Twitter got screwed up yesterday. I was hacked. Lisa telephoned me at 9 in the morning to tell me. Twitter had warned everyone. The hacked message that had gone out to all my Twitter viewers was to the effect I had a method for them to make money.

The first thing I did when I heard from Lisa was to write everyone not to open any direct mail from me. Thn I got Sloan on the problem. She had it all corrected in a short time. Everything ok now. Feel safe in using my Twitter account.

The problem did not occur with any of my other web sites.

It is good to be healthy and up and running normally every where again!

These weirdos who engage in this hacking sickness should have their testicles chopped off. If a woman, I know not an appropriate punishment.

My Internet show in the morning a success. How could it not be. I had Terri White as a guest.

The dialogue between us was light and informative. Covered the gambit of her recent Broadway successes in Finian’s Rainbow, Chicago and Follies, her family background, early musical experiences, and her same sex marriage with Donna Barnett.

Love Terri! Glad she was able to join me!

A couple of hours after the show, I took a walk. Outside this time. Smathers Beach from the airport to 1800 Atlantic and back. I was exhausted afterwards. It was home to bed and a nap.

I was in the mood to be alone last night. So I went to Hogfish. Grabbed a seat at the bar. Figured I would know no one and could quietly read the papers while eating. I was wrong. It is impossible to go to Hogfish and talk to no one. I ended up chatting with the local fisherman at the bar.

Received a call before I went out last night. My new glasses are ready. The prescription ones. Not the cheapie readers. I will be picking them up later this morning. They have transitional lenses. Needed here in Key West. First time I will ever have had them.

Tonight is the beginning of the Final Four. I am sad Syracuse did not make. Such is life!

I promised David I would watch the Ohio State game with him. It starts around 9. I assume we will watch at Don’s Place.

Enjoy your Saturday!


Show time!

The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten my time. Broadcast world wide.

Terrific show this morning.

I have a special guest. Broadway star Terri White. Plus some chatter re the Supreme Court and Obamacare, a Trayvon Martin update, in vitro children denied American citizenship, God on the football field, and more.

Join me! Join Terri and me!

Busy busy day yesterday.

Started with an early morning haircut. With the tantalizing Lori. Then hurried to the hospital for a chest x-ray. A long wait. The sign in staff apparently was on coffee break. I cancelled my gym appointment in the afternoon. No time. I worked fine tuning today’s Internet show.

Last night bocce! Always fun! Great people! A pleasure to play.

We won 2 out of 3 games. All tough. Both teams scratching for points. I played well. First time in weeks. Frankie was spectacular! He was blasting away big time. Everyone played a top game.

Stephanie Kaple is on another bocce team. She is Key West’s famous Island Shoe Girl. She invited me to be her guest for dinner Monday night. A pleasure.

Cheryl and Robert watched most of our match. Cheryl sat next to me on the bench. We made plans for dinner next Wednesday.

Remember… my Internet show this morning!

Enjoy your day!

A short blog today!

My computer was screwed up this morning. This change over on Facebook is a pain! Had to get Sloan here early. She says the problem is with the Internet Explorer browser.

I don’t know. I don’t understand.

Sloan has bandaided me till tonight.

I hope you are all getting me, one way or another.

I have to hurry because I have to be at the hospital for a chest x-ray. Part of my annual physical.

Then a hair cut. Tonight bocce.

Yesterday was a manicure with Tammy. A lovely girl. Really a lady. She is so petite and quiet. She does not reflect her age.

Last night was the Yacht Club. Boys’ night out as I call it. Don, Kurt, David and Tino joined me for dinner. Never a dull moment when this group is together.

As the host, I arrived at the Yacht Club first. There was a new woman bartending. I had never seen her before. She did not know me either. She had to ask my name for billing purposes. She had to ask twice as she did not understand me the first time.

Then my guests arrived. The new female bartender says hello Don. Turns out she is Don’s outside bartender. I never drink at the outside bar. She never works at the inside bar. We had never met.

As Porky Pig was wont to say…..That’s all folks!

I am off to the hospital.

Enjoy your day! 

