It’s 9 o’clock in the morning!

I just got up!

Partied with my house guests Donna and Terri last night!

An exciting evening! Enjoyed myself tremendously!

We went to the movies. Not just an ordinary movie. A special one.

The opening night in Key West…..the debut of….. The Kids Are All Right. At the Tropic Cinema Theater.

The movie is about a married lesbian couple. Played extremely well by Julianne Moore and Annette Bening. And their two teen age children. Thrown in for good measure is the recently discovered sperm donor for the kids.

I went to watch a movie about a married lesbian couple with a married lesbian couple. I am really into this same sex marriage thing!

One terrific movie! Humorous on occasion. Heavy on occasion. I had tears in my eyes at the end of the film.

See it!

There was an opening night gala at the Tropic Cinema. A champagne party to start. Then the film.

The movie has a special connection with Key West. One of the Executive Producers is Anne O’Shea. Anne lives in Key West with her husband Brian.

Donna and Terri are close friends with Anne and Brian. Anne and Brian have seen Terri in New York in her two most recent Broadway triumphs.

We got the royal treatment last night. Because of that relationship. Passes. No waiting in line. A special escort through a side door into the theater. We were the first ones inside. Choice of seats.

A movie critic I am not. A viewer I am. Big time! I know whatI like and what I think is good. This is a good movie! The acting in the two lead roles is special. I would not be surprised if either Moore or Bening receive an Academy Award nomination.

We went out after the movie. Nothing special. Took a walk over to Kelley’s. Ate at the outside bar. And talked. And talked. And talked. Three friends enjoying themselves.

A good radio show yesterday morning! Excellent feed back afterwards. The Catholic Church commentary was a big hit. Also the Dr. Samuel Mudd and Arlington National Cemetary bits.

I did lunch at Goldman’s. The only for real Jewish type deli in Key West. Hot pastrami on rye with russian dressing. I know. What happened to watching the weight!

Then some house keeping duties. Groceries. The company eat. Needed some drug refills at Walreens, also.

You will recall I mentioned being interviewed by a reporter from the Miami Herald last friday while I was at the Chart Room. She was in Key West writing a story on our local county law that gives the authorities the power to prohibit the sale of alcohol duiring a hurricane. The power has only been invoked once. During a 1998 hurricane.

I have been reading the Miami Herald daily since the interview. No article.

This morning I found a comment from Sheila on yesterday’s blog that I was mentioned in the Sacramento Bee newspaper. Sacramento, California. Turns out the Sacramento Bee and the Miami Herald are both part of the same chain.

The article was by Rebecca Huval, the young lady who interviewed me. It was titled “No lights, No Air-Conditioning, No Booze?”

My quote for posterity…..”People act responsibly during hurricanes and the government doesn’t need to tell us how to save our asses.” True.

I am sitting outside under my tiki hut writing today’s blog. Another magnificent Key West day. Sun bright. Just a sprinkle of white clouds against a very blue sky. A slight breeze. The water equally blue and moving along.

Enjoy your day!

I am up early this morning. Still dark outside. Black.

I made the coffee and sat outside a bit. A strange morning. No breeze. Absolutely none. The water is not moving. Looks like a mirror. The palm trees are silent. Just standing there. Not a branch moving.

Radio show this morning! The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Try to listen in. 10 am. KONK 1500 AM radio from Key Largo to Havana, Cuba. Watch and listen world wide on ustream. When the site opens up, type KONK in the appropriate box. There I will be!

Stimulating comments this morning on the radio show. The court decision in the Arizona immigration law case, of course. Heads the list of topics. A bit on the Catholic church and female priests and priests marrying. Controversial isues.

Also, Arlington National Cemetery, the Duck Boat case’s resurrection, a same sex marriage update, some Pat Paulsen humor, the Gulf oil spill and more.

Got my haircut yesterday morning. Lori was extremely busy. Her last day before her vacation. She is driving north to New York making several stops along the way. Enjoy the trip, Lori!

