I got out a bit more yesterday. Day time only. Not ready for night action yet. I have not had a drink in two weeks. Soon, though not today.

I went downtown. Wanted to see the Rainbow cross walks the City had painted at the intersection of Duval and Petronia. A sight! A lovely one! Key West!

Key West is a gay/straight community. The cross walks are painted in hues of the rainbow. Light purples, orange, yellow, pink, etc. The location perfect. Key West’s two most famous gay bars on opposite corners. 801 and Bourbon Street.

Earlier, I visited with Tammy at Lee Nails. Manicure time. The nails were extra long because of being laid up.

Tammy always a pleasure to see. I admire her and her husband. They came from Vietnam about 12 years ago. Today, the owners of a flourishing business employing a number of people. The American dream existed for them. They purchased a lovely home with pool last year. They work. Six days a week. From 8 in the morning till 8 at night.

They deserve it all!

Then to the new parking lot behind Antonia’s. I once again have a parking place mid-Duval.

One parking meter. Sufficient. I walked over and there were six people huddled around the machine. A set of older parents and two 30ish couples.

One of the ladies was trying to figure out how to work the pay machine. It can be confusing.

As I approached, she yelled…..$38!…..I am not going to pay $38! Obviously, she did not know what she was doing. I was five feet behind and said not to worry. Hit the cancel button. She did.

She only wanted three hours. She again was confused. I walked up behind her and quietly asked if I could help. Without even turning, she yelled…..No!…..Get out of here!

So much for being helpful to tourists. Why let something so stupid spoil a vacation.

An item in this morning’s Key West Citizen claimed we could expect a less active hurricane season. Our last hurricane was Wilma ten years ago.

I am a bit superstitious. I wish it had not been said. It could be an invitation for a black cloud to hover over us.

Fellow came to fix a crack in my pool yesterday. He got all dressed in his black water suit, air tank, etc. He appeared to know what he was doing. The whole job took all of ten minutes.

It is 10 in the morning. I am about to take my last anti-biotic. Twelve days of them.

Enjoy your Sunday!


The World’s Fair this year is in Milan, Italy. My friend Anna has already visited four days. She is planning on attending again today.

Anna lives in Novara. A half hour train ride to Milan. Makes it easy for her.

She is taken with the World’s Fair. Sends pics every day. She especially enjoys the Asian pavilions. She commented very favorably re a Korean meal she had the other day. Yesterday, she watched a Chinese couple marry at the China Pavilion. Full wedding party and all.

The World’s Fair runs to October. Hopefully, I will get to see it.

I have been fortunate to visit two World’s Fairs.

The first had a big impact on me. It was 1939. I was four years old. My father took me to the New York World’s Fair. We stayed with relatives in the Bronx. Took subways and a bus to the exhibit.

To this day, I occasionally recall what I saw. Parts, not all. It was the modern world as it existed in 1939 with glances into the future. It was a good thing my father did for me that day.

By the time of the New York World’s Fair in 1964, I was much older. An adult. Twenty nine years old. I was in New York on business for a couple of days. An afternoon session broke early. I hurried to the World’s Fair. This time not by subway and bus. I was into private limousines.

I repeatedly make the observation that Key West is an adult playground. I refer not to sex activities. Rather to games. We move here and become children again.

Don is sponsoring a bean bag tournament at Don’s Place this afternoon. Only adults participating. I will not be one. Bean bag throwing is not one of the activities I have come to enjoy in Key West. However, I plan on watching.

Some politicians are consistent in what I consider their off the wall thoughts as to how government is to be run. I refer to Florida’s Gov. Rick Scott. A corporate success before becoming governor. He made millions with urgent care centers all over the State.

His present gambit is to take money away from public hospitals and funnel the money to for profit ones. A leopard does not change its spots. Once a corporate hound, always a corporate hound.

Sad news yesterday. Michael Shields is a leading Key West figure. Active in the arts, broadcasting and writing. A genuine liberal at heart.

It was reported yesterday that Michael’s son Jason had died. I became aware when reading a heart wrenching comment by Michael on Facebook. My deepest condolences to Michael and his companion Carol. A parent should never bury a child.

