Last night a big one for me. My two very close friends Fran and Tom Dixon returned and I ate my first for real meal since January 31.

Fran and Tom are from Buffalo. Met them in Key West some 20 years ago. We became deep rooted friends immediately. They visit Key West 3-4 times a year. Tom has an affiliation with Ocean Key.

We have not seen each other since last Fall, however. They have a daughter in Wellesley. Two children already. A third was on the way. The third born a month ago. A new granddaughter. Fran the dependable perfect mother and grandmother. Frequently did the trip from Buffalo to Boston to help.

They are my “friends.” Real ones. I had to fight them off when I had the para-thyroid surgery in Tampa a few years ago and the heart surgeries in Miami recently. They were always a plane ride away from coming to sit with me. I told them “no.”

We met for dinner at La Trattoria last night.

My first shock was seeing Tom with a cane. I still recollect my cane days. He is coming off a hip replacement surgery and requires it. He looked distinguished.

Fran her usual beautiful self. Two days here and already deeply tanned.

I enjoyed the evening. Even more so because for the first time since January 31, I ate a meal. I gambled and ordered lasagna. Thought this toothless wonder could muck it up appropriately. I was correct. What a joy! Followed it up with chocolate mousse for dessert. Yes, felt like I died and went to Heaven!

Speaking of teeth, saw one of my dentists yesterday. Finally making progress. I suspect the whole procedure should be complete by mid September. Wowie! Note I have lost 62 pounds since January 31 because of my inability to properly eat. Losing weight a top priority for many, even me! Sixty two pounds a bit too much, however.

This week Hemingway Days are being celebrated. Generally, a big deal. The town full! Not last night. The street crowds were slight when I walked to La Trattoria at 6 and continued to be light when I left at 9. Tom told me Key West was not as busy as normal during the day yesterday either. I called earlier in the day for a reservation at Antonia’s. Was told they were closed till monday. La Trattoria was only half full last night.

Today, the Running of the Bulls. Hopefully, there will be a big crowd for the event.

My day began yesterday morning with a session at Select Physical therapy. Ashley beating up on me again. Tough! Good for me, however. Supposedly making my heart stronger.

Today in 1985 was a big one for Mel Fisher. After 15 years of hard work and debt, he finally struck gold and more. He discovered the “mother lode” for the Spanish galleon Atocha. It was a God bless time for Mel, his family and Key West.

I might add a significant find for Jean Thornton also. Sometime afterwards, she went out diving with Mel Fisher looking for more gold coins, emeralds, etc. The search never ends. There is always more to be found. 

Jean happened upon some gold coins and emeralds. Changed her life! The Indiana school teacher was no more.

A comment in today’s Citizens’ Voice. An obvious “truth” item: “The City of Baltimore will likely complete the reconstruction of the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge before Key West finishes replacement of the Staples Avenue Bridge.”

Sheila Jackson Lee, a long sitting Black Democratic Congresswomen from Texas, died yesterday from pancreatic cancer. She was 74. A brilliant outspoken woman. A champion African American and women’s rights advocate, her voice will be missed in the Halls of Congress.

The Trump who spoke at the Republican Convention was not a “new Trump.” Only his delivery was different. Not his words. Instead of yelling and screaming, he was quiet and subdued throughout. His message the same he has been delivering for years.

His introductory remarks lengthy. Too long, I thought. However, he is an actor who knows when he has a good thing going for him and will not easily let go. It was the bullet that missed killing him. God looking out for him the obvious reason. He was too much God in his remarks. Things like only by “the grace of God” and “I had God on my side.” He “played” the God issue to an extreme. Well for him, however.

The faces of the Convention delegates gave me concern. Most were not the same as in previous years. They were blue collar America. Working people. Part of the Trump plan to transform the Republican Party for election purposes. Well done, frankly.

The Democrats appear to be going elitist. The “new leaders” are botching it. If successful in eliminating Biden from the race, it will be impossible for the Dems to win. Too little time left. Also, people like Biden. Even if Democratic leaders do not. They are “pissing” on their leader. Democrats may not come out to vote for whoever Biden’s successor might be.

