Golf yesterday!

I wish I could tell you how well I played. I cannot. I sucked! Like I had never played before. Topped the ball all over the course. I don’t know why. Besides lifting my head.

Played with Yankee Jack and Aaron. Yankee and I played a money game. As bad as I was, he only beat me by two holes. I lost all of $2.

Very humid yesterday. Fortunately, overcast. Or it would have been more difficult to play.

It was supposed to rain yesterday. It did not. Four consecutive days of rain had been reported starting yesterday. Still waiting. We need the rain desperately!

After golf, it was back to Verizon. To pick up the second computer. I thought the problem was resolved and it was the wireless connection purchased from Verizon. Turns out it was not. It is my computer. A problem that requires me to find someone to repair the computer itself.

The golf and humidity knocked me out. I laid down at 4 in the afternoon to rest a bit. I fell asleep. Woke at 7:20. I had the Stiletto Contest to judge at 8. I really had to move my ass!

The Stiletto Society sponsors a Stiletto Contest once a month. At Vinos on Duval. A cute wine/beer bar and seating area.

The place was packed! Ninety five per cent women. All well attired. Most in spectacular stiletto heeled shoes.

It was Red Hot Stiletto night. The shoes were hot! The ladies hot! Thirtys to fiftys. All lovely!

I knew none, except one. Wild! All the time I have been in Key West, I had never even seen the lovely ladies who were present last night.

Stephanie Kaple of Island Shoe Girl fame operates the Stiletto Society which sponsors the contest.

We were four judges. Three males and one female. We were seated at a table at one end of the room. At the other end was the doorway leading into the bar room. From that door to the judges’ table was a bright red carpet. The ladies walked towards us and then turned and sauntered back.The crowd, primarily ladies again, whooping it up and cheering.

Each judge was responsible for scoring each individual. 1-10. Ten was the best. About 20 ladies participated. Our only instruction was to score from the ankle down. And…..view from only the ankle down. Difficult to do!

I scored some women 1 and some 10. And the rest in between. In the end, the scores of the four judges were averged and the winner decided thusly.

It was a fun experience! Hope I am asked to do it again some time.

I ran into Theresa. The one female guest I knew. She used to wait tables at Antonia’s. That place I have not been a customer at for at least two years. She no longer waits tables. She is a liquor distributor. She was a participant in the Contest. Her shoes were great. Gave her her a 10!

Afterwards, I headed over to Don’s Place for a drink. Empty. Chatted with Angus for a while. One of the best of the best in Key West.

Then home to bed.

Tomorrow is my internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Most of today will be spent in final preparation for the show. Jenna is due in the afternoon to help me fine tune the show.

Tomorrow’s show will be my first in three weeks. My jaw has prevented me doing the show. I could not enunciate. I can speak clearly now. All will be able to understand me.

There is so much happening out in the world. So much has happened in the last three weeks. Ergo, I have much to talk about. To rant and rave about. Join me at 10 am my time tomorrow/friday.

Big weekend ahead! Fourth of July weekend. Key West is already filling up.

My playbook for the weekend is filling fast. I am not sure/cannot recall what tomorrow evening holds. Alsheimer setting in. Saturday is an all day big time pool party at Karen’s. You have not lived till you’ve done a Key West pool party!

The Fourth is fireworks and a beach party. Fireworks on the White Streer Pier. The party on the grounds of the Casa Marina. Right now the game plan is to watch the fireworks from Nate and Missy’s place. They live three stories up near the beach.

July 6 is a big All american day, also. My birthday. Number 76!

Thursday is our four team bocci party at Don’s Place. A winner every year!

David’s birthday is this week, also. July 3. He will be 61. I joke with him that he is a mere child compared to me.

Mike Yutzy is coming in for a couple of days. Mike is my friend from Las Vegas. The love of his life lives in Fort Lauderdale. They will be here saturday and sunday. He is friend to Don, also. The four of us plan on dinner together sunday evening.

Enjoy your day!

Weird day yesterday machinery wise.

I have two computers. Both down yesterday. I spent three pluse hours sitting around Verizon trying to have the problem to one diagnosed. The new one I acquired two weeks ago. The older and very expensive one was in for attention the day before.

Turns out the problem for both had to do with the wireless connection.

