Pain 95 percent gone yesterday. This morning, 100 percent.

Saw Dr. Norris yesterday afternoon. X-ray report received. Not sciatica. A disc problem at L2 and L3. Only going to get worse, I was told.


Pain will reoccur. When I can’t handle it, surgery. Fortunately because of modern medicine it will probably be same day surgery.

I am not concerned at the moment. My psyche is to worry when it reaches the operational stage.

Ran into Tom and Claire at the Doctor’s office. Met them last year at the Chart Room. Loyal blog readers. From the Washington area. Bought a home in Key West last year.

I saw them in the reception room before I saw the Doctor. Tom told me of 2 disc problems he had and the operations involved. Not a big deal. His words made me feel better when I was told I had a disc problem.

Tom and Claire made an interesting observation. They had been snowbirds for years. Made some friends. Nothing big. Since they bought the house, everyone wants to know them.

That’s the way it is in Key West. Same thing happened to my wife and I 21 years ago when we bought our home in Key Haven. Everyone was our friend, invitations to dinner and parties galore, etc.

Then to the Chart Room. I had not had a drink in about 10 days. Savored the first one.

Joined Lynise and Diesel. Met them last week at the Chart room.

Snowbirds. Bought a home in Key West a few years ago. Primary residence still near Columbus, Ohio. They have 4 children and 9 grandchildren. Sounds like my family.

Chatted with Lynise and Diesel quite a while. Turned out to be a fun evening.

Rushed home to catch the Syracuse/Boston College game at 8. Syracuse won 77-71. I thought the team played well. Apparently not from Coach Boeheim’s observation. His comments following the game indicated the team still has a long way to go. He spelled out the team’s deficiencies point by point.

I did not see much of what he criticized. That’s why he is the coach and I am not.

Weather improving. Temperature 66 at the moment. Going to 73 this afternoon. Up north, they are still taking a beating.

The federal government has been on Facebook’s ass big time this past year. Security/privacy a problem.

Facebook countered that the increased cost for security would adversely affect Facebook’s profit. Revenues would slow down.

Facebook was wrong. It was recently reported that Facebook pocketed a record $6.8 billion in profit this past year.

Love Trump! He was going to bring industries back to America. His success thus far not impressive.

Last year, Trump participated in a groundbreaking ceremony in Wisconsin. Foxconn was going to build a plant employing 13,000. Trump took credit. A big day for him!

The day has vanished. Foxconn announced it has cancelled plans to build the large plant. They have decided instead to construct a Research & Development facility which would employ 1,000. A far cry from 13,000. Further aggravating the situation, most of the R&D employees would come from outside Wisconsin. Ego, few if any new jobs for Wisconsin people.

Wisconsin never the less is committed for the $4 billion in inducements to Foxconn.

The numbers interesting. One thousand new employees at the $4 billion inducement comes to $4.1 million per each of the 1,000 new employees. None of whom are presently residents of Wisconsin. They will be brought in from outside the State.

A job well done Mr. President!

Two significant observations. Foxconn has a history of playing this way. Get the big dollar inducements with the promise of an extreme number of new jobs and then back off reducing the number of new jobs to be had.

Didn’t anyone check into Foxconn’s game playing background?

Foxconn is a Chinese company. Does the Wisconsin situation have anything to do with the tariff war the U.S. and China are presently engaged in?

I close with a quote by Mort Sahl regarding the President.

Sahl is a comedian and social satirist. He is considered the first modern stand up comedian since Will Rogers.

Sahl said of Trump: “…..he was hospitalized for an attack of modesty.”

Our President modest?

I will be guesting on Laurie Thibaud’s radio show for 1.5 hours this afternoon. My appearance at 4. Radio station 105.7 FM, WGAY FM.

A party! Join us! Fun!

Enjoy your day!


One of my boyhood heroes was the Lone Ranger.

Noble. Upstanding. Never smoked, swore, or drank alcohol. Used grammatically correct speech free of slang, never shot to kill.

The Lone Ranger made his debut this day 1933 at Detroit radio station WXYZ. Created by WXYZ’s owners George Trendle and Fran Stricker.

The masked rider of the plains was an immediate hit. Soon 20,000 million were listening to the radio show on a regular basis. The Lone Ranger became was a popular and enduring hero of the 20th century.

The Lone Ranger had 2 sidekicks. His trusty steed Silver and his loyal Indian scout Tonto.

Together the three battled evil western outlaws and Indians.

The radio show continued while moving successfully into movies and TV. Clayton Moore portrayed the Lone Ranger in the 1950’s TV series.

Nothing is forever. The show’s popularity diminished and by the end of the 1950’s the Lone Ranger disappeared from radio, screen and movies.

I forever remained faithful.

In the 1970’s, I came across an ad for a CD of the Lone Ranger. Ordered it immediately. Thrilling! A return to days of old! My childhood hero still battling wrongdoers.

