I came across an interesting video on YouTube titled: If You Want to Have Sex Again – Get Married. A humorous 10 minutes. Discusses no sex marriages. Describes most of today’s marriages as involving masturbation, loneliness, cheating and shame.

As can be readily noted from the title and description, the presentation is full of inconsistencies. Happily presented.

The host is sex therapist Maureen McGarth.

I am going to hit some of the highlights. You must watch the video to get the full flavor.

After the first year, McGarth says most marriages are boring. No wonder she shares, most people have lived together 10 years before without the benefit of marriage.  They marry and in due course may have sex less than 10 times a year. Her theory applies to heterosexual and same sex marriages.

Where one learns about sex affects its quality in marriage. Boys and men learn from internet porn. A place lacking in intimacy. Females from their mothers and girl friends who place the fear of God in them. Pregnancy and STDs.

McGarth said the most popular position for marrieds having sex is one of them on their hands and knees during the act. Generally, the man!

A commonly asked question is when does sex/sexual desire end. Some believe int the 40s. Others, various decades. McGarth advises well into the 80s and 90s. However, most are unaware.

Exercise a necessary activity in order to have a good sex life. Gets the blood flowing.

The largest sex organ is neither the clitoris/vagina nor the penis. It is the brain.

McGarth’s final piece of advice: Settle all marital arguments in bed naked.

I have merely scratched the surface. Watch the video for pure enjoyment or to learn something. Whatever, a valuable 10 minutes.

From sex to college basketball. Syracuse basketball. Applying McGarth’s observations, Syracuse basketball today is about as good as marital sex.

Illinois blew out Syracuse last night 73-44. My heart can’t take it! Illinois destroyed Syracuse in the second half outscoring Syracuse 43-21.

Syracuse’s record now stands at 3-4.

Why, Lord?

Syracuse’s defense horrible. Actually horrible is giving it too much credit. Non-existent a better description.

The defense was outstanding in the first half. Disappeared in the second.

Boeheim’s post game interview lasted less than 2 minutes. Embarrassing. Boeheim said what he had to. The reporters asked few questions. Out of respect for Boeheim.

Syracuse plays Notre Dame saturday.

Syracuse has a new Dome. The Carrier Dome opened in 1980. The new Dome this year. I have not seen it. However from photos’ and description, absolutely magnificent. Its 50,000 seats are not going to be full nor is the Dome going to be a money maker unless the football and basketball teams do better. Fans, even Syracuse fans, are not going to attend unless the teams win. Fact of life. I have seen it the past 40 years at the Carrier Dome and other sport facilities throughout the U.S.

Oath Keeper leader Stewart Rhodes was convicted by a jury yesterday of sedition and other crimes arising out of January 6. The most serious “seditious conspiracy.”  A technical way to describe Rhodes a traitor. Good for 20 plus years in jail.

Time for indictments to move forward. Time for political and private leaders involved to be charged and tried. Including Trump.

Bess Levin wrote another interesting article re Trump’s anti-Semitic dinner guests. The article published 11/28 titled “Surprise: A Number Of Republicans Don’t Want To Condemn Trump’s Dinner With A Couple of Anti-Semites.”

Levin’s opening sentence: “They know where their bread is buttered.”

Followed in the next paragraph by: “In the year 2022, the number one thing that unites the Republican Party is bigotry and hate. Hate for the Black people. Hate for (non-white) immigrants. Hate for anyone who isn’t Christian. Hate for the LGBTQ+ community. Which is why it surprises no one who has been paying literally any attention whatsoever that a number of GOP lawmakers apparently don’t want to probably condemn Donald Trump’s recent dinner with men who have made names for themselves as virulent anti-Semites.”

Maya Angelou: “Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to the loneliness.”

Enjoy your day!


Interesting. Ian Fleming based James Bond on Cary Grant.

He later wanted Grant to play Bond in the first 007 movie Dr. No. Grant turned him down because it required a 5 movie commitment.

