Yesterday was the circus!


I enjoyed it immensely.

Went with Lisa, Corey and the grandkids. Being with Robert and Ally made the event exceptionally special.

The circus was by the water behind Truman Annex. I think its name was Warner Brothers Circus. Not a big one. Not Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey. Small and intimate might best describe it. From the tent to the acts.

Before we even went inside, Robert and Ally had to ride the ponies. Three of them were working. I felt sorry for the ponies. They looked like they had been at it for years.

Anyhow, Robert and Ally were excited. They rode like pros. Robert looked a bit big for the pony ride. His first words after his ride was over were to the effect that he was too old to pony ride. He lived and learned.

We had great seats. Right in the middle.

The value of the event were the faces of the children and adults. Everyone into the show. Laughing away! Robert and Ally overjoyed. Every part of the show excited them.

Of course, there were eats! Like cotton candy, nachos and pop corn. We did it all!

I must admit I really enjoyed myself. Perhaps there is truth to the adage that old age is a second childhood.

Enjoy your day!

It started when mighty Casey struck out. Every one in Mudville was unhappy. Then he struck out again. The third time up he also struck out. So Casey was sent to the minors. Class A ball.

Casey struck out again yesterday! He’s headed for Class D.

Syracuse lost again! Four in a row! To Marquette 76-70.

I have no comment. Just sadness.

I should have known it was going to be a bad day basketballwise. I went to the Sports Page Bar to watch the game. I go to the Sports Page Bar because they have that extra TV package that allows them to get all college games. At least I thought all. It was not carryuing the Syreacuse/Marquette game yesterday. That is how unimportant Syracuse had become even before yesterday’s game.

I had a diet Pepsi and left.

Babysitting worked out alright last night.

I took Robert and Ally out to dinner to start the evening. Matthesson’s. An ice cream/sandwich type place. A family owned fixture in Key West. The grandkids love it!

They had their usual hot dogs and fries. I a salad.

We conversed the whole time. They are becoming young adults already at 6 and 5 years of age.

Matthesson’s is big on ice cream! Their display is awesome! Heaping buckets of colorful ice cream!

I had them go up to the display to select what they wanted. Robert with his hands on the glass. Ally with her nose pressed up against it.

Robert selected peppermint ice cream with chocolate chips. Ally likes pink. She went for the raspberry ice cream that was loaded with real raspberries.

Matthesson’s provides toppings for the kid’s ice cream. There ae several to choose from. Robert and Ally selected gummy worms. Ugh! Looked like worms!

Afterwards, it was home.

Robert took a bath, put on his pajamas and went to bed. He was soon asleep.

Ally told me she would shower in the morning. She put on her pajamas and we played. All night! She never tires.

I am teaching Ally how to tie her shoe laces. Tough! We are about 2/3s the way there. It is the final looping and pulling step that is a problem. We practiced a while. Suddenly Ally piped up, I don’t want to do it anymore. I am tired. It had to be mind boggling for her.

She did not sleep, however. I did. Twice. Each time she woke me up with Mommy said you can’t sleep Poppa!

Today is Sunday. I am doing a different Sunday. I am going to the circus with Robert and Ally and the rest of the family! The last time I was to a circus was at least 16 years ago when I attended with my 3 year old twin grandsons. They are now sophmores in college.

Enjoy your day!

Blog late! Slept late! Sorry!

Yesterday’s radio show went well. I enjoy doing it. Actually, I love doing it!

Based on post show comments, two topics affected listeners the most. Crime and Social Security.

Crimes involved the Philadelphia abortionist who killed seven fetus’s born alive by snipping their spines with a scissor and the Oakland, California second graders having oral sex in the classroom. These disgusting events were reported this past week. Just when you think you have heard it all, something new and more shocking pops up.

I hit Social Security hard. The American people are getting a crock of improper information from the right. Social Security is not insolvent. It will be either 8 years or 24 years before there is a problem. Deal with the other issues at this time which are critical at the moment. Deal with Social Security later in a precautionary fashion to make sure no problems occur down the road.

After the show, I was off to the Coffee House. Packed! Tourists and locals. I was lucky to get my favorite chair. Sipped coffee and read the New York papers.

Saw Jane. My Coffee House friend. It has been months since we have run into each other. She is truly a beautiful person. I love her personality, smile and clothes. She is a matronly woman. I suspect older than I. She dresses in long flowing white garments. Glides through a room.

