Finally! Goombay arrived last night! Fantasy Fest underway!

For those who attend events each evening, it will be as grueling ten days. Fun, however!

I did Goombay last night. Each year a bit better. This year more music. Cubby holes between buildings were filled with musicians and those listening. The food appealing, as usual.

I make it a habit not to eat the food. It suits me! However for me it is not easy to stand and devour an exotic dish with people crowded around me. If you have been to Goombay, you understand.

The end of Petronia, where the main musicians play, was crowded. I noticed more and better children’s rides. Robert and Ally go tonight. A big time awaits them!

It was Don’s Party last night. Goombay always is. A crowd gathers at Don’s Place. He orders a couple of big cabs and has everyone delivered to 801. I got the starting time screwed up. Arrived at the bar too late. The cabs had left.

I opted to walk to Goombay. In fact, I walked all night. Up and down Petronia for the festival itself. Then back to Don’s Place with a stop in between at Square 1.

On the way up Truman to the event, I came in contact with three African-American nuns standing in front of St. Mary of the Seas buildings. They are stationed now at St. Mary. There is a scarcity of American girls entering the nunnery. Catholics import nuns today. As they do many priests.

We chatted a while. Great women! They must have thought what a wonderful guy I was to stop and chat with them. Actually, I was tired and resting for the next part of my walk.

Met my group at the bar at 801. A drink and I felt better. A big glass of water, also. Seated outside 801 were Pittsburgh area friends Karen and Dan. Their daughter or son and spouse were with them. I cannot remember everything. Very nice young people. Costumed for the evening.

Don’s group meets at Blue Heaven’s outside bar to conclude the evening. Always packed. It is in the middle of Goombay.

I got there first. I can only walk in a hot crowded area so long. I grabbed a seat at the corner of the bar and watched the world pass by. I decided to leave just as the rest were arriving. I had had it. I was off. Made my good byes and thanks to Don.

I still had not had dinner. Thought I would break the walk back to the car. I stopped at Square 1 to get a bite at the bar.

Lovely Mandy bartending. Such a nice person!

Met Desmond and Sandy. Originally from England. Not happy campers! They bought a house in Key West two months ago. Previously, they had been living in Naples. Tough to talk with initially. Oozing with unhappiness. They did not like this, they did not like that. Sandy asked Mandy where the mussels came from. Never heard that question asked before. Who cares. Try them. If good, try them again another time. If not, do not.

I know people either love or hate Key West? Were they part of the hate group? I did not think so.

Desmond was in the newspaper business in England. He was a radio broadcaster in Naples. Sandy was part of the fashion industry. Desmond should meet Don who was in the hierarchy of a Buffalo newspaper and later a publisher in Ohio or Indiana.

By the time I left, we were friends and they had calmed down.

I know they are reading the blog this morning. My advice to Desmond and Sandy is they go to the Gardens Hotel tomorrow evening at 6. In the back/center there will be music, drinks and people. Most will be locals. Most sociable. A taste of Key West. You will enjoy. Do not be negative. These people love Key West. You will get your heads chopped off!

ML won! My choice for Queen. Congratulations, ML!

Syracuse this afternoon. against Wake Forest. Syracuse favored by 3-4 points. I hope we win.

Enjoy your day!



I think Jake and I may have finally become friends.

Lisa and family were over yesterday afternoon to swim. Jake was with them. He swam a bit. Made no fuss about it. He rested at my feet. Made no fuss about that either..

Last night was Sunday dinner at Lisa’s. Both before and after dinner, I sat on the couch reading the newspapers. Each time, Jake jumped up and laid down next to me.

I finally made it! Jake likes me!

Robert and Ally love the water. It is a pleasure to watch them dive and swim.

I spent part of the afternoon watching golf. May Sergio Garcia hold onto his lead today to win. He fell into the background after a great start his first years playing the game.

Mickelson and Woods are disappointments. On the other hand, the greats cannot be great all the time. Not in golf.

I stopped at Don’s Place. Chatted briefly with Don. A lot of people at Don’s. His bar is like a social club. His followers are there all the time.

Needed to grocery shop. Cupboard was bare again. I enjoyed the experience, as usual. Also, I find it good exercise pushing the cart up and down the aisles of the new Publix. A huge store!

Sunday’s Key West Citizen carries the bocce standings in its sports section. Surprise of surprises! Our team is tied for third place. Only 2 games out of first. We have only played 3 weeks. Two of the three we played well. The middle one a disaster. My sense is that every team is having a difficult time early in the season. There is no consistency.

Diana Nyad will add to her famous career this evening when she puts her feet down on a Key West Beach. Diana is 64. A long distance swimmer. She left Havana a couple of days ago. Her destination Key West.

This is Diana’s fifth attempt to swim the distance. It is only 103 miles. A tough 103 miles. The problems are sharks, jelly fish and the tides. She is doing the swim without a shark cage to protect her. The waves reportedly are 3-5 feet high.

It is claimed that the area between Cuba and Key West is the most difficult in the world to swim.

This morning finds Diana only ten miles off shore. I hope she makes it.

The Key West Citizen reminds us today of the Hurricane of 1935 which destroyed the Keys. The hurricane hit on Labor Day. Hundreds died. Buildings and homes were leveled. A train was actually blown off its tracks.

The hurricane was a Category 5. Winds reached 200 miles per hour. The tides were 18-20 feet above normal.

It was not a good holiday!

Tomorrow is tuesday. which means my blog talk radio show tomorrow night. Nine in the evening. Join me for some interesting chatter about hacking the new way to wage war and Obama and Syria.

Enjoy your day!