The first thing I did yesterday morning after writing my blog was to compose my next KONK Life column. I have to do each one at least 10 days prior to publication. The one I did yesterday will not appear till next week.

Oil companies are whores. The column was about one of them. Chevron. Its experiences with two spills.

In the early 1990s, Texaco dumped contaminated waste products into the tributaries of the Amazon River flowing through Ecuador. Some time thereafter, Chevron purchased Texaco and assumed its liabilities.

Chevron did not want to pay for the damage done to lives and the Ecuadorian rain forest as a result of the Texaco contamination. Chevron closed down its operations in Ecuador, laid its employees off, took their money out of Ecuadorian banks, and skipped town.

The Ecuadorians damaged now have an $18 billion dollar judgment they cannot collect. Chevron left no assets in Ecuador to attach.

Now comes Brazil. Late last year there was a rig spill in the Atlantic off the coast of Rio de Janiero. Chevron was operating the rig involved. Brazil was fearful Chevron would do the same thing it did in Ecuador. Skip town. No way. A Brazilian court banned 17 key Chevron and Ttransocean employees from leaving the country. Transocean of BP fame and the Gulf spill.

Chevron is now stuck in Brazil. Chevron will eventually be required to pay for what ever damages it is responsible.

Afterwards, I walked. Through my island. Key Haven. Two homes under significant construction. One two doors from mine. Someone bought a home on the ocean, tore it down and is now building a mammoth new home. The other is a major reconstruction of a standing home. Doubling its size. A block from me.

Both constructions are in the $2-4 million dollar range.

A sign that things are on the upswing? Hopefully.

I walked again after lunch in the afternoon. Key Haven for the second time. I am into this good health kick.

The second walk tired me out.

Sloan was in to work with me for a while at dinner time. Moving from Friend to Fan on Facebook is an ordeal.

I hurried into town after Sloan left. Son in law Corey was giving a talk on African cemeteries in Key West. The setting for the presentation was outside in front of the Mel Fisher Museum. Corey has been the Chief Archaeologist there for more than 25 years.

An excellent presentation. The Africans are buried in the Higgs Beach area near West Martello Fort on both sides of the street.

Then to the Chart Room. JJ and a bar of tourists. Had a drink and chatted a bit.

Stopped at Don’s Place on the way home. Bebe there. I have not seen her in months. She looked terrific, as usual. We hugged and kissed in greeting. Rob, Jimmy, John and Puff at Don’s also. I visited a while with Jimmy. We covered everything from painting to golf to the Green Parrot to his lady Joanie.

Finally to home and bed.

Enjoy your day!

What a glorious morning! Bright sun. No clouds. Blue sky. A breeze. The palm trees bending a bit. The water moving at a faster than normal clip.

A poem I learned in college comes to mind. A line went “…come down to Kew in lilac time, in lilac time, in lilac time, it isn’t very far from London.” Well friends, come down to Key West anytime…it isn’t far from anywhere. You will never know what you are missing unless you have been here.

Started yesterday with an 8:30 visit to Dr. Lefferts, my internet. Time for my annual physical. Yesterday was the preliminary stuff. Drawing blood (a gallon at least), urine sample, machines testing my blood flow everywhere but where I thought important, an EKG, tons of questions, etc. Two nurses. Took a whole hour.

Next week I get the physical physical by the doctor herself. The pushing and probing one.

I should not complain. In the last four years, Dr. Lefferts has diagnosed two heart problems. I said no. She said yes. I argued a bit. Finally succumbed to additional testing. She was right. I was wrong. The problems have been corrected. If she had not diagnosed them, I probably would be dead today.

It was fasting blood work. So nothing to eat before the test. Afterwards, I was hungry. Went over to I HOP for breakfast. Packed. Got a booth. Enjoyed an omelet. Read the Key West Citizen.

Then I walked. Home Depot. Twice around. I am mentally into a good health scenario again.

Ran into Mike at Home Depot. He used to be on our bocce team. He and I partnered up on many occasions. Then he stopped playing. He initially worked at Home Depot. Left to become assistant manager at K-Mart. Now he is back at Home Depot. And happy to be back!

I saw the eye doctor last week. No major problems. Needed an increase in my prescription. He asked if I had any special problems, Yes, watching TV while in bed. With or without glasses.

