Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Enough said. Stay sober.

I am a weather man today. The wind is from the south this morning. Rare. Whenever from the south, it rains/storms. Lovely out at the moment. Sun shinning. Nary a cloud. However, palm trees bent north from the south wind. Ripples in the pool running north, also.

The weather report says only a 10% chance of rain today. I disagree. Let’s see if I am correct.

The Greek isle of Amorgos is my Shangri-la. When there, I live as the natives. A small apartment on the waterfront. Few amenities. No airport. The boat comes in with people and supplies once a week.

Saturday’s Keynoter had a picture on the editorial page of a fishing net and well attired gentleman who apparently had been mending the net. The net was hanging  from some sort of post in the picture. The picture a 1977 photo.

My Amorgos home was about a hundred yards from Adelphos’ home. Each time I walked into the heart of the village, I had to walk by Adelpho’s place.

Most afternoons, I would find Adelphos sitting on the ground in front of his abode. About 30 feet from the water. In his lap and surrounding him was a large fishing net. He was always mending the net. Daily. Otherwise, the net would fall apart in a few days. The mending involved looking for places to repair and untangling parts of the net that had twisted together. Adelphos worked primarily with his fingers. Adeptly. Sometimes with some sort of needle. About four inches long.

Mending nets is referred to in the Bible in several places. Four of Jesus’ disciples were fisherman who joined him while mending their nets. Mending nets probably goes back to the beginnings of man.

In all the centuries, nothing has changed for Adelphos or the fisherman of Amorgos who came before him. Though it has changed here in the United States and most of the modern world. The mending is more technical and machine driven.

I had to get out of the house early due to the open house. I was at the Plantation Coffee House at 11. Stayed till 3. Would have stayed longer. However, the place closes at 3 on Sunday. I did not know. While there, I did yesterday’s blog, read some Sunday papers, had a couple of cups of coffee and a toasted bagel. Chatted a bit with owner Diana. Yesterday’s blog was unusually long. The spread of European Nazism and the failure of the American media to keep us advised is bothersome from my perspective.

I could not return home till after 4. It was only 3. I was driving along the Atlantic and passed the Key West Airport. I turned around and headed to it. My goal was the Airport’s restaurant.

I am glad I decided to go there. Only when traveling would I normally stop.

It was old home week. Victor was bartending. Several years ago, Victor was the bartender one night a week at the Chart Room. Someone came up and hugged me as Victor and I were talking. It was Jana. I enjoyed seeing her again. Big time!

Jana immigrated from one of the eastern block countries to Key West. She is presently 32. Our connection goes back to the Paradise Cafe. My daily morning haunt of years ago. My favorite place for Cuban cheese toast with tomato. The best! Never that good again!

Jana was the enterprising sort. She opened her own restaurant on Bertha Street after Paradise closed. She had a hard time. The place did not take off. She took a financial beating. I used to go frequently because she was serving the same Cuban cheese toast with tomato that I had enjoyed for so many years at Paradise Cafe.

A few years have passed. Jana looked terrific. Happy. The pressure off her face. A bad business will do that to a person. She has been a waitress at the Airport for over a year. Married, also. A retired military man.

The twenty young men have left the MTV house across the way. Yesterday. Replaced by couples and children. When I went outside this morning, a mother carrying a baby waived at me..

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is in the process of purchasing Miami’s Channel 10. South Florida’s second largest TV station. Welcome Buffett and company. Anyplace/anything he decides to buy has to be good!

Syracuse is a #3 seed in the South Region. I am surprised. I thought it might be higher. That is all I have to say. We shall see how things go as the tournament progresses. Friday is the first game.

Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day!


I love bocce! Everyone that plays loves bocce! However, it can be frustrating at times!

We cannot seem to get it going. Last night was our team’s second week. We lost 2 and won 1 game. The same as last week. We are consistent, at the least. We play well, but do not win. Captain David is trying everything to find the correct mix that will lead to victory.

Maybe we do not drink enough. We play sober.

I had a haircut at 10 with Lori. Then it was over to the Plantation Coffee House for several hours. The realtor had called me to say he had several people to show the house to. Which meant I had to get out.

I took my computer and notes with me. I was at the Plantation Coffee House from 10:30 to 3 working. A pleasant atmosphere. Quiet. Food and drink readily accessible. Nice people occasionally saying hello or nodding hello. I wrote yesterday’s blog from there. Accomplished a lot of other work.