Walked a bit on Duval. A lot of tourists. The sidewalks were crowded. It was cold. Too cold for the beach. So they were walking around.

I spent the afternoon writing. I enjoy the experience.

Last night was a big one! I stayed out till one in the morning! Have not done that in so long I cannot remembr when. I am generally in bed by 10.

Started my evening at the Chart Room. Michael bartending. He was his usual pleasant self. I told Michael I had talked with Marty. Marty has been under the weather a bit of late. Hopefully he will return to Key West soon.

Saw Sean at the Chart Room. Katherine was working. Sean is Key West’s premier reporter.

I was in the mood to see a movie. Walked over to the Tropic Cinema and saw The King’s Speech. Terrific! A winner! Had a slight degree of tenseness to it which was constant through out the movie. My recollectgion is it received 12 Academy Award nominations. Colin Firth was superior in the lead role.

Donna and Terri spent several nights a week at the Monkey Bar while they were here. They told me I should try it. It is a karaoke place. Don and Chris accidently stopped there the last time they were in Key West. A fun place, they reported.

Last night, I tried the Monkey Bar for the first time. I did not sing. I am a coward. A fun place! Marylou and Charlie were there. I met Jordan. An early 20s Conch. Her boy friend runs the karaoke operation. She walks around the bar encouraging people to sing.

On the way home, I decided to stop at Don’s Place. Overflowing with people! Kurt bartending. Don and David there. I had not seen seen David since he and Karen returned from their three week trip to France. A wonderful time, he reported.

I stayed at Don’s Place a while. The three of us talked bocce. Our party is next thursday. similar to a bowling banquet. Except in Key West time and style. The new season starts in two weeks.

What a night! I had a wonderful time! Perhaps I should do it more often. There is no question this new burst of energy I am experiencing made last night possible. People are telling me I am more animated, more alive.

About time!

Today is a big one! My day is already scheduled. Syracuse basketball at 3. At the Sports Page Bar. I will probably watch the game with Dan and Lisa from Skaneateles. Afterwards, I must hurry over to Lisa’s. She and Corey have some banquet to go to. Poppa is babysitting!

Enjoy your day!


In less than two hours, I will be doing my radio show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Join me, if you can. KONK 1500 AM on the radio in the Florida keys and Cuba. View the show on the internet world wide at

All interesting topics to be discussed. It was a big week! We know Iran is anti American, anti Christian. Now anti Semetic! Another Afghan stoning of a couple in love. A quadrapelegic who is suing a strip club under the Americans With Disabilities Act. The Rahm Emanuel residency problem resolved. Three horrendous crimes committed this past week. The worst! And more!

I am alone once again. My girls left. Donna and Terri flew back to New York yesterday. Terri has an engagement at Feinstein’s Sunday night.

I started my day with a visit to the heart doctor. Blood work. We discussed my water retention problem. Still to be resolved.

I spent the day writing.

Jenna showed up by prearrangement at 3. We worked on polishing today’s radio show for two hours.

Lisa and the grandkids showed up while we were working. They were driving back from Big Pine. Robert and Ally got a snack from the refrigerator. They then left.

The grandkids are angels! I shall be sorry to see them grow. They are perfect at 5 and 6.

I stayed in last night.

Enjoy your day! Remember to hear/watch my radio show!

Crazy Key West weather!

That time of the year!

Eighties one day. Sixties the next.

Yesterday no golf. Too much rain the night before. I did not waste the day, however. Treated myself to a manicure and pedicure with Tammy at Lee Nails. The pedicure was especially relaxing.

Tammy said I looked better. She was concerned. The previous week when I was in for a manicure, I did not look well she said. Tired appearing.

I was out with Kurt last night. He basically said the same thing. He said I had energy.

Jenna mentioned the same thing while we were working the day before. She noticed a big change in me. She described it as energized.

I attribute it to the cut back in my meds by the heart doctor a few days ago. Two pills were cut in half. One eliminated. I think the two cut in half are responsible. I was over medicated.

The one eliminated may be a problem. A water pill. Yesterday was only my second day off of it. My lower legs and ankles were gigantic last night!

I see the doctor at 9. Blood giving time. A fasting blood test. I can see me popping a water pill afterwards.

