Voting counts. No question about it. Were it not for more votes for the Democratic candidate, Trump would not have been elected. Had he failed, Roe v. Wade and affirmative action would both still be law. So if you do not like what is happening, vote Biden. Tell your friends to do so also and why. Three members of the Supreme Court who voted anti Roe v. Wade and affirmative action were appointed by Trump.


The Supreme Court did it again yesterday. Overturned 50 years of precedent re affirmative action. Killed affirmative action with regard to college admissions.

 Justice Katanji Brown’s scorching dissent in one of the cases speaks out forcefully and dramatically re the wrong perpetrated by the majority: “With let-them-eat-cake obliviousness, today, the majority pulls the ripcord and announces ‘colorblindness for all’ by legal fiat. But deeming race irrelevant in law does not make it so in life.”

Jackson compared the Court’s majority members to ostriches sticking their necks in the sand adding “no one benefits from ignorance. Although formal race-linked legal barriers are gone, race still matters to the lived experiences of all Americans in unnumberable ways, and today’s ruling makes it worse, not better.” Continuing that the majority’s perspective in proceeding “ostrichlike” from the hope that “preventing consideration of race will end racism” is nothing more than the majority proceeding in vain.

Justice Thomas voted with the majority. Affirmative action resulted in his admission to Yale Law School. He would never have been accepted without it.

Thomas wrote a concurring opinion in effect claiming his Yale Law degree was of no value to him following graduation.

Let me say to the man: You would never have made it to the Supreme Court and achieved earlier legal success without it. Cut the bullshit!

Biden talks about correcting the Supreme Court problem, but does nothing. The longer today’s Supreme Court continues as constituted, the more destructive of American values it will be.

Biden must do something. I suspect he will do nothing till after reelected when hopefully he will have Democratic House and Senate majorities. 

Biden a Presidnet I highly respect. My message to him is fail us not!

The heat’s effect was obvious yesterday.

I was getting a manicure. A middle aged woman walked in. She was beat up and moaning because of the heat. 

It was obvious at Hogfish while I was having lunch. No air conditioning, of course. I was ok. Just came in from my air conditioned car. Things were different with Julia at the bar. She was showing stress. I asked her if the heat was getting to her. She said yes. To help, she had a special bag of ice in her back pocket. Whatever it takes.

Other female staff were evidencing the heat’s effect also.

Hot is hot!

There was a time when Key West was the largest and richest city in Florida. In 1890, the population was just short of 18,800.

Key West’s riches were achieved from wrecking and salvaging ships that crashed on the reefs and shallow waters offshore. Locals made their fortunes by auctioning off or reselling the salvaged cargoes.

Things changed rapidly for Key West, however. By 1928 when Hemingway arrived, Key West was run down and impoverished. Corey showed some photos the other night of Key West when Hemingway arrived. The town was comprised of run down shacks. Amazing that Hemingway sensed a flavor to the community and opted to remain.

Enjoy the long holiday weekend!



Yesterday was one of the best days I have had in a long time. Two events marked the day.

My first involved a visit with Dr. John Norris. He is my primary care physician. 

I had thought my monday heart doctor visit would be the end of three months of endless heart tests. It was not. Instead another step added to the process. A consultation with a Cleveland Clinic doctor. Realization hit. I am heading for bad stuff.

I contacted Dr. Norris. We had two lengthy telephone chats and then an hour long office visit yesterday.

I left feeling a hell of a lot better. I may be heading for some big time surgery, but felt confident. The surgery not a fact yet.

The problem is my heart stops beating for a second or two. Not good. Dr. Norris took the time with charts to explain what was happening and what two surgeries done simultaneously would look like. A pacemaker and aortic valve replacement.

I left feeling a hell of a lot better than when I had arrived. Knowledge is a wonderful thing. At least in my case. Has always been. 

I will be 88 next week. What must be, will be. 

Still hope I can avoid the surgery. Easier to handle another pill.

I have had my share of problems in my lifetime. Many doctors. Norris is the finest diagnostician that has treated me. His practice now a concierge one. Worth every dollar.

Left with a smile and confidence factor. Neither of which I had when I entered his office.

Decided to treat myself to lunch. Harpoon Harry’s for the wednesday turkey special.

Napped a bit in the afternoon. Then at 6 to the Key West Library to hear son-in-law Corey Malcom’s presentation of a history of Monroe County for 200 years.

A brilliant well organized interesting lecture.

