I was home doing paperwork yesterday afternoon when Lisa called. She had taken Robert and Ally to the doctor for their annual check ups. Poor Ally got 4 shots. She was still crying. Lisa said, “I’m on my way over!”

Ally was red eyed when she arrived. Lisa said she did not cry when the shots were given. She started when she got in the car.

My poor baby!

I soothed things over by giving her and Robert ice cream. Ice cream fixes everything!

Last night I chatted with Marty and Sean at the Chart Room. I don’t recall what we talked about, but I do remember I thought it was an intelligent conversation at the time. This getting old is a pain!

Marty and I had dinner at Marquesa. I do not like Marquesa. Marty does. So I occasionally go to appease him.

Last night Marty bought dinner. I am glad he did. It was not worth the money. We both had veal. Tough! We both complained.

I had a couple of olives in my gin. I ate the first without looking. The second I took a peek at. Fortunately! It had blue spots! Spoiled!

It will be a long time before I eat at Marquesa again! Regardless of who pays!

Have a good day!

A very pleasant Sunday yesterday!

Normally I do Sunday dinner with Lisa and the family. However, Kathleen Peace was singing at the Gardens around dinner time and I did not want to miss her. So I did lunch with Lisa instead.

The thrill never leaves! When I open that door and Robert and Ally shout Poppa!

Lunch was good. The grandkids talked my ears off. Then I sat and read the Sunday papers and watched a bit of golf on TV. Lisa and I talked father/daughter stuff.

Afterwards, I stopped at Borders. Still reading Wolfe’s Renegade about the Obama election. I am at the point of the New Hamphire primary campaign. Hillary thinks she is going to lose. Obama and his team are confident. So confident they fail to do things they should have. Clinton has just had her tearful episode.

Even though I know the ending of the New Hampshire primary, it is exciting to read!

Layed around the rest of the afternoon watching some great golf. Perry was sharp! Enjoyed some precision shots!

Then to the Gardens! I was excited! Absolutely love Kathleen Peace’s voice!

One problem, however. Kathleen was not there! Instead Raven Cooper was. Something had happened to Kathleen and Raven was filling in for her.

I had only heard Raven sing once before. She did nothing for me. However, last night I thought she was spectacular! So did every one else! What a great evening of music!

Kate Miano reigned over the gathering. Her Gardens is so spectaular! As was she last night! She looked terrific!

Chatted with some other lovely ladies and gentleman, as well. And Marty, too! He showed up.

It was close weatherwise last night. You had to have breeze. Otherwise the humidity was a killer!

So Marty and I decided to have dinner at Southernmost’s Beachside Cafe. We determined first that there was a strong breeze coming off the Atlantic. Beachside is located on the Atlantic.

And we were right! The breeze and weather were perfect! Also, the view! What a sight sitting out there on the open ocean!

We also got an added bonus! There was a small wedding on the beach with the reception on the beach also. A beautiful young bride and wedding party. A lovely white tent. A happy family occasion.

That was my Sunday. Not bad! Actually quite good!

Enjoy your day!


A day of rest! Read the papers! Lay around! Love it!

Yesterday it rained again. Off and on. When it rains in the keys, it is a minor monson for about 10 minutes. Comes in fast and leaves just as fast. But when it is coming down, watch out!

I had gone to Hogfish for lunch. I was sitting under the thastched roof. All of a sudden, the rain blew in. Fortunately the roof covered me sufficiently.

Just as I climbed into bed Friday night, I received a telephone call from Susan. I had not heard from her in several months. She told me that she and her husband Merle were at the Wine Galley talking with Larry Smith. We had apparently just missed each other. She said it was time to have dinner together again. So last night I was their guest at La Trattoria.

Nice people! Interesting people!

Merle is 70. Susan 60. Married 15 years. Second marriages for both.

Merle is an economist. He is an economic loss expert and testifies in lawsuits. Susan is a psychologist. She has her own practice.

They live in Stuart. Own a second home in Truman Annex. They love Key West!

We had a perfect evening! The conversation was far reaching, interesting and in many instances humorous. The food great! And my bartender friend Kathy was waiting tables last night and waited on us!

After dinner, it was still early. So I stopped at the Chart Room. No one there, except Michael the bartender. I had a diet coke and chatted with him for a while. Then home to bed.

Still dark outside. I am up early. The sun is not. The sun’s sleeping patterns are more consistent than mine!

