We lived for four years worrying Trump might press the nuclear button. Now we are discovering we should have been worried more about Putin.

The whole world is in trouble. Putin is the leader of a major nuclear power. His intelligence system is screwed up. We are being informed that Putin is either being misinformed or not informed about goings on in the Ukraine. His advisers are not speaking truth to power.


Following such revelation, word is being circulated that money was being moved from Russia’s military account to the personal accounts of Russian oligarchs. More than once this morning has the media suggested that millions of rubles from military accounts have most likely paid for the magnificent yachts the oligarchs enjoy.

I bid you a fond adieu. Early morning hospital tests.



This morning’s Key West Citizen has two articles clearly evidencing the love the people of the Keys have for their offshore friends. Their friends being those that reside in the ocean waters.

The two mentioned today are Ranger and Leonardo. Ranger a dolphin, Leonardo a turtle.

Ranger is new to the Dolphin Research Center on Grassy Key. He will enjoy the rest of his life living there.

Ranger was discovered in Texas waters late in June. He was in trouble. A respiratory infection and dehydration. He was discovered near his dead mother.

The Texas State Aquarium Wildlife Research Center for Care rehabilitated Ranger. He was 2 years old when his health was finally restored.

There was a problem. Ranger was too young to forge and survive in the wild. The Dolphin Research Center was selected as the place for Ranger to spend the rest of his life.

Ranger was airplaned to the Dolphin Research Center. His permanent home to be.

At this point, Ranger requires training to survive in the Dolphin Center atmosphere. The Center advises Ranger is now eating like a “champ,” plays with his toys, and is making sounds.

Sounds are important. His beginning to make sounds is an introduction to living with other dolphins at the Center. He is beginning to communicate with the other dolphins.

While training, Ranger lives alone. At some point, Ranger will move in with the other dolphins.

There is the Marathon Turtle Hospital. Today Leonardo will be returned to his ocean home at 1 pm at Sombrero Beach.

Leonardo was rescued last June. He has had tumor removal surgeries, chemotherapy eye drops, antibiotics, fluid treatment, vitamins and a healthy diet of greens and mixed seafood.

Leonardo is ready to go home.

The Food and Drug Administration announced that certain people are now eligible for a second booster shot. People over 50 and those who are immune compromised.

The second booster shot will now be available 4 months following the first. Good for me! Three days ago, it was exactly 4 months since my first booster shot.

Go for it folks! Don’t wait! Don’t be “smart!” Living is better than dying.

Trump’s hole gets deeper and deeper. I suspect it has no ending. Probably runs all the way to China.

Recall Nixon taped all conversations in the Oval Office. No one but he knew. When the taping became evident, the Court ordered it be produced. Nixon complied. He produced all but 18 minutes of the tape. The missing 18 minutes turned out to be the most important part.

Trump has committed a similar act. For a much longer time! Seven hours 37 minutes! Trump known for not doing things in a small way.

The missing 7 hours occurred on January 6. During the time the insurrectionists were attacking the Capitol. During that time, Trump and some compatriots were seated in a room off the Oval Office.

Everyone making telephone calls, texting, etc.

Following what Nixon did re the 18 minutes, laws were passed to make sure all e-mails, texts, telephone calls, etc. were kept in some recorded form. The items became part of a President’s official diary. Included were the White House switchboard call logs,

The seven hours ran from 11:57 am – 6:54 pm.

Poor Donald! It appears he is finding it increasingly difficult to hide/destroy records and get away with it. Recall his complaints that the White House toilets had something wrong with them. They were not flushing properly. Turned out it was official documents Trump was destroying by ripping them up and flushing them down the toilet.

Mar-a-Lago presented a similar problem. Trump illegally had records transported to Mar-a-Lago just before January 20. He tried to destroy them by toilet flushing. The same result as flushing in the White House. Trump complained at the time the Palm Beach sewer system was not functioning properly either.

I do not recall agreeing with Joe Manchin with regard to anything he has done. The man is selfish and self serving.

Now arises an issue where I do agree with Manchin. Cannot believe it!

