Hurricane season ends today. Thank God, no  hurricane beset Key West. Irma was enough. Hopefully it is buying us a few more years.

Weathermen describe this season as “quiet.” No question about it. A minor storm here and there. Nothing of consequence.

The Conch Republic Navy will celebrate the end of the 2021 hurricane season with a flag burning at 5 pm today. The event will take place at the USCGC Ingham at the Truman Waterfront Park.

I can recall when I first came to Key West some 30 years ago. The hurricane season ended 9/1. Later extended to 10/1. Then to 11/1. Now in effect 12/1.

Someone out there does not like us.

Special dessert last night. Fran’s cheese cake. Delicious!  I’m so lucky!

Start wearing a mask again. I don’t have to tell you why. Be safe! Be cautious! For yourself, family and friends.

There is one subject that is rarely discussed. Death. Seems to be the huge elephant in the room.The issue came up sunday evening while having dinner with Fran and Tom.

We got into age and dying. Fran is 71, Tom 75. Youngsters in effect. Their concern not similar to mine. I mentioned that at 86 I find myself thinking about it. Makes sense.

Fran asked how I felt about dying. Not really concerned. I have no fear. What will be, will be. My life has been long. Good and bad at different times. No complaints at my end, however.

Fran asked my thoughts re an after life. My response two fold.

Nothing. Dead means dead. I assume it will be black like having surgery. Once you are out, you’re out. Everything black till you wake. With death no waking, however. Black forever which means I experience nothing.

The second one I would hope for and prefer. If such is the way it is. There is an after life. Another life. The other side.

I will meet my grandparents and parents. We will be joined again. Could not ask for anything more.

The next morning (yesterday) I was skipping through the internet looking for an interesting blog topic. Their it was. A death story.

I share it with you.

Scott Drummond was 28 at the time. He was skiing. Fell. Got up and continued skiing the rest of the day. Experienced no pain or discomfort.

When he took off his glove, he found his thumb hanging by the skin. Totally separated from his hand, except for the skin.

He went to the hospital immediately and was rushed into surgery. They were going to try reattaching his thumb.

Scott died on the operating table. He was dead for 20 minutes. Then returned to life.

Scott much older now. Married 45 years. Has rarely spoken of the experience.

His words during his recent interview spoke volumes.

I “went to heaven…..People should not fear death.”

He was in a field of beautiful flowers and tall rees. A white cloud ahead. He could feel, but not see, a person walking next to him.

Scott had a distinct recollection of his whole life in his mind. Quickly. Every detail.

The person next to him suddenly stuck out his arm blocking Scott. The person’s arm was the first of any part of his companion that he had seen. The man said, “It is not yet your time, you have more things to do.”

Scott describes where he went as the “most peaceful place I ever have went.”

“I know there is a God without a shadow of a doubt.”

“I’m not afraid of dying.”

Several times he choked with emotion, his eyes filling with tears. He had to pause. I share Scott’s experience with you. Draw your own conclusions.

I found another story involving a woman that was dead 90 minutes. I leave it for tomorrow.

My Uncle Frank died on the operating table during a heart procedure. He was gone 30 minutes. Then returned.

My Uncle was a simple man. Uneducated.  Typical family man. His wife my Aunt equally pleasant. Three daughters.

The experience led him to say he was not afraid to die. His experience a happy one.

He described a cloud surrounding him. A green field leading to a low wood fence. He walked toward the fence. As he did his family came to greet him. All previously dead, of course.

His mother, father, brothers and sisters. They were smiling, greeting him. He was happy.

As suddenly as he had arrived, he returned. The doctors could not explain why.

My Uncle was a bit unhappy about returning. Where he went had that impact on him.

From that day forward, he would always say he was not afraid to die. Actually looked forward to it.

He died a good 20 years later.

The new variant is named Omicron. My curiosity got the best of me. What/where was Omicron?

Turns out no where. Omicron is the name of a letter in the Greek alphabet.

How far do we go with many of the racist arguments. Sometimes enough is enough.