I played the CD incessantly. Especially on long road trips. Loved it!

Good people also are postal workers. “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these carriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

The postal workers’ creed tells us the mail man gets through all kinds of weather. Normally correct. Cannot be said now. The arctic storm Jayden is burying 2/3rds of the country. A bad storm. The Post Office has suspended mail delivery in parts or all of North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois.

Nature overpowering man from his normal duties. It happens to often these days.

A great podcast last night. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou went well. Discussed among other things the breaking news yesterday afternoon of Trump and Putin meeting secretly and alone at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires. Putin accompanied by a translator, Trump only by Melania.

Trump a hard ass. He who knows all knows nothing. Trump refuses to follow normal protocol when having these meetings. He should have his own translator and an aide with him.

Spent some time with Venezuela. Went back 5 years when the starving began to present day.

Return to my primary care physician this afternoon for my back. I feel 90 percent better. Thank you, Lord!

Tonight at 8 Syracuse/Boston College. Not sure where I will be watching the game.

Enjoy your day!


THOSE BORN 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 AND 2019…..ALL PIGS

Chinese New Year around the corner. New Year’s Eve February 4. The party lasts till February 19.

The New Year will be the Year of the Pig. All born in 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, and 2019 fall into the Pig category.

An honor to be a Pig. Pigs are fraternal in nature. Good at socializing and maintaining relationships.

The partying colorful and noisy. The noise intended to drive evil spirits away.

Finally got out last night. My back and leg felt better. Like 90 percent. Pain seemed to disappear around 2.

This morning I hurt again. Not bad, but enough that I am continuing on the pain and  spasm pills.

I did not drink

Began the evening at Aqua for Dueling Bartenders.

Amazing how large the crowd was. More than last week. Other than Liz, Josefina, Sheila, John, and Mary, I knew no one.

Mostly elderly. In the area of my age. I suspect they are snowbirds. Have second homes in Key West and have returned for the season.

A joy to watch them. They whoop it up! Sing, dance, throw their arms around. Things they would not do in public back home. In Key West however, yes.

I have the feeling that Key West is becoming a vacation spot for the elderly.

Gays a problem. Substantially less than when I started visiting 25 years ago. Many have left because of money. The cost of living and the opportunity for a better paying job exist in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Afterwards, Mary took me to La Trattoria for dinner. She suggested we go. When I hesitated, she said she would pay. A nice gesture. I accepted.

Glad I did. I devoured my meal. Ate like I had not seen food in ages. Correct to a certain extent. Between the pain and medication, I have not eaten much this past week.

Aqua Idol tonight. Lynda Frechette’s idea many years ago which has turned into an outstanding success. A fundraiser. This evening at 6. Get there early if you want a seat.

Key West is no different from any other place I guess. The City does good sometimes, bad others.The City Commission did a good thing recently. As of January 1, 2019, the minimum wage has been raised to $15 an hour.

This evening my podcast show. Nine my time. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. A quick moving interesting half hour. I vent, rant and rave. About what I like and don’t like. Guaranteed you will enjoy. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

The weather continues to be a problem and object of discussion.

Cold throughout most of the U.S. Two thirds of the U.S. is experiencing the cold. Described by the weather people as the most extreme cold in a generation.

Key West 56 degrees at the moment. The high today 67. A warm spell in the making!

George Carlin was a stand up comedian and social critic. He died in 2008. He mocked everything and everyone. Re weather: “Weather forecast for tonight: Dark.”

The man was never wrong!

This humongous snow storm is named Jayden. Weather people now name everything.

Jayden is pummeling the plains and the midwest. One thousand eight hundred flights out of Chicago cancelled yesterday. Georgia has closed its state offices and schools. Wisconsin and Alabama have declared states of emergency.

I grew up in upstate New York. Snow like you would not believe. I especially disliked it when my father gave me the responsibility to keep the sidewalk and drive way free of snow. Hard work!

I concluded at some point that snow was good for two things. One was beauty. Nothing more pretty than the ground and foliage covered with heavy snow. The other to sustain Santa Claus in the minds of the young.

For those who do not believe in climate change, I share the following. Arctic ice is melting. Most know. Some refuse to believe, however.

Baffin Island is part of Canada. Actually located in what is known as the Canada Arctic. Baffin has been covered with ice for 40,000 years. No more, however.

The ice has melted. Green grass and other vegetation totally visible.

Climate experts claim we are undergoing the warmest century in 115,000 years.

Means 2 things for Key West. The water is warmer each year. A major contributing factor resulting in more intensive hurricanes each year. The other is the rising water. It is projected that as early as 50 years from now, those with ocean front homes will no longer have them. The ocean will have replaced their homes.

A Happy Birthday to a major celebrity. Oprah Winfrey’s birthday today.

I close with some Venezuela information.

I have followed Nicolas Maduro’s the past 5 years. A lousy President. Involved in all kinds of graft and corruption. To the detriment of his people.