This morning’s Key West Citizen had a front page article on the Charles Eimers affair. Eimers was the Michigan tourist who was arrested on Thanksgiving Day and died several days later while still in police custody. State investigators were in Key West interviewing the police officers involved.

The Eimers matter deserves investigation. Eimers had 10 broken ribs and other injuries when he died. The question is when did the injuries occur and why. Time will tell.

Duke lost 74-66 to North cCrolina last night. Syracuse plays Duke tomorrow night at Duke. It has all the makings of a terrific game. Syracuse presently #1 and Duke #5. The game is at 7. I plan on watching it at Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Pub.

Yesterday tired me out even before bocce. I had to be up early and out of the house. Which meant I had to tidy the place up quickly for those coming to look at the house. The several hours spent at the Plantation Coffee House were intense. I never stopped

Today is going to be another story. Slow and easy. In a few minutes, a shower. Then some property I want to look at on Stock Island. A former club  is now a marina. I understand the marina is beautiful.

I plan on a quiet lunch at Hogfish. Outside in the shade with the newspapers. Tonight I am out! Where, I am not yet sure.

Enjoy your day!


Spent the evening at home yesterday. I was watching  TV from the comfort of my bed. The Turner Classic Channel ran the 1951 hit movie A Place in the Sun. The movie starred Elizabeth Taylor, Montgomery Cliff and Shirley Winters. A great movie! Cliff and Winters received Academy Award nominations for their performances.

However from my perspective, it was not the movie itself that was important. It was what had given birth to it. Theodore Dreiser’s An American Tragedy.

It was 1906. Chester Gillette had impregnated a young lady of lesser means. He was in love with another. A woman of means. He took the poor girl friend out in a rowboat on Big Moose Lake in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. The boat capsized. The young lady drowned. Gillette was tried for her murder and found guilty. He was electrocuted in 1908.

The events of the tragedy occurred in places I am very familiar with. The Adirondack Mountains are an hour’s drive from my home town of Utica. I have visited Big Moose Lake many times. The trip to Big Moose Lake was an overnight one for Gillette and his lady friend. They stayed that night in Utica.

Big Moose Lake was/is located in Herkimer County. Herkimer County adjoins my home county of Oneida. The Herkimer County Court House is located in Herkimer. Herkimer is all of a 15 mile drive from Utica.

The court room where the trial took place still stands. The same as in 1908 when the trial took place, except for the ceiling. I have been told the ceiling was a colorful masterpiece. For whatever reason, it was covered over.

I tried many cases in my  forty plus years career as an attorney in that court room.

Gillette was electrocuted in the Auburn State Penitentiary in Auburn. I tried some cases in Auburn, also. Auburn is the city where my Syracuse basketball friends Dan and Lisa grew up.

While in prison, Gillette kept a diary and wrote letters to his sister. The diary and letters were donated to the Hamilton College Library. Hamilton College is in Clinton. A mere 15 mile drive from Utica, also.

Many were my connections with Hamilton College. A first class liberal arts institution. I was privileged to represent Hamilton College in several significant lawsuits. I attended many weddings, parties, lectures and special dinners at the College over the years.

Yesterday was another open house. I had to disappear for several hours.

My weekly KONK Life column was due to be sent to the editor. I took my computer and notes with me to the Plantation Coffee House. The column was previously researched during the week. It only remained to be written. It took just under four hours to put together.

The article is about St. Valentine’s Day. A bit of the beginning and a bit of the end. How it got started and where it is in Saudi Arabia today. Its beginnings may surprise you.

I lunched while at the Coffee House. A toasted bagel with cream cheese and a cup of coffee. Good!

Then to Don’s Place for some Sunday afternoon fun. I was looking for Toni. She is a die hard Kentucky fan. I wanted to commiserate with her. Kentucky lost Saturday night. Toni was not there.

A good crowd. Chatted  a bit with Don, David, Stan, and Dougie while watching some Olympic hockey. Everyone giving me a hard time about Syracuse. Lucky, lucky, lucky! Who was I to argue with them. I let them talk. Everyone is waiting for that first defeat. Me, too.

Needed some groceries. Stopped at Publix on the way home. Ran into Susan. A former St. Paul’s Church choir/musical person and Thursday night bocce player. A lovely Key West woman inside and out!