Students at the University of Florida want “Black Friday” renamed. Black and white students alike. Consider the term racist. Discriminatory against Black people.

Some students thought it should be changed. Others were of the opinion the issue was being “overanalyzed.”

The reporter doing the interview at the end would advise that the term Black friday was not about “skin color.” It had to do with shopping. Some who initially though it discriminatory at that point changed their minds and indicated it was ok.

Tuesday again. My blog talk radio show tonight at 9. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Good show. I rant and rave about things. A fast moving half hour. Join me at

Enjoy your day!


Everything is in short supply! Even Santa Claus!

There are national and regional companies that rent Santa Claus to malls and stores. They are having a problem this year. Too few Santas available.

Two reasons. One, many retired due to the pandemic. The other health concern related also. Santas that still want to work but have a fear of contacting COVID so are taking this year off.

Numbers never lie. The demand increase for Santas over last year is 120 percent. The decrease in available Santas 10 percent.

The old law of supply and demand.

Many businesses and families noting this year’s problem have already made reservations for “meet and greet” next year.

Those places that will have Santa this year have a new set of rules. Included are any child over 2 must wear a mask. Social distancing is in play. No lap sitting will be allowed.

Sadness takes many forms. The Santa problem is one.

I was out last night. Almost like the old days.

Fran and Tom Dixon are in town. It was our night together.

We met first at the Chart Room. Good to see them! Friends for years!

Fran looked her delightful best as usual. Always a deep tan. Tom his normal cheerful self.

There were two other couples at the bar.

The lady portion of one had lived in Utica for 20 years. We reminisced about the town. She and her boy friend have been coming to Key West for 20 years.

The other couple told me we had met last year. I remembered their faces, but not names. We chatted briefly.

It was good to walk the length of the bar chatting with the visitors. I was doubly happy that my old friends Fran and Tom were spending the evening with me.

It was cold. Around 68 degrees. Did not want to have dinner outside at the Pier House. Instead, we went across the street to Ocean Key.

A quiet night through out town. Thanksgiving visitors had left.

The three of us raised a bit of hell at the Hot Tin Roof. Company and meals both good.

Fran mothers me. For years. This year’s gifts included two cheese cakes. She made them both while here in the kitchen of their suite at Ocean Key House. Several different type candies. Always good!

One failure. Fran supplies me with face masks. Ten or twelve at a time. She makes them up in Buffalo. Well done.

She forgot to bring them this trip. I will have to survive with the tons of face masks I have. Both from Fran and which I purchased. I was always afraid I would run out.

The Democrats have to stop screwing around. For experienced politicians, they appear inept most times.

They have to bring back the filibuster. It is REQUIRED to save the country (especially a voting rights bill), enable Biden’s overall programs to pass, and help America’s people to live a better life.

OTHERWISE, the U.S. will move dramatically closer to a change in government style, to a radical lifestyle for its people, and my sense is a government tending Nazi in nature.

I filled the gas tank last week at $3.35 a gallon. Driving in town last night, I noticed each station had the same price. $4.25 a gallon.

Enjoy your day!


There was a time in recent years where everything in the news was Trump. Trump, Trump, Trump.

The pendulum has swung. Today it is COVID-19.

Though not better, more interesting. Especially the search for the ultimate cure and finding a way for everyone to agree to be vaccinated.

Coronavirus has become without question a world problem. The freedom argument being made in every country. Made with a vehemence.

Austria in deep trouble. Into a national lockdown. Many Austrians don’t like it. They seem to have become hard rock anti-vaxxers.

This past weekend, 40,000 marched in protest in Vienna. No care they were spreading the virus. Many failing to believe the vaccines protect humans.

The anti-vaxxers appeared to be more radicalized. Their mood “incensed” and “aggressive.”

“Provocative,” also. Many were carrying placards likening Austria’s new Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg to Josef Mengele, the sadistic physician at the Naxi concentration camp in Auschowitz.

South Africa has become a major player in the virus crisis, if the media is to be believed. One problem. Yes, the omicron variant is in South Africa. Yet, South Africa’s number of deaths is far below those of Europe and the U.S.