Biden has proposed an additional tax be imposed on billionaires.

Biden’s plan is for a minimum 20 percent tax rate on households worth $100 million or more. The thorn in the plan is the tax being imposed on the accrued value of unsold investments.

The present law does not tax such monies till the asset is sold. No waiting under Biden’s plan.

Manchin disagrees with Biden’s proposal. I do also and for the same reason as Manchin. Lord forgive me!

Manchin’s argument which I agree with is that the wealthiest would be taxed on “things you don’t have.” In other words, the asset acquired has not yet been sold. The taxpayer has received no profit.

What Manchin is saying and what I agree with is “you might have the profit on paper,” but not in cash.

Makes sense to me. Keep the present plan in place. If Biden wants to increase the tax on the wealthy, he should increase the capital gains tax.

Enjoy your day!


Another Key West friend has moved on. Roger Keast. I received the sad news yesterday from his wife Cheryl.

Roger and Cheryl were Key West snowbirds for many years. I met them when I first purchased a home in Key West close to 30 years ago.

We became “members” of the Chart Room and Square One Restaurant.

Roger a party person. No question about it. Enjoyed life. Wife Cheryl lovely. The dutiful wife. Always attentive to Roger’s needs and made sure he was always the happy camper.

The two originally from Kankakee, Illinois. Roger a top notch electrician. Began an electrical company that grew by leaps and bounds. Today, operated by their sons.

A few years ago, Roger and Cheryl moved from Kankakee and Key West to Cape Coral. We saw less of each other as a result. Their Key West visits significantly fewer.

Though there was a connection that never failed. Cheryl kept in touch via the blog. She loyally read it each day. If the morning went by and I had not published yet, she wrote inquiring where was it, my health, etc.

Whereas Roger made me drink too much, Cheryl made me smile. No blog by noon, Cheryl would write what she described as her “daily fix.” Where was it on such a day?

My condolences Cheryl. You and Roger made a wonderful couple.

I hope you will occasionally visit us in Key West. Hurry! I am much older than Roger. I would not want to miss seeing you again.

A Citizens’ Voice comment this morning: “All over the world places ranging from other cities like Amsterdam and Barcelona to tourist towns like Sonoma, Cape Cod, and the Oregon Coast, are taking concrete steps to limit over-tourism. Here in the Keys, we continue to spend $50 million plus a year advertising for more tourists.”

Oh, how the Keys loved Harry Truman. And he loved the Keys in return, especially Key West.

On this day in 1964, the former President dedicated a bridge at Duck Key which had been named after him.

Spring breakers continue to be a problem in certain Florida locations First it was Miami. Big time problems there! Now, Panama City.

Officials arrested 78 persons and confiscated 75 guns from rampaging spring breakers. Officials called the number and types of guns enough to “arm a small army.”

One non-fatal shooting has occurred. A spring breaker from Alabama the shooter.

Those causing problems were described as “troublemakers.” Referred to as “panamaniacs.”

Officials claimed the group was being orchestrated by specific influencers online.

The Key West Dairy Queen has been a part of Key West for many years. It was already doing business when I arrived 30 years ago.

There are roughly 3,000 stores nationwide. Seventy two percent are owned by Warren Buffett’s holding company Berkshire Hathaway.

I do not believe the Key West one is.

Buffett’s Dairy Queens have launched a burger line. Five different type burgers which will be sold as part of its Dairy Queen operation.

Will Trump ever get indicted? For anythng! He has stepped over the line so oiften that it seems impossible for him not to be.

While the January 6 Committee is working hard, Attorney General Merrick Garland appears to be sitting on his ass. I warned when he was nominated this could happen. Good judges do not necessarily make good prosecutors. Judges take too long to make up their minds and before anything happens must be sure all t’s are crossed and all i’s dotted.

A federal judge may have put Garland on the spot. Sort of a shit or get off the pot thing.

Monday Federal Judge David Carter ruled that former President Trump  had “more likely than not” attempted to illegally obstruct Congress….based on the evidence.”