Enjoy your day!





You win some, you lose some. We only won one game last night.

Played Larry Smith’s team. A money game/a blood match. We won the first game 16-15. A battle! We lost the second game 16-15. Another battle! They out did us in the third game.

I played the second game. I was not up to par. I was not getting the ball there. The courts were damp from the rain and I did not have enough umph  to get to the polina.

Captain David has redone the parings. No longer will I be playing with Frankie. Keith is my new partner. We will work well together. Keith had a good evening last night.

I spent some time yesterday afternoon at the Plantation Coffee House. Had lunch there. Coffee and a toasted bagel. Read the newspapers. Chatted with Diane.

Before I forget, Happy Valentine Day! I have no one to give candy and flowers to at the moment. I am uncertain whether I will be out tonight. This is the busiest night for restaurants in Key West. Like New Years Eve.

After the Coffee House, I headed over to see Tammy. It was time again for a manicure and pedicure. Ran into Martha Robinson. I had not seen her for a while. A charming lady. One of Key West’s leading citizens.

Stopped at Publix on the way home. Needed food again. Basics. Bananas, grapes, strawberries, bread, and milk. The wrong time to shop. Too many people. Only four empty carts available when I arrived at the store.

Ran into Karen at Publix. Another person I have not seen in a while. She congratulated me on my book The World Upside Down. Said she had been trying to buy the soft cover edition. Each time she looked, there was a waiting period/backlog of 4-6 weeks. I suggested she order it and wait. The backlog has been that way since about a week after the book came out. I told her to check and barnesand

Italian politics is back in the news. Prime Minister Enrico Letta is resigning as of today. His own party dumped him. Mark what I am saying. Burlusconi will be back! Not soon, but soon enough. Not as an elected official. Rather as the power behind the throne.

I love talking politics with my Italian friends. Every politician they do not like  they refer to as Mafiosa.

Italy presently has 45 per cent unemployment. The highest in 40 years. It is right behind Greece on the poor economy list.

I have a bug up my ass again. A situation has developed in Connecticut. The State passed a gun registration law. It went into effect. A very low percentage of known gun owners registered their weapons. We are noyttalking about handguns. The law covered those modern day machine gun types.

Very few  gun owners registered the guns per the law. An act of civil disobedience or does it border on anarchy? Interesting.

A society cannot survive where its members decide for themselves which laws to follow and which not.

Syracuse/North Carolina State tomorrow. We should win. My recollection is North Carolina has lost 8 games. Syracuse, none. But…..Syrcuse is due. Most Syracuse wins have been close this season. I wish we would win one going away. My heart cannot take these last second (note not minute) victories.

Enjoy your day!




I have a problem and can use some feed back. It involves my blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Three weeks running, the audio appears to be screwed up. Some told me last night was ok the first 15 minutes and then started jumping from high to low and back to high again.

If any of you listened in, send me a comment/contact here to tell me of your experience. If you were unable to hear the show live and listen archived, let me know your experience, also.

Many thanks.

My day started with a haircut by/with Lori. She has been cutting my hair for 15 years. Whereas I have decidedly aged, Lori looks the same as she did 15 years ago. A lovely woman!

Spent some time afterwards reading the newspapers at the Plantation Coffee House. Such a relaxing place!

Dinner at Roostica. Lasagna. It has become a tuesday night pre-blog show event.

I noticed Duval was quiet yesterday. Lori’s was quiet. So too was Roostica. I asked Patty where the people were. She said this was an expected slow week.

It was not slow on the roadways with the bikers! This you will not believe. I was driving up one of the one way streets toward Duval. Came to an intersection. I had the right of way. Cross traffic had stop signs.

About 20-25 bicyclers were on the side street. I kid you not. That many! They ran the stop sign and made a left turn into my street. They were riding against me. Fortunately, I was able to stop as they rode by me on both sides of the car. Laughing, of course. Enjoying themselves.

Idiots! Said respectfully. I love  tourists!

Burmese pythons are in the news again. A true Florida problem. Especially in the Everglades. A bit in the Keys. The actual number is unknown. Quite high, however. The experts say there are so many that it is impossible to eradicate them. They eat people. Last year, one slid into a house and baby crib and devoured the baby.

