My new landlord is off on a 2 1/2 week European trip. I need his WiFi to do the blog. Forgot to get it. Ergo, I am writing from the library this morning. Not bad.

Son in law Corey saved my ass. I am in his office in the library doing the blog and will do so till the landlord returns. 

Finally totally moved into the new abode. A bit small. Comfortable, however. I set it up right. Going to hang some art. Four or five pieces, in addition to two already up. A painting of my mother. She is always with me. And a small framed photo of Robert and Ally when they were both under 5 peeking out from behind some trees.

I felt my age for the first time the past few days. I was 88! Constantly tired, ankles blown up, etc. Grateful it is all behind me.

I took a break for lunch. Harpoon Harry’s. Tuesday is lasagna day special.

All the years I have been frequenting Harpoon Harry’s, I never saw a particular sign on the wall. A chicken looking to cross a street. The writing  got to me: I dream of a world where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned.

Applies also to most of the people in our country today. They question everything and do too much inquiring into everything.

I have learned from a lifetime of experiences that good deeds do not go unrewarded. The number of people  who pitched in in various ways to help. Not the physical part of moving. The multitude of other things involved. I thank them all.

It’s behind me! Thank God!

I locked the car keys in the trunk yesterday. A disaster! In the middle of moving, of course. Got someone to help. An expert. One who does this for a living. I was glad to have found him. The company is Admirals Lock & Safe. Owned by the husband and wife team of Les and Tami Moyer. Took a while, but they got it done. I highly recommend them!

Today is Fran Dixon’s birthday. Happy birthday, Fran! Thirty nine again!

Miss you and love you. Can’t wait for your return later in November.

English poet John Keats was born this day in 1795. Died at the age of 31 in Rome, Italy.

I had the rare privilege 35 years ago to accidently trip on his home where he died. It was in Rome, Italy. I was on a one month trip with my then wife, four children and parents. My wife and daughters were spending the day spending money on Rome’s most expensive street whose name escapes me. It runs down from the Spanish steps.

I was wandering around alone killing time. A three story building immediately next to the Steps caught my eye. i went to examine it. A small brass plaque next to the door read “John Keats.” I recalled the name from my English studies in college years earlier. An English poet who died at an early age. 

The building was his memorial. I saw the room where he died. Next to it was a portion of his library of works. All under glass, of course.

A sheet of rumbled brown paper caught my eye. Actually the words written on it: “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” First read them in college.

Keats died at a young age. His talent not lost however. Exist all these years later and will into the future. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” is for the ages.

We have become one f–ked up country! Trump’s position on religion in a recent speech: “If you don’t like our religion, we don’t want you in our country and you are NOT getting in!”

Trump speaking up for Christion nationwide! Not freedom of religion in my book!

UAW auto strike has ended. Last deal made with Ford. 

Enjoy your day!


Again last night! Brady’s Irish Pub on Flagler. Second night in a row. I obviously like the place.

I’m still moving. Tired last night. Not in the mood for the Fantasy Fest Parade. Instead a quick shower and I was off to Brady’s for dinner.

Turned out to be a wise choice.

Enjoyed good company and good food. Food first. Shepard’s Pie. Outstanding!

Met 3 new guys. A locals place. Jimmy, Mark and Mikey.

Jimmy has been in Key West for 3 years. Came down for a visit and stayed. He is a tattoo artist. Operates Southern Post Tattoo on Duval.

Mark has dual residences. South Carolina and Key West. Back and forth several times a year. Sells industrial equipment. A deeply religious man. Blew my mind. Into Ra. Still not sure what it is. Heavy stuff. Promised to have lunch with him to learn more.

Mikey like me. Has been in Key West for years. In his case, 20. Makes his living painting. Houses, etc.

All 3 consider Brady’s “their hangout.” The way it should be.



I am in the process of moving. Coming across things long forgotten. One a 2014 KONK Life publication. Guy DeBoer was kind enough to plug my first book by running a picture of me and the book on the cover page. I rerun it here for your perusal. Excited me then, excites me now. The book was a series of essays by me titled The World Upside Down. Nine years later, I again say: “Thank you, Guy.”

I periodically complain about the condition of certain Key West streets. My voice and that of others, voices in the wilderness. The right people do not listen. Nothing ever gets done.

Eaton Street is one of Key West’s most popular. A key street. The ruts/holes get any deeper, some car is going to fall in and its driver will get out in China. That bad!