After the haircut, visited the Coffee House. Jane was there. My lady friend who is always dressed in flowing white. She was engrossed on her cell phone. I tapped her shoulder and nodded a hello. She continued on the phone. When she finished, she hurried out, hopped on her bike and was gone. Without even a hello in return. She must have had something on her mind. Not like Jane at all.

Lunch was at Hogfish. Read the newspapers. I enjoy the atmosphere at Hogfish. Different. Quiet. Another world.

Home after lunch. Decided to swim a bit. Swim I did not. Just floated in the pool with a noodle under my arms.

From my position in the pool, I could see the boats going in and out. It was the second and last day of the mini lobster season.

I was antsy. Needed something to do. Decided to paint. I have not done so in months.

Set myself up on the deck. Easel, canvas and all. Acrylics. Did a quick painting (like two hours) of the many boats sitting on the horizon lobster diving. The finished product was not that good. But I felt good. It will sit in the closet with my other not so good works of art.

Stayed in last night. Cooked a bit of pasta. Heated sauce from a bottle of sauce I had purchased. Some cheese on top. A good meal!

The only thing I dislike about cooking in is the cleanup. Last night I had 2 pots and a calendar to wash, in addition to the dishes. The dishwasher was too full for the pots and calendar.

The black outside has now turned to gray. It is easier to see. The water remains still. The palm trees quiet.

Enjoy your day! Listen to my radio show, if you can!

There is excitement in the air! Something is happening!

It is the two day mini lobster season!

Yesterday morning it was the overloaded boats going out to dive. Last night it was Duval Street. Full of people. Many families.

The purpose of mini lobster sesason is to give ordinary people a chance to dive for lobsters before the commercial fishermen go at it. The offiicial season starts August 1. That is when the the men who fish lobsters for pay will be setting and pulling their traps..

Tom of Tom and Cindy of Iowa fame wrote me yesterday. I had mentionbed the Iowa 6 day bike race in yesterday’s blog. Tom corrected and updated me.

I was wrong as to the length of the race. It is 7, not 6 days. The short name for the race is RAGBRAI. 50,000 people come to Iowa for the event. Not all race, of course. Support staff is required for the racers. And then there are those who just visit to watch and party. Tom says the partying each night is big!

The race basically goes from the western part of Iowa to the east. Each biker dips the front tire of his bike in the Missouri River in the west at the start of the race. One week later each biker dips the rear wheel of his bike in the Mississippi River to the east signifying the end of the race.

An interesting accomplishment completing the race!

Golf yesterday morning.

Played with Aaron and Yankee Jack. Yankee and I played a money game. I whipped him good! Even though I lost 3 of the last 4 holes. Won $10!

The humidity was an abomination! The worst of the summer yesterday! My tee shirt was soaking wet before I even teed off for the first hole.

Tired me out big time. After golf, I grabbed a quick Cuban sandwich at Lucky Day. Then to home and bed for the afternoon. I was wiped out!

Last night was relativly quiet. Spent a little time at the Chart Room. Then dinner at the bar at Outback while reading a couple of newspapers.

This morning is haircut time!

Some one recently observed that I am always getting a haircut. I thought about the comment. It is true. My hair is extremely short. The little I have left. It seems to grow faster. Really does not. Just looks sloppy when it does grow a bit. Ergo, the need for a haircut on a more frequent basis.

I don ‘t care. It is a good excuse to visit with Lori.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour tomorrow morning. KONK radio at 1500 AM. At 10 am. Ustreamed world wide also. When the screen comes up, just type KONK in the appropriate box.

The show will cover a multitude of sins. Topics include a recent Catholic Church proclamation regarding female priests, broadcasters and free speech, Duck Boat owners back in court against Key West, the Gulf oil spill, the court decision in the Arizona immigration case, the lobster mini season, New Mexico weird dumb laws, a same sex marriage update, Pat Paulsen and Indian humor, the weird lawsuit of the week arising in Germany, a trip down an historical lane with Samuel Alexander Mudd and more.

Listen in! The show will be interesting and fun!

Enjoy your day!

The mini lobster season is upon us! It starts today and ends tomorrow.

The boats are already running by my home. All sizes. Filled to the brim with people. Even kids. The limit is six lobsters per person. So every body on board counts.

