Is it Happy Leap Year or Happy Leap Year Day? Whatever, will anyone ask me to marry this day?

Lisa invited me to lunch yesterday. Poolside at the Marriott Beachside. A very pretty setting. Nothing special involved. Lisa just wanted to take her Dad to lunch. Nice!

I spent the afternoon outside on the deck researching and writing. The girls were there, also. Donna and Terri. Terri was rehearsing the songs she will sing Monday night when she appears with Randy Roberts at the Tennessee Williams Theatre. Terri’s singing was an added bonus for me.

It was the Chart Room last night to visit with Larry Govendo. Larry is from Syracuse. More importantly, he is a die hard Syracuse fan.

I first met Larry three years ago at the Sports Page Bar while watching a Syracuse game. Larry is the person responsible for the Syracuse flag which hangs at the Sports Page Bar. Larry obtained the flag, mailed it to me, and I took it over to Patrick to have hung.

This was Larry’s first trip to Key West since sending me the flag. He never saw it hanging at the bar. One of his highlights this week was visitng Sports Page and viewing it.

Larry was with Staci. Another Syracuse resident. She is a guidance counselor in the Syracuse shool system.

We talked for quite a while. At least two hours. Then it was good bye until hopefully next year.

I stopped at Don’s Place briefly on the way home. Not too many people. Chatted a bit with Rob and Todd and left for home.

I have a hair appointment with Lori this morning. Somewhere either she or I screwed up. An appointment was missed. I have hair!

Enjoy your day!

Yesterday afternoon, it was the gym. With the trainer, Corey Aman. He beat me up. Increased my weights on everything and the number of times I had to do each exercise.

With one of the routines, I lie semi prone on a bench. I lift two 8 pound weights up over my head and down again. I had been doing 5 pound weights. Three more pounds felt like a ton.

There was a fellow next to me. Doing the same exercise as me. Except his weights were 60 pounds each.

How could I complain! I will tell you one thing however, there is no way I will ever be able to lift 60 pound weights! I don’t care how long I work out!

I spent the balance of the afternoon writing a column for KONK Life. It will be published in the edition that comes out a week from Thursday. The topic is pythons. A problem most are unaware of. They are coming out of the Everglades and have already reached Key Largo. Soon the middle and lower keys.

I wrote my column sitting outside in the shade of the tiki hut. Donna and Terri with me. We were all busy and engrossed with whatever we were doing on our respective computers.

Last night was a fun experience. I was Don and Stefanie’s guest at the Rooftop for dinner and then Kathleen Peace’s show at the Red Barn. Dinner was great. Scallops over a crab cake. Company good. Bill Schrufer was with us.

Kathleen did the show together with Larry Smith. They fit each other. Like a glove in a hand. They have played and sung together about 15 years. The performance was outstanding! I personally love Kathleen and think she is one of the best singers I have ever heard. She brings joy to my heart and to every one who hears her.

I learned an interesting thing about Kathleen last night. She chit chatted between songs. Kathleen never took a singing lesson nor can she read music. Wow!

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, Sunday!  My Sunday was a full and late day. I needed to sleep late this morning. Some idiot telephoned me at 6 AM. Wrong number!

I stopped at the Plantation House in the morning. Coffee and a toasted bagel. Dry, nothing on it. Browsed the New  York Times.

The Plantation House was full of people. My former haunt, the Coffee and Tea House, used to be also. An observable difference between the two is obvious. Plantation is  located on a quiet part of Caroline Street. The  Coffee House on busy Duval. Plantation’s clientele is locals. The Coffee House’s used to be tourists.

Lisa’s for Sunday dinner. Lasagna. Delicious! Enjoyed my grandchildren.  When i arrived, they were doing homework. Both very serious about it. Especially Ally. Lisa served her children cookie ice cream for dessert. She made three dishes. One for Robert, one for Ally and one for me.

Enjoyed the Academy Awards! From the comfort of my bed.

Some observations.

Billy Crystal is getting old. Just like me. He has put on weight and was more rigid than usual. Poor George Clooney. I never heard of Dujardin.The Artist is the first black and white movie to win an Academy award since Wings in 1929. I watch Wings whenever I can. Gary Cooper was an unknown at the time. He had a small part in the movie. Poor Angeline Jolie. The fellow who mocked her was an ass. Angeline could use a good meal.

Panamah Peat died six months ago. I never met him. I never knew him. He was a Key West icon for a number of reasons.

There was a party at the Chart Room last night for Panamah Peat. I did not make it.

Why the Chart Room? It is those holes and brass plates on the bar rail.