I continue to believe in Biden. The job he has done and will do. Much better by far than what Trump will IMPOSE on us. Trump talks one game now but will act a different one if Presidnet. Also Vance is not a winner. The next few months will show the same. Why Trump picked him, I do not understand.

A closing thought. Trump and the Republican Convention was geared toward capturing the votes of the working class. Only to get elected I assume. He speaks with a forked tongue. His commitment is to the CEO’s of America and will not change.

Enjoy your day!


The Republican Party has gone MAGA. No question about it. A new party has developed.  No longer the conservatives of many many yesteryears.

The Democratic Party also is changing. Radically and swiftly. As evidenced by its attempts to replace Biden. The elites are taking over. The working class ignored. 

The elites have embarrassed Biden no end. Assisting Republicans in bringing him down. The Democratic elites have forgotten what I have said in past days: You go home from the dance with the person who brought you.

I am in a quandary. The Democrats taking over the Democratic Party do not think as I do. Loyalty, fealty lacking on their part. A MAGA I
 am not. Perhaps I will become part of that third group, an Independent. I ‘m thinking about it.

Enjoy your day! One becoming sadder with each passing political day.


You think Joe Biden is having a bad time at the moment? No different than Harry Truman had in 1948.

Everyone thought he was a sure loser in the race against Tom Dewey for the Presidency. So much so, even respect got lost along the way.

In those days, campaigning was from the back of a train. It was called whistle stopping. Truman was on an 18 state trip. Spoke in small towns everywhere. 

No one was supporting Truman. He had been deemed a loser. Even the Democratic Party for all intents had abandoned him. Donors had walked away.

The train stopped somewhere on its journey and Truman was told he had to pay up the money owed for use of the train or it was not going any further. Can you imagine such talk to the Presidnet of the U.S.! The Party had abandoned him. Truman dug into his own pockets and also asked his friends on board to help out. They came up with enough to pay the debt.

What an insult to a President of the U.S.!

On election night, the famous commentator H.V. Kaltenborn said on national news before all the results were in…..”Dewey defeats Truman!” The Chicago Daily Tribune put out its election day paper early with a similar headline…..”Dewey Defeats Truman.”

When America rose from bed the morning following election day, it was clear Truman had won. A surprise! To all, except the people who voted for him. The Media and political pundits had blown it.

The moral of my brief blog this morning is found in the words of Yogi Berra…..”It ain’t over till it’s over!”

Joe Biden could not find a better person to be compared to than Harry Truman. Truly birds of a feather.

Enjoy your day!


The New York Times on monday published a scathing guest essay on former President Trump. Just 2 days after the attempted assassination of the Republican nominee. The article was written by Opinion writer Elizabeth Spiers: “This is not an election with a wrongful but well-meaning Republican. It is an all-out war with an illiberal megalomaniac who will happily destroy American democracy if it buys him one more ounce of power and keeps him out of prison.”

Trump has toned down since the assassination attempt. Word has it he is rewriting his acceptance speech to reflect a softer and kinder Trump.

Don’t buy it. A leopard does not change his spots.

A 2016 message that Vance sent to an old college friend has emerged. In it Vance said Trump could end up being “America’s Hitler” and might be “a cynical asshole like Nixon.”

After Vance kissed up to Trump, Trump supported him in his 2022 Ohio Senate race. He must have impressed Trump greatly. Here it is 2 years later and Trump makes Vance his Vice President choice.

Vance is an authoritarian. Same as Trump. It is necessary to examine some of Vance’s authoritarian views.

He believes Trump’s stolen election lie. He has called for the criminal investigation of a journalist he did not like. He advocates politicizing the federal bureaucracy. He believes Presidents can simply ignore the law.

CNN commentator Van Jones’ comment re Nikki Haley at the Republican convention last night was right on. He said, she “looked like she had been made to attend” her ex-husband’s wedding and give a toast. Jones added, “She was miserable saying it and Trump was miserable hearing it. So all that stuff did not work at all.”

Teamster President Sean O’Brien gave a terrific speech at the Republican Convention. In effect, one supporting Trump though he did not spell it out that clearly.