A Miami Herald article said that in addition to the Burmese python, there are eight other invasive constrictor species. The article suggested something has to be done. The experts have not been able to come up with a solution. A present questionable solution involves banning their importation into Florida. A drop of water in the ocean, a grain of sand on a beach.

I question the judgment of some activist groups. In this instance, an animal rights group.

We all know Lolita. Many of us have seen her perform. Lolita is the giant whale at the Sea Acquarium in Miami. She has been there for 43 years. An animal rights group wants her freed into the ocean, returned to her natural habitat. After 43 years of being cared for like a baby, I question how long she would survive. Sometimes people carry their “good desires” too far.

Enjoy your day!


It was Super Bowl Sunday. Key West rose in anticipation of watching the game early in the evening. For many, it was not to be. Comcast was down. TV and internet wi-fi connection.

For me it meant I had to get over to Lisa’s to do this week’s KONK Life column which was due yesterday. The game did not bother me. I could watch it at Don’s Place. He has all those extra expensive hook ups.

To further compound the disaster, my cell phone would not work.

I piled my computer, phone, and electric hookups into the car and headed to Lisa’s. I could do my column there.

As I walked in the door carrying all my communication equipment, Lisa said forget it. Our Comoast is down. It stayed down till I left around 4. Lisa was on the phone with Comcast. They said that everything was ok. Lisa said not here! A repair man is coming today.

I suspect many, if not all, in Key West were affected to some degree by the Comcast shut down.

I went home. I was gong to shower again and head back to Don’s Place. Lo and behold, my computer was working. So too was my TV. Plus my phone which had nothing to do with Comcast. I called Lisa. She still was without.

By the time I finished the KONK column, it was Super Bowl time. I decided to watch the game from the comfort of my bed.

The game was a shocker! I thought Denver would win. Peyton Manning would not be denied. What a beating! Seattle is to be complimented.

The KONK Life column is about the flu epidemic of 1918. Affected 500 million worldwide, killed 50 million. Bad! A noteworthy comment I read was that the 1918 flu bug killed more people in 24 days than AIDS did in 24 years!

Before Lisa’s, I stopped at the Plantation Coffee House. Skip was there.  Met him a couple of weeks ago at the Chart Room. I did not recognize him. Sorry, Skip. He is now living in Key West and doing a radio show.

Syracuse basketball again tonight! I have yet to recover from the Duke victory. Syracuse plays Notre Dame at the Carrier Dome at 7 this evening. Syracuse is a 15 point favorite. I plan on watching the game and eating at Lukas’ Sports Pub.

Tomorrow night my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me at 9 for a fast moving half hour.

The Key West Citizen in it’s This Day in History section this morning made mention of Willie Shoemaker. Shoemaker was a great jockey. Perhaps the best of all time. On this day in history, he rode race number 40,350. His final one.

I make mention of Willie Shoemaker because I knew him. Back in the early 1970s, I had a condominium at Miami’s Jockey Club. One of the members and residents was Willie Shoemaker. Many the evening we shared a drink at the bar.

Enjoy your day!






These Syracuse basketball games can be too much! Yesterday was one of them. Syracuse beat Pittsburgh by 5 points. 59-54. With 4 minutes to go, I was sure Pitt was going to win. So did everyone else I am sure.

An example of the kind of game it was. Ten minutes into the second half, Syracuse was up by 10. In 1 minute and 9 seconds, Pitt makes three 3s in a row. All by the same player. Now only a one point game.

I watched the game at Don’s Place with Dan and Michael. Michael is Dan’s friend from Syracuse. Michael mentioned he was reading my book The World Upside Down. I was thrilled and thanked him. After the game, he told me he was going back to the house to continue reading it. Go Michael!

Tino came in with Tom after the game. First time I have seen Tino in almost two years. He was looking well. Tino never changes. It was good to see him again.

Angus was a the bar watching the game. One of the best people in Key West.

After the game, I had a drink with Grant and Jeff. Today is Grant’s birthday. Twenty nine! Congratulations, Grant!

Late morning, I visited with Alyson and Chuck from the Boca Raton area. Alyson is a loyal blog reader. Love her! That is how we met. The three of us spent a pleasant hour together at the Plantation Coffee House.

