait accompli.

It seems to be affecting the justice system first.

Vallejo, California, a community of 120,000, went bankrupt. Had to cut its police force back to 40 per cent of what it was. Prostitutes from nearby communities became aware enforcement was reduced. The new big business in Vallejo is prostitution. Hookers and johns vist the community day and night. The citizens got upset. They have resorted to self help. They formed a committee and are policing the situation themselves.

Then there is the recent scare with the Florida court system. Less than two weeks ago it was announced the court system’s budget was running out. My recollection is the court’s fiscal year is July 1. It was reported the courts would have to close till then and employees furloughed. Within hours the Governor and Chief Justice got together and resolved the problem. They borrowed the money from reserves. Which means the court system will have an additional $70 million plus problem in the new fiscal year. A band aid resolution.

This past week an Alabama judge advised he had to adjourn a major murder trial indefinitely. A high profile case. He did not have the money for bailiffs and security.

Such represent that which is to come. Soon things like garbage collections will be reduced, as well as other state and municipal services. Until we get our house in order!

I spent quite a bit of time on the new Key West school construction.

There is a 25 foot height building requirement in Key West. The school being built is 56 feet tall. Partially constructed. Affects a residential neighborhood. No one taking responsibility. Every one involved pointing the finger at another.

This school too tall is the beginning of another Key West governmental screw up. All involved seem to have been asleep at the wheel.

I say reduce its size immediately, or tear it down. It is an eyesore and a monstrosity, as well as an insult. Coming over the Palm Avenue bridge, it looks like the middle finger sticking up!

Key West weather continues to be spectacular. Mid 80s by day. Cool at night. Sleep with the windows open.

God is good!

Enjoy your day!

Better late than never!

It is almost 5 friday afternoon. Tino just telephoned and woke me. Are you ok? Where’s the blog? I had been in a deep sleep. Jenna called immediately after Tino. Are you ok? Louis, you sound disconcerted!

I was. Still groggy.

I had my internet show this morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Overslept. Interesting. Maybe something is wrong with me. Anyhow, I rushed to the station intending to do the blog after the show.

I never got to it. Then, I forgot. Terrible!

I had a luncheon scheduled after the show with one of my neighbors. Andrew lives across from me in the MTV house. It was the first time we  broke bread together.

Andrew is in his early 50s. Has his home here in Key West and another in Switzerland. Perhaps others, also.

We ate at Louie’s Backyard outside. A pleasant day for it. Warm without heat. A cool refreshing breeze blowing in off the ocean.

We spent a couple of hours together. I enjoyed his company. Hope we get together again soon.

After lunch, I had to stop at Lisa’s. The grandkids are home from school. The plan was to color Easter eggs. We did. Robert and Ally were excited. I was, also. Lisa and I were concerned they would screw up. Drop a cup of coloring or break an egg. They were pros. It was Poppa who screwed up!  I dropped an egg!

When I returned home this afternoon, I fell asleep on top of the bed. A good deep sleep till Tino telephoned.

Now you know why I was late with the blog today.

Last night was one of the best times I have ever had playing booce. Every member of our team thought they had the best time, also.

And we lost 2 games!

We played the Bubbas. They are in first place. They are always in first place. They are the very best. These guys have been playing together for 15 years. They even practise. Every shot is precsion.

I was benched for the first game. I have not been playing well. We lost a close one 16-15. I was given the opportunity to redeem myself in the second game. We lost 16-14.

Each  game was close. Competitive all the way. We played as good as them. Shot for shot.

I played well enough in the second game that I was permitted to play in the third. It was close. We won! 16-15!

What a night! To have played three such competitive games is unheard of. At the end, both teams were congratulating each other big time. It was the intensity of the matches.

We were in third place going into last night. We will drop a bit.  But we are all fired up. If we could play the best as we did last night, we can play anyone!

Watch. We’ll probably lose our next 5 or 6 games. Oh, well. It was great feeling in any event.

After bocce, I went over to Don’s Place with everyone. We were going over every shot. Where could we have done better? Where did we screw up?

During the day yesterday was busy for me.

Robert and Ally attend Montessori. Ally is in kindergarten and Robert the first grade. Yesterday was show time for them! I had to be at Montessori at 9:30 to hear Ally sing. I had to return at 1:30 to watch Robert perform. I enjoyed! A proud grandfather was I!

I will share this morning’s show with you tomorrow.

Enjoy your day! Oops! I mean enjoy your evening! It is close to that time!

I saw a strange thing Monday night on my way to Passover Seder dinner.

I was driving down Flagler past Bank of America. There were about 30 demonstrators on the sidewalk carrying signs. Like “F–K BANK OF AMERICA” and “PAY YOUR CORPORATE TAXES.”

Shade of things to come?

Not enough jobs and the increasing cost of gasoline and groceries can tick people off. The banks have gotten richer while the middle class has become poor.

Golf yesterday morning. Played better than last week. Could not putt, however. Three putted most greens.

It was hot! About 90. It hit me. After a while, I felt like I was swinging my full golf bag instead of one club.

Played with Tino, Aaron and Bill. Plus a new guy. Nick. Nick and I had met before. He works at Sears Auto where I buy tires.

It was home to bed for me immediately after golf. I was exhausted. I collapsed on the bed in mgloriously air conditioned bedroom and fell asleep!

I was not in the mood to go out last night. Still a bit tired. Plus, I did not want to shave. I hate shaving.

I knew it was best to get out a bit, however. I took a soothing shower and headed for Don’s Place. Spent time at the bar with Don. We talked of many things. One of them was bocce. We play tonight. We play the #1 team, the Bubbas. Don is going to have me play games 1 and 2 instead of 1 and 3. He thinks I cannot take a break. Need to go immediately from one game to another to retain and improve my momentum. We shall see if he is correct. He is also not going to be my partner tonight. Keith will be joining me. No problem. Keith has been rolling them the best in recent weeks.

And you thought bocce was not important!

David was chatting with Don, also. Son in law of Nancy and Michael. 34. Father of a seven month old son. And owner of Island Dogs.

Island Dogs is the bar/restaurant on the Pier House property. It sits on Front Street just steps off Duval. A popular tourist spot. Even more popular since David acquired it. You can tell from his converdsation that he is a business man. He knows what everything costs, margins of profit, etc.

I met David the first time at a pool party at Don’s home about three years ago. We had a lengthy conversation while in the pool. He was looking for a place to buy at the time.

I am impressed with David.

Busy day ahead today. Ally is in a show at Montessori at 9:30. Robert’s show is at 1:30. I have a business luncheon at noon. And I still have several hours of work to do for the Key West Lou Legal Hour tomorrow morning. Plus bocce tonight.


Enjoy your day!