I am reliving my youth with my grandchildren. Actually the kids today have more fun than I did at their ages. Everything is a shade different or a lot different. The influences are different.

I go tricking and treating with Robert and Ally tonight. Love it! I did it with my children. Loved it then, too! My parents never did it with me. I do not recall parents walking closely or in the shadows back then. Probably because there was nothing to worry about. No one would even consider harming a child.

Montessori is having a costume parade this morning at 9:30. I will be there! The children selected their own historical figures. Robert is Ben Franklin and Ally Cleopatra. I can’t wait to see them!

Patrick is a snowbird. He must be back in Key West. Patrick commented following yesterday’s blog that he was surprised how clean the Key West streets were the morning following the Fantasy Fest parade. Yes, they are always that clean! Key West is organized for things like that. It does not surprise me. However, we who have been here forever tend to take such things for granted. I compliment Patrick for picking up on it.

Dinner at a new place last night. Vito’s Pizzeria on White Street.

A family event. Lisa and the family. Plus, the in laws. And me, of course.

We ate outside. I don’t know if there is an inside. Beautiful! Charming! Loved the atmosphere. Peaceful and calm. Green all over.

The music my kind. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and the like.

The only problem, we had to wait two hours to be served. So did every one else. Not nice. Not easy. Especially when you have kids with you.

The pizza cook failed to show up for work. The restaurant was filling up. Delivery orders were coming in. A disaster!

The food is ok. Especially for the money. The service a problem. I will give the place another shot. The atmosphere compensated.

It does not surprise me the pizza cook failed to show. That’s Key West! The night before was the Fantasy Fest parade. He probably got loaded. Contractors have a similar problem. If it is a nice day and the fish are biting, workers just do not show up. They would rather fish.

The biggest problem for Key West employers is employees showing up for work each day.

I skipped over to Don’s Place after dinner. Don there. Had a couple of drinks with him. The discussion? Bocce.  What else!

I see my heart doctor today.

Blood pressure under control. Fluid a problem. Big ankles every 4-5 days. Takes two days of water pills to bring them down. This, too, we shall conquer!

Enjoy your day!


Best day of the week!

This Sunday…..last day of Fantasy Fest 2011.

The big parade was last night. Floats and costumes. Thousands of people along the route. Jammed together. Screaming and reaching for beads. Beads thrown by the thousands from the floats.

Last night’s parade was called the Captain Morgan Fantasy Fest Parade. Named after the pirate of old who planned his raids from right here in Key West.

I did not make the parade last night. Stayed in again. Early to bed.

I have done Fantasy Fest for many years. Some years, I do many of the events. Others, few. This year very few. In deciding to stay in last night, parking was one problem. I would have had to park too many blocks away and walk long distances back and forth. I was not in the mood for the stifling heat caused by thousands of bodies thrown together in a small space. I was not drinking.

I have seen it all. Done it. This year opted not to participate. Next year is another story.

I dressed the night of the parade once. An interesting experience.

My costume was nothing special. I threw on a judge’s black robe and a black eye mask. Wore shorts and a tee shirt underneath.

The beauty of the experiece was walking up and down Duval Street for two hours before the parade. Parade watchers are permitted to do so before the parade starts.

 I saw everything. No one knew me. Because half my face was covered, no one recognized me. I could look at anything and everything I wanted. Do whatever I wanted. And no one would know it was Louis.

A WOW trip!

I also missed bocce Thursday night. Spoke with Don yesterday. We lost all three games. To Larry’s team. Bad! We were way ahead of them in the rankings. Still are. Does not make sense. It was also a money game.

Maybe I was missed ????? Just joking!

Donna telephoned. Good to hear from her. She wanted to say hello, how are you, etc. She knows from this blog I have not been feeling well. Love her concern! Love her and Terri!

Donna reminded me that their third anniversary was coming up. What anniversary? You have not been married that long!

The third anniversary of Donna and Terri’s meeting. Not marriage. Ah, women! They met three years ago at the Keys Piano Bar.

The Occupy thing becomes more interesting. There is turbulence in the ranks. The Wall Street group is fighting with each other. Physically.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Ho ho ho! Yogi bear!

It is a lovely morning!

Will it be a lovely evening? This is the last day of Fantasy Fest. The big parade tonight. About three hours long. Floats, floats, floats!

Eighty thousand people watching! I always wonder where they sleep. Key West is a small island, 1.5 x 4 miles. If you take all the motels/hotels in Key West and 100 miles up the keys, there is still not enough room for these people to sleep. Yes, some will sleep on the beaches. Otherwise, where do they stay? I wonder every year.

Getting back to the weather. Eighty degrees at the moment. Eight In the morning. A nice day ahead. But…..60 per cent chance of rain tonight. Would be a disaster if it rained on the parade!

