Trump is worried about a New York City indictment. He knows it is coming.

He should be concerned about Georgia, also. Indictments next there. Though still a few weeks off.

The noose is getting tighter. Try as he may, nothing he can do about it. The time to pay the fiddler is swiftly arriving.

New York attorney Robert Costello the newest “Trump star.” A MAGA attorney. Though he denies representing Trump. Understandable. He represents Rudy Giuliani. In the past, Steve Bannon.

Disgusting how many lawyers have flocked to Trump who in due course leaves them dirty and tainted. To a degree, such is reflective of a downward trend in the legal profession. Bothers me. The rotten apples in the barrel soiling the entire basket.

Costello’s proclaimed “ethics” motivated him to speak out against his former client Michael Cohen. Cohen denied on TV last night he was ever Costello’s client. Claims “never.”

Time is a problem in the four criminal matters pending against Trump. The $130,000 porn star payoff item is 7 years old. Georgia, 3. The 2 Department of Justice matters victim of Merrick Garland’s ineptness as Attorney General. He has been pussy footing around when he should have assembled his cases and gone for the jugular.

Time kills. Justice delayed is justice denied in these cases. People get bored. Bored with the same old, same old.

Long delays have worked to Trump’s advantage. He is the master of court delay. The public suffers as a result. The people never get to see a wrongdoer brought to justice. Trump never gets his!

Trump considers himself a master of all. Expert in most things. A physician at heart.

It was on this day in 2020 that “Doctor President Donald Trump” in a White House briefing doubled down on his support for the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as a possible treatment for COVID.  A lot less dangerous than injecting or drinking bleach!

I have to admire Rupert Murdoch in a certain respect. The man is 92 and still falls in love. His fifth marriage on the horizon.

He announced his engagement to 66 year old Ann Lesley Smith. They will marry this summer.

I was cold yesterday morning as I wrote the blog. When finished, I checked the temperature. It was 65 degrees. No wonder!

This morning better. Today’s high will be 79 and the evening low 71.

I am having dinner to night at 6:30 outside at La Te Da. My companion Ted Kane from Madison County, New York. Ted in his early 80’s. Has been visiting Key West for one month each year for 30 years. He is a retired County, Family and Surrogate Court Clerk. 

Madison County sits next to my home county Oneida. We never met till 10 years ago in Key West at the Chart Room. We never met when he was Court Clerk because my cases were all in Supreme Court, rather than the three courts he represented. 

For some reason, I developed a large following in Madison County. Most were farmers. Primarily dairy farmers.

I was trying a case for a dairy farmer client. He had a new Cadillac. We were going to lunch together in his car. It stunk of cow shit!

I admonished him. Asked how he could let such a beautiful expensive car have cow shit in it. He looked at me and quietly said, “Louis, the cow shit paid for the car.”

Marilyn Monroe is back on Eaton Street in front of the Tropic Cinema Theater. Skirt flaring!

When I first began visiting Key West in the late 1980’s, there was no Overseas Market aka Winn Dixie Market. A huge empty field.

On this day in 1991, the Winn Dixie Market opened in the new Overseas Market.

For many years, a Labrador Retriever was the dog to buy. Made the best pet.

No more.

The American Kennel Club has recommended the Lab for 31 years. Now, # 2. Replaced by the French bulldog. Described as “playful” and “adoptable.”

Enjoy your day!



Many evils taint Key West history. Seemingly more than affect other communities. Could be Key West’s location. Stuck out as the nation’s southern most point, isolated in ocean waters from two different huge bodies. Little attention paid to the community comparatively speaking.

Most are unaware of the negatives that have plagued Key West over the years. Two stick out. One, the Ku Klux Klan. The other, leprosy.

I have written often of the Ku Klux Klan and how Key West was Florida’s headquarters for the organization in the early 1920’s. Its President a Key West resident. Lynchings in the years before commonplace.

As to leprosy, I have written little. However ten years ago in 2013, I did write a somewhat lengthy piece about it. What follows is a portion of that blog.

There is good and bad to everything. Many times the bad is hidden/forgotten. Especially in the instance where the something bad has turned with the passage of time into a shining gem.

It is the story of leprosy and Key West.