Many years ago, well before my time, the locals who frequented the Chart Room decided to commemorate themselvds.They added to the bar rail a small brass plate. Each had one. Next to the brass plate, a small hole was drilled. About 1/4 inch. The purpose of the hole was to hold a small portion of each’s ashes after they were gone. These guys never wanted to leave their beloved Chart Room.

Panamah Peat is one of those holes. Last night’s event was to fill his hole with a bit of his ashes.

Only two holes remain to be filled.

I never got  to meet Panamah. He had a drinking problem and stopped drinking years ago. Thereafter avoided places of temptation such as the Chart Toom. He stopped visiting the Chart Room.

I saw from pictures David Hecht posted on Facebook this morning that it was a great party. I recognized Sheila and Captain Peter.

The Key West Ctizen had a major front page story yesterday morning about Panamah Peat. An interesting life. Reporter John Desantis wrote a great piece. One problem, however. The Chart Room and its bar holes were never mentioned.

Panamah Peat will soon be forgotten. However the Chart Room bar and his ashes will remain. The bar and ashes have become part of Key West folklore. The bar and ashes should have been part of the story.

Tonight Kathleen Peace sings at the Red Barn. She is appearing with Larry Smith. I will be there! Kathleen is the best!

Enjoy your day!

Not a good day yesterday.

The weather continued to be perfect. But not me. For whatever reason, I felt under the weather all day. Sluggish.

I did get out around one for a manicure and pedicure with Tammy. I spent the rest of the day home in bed.

Syracuse played Connecticut last night. I was scheduled to watch the game at the Sports Page Bar with Dan and Lisa. Never made it. Watched the game from my bed.

Dan and Lisa are vacationing here in key West for a month. The month ends shortly. I have neither Dan’s phone number nor know where his rented house is, except that it is on Watson Street. Ergo, Dan and Lisa I assume showed up for the game and I did not. Sorry, my friends. I am sure you understand.

These Syracuse games are getting difficult to watch. Syracuse won a squeaker last night. By 2 points. Syracuse was up by 17 points in the first half. I thought for sure last night was going to be Syracuse’s second defeat of the season.

Only one season game left. Louisville next week. Will Syracuse end the league season 30-1 or 29-2? I don’t know any more.

Today is Sunday. I feel better.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Timing is everything.

When I woke this morning, I stepped outside onto the second floor balcony of my home. The sun was  rising, just breaking the horizon. A bright orange ball. Set against the back drop of a few gray clouds. The sun reflecting on the water in a straight line all the way to my home.

A God is good moment!

Big night last night!

I started with the Chart Room. Good friend Emily bartending. Sean and Katherine at the bar. The best of people. We talked of many things, one being their soon to be June wedding.

Sheila arrived. Blew us all away! She had a new hairdo. Cut and all. She looked terrific!

Visited with a ton of people.

Cheryl and Roger at the bar. Love ’em!

Robby and Lois.They were at the Chart Room looking for Key West Lou.

They are from Banville, Pennsylvania. Here for six weeks. If I recall correctly, they met in high school in Banville. Robby was a senior and Lois a junior. Husband and wife, they are retired teachers. We spoke of Indiana basketball. The memorable1987 Final Four game with Syracuse. And that substitute named Smart who made a shot he could never make again to beat Syracuse. It still hurts!

Robby coached middle school basketball. He new Bob Knight personally. They met first at a basketball clinic.

Nice people. I look forward to their company again in the next few weeks..

I finish talking with one great couple and another takes their place. Kathy and Terry. From Durango, Colorado.They were hoping to run into Key West Lou, also. My ego was up last night.

 He a doctor and she involved with music. A charming couple. They both are originally from Arkansas. Our conversation centered on Bill Clinton, of course. I sense Kathy and Terry will become Key Westers on a permanent basis at some point in time. They have visited Key West on numerous occasions in the past.

I was hungry. Walked over to the Wine Galley to eat and listen to Larry Smith perform. As usual, the Wine Galley was jam packed. I was fortunate to find a seat at the good end of the bar.

Big night guest wise. Author Mike Dennis was in attendance with local icon and contractor Paul Toppino. Two classy gentlemen in their own right. However, it was their guest who drew the most attention.

Donna Meade. A relatively young beautiful woman. Donna was Jimmy Dean’ wife. Yes, that Jimmy Dean. Country music singer and sausage maker. Jimmy passed away about two years ago.

Donna is a singer of note in her own right. She sang for us. A lovely voice.

I would say it was a good night last night. Got to chat with many people. Some I knew, others I met for the first time.

Between last night and the rising sun this morning, I feel good!

Enjoy your day!

Show time this morning! The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten this morning my time. Worldwide.

Another week of great topics! All interesting! Some challenging! Like politics and religion, Protestant Churches joining Catholic Church re contraception issue, Girl Scouts accused by a Republican state legislator of promoting abortions and homosexuality, and a New Jersey father who burned his State’s flag.