Trump began threatening invasion 6 months ago. His reason to assist the people of Venezuela to get out from under Maduro. A noble undertaking. A phony one, however.

The invade Venezuela talk is getting louder. Too loud. Trump’s desire to help the poor of Venezuela is really a cover for his desire to grab Venezuela’s oil reserves. He is led by the nose in this desire by warmonger John Bolton. Bolton is reported to have said the other day he wants Maduro out and the American oil companies in.

Juan Guaido has declared himself interim President of Venezuela. Like me declaring myself President of the United States. Saying so does not make it so.

In the mean time, Russia is interested in Venezuela also. For the oil, off course. Putin announced yesterday he is sending “security contractors” to Venezuela to protect Maduro. Trump/Bolton have sided with the upstart Guaido.

Face to face, the U.S. in Venezuela. Trump and Putin eye ball to eye ball.

Bolton recently said the U.S. has a “lot at stake” re Venezuela. He believes regime change will make a big difference to the American economy if American oil companies invest in and produce the oil capabilities in Venezuela.

You’re doing good Donald. Take from others what is not rightfully ours. The American way? At the same time, bring the U.S. to the brink of war with Russia?

Of one thing I am certain, Putin is smarter than Trump.

Enjoy your day!


Oh, the weather outside is frightful…..Opening lyrics to Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow.

The weather outside is frightful!

Key West 61 degrees as I write. High today 65.

The mid west experiencing the coldest weather in 20 years. Heading for New York and New England. It has been predicted that on wednesday the wind chill in the mid west will be minus 50-60 degrees. Killer weather!

Cuba had a tornado last night. Three dead, 174 injured. Pictures on the internet this morning show Irma type damage.

South Florida’s Broward and Miami-Dade Counties had tornado warnings out for 8 last night. Reports indicate nothing big. A tornado touched down in the west end of Hialeah.

Except for the snow storm, heavy rains continue to occur every where else mentioned.

Memories. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow was put to music and lyric in 1945. Vaughn Monroe made the first record. I recall his version. He had a baritone voice peculiar only to himself.

The record was a hit. Others recorded the tune also. Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and Dean Martin.

My back pain continues. Better, though. Pills terrific. Too good. I am napping constantly.

Stayed in again last night. Cannot drink with the medication being taken. I would really fly!

Watched the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Alan Alda received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

When I think of Alda, I think of MASH. He starred in the TV show for 11 years. A magnificent actor!

He got old. We all get old. I can sympathize with him. He is now 90. Has some white hair. His left arm shakes constantly. Some things have remained constant. His beaming eyes and sense of humor.

Money laundering a big time enterprise the past several years. Especially oil money coming from Russia, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. The oligarchs need to dispose of their gains.

Those seeking to launder/free up their cash have been purchasing high end properties in expensive cities. Since money is no object, laundering causes real estate prices to rise dramatically. Real estate costs zoom up. As a result, repurchase prices and rents become high. Unreasonably so.

I ask simply whether the money laundering oligarchs have discovered Key West? Real estate prices are going through the roof!

We forget our people. The “we” being the federal government, especially under Trump.

We fail the victims of natural disasters. Especially hurricane and fire victims. We ignore their plight.

Corporations generally give significant dollars to disaster areas. Corporate America has failed to do so with the Panhandle victims of Hurricane Michael.

Surprising since Michael has been rated the third worse hurricane in U.S. recorded history.

It has been suggested the corporations are not giving as they normally do because the Panhandle is a conglomeration of little communities. The feeling is small communities do not provide sufficient bang public relations wise.

There it is. The federal government is not sufficiently providing nor is corporate America. As a result, the people of the Panhandle continue to suffer.

At least half of Morning Joe shows are being delivered from 2 locations. NBC in New York City and Joe Scarborough’s home in Jupiter, Florida.

For tax reasons, Scarborough is using his home as a studio and transmitting from Jupiter. The White House background merely a partial picture of the White House. Guests continue to transmit from New York City.

The marvels of modern science.

Don’t know what Mika is doing.

Again, Scarborough found it advantageous to do the show from Jupiter for tax reasons. It is believed he earns $8 million a year. His former residence Connecticut has a State tax of 6.99 percent. Florida has no state tax.

Scarborough changed his residence from Connecticut to Florida. He must also spend 183 days in Florida. His tax savings by so doing $550,000.

Not a tax dodge. Perfectly legal. Many have retired to Florida because of the no state tax benefit.

NBC has agreed to the arrangement. It will find it non-acceptable should Morning Joe’s ratings go down.

Enjoy your day!






Yup! I still hurt. Can’t sit too long. So no organization today either. I share my findings and thoughts with you as they appear in my notes.

The pain! May be spasm. I cannot sit, stand or lie down. Slept on the floor last night. Needed hard under me. Threw a quilt down and 2 pillows. Slept some.