Kathleen Peace is singing tonight at the Gardens. Kathleen is one of my favorite female singers in
Key West. An explosive voice! It will be a fantastic evening!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Good morning world!

A nice day in the making outside! We need it! Rained heavy again yesterday. A day of pure unadulterated sunshine required!

Started yesterday at Publix. The cupboard was bare! Needed necessities. Like bread, butter, yogurt and fruit.

Spent the rest of the day inside doing paperwork. And listening to the pouring rain!

The Chart Room was my first stop last night. A good time! Marty, Captain Peter, Che and Sheila.

Where to have dinner? The major decision of the day! We finally decided to stay right at the Pier House and eat at the bar in the Wine Galley. Larry Smith was playing.

So Marty and the Captain and I headed to the Wine Galley. We lost Che and Sheila on the way. Che had something cooking at home. Sheila was tired and wanted to sleep.

Larry was outstanding last night! A real talent! A great entertainer! He has a way of making every one feel happy.

Met some interesting people at the Wine Galley.

Rich and Mary Jim! Happy souls! Live off Boca chica. Not on Boca Chica! They live on a boat! Adventurous people!

John and Philippine were there also. They live on Cudjo Key. Not together. They are two souls who have come together late in life. They appear enamoured and happy. But have decided to conform to old ways and maintain separate residences.

Phillippine is an interesting name. Thought it was Italian. Close to Philomena. When I was young, my grandmother had several lady friends named Philomena. Not Italian, however. German. The old country names do stick!

Catain Peter left us right after dinner. He did not want to drink too much. He had to drive out to his boat.

The Captain lives on a sailboat about 2 miles off shore. He dingies in and back each day. He has a light and small motor.

It was already dark when he left. He was not concerned. He has been doing it for years.

Marty and I chatted for awhile. He had flown to Fort Myers and back on a private charter during the day. A friend had business there. Marty had no work. So Marty kept him company on the flight and shopped all day while his friend was working. What a life!

The weather looks terrific outside my window. I hope it stays this way all day. We have had enough rain the past few days.

Do something good for someone today! Come back and visit with me tomorrow!

Rained like hell yesterday! Right up to dinner time. I had to wear a slicker when I went out last night.

We are into the rainy season in the keys. This morning looks good. Over cast, but the sun breaking through. A cool breeze.

The rain kept me in all day. I would have stayed in any how. So the rain is not an excuse. I had paper work to do.

Last night was a quiet one. Not too many people out and about. The rain kept the hordes in.

Stopped for a moment at the Chart Room. Saw Marty and Captain Peter. Then off to the Hot Tin Roof for a light dinner at the bar.

Met some fascinating people at the bar. Tourists. From all over. Good conversations.

Then home to an early bed again.

Yesterday was an unforunate one. A double death. Two celebraties who impacted the world! Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.

I was never a big Jackson fan. A question of taste. He and his music did nothing for me. A personal thing. However, he touched many in the world! Yes, world! As is evidenced by the reaction to the news of his death. He was a talent, a cult figure.

Farrah Fawcvett I liked! Enjoyed! A beauty. Charlie’s Angels star! Loved her smile! Loved her hair!

I don’t think she ever achieved the notoriety and following of Michael Jackson. But, she was up there! Her cancer death touched the world.

Two earthly stars are now in the sky! Shining on all of us to the end of time!

I am out of food. So I cannot have breakfast in this morning. Have to grocery shop! Breakfast will shortly be at Paradise Cafe. Cuban toast and coffee. Wish you were here to join me!

Have a good day!

It is raining big time outside! Gray all over. Yet, cool and refreshing!

I love the sound of rain! Always have! Especially along the ocean!

You can see it, feel it and taste it!

Me thinks it is going to rain like this all day. Every now and then it happens, even in Key West!

Golf was wet yesterday. Like the U.S. Open!

We got in 2 holes. Then sat at the Club House for 2 hours waiting for the storm to subside. We finally finished 18, but late in the afternoon.

I played OK. Nothing great. My usual suck game! But I won $3! Don and Larry won big time! Aaron and Randy lost big time! I was happy to have broken even with my $3 in winnings!

Marty met me last night at Aqua to hear Bobby Nesbitt. Great, as usual! I especially enjoy when Bobby and Mark Watson sing a duet together. Terrific!