Plus, Dow hits 13,000, the Eastern Airline demise, Battle of the Alamo, the USS Mohawk, a starved Wisconsin girl, a python update, the French and female discrimination, and northern Italy and air pollution.

And more!

Join me at 10 am. Guaranteed you will enjoy!

Yesterday morning started with the dentist. I was apprehensive. I have one major step to go. Thought it was yesterday morning. Was not. Still a month ahead. The dentist wants to be sure my bone and the cadaver bone are joined/fused as one. The x-ray yesterday morning indicated it was.

I was apprehensive because every time there is a major step, it involves pain afterwards. Big time pain! I am still a little boy when it comes to dentists.

Since I could still chew, I headed over to Blossoms. Read the morning papers and enjoyed Cuban toast and coffee. A good business! People coming in constantly.

Spent the afternoon fine tuning today’s Internet show.

Last night, it was Terri and me.

Donna and her daughter Stacey have an 8 o’clock meeting in Miami this morning. They went up last night and stayed over. That left Terri and me to fend for ourselves.

We ate leftovers and sat outside talking about everything. We watched the sunset and enjoyed the cool of the evening.

Terri is one bright lady. Her lifetime range of experiences unusual. Truly a unique person!

Again, please join me for my Internet show at 10 this morning.

Enjoy your day!

Nothing is moving outside. Going to be a warm day.

I boxed yesterday morning. Hit the big bag hard. Felt good afterwards.

Napped and worked a bit the rest of the day. Did some additional preparation for tomorrow’s Internet show. Ten o’clock my time.

Syracuse basketball last night. Watched the game at the Big Ten Sports Bar.Watched with Dan and Lisa and their friend Paul. Paul is a dentist from Auburn, NY. Also an artist. Has been spending his mornings in Key West painting. I think he would like to close his dentist doors and paint full time.

A crazy. Syracuse played Southern Florida. Syracuse won 56-48. Too close. The Vegas line was 16 points.

Syracuse was down at the start of the game 20-7. Then Syracuse went on a 25 point run. 25-0 run. Impressive.

Syracuse let up after the run and several times Florida got close. Nevertheless in the end, it was Syracuse by eight points.

Connecticut next. Saturday night.

We all went to Don’s Place afterwards. Dan, Lisa and Paul had walked to the Big Ten Bar. Gave them a ride to Don’s Place. Put the top down on my Volkswagen convertible, packed them in and away we went.

Not too many people at Don’s. Todd bartending. Russ came in. His birthday.

I had one drink and left. It was sleep time for me.

I have a dentist visit this morning. I am not a happy camper. I suspect there will be some gum cutting.

Enjoy your day!

Key West is blessed. The weather yesterday was perfect. Today’s will be perfect.

Today is Ash Wednesday. It marks the beginning of Lent. Forty days. Ends Easter Sunday.

Lent is a Christian event. Not catholic alone. It marks a time when Christians mourn and fast. When Christians deny themselves a luxury for the good of God.

Historically, Lent is representative of the 40 days and nights Jesus spent in the desert before going out into the world to preach.

Ashes are placed on the foreheads of those who attend Church this day. The ashes are rubbed on in the form of a cross. To signify Christ’s crucifixion. The ashes are made from burnt palms left over from Palm Sunday services the previous year.

Mardi Gras in New Orleans celebrates the debauchery which went on in olden days the night before the start of Lent. Whoop it up was the cry for starting tomorrow and for 40 days, there is nothing. Historically, it was food that one denied himself. People ate big time. The day before Lent is traditionally known for that reason as Fat Tuesday.

Ireland puts Ash Wednesday to good use. It is also National No Smoking Day. Smoking representing the luxury that the populace might deny themselves for the entire 40 days of Lent.

Walked big time yesterday morning. Smathers Beach. Parked my car at the airport parking lot. Stopped into the airport for breakfast afterwards. The airport restaurant has excellent food.

I spent the balance of the day working on Friday’s show.

It was Hogfish for dinner last night. Sat at the bar reading the newspapers.

My house guests had for what will be a usual day for them. Donna sat in the shade of the tiki hut doing business on the phone and Internet. Terri sunbathe. They left at dinner time to start an evening of partying. They are still sleeping as I write.

Syracuse basketball tonight. South Florida. Syracuse should win. Who knows? I shall be watching the game at John Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Bar. Game time is seven.

Enjoy your day!

Everything yesterday was good!

The day started with lunch at I-Hop with the grandkids. The three of us had a good time. Chatted constantly. Robert devoured a Philly cheese steak sandwich and fries. Ally a huge cheeseburger and fries. Poor Poppa. Ham, eggs and whole wheat toast.