Had planned to go to Berlin’s for dinner with Dan and Lisa. No way. Had to cancel.

Watched the Syracuse/Virginia Tech game last night. Mostly standing. Easy chair and bed uncomfortable.

Syracuse lost 78/56. Looked terrible!

Difficult to understand. Two games back, we beat #1 Duke. Then Miami. We looked terrific against both teams.

Horrible is the best description as to how Syracuse played last night.

Several keys to Virginia Tech’s victory. One, their defense. They play a zone. In your face. No time to set up to make a 3. The defense also made it hard to drive to the basket. Battle was not able to put on his usual show.

Boston College Wednesday night.

Read a recent Axios article Capitalist System Is Broken. The comments came out of the Davos meeting this past week.

Capitalism on the way down. One reason people’s wages have remained flat for 20 years. If a person loses a job, that person generally has to take a lesser paying one. The conclusions arrived at also indicated home prices being unaffordable. One exception. Not for the very wealthy.

What comes if capitalism goes down? No mention. I see recession and/or revolution.

Venezuela. Washington is suggesting that the battle in Venezuela is one involving socialism and capitalism. Bullshit! Trump laying the ground work to doing something he should not. Like invading Venezuela. Not to help the downtrodden populace. Rather to gain control of Venezuela’s oil reserves.

I started following and writing about Venezuela 5 years ago. The people were out of food. No money to buy. Not much on the shelves in stores. The farmers stopped growing since people did not have the money to buy even a head of lettuce for example.

Maduro did nothing to help, except to create a new cabinet post. I do not recall the name of the post at the moment. However, it was something stupid like Secretary for Happy Times.

Families ate what they had on hand. Then the family pets. Followed up with invading zoos and killing the animals for meat.

Grass was eaten first. Then the earth dug for roots.

Families ate every 2 days. Babys were trained to only eat every other day.

Inflation last year hit 1,300,00 percent. Can you imagine!

Donald, we have enough problems of our own. You invade and we will have to care for a whole nation that is without food, proper medical assistance, etc.

Suicide continues to be mentioned re U.S. persons. A definite problem.

The U.S. Marines published their 2018 figures for Marine deaths by suicide. A 10 year high. Fifty seven cases. Reserve Marines, 18.

Total 75 suicides confirmed and supported.

Fifty seven or 75 does not appear huge. However if the numbers are significantly higher today than 10 years ago, a trend is indicated. The numbers will only go higher.

Today important to recall in the U.S. history of warfare. On this day 1943, the 8th Air Force bombed Germany for the first time. Bombed the port of Wilhelmshaven.

Sixty four planes took off from England. Fifty three reached the target. Only 3 planes were lost. Twenty two German planes were shot down.

Anna, my Anna. My friend with 3 homes in Europe. She continues her travels between the homes and other places.

She was in Athens this past week. Staying at a hotel.

Anna was shopping on Athens’ upscale street. Beautiful clothing. All of a sudden there was a clash between police and protesters. What they were protesting, she did not say. From my experience, the Greeks protest everything.

She and a friend hurried into one of the stores. The doors were closed. The police using tear gas. It seeped into the store. Anna says her eyes and nose wee burning and she felt like she was suffocating. She and her lady friend clasped their windbreakers to their faces in an attempt to avoid problems from the tear gas.

Her hotel was across the street from the Greek ministry. They were happy to get back to the hotel. Someone left a suitcase in the doorway of the Ministry building.

The police would not let Anna and her friend into the hotel. Run, they were told. They ran!

Anna is in Milan today. No problems that I am aware of. I envy her. Milan is a lovely place, people beautiful. Everyone thin. Male and female. All dressed elegantly.

A Harry Truman quote. Appropriate in today’s political climate. Reminds me of Trump. “If you can’t convince them, confuse them.”

Syracuse lost last night. Destroyed! By Virginia Tech. 78-56.

Syracuse play erratically. We recently beat #1 ranked Duke and a week later Miami. Looked terrific in each game. Thought we finally had it together.

I was wrong.

Virginia Tech humbled my team.

And that my friends, is the end of Morning Stew #3.

Enjoy your Sunday!



The pills have slowed me down. Taking 2. Think it is the pain killer. Not a narcotic, but having an effect on me. Groggy. Mind/thinking slow. This blog will take me twice as long to do. Hope faux pas are minimal.

As to the pain itself, down 50 percent. Excellent!

I research, then write each morning. Organize my notes from the research before I write. Too tired today to organize. Will take me forever. So I am going to do as I did the other day. Lay things out as they appear in my notes.

Welcome to Morning Stew #2!

Love Trump! He blinked yet made it sound like he was the one who made the shutdown end. His speech in the Rose Garden was a beauty. The man is a winner. He never loses. Solely in his mind, of course.

The shutdown ending result is only for 3 weeks. Could merely be an intermission

Venezuela. A Comment received yesterday mentioned guns are banned n Venezuela. Ergo, how could the people revolt against the military, etc.