Dr. No’s producer was Cuby Broccoli. He and Grant good friends. Grant was his best man when he married. Broccoli tried to convince Grant also. The 5 movie commitment continued to be a problem.

Grant would have made a terrific 007!

Get the masks back out!

The flu continues to spread across the U.S. infecting millions. A total of 6.2 million new cases this season. Nearly 3,000 deaths since October.

It is expected flu numbers will increase dramatically with the holiday season upon us and large family gatherings.

The increase this season attributed to two factors. One, the flu season began earlier. The other, a larger number of people have gone unvaccinated. Thus making it easier for the virus to spread.

Bess Levin wrote an article 11/28 re Trump’s pre Thanksgiving dinner with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes: Trump Doesn’t Want To Condemn His Holocaust Denying Dinner Date Because It Might Alienate His Jew Hating Supporters. Levin wrote: “The President who reportedly insisted that Hitler did a lot of good things wants to keep his antisemitic followers happy.”

Kanye West spelled out his antisemitic credentials when he said he “loved Hitler and the Nazis.”

Twenty four year old Nick Fuentes at an early age is an outspoken bigot. His positions/comments: He denies the Holocaust happened, likens Jews burning in gas chambers to baking cookies, claims “whites are under attack,” is against mixed marriages (Louis comment – Beware Clarence and Ginni Thomas), called for the military to be sent into Black neighborhoods, and demanded “that Jews leave the country.”

Jews are not the only group he is down on. Women, also. He has said we need to go back to “burning them alive.”

A great dinner companion!

A major Key West annual event tomorrow at 5. The burning of the hurricane flag. To commemorate the end of hurricane season which is tomorrow November 30.

The Conch Republic will do the honors. The event will take place at Truman Waterfront Park in front of the historic U.S. Coast Guard Ingham.

Syracuse/Illinois basketball tonight at 7. Game will be carried on ESPN. Illinois ranked #16. Syracuse already struggling.

I paid for my sins yesterday. Big time. Suffered horrendous pain.

My ankles have been pretty good the past 3 weeks. Down 75 percent. No foot pain.

It began yesterday morning. Right ankle began swelling. Not bad, but enough. Pain in sole of foot. Especially when standing or walking. The pain extreme.

Left ankle nothing.

Spent the afternoon in bed with legs elevated.

Jean Thornton telephoned around 5. Join Joe and me for dinner. Stone crabs!

Of course!

Had forgotten about my foot. Jumped out of bed to get ready. No way was I going to join Jean and Joe. Indescribable pain. Never would have been able to walk from the car to a restaurant. I called Jean and begged off.

A couple of hours later, my stomach was growling. I had missed lunch. Dinner time was upon me.

Meant I had to go downstairs. A mistake. Big time. I made it down and later up. Lucky I did not fall. The pain unbearable. I had visions of ending up in the hospital.

This morning a different world. Swelling next to nothing. No pain.

Enjoy your day!



Guess who came to dinner last tuesday at Mar-a-Lago? Fleas. The host Donald Trump, guests anti-Semite Kanye West and white supremacist and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes.

The hopeful 2024 Republican Presidential candidate does not care whose company he keeps. A gathering of fleas does not concern him.

The Wall Street Journal described West and Fuentes as “Donald Trump’s bad dinner guests.” The Journal stated his guests reflected Trump’s “trademark of bad company and bad judgment.”

What concerns me is that Trump “could” win should he run. Look at the garbage he will bring with him into the White House.

Obviously, there have been Presidents of good character and bad. Trump obviously one of the bad. Harry Truman the opposite end of the spectrum. One of the good.

Truman and Key West bonded. Truman made 11 trips to Key West covering 175 days.

On this day in 1949 for example, the President arrived with wife Bess and daughter Margaret for a 3 week vacation.

My readers cover the earth. At the moment, an Orlando pediatric nurse is on a mission to war ravished countries in western Africa. Mending the sick and disabled. Placing herself and others in danger in order to help others.