George Pataki threw his hat in the ring for the Republican nomination for President. He was one of my New York governors for three terms.

I was impressed by Pataki’s first victory. Over the very popular Mario Cuomo. Cuomo had been governor for three terms. I had met him several times over the years. An impressive figure. Eloquent.

I sensed he might lose against Pataki. I heard Cuomo speak at a Utica rally. He had been in office too long. I could tell he did not have a handle on the people’s problems any longer.

Pataki came out of nowhere. He was a State Senator from Peekskill. Not the biggest of towns. He was supported by then U.S. Senator Alfonse D’Amato. D’Amato and I had gone to law school together. I was a senior when he a freshman. He could always be found in the lounge playing cards.

D’Amato’s support was significant. I felt it might be. D’Amato knew how to dethrone giants. He had beaten Jacob Javits in the Republican primary.

There is a hullaballoo over monies paid to Hillary Clinton to speak at Arizona State University. $500,000. At a time when the University is broke and crying wolf. People want to know where the money came from to pay her.

Hillary and money are going to be a problem. She has tremendous corporate support. There is now an issue as to whether many of the dollars flow personally to the Clintons via the WJG, LLC corporation Bill formed.

Hillary is beginning to screw up. I watched her on TV re the Asian trade pact yesterday. She bumbled the question re her support for the pact. Did not know where she stood till she had a chance to read the whole thing. Something no one has been permitted to do.

She is going to have a hard time re the Asian pact. Corporate America wants it. However, the pact works to the detriment of America’s working people.

Sorry to be so long winded today. I must be better.

Enjoy your day!


I was on the road yesterday. Tried to be up and about more than the day before. Got four hours in. 10:30-2:30. Exhausted at the end.

One of my stops was the Farmers Market. Believe held weekly at Bayview Park. A first time visit. Ashamed I had not visited before. A winner!

I have visited Farmers Markets in upstate New York, Alexandria Bay, San Diego, Block Island, Martha’s Vineyard, Athens, Milan, and probably more. The Key West one absolutely the best!

Set in a large u shaped fashion, each tent pleasant appearing and welcoming. Everything! Breads, cakes, honey, Mel Fisher Atocha items, apple juice, candies, fruits, vegetables, jewelry, etc. Vendors a happy bunch.

The food vendors did particularly impress me. Each offered a sample. Next time I visit, it will be at lunch time. I did not partake yesterday. I would the next time. The samples are a lunch in themselves.

My day began with a business meeting. Then a haircut with Lori. Lori and several friends leave today for a week’s vacation in Arizona. They have rented a large house boat. They will be traveling on some lake that meanders through the Grand Canyon. Lori showed me pictures. Wow! The  rust colored rock mountains tall and endless. Their tiny house boat thousands of feet below.

Lunched at the old Lobo’s. Now Conch Island Queen. Best described as a Cuban sandwich place. Situated in tiny Key Lime Square behind Antonia’s.

Cuban toast and water. Still need to watch what I consume. I questioned if the Cuban toast was proper. However, I said screw it and went for it!

Then grocery shopping at Publix. My food intake consists of three levels. Each a different type food. I am entering the third phase. Needed new foods.

My article in this week’s KONK Life is Saudi Arabia And The Hypocrisy Of It All. It became available yesterday on my Key West Lou and Louis Petrone Facebook websites.

This week’s KONK Life carried two new items. The first a photo section which I am told will be part of the paper henceforth. The other a detailed story about Peter Diamond. One of Key West’s nicest persons and premier vocalists.

I close today with the Marathon Turtle Hospital. I frequently mention the turtle hospital because it does such great things.

This weekend two formerly very sick turtles will be returned to the ocean.


Saturday at 10:30 am in Marathon, Patti. Patti is a sub adult sea turtle. She was brought to the turtle hospital months ago emaciated with pneumonia, lock jaw and eye ulcers. Now, cured.

The other is Tiny. A very good time awaits him.

Tiny is a 50 year old 300 pound adult turtle. Turtles live to 100 or more. He was struck by a boat. Beat up badly. Now recovered, he will be released to the ocean sunday at 12:30 off Higg’s Beach behind Salute’s. He is returning to the ocean at a very good time. The hospital manager said…..He is just getting out there in time to start dating and make baby turtles.