Why? There is no vaccine shortage, no lockdown, morgues overwhelmed, no mass casualties.

The numbers are far lower than experts had warned.

If such be the case, why are so many flying out of South Africa to other countries testing positive on arrival?

The vaccine mandate to vaccinate or lose your job is creating a havoc situation. Note I support the decision, though severe. The only way the virus problem will disappear is if most people are vaccinated.

The rule is severely affecting many hospitals.

One is Mount Sinai Long Beach Hospital. Seventy two healthcare workers were let go for failing to be vaccinated. The hospital then closed down because of a staffing shortage.

Mount Sinai South Nassau Hospital suffered a similar experience. Many employees refused to comply with the mandate. They were let go. The hospital had to shut down because of a nursing shortage.

The question as to how long a booster shot lasts has been bandied about lately.

Doctor Fauci says we do not know yet. He believes it may last for a long time. Way out. However not enough data yet to make such an announcement.

The story of a 15 year old who could not afford a plane ticket. The young man traveled from Guatemala to Miami in the plane’s landing gear. He arrived safely. No adverse effects.

Strange! Temperature high in the sky 60 degrees below zero. The young man also lucky he did not fall out of the plane.

Such has happened in the past. Some die. Fewer make it as this young man did.

Enjoy your Sunday!




A no question about it line. Good health is the most important thing.

Its source the 1974 movie The Godfather: Part Two. Hyman Roth was always sick. He uttered the words.

Many illnesses. The most prevalent at the moment is COVID-19.

The virus seems to hit an area big time, reduce significantly only to return as strong if not stronger another time.

Three countries/geographical areas are experiencing a resurgence not expected.

One is Austria. So bad, the country is in total lockdown.

Another Australia. Infection rate skyrocketing. Australia has opened quarantine camps for those infected and those exposed to the virus but not actually infected. Army soldiers are collecting the already sick and those exposed and trucking them to the concentration type camps.

Africa is into the problem big time. So bad that 8 nations are refusing to permit airlines from the exceptionally infected areas to land in their countries. The U.S. is one of the countries.

On the local scene, a situation worth mentioning.

Dr. Bruce Boros is one of Key West’s finest physicians. A respected heart doctor. Seventy one years old. Purportedly a wise man. Not in every regard, however.

Dr. Boros is anti-vaccine. He believes in ivermectin. The drug used to deworm horses. The same drug the CDC has advised people not to use.

Dr. Boros and his wife have been taking ivermectin for 16 months. Last week, Dr. Boros attended a one day anti-vaccine summit. Dr. Boros told the gathering about ivermectin and advised he never felt better.

It was announced this weekend that 7 of the doctors attending the summit have become infected with coronavirus. Dr. Boros one of them.

Word is Dr. Boros is quite ill and treating at home.

I respect the Doctor. He was off base in this instance, however.

Cases are on the rise in the U.S. Deaths fewer. Just under 60 percent of Americans have been vaccinated. Still not enough. Of the just under 60 percent, 80 percent are the most vulnerable. Which in itself is a good thing.

The U.S. rise is reflected in the numbers. Last week, the U.S. experienced 93,904 new cases daily. An 11.6 percent increase from the previous week. Average daily deaths were 1,116. Down 4.6 percent from the previous week.

Most U.S. hospitals have staffing problems. Some have shut down their ICU facilities as a result.

People worldwide are crying “freedom.” A significant number. They vehemently oppose mandated vaccines. Many will become infected. A good number die. U.S. statistics show 90-95 of COVID sick in hospitals today are the non vaccinated.

New York Times columnist Eugene Robinson commented on the problem in this morning’s edition: “Anti-vaccinated zealots here and abroad who demand their ‘freedom’ have it exactly backward. The vaccines can free us from the plague, if we will let them. The unchecked virus offers only tyranny.”

COVID affected the market big time friday. The DOW ended the day dropping 905 points. The biggest single day drop in recent times. At one point during the day, it had dropped more than 1,000 points.