I walked out on the deck. I can see way out into the ocean. There are already a ton of boats sitting on the horizon.

It is a festive time! I have participated some years. Always had a good time.

This morning however I would rather play golf. And that is what I shall be doing shortly with Yankee Jack and Aaron.

Yesterday morning started early with blood work. Fasting blood work.

Afterwards I was hungry. Figured why not have a big breakfast!

It was Harpoon Harrys and pancakes. A huge pile. Lots of butter. And even extra syrup. Harpoons heats the syrup. So good!

When breakfast was done, I headed over to the Coffee House to read the New York Times. I kept nodding. Could not keep my eyes open. Wanted to sleep.


So I left.

Went to Borders. Tried reading a book. Same result.

Too much to handle. I went home to bed and slept for 3 hours. I think I had too many carbs. Between the pancakes and syrup, I was knocked out!

I spent the afternoon at home working on friday’s radio show.

One segment of the show will be a commentary on the Catholic Church and its recent proclamation on July 15, 2010 making the ordination of women as priests a grave crime under Canon Law. Described in Latin as a delicta graviora. The Church placed female ordination in the same category of wrongdoing as the sexual abuse of children by priests.

My evening started at the Chart Room. Very few people. Michael bartending. Don from State Bank there. And two lovely ladies. Ruth and Linda.

Ruth and Linda afre two middle aged girl friends who get together once a year for a trip somewhere. This year Key West. Both are retired school teachers. Both very attractive. Both charming.

Ruth is from Safety Harbor. Somewhere up north in Florida. Once widowed, once divorced.

Linda is from Naples. Still married. She and her husband are long distance bicycle riders. They have done Miami to Marathon. Her husband is presently in Iowa participating in a 6 day bike ride. His 26th consecutive year doing it. The race is called the Registered Annual Bike Ride Across Iowa.

I did not know there were enough miles to do a 6 day bike race in Iowa. Linda told me the route is up and down the state and cross wise.

The ladies were staying at the Pier House. A good place to stay. They had hung out at Sloppy Joe’s the night before. Were uncertain what haunt they would visit last night.

Nice people. They leave today. Hope our paths cross again if and when they return to Key West.

I walked over to the Spots Page Bar for dinner. It was good for the Sports Page that I did. I was the only customer for a while!

I enjoyed my sandwich and conversation with the bartender Kristin.

The first time I met Kristin I had an instant dislike for her. It was during basketball season. I ran in. The bar was packed. I elbowed my way to the bar and asked rather abruptly what TV set for the Syracuse game. She gave me a dirty look that said slow down buddy. And walked away!

We have become friends. Even though I thought she was a bitch and she thought I was an ass when we first met.

She had all the time in the world to talk with me last night. I was her only customer! I received top shelf service. She said the cook was thrilled that I had come in. He had someone to cook for!

Then it was home to bed.

I had an e mail from my friend Anna this morning. She is in Greece. Has been there living on a boat for the whole month of July. She does it every summer.

She wrote she was off the island of Ikaria. Ikaria is locatd on the Ikarian Sea ironically. It is the place in Greek mythology where Icarius went down into the sea.

Icarius was escaping from the island of Crete. His father had made him wings of wax. Icarius was to fly away on those wings. His father warned him to stay away from the sun.

Icarius was having such a good time flying, he failed to heed his father’s warning. He flew too close to the sun. The sun melted his wings. Icarius crashed into the sea and drowned.

The line of boats going out this morning to dive for lobsters is endless. Reminds me of the old movie Mrs. Minerva with Walter Pidgeon and Greer Garson. I watched it for the 100th time the other night on the Turner Classic Channel. A World War II movie. Part of it involved the fleet of private boats of all sizes that left England and crossed the English Channel to save the British soldiers stranded on the beach at Dunkirk. A virtual armada. That is how it looks this morning!

The boats this morning also bring to mind another movie. One of more recent vintage. Jaws. The boats are overloaded with people. Just like the boats going out to get the shark in Jaws.

Time to get ready for golf.

Enjoy your day!

I am twittering!

Started yesterday!

A bit confusing.