The doctor told me that was because my problem was with up close. Distance was basically good. Buy a pair of $10 reading glasses at a store. That will do the trick for TV watching. He stressed not to spend more than $10.

Good luck! You can’t find such glasses for $10 anymore. I went to Walgreen’s, K-Mart, Office Max, Publix, and the Dollar Store. There are a few at $15.95. Many at $19.95. A few even higher.

I still do not have the glasses. I am committed to finding them for $10.

Terri taped a show with Jenna yesterday. For viewing during the week. Channel 87. Three mornings this week. Jenna’s talk show. At 8:30. I am not sure which mornings.

Terri will be my guest on my Friday internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten in the morning my time. Listen in. I am confident our exchange will be revealing and occasionally humorous.

Dined alone last night at the Berlin Bar. The Berlin is the bar part of the A&B Lobster House. Sat at the bar. Marty and I used to visit Berlin’s often. Now no Marty, so I go infrequently. Marty introduced me to the Maine lobster appetizer. A meal in intelf. Filling and good!

Marty should come home to Kew.

New hurricane projection out. Predicts fewer hurricanes. It has to do with the warming tropical Pacific and the cooling tropical Atlantic. All Greek to me.

 I worry. These predictions are not reliable. Key West has been lucky the past  few years. No hurricanes. Generally the projection is for hurricanes. I am concerned now with the prediction for fewer hurricanes. It probably will be the worst hurricane season ever!

I hope not.

I have not said anything here, in my my newspaper column or on my internet show regarding Trayvon Martin.
I sense perhaps a lynch mob in the making. Including the President. Lets withhold judgment till all the facts are known.

Enjoy your day!

The people we meet!

Her name is Susan Lenz. I had the fortune/misfortune to make her acquaintance at the Syracuse/Ohio State game at the Sports Page Bar. She was seated at the table next to mine.

I had an instantaneous dislike for her. She was an Ohio state grad and fan. Happy Ohio State was winning. Confident through out the game.

An interesting woman. Were in not for her Ohio State connection, I would definitely have liked her.

Originally a midwesterner, Susan now lives in Columbia, South Carolina. She is in Key West completing a residency at the Studios of Key West. A big deal!

She is an artist. My time in Key West has taught me the term artist covers many talents. Creation seems to be the key. Susan is a fiber artist. She does her art work with needle and thread. Better stated, she expresses herself with needle and thread.

Susan joins old materials and meticulous handwork. The finished product, a work of art to be shared with the world.

I hope Susan and I meet up at a Syracuse/Ohio State game in the future and Syracuse whips Ohio State’s ass! Fair is fair.

Sunday dinner at Lisa’s yesterday. Vegetarian lasagna. The grandkids all excited. Corey’s parents were in from Tampa. We had a good time.

Tiger Woods won! After 2 1/2 years. He looked good in winning. Like the Tiger of old. His drives generally found the fairways. His putts were dropping. Even some long ones.

May Tiger return to the top for a long time to come.

I have an early doctor appointment thus morning. The start of my annual physical exam. Why I need one, I do not know. I see my doctors so frequently, this morning’s visit seems redundant.

Enjoy your day!

Ohio State 77, Syracuse 70.

I am in mourning.

Not really. Ohio State was the better team last night and deserved to win. Ohio State won because of its defense. Ironic. Syracuse is known for its defense. The Orange men had too much pressure put on them by the Ohio State defense. Syracuse could not get off 3s and could not make those driving lay ups they had made all season.

When Syracuse lost Fab Melo before the beginning of the tournament, I thought we would not get beyond the first game. Syracuse almost did not. Barely beat the # 16 seed. I thought we would lose the second game. Won it decisively.

I finally got religion before last night’s game. I figured Syracuse was now good enough with out Melo to win. My confidence must have been a hex.

I watched the game with Don and David at the Sports Page Bar. David an avid Ohio State fan. Don was supportive of Ohio State at the start of the game.

Only in Key West would I have the experience I suffered through last night.

Patrick owns the Sports Page Bar. He is an Ohio State graduate. I did not know. There were at least a 100 Ohio State fans watching the game at his sports bar. No exaggeration. One Syracuse fan. Me. No bullshit.