He should be ashamed. Biden has been the “union President.” What compelled O’Brien to be a turncoat, I do not understand.

So far the Teamsters Union has endorsed no one and may not. Whatever, it still “shit” for O’Brien to do what he did.

Liz Cheney said it correctly yesterday: The Republican Party is “no longer the party of Lincoln.”

Chris Matthews said, “President Biden has good reason to be resentful of his treatment by his former boss. “Meaning Obama, of course, who has been reported to be a moving force in getting Biden replaced on the ticket.”

Some Key West updates.

The Annual Key West Hemingway Days Festival began yesterday and runs through sunday.

To me, the Running of the Bulls is the most exciting event. Followed closely by the Hemingway Look-A- Like Contest. Roughly 150 men will compete to be the Hemingway Look-A-Like. In the many years I have been a Key West resident, I have met many. Winners and losers. Always exciting.

Key West will be full. Duval shoulder to shoulder at most times.


Prior to July 16, 1994, there were no jets landing in Key West. A 100 passenger British Aerospace 146 jet owned by the Trans American Charter Co. landed its jet that day at the Key West Airport. The purpose was to prove that such aircraft was acceptable in terms of noise and size.

Now, we have too many jets coming and going. It seems like we are always spending millions in tax dollars to increase the size of the airport.

The town is overloaded with tourists.

We have outdone ourselves. To our increasing detriment.

A TYPICAL Key West screw up reflected in yesterday’s Citizens’ Voice: “So, let me get this straight. The ports director is now the acting city manager because the former assistant city manager who resigned and then was named interim city manager when the city manager was fired immediately went on vacation. My question is who is watching the harbor?”

The man recently bitten by a shark off Key West has been identified. He is 37 year old Jose Angel Abreu Hernandez of Opa-Locka.

The incident took place on Toppino Reef – a popular snorkeling and shallow scuba diving site located 5 miles off Key West. Jose had just speared a fish and was returning to his boat with it when he was struck.

No information was available as to Jose’s condition.

Tired already. Only around one in the afternoon. I had physio at 8. Back was killing me. Ashley resolved the problem. Then some banking and a visit to my storage facility. All contributed to today’s blog being late. Sorry.

Enjoy your day!


The Olympics are divided into two groups. The Ancient Olympics which began in 776 B.C. and ended in 393 A.D. The Modern Olympics began in 1896. It is the Modern Olympics that we know today. The most recent will be the Paris Olympics which begin July 26th.

Some surprising facts regarding the Ancient Olympics.

All athletes competed naked. Many covered their bodies in oil.

Corporal punishment awaited those guilty of a false start on a track.

Boxers were to avoid attacking the on-display male genitals. Boxing did not have weight classifications nor time limits.

Athletes in combat sports could indicate their surrender by raising their index finger. Some failed to do so and died as a result.

The games a bit different back then. I am not sure why they became unpopular and ceased.

July 16 an historical fact day.

Anti-Semitism disgustingly old. For example, in 1099, the “good” Crusaders drove the Jews of Jerusalem into a synagogue and set it afire.

Pandemics cause procedures to be implemented that hopefully will stop them. Governments initiate means to bring epidemics to an end. In 1439, England banned kissing to stop the spread of the Black Death.

John Adams, second U.S. President and a Founding Father of the U.S., was a Harvard graduate. He graduated in 1755.

One for baseball fans. John McGraw officially became manager of the New York Giants major league  baseball team in 1902. His tenure lasted 30 years till 1932.

On this day in 1940, Adolph Hitler ordered preparations for the invasion of Britain. Known as Operation Sea Lion. As we all know, it failed.

The first test of the detonation of an atomic bomb took place in Alamogordo, New Mexico, as part of the U.S. Manhattan Project. The explosion took place on July 16, 1945.

All good things must come to an end. Like the last Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus under a covered tent. Such occurred this day in 1956.

On this day in 1965, the Mont Blanc Road Tunnel between France and Italy opened. I drove the tunnel many times. It took “forever” and had an intimidating feeling.