By the way, Verizon are good people to deal with. They hung in there solving the problem. It was their device that was not communicating properly. The cost to me nothing, except for exasperation.

When I left Verizon, my cell phone would not work. There was a note saying no Sim contact. What the hell was Sim? I bought the phone from AT&T almost two years ago. Good attention at AT&T also. There was nothing wrong with the Sim card. They did not know why the phone screwed up. I could neither call nor receive for about an hour.

Then to Walgreen’s. Wanted to call my heart doctor’s office while I was waiting in a very slow moving line. Like 15 minutes to be reached. No cell phone service again!

Back to AT&T. I could not even get in the door. Everyone was trying to get in. Turns out AT&T was down for a couple of hours. My purported Sim problem in all oikelihood was a precursor to the major problem.

It was now close to 5 o’clock. I had spent a day with failing machinery. I lost a lengthy blog in the morning just as I finished it. Spent time sitting around Vedrizon.They should get something for their customers to read. And then, the AT&T debacle.

In the meantime, Michael Shields questions how I could advise my blog readers my computer was down. There are others whose computers were working. Like Lisa. And then a friend/reader who believes I need a new computer.There can be other legitimate reasons besides age why a computer is down. Besides, I have two computers as explained. I bought the new one because I am lazy. My home is two stories. I wanted a computer upstairs and another downstairs. I am lazy. Perfsonal conveniences are always a goal.

Do I sound frustrated? I am/was. A pain in the ass day…..all day!

My evening was better. Hit Don’s Place early. Jenna still sick. A crew came in from golf. Don, David, Larry and more. Michelle there. We spoke quite a while. She is Italian/Irish in origin. We talked of her background. Especially the Italian part. All familiar to me.

Erica, Herschel, Rob, Bebe, Alex, Boomer and more at Don’s also. It was like New Year’s Eve at 6 in the evening.

Kurt and I hooked up and went to Outback for dinner. I was able to chew. I had to order selectively, however. Ribs that fell off the bone. Soft. And a baked potato.

I was home in bed by nine.

This morning golf!

The weather is turning. The humidity heavy. Rain is projected for the next 4-5 days. Good! We need rain desperately here in Florida. I don’t care if it makes it impossible to complete play. That is how bad rain is needed!

My desr friend Susan Cullen of Chart Room fame is home. She fell from her bicycle over the weekend and broke her leg. Required surgery. A plate and cadaver were needed. Sheila and I are now birds of a feather.

I visted Sheila at he hospital yesterday morning before I started my computer trek. She looked good for a woman in pain! I might have jumped her bones if she did not have a broken bone. Only joking! But good you did look, Sheila!

Poor Stephanie Kaple. She owns a condo in a 7 or 8 condo building. Two nights ago at around 4 in the morning, the gent living upstairs apparently had a party. The newspaper claims he picked up 2 guys somewhere on Duval. Took them them home with him. They showered together, did some cocaine.

A brawl ensued. The two guests escaped in their underwear. The police were called. Stephanie’s neighbor bolted himself in the apartment. He had a gun. He started 6 different fires in the apartment. A shot rang out. He was found dead in the bathtub with a bullet hole in his head. He had done himself in.

Stephanie is safe.Sshe and her dog temporarily out of an abode. A friend has opened an empty golf course home for her to live in. Stephanie lost her furniture and clothes. Has significant property damage to her condo. And tons of damaged expensive shoes.

Stephanie is the Island Shoe Girl. Tonight is her monthly Stilletto Contest at Vino’s on Duval. I am judging. Why, I am not sure. Stiletto heeled female shoes are not quite with my area of expertise. It should be fun!

Enjoy your day!


My computer screwed up! I had a terrific blog  completed for today. All kinds of interesting happenings. Just as I finished, my computer crashed.

I am finally home. Tried to retrieve the blog at Lisa’s and Verizon’s. Could not. It is floating somewhere in never never land.

I am exhausted!

No blog today. Sorry. I am just too tired. It is close to mid afternoon.

So……some goodies from todays lost blog and some new items from today’s activities will appear tomorrow.

My apologies again.

Enjoy your day!

A lovely Sunday yesterday!

I was up early. Had to be at the airport by 8. Cameron was leaving at 9 for Mongolia. Cameron is my 16 year old grandson by marriage. Part of my extended family.

A good kid!