The Biblical plague of all time is leprosy. Monroe County, and especially Key West, had a large number of leprosy victims residing here. It was another time, another century.

Once as many as 100. One of the largest numbers in the United States. None of the victims caught the dread disease here. It was brought from the outside into the Keys.

Leprosy is not contagious. One human to another. Don’t laugh. Leprosy is spread by armadillos. I do not recall armadillos inhabiting this area.

Today, leprosy is treatable. Persons affected are no longer isolated. Since 1942, a drug called Putome is available to cure leprosy.

The problem still exists. About ten cases a year in the United States. I do not know when the last case was reported in the Key West area. Note however that two Key West doctors list in their areas of expertise leprosy.

Moving to today’s news. One item sticks out like a sore thumb.

Absolutely amazing how Trump gets involved in matters where others do not or are not permitted to enter. Reference the Manhattan Grand Jury proceeding today. A fellow by the name of Costello may testify at the request of Trump’s attorneys. Cohen has been recalled for rebuttal purposes, if necessary.

I have never heard of such occurring.

Enjoy your day!



“Protest, take our nation back.”

January 6 was not enough. Trump wants to see it happen again. He knows he has the power to ignite such a conflagration again. And he will not hesitate to do so!

First lets get rid of the bullshit Trump is intimating. He makes his “arrest” sound like aa 5 am breaking the door down to get him. Nothing farther from the truth. Regardless of what I may think of him, or anyone else may for that matter, he is a former U.S. President and will be accorded every courtesy such demands.

Trump will be treated as many persons of status are. His attorney and the prosecutors will agree on a date and time when Trump will appear somewhere for surrender. No movie type arrest involved. Trump will show up, be booked, fingerprinted, photographed and taken before a judge to be arraigned. Based on the nature of this particular case, he will probably be released on his own reconnaissance.

A few hours involved. Following which he leaves.

Trump prefers rabble rousing his followers. He wants them out on the streets protesting what he will be experiencing. He wants the world to know he is a big man with a huge following who will literally fight to save and protect him. He cares not who will be injured or killed in the process.

Which brings me to who Trump is. Beginning with he is not normal. He is a sociopath. His mind criminal.

Trump visions a civil war. “I am your retribution.” One he will lead. One which will place him at the head of our government again. This time however by violence, not the ballot box. His words encourage violence. He claims Americans “will not stand” for his prosecution.

The man is pure authoritarianism. He is Mussolini, Hitler, Putin, Jung and Xi wrapped into one.

Back in the days when our nation was opening the West, Indians were a problem. For years, the popular saying was “the only good Indian is a dead Indian.” Some think Trump believes “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.”

And on and on it goes.

Enjoy your Sunday!






March Madness! The term unquestionably fits this year’s NCAA Tournament. Truer words never spoken.

One game’s result last night proof. Farleigh Dickinson a #16 seed. Can’t get any lower in the rankings. Beat #1 seed Purdue 63-58. Only the second time in history a #16 seed has beat the #1 seed.

Farleigh Dickinson outplayed Purdue the entire game.

Purdue the tallest team physically in the tournament. Built like forwards and centers. Farleigh Dickinson the shortest. Five guards in effect. A David and Goliath match.

Purdue had a problem last year also losing right away. Seems a black cloud hangs over them in NCAA post season play.

In that respect, Purdue reminds me of Joe Btfsplk. You may need a few years on you to recall him. He was a character in the Li’l Abner comic strip that ran from 1934-1977. He was described as the “world’s worst jinx.” Lived with a perpetually dark rain cloud over his head. A bad luck guy!

The International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Putin yesterday. The charge: War crimes in the Ukraine – the unlawful deportation of 16,000 plus Ukrainian children to Russia since the war began in 2022.

Neither Russia nor the U.S. are members of the International Court. Means an actual arrest of Putin can only happen if he travels into a country that is a member. It is doubted such will occur.

DeSantis is at it again. He doesn’t take much time off between dastardly deeds.

The latest involves Florida text books again. They are being altered to remove references to Rosa Park’s race. The civil rights heroine who sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Part of crucial American history swept under the rug.

DeSantis has been hiding from face to face engagements against Presidential hopefuls and the tough inquiring questioning of the press. At some point, he will have to reveal to the American public his true composition.