William Gladstone wrote, “Justice delayed is justice denied.” So true. Especially with regards to Trump’s wrongdoings which seem to take forever to pursue. Makes one wonder is Trump will walk away fre from responsibility for his wrongdoings.

I suspect Judge Cater’s decision will now accelerate matters. Americans want to know what happened, who was responsible, etc.

Two comments in YouTube this morning speak to the problem.

The first “until the words ‘Trump’ and ‘indicted’ for multiple federal crimes appear in the same sentence, I won’t hold my breath.”

The other: “Either everyone is accountable under the law, or no one.”

Washington Post columnist Charles M. Bloom in an article published this morning re Judge Jackson noted that Senate Judiciary Committee hearings for Supreme Court nominees have “long drifted into the realm of inconsequential theater.”

Right on, Bloom!

Tuesday again. Arrives promptly every week. Brings with it my blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine ths evening. Much to discuss this week.

Sins of many many. You will enjoy my ranting and raving. I get a lot off my chest. www/

Enjoy your day!


What a night it was! The Oscars and St.Peter’s.

The Academy awards were the best I’ve seen in years. In most instances, light. A lot of laughs.

One incident marred an otherwise perfect evening. Will Smith moving up onto the stage and slapping hard Chris Rock. If Smith’s hand had been a closed fist, Rock would be in a dentist’s chair this morning.

Rock made a comment about Smith’s wife Jada’s lack of hair. I thought it was funny. Her husband did not which is what caused him the slap Rock.

Smith then returned to his seat and loudly yelled not so nice comments at Rock. Including twice “fucking.”

Great language for a show being televised internationally.

Jada suffers from a hair loss problem referred to as Alopecia. Her head appears shaved. Many women attending the Oscars last night had cleanly shaved heads.

Rock made reference to Jada as GI Jane. Such was what Smith found offensive.

Forty minutes later it was announced Smith had won the Award for Best Actor. He cried during his acceptance speech. Not because he had won, but because he felt at his stage in life he had a responsibility to stand up for other people.

Sounded like he had a Divine intercession.

Rock handled the episode well. With class. The gentleman throughout.

A brief tribute to the Godfather was held. Appearing as part thereof were Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro.

Pacino got old! He looked it! Whereas DeNiro looked fantastic. Thin, white haired, tall standing.

How the clock of time affects each of us differently.

Liza Minnelli appeared with Lady Gaga. The years had again taken toll of a great star of yesteryear. Minnelli was confined to a wheel chair, hunched over. Mentally it appeared she was slipping a bit.


Lady Gaga treated Minnelli with love and affection. Tenderly best describes the treatment.

It was the end of the road for St. Peter’s. Destroyed by North Carolina 69-49. No competition.

Nevertheless, St. Peter’s will long be remembered in the annals of college basketball. The little guy who came from nowhere to reach the heights of collegiate basketball. Almost winning the whole thing. Came up 3 games short.

St. Peter’s was never in the game. It was apparent early on. St. Peter’s could not make a shot, whether from under the basket or a 3 pointer.

Coaching at North Carolina’s end is what did St.Peter’s in. North Carolina was a foot closer whenever St. Peter’s attempted a shot. Kept St. Peter’s off balance the entire game.

Zellenskyy asked for too much yesterday. More military hardware for one. The Ukraine is already receiving a lot. More is in the works. The United States and other NATO nations have not come up short in this area.

Zellenskyy screwed up when he suggested NATO was scared of Moscow: “NATO is intimidated by Russia.”

He and his people fail to realize a nuclear war must be avoided. As bad as the Ukraine appears today, there would be no Ukraine at all if nuclear weapons were to be used against them. Europe and the U.S. would also be in danger of a Putin inspired nuclear attack.

For the moment, NATO must continue assisting the Ukraine short of inducing a nuclear confrontation. Intimidation has nothing to do with it. The exercise of clear sense and judgment does.

Sidewalk cafes are here to stay.

Key West went to the use of outside tables and chairs initially to protect against coronavirus. The outdoor seating has worked well and from now on will be a regular feature of key West dining.

Enjoy your day!


Trump never quits. He continues to be sue crazy. Uses the courts like he owns them. His frequency of lawsuits definitely abuses the system..