Follow me also on Twitter if you are a member.

Key West Lou is my username. What else!

Yesterday started with a walk along Smathers Beach. I am adding weight. Treating myself too well. Overeating. I have to get back into good health big time!

It is difficult to do.

Some paper work at home after the walk.

Followed by cuban toast at Lucky Day Cafe.

Decided to spend some time meditating on the beach. Selected Smathers again. Found a lone palm tree at the far end of the beach. Planked my sand chair down in the shade of that tree. And thought. And read the newspapers.

The Hemingway look a like contest is over. The gent who won was in his twelvth year of trying. There were a total of 123 contestants this year. Wow!

This past weekend was the Baseball Hall of Fame induction at Cooperstown. It remindedd me of Sergio Sanchez.

Serge is my cousin through marriage. A Conch. Born and raised in Key West. His family are Castilian Spanish. Came over from Spain and settled in Key West in the 1840s.

High school baseball is big in Florida. Serge was a star pitcher on the Key West team while in hight school. His team played against a North Miami team for the State Championship. Serge pitched the game. Opposing him as pitcher for North Miami was Steve Carlton.

Serge won 2-1.

Carlton went on to a professional baseball career and the Hall of Fame.

Serge did two tours of duty in Vietnam and then became a math teacher in the Key West school system. He is now the head of the math department for the Monroe County School District.

About 10 yeas ago, Carlton was elected to the Hall of Fame. Serge mentioned he wished he could be there. Those were the days when I had some influence. I arranged for Serge to attend Carlton’s induction into the Hall of Fame.

Serge and his stepson, who was attending the U.S. Naval Academy at the time, had a private breakfast the day before the induction with Carlton at the Otesaga Hotel in Cooperstown. They met many baseball luminaries at the time, including Yogi Berra. The next day Serge and his wife Karen sat in the front row of the ceremonies as Carlton became a member of the Hall of Fame.

A nice thing for Serge. A nice thing in every respect.

I take advantage of Serge on occasion. He has taught every student who has gone through the Key West school system. They all remember him and like him. Occasionally I have been stopped for speeding in Key West. Always a young police officer. At some point I politely ask if they know Sergio Sanchez. Mr. Sanchez? is the reponse. I say yes. Then I add, he is my cousin. The atmosphere changes. I am immediately told what a great guy he is. And after a few more kind words, I am on my way having made a new friend and, of course, no ticket.

There was an historical note in the sports section of the Miami Herald. Concerned professional basketball player Rony Seikaly. It was July 27, 1989. Seikaly was in his second year playing center with the Heat. He could not make foul shots. That was the thrust of the article.

Seikaly went to Syracuse. I watched him play there for four years. He could not make foul shots at Syracuse either.

Seikaly never improved at foul shooting. Never the less, he had a distinguished career in pro basketball.

I was reading the Miami Herald yesterday anticipating the article regarding hurricanes and drinking in Key West. You will recall a reporter interviewed me and some others at the Chart Room friday night. She thought the article would be in monday’s paper. No article. I shall continue buying and reading the Miami Herald this week till it appears.

Blood work this morning. I have been fasting. Maybe I should have blood work every day. Then I would not eat so much.

Enjoy your day!

Good morning! Good morning! Good morning!

I am starting late this morning. Computer problems.

I was up early yesterday. Had a 10 o’clock at Lisa’s. Corey and Lisa were going to help straighten out my computer. We made progress. Just not enough. Hope all is well now.

After 2 hours of computer screwing around, my mind was punchy. I left Lisa and went over to the Coffee House. It was Sunday! And Sunday is definitely the day to browse through the New York Times!

Lunch time. I was hungry. Opted for the Pier House. The Pier House beach on a Sunday is a fun place.

Ate at the bar. Not too many people. Key West is no longer in season..

There has been an addition to the Pier House menu. Fried oysters. I have had them several times recently. Delicious!

Then it was home.

Played around on the computer for a while. Chatted on Facebook with a deaf friend from Phoenix.

Our conversation reminded me of a memorable instance with my cousin Bob.

Bob lives in Stamford, Connecticut. Or did. This was back 35 years ago. He is now retired and living some where in North Carolina.

