It appears summer has arrived in Key West. It has been humid the past few days. Especially yesterday.

I played golf in the morning. Raised a sweat because of the humidity. The air was heavier. On some shots, I had to go two extra clubs.

I thought I played poorly. I played with Larry, Yankee Jack and Robert. They thought I played well.

I four putted 3 greens.

Whatever, I was the big money winner. $6!

The winner buys drinks. The drinks cost me $7.

The humidity knocked me out. I went home to bed and slept the afternoon away.

I intended to go out last night. Never did. My preparation for friday’s Key West Lou Legal hour was incomplete. I spent four hours working at it. Jenna and I will fine tune the show later today.

This morning a dentist visit. I still have pain on one side of my jaw. Cannot chew. Hope something can be done about it.

Bocce tonight. My game better improve. David and Don are on my ass!

Enjoy your day!

I am sure you noticed that the blog the past three days has been one hugh papragraph. I don’t know what went wrong. What, if anything, I did wrong. Jenna fixed it yesterday, however. It took her two days off and on.

What would I do without Jenna! Too bad we are 50 years apart. If our ages were substantially closer, I would marry her! Assuming she would have me, of course.

The weather continues to be fantastic! The best Key West winter in years. While the north is experiencing its worst. A real bad winter up there!

Yesterday started with a business meeting at 11. Then to the Coffee House. Browsed through the New York Times and sipped. The place was packed. The tourist season is in full swing.

I did lunch at home. Me and my blender.

After lunch, I went to Lee Nails. Needed a manicure. Chatted with Tammy.

Tammy and her husband are hard working people. They seek the American dream. For some it may still be achievable. They are self rfeliant. They are proprietors of their own small business. I hope it works for them.

After the manicure, it was over to Lisa’s home.  No one there. I had to pick up some paperwork she had left for me. I stayed a while. Read the Citizen. Watched TV. Lisa has a red easy chair. It is so comfortable! I enjoy sitting in it.

Spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at home. Writing the book. Getting ready for friday’s Key West Lou Legal Hour.

Golf this morning. Larry and Jenna Show tonight. A nap in between. A good day ahead!

A Facebook comment said Jean Thornton just got out of the hospital. Did not say what was wrong with her. She was supposed to return to Key West today or tomorrow. The comment suggested she might not. Whatever the problem Jean, get better soon and return to us. You are loved by all!

Marty! Come back! I miss you!

This morning’s TV and internet news report the Libyan rebels are moving…..backward. They are in retreat. I hope it is temporary. I continue to be of the opinion that we do not belong there!

Enjoy your day!

What a night! And I do not mean out on the town! It was after midnight. I was in bed asleep. I was wakened by the wind. Howling!

Then came the rain. Slapping against the house! This went on for a couple of hours. I kept waking. Rain in the Keys is like a monsoon. Hard and sideways.

I started my annual physical yesgterday morning. One hour of blood work and prodding by the nurses. In a couple of weeks, the doctor herself gets a chance at me.

Yesterday’s weather was glorious. 87 degrees. Will be the same today. Humidity is upon us. People are talking about it excitedly. Everyone mentioning they have had to turn on their air conditioners.

I wrote quite a bit yesterday. Primarily for friday’s interent show. No problem finding topics. Everything is happening in Key west and the outside world.

I had an early dinner at Hogfish. I wanted to be home in time for the President’s address on Libya. Lobster bisque! I can handle it! Sat at the bar and chatted with some fishermen friends. These gents are true Key Westers. From another era. Always an education!

I was not impressed by President Obama’s words. I thought before the speech that we did not belong in Libya. Nothing said changed my mind.

We have to deal with our problems at home first and foremost.

The economy, the economy, the economy!

Enjoy your day!

I am up early. Still dark outside. I have an 8:30 doctor’s appointment. My annual physical. Lisa says I always seem to be going to the doctor. She is correct. That is what people do as they get older. It is what they do if they want to continue getting older!