He did it again.

Last week, Trump sued Hillary Clinton, the National Democratic Committee and several top Democrats. He claims they tried to rig the 2016 election by tying his campaign to Russia.

I do not recall whether Hillary and company did or did not. If they did not, they should have. Trump has been in Putin’s back pocket since well before the 2016 election.

The lawsuit does not make sense to me. A suit requires the suing party to have been damaged. Where was Trump damaged? He won the election.

The suit covers purported incidences that happened 5-6 years ago. Most if not all of the suit may be barred by the Statute of Limitations.

Trump may have a venue problem also. Though he sued the case in Florida for his convenience, it may end being tried in Washington, D.C. or New York City for “convenience of witnesses.”

Trump relies on the Mueller Report and Special Counsel Joe Durham’s investigation into the FBI’s 2016 investigation of Trump’s campaign.

An article published the day after suit was instituted claims the the suit “often exaggerates or misstates Durham’s allegations or other facts of the case.”

Trump’s win/loss record in court suits leaves much to be desired. How many has he won? Two or three, while losing well into the 60’s.

I sense this suit will cause his losing numbers to increase by one.

Madeleine Albright died. She was 84.

A distinguished American.

Albright was born in Czechoslovakia. She and her family were required to escape twice. First from the Nazis, then from the Communists.

Albright served as Secretary fo State and Ambassador to the U.N. The first woman to serve in both positions.

She was very much anti-Putin and constantly spoke of him in disparaging terms.

May she rest in peace.

No one can deny Judge Jackson is a strong woman. She was examined by the Judiciary Committee for two days for a total of 22 hours. Not only strong, intelligent also. I was very much impressed with her responses. She has a working legal mind.

The Ukrainian military continues to impress. Last week, it sunk the Russian warship Orsk.

Putin cannot be sleeping well.

Miami continues to operate with a ban on alcohol sales for outside drinking at 6 pm. Its midnight curfew continues also.

A few miles north is Fort Lauderdale. Its spring break crowd is partying with few if any problems thus far.

For what follows, I am sure I am going to be accused of being anti-black. Not so. Merely reporting facts as observed via the internet.

Review internet photos and videos for both cities. Miami’s college visitors are primarily black. Like 99 percent. Very very few whites to be seen. Whereas, Fort Lauderdale’s visitors, the reverse. Primarily whites, with a bit more blacks.

Someone bearing expertise in the area of discrimination should investigate and write an article why such occurred. A cause and effect expose.

St. Peter’s having a hell of a Big Tournament run. Tonight, they meet the University of North Carolina at 5 pm in an Elite Eight game.

St. Peter’s recently beat Purdue to reach this point.

At first St. Peter’s was viewed as a Cinderella team. No longer. They have proven in their last 3 games they belong. A great team. Players and coach alike. Start with 4 guards. Have no really tall man. Well coached.

Whoever heard of St. Peter’s? A small Jesuit University in Jersey City. A student population of 2,300. More female than male.

It would not surprise me if the team won again this evening. St. Peter’s is Final Four material.

A good evening entertainment wise. Following the St. Peter’s game, the Academy Awards.

The price of gasoline in Key West has gone up $.15 per gallon in one week. Now $4.60 a gallon. Took me $60 to fill my small Volkswagen tank yesterday.

On this day in 1954, RCA began producing color TV sets at its Bloomington, Indiana plant.

I saw my first color TV in operation 3 years later in June 1957.

I had graduated from Manhattan College that day. We had a family dinner afterwards at the Stella D’Oro restaurant in the Bronx. Its famous Italian cookie making plant stood behind the restaurant. The restaurant top shelf.

During diner, an excitement ran through the restaurant. Everyone ran to the bar. Color TV!


I would compare it to how audiences must have felt when they viewed their first talking movie.

Enjoy your Sunday!



The character of the Supreme Court is blemished once again. Respect for the Court further diminished.

The Court’s most recent smear involves the wife of Associate Justice Thomas. Ginni Thomas.