What a life!

Enjoy your day!



The United States views Saudi Arabia as one of its closest allies. Why, I have never understood. They gave us $4 a gallon gasoline. They may have been behind 9/11. Today, they fight on opposite sides from those we support in certain Middle East wars.

Saudi Arabia for years wanted a seat on the UN Human Rights Council. They attained the seat in 2014. Now less than two years later, Saudi Arabia is angling to be President of the UN Human Rights Council. The election is in December 2015, the new President taking office in 2016.

I view Saudi Arabia’s being on the UN Human Rights Council a mockery. If it were to become President, a greater mockery.

Saudi Arabia beheads people. A well known fact. No question about it.

In 2014, 88 persons were beheaded. Thus far in 2015, 85. The Saudis are running ahead of last year and probably will significantly exceed the 88 number.

Twenty three of those beheaded in 2014 were Christians. There is a Saudi ban on Christianity. A group were practicing their faith in a private home. They were arrested, tried and beheaded. 

Note, this is not ISIS. Saudi Arabia is a recognized independent nation.  A member of the UN Human Rights Council. Hopefully from their perspective, the next President of the UN Human Rights Council.

Thirty eight of those beheaded thus far in 2015 were so executed for non-violent drug related crimes.

Saudis are members of an extreme faction of Islam. Wahabbist. The group is austere in its religious practices and has long been considered a source of global terrorism. Typical of its practices are beheadings in a town square and oppression of women, Christians and gays. The Saudis recently have been jailing innocent bloggers who challenge Saudi Arabia’s brand of Islam.

Nillel Neuer is executive director of U.N. Watch. Neuer recently said that electing Saudi Arabia to head the UN Human Rights Council is comparable to “a pyromaniac as town fire chief.”

It gets better.

A few days before Saudi Arabia’s desire to head the UN Human Rights Council became public, Saudi Arabia advertised for eight additional swordsman. The job description beheading. Apparently the record number of beheadings this year requires more help.

The requirement for the job was singular. To possess a willingness to sever heads of human beings accused of committing crimes. The Civil Service Ministry said no other qualifications were required and that applicants were exempted from usual entrance exams.

The job description included performing amputations ordered by Courts under Islamic sharia law.

The vacancies were advertised on the Civil Service Ministry’s website in the “Religious Jobs” section.

Hypocrisy exists at both ends of the spectrum. 

Saudi Arabia in wanting to head the UN Human Rights Council and advertising for persons to fill beheading jobs. 

The United States has its share of hypocrisy. Certain of our phony politicians and media hype what they consider anti-Christian behavior. When was the last time you heard either group speak negatively where Saudi Arabia was involved? The shame of it all is our politicians and media decry beheadings when ISIS does it. Yet turn their heads the other way when Saudi Arabia is the culprit.

The United States will be asked to support Saudi Arabia’s desire to head the UN Human Rights Council. The United States should not. If we do, the hypocrisy will sound clear. There must come a time when the United States breaks its shackles with Saudi Arabia. Perhaps opposing Saudi Arabia’s desire to head the UN Human Rights Council is that time.


It always amazes me how little I know. The older I get, the more I learn.

I came across a very brief note this morning in the Key West Citizen re curfews for minors in Key West. I did not know.

The curfew applies to children up to the age of 17. They must be home by 11 week nights and 12 on the weekend. Exceptions exist. Where they are supervised, working or involved in school activities.

In addition, I learned there is a Florida model curfew law.

I question the need for a minors curfew. I would be surprised if a need existed at the time the City Commission approved the law. In the many years I have lived in Key West, I have concluded the community is conservative. Ultra conservative where home values are involved. Middle America.

Key West is not the first three blocks of Duval.

My Republican readers are going to love the next statement. I believe government substitution for parental responsibility wrong. Key West parents are good people. They instill proper attitudes in their children.

Key West recently settled two negligence cases. Total dollars $200,000 plus. The reason given to avoid what could result in a more costly judgment.