Experts claim the drop the result of the new 0micron variant which is doing a number in Africa. It has the capacity to move rapidly worldwide. The effect on the economy would be disastrous.

Enjoy your day!



History is history! What was was! Leave it alone! Don’t play with it! Don’t Change it! Don’t screw with it!

We learn from history. If so, keep it honest. Otherwise that “learned” will be false.

Two recent examples of “history change” which infuriate me.

Theodore Roosevelt has proudly sat astride a horse for more than 80 years in front of the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. The statue will soon be removed and relocated to North Dakota.

The reason why involves the two persons standing aside the statue. One on each side. On one an African man. The other, a Native American man.

The claim leading to its soon to be removal is that the statue glorifies colonialism and racism.

A statue of Thomas Jefferson has sat in the New York City Hall for 187 years. It was moved monday. The reason being Jefferson owned slaves.

My advice why stop there. Remove Jefferson’s majestic statue in the Jefferson Memorial also.

What about George Washington? A slave owner big time. Lets remove Washington’s name from Washington, D.C. and the Washington Memorial.

Not correct to pick and choose. All or none.

Beware! The ongoing COVID problem could call for extreme government action. Action to be required because many people refuse to follow the rules.

Australia the perfect example.

Australia has begun forcibly moving residents from certain areas to quarantine camps. Those moved are positive cases and close contacts.

An Australian government official said, “Yes, these are strong measures, but THE THREAT TO LIVES IS EXTREME.”

Area persons primarily being sent to camps are from the northern portions of Australia. Primarily indigenous persons. The Australian army moves them by truck.

The Waukesha Christmas Parade SUV deaths total 8 dead and 40 injured. One of the dead is an 8 year old who died following brain surgery.

Eighteen children were injured and taken to Children’s Wisconsin Milwaukee Hospital. The hospital has advised it has insufficient staffing.

The reason claimed has to do with the COVID vaccination mandate. Certain nurses and staff have refused to be vaccinated. The national mandate for vaccines became effective November 15.

The hospital presently has 200 open positions.

Seventy percent of the nursing/medical staff who claimed a religious exemption were denied. Most have already begun looking for other jobs.

Things are so desperate in the hospital that even its CEO is working the emergency room floor.

Police advise the SUV driver drove his vehicle into the parade in a “zig zag pattern” in order to “hit as many people as possible.”

Corporate profits hit a record high in the third quarter. $3,139.1 billion. Two percent higher than the second quarter.

Long term rise dramatic. From one year ago, 28.2 percent. From the fourth quarter of 2019 – before any impact from the pandemic, 37.7 percent.

Such being the case, why is the Senate nickel diming the social infrastructure bill? Also arguing against any raise in corporate taxes?

For shame!

I wrote about Allyn Walker in my 11/15/21 blog. The transgender professor at Old Dominion University. The female who became a male. He called for the stigma towards pedohiles to be removed.

He claimed pedophilia was merely another form of sexual attraction and should be tolerated.

Old Dominion has “fired” Walker. His termination will begin May 22, 2022 when “her contract expired.”

Seventy professors signed a letter in support of Walker saying “not everyone who is attracted to children abuses the children.”

I wonder how many of the 70 are pedophiles themselves.

On this day in 1890, Key West was the largest city in Florida. Population 18,786.

Key West only about 28,000 today. Key West remained basically the same size while the rest of Florida flourished.

On this day in 1962, President John Kennedy was in Key West on official business. He was here to review the military installations and troops that had been part of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Enjoy your day!




Thanksgiving…..An American holiday. Family time. A happy time.

Its history an interesting story. What began with a Pilgrim/Indian banquet died 50 years later. The Pilgrims by that time referred to as Colonists destroyed the Indian nation they had sat and partied with in earlier years.

The first Thanksgiving occurred in October 1621. A three day event.

We begin with the meal. It was not as most think.

The hosts were the Pilgrims. They invited their Indian friends the Wampanoags to join them. Ninety Wampanoags attended.