Bob had a lovely home. In the woods. Completely surrounded by trees. A virtual forest.

Bob was deaf. Had been deaf from the age of 4. Measles did it.

He read lips. Very well. You would never know he was deaf. He had become a successful business man. Made fine furniture. Employed many people.

I was visiting him for a weekend. He said lets go for a walk. He had received a new hearing aid and wanted to try it. Hearing aids had never helped him in the past.

We were walking in the woods. He suddenly stopped. Asked…..what is that? What, I asked? He looked up. It was the wind in the trees. It was the first time he had ever heard the sound.

A teary eyed moment.

I have not seen Bob and his wife Angela in years. I hope we have the opportunity to get together again. Soon.

It was time for a nap. Slept a while. Was wakened suddenly by loud crashing. It was raining. Actually pouring! And thundering big time! Key West experienced a one hour storm. I would like to say it was Bonnie one day late. But things do not work that way.

I went to Lisa’s for Sunday dinner. As I arrived, I asked my grandchildren why they were not watching the golf tournament. Robert knew it was on channel 4. He immediately put it on.

The three of us watched the last 3 holes intently. Robert and Ally made comments like….. that’s a birdie shot…..he’s in the rough……good shot…..on the green…..close to the pin. They are learning!

I am a fan of Mad Men. Its new season started last night. Good show! The 1950s-1960s. Just like it was!

Enjoy your day!

Slept late yesterday. Till about 10. Received many messages asking if I were sick. It always happens when I write late.

It is the beginning of another beautiful day in Key West. This is the bird chirping season. For some reason, there are more birds this time of the year. They are a symphony, especially in the early morning.

Lunch was at Harpoon Harry’s yesterday. I had a desire for eggs. As I have mentioned before, Harpoon Harry’s eggs taste fresh! There is something about them! Read the newspapers and enjoyed ham and eggs. And whole wheat toast! My concession to healthy eating.

This is Hemingway Days Weekend in Key West. There was a street fair yesterday commerating the event on Duval Street. From Front Street to the La Concha Hotel.

I walked the event.

The stands were the best I have seen in a long time at such an event. The food being offered looked delicious! I was sorry I had already eaten. The non food items being sold were likewise spectacular appearing! Jewelry, hats, paintings, wood carvings and so forth.

Hemingway look alikes all over the place! Dressed in white shirts and pants, red berrets and belts. Just like Hemingway probably dressed for the bull run in Spain. There even was a mock bull run while I was there!

Then it was to Lisa’s. Golf time with the grandkids!

I took Robert and Ally to the golf course. Part of the lessons they recently took included a one year membership for each of them in the golf course.

We went to putt.

I took them into the pro shop. The pro greeted them warmly. Gave each a colored golf ball. Ally’s was pink. Thrilled her no end! She is a pink freak. She was dressed in pink besides.

The pro gave each a real putter to use. Heavy for them. They have been practising at home with a not real one which is much lighter.

I took them into the bag shack so I could get some balls out of my bag. The bag shack excited them also.

The whole experience excited them. This was a big deal!

Then to a putting green. Both did well! They putt every day at home on the living room carpet. So they already had the hang of it.

Afterwards, I took them inside the restaurant. Another big deal! They had diet cokes. Their mother does not permit them to drink soda. The cheating aspect excited them!

My house guests and I got together last night.

We started the evening at the Chart Room. Donna had been there before. Teri had not. Stayed about an hour. Had a good time. Spoke with Captaain Peter. He and Donna are old friends. Michael, Che and Kevn there also.

Michael bartends. He was away last week in Wyoming.

Michael is a retired Marine. Was a sharshooter in Vietnam. Went to Wyoming to visit a friend that had a new long range rifle. The distance numbers overwhemed me. The gun could shoot 2,000 meters, if I remeber correctly. Michael said he hit 6 out of 7 milk jugs from that distance.

Then it was Square One for dinner. Donna is old friends with owner Michael Stewart.

I had not been to Square One in a while either. It was good to see Michael and Patrick. Patrick is the bartender and a friend. And even more of a friend to my daughter Lisa. He knows Robert and Ally well.