Easy, steal guns from the military killed or wounded..

I am going to compare the 1956 Hungarian Revolution to Venezuela. In a moment. First some Venezuelan gun/death facts.

Hugo Chavez banned guns in 2012. Maduro has continued with the ban. Lots of killings. By police and military. In 2015, 27,835 deaths. Makes Chicago look like kid stuff.

My complaint for several years has been that the Venezuelan people are not willing to fight and overthrow Maduro. They are waiting for some from the outside to come and do it for them. Like the U.S. or Russia.

The people forget God helps those who help themselves.

The Hungarian Revolution began October 23, 1956. Ended November 4, 1956.

A Soviet backed government in power. Government police and Soviet military on the streets.

I was fortunate to have met one of those who revolted. Once the revolution was over, he and 250,000 other Hungarians had to flee Hungary or be killed.

The U.S. took him in. He ended up attending Manhattan College with me. We talked often. I was interested. Here was a man my age who had lived through a for real revolution. Guns, tanks, and all.

I cannot recall his name. It’s not the pills. I forgot his name long ago.

Anyhow, this is the story as told to me.

He was a college student. Drinking at an outside cafe in Budapest. The Soviets were running the government. The actual government puppets. Soviet soldiers everywhere.

He and his friends for fun used to throw empty beer bottles at the soldiers. And then run like hell!

At first, the soldiers would merely chase them. Then they started shooting. No one had any guns. People began resorting to throwing rocks. The soldiers kept shooting. Tanks were brought in’

The people resorted to molotov cocktails. At this point, soldiers were dying or wounded. The citizens started picking up their guns. Now the protesters were armed.Both sides shooting at each other. Some local police joined the protesters.

Moscow had enough. The Soviets brought in more tanks. A lot more.

The tanks ended the revolution. Though armed, the people had neither enough guns nor equipment to fight the tanks.

The Soviets immediately began arresting those who had participated in the Revolution. Many were young. College age. As was my friend.

He saw the handwriting on the wall. He had to get out of Budapest and Hungary itself. He did and at some point soon was in the U.S. completing his college education.

The whole point of this tale is that the Venezuelans can help themselves. Start with sticks and stones. Go to Molotov cocktails. Then guns from the military dead and wounded.

I say it again: God helps those who help themselves.

Syracuse/Virginia Tech tonight at 8. Virginia Tech ranked #11. Syracuse unranked. Virginia Tech favored.

Dinner with Dan and Lisa at Berlin’s at 6:30. I would like to go. Hate staying in more than 2 days in a row. This groggy feeling has to go away for me to leave the house. Yesterday, it stopped around 3.

We’ll see.

Political correctness can be carried too far. Way too far!

The California Senate has banned the use of “he” and “she” during Senate proceedings. The Senate feels he and she is offensive to transgenders.

The Senate suggests “they” and “them” be used instead of he and she.

Would you believe?

An Ernest Hemingway quote: “About morals, I know only that what is moral is what you feel good after and what is unmoral is what you feel bad after.”

A robot update. Robots are being used more and more in restaurants. Good bye servers and chefs.

Budapest first. The Enjoy Budapest Cafe.

Robots used instead of waiters and waitresses. The robots take the order, tell the chef, dance with children, and chat with customers.

Boston, too. Spyce Restaurant. Robots have replaced chefs. Customers not complaining so far. The restaurant’s motto: “Culinary excellence elevated by technology.”

Though just beginning in the U.S., the use of robots in China and India is extensive. China using robots as servers big time.

Sugarplums danced in my head when I read the following. Not from the pills. The State is considering the possibility of building a second Cow Key Bridge. The State wants to connect Key West and Stock Island better.

Does that mean 2 Cow Key Bridges? Or one new in another location? Or what?

The concept is in the formative stage.

Believe it when you see it.

Enjoy your day!


My lower back hurt a bit the past few days. Yesterday, exploded! About 11 in the morning.

Pain big time! Left lower side of back, into crotch, down inner left thigh to knee, then down back of leg. Crotch and knee the worse.

Give me pills!

Called Dr.Norris’ office. How bad is pain on a scale of 1-10. Eleven, I responded.

Saw Dr. Norris, had x-rays taken at Urgent Care. Pills at Walgreens. Two. Could not wait to get home and take them.

Norris suspects either sciatica or a compressed vertebrae.

Little relief till about 10 last night. Slept well. Minimal pain this morning. Pills terrific!

Missed Terri’s diner party, of course. Donna called me at 6;!5. Were are you? I had e-mailed and told her I would not be  there. She apparently had not read her e-mails.

Missed Laurie Thibaud’s radio show also.

Pills make me groggy. I will not be going out today.

Did get to watch Syracuse beat Miami by 20 points. Syracuse looked good again. Threes going in. Great plays. Excellent defense.