The meat portion was not as today’s. Deer, not turkey. The Indians brought 5 deer.

Wildfowl was available in large amounts. Turkey was not in the forefront, though there were some running wild in the woods. The Puritans provided some fowl dishes. Primarily goose, duck and passenger pigeons. Passenger pigeons are extinct today. A few turkeys.

Primary foods provided by the Pilgrims included mussels, clams, lobsters, bass and eels. Fruit was pumpkin. Whether in pie or other form not known.

Corn was the most prevalent vegetable. There were no cranberries. Potatoes did not exist yet in the new land. It was at that time potatoes were first being shipped from South America to Europe.

To drink! Surprisingly, little beer. Even though the Pilgrims had 1 or 2 beer makers among them. Water was the drink of the day.

The fowl/birds served were stuffed with onions and herbs. There was no bread stuffing. There was no bread at the time. Puritan bread  was made from maize, not flour.

Many historians believe the Pilgrims would not have survived without the help of the Wampanoags. The Indians taught them what and how to plant and how to survive the cold winters.

The kumbaya relationship did not last long. Greed entered into the picture.

As the years moved on, more and more Europeans traveled to the New World. Such meant the Pilgrims (now referred to as Colonists) had to move inland. The expansion pushed the Indians off their lands. Ceremonial and traditional lands were mutilated.

Indians were considered savages. The Colonists mandated English the language. Even for the Indians to speak.

Missionaries arrived. The move was to Christianize the heathen Indians. Change their Indian beliefs. Interesting in itself since the Puritans had originally come to the New World seeking religious freedom. That which they sought, they tried to deny the Indians.

Sounds like what happened years later in the West. The U.S. needed land for expansion. Beat the hell out of the Indians and moved them off from what originally was their land.

Another Western story. In fact, what is about to be shared is where westerners learned a way to rid themselves of some Indians.

The Colonists brought illness with them. Smallpox and diphtheria. They also played diabolical with the Indians. The Indians were provided with diseased blankets. Blankets that wiped out entire villages.

Things reached a boiling point in 1675 with the King Philip’s War which lasted till 1678.

Prior to the war, a peace treaty was entered into in 1671. By the treaty, the Indians were required to surrender all their guns.

It was agreed that Indian wrongdoers and Colonial wrongdoers were to be punished by their own people, regardless where and to whom a crime was committed. The Colonists failed to live up to the agreement. They hung Indians for every transgression regardless where committed and against whom.

The King Philip’s War almost completely destroyed the Wampanoags and other neighboring tribes.

The King Philip’s War was down and dirty. The Indians downtrodden. The War is considered by historians as the “deadliest war in Colonial American history.”

Interesting how relationships change. Interesting further how greed can be the major contributing factor.

It is said history repeats itself. Note again what happened to the Wampanoags in the 1600’s occurred again in the American west in the 1800’s and early 1900’s.

Enjoy the holiday, your family and friends, and do eat too much!





The court rooms of today are truly the courts of last resort.

There are three branches of government. The Executive and Legislative for various reasons are not solving our every day problems.

Which leaves the responsibility to the last branch. The Judicial branch. Unfortunately, it is dying on the vine. The dike is leaking. However, there is no place else for America to go for relief.

I have spelled out the reasons why over the past year in detail. Such is not the purpose of today’s blog.

Last week and this week certain portions of life in America have been exposed in court rooms. Things occurred which made little or no sense to me.

Take the Ahmaud Arbery death case in Georgia for example.

A black man jogging in a white neighborhood. Shot dead by a white “vigilante” driving around the white neighborhood seeking out some bad guy who had been committing house burglaries in the neighborhood.

The white man assumed the black one was the villain. Probably rationalizing…..He’s black. He has to be.

The white man wanted to question the black runner. Claimed he intended to make a “citizen’s arrest.” Arbery kept jogging. The white man shot Arbery from the car killing him.

The three men pursuing Arbery were white.

The shooter stood over Arbery’s dead body and called him “nigger.”

The judge refused to let the prosecution bring the “nigger” uttering into evidence.