The reason for the failure to repair is coming to light. Eaton, as  well as several other streets, are owned by the County. City claims County being negligent in not repairing. My admonition is City Commissioners get on the County Commissioners’ asses and get the job done. Lack of title is not a valid excuse for City Commissioners not to have applied pressure.

Florida State did it again! Won another game. Now 8-0. Wowie! Beat Wake Forest 41-16.

Only 5 teams left undefeated in major college football. Florida state one of them. Ranked #4 nationally.

My grandson Robert reported on the game immediately afterwards. He is an intern with Nole Gameday. Writes for them, has a reserved seat in the press box, follows Florida State sports. And only a sophomore!

His article last night: “Florida State Fans React to Florida State University’s Impressive 41-16 Win Over Wake Forest.” You can it find at

Bad guys keep gaining ground. Steve Banner, for example. He stands in front with Trump re using the House to adversely affect House activities. Banner is as far right a political activist as a person can get. He has stood for years in the forefront of tearing down the U.S. government. In fact, all governments. He is a destroyer.

Bannon issued a stern warning to Congressional Republicans imploring them to reject compromise on funding legislation and to shut the government down.

As I have written several times in the past, Bannon, together with Newt Gingrich, has had his nose in Vatican business in an effort to bring Pope Francis’ Papacy down and replace it with U.S. bishops who are opposed to Francis and give him a hard time every chance they get.

Federal Judge Aileen Cannon is “slowing” and “stalling” the Mar-a-Lago documents case to the benefit of Trump. Trump appointed, she is a disgrace to the bench. Justice is supposed to be blind and not play favorites.

I doubt Speaker Mike Johnson will have a a Republican majority sufficient to win special votes as he proceeds. He received a majority when elected Speaker only because Republicans wanted to avoid further embarrassment.

I am glad Pence dropped out of the Presidential race. He never would have made it. Additionally if he had been elected, he would have made a terrible Presidnet. His religious beliefs are so far off the wall so as to be abnormal. 

The man has always scared me because of those beliefs. The new Speaker Johnson does also. A religious fanatic. He believes religion and government are intertwined, not separate.

Enjoy your Sunday!


I have not been a fan of Syracuse Coach Dino Babers in recent years. Definitely not this year. The man has to go! He probably would have been let go last year. However central administration did not want to cough up the money necessary to dismiss Babers. My recollection is it was something like $6 million.

Last night was another Syracuse disaster. Virginia Tech defeated Syracuse 38-10. Syracuse’s fourth consecutive loss. Time for Babers to move on following the conclusion of this season.

I have only so much blood to give for my alma mater. My orange blood supply is rapidly diminishing.

For several years, Maine was the safest state to live. In fact, it was only last monday it was so recognized again. Then came the mass shooting where 18 were killed and 13 injured. The numbers may be off. Every time I read or hear of them, they are slightly different.


Maine will no longer be deemed the safest state after the mass shooting this week.

When will our lawmakers wake up and pass the necessary legislation to make future killings next to impossible? Time they started thinking first about constituents and  place money in a secondary position.

I doubt the new Speaker Mike Johnson will do well. He is as far right as any MAGA legislator can be. An election denialist. Aggressively so. A Trump favorite. Do not be misled by his charming personality and ways. He is going to be difficult to deal with.

I am still moving. A gigantic pain in the ass! And I have 5 people helping me. We began yesterday. Packing. Still packing. Four helping at the moment. One more later in the day. Plan is to move saturday. Not sure we’ll make it. I have till tuesday to actually be out. The wear and tear on my ass is too much. I had to use my nitroglycerin spray this morning. I definitely am not the man I used to be.

I am going from large to small. Rented a 15 x 10 storage space.

Did not go out last night. Poured myself a drink and then went to bed. Been up and at it since 6 this morning. I’m too old for this bullshit!

Blog will continue to be short till I am settled in in my new quarters.

Enjoy your day!


I have always considered thursday night the best part of Fantasy Fest. Two major events.

The best of the best is Toga Party. Technically, Sloppy Joe’s. Actually, all of Duval and adjoining side streets. People galore scantily attired in abbreviated white sheets. Women exposing personal parts for beads. All eyes wide open taking in the events.

Many women walking about with breasts totally exposed. Spray painted. Palm trees, flamingoes, etc. Expensive art. Street artists getting $100 plus for their efforts.

No question, thursday toga is an adult party. 