Weather reverting to a typical Key West January. Going to be cold the next few days. High today and tonight high 60’s.

When cold, I generally advise the need to wear long pants. Some mock me. Those who do not live in Key West. Those who do not understand if one lives in a hot climate all year, the blood thins. The body feels temperatures in the 60’s. I am cold at 74 degrees.

Today In Keys History carried a comment which reflects another who felt the cold. His name William Healy. He kept a diary.

Part of his January 24, 1831 entry read as follows: “Rose at 7, weather so cold that I am obliged to put on thick clothes.”

Shutdown at day 35. No deal yet. However both sides have been talking since late yesterday afternoon following 2 failed Senate votes. The Democratic numbers in support of reopening impressive.

Trump went on TV after the vote. Very pleasant. Very conciliatory. No anger, no bravado. Acknowledged Senators talking. Seemed amenable.

One problem, he was consistent as to the need for money to build a portion of the wall.

I do not think Trump understood where the Senate conference was going. The House is firm no money to build a wall.

The reopening might not be an immediate thing.

In the meantime, the TV coverage of government employees out of work heart touching. A few minutes ago, saw a federal employee of 17 years crying because he had no money to care for his family’s needs.

Trump and his people do not understand the pain and fear of the employees. Trump and friends enjoy the benefits of millions/billions of dollars and have never experienced being without money. Even during the Atlantic City bankruptcies, Trump had a few million in his pocket.

That’s all folks! My eyes heavy, thinking slow.

Enjoy your day!


Terri White 71!

A bunch of us are celebrating her birthday tonight at a special dinner.

Part of what turned out to be a busy morning for me yesterday included buying Terri a birthday present. Interesting experience. I rarely have shopped in my life. I did for Terri and the gift choice evolved as I went from store to store.

Wish the choice to be a surprise tonight. Ergo will not share the selection with you till tomorrow.

Yesterday morning busy. Began at 5 with blog. An early start because I knew I had several things to do. Paid for the early start later in the day when I became very tired. Resulted in me remaining in and early to bed last night.

My 5 am to noon consisted in the blog, blood work, coffee, a manicure, shopping for Terri, and lunch at Harpoon Harry’s.

A haircut at noon today. Lunch after probably at Fernand’s. Guest appearance on Laurie Thibaud’s radio show 4-5:30. Followed by Terri’s party.

Join Laurie and me on radio station 195.7 FM, WGAY FM. Interesting banter. Laurie’s first time as a radio show host. A natural!

Syracuse/Miami tonight at 8. I will probably miss the first half of the game. Syracuse a 9 point favorite.

Day 34 of the shutdown. You’re doing terrific Donald! You keep trying to destroy America. The country was insane when it elected you President!

Valentine’s Day around the corner. An old friend will not be with us this year. Sweethearts candy. The small hearts with love verbiage thereon. Like Love You, Bear Hug, Cutie Pie, and Ooh La La.

Strange. A recent study rated Sweethearts candy as the #1 Valentine’s candy for 2018.

As good as it sold, the company producing it for many years went out of business. I assume the company produced other sweets also. Necco went out of business in July.

Spangler Candy bought the “brand” in September. Spangler says it did not have time to gear up for this Valentine’s Day. However, Spangler guaranteed Sweethearts will be back in 2020.

Abortion discourse continues. Heatedly in this instance.

New York has legalized abortion till birth. Conditioned, however. Only allowed if the mother’s health is endangered or the fetus is not viable.

The Catholic Church is extremely upset. Threatening New York’s Governor Cuomo with everything, including excommunication.

I think the New York law correct. Based on personal experience.

It was 1964. My wife was into her fifth pregnancy. We already had 4 children in 4 years. It was year 5. On a sunday morning while we were in bed reading the newspapers, she began aborting. She was only 2-3 months pregnant at the time.

We were in the hospital. My wife in extreme pain. It seemed there was nothing they could give her to help.

Her OB told me she was aborting, the fetus was dead. Too many pregnancies back to back. I told him ok, go do what you have to do. He said he could do nothing till she pushed black tissue through her cervix. I did not understand. The fetus was dead, why wait for black tissue to be pushed out?

His answer simple. We were in a Catholic hospital and nothing could be done till there was definite proof the fetus was dead. Seeing the black tissue would be proof.

I went crazy. Probably overreacted. Thought my wife was going to die. I was arguing with the doctor. To no avail.

In due course whatever is done in these situations was done. Pieces of black tissue appeared. She underwent a D&C. Everything turned out ok.

Is there a Mafia mentality in the White House? Does one exist in the minds of “friends” of the White House?

These threats against Cohen’s family suggest a Tony Soprano Mafia mentality may have sneaked into our government.

Keep it up, Donald! You continue to set a good example.

I have been following Venezuela closely since Maduro came to power in 2013. I have written and spoke much concerning Maduro, his government and the Venezuelan people.