Thomas is the longest sitting Justice at the moment. Well over 25 years. I was not impressed with him when he was nominated. His confirmation hearing bore witness to my questioning of his character.

I believed Anita Hill. Thomas’ emotional ranting that her charges and how the Committee was treating him was a “lynching” did not change my opinion one iota. I saw it as theater and the act of a “dying nominee” to survive.

And survive he did.

To be totally frank, I am compelled to advise I was disappointed in then Senator Biden. He was Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. I thought him condescending of Hill. He treated her as a “woman” was viewed back then. Tolerated her right to appear. Otherwise treated her as a fly on one’s arm. He lightly brushed she and her story aside.

As an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Thomas has not distinguished himself. Appellate judges/justices ask questions. Piercing ones. Such is how they weave what the law should be out of attorneys before them.

Thomas asked extremely few questions his first 25 years on the bench. One or two. One or two over the entire 25 years.

I ascribe his failure to ask questions as an indication he felt insecure in his job. He feared he would look stupid.

He wrote a book several years ago about his judicial career. Everyone said, Oh, what a great Justice he was, a smart learned man. Nothing further from the truth.

From day one, he was a far right conservative Justice. Rarely if ever deviated from the philosophical position.

He was married before becoming a Justice of the Supreme Court. To Ginni Thomas. One of America’s farthest to the right persons. Spoke her mind freely. Speaks her mind freely even to today.

Respect for her by ultraconservative America has grown over the years. Not because she became smarter over the years. Rather bcause of her husband’s position on the Court.

She and the Justice have always taken the position they do not discuss with each other their political views, thoughts on issues, etc. I never believed them. Still do not. Husbands and wives talk about everything, except perhaps their extra marital affairs.

Ginni a strong supporter of Donald Trump. She believes Trump’s lie about the election having been stolen from him. From 10/10/20 to 1/10/21, she and Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows exchanged 29 texts referable to Trump’s defeat, what should be done, etc.

She texted Meadows that a “rescue” of Trump was needed. She told Meadows that he and other top Republicans should try to overturn the 2020 election.

Ginni offered legal strategies to overturn the election result. Including the use of Attorney Sydney Powell.

Her 10/10/20 text to Meadows: “Help this Great President stand firm, Mark!!!…You are the leader, with him, who is standing for America’s constitutional governance at the precipice. The majority knows Biden and the Left is attempting the greatest Heist of our History.”

Meadows in certain of his texts referred to Trump as the “King of Kings.” He viewed Trump as involved in the fight of “good vs. evil.”

One thing the American people were unaware of till the past 48 hours is that Ginni was present at the January 6 insurrection. When asked, she initially claimed she was present only at Trump’s early morning rally speech. Went home thereafter because it was too cold.

The “too cold” representation again only mentioned once. There is uncertainty whether she was also there when the steps of the Capitol were stormed.

Should Ginni be subpoenaed by the January 6 Committee? I think so. Definitely. Many are already demanding it.

I believe the people also have a right to know what, if any, was her knowledge and pre-planing of January 6. Did she know, what did she know, what was her participation?

Enjoy your day!


Political Washington smells more and more. The odors of the sewers reached Judge Jackson’s Senate confirmation hearing the past 3 days.

The stench to a degree rarely achieved.

The foul mouthed sick minds Senators Hawley, Graham, Cruz, Lee and Blackburn.

It all began in November 2016. A false conspiracy theory was born. In short order, it was believed by 50 percent of Trump’s supporters who still believe the theory today.

The false claim was that high Democrat officials and U.S. restaurants were involved in human trafficking and a child sex ring.

North Carolinian Edgar Maddison bought the theory. He armed himself with an AR-15 and a holster revolver and traveled to the Comet Ping Pong pizza restaurant in Washington. He believed the lies being made. One of which was there was a child sex ring operating out of Comet’s cellar.

He entered Comet, scared everyone out, fired one shot and in due course surrendered to authorities.

He appeared in 2017 before U.S. District Court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson for sentencing. The same Judge Jackson who has been before the Senate Judiciary Committee this week for confirmation purposes.

She sentenced him to 4 years. The Prosecution had requested 4.5 years.