I was a history major so things historic in nature excite me. Especially when well prepared and informative.

A good crowd of locals in attendance. A large number of them elderly women. I have been looking for a contemporary for years to no avail. Obviously looking in the wrong places. Must attend more lectures.

Met Russ. He came up afterwards to thank me for my blog. Said he reads it daily. Made me feel good. His wife hugged me. I have chatted with her off and on for years. My frail mind fails me at the moment, not my body. I cannot recall her name for which I apologize.

Corey’s work left me feeling good. Decided to treat myself to dinner. La Trattoria. Unfortunately, I could not find a parking place close enough. My walking has been a bit more limited the past couple of weeks so I must park very close.

Decided to go to Brady’s. A parking lot attached.

The bar maid has become a friend. A Ukraine sitting next to me became a new one. Even blew myself to a gin. It had been a while. Between Norris and Corey, I felt good and wanted to continue the feeling. Topped it off with lasagna.

Home in bed and asleep by 10. Slept soundly. Unusual for me. Woke at 6.

Overall, turned out to be an unusually good day. Hopefully, there will be more.

During my professional career, I made it a habit of knowing “my enemy.” Lawyers and parties on the other side of a lawsuit. Considered it vital to winning. Writing this blog, I do likewise. I occasionally watch FOX and listen to far right talk shows on the car radio.

FOX is bad enough. The radio commentators the worst. Vile and sick. Hard to believe the garbage they vent regarding Biden. Makes Trump look like a saint. Even worse, 30 percent of registered Republicans believe it.

A quiet day ahead. A manicure at noon. Followed by lunch at Hogfish. Then a restful day and evening at home reading, watching an old movie or two on TV and napping.

I have written several times over the years re Social Security. Wrote again yesterday. For whatever reason, rarely do I receive comments re the issue. Does no one care?

Enjoy your day!


Ten years ago in 2013, I wrote about the theft of Social Security. Theft by our government itself. Since I have written re the issue several more times describing the theft as rape and looting. This blog a reminder.

The numbers today are different. Increased. The $17 trillion overall U.S. indebtedness in 2013 now $32 trillion. The $2.7 trillion owed Social Security 10 years ago significantly more today. Factually, China no longer the U.S.’ second greatest creditor. China has been replaced by India.

The 2013 article:

The U.S. Government has stolen significant monies from the Social Security Trust Fund. Legally, of course.

The theft of Social Security is not understood by many. Even elected officials whose business it is to understand a federal
program as large as Social Security. Congress persons have standard talking points which are not true. They erroneously
represent to the American public that Social Security cannot support itself, that Social Security is broke, that Social Security
benefits must be cut, etc.

These Congress persons either know not that of which they speak, or are intentionally misrepresenting the facts.

You will find this column interesting. Guaranteed.

The United States is in debt to the tune of $17 trillion dollars. Who is the biggest creditor of the United States? To whom does
the United States owe the most money?

If you believe China, you are wrong. The largest creditor of the United States, the entity the U.S. Government owes the most
money to, is Social Security. Specifically, its Trust Fund. $2.7 trillion dollars and going up each day. The second biggest creditor is
China. The United States borrows money from China sometimes on a daily basis. The United States owes China $1.3 trillion.
Japan is close behind at $1.1 trillion.

The United States owes Social Security more than twice what it owes China. And more than its combined debt obligations to
China and Japan.

Surprising. Shocking.

Social Security is not broken. It has worked well for 78 years. The United States government is broken. Government has been
grabbing money from Social Security for years, has never paid a penny back, and from what I can determine, has no plan to pay
any money back. It has been made to appear that Social Security is a noose around the neck of the United States economy. The
people have been told that Social Security benefits must be cut so the economy may survive! What bunk!

Lets look at the pertinent facts.

Social Security comes out of every Americans pay check. An employer contribution added to it. The Government pays not one
penny of the monies deposited in the Social Security Trust Fund.

The amount a person pays into the Trust Fund over the course of a working life time is substantially more than the benefit
derived. A worker pays into the Fund generally for 40-50 years. The monthly Social Security check received by the senior citizen
is peanuts in comparison.

Social Security has in every year of its existence taken in more than it has paid out. There is always a surplus.

The monies Social Security pays out include Old Age Retirement Benefits (the monthly check), Temporary Assistance for Needy
Families, Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIP, and SSI. All out of the Trust Fund. A surplus left over each year besides. Amazing! A terrific
program Franklin Roosevelt put in place!