The last 4 years, it became obvious revolution was the only way to remove the Maduro yoke. Difficult to do. Maduro controls the Congress and the military. The generals are his. Graft and corruption making them rich.

Demonstrations began popping up in the streets. Grew to hundreds of thousands. Protest yes, fight no. The people were afraid to take arms against the government and army.

Maduro rigged his recent election.

A dissident Juan Guaido said he was taking over and appointed himself interim President. People in the streets cheered.

Trump immediately announced support of the “new” government. Maduro retaliated by giving all U.S. representatives 72 hours to get out of Venezuela. Trump said no, they are staying.

What next? Does the U.S. invade Venezuela? We need another war like a hole in the head. We are already engaged in 17 world wide.

Will Maduro remain in power? It depends on the military. If the army continues to support him, the interim President will go nowhere but to jail.

I suspect the generals will remain loyal to Maduro. Money talks.

Why Trump’s interest? I think oil. Venezuela has one of the largest oil reserves in the world.

Additionally, true revolution will not take place till the hundreds of thousands in the streets take to arms. As I have been reporting for several years, they want change but are not willing to fight for it. They fail to back their talk with action. Unless and until they do, Maduro will remain in power.

Donald in the meantime will have made another bad judgment move.

Enjoy your day!




Never fails. When I have much to share, time is limited. This morning full early. Doctor visit for fasting blood work. Grab a quick breakfast somewhere afterwards. Then a manicure. Followed by shopping for a birthday preset for Terri. She will be 71 tomorrow.

Ergo, no planned format today. Sharing info and thoughts as they appear in my notes. Morning stew.

My podcast Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou last night. Preparation by day. Show 9 in the evening. Never left the house.

Enjoy doing the show!

Key West weather continues to be strange. Two days in the 60’s including one night 56. Today high will be 80 degrees.

Shutdown into day 33. Congratulations, Mr. President! Keep it up! Bread lines, people selling blood, etc. You’re doing a wonderful job!

Even the federal courts are running out of money. The Federal Judiciary announced it will be down to minimal monies February 1. Minimal staff will be retained to work without pay to perform necessary services.

First thing learned in law school is that Justice delayed is Justice denied.

On February 19, I wrote about the soldier who unknowingly saved Hemingway’s life: No Fedele Temperini, No Ernest Hemingway.”

Yesterday, the New York Post wrote a similar story. Four days after mine.

Proud I was timely. Got there first.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the new 27 year old Congresswoman from the Bronx. Liberal to the extreme. Outspoken. In your face.

She has been appointed to the powerful House Oversight Committee. Can’t wait to watch her when she questions witnesses. She won’t accept evasive answers.

DOW down 300 points yesterday. At the heart of the drop is U.S. instability. Keep it up Donald! When the market crashes, you’ll be telling us it was not your fault.

Judy Blume has been away from Books and Books for a while. Leaving again. Husband George had Whipple surgery in Miami recently. She and George were in Miami 6 weeks. George requires 6 weeks follow up treatment. Back to Miami for an additional 6 weeks.

Our prayers are with you, George! And with you also Judy. Hang in there.

Last night, a big one for Lynda Frechette. The opening of the 2019 Aqua Idol. Vocalists performing in a competition to raise money for the Waterfront Playhouse.

The event has become one Key Westers look forward to. Every tuesday evening at Aqua for several weeks.

Word has it this is Lynda’s last year. She wants to pass the baton.

Elizabeth Blackwell became a doctor this day 1849. The first woman doctor in the U.S. Graduated from Geneva College in New York City.

An early leader in the women’s march to equality.

One of Key West’s early leaders was William Curry. Born on Green Turtle Cay in the Bahamas, he came to Key West at age 16. Ended up in the mercantile business. Became one of Key west’s most esteemed citizens.

A major success, Curry was Florida’s first millionaire.

Curry died this day 1849.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Beto O’Rourke two new type politicians. No bullshit, in your face types. Young. They represent the new young Americans getting into politics.

The gavel is being passed to a new generation. Time for the change. They can’t do worse than those presently governing.

Syracuse/Miami tomorrow night.

Enjoy your day!


The Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade is 46 years old today. It was decided this day in 1973. Roe legalized abortion throughout the United States. It established a woman’s right to abortion. Recognized a woman’s right to privacy.

In short, a woman’s body was her own and her’s to decide what could or could not be done with it as regards reproductive rights.

It seems the nature of Americans never to give up. Political battles unending. Roe remains at the forefront of such battles.

Abortion somewhat like the black/white issue in America. A Civil War was fought more than 150 years ago to free slaves and give them equal rights. The battle continues into present day with legal chicanery involved. Making it difficult for blacks to vote an example.

The Roe battle will be with us fifty years from now, unless a conservative Supreme Court decides to overturn it. Then it will be a return to back rooms, hangers, and disease.

A great Dueling Bartenders last night. Surprisingly, Aqua was packed. I had to sit alone at the side bar.