Cameron has been selected by some group to spend a month in Mongolia. Performing what has been described as community service. He will live with a Mongolian family while he is there.

The airport scene was sad. We had time for breakfast. Every one trying to be cheerful. Even me.

The good byes at security were especially touching. Cameron’s mother Myra was crying. Corey trying to act tough. Lisa’s eyes filled. Mine also.

Robert and Ally had there arms around Cameron’s legs. I thought Ally was going to bust out in tears.

Cameron flew American to Miami.Then American to Los Angeles. He was met in LA by his group leader. Cameron roomed last night with another young man who was going to Mongolia with the group. Some one Cameron had not met before.

He telephoned his mother Myra at 3 this morning. Midnight LA time. He was in the pool with some others who were traveling to the Orient with the group.

Cameron flies to Soeul, Korea, this morning. Then somehow to Mongolia. From Soeul forward, it will be small planes, vans and buses. Perhaps even a camel. I kid you not.

He will be staying with a Mongolian family. Tent inhabitants, probably. Mongolians are nomadic in nature. Their homes are frequently moved about. Ergo, the tent existence.

Modern toilet facilities will not be genrally available. A hole in the ground.

After the airport visit, I was off to the Coffee House. Awfully early to be up! I had a cup of coffee and browsed through the Sunday New York Times. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. I never made it to the final portion of the Church revival service.

Lunch time brought an unexpected visit by Lisa and the family. Robert and Ally were in their swim suits. They came to swim!

Not yesterday! The pool copping was being painted.

We had lunch and they left. Probably to the beach.

I spent the rest of the afternoon writing and watching the golf match on TV. These young players all putt extremely well. All perform like Tigers! Whatever happens with Tiger’s career from this point forward, he can know he elevated the game to another level. Today’s new players would never have played this well were they not in chase of Tiger Woods.

Jenna and I had dinner at the Yacht club. A quiet enjoyable interlude. For two people 50 years apart, we communicate well. Her midwestern Indiana upbringing and the influence of her parents enable our relationship. Interesting.

I was home early. Before 9.

Some tidbits.

I just found out via Facebook this morning that friend Sheila from the Chart Room is in the hospital.She had an accident and broke several bones. As soon as I am finished here, I am off to the hospital to visit her.

Stephnaie Kaple of shoe girl fame suffered a disaster, also. A fire. I communicated immediately upon hearing yesterday. Jean Thornton had e mailed me from where ever she is  vacationing. I telephoned Stephanie immediately. She was harried. I merely expressed sorrow, told her I was glad she was well, and offered her and her dog a place to stay.

Stephnie’s monthly stiletto contest is this Wednesday evening at Vino’s on Duval. I am scheduled to Judge! Going to be an experience. Attractive ankles and the cut of a woman’s calf, I understand. Shoes, I do not.

I am a Manhattan College graduate. Manhattan men are known as Jaspers. After the founder of the College, Brother Jasper.

Jasper John R. is a loyal blog reader. He too is a Manhattan grad. Ergo, the Jasper name. He comments frequently to this blog.

Jasper lives some where in New Jersey. He is a bit younger than me, but not my much I suspect.

Jasper’s wife, Evelyn Reinke, died of cancer. Evelyn’s birthday is July 1. Her neice thought it would be nice to celebrate Evelyn’s memory and birthday by doing something more than just sitting around and talking of her. She came up with the idea of a blood drive. Apparently Evelyn had roughly 125 pints of blood and 75 of platlets in her attempts to survive.

So a blood drive in Evelyn’s honor has been planned for July 1. It will be at the Micro Waste facility , 5 Industrial Drive, New Brunswick, NJ. From noon to six in the evening.

Go! Give! Help replenish the gift of life!

Telephone 732-565-5880 to sign up. If you give elsewhere, remember to say it is honor of Evelyn Reinke.

Let me know how it goes, Jasper.

Then there is Martin BK of the Washington, DC, area. Another loyal blog reader and commentator.

He wrote recently he was going to catch the last Follies show. He wrote afterwards how terrific it was. He was especially complimentary of Terri. He further mentioned the show would be opening next month in New York.

What irritates and disappoints me is that I had it arranged for Martin BK and whoever was in his party to gain admission after the show backstage. He would have met Terri and Donna personally and been Terri’s guest at the closing party.