One problem exists. There should be a hell of a balance in the Social Security Trust Fund. Revenues annually are more than
what is expended. There is no money in the Trust Fund, however. The Government has taken it all. Continues to do so. And
never pays a penny back.

In the early 1990s, President Bill Clinton and Speaker Newt Gingrich needed to balance the budget. They came up with the
genius plan to invade the Social Security Trust Fund. Most of the dollars represented surplus funds. Why leave all those
dollars sitting around unused.

Clinton and Gingrich decided they would “borrow” the surplus monies. In return, the United States would give the Trust Fund
what were termed “special service non-marketable U.S. Government bonds.”

What were these bonds? Nothing. They were non-marketable. They could not be used as collateral for a bank loan. No sane
person would buy them. The bonds were nothing more than IOUs.

Good for use as toilet paper in an out house.

A scam.

It was thought that if and when things turned adverse for Social Security, the Government would redeem these bonds. In effect,
pay back Social Security. After all, the commitment of the United States and Congress is to meet the country’s obligations.

The Government’s ability to pay depends on its power to tax and/or borrow. Congress reflects neither past nor present desire
to pay. The Government refrains from even discussing these IOUs and their payment.

Where did all this surplus money go? How did certain Presidents and Congress spend the money. Basically, in three areas.

First, to make up for the reduced taxes on the rich. Thank you Bush 2. Second, two unpaid wars. Thank you again Bush 2.
Obama receives some credit also for not yet successfully ending the wars. Finally, other government programs that needed to
be funded and for which there might not be sufficient funding without invading the Social Security Trust Fund.

The process again is simple. Surplus Trust funds are borrowed by the United States. An IOU is given to purportedly secure
repayment. The money goes into the nation’s general fund to help pay for the tax cuts, wars, etc.

Certain economic experts have suggested a simple 30 year program to repay the IOUs would correct the problem and pay off
the $2.7 trillion still growing debt.

The real problem is no one cares about paying back. The Government took our monies and spent it like a bunch of college guys
out on a night on the town.

Social Security and Medicare should not be touched in any fashion. Other than to perhaps increase benefits. Another plan
might be for the Government to stop immediately removing funds from the Trust Fund. The surpluses would build up rapidly.

This sad scenario makes one wonder whether the Government even cares about the 99 per cent. It appears to me that all our
elected officials are concerned with are their images and friends. Not for anything or anyone else.

Make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

It seems to be working.


Visited with the heart doctor yesterday to get the results of 3 months of tests. The report is I am in good shape for a man of my age. Going to be 88 in 9 days. BUT. It’s that G.D. BUT that always comes into play.

The bottom line is my aortic valve stenosis has gotten worse. Now described as moderate to serious. May be heading for a valve replacement. Not yet, however. The other BUT problem is my heart stopped twice while I was wearing a monitor. Once for 2.5 seconds, the other for 1 second. May be heading for a pacemaker. A consultation being scheduled with a Cleveland Clinic expert on heart electricity.

It never ends. As long as remedial may be done assuring I do not end, so be it.

I have an endoscopy scheduled for next month to stretch my throat. It has been delayed to be sure I could undergo the procedure.

I feel sorry for those who only have Medicare. I have been retired since 71 years old. The AARP supplement covers everything else. Thank God I can afford it. I have reached the point where I am convinced medicine is a right. Socialized medicine the key. The opportunty to continue living should be available to everyone.

I stopped at Harpoon Harry’s for lunch after the doctor visit. Enjoyed pancakes. Delicious. Something I rarely partake of.

As I was leaving, it began to rain. Made it to the car in time. Poured like hell as I drove home.

Love the heavy rain summer brings. For a stupid reason. It washes the car. I’m laughing at the moment, but it’s true. My car will be bright and shiny when I get into it today.

No matter the final result with Russia, Putin has been diminished in power. His grip decidedly weakened.

Prigozhin will die in the near future. Putin’s reputation cannot handle the embarrassment he perpetrated.

The people of Moscow interviewed on TV are properly relieved. They do not want a war of blood shed on their streets. Can’t blame them. However, it means they will accept Putin regardless of what he does.

I have listened the past few days to Russian experts and their opinions. A few believe that the Russian people believe Putin’s reasons for invading Ukraine. Putin’s most powerful force seems to be his use of propaganda.

The United States a lucky nation.