Rick Dery his usual magnificent self. A voice!

Cold outside and inside. Sixty two degrees outside. I wore my leather jacket even inside the bar.

Liz and her friends were there. Always good to see Liz. Wish I had met her 20 years ago. Her health continues to slip.

A group from Hot Dog Church in attendance. Love the ladies! We have become friends. Several came over to say hello. Some a hug and kiss.

I was not meant to be lonely. In came Dan and Lisa. Friends from Skaneateles here for a month. We drank together.

We talked Syracuse basketball. Decided to have dinner saturday evening at Berlin’s.

Dan and Lisa left. I noticed Mary at the end of the other bar. A while since I have seen her. Enjoyed a drink with her. Following which we were off to La Trattoria for dinner.

Tiffany bartending. Got us 2 spots at the bar in a matter of minutes. La Trattoria crowded also. Chatted with Dink a few minutes. We shared recent war stories about almost hitting a child while driving.

I ate wrong. Carbs big time! A large dish of pennes buried in bolognase sauce. I paid for it on the scale this morning.

The government shutdown is in day 32. A shame! Does not seem to bother Trump. Government employees in food lines, a mother who cannot afford her next chemotherapy treatment, a woman who sold her blood for $50, etc.

My America? Your America? No way!

Madness. It has to stop.

I mentioned yesterday that Trump and Pence had no plans to visit the Martin Luther King Memorial. It was all over the news.

Trump especially looked bad.

Later in the morning, Trump and Pence changed their minds and made the visit. Obvious it was not planned. No great crowd. They placed a small wreath in front of the King Memorial. They were accompanied by someone from the Memorial who was not properly dressed for the occasion. Further indicating the visit was unplanned.

Pence recently has been referring to everything he does not like as “an attack on Christianity.” A quiet unassuming Trump. A person in disguise waiting his turn to disrupt our country further.

I do agree however that much happening today is an attack on Christianity. The border incidents, children taken from their parents, government employees waiting in food lines, a woman selling her blood for $50 to put food on the table, etc.

George Washington may have been the last President not to tell a lie. Recall…..”I cannot tell a lie. I chopped down the cherry tree.”

Donald Trump without question is the President who has told and continues to tell the most lies. I would describe his “lies” as false or misleading statements.

The Washington Post Fact Checker issued a report re Trump lies.

In his first 2 years as President, he has lied 8,158 times. In his first year, 5.9 lies per day. Better in his second year when he lied 16.5 times a day.

He improves with time.

My podcast show tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Join me. Much is happening that I do not agree with. I will be raving and ranting. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

My friend Anna continues to vacation in Athens.

The first time I visited Athens, I stayed at the Gran Britannia Hotel. An exceptionally fine hotel. Service exemplary. My room came with a butler. He was in tails. Unpacked and packed my suitcase. Made reservations. Exceptional service.

The hotel is across the street from Parliament. My room faced Parliament. The room had a small terrace.

One morning, I woke to huge shouting. Went on the terrace. Across the street were thousands protesting about something. Parliament is surrounded by a huge concrete area.

This I could not miss! Threw some clothes on and headed for the demonstration.

I walked into the crowd. Walked around. No one bothered me. I was ignored.

Unable initially to understand what the protest was about. Finally figured it out. The Greeks were broke and the Euro Union was pressing them for payment. Germany’s Angela Merkel was leading the Euro Union against Greece.

Every time a speaker mentioned Merkel’s name, the people spit on the ground. Young and old alike.

The event was terrific from my perspective. I went back the next morning. They were still at it.

Anna e-mailed me yesterday with photos. Another protest at Parliament Square. This time with 60,000 persons. This one not only bigger than the one I walked through, also more dangerous. Rocks, flares, firebombs, and paint being thrown at the police.

The issue was prespes. Ran it through Google. Could not find anything about it.

AXIOS this morning ran an article by Mike Allen. Titled “Big Thing: 7 Letters Disrupting Politics.”

He discussed what is perhaps the changing face of politics. Zeroed in on Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez and Beto O’Rourke. Two individuals not representative of traditional politicians. Two who demand authenticity from government officials. Both speaking directly to the public and telling them what they believe will connect with the public.

Compared both to Trump. Solely in what is said and the manner of delivery.

Trump has disrupted politics. Allen believes Cortez and O’Rourke are/will also. A sign of the times.

A new politics? It should be called what it is. Pure and unvarnished. In the face dialogue. With one difference. Cortez and O’Rourke do not appear to lie as Trump does.

At least, not yet.

I close with Starbucks.

Starbucks soon will be providing delivery service for 95 percent of its products. Planned for 25 percent of Starbuck’s stores. Tested last year at 200 Miami locations.

A Uber Eats mobile app required. Uber will charge a $2.49 booking fee.

What a world! Everything changing! No need any longer to go to a retail store to buy clothes, cooked food delivered to your home, etc.

Enjoy your day!