One of the U.S.’ greatest Presidents, Ronald Reagan, was nominated for Presidnet by the Republican Party in Detroit this day in 1980.

The Three Tenors, Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras and Luciano Pavarotti, performed in Los Angeles this day in 1994. An estimated 1.3 billion viewers watched worldwide.

On this day in 2018, Donald Trump accepted the word of Russian President Vladimir Putin over U.S. intelligence services about Russia meddling in the 2016 U.S. election, in an interview after the two leaders’ Helsinki Summit. This is an example of things that bother me about Trump. He is to easy to rely on dictators. Seems free to accept their representations to him.

The Trump assassination attempt occurred July 13, 2024.

On July 15, 2024, the Republican Convention sitting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, nominated Donald Trump for President and J.D. Vance for Vice President.

A local item of interest.

A shark bite in Key West waters.

A spear fisherman on a nearby reef was trying to get his catch back to his boat when a bull shark bit him two times in the leg yesterday around 1:40 pm. He was brought to Stock Island from which he was airlifted to a Miami Hospital.

The victim was alert and responsive during the airlift. Nothing further is known, including his identity.

Enjoy your day!


The assassination attempt last night was inevitable. Only surprised me in one fashion. I have been waiting for a MAGA crazy to attempt killing Biden.

Whoever really immaterial. Toxicity has no place in American politics. We have reached a dangerous place in American politics. One we should not want.

I now will be waiting for the next bullet to be shot. This one at Biden. Some whacked out Republican believing he has to get even for the shots fired at Trump.

I blame Trump for the shooting. He has riled up voters in this country to expect the worst and perpetrate the worst. January 6 being a worst example. His strategy backfired this time. A crazy Democrat believed it necessary to take things into his own hands.

The shooting does not change things. Keep in mind a Trump victory will mean a different country. Violence will be common place and accepted. Turmoil will rule the day. Trump has already told us the many changes he will make. Hitlerism will be a part of our daily lives. Why can’t everyone understand that?

Ruth Wertheimer died at 96. A well known sex therapist known to millions as “Dr. Ruth.”

Frank in her responses. She was a fireball. Did not beat around the bush. Interesting coming from a woman only 4 feet 7 inches tall.

A Holocaust survivor, she became the prominent sex therapist in the U.S. in the 1980’s and continued to be such for the next 30 years.

Another old timer has passed on. Richard Simmons. Only 76.

He ignited the fitness revolution in the 1980’s. He did a TV show. Viewers exercised with him. I did it for a couple of years.

He helped many with his program.

So much for Sunday. Enjoy your day!


Joe Biden is being kicked around mercilessly. Very few are speaking in support of him. His “loyal supporters” are deserting him.

Let this little guy in Key West tell you what he thinks. Things he believes many ordinary Americans believe.

Henry David Thoreau wrote Walden. Something we all know. He wrote a phrase therein to the effect that men build great buildings, but forget to put in the floors. I tried to find the actual quote. Could not. The thrust remains in my mind from my college English literature days however. His passage has been modernized over the years. Today recalled as…..Men build great buildings, but forget to put noble men in them.

From Washington, D.C. to Italian communities to legislative halls across America the modernized version applies. The “nobles” are not within the great structures erected. The “nobles” being those who are abandoning Joe Biden. Cowards one and all.

Winston Churchill was in a similar position as Biden when Hitler began bombing London. English political leaders wanted a peace arrangement entered into with Germany. They feared the destruction being heaped upon them and could not forget how many of their young men were lost in World War I. 

Churchill stood tough and refused to capitulate. England won their end of the war.

Goodness is a feature lacking in many of our leaders today. They are whores. Many corrupt on both sides of the aisle. Many lacking in basic values. Such is not Joe Biden. A good man! Honest and forthright. Which brings me to another Thoreau quote. One I came across while searching for the one I did not find: “Goodness is the only investment that never fails.”

We want as our next President a person embellished with goodness. Biden is such a person. He has exhibited such throughout his political career. Can you say, even slightly intimate, that Trump is good?