On this day in 1829, James Smithson established the Smithsonian Institution.

The Smithsonian Institution in Washington is like nothing you would believe. And free. Available to adults and children alike.

It’s source an unbelievable story of generosity. In Genoa, Italy on 6/27/1829, English scientist James Smithson died after a long illness. He left behind a will with a peculiar footnote. In the event that his only nephew died without any heirs, Smithson decreed the whole estate would go to the “Unite States of America, to fund at Washington, under the name of the Smithsonian Institution, an Establishment for the increase and diffusion of knowledge.”

Today, 19 museums, 9 research centers throughout the U.S. and world, and the national museum.

My recommendation, take the children and grandchildren to Washington for a week and do the Smithsonian! You will all love it!

Today in 1939, a most famous Gone With the Wind scene was filmed. Clark Gable’s: “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

Censors permitted the “damn” to remain, but fined producer David O. Selznick $5,000 for including the curse.

Julius Caesar was murdered in 44 B.C.

The Roman emperor Augustus condemned the scene of the crime a locus sceleratus, a cursed place. Historians lost track of the area in the centuries that followed.

It was rediscovered in the early 20th century. The site is known as the Sacred Area of Lanzo di Argentina. Now, for the first time, it’s officially open to visitors.

I’d love to see it! If I make another European trip, Rome will be on the agenda.

I’m going out tonight. To celebrate my “good health.” I’m not complaining about it, though it may seem so. It is the many tests and doctor visits.

Steve Thompson called. Wants me to join he and Cindy for Happy Hour at The Grand at 4. Why not!

Enjoy your day!



Wow! What a surprise “ending” to Russia’s civil war yesterday! Nary a shot fired!

Less than one day.

What now? Beyond me.

If Putin is Putin, he’ll kill Prigozhin. Prigozhin has to be too smart not to realize it. Time will tell how this will all play out. Time involved could be short.

This morning’s news reported Putin left Moscow yesterday for his home on Lake Valdai. Note however his plane fell off radar before it landed. So who knows where he ran off to. Several media items had Moscow big shots leaving town. Most flying to St. Petersburg

Could all be bullshit. Doubt anyone really knows.

The next item in this major event will be interesting. The world is eagerly waiting to learn.

A Mark Twain quote on Facebook this morning: “The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.”

Son-in-law Corey Malcom, Lead Historian at the Library’s Florida Keys History Center, will present “Monroe 200” at 6 pm Wednesday at the Key West Library. His presentation is part of Monroe County’s 2023 bicentennial.

The presentation will include an overview of the forces and events that shaped Monroe County from its inception to today.

An article in a 1998 publication of People Magazine was titled “Donald Trump.” A picture of Donald accompanied the article. An interesting quote by Trump below the photo: “If I were to run, I’d run as a Republican. They’re the dumbest group of voters in the country. They believe anything on FOX News. I could lie and they’d  still eat it up. I bet my numbers would be terrific.”

Bess Levin wrote a piercing Vanity Fair article which was published 6/22. The title: Kari Lake, Gunning For A Spot on Donald Trump’s Ticket, “Practically Lives” At Mar-a-Lago.

Kari is the former failed Arizona gubernatorial  candidate and election denier. Levin wrote she “is apparently at Trump’s Florida resort home  ‘more than Melania is.'” 

Levin claims she is at Mar-a-Lago because she wants to be Trump’s “number two.” She wants to be Vice-Presidnet on his ticket.

I mentioned last week my heart medical tests were concluded. I was wrong again. I was advised Friday another has been scheduled for tomorrow plus a meeting with the doctor. The tests have become tiring. Also interfering with my normal life. I will not be writing a blog tomorrow because of the test and consultation.

Enjoy your Sunday!



Modern day autocrats want a “private army” answerable only to themselves. In addition to the large military force nations have which are generally answerable to a government as a whole. For Putin, it was a group of mercenaries led by “his friend” Yevgeniy Prigozhin. Commonly referred to as the Wagner forces.

The group began in 2014. It has played a significant role in Russia’s war with Ukraine.

Putin has blown it with the Ukraine. A 3 day war is well into its second year. Ukraine has fought well against the purported mighty Russian forces. Embarrassing for Putin.

Rostov is a city south of Moscow. An important Russian military location. Prigozhin took control of significant military buildings yesterday. His mercenary troops total 25,000. They are moving north “aiming to get to Moscow.” He asked asked the Russian people to join him.

