This world of high tech is amazing. I received an e mail Valentine message yesterday from Silvio Berlusconi. Former Prime Minister of Italy and probable Prime Minister again after the next election.

I have never met Berlusconi. I have mentioned him several times in this blog. I speak of him often on my television/internet show. Many Italians follow the blog and TV/internet show.

Whatever, however, my name is now apparently on his e mail list.

The Valentine greeting was in Italian, of course. I do not speak Italian. But the jist of the message was understandable. Greetings, I love you, vote for me!

A very busy day yesterday. Started with the dentist. I think we are getting close to resolution. Then the Plantation Coffee House. Chatted briefly with Diane. Tammy for a manicure. Her 5 year old son had gotten sick in school. He was sent home. He was running around the salon having a good time. A fast recovery! Publix for some groceries. Then spent the balance of the day fine tuning today’s Key West Lou Legal Hour.

With all modesty, today’s show is terrific! Especially my discussion of the minimum wage issue. You will love it!

The Key West Lou Legal Hour is available at 10 this morning my time. On  television all the way through Miami-Dade County via Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. World wide via the internet.

Join me!

Peter, Paul and Mary were from my distant past. All of a sudden, Paul is a part of my present. I learned yesterday via the Key West Citizen that Paul, aka Noel Paul Stookey, has become a Key West snow bird. Has recently been spending one month during the winter in Key West. A couple of days ago, he did a fun musical thing with the high school kids. Some to honor him, dressed as hippies and carried signs stating Peace Not War.

Syracuse basketball tomorrow night. Play Seton Hall. Eight in the evening.

John Lukas is throwing a party for Syracuse fans. Free appetizers. Come enjoy the game with me at John’s Big Ten Sports Pub.

Big evening tonight! Jenna and I are having sushi at Ambrosia. Good company and good food!

Enjoy your day!


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