Al Cotoia responded to my capon blog of yesterday. We are contemporaries age wise. He never heard of a turkey when he was young. The holiday bird was a “capon.”

Key West weather has been outstanding. In the 80’s. No humidity, no heat. Comfortable. Yesterday turned a bit. It was hot! You could feel the heat.

So much for today. I am back to working on Growing Up Italian. Someday I may publish it.

Be well.


Russia has graduated. Now using rape as a weapon in Ukraine. Disgusting, degenerate sexual abuse.

An article in today’s Daily Beast by Tara Chandra laid it out: “The increasingly desperate Russia military is using coordinated, brutal sexual assault to demoralize the Ukrainian people.” The article suggested: “The U.S. and its allies need to act.”

Systematic campaigns of rape and torture were spelled out. An 11 year old boy raped in front of his mother, the boy no longer speaks. An 83 year old woman raped in her home who is still recovering. An 11 month old baby who died while being raped. Nine year old triplets raped and 11 month old baby sodomized with a candlestick in front of the mother. Adult males being sodomized.

The author blames the lack of action to under reporting. Chandra believes the U.S. and others would react if the wrongs were to be revealed.

I can recall a time when elderly parents moved in with their children. Increasingly not the case any longer. Nearly 26 million Americans age 50 or older live by themselves. More than any time in our nation’s history.

Turkeys still with us. Left overs time.

Yesterday, Sloan brought me some left overs from her Thanksgiving table. Enough for 3 meals. Delicious! She then remained and we worked for a couple of hours.

Jean and Joe Thornton return in the next few days. Jean emailed me yesterday from her Birmingham home where she cooked for the family Thursday that she was bringing with her left over turkey, stuffing, etc. for me.

Love the ladies!

A Thanksgiving turkey story I would like to share. I never had turkey till I was 10-12 years old. I suspect, though I am not sure, turkeys were expensive at the time. The late 1930’s forward.

We were poor. Chickens rather than turkeys on the table.

Thanksgiving was at my grandmother’s. Two large chickens. I recall they were referred to as capons. Capons were castrated. Neutered to improve the quality of the flesh for eating purposes. I recall the capons were moist, tender and flavorful.

I have no older Italians to ask whether I am correct capons were cheaper than turkeys and eaten for that reason. I am an older Italian now and the issue never came up in my mind till I decided to write about capons today. Perhaps Al Cotoia or Bob Marks would know. Let me hear from you guys if you do.

Truer words not spoken. Those by Marilyn Monroe re keeping warm on a cold night: “A career is wonderful, but you can’t curl up with it on a cold night.”

I missed all the Syracuse fun/action yesterday. The basketball game against Bryant was at 4. Not televised and I don’t enjoy streaming on the computer. The football game against Boston College at 7. I ended up forgetting and took a nap instead.

The basketball game first.

Syracuse lost 73-72. I’m getting nervous. Last year all over again?

The action was during the basketball game. Ended up in a rout with both teams on the floor. Players from both teams ejected as well as two assistant Syracuse coaches.

The scenario got better. Boeheim and the Bryant coach had words after the game. Seems some of the Bryant players left the floor at the end of the game without shaking hands. Boeheim did not like the Bryant coach’s words in general to him as well as re the Bryant players who walked off without shaking hands.

I watched the video of the encounter as well as Boeheim’s explanation in the post game.

I have known Boeheim since the late 1970’s. Friends. The man is by the book. The perfect gentleman in every regard. I accept Boeheim’s rendition that the Bryant coach was out of hand and insulting to him.

Glad we won the football game. Beat Boston College 32-23. Syracuse’s season record 7-5. Disgraceful since we won the first 6 games and then lost 5 in a row.

My game plan tonight is to go out. Key West’s First Methodist Church is presenting its annual rendition of The Messiah at 7.

Enjoy your Sunday!


We forget. Think COVID behind us. Not that bad anymore.

Not so.

A recent editorial in the Palm Beach Post revealing: COVID especially dangerous to Florida residents aged 65 and older…..COVID has killed more 65 plus residents in Florida than any other State in the nation.