A rebellion/coup in the making.  

Brings to mind the children’s rhyme Humpty Dumpty. Recall: Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall / Humpty Dumpty took a great fall / All the king’s horses and all the king’s men could not put Humpty together again.

Is Putin a modern day Humpty Dumpty? Could be. The world will know in due course. Could be in a matter of days. Again, even hours would not surprise me.

Putin has reacted in typical KGB fashion. Describes events as a “rebellion.” It is. With his usual bravado, vows to stop it. He told the Russian people Prigozhin is “a threat to the nation.” He has ordered the Russian military to fight. He has threatened Prigozhin’s forces with “harsh consequences” and that they will “suffer inevitable punishment.”

What is occurring reminds me of the Russian Revolution of 1917. Tsar Nicholas II failed to pay attention to problems at home. Instead devoted his time to Russia’s participation in World War I. 

Putin is guilty of a major mistake in invading the Ukraine. Prigozhin is calling him on it. Putin has failed to sit in the Kremlin and speak truth to his people. He has bullshitted them as to why he invaded Ukraine. Now in needing help to win a war he is slowly but surely losing, he is running all over looking for assistance from countries like China, India, and others. Mighty Russia seeking help from others. Putin with his hand out, short of being on his knees.

This revolution/coup will be short lived as I indicated earlier. Days, perhaps even hours.

If Putin were smart, he should attack Rostov and Prigozhin’s forces immediately with missiles and bombs. Destroy them in one big attack. Otherwise Humpty Dumpty will not rise. Once the Russian people understand they have been misled, they will turn on Putin. They will not want innocent blood shed on their homeland.

Putin faces an additional problem. I doubt he is capable of running two wars at one time. One in Ukraine, the other on Russian soil.

Modern day authoritative figures think the same way when it comes to “private armies.” Putin saw the wisdom in it when he got his then friend Prigozhin to join him with one in 2014.

Two U.S. autocratic figures experienced desires to form “private armies” answerable directly and solely to them. Trump and DeSantis.

In 2020, Trump unleashed federal law enforcement officers against protesters in Portland. It is against U.S. law to deploy armed forces inside the U.S. If he had continued, the U.S. would have unquestionably become a banana republic. It would have been adios to our form of government.

Trump wanted his own “private army” so as to lay the groundwork for a coup in November if he lost the election.

No army, but a mass of followers responded to Trump on January 6. The “coup” fortunately failed.

Now comes DeSantis. A copy cat when it comes to Trump.

In 2022 and 2023, DeSantis proposed a new Florida “civilian military force.” One which he would solely control. Not to be a part of the Florida National Guard. An additional force to be known as the Florida State Guard. Sounded like a Gestapo unit to me.

DeSantis asked the legislature for $93 million. The legislature gave him $107 million.

DeSantis’ army! A “civilian volunteer force.” For whatever reason, only 200 members thus far.

Difficult to comprehend why DeSantis would want his own private army. All I can think is DeSantis decided if it was good enough for Trump, it was good enough for him. MAGA birds of a feather. One other thought, it was part of his long term plan to become commander in chief of the whole country.

I’m pulling for Prigozhin. He may end up being as bad as Putin. Who knows at the moment. One thing sure however, it will end the Ukraine disaster.

Enjoy your day!


Key West is killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. It has been so doing the past few years. Nothing is forever. Things run in cycles. The greed being manifested will end up choking itself.

Price gouging rampant. Everywhere, everything. From homes to hotel prices to dinner meals to alcoholic beverages.

Most merchants have forgotten that what goes up, comes down. Inevitable. Certain.

Some hotels were charging $1,100 during season. With the season gone and things having returned to the way they were pre COVID, prices are lower. Though still too high. The better restaurants charging so much that it is guaranteed the bill is going to easily average $100 a head. Mixed drinks $14-$16. Wine up there also. Then there are those bars that are charging for ice cubes. They add them on to a drink order as “rocks.”

The term is “price gouging.” To some, “screw the customer.”

A comment in Citizens’ Voice this morning motivated my comments: “Just learned that the Parrotheads’ annual event will leave Key West. They are tired of the outrageous price gouging and the political interference in Key West. It’s time to make a change in elected officials and restore joy to our island.”

Having lived in Key West some 30 years, the Parrothead comment requires some clarification. Yes, hundreds come for the annual Parrothead meeting each year. One comment I have always heard however was that they were not spenders. They ate and drank wherever their convention was being held and the food provided as part of their package. Their right. 