I understand up north has had snow for two days. Some really heavy in the last 24 hours. Hard to visualize when one is basking in 80 degree weather.

Terrific feed back on yesterday’s internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

People hate banks. Especially Bank of America. Significant feedback on the Bank.

No other specific issue created a huge out cry in and of itself. Many of the topics commented on, however. Airport security and a woman’s personal vibrator and tampons aggravated some ladies. People expressed an unusual interest in Gadhafi and his virgin bodyguards.

So it went.

I spent some time after the show with Lisa and the grandkids. Robert and Ally had no school in the afternoon.

Lisa and Corey had teacher visits for both of them the day before. Robert is in the second grade. A ok in everything. No problem. Ally is in the first grade. Same thing. Lisa told her teacher she seems to be having a difficult time with math. The teacher said no wonder. She was so good at math that they now have her doing third grade math! Wow!

I am a lucky man. I get love from the grandkids coming and going.

Robert is the greeter. He is all over me hugging and kissing when he first sees me. Ally, I get a simple hug and kiss. But when I leave, Ally is almost chasing the car down the street. Her I love you Poppa and miss you Poppa resonate.

There was locals parade yesterday at 5. A big deal each year. Locals and tourists dress and march from the cemetery to Duval. The porches of the homes along the way are crowded with people watching and partying.

I have never seen nor particiatesd in the locals parade. Yesterday was my chance big time. I was invited to a party at a home on Fleming. I never made it. Opted to stay home and rest. Bad!

I stayed in throughout the evening. Wanted to watch the final game of the World Series. Baseball over Fantasy Fest! A great game. St. Louis won. David Freese was the MVP.

Freese is interesting. He has not played much the past two years. Injuries. Not much of a player either. Of course, he has not had an opportunity to show his skills. He was the hero of the Series, however. Unquestionably. Especially in games 6 and 7.

Freese only makes a paltry $416,000. Nothing for a pro baseball player. I think the minimum they can receive is $400,000. Not next year! Freese is the next instant millionaire! And well deserved

Occupy whatever. Will it grow? Will it peter out? I am not certain yet. I sense it is catching on. But I cannot grasp what is success, where is it going, etc.

Oakland was a problem this past week. I suspect the police over reacted. An Iraqi war veteran, Scott Olsen, was injured. Olsen is a two duty Iraqi veteran. He was shot in the head by a projectile fired by the police. Skull fracture. Still hospitalized. His condition a problem, though he is recovering.

A weapon should not be carried openly or unholstered, unless it is going to be used. It was used in this instance.

Where are we going?

Herman Cain is the man of the moment. His 15 minutes is up to an hour. The media now reports his support is growing in the South. Hard to believe. A black man being supported strongly in southern conservative Republican States.

We are a changing society. The problem is not enough people recognize this fact. Ergo, partisanship continues to be the problem in government.

Tonight is the night of nights in Key West! Fantasy Fest parade! Floats! Eighty thousand people along the parade route. I intend to go and wander about. But then again, this has not been a Fantasy Fest year for me. We shall see.

Enjoy your day!

Friday morning!

That means the Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 am. http://www.konkbroadcasting.com/. World wide. Join me for an exciting informative hour.

Topics this morning penetrating and explosive. Revealing and informative.

My take on the Occupy Oakland fiasco, an economy that does not make sense, the hole in Obama’s plan to help defaulting mortgage home owners, cities and bankruptcy, airport security’s imposition re personal vibrators and tampons, China and polygamy, China on the bubble, Gadhafi’s virgin bodyguards, wife sharing in India, Orthodox Jews requiring women to sit in the back of the bus in New York City, the new Barbie tattoo doll, drug ingestion and bowel movements, Van Gogh’s death questioned, and more.

Sounds good! Is good! Listen and learn. The truth exposed.

Yesterday was spent refining today’s internet show. Then a couple of hours working with Sloan. She was very helpful. Plus, I babysat for two hours. Played Scrabble with the grandkids. They are good! Especially Robert. I was slow in thinking and making words. Must be my age.

I stayed in for health reasons. Missed bocce, Pretenders and toga party. There is always next year.

I was in bed early. Slept eight hours straight. Unusual for me. Feel terrific this morning.

Enjoy your day!

Where do I begin…..

The weather.

Forget about Rina. No longer a problem for Key West. Going to miss us big time. We will have rain friday and saturday off and on, however. From a different front coming up from the south.

Living on a sub tropical Carribean island is defintely interesting!

Golf yesterday was a disaster! It was my fluid problem. My ankles were swollen. I was tired by the time we made the turn. Big time. On the back side, I was lucky if my drives reached the ladies’ tee. For real! I picked up on many holes.

I pushed myself to finish. Did finish.

Played with Kurt, Rob, Yankee Jack and Aaron. Two bartenders from Don’s place, a singer from the Bull and a Key West marrying man. Three of them shot in the 80s. One in the low 90s. My perverted score was 124. More like 140.