In the meantime, more and more odd ball things pop up that could cause him embarrassment. Some make him the fool many think he is.

He is conscious of his height. Wears heels. Trump will eat him up on that one!

How about the claim he is a sloppy eater. Like using 3 fingers to eat chocolate pudding on a recent flight.

A tough one. A recent allegation that while in the Navy at Guantanamo, he witnessed brutal force feeding methods.

Bullies collapse when confronted. I suspect DeSantis is a bully. Going to be interesting to see the person he actually is when he is forced out of the shadows.

The seaweed Sargassum is approaching the Florida Keys. The last time it hit Key West shores was 2015.

A blob thousands of miles long is approaching. It is estimated to be 5,000 miles long. Will arrive over the next several months. Bringing with it the stench of rotten eggs and respiratory problems.

Sargassum has been known to man for hundreds of years. It was first discovered by Christopher Columbus on his voyage to the Americas.

A just now news release. By Donald Trump himself. He announced based on “illegal leaks.” he will be arrested tuesday.

Enjoy your day!


It’s the same every year. Come March 17 and everyone is Irish!

A festive occasion.

I spent many a St. Patrick’s Day in Key West with Donna and Terri. Been years since the last time. We drank, partied, and enjoyed corned beef and cabbage. Problem was where to get corned beef and cabbage. At some point, everyone wanted the meal. Whether you had a reservation was immaterial. There was still a 1-2 hour wait for a table.

I finally gave up on St. Patty’s Day. Have not celebrated one in years.

Still have the desire for the corned beef and cabbage, however. My system to beat reality was to visit Sally O’Brien’s predecessor and now Sally O’Brien’s Irish Pub for the meal sometime a week later. Each had and has corned beef and cabbage on the menu every day.

The first St. Patrick’s Day parade was held in New York City in 1762. Based on experience, I can attest that New York City is the best place to be on St. Patrick’s Day. They come from all over to party. The town goes crazy!

I learned this fact my freshman year in college. I attended Manhattan College in New York City. Was a member of the Air Force ROTC. Required marching in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. I did it for 4 years in uniform. Always made a sharp eyes right as we passed the Cardinal sitting on the steps of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

The partying afterwards beyond belief. None appropriate for the blog.

I was in college 1953-1957. The memory fresh in my mind every St. Patrick’s Day since.

A long lunch with Robert at Roostica yesterday. He returns to Florida State today. He’s doing ok. He has a good head on his shoulders. I am proud of him.

Ally was supposed to join us. Her school schedule screwed up so she was not able. She will join Robert at Florida State in the Fall.

I learned from Robert she has amassed a full semester of college credits already while in high school. Means a degree in 3 1/2 years rather than 4. A major dollar savings.

March Madness hit hard last night! Two major upsets. Number 15 seed Princeton knocked off #2 Arizona. Number 13 seed Furman stunned #4 Virginia.

Ho ho, Yogi Bear! What it’s all about!

A number of Republicans think low income Americans aren’t working hard enough to deserve food.

An example is a Republican Minnesota State Senator who voted against a bill providing free breakfast and lunch to all school children in Minnesota. He argued he never “personally met anyone who doesn’t have enough food to eat.” Ergo, “they must not exist.”

Federally, Republican Congressman Dusty Johnson introduced legislation to expand “work requirements” for eligibility for SNAP food stamps. He believes “work is the best pathway out of poverty.”

Obviously, he has never missed or gone without a meal because there was no money to purchase food.

Ronald Reagan spoke many words of wisdom. One comment to mull considering today’s conditions: “If we ever forget we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under.”

Harry Truman loved Key West and Key West loves Harry Truman.

I cannot say nor write it enough.

Today in 1952 marks a day during one of Truman’s 11 Presidential visits to Key West. He made a surprise visit to the Key West Aquarium. He was the 51,199th visitor for the year. The President arrived  before the doors were open to the public and was the first guest to see 30 newly born seahorses.

Yesterday’s blog was titled Bankers Thieves As Well As Whores. It contained a mistake I want to correct.

I wrote “tax dollars will protect depositors even beyond the normal $250,000 limit.” The statement is not correct. I was wrong.