Alyson and Chuck are looking to relocate to Key West. They are searching for a business to buy. If anyone has anything, let me know. I will pass the information on to them

One of my favorite spots to eat is No Name Key Pub. If you have ever been there, you understand why. In one of Mark Howell’s writings this week, Mark made mention that No Name Key was the rugged training grounds for the anti-Castro forces prior to the Bay of Pigs. I did not know. Another piece of information from Louis’ collection is that during World War II, the upstairs of the No Name Pub building was a brothel.

It’s called history!

Big tournament of sorts this afternoon. At Don’s Place. Don’s Annual Rib Cook Off. A delicious place to be. There will be many entries. Don also sponsors a chili cook out. Another winner.

I mentioned yesterday that Peter Max was in town. I wanted to meet him. My plate was full yesterday. Hopefully, this afternoon. Between writing this week’s KONK Life column and the rib cook out.

Enjoy your Sunday!



It was manicure time yesterday. Tammy at Lee Nails. Tammy has a new hairdo. Outstanding! Frames her lovely face perfectly.

I have always had a soft spot for Asian women. Why, I do not know. I find them attractive. Perhaps a bit mysterious.

Tammy is short and thin. Tiny better describes her stature. A sweet face to go along with a sweet disposition. A mere 32. Looks 18.

Tammy was lovely before her new hairdo. More so now. So good, I would label her Miss Vietnam!

I spent a good two hours at the Plantation Coffee House yesterday morning. Got involved in the New York papers. I find it relaxing to sit and sip and read. The atmosphere at the Coffee House is conducive to a quiet time experience.

Chart Room big last night! Key West continues to be packed. I feel sorry for the tourists. It has been 80 degrees for months. Now we are into our first week of cold. The weather does not keep the vacationers down. They are in the bars, restaurants and coffee houses having a good time. A simple change of venue for them from the beach to indoors.

There was a buzz in the Chart Room. CNBC was in town. Some reality show. No one knew exactly which one. I was told the show helps businesses. The show people were working with one of the key lime businesses.

Kevin sitting at the end of the bar. I enjoy his company. Sheila and Peter at the bar, also. Jim Cox was back. The last one whose ashes will be placed in the bar rail.

We talked about Jim’s Dad, Jim Cox also. He was a banker. Made money when the savings and loans went under in the 1980s. Retired thereafter in his 30s to Key West. Retirement bored him. As it did me. He went into business. He designed and had made a special men’s pants. Billowy, open on the sides. Attached to the pants was a whistle. Ergo, the pants were known as whistle pants. He sold them in stores. He would also ride around on his bicycle selling them on the streets.

The senior Jim Cox became known as Whistle Pants. Similar to my being known as Key West Lou. Mr. Cox’s name appears on the bar rail as Whistle Pants.

I met Sandy from Wichita, Kansas. She was looking for a book store. Wanted to get some local books to read. I directed her. Told her also about The World Upside Down. She was very interested. Wrote down for her that it could be ordered from and I also recommended she read The Shack. She gave me the name of a book she thought I would enjoy reading.

I liked Sandy. Hope I run into Sandy and her husband again before they leave.

Dinner was at the Hot Tin Roof with Jim Cox. An enjoyable time. Talked of many things.

I had a simple meal. I did not wish to over eat. Shataki and mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes at the Hot Tin Roof are special.

Big basketball this afternoon! Syracuse/Pittsburgh. Syracuse remains undefeated at 17-0. Pittsburgh has lost only one game and is 16-1. Syracuse will be tested as it was against Villanova a couple of weeks ago. Though Syracuse is a 7.5 point favorite, I am uncomfortable. I plan on watching the game at Don’s Place at 4.

Enjoy your day!



What a combination! Peter Max, Christopher Columbus and Tennessee Williams! The three are totally unrelated. They just happened to come up for comment on the same day.

Peter Max will be in Key West this weekend. Exciting! I have three of his works. Used to have four. Gave one years ago to one of my daughters.

Max will be appearing on saturday and sunday at the De Rubeis Gallery at 511 Duval. See the man and his work! I hope to.

Tennessee Williams will be appearing. However, not live. He left us long ago.

Williams lived in Key West some 30-40 years. His Key West home was on Duncan, one block from Lisa’s. He is known for his writings. It is not the writings which bring him to our attention at this time. It is his paintings!

I did not know that Williams painted. He did in his later years. The Custom House presently has on exhibit of  his paintings. Another must to see!