The last time Patrick visited Lisa, he brought Robert and Ally a $25 gift card to Dairy Queen. I told Patrick I too am eating off of the card also. Already 2 times! And with sprinkles! He laughed.

Dinner was excellent. The company terrific. We laughed all night.

Donna and Terri are on vacation. I am not. They wanted to go to the Keys Piano Bar. I said go. I am going home to bed. And so we parted company.

It is Sunday! Love Sundays! Enjoy yours!

Odd day yesterday.

Started with Bonnie. The tropical storm that never was in Key West.

I spoke of Bonnie on the blog yesterday morning. Talked about what might be if it hit. Suggested it might not. The weather was too good at the time I was writing.

At 10 I was in the studio doing my radio show. From 10 to 11. Kept looking out the window onto the street. Sun shining brightly. People walking around as usual. No one appeared concerned.

I commented at least 3 times during the show that I thought this Bonnie thing was going to miss Key West.

Earlier before I left for the studio, I was watching NBC. Per their usual custom, they had flown a reporter down to cover the storm. The reporter was standing in rain gear at the end of South Street. At the Southernmost Point. Sun shining. Little to no breeze. Water calm. Talking about the impending storm.

Then NBC took us to Duval Street. A long shot of Duval. The commentary was to the effect that in just a few hours the storm would be beating up the street.

Been there before. Seen the national news broadcasts before. And recall nothing happening on most occasions.

Yesterday was to be one of those familiar days. Bonnie never came. Whaever occurred, was over Miami and to the north.

That is the way it goes. True, better safe than sorry. However genrally these storms miss us. Thank God! The media rouses the nation that calamity is about to befall the keys. All in error.

The scenerio never changes.

After the radio show, I headed over to Lucky Day Cafe for lunch. Cheesesteak cuban style.

Then to Borders to read.

I needed some tee shirts. Someone told me about a store on Kennedy Drive that sells tee shirts by the pound. You heard me correctly. By the pound!

Why not!

I went over. It is called Island Tee Shirts.

The tee shirts are over runs. I bought 3. One from Rumrunners. Another from the U.S.Navy and a third with just Key West on the pocket.

The material felt good. One had a label reading pre shrunk.

The 3 tee shirts cost me $18, including tax. Not bad. It was worth the money just for the experience. I picked my own shirts out of a bin and weighed them. That is different!

I was tired. So it was home to bed for my late aftenoon nap. Part of my life style and need in my senior years.

The Chart Room was interesting last night. Very few people. But those there were perfect for what transpired.

Susan bartending. Matt the Key West videographer. And a gentleman I had never met before. Kevin McCoy.

Kevin lives here in Key West. Retired as I am. Made his fortune owning a few Amco Transmission franchises. He has a home on White Street.

There was also a young lady. Mid 20s at the most. Lovely.

Her name was Rebecca Huval. She came with a camera. On a long stand. She was a reporter. Sent down here to Key West because of… guessed it! Bonnie! The storm that never was here.

Her editor had sent her down earlier in the day to do a story on drinking and hurricanes. Apparently there is a Monroe County law that permits the County to bar the sale of alcohol during a weather storm. She told us it had only been imposed once. During Georges in 1998.

She asked me what I thought. I told her initially I did not care. I did not drink. Then I went on to tell her it was a stupid law. My experience in Key West has shown that people are responsible during hurricane season. The primary concern is to protect person and property. Drinking had never been an issue in my experience. Matt and Kevin agreed with me.

Rebecca was hitting the bars in her search for information for her story. Her next stop was Sloppy Joe’s. Then she was going to Don’s Place. I set her up to speak with Kurt there. Don is out of town.

The interesting thing about Don’s Place is that it remains open during a hurricane. Not every one can afford to leave. Some stay to watch their property or pets. They need a place to congregate. It is Don’s Place. I thought she might pick up a story or two there.

Rebecca took our pictures. Wrote some of our comments down. Told us the story would probably run on monday. So read the Miami Herald on monday. Louis and the Chart Room gang are going to be mentioned.