Depositors are protected beyond $25o,000. Not by tax dollars, however. The monies will come from a special fund that banks have been paying into in the event what has occurred with SVB and other banks did happen. This time around banks in general will pay for the screw up of one or more of their brethren. Not American taxpayers.

Enjoy your day!




Greg Becker is the Silicon Valley Bank CEO. He sold $30 million of his bank stock in the past two years. $3.7 million on February 27, just days before SVB disclosed the large loss that triggered its stock slide and collapse.

Insider trading at its worst! A white collar form of stealing. Warrants total investigation and criminal charges.

All together, SVB executives and directors sold $84 million in stock in the past two years.

I repeat. Whores. Thieves at heart.

In the end, tax dollars will protect depositors even beyond the normal $250,000 limit.

Trump’s purported payment of $130,000 took place seven years ago in 2016. Trump still waiting to be indicted. Anyone else would have been indicted, convicted and have already served time by now. Not Donald.

And still not indicted! Though it appears he may soon be.

A question involves misdemeanor or felony. The misdemeanor though it carries a possible one year jail term, in Trump’s instance, if convicted, would not be imposed. In all likelihood, he would walk without jail time.

In order to garner jail time would require a felony conviction beyond the lowest felony classification in my opinion. The problem is the felony stature is not clear in New York.

No sweat. The State and Manhattan legal offices have investigated the Trump organization and obtained one civil judgment for wrongdoing as well as tons of data. Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg should take 2 or 3 of those charges and where appropriate indict Trump personally on them also. Now conviction for something serious requiring jail time would be a probability. The 2 or 3 charges need not be related to the $130,000 payoff. Separate and non-related charges are commonly brought against a defendant .

Justice demands conviction. Trump has made a fool out of the legal system long enough. He mocks everyone of us. It is time he is made to pay the fiddler.

Jim Boeheim will remain part of Syracuse University. It has been announced he will serve as Special Assistant to Syracuse’s Athletic Director.  Most likely in a fund raising capacity.

A special day ahead for me. Robert is home from Florida State for a week. I am having lunch with Robert and Ally today at Roostica. Ally graduates from high school in a couple of months. She will be attending Florida State beginning in August.

Enjoy your day!


Came across a photo in Facebook this morning that says it all about real estate prices in Key West.



Tropic Cinema’s sculpture of Marilyn Monroe a Key West icon. It was removed to prevent damage during Eaton Street’s recent facelift.

Now to be returned. Requires delicate hauling and some specialized work.

An unexpected expense for the non-profit cinema. Donations being sought. To donate:

DeSantis’ whacky rules going too far afield. He now wants to limit which flags a municipality may fly to four: American, State of Florida, Vietnam Veterans, and Firefighter Memorial flags.

Means Key West could no longer fly Conch Republic and Pride flags.

The idea as good as his recent reference to the Ukraine war as a “territorial dispute.”

The Key West Commission is adamantly opposed to DeSantis’ latest gambit.

Love it! A comment in this morning’s Citizens’ Voice: “To the voices who can’t find the Crosstown Greenery, it’s the first right after you exit the Cuban tunnel.”

On this day in 1900, the unveiling of the monument dedicated by the citizens of Key West to the heroes of the Battleship Maine, who died in Havana on February 15, 1898, was held in the City Cemetery. More than 10,000 were present and viewed the procession.

Something I learned early in grammar school. Around the third grade: Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin. The information appeared today in the Citizen’s History Section.

A phase of female discrimination struck down in Berlin. More aptly stated, permission to expose granted. Women will be permitted to go topless in Berlin public pools.

Equal protection under the law.

Hooray for the ladies! Hooray for the guys!

“Et tu, Brute.”

On this day in 44 B.C., Julius Caesar was assassinated.

An article by Bess Levin re Trump’s reaction to Michael Cohen’s anticipated testimony before the Grand Jury appropriately titled: “That Sound You Hear Is Donald Trump Shitting Several Bricks Over Michael Cohen’s Grand Jury Testimony.”

Justice awaits.

Got out yesterday. Lunch at Roostica. Excellent Italian food. Followed by a quick visit to Dr. Norris’ office.

Enjoy your day!



The theme from Love Story: Where do I begin to tell the story of how great a love can be…..No, how bad a movie can be!

Everything, Everywhere All At Once was awarded the Oscar as the Best Movie of the Year Sunday night. I don’t know how. Absolutely the worst movie ever!