I was Marty’s guest for dinner afterwards at Antonia’s. Fettucine a la checa! A wow! Delicious!

Then as usual home to an early bed. I needed my sleep. I was exhausted from the golf! I even over slept this morning.

I wish you were all here to experience the falling rain from my window. It looks good! It tastes good! The slight breeze feels good! All nice!

Glad I was not planning to play golf this morning! No way!

I will never finish the Truman book. Long! I keep interrupting my reading of it by switching to another novel.

Robert Wolfe is a reporter/commentator who appears on MSNBC often. Morning Joe and Chris Matthew shows.

During the last Presidential campaign, he was with Obama every day. That was his assignment. A book has resulted. It is titled Renegade. Renegade is the Secret Service’s name for Obama.

The book is presently #4 on the New York Times best seller list.

It is interesting reading. Has many insights into Obama’s personal relationship with his wife and associates. Also into Obama’s thinking.

I like the book. I am enjoying it. It is helping me to understand Obama a bit also.

I recommend Renegade for reading.

Have a good day! Stay out of the rain!

Golf this morning!

I am anxious to play. I rarely play well. However, I enjoy the experience. It is the guys I play with that make it so exciting. Different personalities. All crazy! An experience!

A fun time last night!

Started at the Chart Room. Where else!

Che, Marty and Sean present. Good people! Good conversation!

Sean is a local news reporter. He was on a radio talk show yesterday when my blog came up. It is amazing the increasing exposure this writing is receiving.

Marty and I opted to go to the Hot Tin Roof for dinner. A wise choice, as it turned out! It was Ladies Night! We were the only males in a sea of women!

Good food! Obviously good company! What more can man ask for!

Talked with many old friends. Made some new friends.

Then home to an early bed.

This morning I had an e mail from Bob Marks. My friend of yesterday. I was his best man 30 years ago in Portland, Oregon when he married the lovely Helen.

We have only seen each other once or twice since then. Shame on both of us! Fortunately the blog has brought us back together!

Bob and Helen are retired and live somewhere in the Carolinas. They also have a summer home near our old home in Utica. A camp on a lake in the Adirondacks.

Bob writes this morning that yesterday he drove into Utica for lunch at Joe’s restauant. Joe’s makes Schooner’s Wharf look good! A dump! But great atmosphere. And sort of good food. Actually, tastey would be a better description

Tuesday is pork day. Bob mentioned that he bought 2 orders to take back to the camp. Cost all of $13!

Tuesday’s pork is absolutely delicious! 90% fat and 10% meat! Buried in a red sauce!

Good for the taste buds! Great for cholesterol! The arteries jump for joy afterwards!

I hope you ate in good health, Bob and Helen. Good health being the operative words!

Have to run! Time for golf!

Enjoy your day!

It was hot yesterday!

Though the actual temeprature was in the mid 90s, the heat scale reached 112! That is hot!

Lucas Glover wins the U.S. Open! A great result for the 29 year old. His life is changed forever! For the good!

Mickelson and Duval made a run for it! Just not enough at the end!

I was happy to see David Duval back in the mix at the end! A once great golfer who lost it. But he hung in over the years and plodded his way back to the top in this tournament. May he continue the fine play he exhibited in the Open and actually win one soon!

The Chart Room was fun last night! Captain Peter, Shiela and others helped make up the round table.

Marty is back in town. Has been gone 2 weeks. He showed up later.

Marty wanted to eat at La Trattoria. Kathy was working. He needed a Kathy fix!

So we dined at the bar at La Trattoria with Kathy!

Beecha was hosting last night. What a lovely person! Got my hug and kiss. I needed that fix!

Marty made the front page of the Key West Citizen yesterday.

Marty is a court stenographer. Key West has a new courthouse. A huge, proud, beautiful building. Imposing courtrooms. Apparently lousy accoustics!

Marty has been complaining since the building opened that he could not hear. A problem! Stenos must record every word. Attorneys and some judges have also been complaining about an inability to hear. Not good in a place where Justice is being administered!

So Marty’s complaints and those of others have been heard. An investigation is being conducted to figure out a way to correct the problem.

The new Justice Center is less than a year old. Someone screwed up in the design of the courtrooms. This acoustical problem, its solution and who is responsible for the srew up will be a new on going Key West saga for a couple of years.

Another hot day in the making! It is 6 am and the air blowing through my window is hot! And the sun is not even up yet!

Be good to someone today!