Public health exerts blame DeSantis’ counter productive COVID-19 policies. His leave resolutions to the individual rather than State mandates is not working. Freedom for all ages to do what they want endangers Florida’s huge elderly population. They’re left exposed and vulnerable. Many die as a result. Thirty two percent the number.

The 32 percent death rate higher than any other State. Even worse for those 85 and older.

The Florida Department of Health refer to the data in the editorial as “illiterate.”

Now for a Thanksgiving miracle. One hard to believe.

A 28 year old man fell overboard from a Carnival Valor ship 20 miles south of Southwest Pass, Florida. He was in the water more than 15 hours before found. Alive. No life jacket, water just above 70 degrees. When rescued suffering from the cold, dehydration and shock. He remains hospitalized. Recovering. Will survive.

Coast Guard officials are in a quandary how the man survived so long in the water. Kept himself afloat. Note he had no life jacket. Continued swimming around for 15 plus hours. They attribute his survival to his will to live.


I celebrated Thanksgiving with Don and Chris thursday night at La Te Da. Company and meal both excellent.

Arrived early. Chatted a bit with Chris. I have not seen him in a few years. Met a charming bartender. Tonto retired. Her replacement Samantha. On the drive home, noticed Christmas already in vogue with some. Three decorated on the outside. Several with decorated trees up and lite inside.

A 007 policy is working its way through the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Authorization to kill.

A vote to approve is scheduled for next week. The approval sought: To permit police to kill suspects using robots. Yes, in effect provide robots with authorization to kill.

Mechanized robot 007’s! They’ve come a long way!

Basketball and football on the Syracuse agenda today.

Syracuse plays Bryant in basketball at 4 at the Dome. Not being televised.

Syracuse/Boston College in football at Alumni Stadium in Boston at 7:30.

Syracuse and Boston College old rivals. For years, several couples made the trip every other year when the game was scheduled in Boston. So many times! A fun trip! A caravan drive. Stayed at a magnificent hotel whose name escapes me on the waterfront.

The game always scheduled this time of year. Cold in Boston! In the 40’s today. Open air stadium. Froze one’s ass off watching the game.

Afterwards Maine lobsters at the same restaurant on the water. Blue something.

Big time fun!

Been at least 25 years since my last game in Boston. At my age, doubt I will ever do another.

Enjoy your day!






Happy Thanksgiving!

I love holidays. Miss “my holidays.” As we get older, everything seems to change. Ergo, the “my holidays” reference.

One thing missing in my old age is the special smell associated with Thanksgiving. From the time I woke, the cooking turkey and other foods permeated the house.

Noisy, too. The women cooking and joking in the kitchen.

The smell and noise non existent the past 15 years. Thanksgiving at Lisa’s most of those years. Some Thanksgivings have been shared with friends at their homes or restaurants. Same thing…..noise and smell absent. Understandable. Not my home where the cooking and prep work being done. I am a grateful guest for dinner later in the day.

Tonight, I am enjoying the holiday meal with Don and Chris at La Te Da. The company will make up for the lack of smell and noise.

On this day in 1971, Frank Romano and Joe Liszka opened Key West Fragrance and Cosmetics on Front Street. A unique facility! No other like it in Key West or elsewhere.

Good things for the body were sold. Especially for women. The few male items included after shave lotion. I have been using Key West Aloe After Shave for 20 plus years. How good it feels!

The store was huge. Odor/smell again. Hit you in the face as you entered. Delicately, of course.

Unfortunately, the store is long gone. Sold by Frank and Joe years ago. A tiny store located elsewhere on Front Street. Manufacturing part of the business somewhere else in Florida.

Frank and Joe were active in the Key West community. Instrumental in establishing Fantasy Fest.

Both gentlemen long gone. I became friends with Frank late in his life. We met while working out at the same gym. I became a visitor to their home. Tastefully furnished with an aura begetting their store.