Part of the conversation with Rebecca involved leaving the keys in the event of a hurricane. It brought to mind Bob Smith.

Bob is now dead. He was a Chart Room character for 30 years. His ashes lie in the Chart Room bar rail. Rebecca had already been made familiar with that part of Chart Room folklore before I arrived.

Bob wrote a book once about Key West. It is appropriately titled BOB. A copy sits behind the bar. I got it and went to the page where Bob talks about evacuating Key West in the event of a hurricane. The federal government orders the evacuation at some pont.

Bob noted the number of cars in Key West. He also did some sort of study on the number of gas stations and supply of available gasoline. His conclusion: There is no where enough gas to fill up all the vehicles that would be evacuating.

So much for government ordered evacuation! On top of which the government assumes that those who are left will drink themselves into oblivion!

BOB and the gasoline analysis will probably make up a part of Rececca’s story also.

I had dinner alone at the bar of a local restaurant. Two women were sitting next to me. Matronly. Middle aged. They were joking around with the bar maid. A young girl. They were telling her how attractive her butt was. I interjected. Asked if they would like a male evaluation. Bad move! They were lesbians. Tough ones. I thought the one next to me was going to hit me!

I lowered my head and said no more.

I was surprised that such would occur in Key West.

Never saw my company yesterday. Donna and Terri, my two lesbian friends (some do love me), were asleep when I left in the morning. They were out when I returned late in the afternoon and later when I returned for the night. They are show people. One in the aftrnoon is arousal time for them. Perfect company. I don’t have to worry about them or see them. Actually, sad. We will have to get on the same schedule for a day.

I am going to take the grandkids to the golf course this afternoon. Time for them to practice a bit on a real green.

Enjoy your day!

The morning is here. The anticipated tropical storm has not yet arrived.

It is called Bonnie.

It is the first storm of the season. Unusual to have either a tropical storm or hurricane this early in the season. Glad it is only a tropical storm.

I stepped outside. Not much unusual yet. A bit of a wind. The water is moving slightly faster than normal.

The event is not yet upon us!

It is coming though. Right over the Florida keys. Key West will be in the center of it.

Winds around 30-40 miles per hour. When it is actually upon us the winds can go to 50-60 miles an hour.

Not a big deal.

Wind and some rain. Actually, a lot of rain. The Key West streets will flood as usual. Key West is built at sea level. The sewer system cannot take a lot of rain at one time.

Tomorrow we will talk about Bonnie and how it was a lot of nothing.

There is one problem involving Bonnie, however. An economic one. The flood insurance program did not yet get renewed by Congress.They are screwing around with it. Ergo, any property damage caused by water will not be insurance covered.

Like extending unemployment benefits. Another government failure in a time of need.

The flood insurance issue will be one of the first topics I will be discussing on my rado show this morning. Listen in. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 am. KONK 1500 AM from Key Largo to Havana, Cuba, Elsewhere, watch and listen on the internet. Type KONK in the box and voila! I will be there!

Lunch yesterday was at the Lucky Day Cafe. Cuban toast with cheese and tomato and a diet Pepsi.

Then to the Coffee House. Quiet there. Read the New York papers.

Still early. I was in the mood to continue reading. To Borders! I am flirting with a book about a New York City law firm in the late 1800s. Not sure yet whether I am enjoying it enough to stay with it.

Donna and Terri were at the house when I returned home. We chatted a bit. Agreed to have dinner together.

Dinner was at La Trattoria. No Becha. Her night off. No problem. I had Donna and Terri.

We ate a little too much. Actually a whole too much. Sides of sausage and an antipasto besides main courses.

I had a good time. They had a good time. We laughed through out dinner. It was good to be dining with them again.

After dinner, Donna and Terri headed out on the town. I begged off. It was home to bed for me. It was already after 10.

I stopped at Lisa’s on the way home. Saw her light on.

Ally was still up. And keeping Lisa and Corey up. She did not want to sleep. Asked for water. Wanted her mother to sleep with her. Wanted to discuss golf with me. Anything to be up and walking around.

Love that Ally!