Similar comment re cruise ship passengers. They are here for a day. Buy a T-shirt, have a few rinks on Duval and return to their ships for their already paid lunches and dinners.

Be aware that the comment re price gouging is one I have been hearing frequently around the island the past couple of years. And I have experienced the feeling since I spend a buck!

There are some places that are not expensive. Harpoon Harry’s, for example. A favorite of mine for breakfast and lunch for 20 years.

A new discovery this past year is Brandy’s Irish Pub on Flagler. A $16 drink downtown costs $6.50. Same size glass for Beefeater or Tanqueray on the rocks. A dinner entre $10-$15.

I have become a once a week customer at Brady’s. A locals place. The people friendly. The food good.

I was there last night. They have the best wings in town. Two gins on the rocks, a diet Pepsi, and a wings dinner cost me $23.

Made some new friends last night at Brady’s. Surprised I did not leave with two black eyes and a broken nose. The new friends Diane and Tommy Feaser. Diane the pugilistic one. She and her husband are Trumpies. Diametrically opposite to my liberal Biden loving way of thinking. 

All talk of course. No physical contact. I enjoyed their company. Look forward to meeting up with them again.

The two live in Big Pine. Retired. Diane a former commodity broker. Tommy, a New York City fireman. Tommy was there in the midst of it all on 9/11. When the second tower fell, he was right next to it. He and some of his buddies ducked under a two story structure as the tower toppled next to them. He had pictures of the day and where he was saved as the second tower fell.

They have 5 children and 8 grandchildren.

Second marriages for both.

Diane a world traveler. She has been all over Europe. Especially likes Germany and Ireland. Australia, also.

I would describe them as black hearted Republicans. They will never change. They are part of that solid 30 percent.

We talked a bit if not Trump, who? They could not understand how I thought DeSantis was the worst also. Diane’s favorite, if not Trump or DeSantis, Joe Manchin. Horrible! She could not understand how I thought him a piece of shit. 

I actually enjoyed my evening. They did too. We proved you can disagree and still get along. Though there were moments I was not sure.

You must read Dana Millbank’s column published this morning in the Washington Post: As Trump Is Arrested, Republicans Honor The Insurrectionists.

During the same hour Trump was surrendering to federal authorities in Miami, a “mock hearing” was held in Washington, D.C. “chaired” by Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene and four other far right lawmakers. Its purpose to honor participants in the January 6 riot, family members of the January 6 rioters, and organizers of the attempted overthrow of the 2020 vote.

The “mock hearing” was held with the knowledge, permission and consent of Speaker McCarthy.

Another insult to American democracy.

The five persons aboard Titan were killed as a result of a “catastrophic implosion.” Ocean pressure caused the sides of the submersible to crush inward. Death was instantaneous.

India’s Modi not a democrat at heart. Far from it.

India is now the most populous nation in the world, exceeding even China. The U.S. on one side and Russian and China on the other want India to line up with them.

Such is why each side is “courting” Modi.

Forrest Gump, one of the finest movies of all time, starred Tom Hanks. Hanks played a simple yet kindhearted soul who experienced serendipitous brushes with greatness. 

The movie was released this day in 1994 by Paramount Pictures.

Enjoy your day!



An insult to Key West’s Dog Beach.

A Ryan Krogh published on 6/18/23 “The 11 Most Friendly Dog Beaches In The U.S.”

He failed to list Key West’s Dog Beach. Our fury friends have one of the best beaches in Key West. Our pets are not treated as second class citizens. Even a top shelf neighbor. Dog Beach is next door to famed Louie’s Back Yard.

Ryan Krogh blew it!

Unregulated submersibles.

“Titan” that appears lost. Which would mean all 5 aboard are dead. If the vessel is still intact, experts say it would have run out of oxygen at 7 this morning.

Titanic’s bad luck followed it.

A “suicide mission.”

Those who paid to go now appear to have been foolish, to have taken their lives in their own hands by their decision. They paid $250,000 each. The cost of a ticket to death.

The censure of Rep. Adam Schiff by the House yesterday a disgrace.

Schiff is an outstanding American. He paid the price for fighting Trump and Trumpism for several years. The censure “a black mark on his record.” An undeserved one. The result of political get evenism. 