There are 264 Democrats and those voting Democrat in the House. Thus far 22 have opted to dump Biden. I would not want these 22 following me up a hill in a battle. Thirty others are expressing doubts as to Biden’s electability. I would not want them behind me in battle either. The numbers leave about 140 circumspect.

Biden spoke yesterday before a crowd in Detroit. His talk was interrupted many times with “Don’t You Quit!”

These are the people who will decide the election. Not puffed up politicos. Let the people speak! At the election in November.

Biden is another Churchill in many respects. You don’t throw the towel in. You fight the fight.

There are two things I believe should be done and done now.

The first involves newspapers, periodicals and the media in general. They should endorse their candidate of choice. No pussy footing around till the last minute. Cease the nit picking of Biden. Let everyone know whether they stand with Biden or Trump. We know the few who will stand with Trump. I cannot believe the New York Times, Washington Post, NBC, ABC, and CBS would. Americans should be made aware that their reporter nit picking is not how they feel. Waiting to the last minute to endorse Biden helps Trump. Those who ultimately will support Biden should put their money where their mouths are now!

The second involves how the media has been treating Trump since the debate. He is getting a pass. Can you believe? The most corrupt individual to ever run for President is getting a free ride. Only Biden being discussed and killed in the process. The bad guy is Trump. Media attention should be directed at him also.

Trump’s “debate victory” should not mean Trump’s fitness for the office of Presidnet is not an issue. The media should examine his capabilities, etc. as they are Biden’s. It’s called “fair.”

There is a bottom line the media and many Americans are forgetting and/or avoiding discussing. Biden stands for strong American leadership, Trump appeasement. Biden for democracy, Trump dictatorship.

Why is the preceding so hard to understand?

Enjoy your day!


I watched the Biden interview last night. I was impressed with the way Biden handled it.  Detailed responses. The first time many Americans may have been made aware of the day to day routine of being President. The work that goes into it. Biden was at the top of his game.

Yes, he made 2 or 3 faux pas along the way. Minor ones. No one is perfect. Not even a President. Nothing significant, however.

Biden also made it clear he did not intend to “surrender.” He is in the race!

I was anxious to hear the news persons following the show. I assumed they would be laudatory of Biden. Since I watched the interview on NBC, I stayed with NBC and its top reporters.


NBC’s best were two bit hacks. They nit picked everything Biden said. I could not believe it. They were making something out of nothing. A mountain out of a mole hill.

As great as Biden’s performance was, theirs was poor.

Roughly 12-16 Democratic leaders say Biden should withdraw. Cowards all. You support your leader in his time of stress. Not add to it.

There are another group of Democrats who are saying privately that they do not view Trump as an “existential threat to democracy.” They are fooling themselves. Trump is “obvious.” He is Hitler reincarnated. If Trump is elected, where will they and the rest of the nation be one year later? Trump will have gone for the jugular. He will not have hesitated. Then, what?

Joe Scarborough says Barack Obama is working “behind the scenes” to “orchestrate” calls for Biden to step down. 

Why Barack, if true? Sad, if true!

It is being reported Obama knew of George Clooney’s statement before it went public and did nothing to stop it. Real shit politics!

Biden is a class act. Such chicanery will only stiffen his backbone, as it should.

The Democratic Party has to get back together. Swiftly. Time is running. Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Nor can a political party.

Trump is also having problems within his party. A Republican governor came out against him. Utah’s Spencer Cox said he won’t vote for Donald Trump and will instead “write somebody in.” Cox made the statement yesterday.

Cox said he was especially disturbed by January 6. He also said he wanted a Republican to win, but not Trump.

A visit with Dr. Norris yesterday. A three month checkup. 

At my age, I have had many doctors who have treated me. Also big city hospitals to small town ones. Norris the best primary care physician to have taken responsibility for my well being. Key West is fortunate to have a physician of his quality available to care for them.

Fred Klein’s friday blog shared an amazing remedy for brown spots. Raw potatoes.

Try it! Fred guarantees you’ll like it. If there is a run on potatoes, blame him.

The World Atlas named downtown Key West one of two best downtowns in Florida. Our Duval Street!