To make it even worse, at every time out and break, Patrick played loudly on the audio system the Ohio State marching song and other Ohio State songs. The Ohio State fans sang along.

I took a beating. It was a bad night all the way around.

Towards the end of the game, Don started swinging to Syracuse. Out of sympathy I suspect. He felt sorry for me.

I never bet. Do not believe in gambling. Last night I bet. David and I had a $20 wager. There too I lost.

My eulogy for Syracuse would be to the effect it was a good season. Who can argue with 32-3. The season was especially remarkable in view of the several extraneous problems with which the team was faced. Congratulations to Coach Boeheim and the team!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Tonight Syracuse basketball! The final game of the Sweet Sixteen. The result determines whether Syracuse proceeds to the Final Four.

Syracuse is a 3 point underdog via the Vegas line. Ohio State the projected winner.

An insult! The first time all season that Syracuse has been the underdog. So be it. We shall overcome.

I initially thought we would get blown out of the tournament early when we lost center Fab Melo. It did not occur. Came close. But Syracuse prevailed. The team has too much resiliency. I have gone from a doubter to a believer. Syracuse does know how to win. We are going to beat Ohio State tonight!

The game is at 7:05. I shall be watching the game at the Sports Page Bar. David is joining me. He is an Ohio State fan. A serious one. The comments between us during the game should be interesting.

The Internet show continues to be a success. Many post show comments yesterday from all over. The Key West Lou Legal hour has developed a significant following world wide.

Two topics appear to have touched people’s sensitivities.

The first was my opinion that either the next Pope, and if not, definitely his successor, would be latino or black. The reasoning behind my observation is simple.

 In the first eighteen hundred years of the Church, Europe was the bastion of Catholicism. Most members  of the Catholic Church resided in Europe and were white. Then the United States was born. Added to the white population of the Church.

The past fifty years have evidenced a decline in white parishioners in Europe and the United States. At the same time, there has been a burgeoning growth of Catholicism in Africa, Central America and South America.

The membership of the Catholic Church is now 85 per cent latino and black.

A Pope from the latter group is inevitable. I doubt we shall ever see an Italian Pope again. Nor a Polish or German one.

The other topic generating interest involved my comments on gasoline and food prices. A long dissertation. Too long to be recited even shortly here. But it can simply be stated that corporate America is screwing us. The gas companies and food conglomerates are manipulating everything to their advantage and the detriment of the American consumer. My observation was not based on hysterical ranting, but rather interesting and generally unknown facts. I am considering a KONK Life column on the issue.

After the show, it was to Lisa’s. Needed a grandkid ingestion.

Robert and Ally kept insisting they wanted their golf clubs back. They were in my trunk. I asked why. I figured we could go to the golf course next week again. They explained they needed to practice and would be doing so in the back yard. A bad swing, an errant shot, and a broken window can be anticipated.

Spent the rest of the day lying by the pool. Doing nothing.

Stayed home last night. So did the girls. Donna cooked. linguine covered with a bolognese sauce. Delicious!

I can’t wait till 7 this evening. I  am anxious to watch the game!

Enjoy your day!

Syracuse won!

The most important yesterday occurrence!

Beat Wisconsin by a big one point. 64-63. The finest played basketball game I have ever seen. Both teams played exceptionally well. Syracuse once again knew how to win!

Next Ohio State. Saturday. David is a huge Ohio state fan. We agreed last night to watch the game together..

This is Friday. Friday means show time. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten in the morning my time. World wide. Join me. Always interestinjg. Always exciting.

I have added one more item to this morning’s show. My prediction that the next Pope will be latino or black.

I started yesterday with a visit to Eye Eye Eye. Needed new glasses. Prescription and frames.Spent an hour. Picked out new frames and am having some old ones reused.

Then to Plantation Coffee for lunch. A cup of coffee and a bagel with cream cheese. Read the newspapers.

Refrigerator really empty. To Publix. Bought a lot.

It was close to the end of the afternoon. A short nap was in order.

Game time. 7:15. I was at John Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Bar. Packed. More Wisconsin than Syracuse fans. Made no difference. We made more noise!