My problem was and is I did not and still do not know how to communicate back to my readers. You can appreciate I cannot have my telephone or personal e mail floating out there on the internet. So I failed in getting this info to Martin.

Sorry, Martin.

Enough for today. I have to shower and head over to the hospital. My friend Shiela needs me!

Enjoy your day!

Good morning world!

Hello from early Sunday morning in Key West.

Yesterday was spent writing and watching TV. With a bit of sun bathing thrown in. I find as I get older that the skin does not maintain a tan well.

Last night was outstanding! Our bocce banquet!

At Cowboy Bill’s. A terrific party!

Cowboy’s was packed inside and out. Every one in a good mood. Having fun!

The evening started at Don’s Place. Met some team members. Drove over to Cowboy Bill’s. Michelle and Alex rode with me. The day had been warm . Thetop up. Nichelle insisted I put it down. She said…’ve two hot women here… them off!

Alex, by the way, is female.

Our team won 3 awards.Plus, one other sponsored Don teams won another. We walked away with the most plaques. I was happy for Don and David.

One plaque was for being the Most Improved Team. We went from 12th place last season to 3rd this season. Another for our teams Third Place finish in the thursday night league. Well deserved! The highest the team has ranked in the 5 or 6 years of its existence. Don received a special award which read in part…..In appreciation for all your support as a sponsor and a friend of the Southernmost Bocce League. Don sponsors 3 teams. He accepted the award for his sponsored team which came in second in the thursday night league.

I enjoyed the evening. Every one and every thing top shelf. From the people, to the food, to the drinks.

It was my intention to attend a church revival after the bocce banquet. The old fashioned fire and brimstone thing. Last night was called Night of Glory. Never made it. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

The three day revival is sponsored by the Church of Christ. The closing service is 10:30 this morning. I shall try again. My intentions are good. However, I have a feeling I will  not make it.

Why do I want to attend? Out of respect to one of my dental hygenists. She and her husband run/minister a church in Key West. They are sponsoring the revival.

My morning starts busy.

My grandson Cameron leaves for Mongolia at 8. You heard me correctly, Mongolia. Somewhere near China.

Cameron is 16. Just completed his second year of high school. A good kid. A good older brother to Robert and Ally.

Some group/organization sponsors world wide trips for young persons. Six have been selected from the Key West area this year. One is Cameron. All alone he leaves this morning to fly to Los angeles where he will hook up with other persons traveling to the Far East. Cameron will live with a family. His responsibility is to assist/provide community service to the Mongolian people.

What a trip! What an experience! We are all excited for him. Cameron, of course, is more excited than any one and cannot wait to get on the plane.

Tonight…..I think…..I am having dinner with Jenna at the Yacht Club.

It’s a tough life!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Mike Yutzy is a Vegas friend.They do not come any better.

Yesterday Mike texted me with some sad news. Peter Falk had died.

Peter Falk of Columbo fame. Star of many other movies and TV shows.

I enjoyed Falk for two reasons primarily. First, he entertained me. He brought joy and pleasure regardless of the role he played. Second, he graduated from Syracuse University. He received his Masters at SU some time in the mid 1950s.

Falk only had one eye. At age 3, he lost the other due to cancer.

Falk flirted with central New York more than once, more than Syracuse. He did some undergraduate work at Hamilton College. Hamilton is about 10 miles outside Utica. He started at Hamilton, left, did a stint if I recall correctly in the merchant marine, and then reurned to Hamilton. He did not stay long. He attended one or more schools before he finally obtained his Bachelor’s degree some where else.

Early in Falk’s career, he was doing a play in New York City. He happened upon the Art Students League. He walked in and opened a door. There was a female nude model “…buck-ass naked.”

Falk took up art as a result. In his later years, he spent much time in his Beverly Hills garage. He had made it over into a studio for charcoal sketching. Many of the sketches were of nude females. He once said “…the female body is awesome.”

I agree. My art collection contains many nudes by noteworthy artists. The female body is awesome!

Lets return to Syracuse University for a moment.

The law school building was next to the art school building. One day my study group of Parker Stone, David Yafee and I were out walking taking a break from our studies. It started to rain. We entered the art school building to get out of the rain. We experienced a Peter Falk moment.

The door to one of the class rooms was open. There sat this lovely young lady “bare-ass naked” as Falk would say.