The second major event is the Headdress Ball. Coffee Butler Amphitheater at 8 pm. A spectacular show. Huge head attire on participants. Tall! Magnificently done. How they balance the huge headdresses is beyond me. Accompanied by great music. Not adult entertainment. A tasteful event, enjoyable in its own right for viewing.

When I would frequent thursday evenings, my evening would begin with the Headdress Ball and then to Duval for toga time. 

A great evening. Followed by total exhaustion.

Another article by grandson Robert Malcom . Published just one hour ago this morning: “Wake Forest Head Coach Dave Clawson Discusses Matchup Against Florida State.” Great reading.

I am still in the midst of moving.

Enjoy your day!


Short blog today. Busy moving this week. Did not intend to write this morning. However last night too good not to share.

I went to The Grand for Happy Hour. Had to park 3 blocks away. The walk a killer!

Key West is mobbed! Unusual for so early in the Fantasy Fest week. Everyone partying big time already. Many will not make it to saturday night and the parade.

The crowd primarily middle aged. As many men in tutus as women. Highly unusual. Stupid also I thought. Men look ridiculous in tutus.

Several women were pantyless under their tutus. Something new. Rare. Illegal, of course. From a voyeur point of view, interesting. 

My blog for the day. Moving problems/details of primary concern.

Grandson Robert Malcom has an article in NoleGameday today. The article: Florida State Linebacker Tatum Bethune Is Eager to Make His Mark Against Wake Forest.

Enjoy your day!



I am excited today to update you re my grandson Robert Malcom. He makes me proud.

Robert is a sophomore at Florida State. In the College of Communications studying Digital Media Production. Doing well academically. My recollection is all As and 2 Bs his freshman year to which he added 2 more As this summer via online courses. It is not his grades alone which please me. It is something else which I now share with you.

One of Robert’s first year courses involved media writing. His professor apparently was impressed with Robert’s work and brought Robert to the attention of Dustin Lewis. Lewis is the Editor in Chief of NoleGameday. A publication that can be found at The publication a daily one. It has to do with Florida State sports. Not directly affiliated with Florida State. 

The professor sent a copy of something Robert had written to Lewis and suggested Lewis might be interested in bringing Robert on board NoleGameday.

Lewis did. 

NoleGameday has a staff of 6 in addition to Lewis. All are paid employees, except for Robert. Robert is an intern and works for the glory and experience involved. You will be impressed with what Robert does.

He is up with the football team mornings and at the field at 8. He is with them at other times including games.

During the games, he sits in the press box where the for real reporters sit. Robert has a chair reserved for him. With Florida State ranked #4, a couple of national sport reporters also are in the box. Robert’s function is to take notes re the game and write a column which NoleGameday generally will publish the next day. He also is responsible for videoing certain game events on the field for social media such as Instagram.

During the week, Robert writes re the players, the next game and anything which excites him at the moment. He is published 3-4 times a week.

His most recent article was published yesterday. It shares Robert’s thoughts re Florida State’s victory over Duke saturday. A game Florida State fans thought their team was going to lose till Florida State’s dynamic 4th quarter. The article is titled: Florida State Fans, Former Players, React to The Seminoles’ Thrilling Win Over Duke. You may wish to read it.

I am impressed with Robert’s writing. Not merely because he is my grandson. Rather because it is good. As good as the many articles I refer to you to read in my daily blog. Ergo every time Robert publishes, I will be mentioning the article.

Today is officially Day 2 of Fantasy Fest.

Fantasy Fest starts slowly and builds each day during the week. By thursday, it is is on a roll. Saturday brings 60,000 to 80,000 fans yelling and screaming as the Parade goes by. I don’t know where they all sleep. Not enough hotel/motel beds in all the Keys to accommodate such a number. I suspect many sleep on the beach that night.

Today finds all kinds of parties in the Duval Street area. Walk around and enjoy.

Is this the last year for painted boobs?

Key West Mayor Johnston is opposed to them and wants them banned beginning next year. Why, I am not sure. Maybe it’s a woman’s thing.

Anyhow, the banning does not make sense to me. I have been a Johnston supporter since she first ran. She is wrong in this instance, however. Painted breasts have become an integral part of Fantasy Fest.

I do not believe the issue will gain Commission or public support. A few religious zealots will support Johnson’s position. That is all, I suspect.

Banning painted female breasts will result in downplaying the adult attraction aspect of Fantasy Fest. Tourists do not come for a Halloween costume party. They come for the down and dirty. The merchants know it. The hotels/motels, bars, restaurants, etc. will scream if such a ban is imposed. Later October is dead time for them. Fantasy Fest gives them an economic shot they need during that time of year.