I spent my career in the court room. Any person or entity that cries wolf too many times is going to be taken advantage of. Eventually a party such as Key West becomes a target for lawsuits. Why? An easy touch. A quick dollar. Gun shy to try a case.

Such an attitude results in more dollars being cumulatively paid. There are times a City must stand and fight.

Part and parcel of the situation might be the Duck Train case. It ultimately cost Key West $8 million several years ago.

I finally left the house yesterday. Cleaned up first. Shaved. It took two blades. The first one ended up feeling like my razor blade after my former wife used it to shave her legs.

Drove to the Marriott. Wanted to pick up a copy of this week’s KONK Life. Not on the stand yet. Returned to my car in the garage.

I was exhausted! A short walk. Knocked me on my ass! Makes sense. I had been prone for eight days.

I was determined to at least have lunch out. Decided on Outback. Nothing fancy. Wanted a bowl of potato soup. Their potato soup excellent!

The walk to and from the restaurant from the parking lot an ordeal. Instead of staying out, I drove home and went back to bed.

I am out this morning, again. A business meeting followed by a haircut. Hopefully followed by a light lunch.

I am better. No question. Another day or two of pills. Still have a slight pain in the same place occasionally.

I need to be with people!

Enjoy your day!


I am close to the end of the healing process. I think I have recovered. No more pain. However, I have to continue antibiotics through friday.

Today, I shave. Did not get around to it yesterday. I have decided no beard. Another time, perhaps. I want to see my face clean.

I plan on going out today. A walk. Hopefully out tonight, also. No drinking yet. Just to see people and talk. I am a social person.

I have been deluged with e mails and telephone calls concerning my health, wishing me well, etc. The number overwhelming. Humbling. From as far away as Thailand, Italy and South Africa. All over the U.S. And of course, Key West.

We speak of Key West as being One Family. The world can be One Family.

Thank you.

Recall the gang that could not shot straight. We have two such groups in the Keys. The Monroe County Commission and the Key West City Commission. They know not what they do.

The County Commission gave in by vote the extra money Waste Management was seeking. An amount in excess of the contract price.

I sometimes think our elected officials forget they are not spending their own money. They are taxpayer dollars!

Key West loves Harry Truman. Harry Truman loved Key West.

I came across a comment yesterday that “…..the greatest disappointment of his Presidency was his failure to pass comprehensive health reform.” He should not have been disappointed. He achieved in so many other areas. Like the decision to drop the atomic bomb, the Marshall Plan, and his decision re Korea.

I consider Truman to have been one of our greatest Presidents. No President gets the whole job done.

A most interesting blog talk radio show last night. Two issues appear to have garnered the most interest.

The first, Saudi Arabia and its want ad advertisement for swordsmen/beheaders. They need to hire eight more. The job was listed under the Religious Jobs section.

The other about prostitution being legal in Germany. It has made Berlin the sex capital of the world. Germany taxes the ladies of the night. Taking in a ton of money. Always on the look out for another tax gimmick, Germany now has made bestiality in brothels legal.

Anything for a dollar! Morality and image meaning nothing.

Enjoy your day!




My health problem surfaced last tuesday. Other than the emergency room that night, I have not been out of the house for a week. Perhaps tomorrow. I want to experience one day without pain first.

My blog talk radio show tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. The show is done from home so no problem.

Interesting show tonight. Very interesting. Topics like Saudi Arabia and hypocrisy, German government making money off bestiality brothels, 40 year old woman who just delivered her 13th son, 65 year old woman who already has 13 children delivering quadruplets, Milwaukee man pronounced dead not dead, new DEA chief will no longer focus on marijuana, trailer park owners getting rich, and more.

Join me at 9 my time. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

KONK Life hit the stands yesterday. My article this week Saudi Arabia And The Hypocrisy Of It All. A detailed expose.

The last time I was out of the house (last tuesday), gasoline was $3.99 a gallon. This morning, I read the national average is $2.74. Why so much more for we Key West natives? Don’t tell me the drive from Miami for delivery adds $1.25 on to the average price!

Enjoy your day!



“In Flanders fields where poppies blow…..Between the crosses, row on row.”