Wow! Wow! And wow, again! This was 1957. Such views were rare. Extremely! I would observe that if a man wanted to see a naked woma back thenn, he had to marry. That is how it was!

Needless to say, more frequent break walks were needed. The art school building became a haven of sorts and I discovered I was a voyeur at heart.

Don’s wife is on vacation. Ergo, Don and I went out last night. We met first at his place. Don’s Place. Then to the Chart Room.

The new bartender was working. JJ. Only his second day. Don’t know whether I like him yet. Need more time. Key West bartenders are entertainers and a celebrity breed, also. I did not get to chat with JJ that long to come to any conclusions about him.

Ran into some terrific tourists at the Chart Room. Their first time Key West visit. They hail from Elizabeth Town, Pennsylvania. Some where in the Hershey area.

Two couples.

Jen and Neil were one. Jen is a substiute teacher. Neil is an admissiomns coordinator for a trade school.

The other couple were Lindsi and Andy. Lindsi is in med school. Impressive! Andy is with Aunty Annes. I hope I got his company name correct.

These four rented a two bedroom condo at Truman Annex. They were and are having the time of their lives. Each swore to return to Key West.

They will.

We all left the Chart Room together. The four were off to Better Than Sex. A desert restaurant. Don and I went to Island Dogs.

Visited with a lot of the help and customers. Many I knew. Some of Don’s staff work at Island Dogs part time. One is Tommy. Another Don’s Place bartender Todd was coming in as we were leaving.

I tried eating last night. I am enunciating. So that problem is behind me. Chewing is still a problem. I have to try different things to find out where I am at. Last night was wings. No good. I ate them all. With much difficulty, however. Too crispy. I am about 50 per cent home regarding the chewing problem. That’s progress! A week ago, I could not chew at all!

I dropped Don off at Don’s Place and returned home.

Tonight is big! The bocce league is having their season banquet this evening. At Cowboy Bill’s. I have never been there. Don is being recognized. He is getting an award for his unfailing support of the bocce league and program over the years.

Hopefully after the bocce party, I will be in condition to head over to the Keys Community College. One of the dental hygenists  working on me is wife to a minister.They have their own church. She is always asking me to attend services. This weekend the church is sponsoring a three day revival. My sense it is one of those old fashioned hell burning fire and brimstone things.

I promised her I would try to attend. Just a part. A small part. The 7 o’clock tonight portion. It lasts 4-5 hours. If I arrive a bit late, it will make no difference.

It appears my night will be whooping it up followed by some church going. An interesting combination!

Cowboy Bill’s has a mechanical bull. It will be a first time for me watching it in operation. Worry not, Louis will not attempt to ride the bull. No way!

Enjoy your day!

I had a wonderful time yesterday!

About time! 

The pendulum is starting to swing back to normal.

My dental appointment was first thing in the morning. Two hours of it. I was not sure when I left if progress had been made.

I had appointments booked back to back. My next stop was Tammy at Lee Nails for a pedicure and manicure. Did the pedicure first. Comforting. I fell asleep.

I had trouble staying awake during the manicure.  When I went to pay Tammy, I shortchanged her $12. I had difficulty comprehending the dollar exchange.

What was up? I am off the pain pills. They were crazy. I had a problem sleeping all week. My behaviour was strange. Withdrawal?

Headed to Publix. My chewing capability was to have improved following yesterday’s dental work.

I purchased some items which required chewing. Simple things, but food items I have not been able to handle without the blender. Like cold cuts. Boloney, ham and cheese. I wanted to try wings. Deliberation resulted in me passing. If I could not chew yet, I would have wasted the purchase. A wise judgment from a person who could not stay awake an hour earlier nor make change.

I instead bought a jar of pickled pigs feet! Why, I am not sure. The last time I had pigs feet was roughly 60 years ago when we lived on James Street in Utica. It was a poor man’s dish. A staple in our home. My eye caught the bottle of pigs feet on the shelf and I went for it!

Immediately to home to try my new food choices.the blender and I had a conversation first. I advised it was time to move on  in our relationship. The blender reacted like a discarded spouse. Not a pleasant situation.

I tried a piece of each cold cut. The boloney, ham and cheese. No way! Pain! The blender was smiling.

I was glad I had passed on the wings. It would have been impossible to able to handle them.