Yesterday was a pleasant Sunday. I started my day with the morning TV talk shows. Then browsed through the Sunday papers. From my bed.

My first stop of the day was Don’s Place. Yesterday was special. At 3 in the afternoon, the Great Chicken Wing Cookout! Chicken wings galore! Of every taste and variety. Tables of them. An example of what people do in Key West on a Sunday afternoon! Unfortunately, I could not partake of the wings. Still cannot chew.

The only benefit is I am losing weight. Around 15 pounds so far.

Watched basketball at Don’s Place. And later at Lisa’s. Great basketball! This is going to be one of the strangest Final Fours ever! Virginia Commonwealth. Whoever heard of them! A #11 seed. God bless them! May they go all the way!

Dinner at Lisa’s was a personal disaster for me, also. Chicken. No matter how small I cut the pieces, the pain was too much! I enjoyed the family. Especially Robert and Ally. Poppa’s buddies!

I hurried home. I had to eat! I was starving!

A blender manufacturer should hire me to tout the many blessings and advantages of a blender! My blender produced meal consisted of Greek yogurt, sugarless chocolate ice cream, sugarless chocolate syrup, fresh strawberries and ice. Three large glasses full. Delicious!

Talk with you tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!

Another lovely Key West Sunday! The morning is beautiful! As the rest of the day will be! We are blessed.

I spent yesterday sitting around writing. Primarily under the tiki hut overlooking the water. A peaceful place.

Last night was basketball! What else at this time of year? I watched at Don’s Place. With a multitude of others. Don, David, Michelle, Nickey, Boomer, Nate, Mikey, Dougie, Russ, Erica, Herschel and many others.

Butler/Florida was an excellent game. Butler goes to the Final Four for the second year in a row.

I was really into the Connecticut /Arizona game. Connecticut is the only Big East team left in the tournament. Ergo, I was rooting for UConn. I sat with Dougie and Russ watching the game. Dougie is from Hartford and Russ is a St. John graduate. We cheered UConn on. A good game. Connecticut luckly won 65-63. Great basketball!

A recent Gallup poll listed the 10 unhappiest areas in the United States. My home town was listed as #10. The Utica/Rome area.

Bob Marks is an old friend. I was best man at his wedding to the lovely Helen. Bob grew up in Utica, also. He no longer lives there nor has he for many many years. Bob made mention of the Gallup poll on Facebook this morning. That is how it came to my attention.

I always thought Utica was a great place to raise a family. It was family. My whole family was there. But that was it! Outside of family, most people were cold and distant. My friends were basically family and other Italian-Americans.

During the time I was growing up, Utica was a very waspy community. They looked down on my ethnic family. I believe that contributed greatly to a sense of not being quite happy then and remnants of the past remain to this day. The wasps are gone but the negativity they generated remains.

I often think of the contrast between Utica and Key West. People are so much different in Key West. No one cares where you came from, how much money you have or anything else. The only concern is you. Are you real. Key West is real.

Which brings me to Geraldine Ferraro. She died yesterday. Geraldine was the first female to run for Vice-President.

It was 1984 and she was asked to be Walter Mondale’s running mate. A break through for women! The glass ceiling cracked! She and Mondale got trounced by the Reagan/Bush ticket. The Republicans won 49 out of 50 States.

The campaign was a battleground. Especially for Ferraro. From day one of the campaign she was hit with ethics charges, campaign finance problems and tax problems.

 Her Husband John Zaccaro’s business dealings came into play. I thought at the time that everything and everyone came down on Ferraro with more intensity than normal. I felt it was because she was Italian-American. So did Ferraro and many in the national media.

The 1960s through the 1980s was a time when to be Italian-American was considered to be Mafia. A stigma improperly attached. You could feel it however in your dealings with those of other backgrounds. It was the same feeling generated by the wasp commity as I grew up in Utica.

That was yesterday. All a long time ago. Today is what is important.

 Enjoy your day!

What a great morning!