The other named was Palm Beach.

The World Atlas described each as a “great vacation and getaway experience.”

Key West is without a City Manager at the moment because of wayward actions by 4 Commissioners. Since the City Manager’s discharge, an interim City Manager was appointed.

He is presently on vacation. He claimed he was “ready to serve” when appointed.

The City Manager debacle is a disgrace and overall makes Key West government appear a joke.

Hurricane Beryl did a hell of a job! A destructive one. Covered a 6,000 mile path beginning in Africa and running to Vermont.

Now we are warned La Nina impacts may be imminent. La Nina fuels Atlantic tropical storm activity.

Enjoy your day!


I open with a comment by a J. M. Peterson to yesterday’s blog. His simple statement says it all: “Biden is running ON his record…..Trump is running FROM his record.”

Moving on to the Democratic leaders who are running scared. Better described as selfish scared chickenshits. They forget loyalty. They forget you go home with the one who brought you to the dance.

They should be ashamed.

Biden is their leader. He has performed well in the past 4 years. You don’t jump on “your leader” and beat him up. He is a good man who should be supported by his own, not denounced. And if the worst is a reality, you go down with him out of respect.

If propriety was in play, it is Republicans who should be heaping on Trump. An evil man who will destroy our country.

The polls do not support the position being claimed by dissident Democratic leaders. Ergo, their position does not make sense to me.

A recent Washington Post-ABC News-Ipsos Poll indicated only party elites are fearful and want Biden out. The Poll found Biden and Trump in a dead heat for the popular vote. Each candidate received 46 percent support among registered voters. The numbers nearly identical to an ABC-Ipsos Poll in April.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” Famous words by John Keats who died in 1821 at the young age of 25 in Rome from tuberculosis. His romantic poetry lives on.

Some 40 years ago, I was in Rome. Deserted by my wife and daughters who went on a shopping spree, I was wandering around. Found myself at the Spanish Steps. Noticed a small 3 story building on one side of the Steps. Not dramatic appearing. A small bronze plaque next to the front door reading JOHN KEATS.

Took me back to my English literature college days.

I entered and wandered around. The building a modest remembrance to John Keats. It was where he spent his last days before he died.

One of his writings was pencil written on a brown piece of wrinkled paper. The beginning words “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” Brought tears to me eyes as it does this moment as I recall it again. Reminded me then and reminds me know of the story some historians tell of Abraham Lincoln and the writing of the Gettysburg Address. On a brown paper bag by pencil written as he rode the train to Gettysburg.

Another recollection. It was on this day in 1906 that factory worker Grace Brown was murdered by her boy friend Chester Gillette at Big Moose Lake, New York The case later inspired Theodore Dreiser’s novel “An American Tragedy.”

A film resulted. Starred Montgomery Clift, Elizabeth Taylor and Shelley Winters. The movie titled “A Place in the Sun.”

Gillette’s trial took place in the main court room in the Herkimer County Courthouse in Herkimer, New York. The movie depicted scenes from the trial and they were filmed in the same courtroom.

The courtroom a special place for me when the story and movie is recalled. I tried a number of cases in that same courtroom over the years. Herkimer County adjoined my home county of Oneida. I had many clients whose problems took me to the Herkimer County Courtroom to resolve. 

On this day in 1533, Pope Clement VII excommunicated England’s King Henry VIII. 

No wonder! Taking into account all of Henry’s wives and the starting of the Church of England.

Henry was successful in a number of ways. One, he had all the wives he wanted. Secondly, the Chuch he began remains to this day.

A number of historians claim Henry remained a Catholic. Screwed everyone up religiously otherwise. A hypocrite. Henry got what he wanted, but covered his ass with God. Sort of reminds one of Donald Trump. Screws everyone and everything up, but watches out for himself.

Another significant person and much respected is Albert Einstein. His questionable activities most of which people are unaware or out of respect otherwise for him fail to discuss.

Einstein was a bit of a horndog. Perhaps a large one.

Married twice, once to a cousin. He cheated on both his wives with about 10 different women.

In his defense, he presented his first wife with a list of rules, one of which was “expect neither intimacy nor fidelity.”