While sitting at the Plantation Coffee House yesterday, it dawned on me how tourists dress when Key West is cold. They throw anything on that they can find. Nothing matches. They don’t care. Just trying to keep warm. None would ever dress that way back home.

Stopped first at Don’s Place last night. Enjoyed David and Jeff’s company. Grant showed up just as I was leaving. Briefly chatted with Jimmy. Joanie rebuked me for passing her by without saying hello. She was correct. It was not intentional. My mind was somewhere else. She gave me a kiss and hug after hollering at me.

Especially enjoyed my evening at the Chart Room. The place was packed. Locals and tourists. Emily earned her keep last night. She was moving!

Sheila, David and Peter were there, also. I like David. He keeps telling me we are going to play billiards together. I think he is just talk (not meant offensively). I can never pin him down for an actual game.

Jim Cox was at the Chart Room. I had met him some two years ago briefly. Last night, we talked for quite a while. He is an attorney who works in house for a Dallas bank. Capital One Bank. He had a court appearance in Key West on a mortgage foreclosure case.

Jim is important? Special? I am not sure how to describe his claim to fame. Simply stated, he is one of the two remaining persons who has a  hole ready in the Chart Room bar rail for his ashes when he dies. The other is Che. The rest are gone.

Jim’s Dad Jim is already there. The two are the only father/son combination.

I suspect Jim will be the last to make it. He is about 45 years old. Che is 80.

We got into my recently published book. The World Upside Down. I suspect he is going to buy it. I told him to check and Barnesandnoblecom.

I read in one of the New York papers this morning that the National Security Agency bugs and stores 2 million texts a day. A disgrace! What bothers me is very few seem upset with this sort of thing. It is part of the ongoing erosion of our freedoms. Once lost, they are difficult to get back.

I started working on this week’s KONK Life column. It is going to be about Christopher Columbus. Revealing. You will not believe what I will be sharing with you. Aristotle and Washington Irving are involved also.

Enjoy your day!




Sometimes things happen all at the same time. Then it is the mundane for days. Yesterday was big for happenings…..All new!

Lets start with the earthquake. Yes, Key West experienced an earthquake. At 3:57 yesterday afternoon. The quake actually occurred 10 miles off the north shore of Cuba. Well below the ocean floor. Its impact was felt in Key West. By some, not all. Key West experienced neither damage nor injury to life.

The earthquake was a 5.1. A significant number. We were immediately advised by television reports not to worry about a tsunami. Apparently a 6.0 or better is required.

I did not feel the earthquake. I did not know one had occurred till I reached the Chart Room and Emily told me. When the quake hit, I was in my car driving from the Plantation Coffee House to the Pier House. It seemed that anyone who was driving did not experience the earth’s movement.

However, those who were on the second and third floors of buildings did. Sheila was on the third floor of the Custom House and felt it. David was on the second floor where he works. He experienced it. Jean and Joe, Peter, and Emily did not.

The locals group were all at the Chart Room early comparing notes.

My compliments to Sean Kinney. He is a reporter for a local newspaper owned by the Miami Herald. He is also the Miami Herald’s man in Key West. Within minutes, Sean had reported the quake and it was being carried on the Miami Herald website.

A television star from a popular TV show was in town. Guy Fieri of the Food Channel’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Guy and crew had come in Wednesday. Did their work. Stayed overnight at the Pier House. Enjoyed the hospitality of the Chart Room later in the evening. Guy and most left yesterday morning. It appeared one of the show’s producers remained.

The show hit three Key West places of note. I know two. Bad Boy Burrito and Garbo’s. Famous they will be once the show airs. Tourists will seek them out for the next ten years. Look what a bit of notoriety did for Louie’s Back Yard.

The most important thing is that the show will be recognizing a Key West luminary. One who people have paid little attention to up to this time. The cook at Bad Boy Burrito. It is our own Grant. Grant of Don’s Place fame who I periodically mention. A good man!

The third noteworthy item was that this week’s KONK Life hit the streets yesterday. My picture on the cover. The whole page. Basically a reprint of the cover of my new book The World Upside Down. It thrilled me! My vanity is showing, I guess.  My thanks to publisher Guy de Boer.

Dan…..Where are you? I have stopped at Don’s outside bar four times looking for you. Have you given up drinking? Syracuse plays North Carolina tomorrow at noon. I will be at the Sports Pub. I hope to see you and Lisa again.

Enjoy your day!