Why not?

On its very face, the killing was race motivated. A white man shot a black man for no reason. Following which he called him “nigger.”

The Rittenhouse case another example of something out of the ordinary happening in a court room.

The judge forbad the prosecution from referring to the two dead men and the one wounded as “victims.”

Doesn’t make sense. Rittenhouse shot them. Were the three, especially the two dead, anything but victims?

A side note re Rittenhouse. He has become an American hero to the far right.

Yesterday, Rittenhouse and his mother met with Trump at Mar-a-Lago. Trump claims he was impressed with Rittenhouse saying, “Really a nice young man…..That was prosecutorial misconduct. He should not have had to suffer through a trial for that. He was going to be dead.”

Trump also stated Rittenhouse had become the “poster boy” for the right to self-defense.

How did Rittenhouse and Trump come together at Mar-a-Lago? By chance or planned?

Trump said, “He called. He wanted to know if he could come over, say hello, because he was a fan.”

I don’t buy it. The visit under the circumstances had to be arranged. By Trump or his people. People don’t just telephone a former President and say, I am a fan and in the neighborhood. Can I stop by?

Trump’s record when it comes to veracity is lacking. I would assume  he was lying as to how the visit came to be.

Darrell Brooks is the SUV driver who plowed into a Christmas Parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. His driving thus far has left 6 dead and roughly forty injured. The injured include 13 children who are still hospitalized.

A week or two prior to the incident, Brooks was let out on $1,000 cash bail for a different occurrence. The incident involved among other things his running his vehicle over a person’s arm.

Brooks’ track record another reason why he should not have been let out of jail so cheaply. Makes me wonder if the judge or prosecutor were aware of his record.

Brooks’ record qualifies him as a “distinguished villain.” He is a registered sex offender. He admitted in a video that he “pimps children.” He previously had been a bail jumper. His record contained a number of violent felonies and misdemeanors as well.

The man is black. He is a Black Lives Matter follower. He is purported to be anti-white.

The Charlottesville riot civil lawsuit’s jury has returned. Seventeen counter protesters sued those who arranged for the “riot” for money damages. For injuries, etc. Damages sought compensatory and punitive.

The jury returned a verdict in excess of $25 million.

Defendants included the Unite the Right organization. The group primarily made up of white nationalist neo-nazis and Confederate sympathizers.

Individually named defendants included Richard Spence, Jason Hessler, and Christopher Cantwell. Spencer was once viewed as the leader of the alt-right in the U.S. Heller organized the event. Cantwell a vocal neo-Nazi podcaster.

An outstanding result. Twenty five million dollars impressive. One problem, however. How are the successful plaintiffs going to collect any money? Unless one or more of the “organizers” are well off financially, the judgment is worthless. Its only value is to evidence a verdict in big dollars that may dissuade others well heeled to cease and desist financing insurrectionists.

Enjoy your day!


President John Kennedy died 58 years ago yesterday.

Kennedy brought a new feeling of exhilaration and excitement to the nation with his election. He was young. Handsome. His wife Jacqueline beautiful. Much of his staff equally young.

There was a vibrancy in Washington which made its way throughout the country. The U.S. was transformed.

His children contributed to the emotion. Caroline and John young children. Photos of them playing in the Oval Office while the President was working common place.

Communism was a major fear at the time. Khrushchev was testing the new and young President. The Cuban Missile crisis was a nose to nose confrontation.

Warships of the U.S. and Russia facing each other in the waters between the U.S. and Cuba. The fear war was inevitable.

Kennedy stood his ground. Khrushchev blinked first.

A major victory for Kennedy against a major foe.

The country felt like it was moving. New bright ideas in leadership.

I am not aware of such a feeling prior to Kennedy’s time nor since.

Kennedy died, the excitement died.

Camelot was no more.

The U.S. is divided. The division reflective in the Rittenhouse result.

Far right conservatives look at it one way. Liberals another.