The gym was next. Courtney time. Another work out. I found yesterday difficult. Don’t know why.

Donna’s daughter Stacie, her husband Rob and a third person have purchased the gym. From my trainer Courtney. They are investing a ton of money in the place. It is going to be bright and cheerful when the renovations are complete. I wish them well. The gym is called Old Town Fitness.

The girls arrived at 5:30. My lesbian wives as they describe themselves. They will be my house guests for six weeks. Good friends. No problem.

Charming and talented is the only way to describe Terri White. A Broadway star. She just closed in Follies. The show opens in Los Angeles in two months for a two month run.

Donna is spouse to Terri and her business manager. A tough woman to negotiate with! I hear her on the phone all day handling Terri’s business.

Terri amuses me every time she is here. She is always concerned about her tan. I have to work on my tan! Terri is naturally black. Tan what? But she does. She will lay by the pool and then show me where her exposed body is tanner than that which was covered. She develops tanning lines during her visits.

We had a drink outside to catch up. Then it was hurry up to get out on the town!

We were famished. Went directly to the Hot Tin Roof. A good meal and good conversation. Terri had scallops over a pasta. She always eats pasta. Her body requires it in order for her to sing as she does. Interesting.

JJ was having dinner at the bar.

Then to the Chart Room. Packed with tourists. Should be. This is the season.

Mary bartending and handling the crowd well.

A fellow asked if my name was Louis. Was I Key West Lou? Our conversation took off.

His name was Brian. He and his wife and friends visit Key West for a week this time of the year each year. Debbie is the wife. Brian runs/directs an annual festival in Virginia Beach. The Neptune Festival. Debbie is a domestic relations attorney.

They were with Mark and Pat. Marks sells cars in Washington, DC. Pat is a decorator.

All nice people.

There was a guitarist playing for tips. Brian took over the guitar for a bit. Talented! Sang well and had the crowd singing with him. Later, he stood next too Terri and harmonized a couple of songs with her.

Brian reads my blog every day. So he was totally aware of who Terri was.

My next comments may embarass Brian. But true they are! He reminded me of Howard Livingston. When Howard was not yet an entertainer. An easy smile, soft personality, good voice, always left people smiling. And always ready to sing! I would be at Howard’s home in Sugarloaf. He would pick up the guitar and just hum and sing away. This is back when Howard was a Chicago industrialist.

I recall one night it was well after midnight and Howard and I were sitting on his dock, our feet in the water. We were smoking cigars dipped in Grand Manier and then passing the bottle back and forth taking swigs from it. Howard had his guitar and was quietly singing away.

A new career may await Brian!

A big guy with long hair approached me. Turns out we had met each other in the Chart Room two years ago. He is Jay. From Brooklyn. Jay is a professional comedian. He was at the Chart Room with his parents, girl friend, her parents and another friend. I wish Jay and I had more time to converse. I would have liked to hear the details of his career. I suspect they are interesting.

We were not done yet!

Donna, Terri and I marched over to the Wine Galley. Larry Smith’s Jazz Night. The Wine Galley was packed also. A mixture of locals and tourists. Mostly tourists.

Larry asked Terri to sing. She did. To a standing ovation at the end! What a voice!

I left my gay wives at the Wine Galley. I was tired. It was around 11. Past my bed time. Donna and Terri were still going strong.

Enjoy your day!

A one o’clock Syracuse basketball game yesterday. Syracuse won! An exciting game for Rutger fans. A  gut wrencher for Syracuse fans.

Syracuse won by 10 points. 74-64. The score does not reflect the game. With 3 minutes to go, Syracuse was up by only 2 points.

I watched the game with Dan and Scott at the Sports Page Bar.

Afterwards, I headed over to Lisa’s. I arrived as Lisa and family were leaving. They were on their way to a 3D kids film at Tropic Cinema. Do you want to go? I said no. I have reached the point in life where I cannot handle any more kid movies.

I stayed at Lisa’s alone quite a while reading the Sunday papers.

It was back to Publix again. Needed bread and yogurt. Saw a banana pound cake. Succumbed and bought it also.

My life changes today! Donna and Terri arrive!

The change is for the better. I will have Terri singing all day and dancing around. A private performance each time. My own Sound of Music.

Politics has always been bad. It is starting to stink. Too much religion. There is supposed to be a separation of church and State. Beware. We could slide into a Salem witch hunt atmosphere. Don’t say no way. Anything is possible in our at your throat governmental era.

Something I would like to know. Why this war on women? Is it envy? Do our male leaders wish to live in a society such as exists in the Middle East where women are subservient? I am beginning to think some of them would like our women to wear head scarves, black robes and not be permitted to drive.

Enjoy your day!