The new crazy Republican House leadership which takes over in January plans on investigating Fauci. They don’t like how he handled COVID. Especially the vaccination portion.

The group probably will speak well of China in some non-COVID respects. Anything to make Biden look bad.

I note in this mornings papers that China’s COVID numbers have hit record highs. How will the radical House members explain China while attacking Fauci?

For whatever reason, Pennsylvania has two communities bearing odd ball names. Names with sexual connotations. Intercourse and Blue Balls. Intercourse an appealing appellation. Blue Balls, not.

Yesterday November 23, 1984 was a significant day in the life of Doug Flutie. With a second remaining, he threw a long Hail Mary pass into the end zone which a team mate caught. The result was Boston College beating Miami 47-45.

Flutie won the Heisman trophy and then went on to playing 21 seasons of professional football.

John Kennedy was assassinated November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.

Two days later, his assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was being removed from the Dallas Police Station to be taken somewhere else. He was being walked up a driveway from an underground parking area. Surrounded by all kinds of police. And everyone else. The driveway was crowded.

I was watching the scene on my mother in law’s TV. Thinking, how stupid! Someone’s going to shoot Oswald. And someone did!

Suddenly Jack Ruby walked up to him, shot and mortally wounded Oswald.

Live on TV.

Enjoy your holiday!




The huge Thanksgiving meal tomorrow. Each and every part already running through my head. The anticipation part of the holiday joy for me.

For many, this year’s meal is plagued by its cost. Thanksgiving dinner twice as much this year as last year.

With one exception. Cranberries! Buy more, eat more, enjoy more!

Cranberries this Thanksgiving season are 13 percent cheaper. The reason production is up 4 percent.

Cranberries normally an irrelevant part of the holiday meal. This year has relevancy.

The National Catholic Reporter (NPR) calls them as it sees them when it comes to the Catholic Church. A recent article re the U.S. Bishops’ Conference Annual Meeting reflects its independent position. The NPR reported “the U.S. Bishops’ decline into irrelevance will continue.”

The U.S. Bishops’ organization is not pro Rome. Nor is it pro Francis. Far from it. The group sides with U.S. evangelicals, the far right, Trump and MAGA. They are influenced by the likes of Steve Bannon and Newt Gingrich.

A new president was elected at the Conference. Anti-Francis. The new President is Archbishop Timothy Broglio.

He is considered a “culture warrior.”

In the 1990’s, he lacked sympathy for victims of clergy sex. He fought efforts by U.S. bishops to confront the crisis.

He failed to confront the COVID-19 pandemic.

Neither the Bishops’ Conference nor Broglio are friends of Biden. Biden is a practicing Catholic. Yet no plans are in the works for the group and Biden to meet. Nor is such a meeting expected to be arranged. The gulf is distinct. Neither side is interested in one.

Elon Musk continues to amaze me. As does how he became a billionaire.

He appears committed to destroying Twitter. Though he does not appear aware.

Last week, he reinstated Trump to use Twitter. Yesterday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Greene is thrilled. She vowed to test “every limit of free speech on Twitter.”

May Musk, Trump, Greene and Twitter fail.

Washington Post columnist George Will in a recent column wrote: “Now the GOP can repent for the Trump era by denying him the nomination.”

Will the U.S. ever really have gun control? Biden’s success a few months ago the first piece of significant gun legislation in 30 years. Not enough, however.

Killings continue. Massacres common place. The nation cries out for more control. Stiffer control. Effective control.

A few days ago, killings and injuries were inflicted at a LGBTQ night club in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Yesterday, a Virginia Walmart shooting where 6 were killed and more injured.

The last day for hurricane season is next week on November 30.

Key West has a tradition. The Conch Republic conducts a hurricane flag burning ceremony on November 30. This year’s will be conducted at USCGC Ingham at Truman Waterfront Park. Live music at 4, the burning at 5.

Syracuse lost last night to St. John’s in the Championship Game of the Empire Classic in Brooklyn. In overtime, 76-69.