Now came the pigs feet. Saturated with vinegar. No problem. Easy to chew. I was excited.

The pigs feet sat in my stomach for about four hours. Never again!

The blender and I mated once more. It was a loving experience. The blender’s demise is still a ways off.

Took a nap. Think it helped.

Last night,  I hooked up with Jenna at the Chart Room. I felt terrific! One reason was because I was able to talk. Socialize. I suddenly had no enuncition problem.

The pop corn is outstanding at the Chart Room. I ate two bowls of it. No problem chewing.

I was on a roll!

Emily was her usual cheery self.

A couple walked in. Todd and Christa Melrose from Pataskala, Ohio. Somewhere in the Columbus area. Todd works in concrete, Chrsta is a second grade teacher. This was day one of their first time in Key West. They are here celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary.

Christa lovely with a bubbly personality. But it was her husband Todd who became my instantaneous best friend and probably will be so for life.

We got into Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson. Turns out Todd is an old west freak as I am! I did an internet show about the two old west law men a couple of weeks ago.Then followed it up with an Amazon Kindle legal blog.

Todd knew all the stars who have played Earp on the screen. He knew OK Corral.

Almost orgastic! I find very few of the younger generation who have heard of Earp, Masterson or OK Corral. Almost Unamerican!

Then the conversation moved onto the Military Channel. I watch it a portion of every day. So does Todd! Christa interjecting her husband has the channel on TV almost all day.

There is hope for this country. There should be more Todds. People need to be aware of history to appreciate where we are and the ideological political fights being experienced. History is a good teacher. It does repeat itself. Unfortunately man often does not learn because of ignorance or just not paying attention.

Happy Anniversary, Todd and Christa!

Then Jenna and I were off to the the Marriott Town ‘n Country. We sat at the bar. Robert greeted us. A good crowd. It was Jenna’s time to shine. She knew many people. Jenna has lived in Key West less than a year. I am impressed with the progress she has made professionally and in becoming part of the Key West fabric.

Food time! Testing time once more. We ordered a small pizza and fried calamari.

The pizza was no problem. The calamari, wow! Pain! Not as bad as the boloney, ham and cheese. But I could not handle the chew factor.

A couple sat next to us. Early 40s. The guy part at one point turned to me and said… should be on radio with that voice.

They were Omar and Mia Garcia. Both Conchs. Omar a soon to be retired fireman. Mia works with Dr. Behrman.

Omar is first cousin to Vidal. A leading Key West gay. A drag star of exceptional talent and beauty. Vidal has a second life also as a photographer. He is considered the best on the island.

The mention of Vidal brought Sergio Sanchez’s name into the conversation. Serge is Conch and my cousin through marriage. They do not come better than Serge. Serge is Vidal’s cousin, also.

Jenna and I had a good time chatting with Omar and Mia. Hope we run into them again.

The evening was a winner! I could enunciate. I was able to converse. I talked myself silly.
My chewing ability was tested. The blender and I will continue our relationship a bit longer.

I was not tired during the evening. I was energized!

It was great being back! Being normal!

Today is friday. Friday in Key West. I have nothing planned. Perhaps a Hogfish lunch to test my chewing capabilities further. Will sit in the shade and read the newspapers while experimenting.

I am edging back into daily swimming in the pool. Will do that a bit.


Enjoy your day!

Good morning!

Still dark outside. I continue to have trouble sleeping. All jaw related. I am up early once again.

I will not be doing my internet show tomorrow morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. KONK will be playing a rerun of a former show. My jaw makes it impossible to sit and talk for an hour. It is the required continual talking. I have difficulty enunciating. The pain would be horrible afterwards.

Watch however the rerun. Each show has consistently been informative and fun to listen to.

Golf yesterday morning. Wowie!

Golf did not hurt my jaw.

I played with Nate, Don, Larry and Yankee Jack.

Nate is a former pro tournament player. Lasted only a couple of years. He is a scratch player. As he has said many times, you have to be better than the usual scratch player to make it professionally.

Nate was the best yesterday! As expected! He was the big dollar winner. $39! Big money in our games.

Shockingly, I was a winner also. $4.

Don and Yankee were the big dollar losers. Larry some where in between.

Strokes were given all over the place. I did terrific! Even Larry got strokes. We were all playing off Nate’s ball. Don is a good golfer, but not in Nate’s league. Don refused strokes. He played Nate even. His tough guy stance cost him $15!