The wind seems to be picking up a bit. Could be my imagination. In any event, at some point today it is going to get very dark, blow and rain like hell!

Enjoy your day!

Slept late. It’s 9 o’clock. Very unusual for me.

Yesterday was full of interesting happenings.

Golf was a disaster in the morning. I reverted. Played bad.

Golfed with Yankee and Aaron. Aaron does not genrally play for money. I challanged Yankee. Told him I would play him even. No strokes.

Yankee said no way! I’ll kill you. He forced me to take 1 stroke a hole, except for the threes.

Thank God!

Here’s how bad I played. After my first two shots off the tee on hole #1, I had not yet reached the ladies tee!

This tale of woe is best told by our respective scores. I have been shooting around 105. Yankee around 100. Yesterday I shot 116. Yankee shot 93.

I had to have my worst day on the day Yankee had his best day in ages!

I lost $6.

Yankee is a gentleman. He took Aaron and me to lunch at Hogfish to celebrate his spectacular day on the course.

While we were having lunch, a bearded gentleman came over. To say hello to Yankee. It was Jeep.

Yankee introduced Jeep around.

Turns out Jeep is one of the performers at Mallory Square. One of the sunset gang. Has been performing there for years. A star in his own right!

Jeep plays a trombone and piano. He sings. He blows up and creates ballon figures for the kids.

You can recognize Jeep by the bowler hat he wears. A trademark.

Jeep had a partner in his act for years. Mo. A golden retriever. Mo unfortunately passed on. Jeep continues without Mo.

I needed a manicure. Over to see Tammy.

I was tired from golf. Stomach heavy from lunch. I actually started falling asleep as Tammy was massaging my hands.

I got home about 3. Donna and Terri were on their way out. Where are you going? To Hogfish. I just left. Terri has never been there.

I gave them directions. Hogfish in the heart of downtown Stock Island is not easy to find.

Marty is back! We agreed to meet at the Chart Room.

While sitting at the bar, Ernest Hemingway walked in. Look like him for real. He is one the Hemingway look a likes. You will recall this is Hemingway Look a Like Weekend at Sloppy Joe’s.

It was Hemingway and his wife. Actually Marvin and Sandy from Fort Pierce.

This is Marvin’s first entry into the contest. His wife insisted he try.

He just might win!

A nice couple. Warm.

Sandy told us about the marlin Marvin caught at Waikikee Beach last September. 1,245pounds! Big!

Marvin had a picture of him and the fish. The marlin was a monster. Several feet taller than Marvin. Huge!

All I could think off was The Old Man and the Sea.

Dinner was upstairs at Louie’s Backyard. Marty and I were in the mood for tapas and the view.

We both were surprised when we walked into Louie’s. Clayton and John were hosting. I did not know they were even working there. Two great guys. Well known in Key West and both well liked.

Clayton is in the process of opening a coffee house in the middle of busy Duval. A couple of doors from the French Croissant. He is remodeling. He had two bandaged fingers to prove it. Sliced them both while laying a new floor.

The place will be a winner when opened. Clayton and his wife Valerie are popular and well liked Key West figures. Additionally, the location is perfect. It is in the center of everything.

And I will be a customer! I love coffee houses and reading the newspapers. One thing Clayton must do, however. Provide the newspapers free to be read. I refuse to pay for a paper at a coffee house. A personal idiosyncrosy.

This Shirley Sherrod thing is all over TV. One day she is vilified. The next sanctified.

I thought she was a bit pompous this morning in expecting a telephone call from the President.

What will tomorrow bring reagrding her? This story is developing fast. There is a case called Pigford v. Vilsack that may play in here. Lets see what develops.

Tomorrow The Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 am. KONK 1500 AM. On the internet to be seen and heard world wide at Bring up ustream and type in KONK. Voila! There I will be!

Great topics. Like Army suicides at an all time high, the federal government screwing around with flood insurance, deep water oil drilling off Cuba, gay marriage in Argentina, Holland v. Florida, an Australian Court refusing to extradite a Nazi war criminal back to Hungary, a Massachusetts lawsuit involving the sex act and an alleged fractured penis, the Gulf oil spill and more.

Enjoy your day!