For me. the game a strange one. It began at 9:30. I am asleep by 9:30 most evenings. I made it last night till about 10 minutes left in the game. Syracuse winning by 10.

The game an excellent one till I fell asleep.

St. John’s came out with a tough brutal in your face defense. Syracuse quickly adapted. Game close. Syracuse up 5-6 points at half time.

Joe Girard scored 31 points the night before. Last night, he was scoreless the whole first half. I think his total was 4-5 points all night. It was not St. John’s defending him that caused his low production. He just did not have it. He appeared exhausted the whole game. Always a step behind. His shots off.

When I dropped off to sleep, Syracuse was ahead 50-40. When I woke, the teams were already into the overtime.

What I did not see was a 16-2 run by St. John’s while I slept. Turned the game around.

St. John’s outscored Syracuse in the overtime 11-4. What I did see clearly indicated Syracuse’s ass was dragging. Sloppy ball. Poor ball handling. Forget scoring.

St. John’s was not affected by tiredness, though they had the same reasons as Syracuse to be.

From what I saw during the game, Syracuse’s defense was outstanding. Dramatically improved from the night before.

I am not down on the team…..yet. They are young. Several freshman. Have the makings of a quality team. Time will tell.

Enjoy your day!



On this day in 1963, President John Kennedy was assassinated. America mourned.

Kennedy was exciting. His family and administration exciting. He brought an excitement to America.

He probably would have gone down as one of America’s finest Presidents. Unfortunately, he was not President long enough. Less than 3 years.

His major accomplishment was the Cuban missile crisis. He avoided what could have been a nuclear war with Russia. Who knows if another President would have handled the confrontation with the same skill he did.

Republicans seem to be screwing up consistently. The weekend found four in the limelight.

ASSHOLE first. Not Trump. Mike Pompeo. Remember Pompeo? Secretary of State under Trump. Graduated first in his class at West Point, magna cum laude from Harvard Law.

Pompeo wants to be President. He has been quietly seeking the Republican nomination for 2024.

He never impressed me as Secretary of State. He impresses me even less today.

In an interview yesterday, he was asked who did he consider the most dangerous person in the world. He replied, “Not Chairman Kim, not Xi Jinping, not Putin. The most dangerous person in the world is Randi Weingarten.”

My immediate reaction: Who the hell is Weingarten? She is the head of the American Federation of Teachers Union.

Pompeo has a “thing” about teachers: He is upset with the “filth teacher’s unions are teaching our kids and the fact they don’t know math and reading or writing.”

Turns out right wing extremists dislike Weingarten and teacher unions. Pompeo is selling his soul to the the extremists in his quest to get the nomination. As is everyone else on the Republican side.

Mike Pence failed to distinguish himself on Meet the Press in a sunday interview.

Pence supported Trump in everything up to January 6 while Trump was President. Pence was the “loyal” #2 man. January 6 cleansed his soul. While the insurrectionists were looking for him to hang, the gallows and rope already constructed on Capitol steps, Pence stood strong and refused to do what Trump wanted.

Pence has now decided he wants to be President. He needs the support of Trump at some point and of the extreme right. He has become a whore in his quest. A whore similar to Kevin McCarthy who knocked Trump big time re January 6 and then flew to Mar-a-Lago to kiss his ring. Pence in effect kissed Trump’s ring on Meet the Press sunday.

Among other things, Pence knocked Justice for the search warrant on Mar-a-Lago. Should have been handled differently. How, he never said. He crucified Fauci for his “vaccination” handling of the COVID pandemic.

Pence makes me sick. Strong language, I agree. The man is a religious fanatic. I have never trusted one.

Alito back in the news. Appears he “leaked” another Supreme Court decision before it was published. A 2014 case concerning access to birth control.

I have written several times over the years re Alito. He is a bitter man. Bitter because he was passed over for the Chief Justice position at one point in time. He “suppresses considerable resentment.” He “has turned out to be angry, dark, retrogressive and historically damaging.” He was recently described: “It’s like he has gained a sense of freedom to change the world in the image he has for it.”