Too many accidents in the Keys on water recently. More may occur this week. July 14 to be specific. Governor DeSantis in his absurd divine wisdom designated an extra day of lobster mini-season and designated July 14 as such. For residents only.

A day neither needed nor demanded by the people.

Let’s hope we get through the day safely.

A freak accident that should not have occurred. Elizabeth Tuckus leaned on a light pole at Rowell’s Park in Key Largo monday night at about 7:30. She and her husband were waking their dog. Elizabeth placed her hand on the light pole and it “stuck to the pole.” She was electrocuted.

A volt meter registered 120 volts of electricity coming out of the pole.

The shock entered through her hand and exited through her knee.

Elizabeth was rushed to intensive care. Out of intensive care, but still remains hospitalized. She has nerve damage and an exit wound at her knee. Plus, a lot of pain.

The pole was fixed the next day. All poles in the Park were tested. No problems with any others.

Today a bit busy. A haircut, manicure and visit with Dr. Norris.

Enjoy your day!


You probably thought Puritans were prudish about sex. No way. The label “Puritan” is misleading. Roughly one third of Puritan women were pregnant at the time of their weddings.

Their enthusiasm for sex carried over into marriage. Sexual satisfaction was considered a religious duty, and if a man was unable to “please his wife in the bedroom, it was grounds for divorce.”

Trump makes me sick! One lie after another!

One of the more recent has to do with abortion. He was able to kill Roe v. Wade with his Supreme Court appointments.  He said he was going to do it and did it. He said he would get rid of Roe v. Wade and did so.

Trump now sees a large number of Americans oppose the Dobbs decision which killed Roe v. Wade. So he backtracks. He now pretends he is a moderate on abortion.


Beware my friends, his position has not changed. If he wins, Trump will further decimate reproductive rights.

Ladies, he does not care about you one iota, except perhaps for sex.

Local Key Wester Rich Boettger wrote an excellent article on the firing of the City Manager. His article is titled “The Bubba Coup, Explained.” It appears in the July 6 edition of KONK Life.

A set of  Napoleon’s elaborately decorated pistols recently sold for $1.8 million at auction.

Dolley Madison.

Note I spell Dolley with an e. First time. All the times I have written about her, it was always Dolly. No e. I had to be 89 years old to know I was doing wrong.

Dolley Madison was “a special first lady.” It has been said she set the standard for first ladies to follow.

Her husband was James Madison, fourth Presidnet of the U.S. Dolley was first lady from 1809 to 1817. She is especially known for her bravery during the War of 1812. As the British were were preparing to burn the White House, she remained to save a portrait of George Washington from falling into British hands. A few minutes more, she and Washington’s portrait would both have been in British hands.

Dolley died in 1841 at the age of 81. Three years earlier at 78, she posed for a portrait. The photo was auctioned last week at Sotheby’s.

The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery paid $456,000. It is the “earliest known photograph of an American first lady.” It will reside in the museum permanently along side the “first known photograph” of a U.S. Presidnet. An 1843 portrait of John Quincy Adams.

Stopped yesterday at Date & Thyme for a Monkey Smoothie for lunch. Suddenly, “Poppa!” It was Ally. She was meeting friends for lunch.

Love the girl! She and Robert are two great people. I’m lucky to have them as grandchildren.

Live and learn…..A hippopotamus can become airborne for a substantial period of time latest research has revealed. The mammal which can weigh up to 8,000 pounds leaves the ground when moving fast. Something animals like rhinos and elephants cannot do.

Based on research done by the Royal Veterinary College, hippos can be up in the air as long as 0.3 seconds when moving fast. The reason being hippos trot whereas elephants, rhinos and horses do not.

Blog late today. My apologies. A very busy day compounded by the heat. This exceptional heat kills me. I began the day at 7 with physiotherapy. Opened Date & Thyme just after 8 for a Smoothie. Then spent the day with a doctor visit and hospital test. Plus several other things that had to be done. Made it home by 2. Threw myself into bed and slept till now.

Enjoy your evening! It’s that time already!