Scott watched the game with me. John was too busy running around.

Wisconsin made 14 threes. It is impossible to beat a team that makes 14 threes. Syracuse did last night! We just had to make more twos.

A key to the victory was the Syracuse defense. In the last seven minutes of the game, Wisconsin did not make one three. Boeheim extended the zone defense further out. It screwed up Wisconsin’s three point  game.

Met a lovely at the Sports Bar. Never got her name. A gorgeous young lady. Moving about in a long colorful dress. She was from Scotland. Delightful accent.

She is in Key West for two weeks working at Bare Assets. The stripper/gentlemen’s club. Then she is off to Jamaica for two weeks. To strip, I asked. No, to vacation. Then back to Scotland. I told her I was considering doing France, Italy and Greece soon. She said visit me. I never did get her particulars, however.

After the game, I headed over to Don’s Place. My bocce team was there. They won 2 out of 3 games. Good! I had excused myself from the bocce match to watch the basketball game.

Stayed a while. Chatted with Don, David, Erica, Herschel and Lori.

Watch my show.

Enjoy your day!

Busy day yesterday!

Tired me out!

My morning started with a visit to the eye doctor. I have not see him nor had an eye check up in several years. It was time.

Other than a slight upgrade in prescription, everything fine. Hopefully later today, I will find the time to get the prescription filled and order new frames.

I was to babysit afterwards for about 4 hours. Went to Lisa’s. Could not sit immediately. My pupils were still dilated.

About an hour later, Robert, Ally and I hit the road. First to I HOP for lunch. It has become a favorite place for us.

Then to the golf course. The grandkids’ clubs were in the trunk of my car.

We went to the putting green. Not only was the golf course itself  busy, the putting green was packed. I was going to leave. Then I thought screw it. Robert and Ally are for real members of the golf club. Card carrying. They take lessons. They belonged as much as the adults.

I admonished them both to play quietly. We took over one putting hole.

Robert and Ally practice putted for about an hour. I stood nearby, observed and commented. A half hour into it, Robert started sinking his putts consistently. From about 5 feet out. I was amazed. So were some of the adults who were practice putting. I could see the surprise and envy register in their eyes. They were missing their putts with the same consistency as Robert was making his.

My wednesday group had been out playing. As we finished putting, Don, Larry, Tino and Tom came in. Hellos exchanged, including Robert and ally.

At a golf course, kids are really only interested in one thing. Riding on the carts. They were stoning me. Especially, Ally. She began to pout thinking she was not going to ride one.

I spoke with one of the pros and got permission to take Robert and Ally around the course. I had intended to only drive them around in a small circle and be done with it. I was told by the pro, no, take them where ever you want.

We did 4 holes. It was as exciting as a visit from Santa Claus for them.

I drove the grandkids to my home afterwards. Lisa met us. They went swimming.. I went to bed for a nap. I was tired.

I intended to go out last night. I was still tired. My friday show research was not yet complete. Today busy. Syracuse basketball and bocce. Ergo, I opted to stay home, work on the show, and get to bed early.

Tomorrow is my Internet show. Friday. Ten in the morning my time. World wide.

Additional topics to be touched upon include the establishment of legal begging zones in Key West, an Occupy Wall street protester carrying a sign on St. Patrick’s Day asking the good Saint to drive all the snakes out of Wall Street, and Chevron execs court banned from leaving Brazil after an oil spill.

Plus,  Femen protesters in the Ukraine upset over police handling of an 18 year old girl’s case who was raped, burned and left for dead who lost 2 arms, 1 leg with the burning over 50 per cent of her body, a proposed law in Kansas protecting/absolving doctors who are opposed to abortion and lie to the mother after testing where there is a major problem with the unborn fetus, sex and mosquito control, and more.

Please join me. The topics are riveting.

Syracuse plays Wisconsin at 4 today. The Vegas line favors Syracuse by 4 points. Going to be one terrific game!

John Lucas is a Wisconsin grad. I plan on watching the game with him at his Big Ten Sports Bar. Then I have to hustle over to the bocce courts. We play at 6:30.

Enjoy your day!