Finally, the Donald himself.

Trump is not reacting well to GOP pleas to stay away from the Georgia runoff. Good luck! He’ll go.

Prosecutors in Trump cases continue to give me concern. There are those who are afraid to do their jobs.

Recall Alvin Bragg. Manhattan District Attorney. Soon after taking office, he announced he was dropping the case his office was investigating against Trump. Furor reigned. Two of the Assistants working on the case resigned.

Bragg apparently has now changed his mind. The rope is back around Trump’s neck. May be tightening.

His office announced the case against Trump for the $130,000 2016 hush money paid to Daniels via Michael Cohen was back under consideration. It was being “refocused.” Six years after the event giving rise to the possible charge.

Syracuse basketball.

Syracuse in the Empire Classic being played at Barclay’s in Brooklyn. Opened against Richmond last night. Syracuse won in overtime 74-71.

Syracuse plays St. John’s tonight at 9:30 in the championship game. St. John’s beat Temple last night 78-72.

Syracuse played well last night…..most of the game. Not all.

Girard had the hot hand. Scored 31 points. Twenty one in the first half.

Syracuse played a zone defense. Surprising since Boeheim had the team practicing and playing man to man in previous games.

Boeheim will admit if the opposing team is hitting its 3’s, the zone can be ineffective. It was much of the second half. Richmond was dropping the 3’s in with frequency.

Except, Syracuse’s defense “woke up” with 6 minutes to go and held Richmond to 1 point. In the overtime, Syracuse held Richmond scoreless for 3 minutes.

Wish Syracuse could play an effective defense a whole game.

Syracuse sucked off the boards. Especially the offensive ones. Lucky to have won with that problem.

I will be glued to the TV set this evening from 9:30 on.

Enjoy your day!


Buffalo’s snowstorm dominates the news. Understandable. Six and a half feet.

Buffalo had an even bigger one in 1977. Eight feet plus. Described in inches at the time. One hundred plus.

A three day storm. Biggest ever, before or since.

The snow began falling on friday January 28.

Drifts reached 30 feet in some places. Snow plows were useless. Snow too heavy and deep. Earth moving front end truck loaders were utilized. Brought in from Canada and other U.S. areas.

Snow removal a unique exercise. The front loaders filled dump trucks with snow. Toronto provided 2 huge machines which somehow became part of the dump trucks. The machines melted the snow. The water was dumped into street sewers. The water then ran into Lake Erie.

The process worked till the federal government said stop! Too many environmental issues would result.

By midnight friday, 10,000 cars were stranded in Buffalo. Two thousand on Main Street and eight thousand otherwise on City streets. The stranded vehicles affected snow removal. Buffalo hired 50 tow truck companies to remove them.

Saturday afternoon, dump trucks and payloaders were dumping snow directly into the Niagara River.

President Carter and Governor Carey issued emergency declarations.

The temperature remained a consistent minus 7 degrees Fahrenheit for several days. Winds as high as 51 mph. The winds contributed strongly to the high snow drifts.

On sunday and monday, Buffalo and surrounding communities banned unnecessary travel. A serious banning. Arrests made. Fines up to $500 and 90 days in jail. Necessary. Stranded cars prohibited streets from being cleaned. They ended up being buried under the snow. Could not be seen.

Still snowing on monday.

The sun finally broke through on wednesday February 2.

Schools remained closed till February 14. Closed a total of 10 “school days.”

Besides my research, I have to thank Buffalo’s Fran and Tom Dixon. They lived through the blizzard of 1977 and shared their recollections with me.

This past weekend’s blizzard of no effect as far as the Dixons were concerned. Early reports advised the storm would be 5-6 feet. However, a narrow one in width. The Dixon home was on the periphery. They got all of one inch.

So much for snow.

Key West has a bubba system. Those born in Key West take care of each other. Some families going back 3-4 generations. Bubbas are a closed society. Do business with each other. New residents to Key West have a difficult, if not impossible, time breaking in.