Mitt Romney recently hit out at Donald Trump, saying Trump represents a “failure of character.”

Mildly stated.

Walgreens, Rite Aid and CVS are closing thousands of stores. Leaves the U.S. in a dangerous situation for older adults. Where closings have occurred, a trend has begun indicating older adults fail to take their prescribed medications.

Rite Aid filed for bankruptcy sunday, announcing it was closing 400-500 of its 2,200 stores.  Walgreens closings come amid walkouts by pharmacists over low pay and understaffed stores.

A major reason drug stores are hurting economically is because of lower reimbursement rates for prescription drugs.

No evidence linking the Detroit synagogue President’s fatal stabbing to anti-Semitism says Detroit’s police chief. 

I find the police chief’s conclusion strange under the the growing anti-Semitism which is evident in the U.S. Simply hard to buy! What facts did he rely on?

Five days after Hamas accused Israel of bombing a hospital in Gaza City and killing thousands of people, Hamas has yet to produce or describe any evidence linking Israel to the strike, says it cannot find the munition that hit the site, and has declined to provide detail to support its count of the casualties.

Hamas is known to “lie.” The world was quick to accept the lie. Such happens in war related reports. However everyone should take a deep breath first before accepting such representations. Especially when it comes from a group such as Hamas whose history is that of a liar.

The Detroit Pistons waived Buddy Boeheim. Boeheim was cut saturday, just 2 days ahead of the NBA’s monday deadline for teams to finalize their opening night rosters.

What’s next for the former Syracuse basketball star and son of Jim Boeheim?

Enjoy your day!


Big day today. Two major events.

One is the Zombie Bike Ride. Big not sufficient to describe. Several thousand will participate. Family friendly. Everyone costumed in one fashion or another. All bike riding.

A pre-party from 2-6 pm at Fort East Martello. The actual bike ride begins at 6. Streets along the route totally blocked with cyclists. The  ride 4 miles. Begins at East Martello. Then along the ocean down South Roosevelt Boulevard, past Higgs Beach, and finally through Old Town streets. 

All along the route, non-bikers will be partying from porches cheering the cyclists on.

A big party afterwards at the Coffee Butler Amphitheater.

The second event scheduled at 9 this morning. Already has begun since it is after 9 that I am writing.

The event is to mark the tenth anniversary of Diana Nyad’s 111 mile swim from Havana to Smathers Beach. The trip took Nyad 52 hours 54 minutes.

Nyad is here for the event.

She will release a 120 pound adult female green sea turtle rehabilitated at the Marathon Turtle Hospital. The turtle’s name “Rocky.” Strange for a female turtle, however so named.

Two thousand are expected to view the event.

Bad things happening throughout the U.S. which continue to suggest rising anti-Semitism,

Most recent is the stabbing to death of prominent Detroit synagogue leader 40 year old Samantha Wolf. She was found stabbed to death outside her home yesterday. The stabbing occurred inside. Her body outside with the a trail of blood leading back into the house.

A motive for the killing not yet officially determined. Authorities caution against conclusions till their investigation complete.

Watched Florida State/Duke last night. Unusual game. Florida State looked terrible for most of the first 3 quarters. Always behind. Then came to life. Had a big 4th quarter. Ended up winning decisively 38-20.

A hell of a finish!

Enjoy your Sunday!  


Goombay began last night. I have not attended in several years. All walking. Too much for my legs.

Yesterday was a perfect example of the leg problem. Needed to get something at Home Depot. Did one aisle and I was done for. My right leg and hip hurt like hell. Took forever to get back to the car.

Goombay again tonight. A family affair. Unquestionably. Always fun, regardless of age. Everyone properly attired.

I have been hearing complaints however about the cost. The food. I have been told around $50 a couple. Street food. Nothing fancy. Good. No question. Again cost factor bothering some.

Note that most of the vendors are not local. Come from Tampa. Apparently follow street festivals.

I have also been advised that the people attending are mostly tourists as opposed to locals. Such would be new for me. My recollection is it was always a family dominated local event. Again, I have not attended in several years.

Fantasy Fest technically begins tomorrow. The action and fun increases in intensity as the week progresses. Thursday through saturday nights the best. Thursday is toga party time! Saturday the parade.

A week of fun! Adult, of course. Enjoy. If some nudity offends you, don’t go. The complaints are minimal but seem to get the big news. A shame. Fantasy Fest is what it is. 