I saw the movie last night. It has no redeeming features.

I was surprised I was able to watch it. I was searching the Movies site for something to watch. Suddenly, the movie was there. And free. I was thrilled. I was anxious to see the film that had distinguished itself with seven Academy Awards.

Pure unadulterated crap. Two hours nineteen minutes of agony. I hung in there and watched the whole thing. I wanted to be sure I was not making a mistake in deciding from almost the beginning that it was the worst ever.

I had to be a masochist to watch the whole thing.

It is a cult film. A handful of movie supporters must have liked it. Otherwise, it would not have won. I compare its following to Trump’s 30 percent. Come hell or high water, he’s a great man. To the cult, the movie is a great movie. No one is going to change their minds. The other 70 percent will be alienated as I was.

Now I understand why many for real big time movie stars failed to appear at the Oscars. They knew how bad the film was and did not wish to evidence their support for it.

If the new Top Gun gave a positive shot to the movie industry, Everything, Everywhere All At Once is a negative. Even the title sucks.

Some will criticize me for this blog. Say I am not a movie critic. I disagree. I am 87 and have watched hundreds of movies over my lifetime. Experience qualifies me to comment with a degree of expertise. As it does so many other persons.

Don’t take my word for the quality of the movie. Judge for yourself. Avoid paying for a theater ticket, if you can. A total waste of money. Rather see if you can find it for free on the Movies site as I did.

My foot is better. Thank you to those who continue to inquire. Not 100 percent, however.

I wake in the morning and the foot is fine. Except for the big toe. It only bends about 25 percent and is generally cold. Within 3-4 hours of sitting and working on the blog, the bad signs begin and remain with me all day. Regardless of what I do. The foot and ankle swell. Only 20 percent. There is no pain and I am able to walk normally.

One of the medications came in a 30 day supply. I have several left and must continue till the bottle is empty. Hope the problem does not reappear in any fashion by the time I am done.

I plan on going out to lunch. I have not shaved in almost 3 weeks. Going to shave for the event!

Enjoy your day as I plan to mine!




A whore is someone who has sex for money. Bankers fuck the public for money. Ergo, the term fits. Bankers are whores.

Two banks in effect went under since friday. One big, one small. The big one in the west, the smaller a regional bank in the east. Each was subjected to an old fashioned bank run. As were a handful of other banks such as the Boston Private Bank in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

I smile for two reasons re the Wellesley Bank. It is owned by the Silicon Valley Bank, the western entity that first announced it was in trouble. The Boston Private Bank owned by it is located in Wellesley. Wellesley is one of the most affluent of U.S. communities. People were standing in line outside the bank over the weekend seeking to get their money out.

What is going on?

Inflation being blamed. Everything blamed on inflation these days. In the two bank cases, the cause not inflation per se. Rather the failure of those running the banks to recognize low interest rates will at some point become high interest rates. Banks must prepare investment wise and pay out wise for such to occur. The two banks did not.

Generally never fails. In every facet of life. What goes up will go down. What goes down will go up.

My lifetime experience is that banks are inept whores. Invested with too much power. Exercised ruthlessly in most instances. The problem is when a bank screws up, the ones who pay the price are the depositors and investors.

Recall the Bible story of Jesus throwing the moneychangers out of the Temple. The money changers were bankers.

Sometimes you just can’t win for losing. Girl Scout cookies are hard to find this year.

Two reasons. Supply chain issues and unexpected demand.

Sales began in February. Cost per box a reasonable $5.

The difficulty in finding Girl Scout cookies so bad it is being described as a “shitshow.”

Conserve water! There is a water shortage in the Keys.

The Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority is the water supplier for the Keys. It has experienced three breaks this past week. Such is why I had to rinse shower soap off my body the other night with bottled water.

Just received a tweet from the Authority. Conserve! Use as little water as possible. Do not wash cars, property, plants, etc. The message also advised that water before used for human consumption should be boiled. Boiling to continue through 5 pm wednesday.

Yesterday an enjoyable one. The Players and Oscars.

The Players is one of professional golf’s premier tournaments. Scottie Scheffler won. His score 17 below par. Beat his nearest opponent by 5 strokes. His pay day a whopping $4,500,000.