Last night was fun! I went out. To dinner. A mistake. I enjoyed only parts of my meal. I still have difficulty chewing.

By pre-arrangement, we met at Don’s Place. The “we” consisted of Larry, Robby, Lois, Don, Mary Deasy, Nate, Missy and me. Larry was our host. He had invited us all to dinner as his guests. Why, I am not sure. Larry is that way. Thank you again, Larry.

I met Robby and Lois for the first time. They are from Danville, Pennsylvania. They have been coming to Key West for years. Every few months. Both are retired educators. Robby was a math teacher. Lois taught the fifth grade.

Interesting people. Nice people. Lois a lovely.

The connection. Larry and Robby have been friends since the first grade. Their relationship continued through school and now into the gentler years.


Larry’s choice for dinner was Sweet Tea’s. He had never been there. I had never been there, either. As it turned out, the only one to have dined there was Don and he recommended Sweet Tea’s strongly.

Larry’s desire and Don’s recommendation were both right on. Sweet Tea’s is fantastic! I shall be a somewhat frequent customer.

Sweet Tea’s is located where the former Keys Piano Bar was located. I felt a touch of sadness as I entered. I frequented the Keys Piano Bar. Big time! Donna and I would go together. Before Terri’s time. I even did a New Year’s Eve there. Donna and Terri met for the first time at the Keys Piano Bar.

Sweet Tea’s has been renovated. Bright cheerful hues.

The food absolutely orstanding! A WOW! Plates loaded with good home made cooking. Tasty! And…..I was able to handle the meat loaf and bread stuffings. I totally failed with regard to the macaroni and cheese and cole slaw.

Key West icon Tom Luma bartending. A personality.

I met Dina. Dina is one of the owners or the owner.She waites tables also. May cook a bit in addition. Nice person! I wish her and Sweet Tea’s success!

Pricewise, the place cannot be beaten. Average dinner price $10. Too much food and too little cost for such quality. Hope they make it! Could be. The place and bar were packed. Primarily, locals. A good sign.

George said hello to me.

George is a female. A beauty! A lovely disposition!

George is good friend to my daughter Lisa. She was at Lisa’s wedding eight years ago. I recall downing a  martini with her.

I have only seen George three times since the wedding. She bartends at Hog’s Breath. Not one of my usual haunts. I promised to remember her to Lisa. Lisa, take note.

This mornig, the dentist. Yes, again. I am beginning to think forever! I hope today’s procedure will help me to enunciate properly and be able to chew. I love my blender, but am ready to dump it.

I am not a happy  camper with my President this morning. I have been and continue to be an Obama supporter. But he continues to screw up in some significant areas. One is economics. He rewarded Wall Street who created the disaster. To the further detriment of the middle class which continues in a downward spiral. Straight down to the abyss of a lower/no class.

I worry that in the end, Obama is going to lean more to the right and downgrade Social Security and Medicare. While Wall Street and corporate America that he embolds will conintue to pay their higher echelon significant million dollar bonuses. And pay little to no taxes.

Yesterday, the President told us of how he proposes to with draw from Afghanistan. I was disappointed. Get out now, not two years from now. The numbers he came up with will only cover the surge numbers between now and September 2012. The remaining 70,000 troops will allegedly be out by 2014.

I do not believe it. Afghanistan has been a 10 year war. The longest in American history. We went into Afghanistan to get Osama bin Laden. We got him. Obama got him. Now we should get out! Like yesterday!

We cannot afford the war economically. We cannot and should not permit the continued maiming and killing of our service people.

Reagan was faced with a similar situation in 1983 in Lebanon. The Lebanese cabinet fell. A civil war resulted. Our Marines were being killed. Finally, 241 Marines were killed in one event. A suicide bombing in Beirut.

Reagan concluded the people we were trying to help were crazy.They hated us. We who were trying to assist them. Reagan decided to cut and run. Just like that. Here today, gone tomorrow.

He withdrew the Marines.

Obama should withdraw, also.

One person’s opinion.

We are presently involved in three wars. Not good. These military commitments have overextended the Nation economically. Continued participation dissipates our financial resources. To no avail.

These wars are not for our security. I am not sure what we as a Nation are doing. I would rather see the dollars spent at this time waging these wars invested in America’s economy. We need jobs in this country! Reinvesting those dollars in restructuring internal America is the key.