Citizens’ Voice this morning: “Time to dream for success – and excesses!”

“Excess” is what Fantasy Fest is all about!

On this day in 1965, 92 year old Anselmo Hernandez arrived in Key West as a refugee from Cuba. 

He claimed he was a friend of Ernest Hemingway and that Hemingway had visited with him every time he was in Cuba. He was a fisherman. Hernandez explained to everyone Hemingway was constantly telling him he would someday write about him.

Hernandez said, “He did!” Claimed he was Hemingway’s inspiration for “The Old Man and the Sea.”

The U.S. Navy has always been concerned about Key West prostitution. Before, during and following World War II. Constantly forced local authorities to close houses of ill repute, arrest madams, arrest ladies working the houses, and close bars the ladies would frequent.

On this day in 1953, the Navy went after the taxi drivers. They requested 5 Key West taxi drivers’ licenses be suspended because the drivers were engaged in prostitution operations.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office has acquired three new Trauma Star helicopters. Cost $52 million. 

Definitely required to get the heavily injured and sick to a Miami hospital swiftly. Face it, we do not have a full staffed hospital nor sufficiently trained medical specialists to care for us. Major issues need the best, the top of the line to provide care.

No reflection on the hospital or doctors we do have. Merely an observation of what is needed to keep us alive.

Thank God the need has been recognized over the years!

Two American hostages released by Hamas. Now Hamas should release the other 20 odd American hostages.

Why just the tease of “two?”

Jim Jordan got what he deserved. He deserved the embarrassment. He thought the bully in him had everyone bullshitted or fearful. No way, Jose! he learned.

Expect more to turn and accept pleas in the Georgia case. Trump’s “friends” will become increasingly limited as time goes on. It always happens when a person’ ass is on the line. Every one for themselves.

A “holier than thou” gets his. Joseph Harding is a former Florida legislator. He penned Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law.

He was sentenced to 4 years in federal prison for wire fraud, money laundering, and making false statements in connection with obtaining $150,000 in COVID-19 relief loans.

My blood pressure will remain low this saturday. Syracuse not playing. Drew a bye.

I have not written much this past week. Will be missing some days this coming week. I have to move. Been going crazy looking for a place not one which only a Rockefeller could afford. Finally successful. Now the moving. A pain in itself. Bear with me.

Enjoy your day!



Two things are causing me grave concern at the moment.

One is Biden’s trip to Israel tonight. I fear for his life. He goes a step too far. Sick minds around the globe have to be thinking how can we get him. The trip a PR one. He has made his position and that of the U.S. clear. 

The other is the possibility of Jim Jordan being elected House Speaker later today. He is a “legislative terrorist.” We do not need him.

A cool front sneaked into Key West early last night. At around 7 pm, it was 76. Cold for me begins at 74. I could feel it at 76. Others, also. Saw people walking around and riding bicycles wearing jackets or sweatshirts.

To feel the cold understandable. The summer was especially hot. Nineties many days. Eighty degree temperature was still with us till yesterday. A drop to 76 significant.

At the moment, the temperature is 70 degrees. High today only 76. The weather man says 80s weather returns tomorrow. 

I will be wearing a sweat shirt when I leave the house today.

A loved Key West literary giant has passed on. Tom Hambright. Died at the age of 85. He was the Monroe County Library’s Historian  for more than 38 years.

When Hambright retired last year, he was succeeded by my son-in-law Corey Malcom who said in part: “Tom absolutely loved the history of Key West and the Florida Keys, and as anyone who met him knows, he was a walking encyclopedia of Keys knowledge…..what he leaves behind is deep, rich and strong – his work will always be with us.”

Coincidently, an article by Corey appeared yesterday in Keys Weekly re Jimmy Buffett: “Keys Historian Tracks Jimmy Buffett’s First Shows In Key West.” The article part of Corey’s monthly Island Chronicle.

Excellent reading. Suggest you read it. Google News carried it this morning also.

Corey indicates he searched through old issues of the local newspaper for much of the information. As you are aware, Steve Thompson is a dear and close friend. He came to Key West in the early 1970s. Reading Corey’s detailed review of those times was like sitting and listening to Steve relate those old early days. Steve ran with the Buffett crowd back then.

An early dinner with Kim at the Thai bar last night. Good company, good food.

A brilliant criminal conviction occurred this day in 1931. Proving if you can’t get a crook one way, get him another. Al Capone was convicted of income tax evasion.