I do feel better! Energized! I am thrilled. It has been a long time since I felt this good!

Watch, I’ll get hit by a bus or something today.

After Tammy, I headed to Publix. Did some minor shopping.

Then home to write. Did yesterday’s Amazon Kindle Key West Lou Law blog. I revisited Rahm Emanual’s residency case in Illinois. Commented on what I perceive as possible politics playing a part in the decision making. What else to expect? It’s Illinois!

Kurt and I were out and about last night.

The evening began at Aqua with Bobby Nesbitt. Donna and Terri were there. Terri sang a few songs solo and as a duo with Bobby. Terrific entertainment!

My Syracuse buddies Dan and Lisa were there also. As well as Lynda, Bob, Tom, Kathy, Mark and every one else. A good time!

Dinner at Michael’s. I am sad to advise that after 14 glorious years, Emmettt is no longer bartending. He’s gone.

One of Michaels’ feature meals is the veal chop. Stuffed with all type goodies. I had never had one. I did last night based on Kurt’s recommendation. Wow! Can’t wait to have the next one! That good! Tasty!

Then to the Bottle Cap for Larry and Jenna’s show.

What a crowd. The biggest ever.

Michael Thomas was the star attraction. A velvet voice.

Pat used to live in Key West. A couple of years ago she moved to Arizona. She recently returned to live again in Key West.

I never knew Pat before. While she was in Arizona, we bacame Facebook friends. We met at the bar at Bottle Cap for the first time last night. It was a quick hello and hug. I look forward to getting to know her better.

I left before the show was over. Too crowded for me. I was sitting in the back and could not see. People ended up standing in front of me. Too many people to move around. I went home.

One of my dear Facebook friends in Jakarta, Indonesia had her picture on Facebook this morning. Angie. A lovely lady. The picture was of her and her jewelry. She earns a living by creating jewelry.

I had a date to go to the movies toinight. Got a call late yesterday. I am being stood up. Can’t win. This being single is a pain!

Enjoy your day!

Casey is being sent down to the minors!

Syracuse lost again last night!

Three defeats in a row!

Syracuse lost at home. Against Seton Hall who came into the game with an 8-12 record. Syracuse was 18-2.

Not even close. Seton Hall destroyed Syracuse 90-68. Thirty seconds into the game, I announced to those watching with me: This is Villanova all over again! The threes were falling against us.

Offensively, Syracuse stunk. Shot only 36 per cent. Seton Hall has the worst shooting percentage in the Big East. Not last night. They hit on 54 per cent of their shots.

Defensively, Syracuse humiliated themselves. The zone failed again. Seton Hall was dropping the 3s from the outside and driving up the middle almost at will.

Unquestionably, Syrcause is now screwed up mentally. Boeheim has his hands full.

They say January is the best time to lose games. It is a learning process. A get ready for peaking just when its time for the big tournament. Perhaps this will be Syracuse’s destiny. I hope!

I watched the game at the Sports Page Bar with Jenna. Dan and Lisa Riordan showed up. I have not seen them since last season. They had just arrived in Key West. First thing on their agenda was the Syracuse game at the Sports Page Bar.

Dan and Lisa are from Skaneateles, New York. A small town about 20 miles outside Syracuse. They have owned a restaurant for years in Skaneateles. Called the Blue Water Grill. A Skaneateles mainstay.

We watched the game together. It was good to see them again and share their company.

My day yesterday started with a haircut. Lori was especially happy. She could not wait to share with me her great accomplishment. I said, you’re pregnant! She said, no. She ran a half marathon over the weekend! First time!

Good for her!

I asked if she would now try for a full marathon. No was her response. The training would take too much time and be too difficult. She was satisfied with having completed the half marathon.

Afterwards, I went over to the Coffee House. Sipped a bit and browsed through the New York Times.

I then spent some time at home writing. Yesterday’s Amazon Kindle legal blog. About Rahm Emanuel’s problems with residency in Illinois.

This is Wednesday. Golf time! Not today!

Major rain all night. Thunder and lightning. One time I was awaken by a flash coming through the windows. Lightning! There is no fooling around when there is a thunderstorm over the ocean!

Although not raining at the moment, showers are predicted for this morning.

I called Don to tell him I was not playing. The ground would be too wet. It takes time for the earth to absorb rain water here. Especially a heavy storm. Key West is at ground level.