In Flanders Fields. A famous poem born in the early stages of World War I. Its author Lt. Col. John Mc Crae.

Memorial Day is a federal holiday for remembering those who died while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. The holiday had its beginnings around the time of the Civil War.

I had the opportunity to visit Arlington Cemetery. Most buried are war dead. A moving sight. One never forgotten. Especially comes to memory on a day such as this.

Many years ago, I spent a month with my family in Italy. Our villa was on the Mediterranean in a small town called Livonia. Just outside Salerno where the Allied troops landed in World War II.

I was driving around and came across the British cemetery. Set up just like Arlington Cemetery. White crosses. Row after row in perfect line.

I walked among them. Read the names of those buried. Suddenly, I came upon a series of graves marked Known To God Alone. Broke me up. I started sobbing uncontrollably.

I am still not right. A bit better each day. Significantly better since last tuesday when I woke with a very painful stomach. Being down has caused me to miss a few annual Key West events this holiday weekend.

One is the Minimal Regatta. Crazy people in home made boats! Material to be used is restricted. Only one 4′ x 8′ plywood sheet, 1 pound of fasteners, and 1 roll of duct tape. Many start the race. Few finish. The boats fall apart.

The race is in front of Schooner Wharf. Hundreds line the waterfront watching, cheering and laughing.

A fun afternoon. Watch the race, drink a bit and enjoy the comradeship of those around you. Typical Key West.

The weather is high 80s by day and high 70s in the evening. Humidity has arrived. Not so bad yet. Wait till August and September!

Same sex marriage a big winner in Ireland! The Irish know what they are doing.

Approval was by vote. Sixty two percent voted to permit same sex marriage. It is the first time a nation has voted on the issue.

I am debating whether to shave. I have the start of a beard. Looks horrible at the moment. My neck itches. Decision time today.

Enjoy your Memorial Day! Remember why it is celebrated!




Still on the mend. A bit better each day. Pain considerably less. Almost gone.

Problem is nausea from the heavy antibiotics. Not eating much food the cause.

I am starting to get stir crazy. The need to get out of the house is developing. I look forward to becoming a member of society again.

To top a rather uncomfortable situation off, my air conditioner is screwed up. The thermostat. Does not kick off when temperature level reached. Ergo, I am either too hot and sweating, or freezing cold. My body has become the thermostat. However, it is not as quick nor accurate as a properly working thermostat.

This morning’s Key West Citizen’s Today In history reported an interesting Key West tale.

The year 1829. Charles Hawkins caught William McRea jumping out his wife’s bedroom window. They fought a duel. Both were wounded, but lived.

Several months later McRea was walking on Whitehead Street. Hawkins came up behind him with a shot gun. Both barrels hit McRea in the back killing him.

McRea was charged with murder. An impartial jury could not be found in Key West. The case was transferred to St. Augustine. There were no witnesses available to testify against Hawkins. The judge dismissed the case against him.

Hawkins moved to Texas. Where he became the first Commodore of the new Navy of the Country of Texas.

Bocce. A great picture and great article front page in the Citizen Sports section this morning. The picture of Turtle Kraal, winner of the playoffs. Turtle Kraal beat us in the playoffs.

I knew Turtle Kraal was a big time winner. The article reported even bigger than I thought. Turtle Kraal’s championship was the seventh consecutive one for the team.

An enviable championship record!

Enjoy your Sunday!


Still under the weather. Antibiotics help. I can tell. Less and less pain each day. Painkillers go out the window today. Can’t stand not being all there.

When confined, it hard to talk about things. This blog is about my life in Key West. My life presently is my bedroom. That’s all there is folks!

I did next week’s KONK Life column yesterday. Took longer. Got it done, however. The title Saudi Arabia And The Hypocrisy Of It All. Interesting material. May surprise you.

I sent it to the publisher. Afterwards laying in bed, a spelling mistake hit me. I talk in the article about the UN Human Rights Council. I referred five times to it as Relations, not Rights.

Correcting is harder to do than writing once in the publishers hands. Two hands, actually. We are working on the corrections today. Started yesterday. Worked on it at 3 am when I could not sleep.

Enjoy your day!