Steve Thompson ran into the bubba system in his early Key West years.

Most of Duval was bordered up in early ’73. A little business on the 200 block was all I could see. I felt lucky to find a location at 208 Duval for my first store.

Key West was just taking off and I couldn’t ask for more. I had a ten year lease and I was happy as could be.

Then they built a pizza place right in front of me. I have to admit it really did suck. But it forced me to find a second spot a few blocks up. It was probably the worst looking building in Key West. When we were finished, it was one of the best.

501 had been boarded up for years and was in bad shape. The landlord said, “Only a 3 year lease, you’ll have to wait.” He wanted to see if I would do what I said I would do. Unfortunately, I think he had some other motives too. He wanted to make sure I would fix his building first.

In my whole life, that decision was my worst. I put in tile floors, sinks, bathrooms, walk in cooler, all to City Code. I installed windows, doors, gingerbread, signs, and I was ready to fold.

The City finally gave me a permit, I was broke and who knows.

B.O. opened a fish wagon across the street with only a hose.

Luckily, the store took off from day one and did very good. My last year I asked the landlord for that extension. He said he didn’t like my manager. He would have to go. I hated to fire him, but I couldn’t say no.

In December, I met my friend Tony in Miami for our annual ski trip.. He handed me a letter from my landlord, and that was just the tip. It said I had two weeks to vacate, there were too many drunks around. I was surrounded by his bars and I didn’t even sell beer.

So that was another lesson learned the hard way. When your lease is up, you are going to pay. B.O. was a bubba and they do whatever they want. I always liked Buddy, but I wasn’t even a freshwater conch.

Enjoy your day!




Happy Birthday Mr. President!

Eighty years old today. He is the first man of his age to serve in the Presidency.

Joe Biden has done an exemplary job so far in his two years on the job. Better and more than many have accomplished in 4 or 8 years.

I am 87. I know from experience the problems of functioning at 80 or older. For me, the mind is perfect. It is the body. Like a car as it ages, the parts wear down. So it must be with Biden. Parts are repairable, however. Which means he can handle the job. Proof is his record of accomplishments thus far.

Another evidentiary item is he seems to enjoy the work. He was born to it. His whole life from its political beginnings brought hm to this moment.

Keep up the good work, Mr. President!

I do not understand Elon Musk. He loses money like water running out of a faucet.

He spent $44 billion on Twitter, a business he did not want. In 2 weeks, he sets it on a road to destruction. Fires half the work force, imposes stringent work requirements on those who remain, etc. Worst, he now welcomes Trump back. He claims “the people want him back.”

I have known men of wealth. They covet their money. Protect it. Do not handle it foolishly. Musk deals with his in an opposite fashion.

Forbes reported this week that Musk’s net worth is now $191.4 billion. It was $387 at the beginning of the year. He has lost $195.6 billion thus far this year.

A strange businessman.

Received a call yesterday afternoon. Syracuse friends Don and Chris are in town. Invited me to dinner. I accepted.

Seven Fishes the restaurant.

I am ashamed to admit in all the years I have been in Key West, i have never gone to Seven Fishes. Not the old one or the new. A mistake on my part. I shall make up for the error in the future.

The restaurant is beautiful. Simple modern taste, yet with class.

Met the bartender Eric and host Carl. The meal outstanding. Enjoyed the scallops.

The company of course best. Met Don and Chris at the Chart Room years ago. We hit it off immediately. The Syracuse connection helped.

Don is Vice-President of a South Korean company. He spends much time in South Korea and world wide. Chris works for a company in a similar field.  Both are in sales. Chris just returned from 3 weeks in Berlin.

We enjoyed an early dinner. I was home by 9:30. The Syracuse/Wake Forest game was in its 2nd quarter. Syracuse was leading 21-10. I was a happy camper. Syracuse winning and most of the game remaining.

Typical Syracuse result. Syracuse lost 45-35.

Can’t win for losing!

Enjoy your Sunday!