Sun bright. Only a sprinkling of clouds. No breeze. Water gliding by.

I do live in Paradise!

Howard Livingston said it right this morning on Facebook. I admire and respect Howard. His comment opens his good heart for all to see. “We’re happy folks on a permanent vacation.”

The Key West Lou Legal Hour yesterday morning. Viewed world wide! Amazes me.

The topics were many. The one receiving the most post show comment involved the Muslim terrorist who wanted to bomb an American city on Christmas Day 2009. The same way his compatriots had executed 9/11.

He decided on Houston. Plane ticket too expensive. He then opted for Chicago. Plane ticket too expensive. He settled on Detroit because the airline ticket was the cheapest.

Fortunately, he was apprehended before he could effectuate his plan.

I stayed home last night. The basketball was too good to miss. From the comfort of my bed, I watched two terrific games.

I thought Marquette would defeat North Carolina. Just as they had beaten Syracuse. That in your face defense. Did not work last night. Marquette got killed! 81-63!

Kentucky/Ohio was a closer and better game. Kentucky, a #4 seed, eeked out a 62-60 victory over #1 seed Ohio. One terrific game!

Ohio had to feel like hell afterwards. To be ranked #1 most of the season and the #1 pick in the big tournamnet and not make it to the Final Four. Such are the fortunes of war and March Madness. Ohio has nothing to be ashamed about. Kentucky has every reason to be proud and excited.

I have no idea what I am going to do today. Other than live my day in Key West time. What ever that is. You cannot explain it. You just feel it and know.


Bocce last night was a disaster…..for me! Not the team. We won 2 out of 3 games.

I played poorly in the first game, though we won 16-14. I made one good shot. At the end to help win. I was benched for the next 2 games.

After bocce, we all headed to Don’s Place. A good time! Met a nice lady lady. Erin.

Already did this morning’s internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. I had fun! Love doing it! Nothing like sharing your opinions unencumbered and venting a bit.

Yesterday’s Amazon Kindle legal blog concerned Chechnya. Not a good place for women. A Muslim nation. The country has a relatively new President. He requires the women to dress per the dictates of the Quoran. Headscraves, veils, long dresses, etc.

Adultery is a problem for the men. So the President says. Not for the women. Whatever the sex, the penalty is death by stonning. The President says the Quoran permits a man to have multiple wives. Lets legalize polygamy. Then the men will get all the sex they need without any worry about being stonned.

A thinker, this guy!

Enjoy your day!

Good day yesterday! Perhaps a great day!

My golf game was fantastic! Shot 108. Fifteen strokes better than normal. Made several spectacular shots!

I played with Tom and Tino. Turned out I was the big dollar winner. $8!

Tom’s game was off by fifteen strokes. Tino played well. Turned out that the best golfer, Tom, was the big loser. He gave me 16 strokes, of course!

I was so happy with my game that I bought lunch for Tom and Tino.

Picked Lisa up from work at 3. Her ankle still sore. Then we went to Montessori to get Ally.

Ally was surprised to see me. Poppa…..I love you! Poppa…..I missed you! Poppa…..when are we going to No Name Pub again? And more.

I would pick her up every day for such a greeting.

Shaved last night. It had been several days since my last shave. That is one of the things I love about Key West. The usual amenities are not required. I can go a week without shaving and fit right in!

My first stop last night was Don’s Place. Had a drink with Don, David and Michael. Michael is Don’s friend who is visiting.

They were hungry. Wanted to eat. I still cannot chew, but said I would join them and have a diet soda.

We went to BO’s. I have not been there in a couple of years. It is a shack. For real. A disaster. Also a gold mine. A popular tourist and local attraction. It is located down by the waterfront.

I told Don that BO’s made Don’s Place look like a castle!

I left my dinner companions at BO’s. I wanted to go to Hogs Breath for the Larry and
Jenna Show. They did not.

The show was good, as usual. A bigger crowd than normal watching.