Don said no problem. He was getting ready to call me to say none of us were going to play because the course would be too wet.

Tonight will be Bobby Nesbitt at Aqua at cocktail time. Donna and Terri are planning on going, also. That means Terri will get up and sing a few tunes. She and Bopbby sang a duet at the Pops the other night. One of Richard Rodgers tunes. I am sure they will repeat it this evening.

At 9 , I plan to be at the Bottle Cap for the Larry Smith Variety Show starring Larry and Jenna.

With no golf, I have a huge hole in my day. Think I will replace golf with a manicure and pedicure. A be good to Louis occasion!

Enjoy your day!

It is amazing how Key West weather can change like the flip of a coin. The cold wave is gone. It is a beautiful morning. 73 degrees already. Sun shining. A few gray clouds in the sky. A comfortable breeze.

I am sitting outside at the tiki hut writing this morning’s blog. The ocean is all of ten feet away from me.

God is good!

Babysat all day yesterday. Ally not well.

We had a good time. Played games. She taught me something called Boogle. Played cards. Putted golf balls on the carpet.

I am teaching her to tie her shoe laces. Tough for a five year old! I have broken the process down into 4 steps. She has mastered the first two steps. She will get there!

It was nap time. I fell asleep. She woke me. Poppa, you are sleeping too long!

Later in the day, I had a doctor visit. What old people do. My heart doctor. He had good things to tell me. Maybe now I will feel better.

We had a shark visit.

Around 4, Donna and Terri were sitting on the deck overlooking the dock. Very close to the water. A big one swam by! About 10 feet long. Two feet wide. Fin and all.

They were excited. And also swore they would never swim off the dock again!

I have seen these big ones in the past. They generally come up late in the afternoon. Feeding time! I stopped going in the ocean off the dock years ago for that reason! A born coward am I!

Terri’s birthday yesterdsay! We celebrated! It was Terri’s call. She wanted dinner at home with just the three of us. The menu was to be stone crabs and brownies.

We pigged out on the stone crabs. They pigged out on the brownies. Not on my diet.

We needed a candle to place on the brownies to sing Happy Birthday! Finally found a votive candle. The kind in church. Why I had it, I don’t know. One votive candle on the brownies and we sang away!

Tonight is Syracuse basketball again! I will be at the Sports Page bar at 7 for the game.

Two defeats in a row, even though against top ten teams, dropped Syracuse to 9 and 10 in the rankings. Pitt moved up to second. But lost last night to Notre Dame. So Pitt will move down next week. A tough Big East!

Enjoy your day!

It was a different Sunday. Instead of pro football at Don’s Place, I watched the Key West Pops dress rehearsal at the Tennesee Williams Theater.


I was relegated to the dress rehearsal because I did not buy a ticket in time. The show was sold out for last night. It did not make a difference. A dress rehearsal means dress. Every one attired as if performing in the for pay show, except the orchestra.

Their were about 20 of us sitting in the audience.

Terri White was outstanding! A true professional!

Some of Donna’s family were there also. Her six month old grandson and two year old granddaughter behaved perfectly.

I hope some of you had the opportunity to see the show last night. If you did, you were part of a remarkable evening!

Speaking of Terri, today is her birthday! Happy birthday, love!

We are having a small dinner party tonight for Terri. Just Terri, Donna and me. Donna is doing the prep work. Stone crabs!

After the Pops, I returned home to do my Amazon Kindle legal blog. The Philadelphia story! A horror! Man’s inhumanity to man in the twenty first century. After you think you have seen and heard it all, a new heinous crime is announced to the world.

Sunday dinner last night at Lisa’s with the family. Read the Sunday papers, watched some football and enjoyed the grandkids.

I am babysitting today. Ally is a bit under the weather.

We will see who babysits who. It will depend on just how ill she is.

Enjoy your day!

Casey struck out again yesterday!

Syracuse lost!

Villanova over Syracuse 83-72. The #7 ranked team in the country beat the #3 ranked team.

Two consecutive losses for Syracuse.

Boeheim was correct. Syracuse is the most over rated team in the country. Now. But will not be at the end of the season. So Boeheim predicts. So I believe.

Syracuse was down 14 points and came back to be only 4 behind with 2 minutes to play. But victory was not to be.