The tournament was played at Florida’s TPC Sawgrass. A very difficult course. So difficult, I describe it as a “perversion.” Does more than test a player’s skill. Requires significant luck also. Scheffler had both for the tournament.

Loved the Oscars last night!

The movie Everything, Everywhere All At Once the big winner. Seven Oscars. Dominated the evening.

Jamie Lee Curtis received the Award in the Best Supporting Actress category. On in her years, I was thrilled for her. Her parents now dead were the very popular movie stars Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh.

Brendan Fraser won for Best Actor. On in his years, also.

Fraser broke into the movies some 30 yeas ago. Played light comedian roles. Enjoyed his performances tremendously! Then I saw him no more. He disappeared for a number of years. Now returned and his talent acknowledged in The Whale.

Tom Cruise did not attend. I assume because he did not receive a nomination for Best Actor. The movie industry as a whole says his performance in the new Top Gun has renewed movie going. Brought people back to the movie houses. If such the reason he did not attend, I understand. He was slighted.

Happy Anniversary Pope Francis!

Ten years ago today, Francis was elected Pope. Reform has marked his Papacy.

Francis says more to be done. Two things especially. One, women are to be more concretely involved in Church matters. The other the need for better inclusion and leadership of lay Catholics at every level of Church life.

Enjoy your day!



Jimmy Carter is eternal!

Three weeks and one day ago on February 18, 2023 following a “series of short hospital stays” and with the end of his life imminent, Carter decided to “spend his remaining time at home with his family” in Plains to “receive hospice care instead of additional medical intervention.”

He is respectfully still alive and kicking. God bless him!

East Palestine is in the news today and will be for some time to come. It will be an EPA Superfund site.

Carter is responsible for the format that will remediate the area and assist its residents. Carter laid the groundwork in 1978 when he declared a federal emergency in the neighborhood of Love Canal in Niagara Falls, New York.

More than 800 families were evacuated from the neighborhood which had been built on top of a toxic waste landfill. The Superfund law was created in response to the situation. Federal disaster money was appropriated to demolish the approximately 500 houses and 2 schools which had been built on top of the dump, to remediate the landfill and construct a contamination area for the hazardous wastes.

This was the first time such a process had been undertaken.

The longest running Broadway show comes to an end April 16. The Phantom of the Opera.

The Phantom has had a 35 year run. The show opened in 1988. There have been over 14,000 performances.

I enjoy musical theater, especially Broadway shows. Over the 35 years, I attended 4 Broadway performances of The Phantom.

I had a screwed up night. By night, I refer to like the middle of the night. Beginning at 1:30 in the morning.

Turns out many in the Key West area experienced the problem also.

There was no water. The Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority must have sprung a leak somewhere.

In my old age, I sleep poorly. Lucky to get 3-4 hours an evening. I have become accustomed, I spend my evening hours reading and writing and watching old movies.

It was 1:30 and I had not yet slept. Decided to take a shower. I was all soaped up ready to rinse. Suddenly, no water!

My exclamation: Shit!

Needed to rinse.

I am not fond of Key West water. Drink as little as possible. Which means I buy bottled water by cases of 24 16 ounce bottles.

Two cases are always next to my desk in my office which is on the second floor. My shower off my bedroom on the other side of the second floor.

I slowly walked to the office and grabbed several bottles. Returned to the shower and rinsed the soap from my body with them.

Not a terrific experience!

When I woke this morning, water had returned.

An example of the Ku Klux Klan’s influence in Key West 100 years ago. Most are surprised each time I write about the Klan’s existence in Key West.

On this day in 1926, the Junior Ku Klux Klan burned a cross between 10 and 11 am in the vicinity of the “second Martello tower.”

Junior part of the Klan, no less.

Tonight, the Oscars! Love the Oscars! Always have.

One of my favorite past times was going to the movies. Joined by a lady. Sharing popcorn and a large Diet Pepsi. COVID killed the experience.

I still watch movies on TV. Old and new alike. Not the same, however.

I will enjoy this evening watching the Oscars on. A major problem is I do not see current movies. So I have no judgment as to the best ones and stars for the year.

This afternoon a biggie also. The final round of The Players. Competitive golf at its best!

Enjoy your Sunday!