Schiff presently a candidate for the U.S. Senate to represent California. Several excellent candidates in the Democratic race. I hope he wins the primary. He deserves it. He deserves thereafter to win the Senate race itself. America needs him!

Next, the word is House Republicans plan on impeaching Biden. To get even for what “was done to Trump.” Also to make Biden look bad going into the 2024 Presidential race.

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito pulled a Clarence Thomas. He took a private jet plane to Alaska and back for a fishing trip in 2008 as the guest of an individual whose held a significant interest in a company that came before the Supreme Court. The same individua had interests in at least ten other matters that came before the Supreme Court.

Alito never disclosed nor recused himself.

I have written several times in the past re Alito’s wrongdoings, missteps, etc. I am doing further research and will report further in a few days.

The GI Bill was signed by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt this day in 1944. A free college education and other benefits for those who fought for the U.S. in World War II.

The Bill a smart move! A great move! Made more “doctors, lawyers and Indian chiefs” than would have been possible without. Uplifted persons and families socially and economically.

Roosevelt was a brilliant President in many ways. The GI Bill only one example. His greatest achievement was leading the U.S. through World War II to victory.

On this day 1937, Joe Louis knocked out Jim Braddock to become World Heavyweight Boxing Champion. Louis defended his title to World War II. His last fight early in the war was with Billy Conn. Louis defeated Conn after a hell of a fight. Louis promised Conn first shot at him after the war.

The war ended. The fight took place at Yankee Stadium on 6/19/46. Louis easily won.

Louis fought 69 times. Won 66, 52 by KO. Lost 3.

Many consider Louis the greatest boxer of all time. Even greater than Muhammad Ali.

I am 2 days post the nuclear test which I took tuesday. The exhaustion stayed with me till dinner time yesterday. I never experienced such exhaustion following other similar testing.

Enjoy your day!


Joke on Facebook this morning. Two grandmas in rocking chairs talking: “Used to be ‘Rock around the clock,’ now it’s ‘Limp around the block!'”

Love it!

Speaking of age, would you believe the following? A 101 year old grandmother gave birth to her 17th child.

The 101 year old’s name Anatolia. Resides in Turkey.

Ovary transplant surgery is common in Turkey. Anatolia lost her ovaries at 48 to due to ovarian cancer. She received transplants.

Still working! A sperm donor provided the seed.


Tiring day yesterday. A nuclear stress test which began at 6:30 am. I arrived at the hospital at 6:15 to check in. Procedure long. I did not leave till 9:15.

My game plan was to drive into town for breakfast afterwards. No way! I was totally exhausted. Drove home. Spent the day in bed sleeping and watching old movies on TV.

I am still tired this morning.

I have had 3 or 4 similar tests in the past. Never left me tired. I can’t wait for it to pass.

“Banging” heard in search for Titanic exploratory submarine. A Canadian aircraft detected “banging” noise from the sub’s last known location. The “banging” was heard every 30 minutes.

I sense a miracle if those in the sub are found and recovered alive.

My living and learning continues. Little pieces of information. Tomorrow is called tomorrow. The day after tomorrow, overmorrow.

A crazy non-sensical law. In Alabama, it’s illegal to drive blindfolded.

So much for today. I’m wiped out.

Enjoy your day!



Anti-trans hate is rampant in the U.S.

We are a strange people. Always need some one / some group to hate.

A photo of Toni Tarracino and her dad Captain Tony. Tiny Toni standing next to her squatting Dad. They were a pair as she grew. She was constantly with her father on the boat and in the bar.

Today’s COVID, yesterday’s yellow fever. The Citizen’s Keys History this day 1865: “The bark Adventure arrived in Key West with four of her crew sick with yellow fever. The fever spread to the Army troops on the island and began an epidemic that caused 331 cases with 71 deaths among the troops and an unknown number of cases among the civilian population.”

Another mass shooting. Juneteenth celebration in Willowbrook, Illinois. Twenty-three injured, one fatally.

Suspects multiple in number.

No arrests yet.

When and how will these shootings stop?

The U.S. Open was won by Wyndham Clark. By one stroke over Rory McIlroy.

Richie Fowler failed on the last day.

Clark is 29 years old. Won his first PGA Tour title 6 weeks ago. He is a star born with his two wins, especially the U.S. Open yesterday.

No blog tomorrow. I am scheduled for a 6:30 am nuclear stress test. Following which I am going to treat myself to a breakfast of pancakes at Harpoon Harry’s.

Enjoy your day!