I was impressed with Villanova’s shooting. Especially the 3s. They were deadly! It might have been a different result had Villanova missed a few. But, it was their day!

I watched the game at the Sports Page Bar. Me and my new found friend Marty from Oneonta. Marty does plaster boarding and masonary work. Knows Utica. Buys from Cavo Brothers and Urbaniks. A nice guy. He will be returning north in two weeks. He is not looking forward to the weather.

Speaking of the weather, it was cold yesterday. I wore a sweatshirt and shorts. It was not a shorts day. The sweatshirt was not enough. Needed my leather jacket.

By day yesterday, the temperature was 67. With a cold wind from the north.

It really got cold last night! Right now the temperature is only 53 degrees. With the wind still blowing in. It is coming from the northeast. Which means off the Atlantic. The weather report says only 10 mph per hour. I don’t believe it. Has to be at least 20-30. My palm trees are bending!

After the game, I went to the gym. I have not been diligent of late with my exercise. It was good to return. I especially enjoy the boxing.

Afterwards, I went next door to Don’s Place for a glass of water and to talk to friends. Must have been an in between time for the drinkers. Only 2 people there and I did not know them.

The way the wind was howling last night, I decided to stay in. Had a light dinner and spent the evening writing. This writing thing is becoming engrossing. It will be interesting to see what I produce. Even I am curious as to the the final product!

Today will not be a normal Sunday. Terri is singing with the Key West Pops tonight. I waited too long to buy a ticket. The show is sold out. There is a dress rehearsal at 1:30 this afternoon. Terri said come to the dress rehearsal. She will leave my name at the door.

My afternoon will be spent listening to some great music.

At some point either this morning or after the show, I have to do today’s Key West Lou Law blog for Amazon Kindle. Today’s subject matter will deal with two heinous crimes which occurred this week in the United States. One at each end of the country. Disgusting. Twenty first century crimes. The type of wrongdoing that never would have occurred in days gone by.

My friend Jim Brown has expressed himself once more on Facebook. Love his use of the English language. Jim was born and raised in Scotland. His Scottish brogue is reflected in his speech. He now lives on the island of Crete in Greece. I am sure they love him there!

Jim’s gem: “…still top of the world today…so off oot for a wee walk in the glorious sunshine.”

Marty! Where are you? You are missed!

Enjoy your Sunday folks!

Another terrific radio show yesterday! Love doing it! Excited you enjoy it!

I was surprised at the topic which received the most post show comment. Missouri and strip clubs. Missouri is attempting to close down strip cluibs. A moralistic as well as legal endeavor. I made mention amongst other things of the plight of a strip club working girl.

I wrote a lengthy piece on the issue for my Amazon Kindle legal blog also yesterday.

KONK 1500 AM is slow in publishing the archiving of its shows. This week two additional shows were made available for viewing on demand. They involve my radio shows of 3 and 4 weeks ago. Sorry, nothing I can do about the delay. If you are interested in viewing them, the internet sites are and

After the show, I headed for the Coffee House. Sat in my usual chair. A green wingback inside. Sipped coffee and read the New York Times.

Met Lisa and Robert for lunch. Goldman’s. Shared Robert’s cheeseburger. Delicious!

Spent two hours at home afterwards working on yesterday’s Key West Lou Law article for Amazon Kindle.

Cupboard was bare again. Headed to Publix. Love Publix! Love shopping! I know. A lot of you ladies will say I can do your shoppiong since I enjoy it so much.

Donna was in bed all day. Sick. A bug. Terri had two separate rehearsals for the Key West Pops show which is scheduled for Sunday night. The house was quiet. One in bed and the other out all day.

I have been on a low carb diet. Struggling with the last 4 pounds to make a total of 30 lost. I was reading a book Thursday night on low carb eating. It said there was a low carb ice cream. Breyer’s Low Carb. Only 4 carbs. I bought it!

A real treat! It has been more than 4 months since I have had ice cream. I have been dying for it! Tasted pretty good, too. Whatever the ice cream might have lacked in taste, the mind made up for it.

Today, Syracuse basketball! At noon. I will watch at the Sports Page Bar. Syracuse plays Villanova. Another tough game. Villanova is a top ten ranked team also. Syracuse should win. They are playing at home, Joseph will be back and the team will be anxious to make up for last week’s defeat by Pitt.

Enjoy your day!