QAnon picked up on the child sex abuse theory and gave it new life in 2020.

Nothing related thus far came up during this week’s confirmation hearing. Why, I don’t know. Significant to the extent it involved alleged child sex abuse and Judge Jackson. Perhaps because Judge Jackson’s sentence was merely 6 months less than that recommended by the prosecution.

Hawley and Cruz each hope to be the Republican Party candidate for President in 2024. Each wants QAnon’s support. Each groveled for it the past 3 days. Each sold their soul to the company store.

Hawley jumped on 7 child sex porn cases and chastised Jackson for what he considered insufficient sentencing. What he was actually indicating was Jackson was soft on child sex abuse. Nothing further from the truth, of course. Her record as a mother, wife, judge and human being indicate absolutely nothing along those lines.

Hawley was trying to make something out of nothing. Cruz saw the value in it and immediately jumped into the attack. Graham carried it on solely for the purpose it would get his name in print. Lee and Blackburn, I do not understand. Staunch conservatives. However neither has an  ax to grind re the issue nor is seeking the Republican Presidential nod in 2024.

The conduct of the Senators named similar to the witch hunts of the middle ages. Without justification, certain persons were attacked. Jackson was under similar attack this week. The attack senseless and without justification.

The Senators prostituted and prostrated themselves for QAnon support in 2024.

Very very few either in the Republocan Senate or the United States itself support the insanity promulgated by Hawley and Cruz, or the other 3 Senators attempting to besmirch Jackson with their lies.

Media comments not supportive of the Hawley/Cruz attack. Referred to the baseless ramblings as an “unfounded smear….unfair…..last ditch, eve of hearing degenerative attack on her record on sentencing in sexual offense cases…..nauseating…..(and) dishonest.”

To make sure everyone recalls Hawley, he is the the U.S. Senator who as he was climbing the Capitol steps on January 6  raised his fist in solidarity with the protesters.

I sensed color was an issue with certain Senators also. Veiled,  nevertheless there.

Jackson is in the midst of a horrible fight. An unfair one.

I was impressed with Jackson. As I wrote in yesterday’s blog, I have been watching these confirmation hearings since 1960. She is without question the finest and most qualified candidate nominated for the Supreme Court.

My prediction is Jackson will ultimately be confirmed by the full Senate in a very close vote. If not it will be the country’s loss, not hers.

Enjoy your day!



Recall the book and then movie Barbarians at the Gate. Yesterday, I saw demagogues at the gate: Four Republican Senators sitting in judgment on Judge Jackson’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Undisciplined animals. Lacking even in basic courtesies. Kill their thrust. Putins unloading on the Ukraine.

On monday, the Republican side assured the hearing would not be a “circus.” On tuesday, the “clown car” rolled in as preliminary questioning began. The demagogues doubled down.

Judge Jackson met the “enemy” from morning to mid evening. She accorded herself well.

The demagogues were Senators Graham,Cruz, Cotton and Hawley.

Their conduct was not helpful to the purpose of the hearing nor to the needs of the United States. They should find another job better suited to their ruthless demeaning attacks. Perhaps as military advisors to Putin.

One Republican Senator impressed me. Senator Sasse. Not an attorney. Nevertheless, he came prepared. He had researched in detail the issues that concerned him.

The exchange between he and Judge Jackson was as two persons  engaged in a pleasant conversation concerning issues they both understood well.

We need more Sasses in the U.S. Senate.

Graham and Cruz’s times in the Senate have passed. They no longer are of value to the country.

Cotton and Hawley are young Turks. Raring to go! Take on all comers! Correctness of their positions immaterial. Attack and destroy their motivations. The Senate can do without their kind.

Discouraging news from the White House. The White House reported yesterday that the U.S. has depleted funds to purchase further vaccines and provide them free to certain members of the public.

The money is available. Congress has it tied up in failing to approve the budget item. Fifteen billion dollars is required.

The $15 billion to pay for second booster shots for those 65 and older. Also to pay the cost of first shots for those under 5 years of age.