Good morning!

I slept a little late. The sun is up. Overcast a bit. Very humid! Normally, early morning is sunny and cool. The humidity starts in late morning. Heavy already! Going to be a hot one!

A great father’s day yesterday! Thank you, Lisa!

We ended up celebrating the occasion at Lisa’s home. She cooked a super big breakfast.

My father’s day gifts were home made by Robert and Ally. They hand painted a plate and coffee mug.

They sell these paint sets for kids. Who then paint ceramic and glass pieces.

Ally did a blaze of colors on a white plate. And then signed her name Ally and 2009! Impressive!

Robert did the same with a coffee mug!

And these things are washable! I am amazed at the toys today! In fact, everything amazes me these days. If you live long enough, that is how it is. I sometimes wonder how things impact on my father who is 21 years older than me!

Then to the Coffee House on Duval to read the Sunday New York Times.

I spent the rest of the day in the cool air conditioned comfort of my home watching the U.S. Open. Who will win? Going to be an interesting day today!

Dinnertime I was out to the Gardens. Friend Skipper was playing the drums and music with his friends. Talked with many people. Had a good time!

I was hungry. So it was off to La Trattoria for dinner.

Kathy bartending. A charming person! Has become a friend.

For some unknown reason, the bar was packed. Unusual for a Sunday evening this time of the year.

I was fortunate to grab an empty seat next to a lovely lady. Lisa was her name. From Nashua, New Hampshire. Her last night in town. First time in Key West.

She loved Key West! Can’t wait to return!

She works two jobs. One is restaurant hosting. She liked La Trattoria. Her second time there this week.

I enjoyed dinner with her.

I have to do some house cleaning today. My office is in one of the bedrooms. The computer is on the desk. Papers every where! My filing system is to make piles of papers here and there. The floor, bed and chairs are all buried. Walking is difficult. You have to be carefull to step over at certain places.

Time to correct it! I have reached the point where I cannot stand the mess! And also, I am beginning to not be able to find things!

Talk with you tomorrow!

Happy Father’s Day!

We deserve the Day!

Soon Lisa and the grandkids will be calling to wish me a happy day! And I will soon be calling my father. 95 years old! I hope he is around when he is 100 so I can do the same at that time!

I am a golf freak! Totally hooked on the U.S. Open!

I stayed in all day yesterday watching the tournament. Too bad it is raining so bad. Screws up what otherwise should and would be an extreme game of skill. The weather does not help reveal the better player necessarily. A lot of luck becomes involved. That is not to say, however, that some golfers do not play better in the rain. And that is a skill in itself.

Some horses run better on a wet track. They are mudders. Some golfers seem to excell on a wet course. Don’t know what they are called. However, one of them is Mike Wier. And he is near the top of the board!

Tiger played well yesterday. However his putting is not yet what it was. And is probably the difference for him. Also, he was having difficulty yesterday staying in the fairway.
The second cut appears horrendous!

Lisa came over in the afternoon with the grandkids. I reluctantly took time off from the TV to swim with them. Fun!

Between the end of the second round and the start of the third, I got involved in an old movie. Grease. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. Made in 1978.

Travolta was thin! Very thin! Newton-John lovely! The music fantastic!

Back in the 1975, some threee years prior to the making of Grease, I had the privilege of meeting Olivia Newton-John.

I had a condo at the Jockey Club in Miami at the time. The bar was a friendly group each night. Every one knew every one!

One evening someone said lets go to the Fontainbleu. Olivia Newton-John is singing there. I knew little about her. Knew she was a new singer. From Australia. Not sure if I had ever heard her sing.

Four of us decided to go and off we went!

Turns out one of the four knew her and apparently knew some one at the Fontainbleu. We walked right into the show room without paying. Were escorted to the best table in the house. And enjoyed a spectacular evening of singing by the lovely Olivia Newton-John!

Afterwards we were escorted back stage to her dressing room. I had the pleasure of meeting her. One of my friends obviously knew her well. She was gracious and charming. A bit reticient. A young lady on her way up!

An enjoyable experience.

And 3 years later she is co-starring with John Travolta in the biggest movie of the year! Grease!

She made it to the top! Good girl!

Lisa, Corey and the grandkids just called to wish me a happy father’s day! Love them!

We are doing breakfast together this morning to celebrate the occasion. At Camille’s. It will be fun!

Enjoy your Sunday!