Rittenhouse was interviewed by Tucker Carlson on FOX News last night. Tucker referred to Rittenhouse as a “sweet kid…..bright, honest, sincere, dutiful and hard working – exactly the kind of person you’d want many more of in your country.”

Whoopi Goldberg saw it another way on the View: Kyle Rittenhouse committed murder despite his aquittal.

An update re the Waukesha Christmas Parade disaster. The driver of the SUV has been charged with homicide in the killing of 5 persons.

Strange people a growing factor in U.S. society. The latest weirdos involve Elijah Lewis.

Elijah 5 years old. A New Hampshire resident. He was discovered dead. An autopsy was performed. Cause of death determined to be violence and neglect, including facial and scalp injuries, acute fentanyl intoxication, malnourishment and pressure ulcers.

He was reported missing on October 14. State police aided by a cadaver dog discovered Elijah’s body in a makeshift grave in the woods in Arlington, Massachusetts a little over a week later on October 23.

The boy’s mother and her boy friend are being held without bail.

Can anything be sicker than what happened to Elijah?

Tuesday again. Tonight at 9 my blog talk radio show Tuesday talk with Key West Lou. Join me! Lots to share with you.

Enjoy your day!


Bum Farto and Jimmy Hoffa birds of a feather. Men with criminal backgrounds. Both fell off the face of the earth.

Both disappeared within one year of the other in 1975 and 1976. Farto in 1976, Hoffa 1975.

This is an update on the possible location of Hoffa’s body. Farto no one knows where he is or ended up. He could still be alive basking on a Caribbean beach.

Hoffa disappeared in Michigan in 1975. Forty six years ago.

It has been assumed the Mafia had his body buried under a New Jersey highway then under construction. Authorities have never been able to find his body.

The FBI recently renewed the search for Hoffa’s body. On the basis of new information received.

The man who claims to have actually buried Hoffa made a death bed statement to his son who in turn conveyed the information to the FBI.

The now deceased claimed he buried Hoffa’s body in a steel drum in New Jersey in the Jersey City landfill. At a location below the Pulaski Skyway. Fifteen feet underground.

The FBI investigated the site for 2 days late in October. The site is as large as a little league baseball field.

No digging as yet. The FBI is analyzing the findings they made during the day inspection.

Will we ever hear where Bum Farto is hiding or buried? Farto is part of Key West history and his story should have a conclusion. Hoffa’s story should have a conclusion, also.

Wisconsin does not appear to be a safe State. First Kyle Rittenhouse. Now an SUV operator who drove his vehicle into a Christmas Parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Five killed, more than 40 injured.

A “person of interest” is in custody.

No further facts available at this time.

Two pieces of COVID information.

I am angered. Governor DeSantis is secretive in most every respect where he should not be. My most recent concern is the number of new coronavirus cases that have popped up in Key West since Fantasy Fest.

The information is not available. DeSantis prohibits dissemination of COVID figures. Note, he wants to be elected President in 2024.

The guy has to be bad. He danced to every Trump tune. Yet in recent weeks, even Trump has found him lacking.

Seniors should have received their booster shots by now. Anyone 65 and older.

Statistics for Florida indicate 2.9 million senors have yet to receive the booster shot. Doctors believe the seniors are leaving themselves “exposed” as the holidays approach.

The rumor began 2 months ago. Still was “hot” 1 month ago. Beware! There will be a shortage of turkeys at Thanksgiving time.

Turns out such has not occurred.

The only shortage is in birds 10-14 pounds. Not really a problem. People just buying turkeys a bit larger.

I’m glad there will be no shortage. I have been on Lisa’s back to buy a turkey early. She did buy early. Last week. I would have bought 2 months ago!

Protests and rage against lockdowns and mandates are occurring all over the world. Not solely a U.S. problem. It is obvious that some fail to believe COVID could kill them or just don’t care.

This day in 1963 one of the saddest in American history. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

I recall the moment I heard vividly and the week that followed. Our President was dead. Unbelievable sorrow.

Americans are different today. I doubt the country would similarly mourn if Biden died. Half the people would dance with joy.

Our country is sick.

Enjoy your day!