All politics. Can’t blame the Republicans alone. Not when some Democrats are blind to the public’s needs.

This day in 2010 will be recorded as one of the most important in U.S. history. On this day, Obama signed into law the Affordable Care Act.

Today noteworthy because of words spoken by Patrick Henry before the Virginia Provincial Convention in 1775: “Give me liberty or give me death!”

Kelenskyy 247 years later.

Two local restaurants recently sold. Shanna Key and Boondocks.

Shanna Key was purchased by local bartender Scottie Jahn and his business partner Joe Donagher. Some remodeling being done. Shanna Key will reopen as Sally O’Brien’s Irish Sports Bar.

Dollar figures not available at this time.

Boondocks. Always worth the drive up U.S. 1. Located just short of Big Pine.

Larry Gardner bought the property in 2001 for $662,500. He enlarged and improved it.

The closing took place December 28. The sales price $10 million. Purchasers Mark Vastaro and Randal Kassewitz. They have announced nothing would change. Boondocks will continue as is.

Key West will have a Catholic high school again.

The previous Catholic high school was operated by The Basilica School of St. Mary’s Star of the Sea. It closed in 1986 due to declining enrollment.

St. Mary’s advises a resurgence in demand for a Catholic high school. It will begin with grades 9 and 10 in 2023.

A significant sports day for Key West. On this day in 1924, the first six holes of the new golf course on Stock Island were opened for play.

Enjoy your day!


The second day of Judge Jackson’s confirmation hearing is today. Yesterday’s time was absorbed with opening statements, some of which indicate the path certain Senators will take in their questioning.

Republicans have promised “no circus” at the hearing.

Not to be believed.

The “clown circus” will commence with the start of questioning today. The demagogues will double down.

One of the first to lie and attempt to disgrace Judge Jackson will be Senator Hawley. You remember him. He was the Senator who climbed the steps of the Capitol on January 6. He walked through the crowd undisturbed. It was as if a path had been opened for him.

At one point, he turned to face the crowd and raised his fist in the air. Signifying to me he agreed with them. Perhaps was involved in some fashion with the group.

Senator Hawley is excited. He has the “big one” that will help defeat Judge Jackson: She is soft on child pornography.

The man is sick. What he seeks to attribute to Judge Jackson also sick in that it is a heinous lie.

There will be a few others of Hawley’s ilk also.

The first day or two of Spring Break in Miami Beach went well. It has ended. Violence erupted. Shooting occurred injuring 5 persons.

The Mayor has declared a State of Emergency. A curfew is being imposed.

Andrew Yermak is the Head of the Presidential Office in the Ukraine. He was quoted in an Opinion piece in the Washington Post: ” The West underestimated the Ukraine’s bravery. Now, it’s underestimating Putin’s brutality.”

I find it difficult to understand how values are misapplied at the state level in Florida. Free medical and dental is provided to children in the Florida Keys whose parents cannot afford such care.

The group providing the services is not for profit. Its name The Florida Keys Area Health and Education Center.

The organization will have to cut its program. The Legislature ignored its request for $650,000. It has provided monies to assist in previous years. Five hundred thousand dollars last year. Now zip.

At the same time, Governor DeSantis’ desire for an “election police” has been approved. Approved to tackle an “urgent problem” which in reality is a “non-existent” one.

Studies reveal roughly 0.000677 percent of Florida voters have been committing voter fraud.

Voter fraud is a “crime” that does not exist with any substance in Florida. Children requiring medical and dental assistance does.

Lynda Frechette. My friend, oracle of wisdom, the nicest of persons. Two days ago, Lynda e-mailed her blog followers a short essay titled ” The Magic Bank Account.”

Two lines at the end perceptive: “Don’t complain about growing old…..! Some people don’t get the privilege!”

Tuesday comes swiftly every week. This evening my blog talk radio show: Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.” Join me for some interesting ranting and raving. Much going on in the world.

Enjoy your day!



My plan to be out and about yesterday fell by the wayside. I never left the house. The day turned out to be a compelling sports one.

The NCAA Tournament! College basketball at is best. I watched all the games. Sharing them at one point with the Valpraso Professional Golf Tournament.