Jenna looked especially attractive. Her tan is now well developed. Her hair fixed a bit differently. And she was wearing a colored top. Something between a red and pink. Normally, she dresses in all black.

Many friends there. Including Patti.

Patti recently returned to live in Key West. She is a political icon of sorts. She worries about you and me. She listed on Facebook this morning an excellent article on Republican attempts to do away with family food stamps if one adult member of the family is on strike. More union breaking. Similar to the collective barganing issue in Wisconsin.I am going to discuss the topic on tomorrow’s internet show.

Tomorrow’s internet show is available for viewing live at 10 in the morning. or Join me! A terrific show is planned!

Topics to be discussed include nuns who are suing the Archbishop in Boston, randy roosters and conjugal visits, the Barry Bonds trial, Florida and Sharia law, a workers’ lawsuit in Key West, Taco customer upset with increase in prices shots at manager, no gay marriage in California while Proposition 8 on appeal, Governor Christie’s education budget declared unconstitutional by a New Jersey court, Senate Democrats pandering to Muslims, Vermont music teacher arrested for distributing child porn, an introduction to Stephen Lerner, Detroit security in the news from two different dangers, a Ohio female gym teacher accused of having sex with football team members, and more.

An interesting and provocative show!

Please join me.

Bocce tonight. The first time I will play this season. Whoopie!

Enjoy your day!

I am up early. Still dark outside.

I walked out on the deck. Absolutely no breeze. The water not moving.

I am up early because this is Wednesday. Golf day! I hope I play better than the last two weeks. My game went abruptly down hill!

Yesterday I spent outside writing again. I do not know if this book will amount to anything. However, I am enjoying doing it.

I had to pick Lisa up from work at 3. She abused her ankle the day before. Went without crutches and boot. Too soon. Her body told her!

Then I had to shop. Cupboard bare again. The price of groceries keeps going up! Soon I will have to give up eating!

I also filled the gas tank yesterday. $87! Crazy!

The American people will not tolerate this long. Prices are going or have gone beyond their capabilities.

Tie this to the loss of the middle class. The rich get richer and the poor poorer!

I needed to see people last night. I went to Hogfish. Sat at the bar. Sipped a cup of lobster bisque. Still cannot chew. Read the newspapers. And chatted with my fishermen friends.

After golf, I have to pick Lisa up from work and take her home. Then pick Ally up from school. Robert and Ally play tennis today. My responsibility is to watch and cheer them on in the absence of their mother. Not a bad job!

Enjoy your day!

Not a cloud in the sky. Bright blue. Just like the water. Sun bright. Just the right amount of breeze.

Another terrific Key West day!

Mentioning wind reminds me of one of my granddaughters. Sarah. She is now an adult. Back when she was young and small, we were taking a family trip to Block island. I had rented a house for two weeks.

Sarah had to be somewhere around 4 to 6 years old.

To get to Block Island, we drove to Point Judith, Rhode Island. Then it was a ferry boat ride from Point Judith to Block Island. About 15 miles. Just enough that when you were at the mid point of the trip, you could not see land in front or behind.

Sarah and I were standing at the rail. It was breezy. All of a sudden Sarah asked, “Where is the wind coming from? There are no trees.”

The innocence of children.

I have become accustomed to island living. There are now days when I do not leave my home at all. Yesterday was one of them. I sat around all day writing. Mostly outside under the shade of the tiki hut. The tiki hut sits all of ten feet from the ocean.

What could be better!

This Libya thing gives me concern. I am sure it gives us all concern. Russia’s Putin yesterday described the United Nations activities in Libya as a “medieval crusade.”

A bad choice of words.

The Muslims have never forgotten the last crusade of almost a thousand years ago when the armies of Europe invaded the Middle East. That invasion was justified in large part as an attempt to Christianize the Muslims.

The reverse appears to be true today. The Muslims seek to Islamicatize the world. Slowly and deliberately.

What goes around, comes around. Beware.

Enjoy your day!