Like make love, not war, make jobs, not war, is the evolving cry.

I am sure Obama hears the cry. He is not effectively reacting to it.


Enjoy your day!

I have been up earlier the past two mornings doing this blog. This morning 5. Yesterday 3.

It is not that I am anxious to write each morning. Though actually I am. It is the pain! The problem is not so bad as to require a pain pill. But bad enough to be constatly irritating.

I do not understand how I can have a tooth ache where there is no tooth!

I went out yesterday. First time by day in over a week.


Had some bills to pay. Filled the gas tank. The new Volkswagn took only 11 gallons to fill. Then to Publix to shop. The cupboard was extremely bare. Needed blender compatible foodstuffs.

I enjoyed it all. Especially Publix. It never fails. Ran into several local friends. Made a new one.

I tried a chocolate covered donut the other day. There was a box frozen in the freezer. Thought I could handle one. Looked so good!

I let them thaw. Then took one small piece into my mouth. No way!

When will I eat normally again? My social life is affected, Drinking and eating are the big things down here. I do not drink, except an occasional one. I am not eating. Cannot chew. If it were not for the weather, my life would be down and low. No Question. The best place to be incapacitated a bit is Key West. Even if you cannot play as normal people do.

I live and learn. I wanted to get some money to a friend quickly. Discovered Western Union. The transfer took all of 16 seconds. And I was able to do it at Publix! I suspect the Publix employee who assisted me thought I was nuts. I kept repeating….Amazing!

Lynda Frachette does a dail internet news letter about goings on in Key West. She also announces therein (a remnant of my lawyer days) birthdays and anniversarys. My birthday is July 6. The announcement was follwed by a description of a Cancer person. My birthday falls into the Cancer time frame.

The description was right on. Fit me to a T.

I recall many years ago being on a train returning from New York City to Utica. A time when people primarily took trains.

I was glancing through a magazine when I came across the description of a Cancer Male Attorney. Wow! Did it fit!

I will not bore you with the description. If interested further, look it up on the internet. Today’s blog is getting long.

Rocco, where are you? I don’t think you love me any more.

Martin BK, how were Terri and the Follies Sunday?

Golf this morning! I will survive. And enjoy.

Enjoy your day!

I did it! Finally left my home after nine days! Twice!

The first was to the dentist.

I should have stayed home. Left hurting more than when I went in.

The second time was in the evening. I needed to get out. Regardless of the pain I was experiencing. The cabin fever was overwhelming.

It was Don’s Place for a couple of hours.

It was good to be with people again! Don, Kurt, Robert, Michelle, Toni, Boomer, Skip, Jimmy. I forget who else.

I confess. I had a couple of drinks to kill the pain. It did somewhat. But not enough.

I shot pool. First time in 40 years! Eight ball with Jimmy. One game. I lost. Not badly. I scratched after making the 8 ball.

The last time I played was with a Judge back in Utica. Anthony Garramone. We would meet for lunch religiously on Wednesdays. At our men’s club, the Fort Schuyler Club. After lunch, we would go upstairs for an hour or two to shoot pool. And talk. Generally about politics, the law and women.

Anthony’s nick name was Muzzy. Even to this day. We grew up two doors apart on Jay Street in Utica. The Petrones and Garramones were neighbors. The Garramones occupied 3 houses, the Petrones one.

Muzzy’s Uncle Frank married my Aunt Fanny. Neighbors who married. Sometime in the late 1920s or early

There is a story that has continued in the Garramone/Petrone family folklore over the years. On Aunt Fanny and Uncle Frank’s wedding night, Aunt Fanny as giving her new husband flack over something. He told her to get his pants and put them on. She said…..are you crazy…..they’re too big for me! He replied… you know who wears the pants in the family!

Those were the days on Jay street! Utica’s Italian ghetto from the 1920s through the 1950s.

It is about three in the morning. Woke. Wide awake. Pain in jaw non existant. Pain in temples. Substituted one pain for another. The drinks took care of the jaw. But left another pain.

I am going out later in the day. Need a pedicure. Refuse to stay in.

The blender and I are still a team. No divorce in sight in the near future.

It is back to bed for me. Hopefully to sleep for a  few more hours.

Enjoy your day!