All the basketball games were close. Nail biters.

I was especially interested in the Duke game. Duke v. Michigan State. Duke won by 9 points, pulling away in the last 2-3 minutes.

Initially Duke was down by 4-5 points with less than 3 minutes to go. After the game, Duke coach Krzyzewski admitted he thought the game was lost. “The ship was sinking” as he described it in a post game interview.

He took no credit for the victory. He said it was not coaching that won the game. It was the grit and determination of the players.

The Sweet Sixteen next.

Saturday offered what turned out to be another great game. Number 15 St. Peter’s played #7 Murray State. St. Peter’s had beat #2 Kentucky a few days earlier. Rare for a #15 seed to beat a #2.

Saturday, St. Peter’s delivered another surprise victory. They beat Murray State.

St. Peter’s is the Cinderella team of the tournament. A very low ranked slowly moving to the top.

We are all underdog fans. I hope St. Peter’s wins in the Sweet Sixteen round.

Then goes on to win the whole thing!

There was pro golf yesterday afternoon. The Valparaiso.

A close one. A playoff required involving Sam Burns and David Riley. Burns a winning pro for some time already. Riley looking for his first win.

Burns won on the second playoff hole.

The victory pushed Burns into the #1 ranking overall worldwide in professional golf. He replaced Dustin Johnson who had been #1 for 7 years.

Riley will win in due course. Shots well.

Kelenskyy said in effect that if the next round of negotiations between he and Putin fail, it will be World War III.

Putin continuously advises one of the reasons he went into the Ukraine was fascism. Leading one to think he is asserting fascism was rampant in the Ukraine.

Sounded like he was lying.

It turns out Putin is a fascist in his own right. “His fascism” dominates his political thinking. Something I was not aware of till yesterday.

The fascism is philosophically based. At the outset, understand I am not a philosophical genius. I hated my philosophy courses in college. Mentally they were difficult for me to handle. Not my cup of tea.

Therefore I can merely share what I have discovered and suggest if you want to know more, read the subject matter yourself. Heavy stuff not making sense to me.

Let us begin with Trump. Recall his first wife Ivana wrote in a book after their divorce that Trump kept a Hitler authored book by his bed. Not Mein Kampf. He read a few pagers every night.

Putin’s fascism is derived from Ivan Illyin. A religious and political philosopher. He died in 1954.

Illyin viewed Hitler as a defender of civilization derived from Bolshevism. Note Putin labeled would be a descendant of Red Russianism, another way to describe Bolshevism.

Nevertheless, Illyin approved of the way Hitler had derived his anti-Semitism from the ideology of White Russians.

In 1933, Illiyan published “National Socialism. A New Spirit” in support of the takeover of Germany by the Nazis.

If you are confused at this point, so am I.

I suspect to clearly understand what “fascism” Putin talks about re the Ukraine, you must understand how Illyin is considered to be the major ideological inspiration for Putin.

I suspect two things come into play.

First, in 1917 Russian groups jostled in revolutionary fashion for control of the new Russia. The Reds and Whites. The Reds were then and are now the Bolsheviks of today. Intellectually, Putin’s fascist thought frame is derived from Bolshevism.

The confusion arses immediately bcause the first thought is Putin is a Hitler fan. Not so. He is opposed to that type fascism. And that type is the one he relegates to the Ukraine.

The second item to consider is that Putin believes God is Russia. Yes, God is Russia. Not Russia is God.

Illyin’s basis for the God involvement is heavy. Bear with me. I am merely going to set it forth. I leave any further digging up to you.

“In the beginning the word was God. The God made youthful mistakes. He made the world to compete with himself, but instead soiled Himself and lied in shame. God’s, not Adam’s, was the original sin, the release of the imperfect…..Modern life, with its pluralisms and its civil society, deepened the flaws of the world and kept God in exile.”

Heavy stuff. I find it difficult to understand. If any of you do comprehend Illyin and his Putin impact, write and share your conclusions with us.

Perhaps only Putin and a handful of others understand the fascism distinction which Putin believes.

Enjoy your day!