Through the generosity of Lynda Frechette: “COBWEB – The Old English word for “spider” was “cob.”

Another: “A Shot of Whiskey – In the old west, a .45 cartridge for a six-gun cost 12 cents. So did a glass of whiskey. If a cow hand was low on cash, he would often give the bartender a cartridge in exchange for a drink. This became known as a “shot” of whiskey.”

Another echo test at the hospital today. Heart attention never ceases. I am not complaining. At my age, glad I am getting the medical attention.

Do you get the sense the Republican Party is doing two things? One, attempting to destroy U.S. democracy. The other, burning the House of Representatives down.

Enjoy your day!


Oh, what a night it was! Good food, good people and pouring rain!

I have been in Key West 30 years. In all that time, I never visited the Southernmost Hotel. Last night, the first time for me. 

The game plan was for me to join Steve and Cindy for lobster pizza. A specialty of the house. Glad I went. What a beautiful layout! Right on the ocean. The view spectacular. You could taste the water.

We sat at a table right on the edge of their concrete dock. Another foot and we would have been swimming. Steve had recommended the lobster pizza and margaritas. Ok by me.

The pizza was excellent. Maine lobster well mucked up. On a thin pizza setting. 

The atmosphere and physical layout reminded me of a restaurant I frequent often when in Greece on the isle of Amorgos. With one exception. The tables were for two by the water and set so close to the edge of the dock that I was certain I would fall in each time.

As we finished the pizza and our second round of drinks arrived, the waitress came over and said she had to move us. It was going to rain. The words were no more out of her mouth than it poured. We tried sitting it out under an umbrella. No good. The rain swept in. So it was to a table by the bar which was covered with a huge overhang.

An umbrella provided by the waitress got me there. Me and my damp shirt and shorts which had been neatly pressed before I left home. Now, damp and wrinkled.

Anyhow, we were able to sit with a couple who was already there. Smart people. Never sat out in the first instance when they arrived.

Kim and Allen. The rain storm was fortuitous. Great people! Never would have met them were it not for the rain.

Both have been in Key West for several years. Kim is a service aid with Delta Airlines. She lives on a sail boat she owns. Allen works for a rental organization which provides all sorts of items. Not married. Do not live together. Dating apparently. Both oozed interest and charm.

Since I was at the head of the table and sitting immediately next to Kim, we monopolized each other’s conversation. Steve and Cindy were seated near Allen.

The issue of my apartment searching came up. I need to move. Time to do so short. Coming up with nothing. Both Kim and Allen thought they could be helpful, each knew someone, etc. A piece of paper and pen were gotten and I provided my personal information for whoever they knew to contact me.

Which brings me to a message dear readers. I am looking for an accommodation. A one or two bedroom at a reasonable rent. Know of anything, let me know.

It was a great evening. I enjoyed the lobster pizza and margaritas. However, Kim and Allen especially. Hope to run into them again.

I went home happy.

When will Israel begin its “land, air and sea” attack? Why the delay? Israel has already provided the Hamas demanded time for Gaza residents to leave. Hostages the problem? If so, understandable.

I am becoming uncomfortable. The longer the delay, the longer time is available for a Lebanon or Iran to jump into the fray. Which could mean the U.S. also. Biden already has a second carrier task force moving into the area.

The college and other demonstrations for the Palestinians bothers me. Does such mean they support what Hamas did and care not for the Israeli plight? Empathy for the Gazans I can understand. However if it means sympathy for Hamas, I cannot.

The demonstrators should make their positions clear.

The anticipated disaster involving Syracuse at the hands of Florida State occurred. Florida State destroyed Syracuse yesterday 41-3. A lousy afternoon of football for me and Syracuse.

I blame Coach Babers again. His head is screwed on wrong in coaching the team this season. His mismanagement of the team increasingly apparent with each game.

I did not recognize Syracuse yesterday. In prior games, it was a fast moving team. No huddle time. Rush to the line and move the ball. Yesterday was sleeping time. Huddle time. Slow moving. Changed the whole tempo of Syracuse play. Obviously did not affect Florida State.

Garrett Shrader could neither pass nor run effectively again. Probably as confused as the Syracuse fans. The Syracuse defensive line was good, although the score would indicate it. They held twice and prevented Florida State touchdowns.

Florida state went into the game ranked #4 nationally. They are a top team and could be the #1 in due course. Their play exceptional.

Enjoy your Sunday!