It was home to bed afterwards. For the rest of the afternoon and evening.

My fluid problem I suspect is caused from my meds. The blood pressure is under control. But I am taking too many different pills. One or two are screwing up the fluid in my body. My ankles were huge by last night!

I took a water pill at three this morning. By six, I had lost 6 pounds. The six I had gained from the day before. My heart doctor is vacationing in New York this week. I will be with him monday. The problem has to resolved.

Two events tonight. Bocce and Fantasy Fest. I am doing neither. I will be staying home and resting.

I dislike missing bocce. It is a money game. Against Larry’s team. Believe me, it would be too much for me.

Tonight is the best evening of Fantasy Fest from my perspective. Pretenders and toga party.

Pretenders is a classy show at the Pier House. On the grounds. Music, costumes, etc. Standing, sitting  on the beach.

Toga is toga. On the street front of and inside Sloppy Joe’s. Men and women in scanty sheets parading their privates about. The women will show their breasts, derrieres and what have you to the men in exchange for beads. A voyeur’s dream. Remember, this is an adult party.

I shall miss both.

I have to babysit the grandkids for a couple of hours later this afternoon. In reality, they will take care of me.

I also have to finalize tomorrow’s internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten in the morning my time. http://www.konkbroadcasting.com/. Join me for some interesting, challenging and funny topics. Like China and polygamy, Occupy Oakland, the penis amputation case, Obama’s mortgage and student loan assistance programs, and more. Listen to my comments. I am not always in accord with popular conceptions. I call ’em as I see ’em.

And…..I have  to grocery shop. It was tough putting a meal together last night. The cupboard is really bare!

Enjoy your day!

Key West weather consistent. Warm by day. Cool by night.

Consistency this weekend questionable, however. Rina on her way!

Rina is our present hurricane problem. Heading for Cancun now. 105 miles per hour. May leave Cancun a 3. There are three projected courses after Cancun. Two will bring some rain to Key West. The third goes right over. Could be a problem.

Wilma was the last bad hurricane to hit Key West. Only a 2. But 6 hours later, a 6 1/2 foot surge hit the island. Much damage. Devastation. Lisa’s home had 6 1/2 feet of water. Lost everything. Car, too. Took a year and over $200,000 to repair the house. She and the family lived with me that year.

Wilma hit this time of year. It also came up from the southwest as Rina is.

All we can do is sit and wait.

Last night was the Chart Room again. It has taken on a decidedly different flavor during Fantasy Fest.

JJ bartending. A smile on his face. A big night dollar wise.

Sheila there again. Love her!

The new boobs girl from the night before was back again. I saw them better last night. She went from a C cup to double DD. Impressive!

LiAnn. I have not seen LiAnn in months. We just have not run into each other. Beautiful and smart. We had a couple of drinks together. She was up for dancing at Virgilio’s. I was not.

Met Jim Scholl, the Key West City Manager. Nice guy. Knowledgable. A retired US Navy captain. His last tour of duty was as Commander of the Key West Naval  Base.

One or two guys from Indiana. Got into the Syracuse/Indiana Final Four game in New Orleans in 1987. One of them works for Google. Made for interesting conversation.

I realized I was hungry as I drove home. Stopped at Outback. Glad I did. Met two interesting people. Mother and son. Mother Beth Lis probably in her mid 50s. Son Waylon Gary mid 30s.

Waylon an artist. Does/did pencil drawings on Duval. Ready to move on. In the sense of another community.

Hope I run into them again while they are still here. Really enjoyed their company.

I ordered rack of lamb. Came out chops and chunks of lamb. Not the rack cut up. I thought nothing of it. Tasted terrific! When I was finished, the chef came out and asked how I enjoyed. I asked where was the rack. Apparently the rack supplier could not supply. What I had was the substitute. I told him I was 100 per cent satisfied. In fact, what I had had more taste than the usual rack.

I have been warning in my blogs, columns and internet show for two years that protests were coming. and following the protests, violence in the streets. Inevitable. A people cannot be screwed economically as we have.

It happened last night in Oakland with Occupy Oakland. It also happened in Rome. Oakland interests me more.

In the dark of night, 500 police officers set out to evict the occupiers of a park. The occupants had been pre warned. The cops were Oakland officers and those brought in from other departments.

Eighty five persons were arrested.

A reporter described the scene as “…brutal” and the show of force “…grossly outrageous.”

The police described the park as a “…crime scene.” That was prior to their entry.

We are on a bad path.

Golf this morning! I am excited. Tee off time cannot come too early for me. I have not played in five weeks because of my health. I don’t care if I shoot 135. I will be having fun!

Enjoy your day!

Starting late this morning! Was out last night.

It was a good night. A very good night.

My whole evening was spent at the Chart Room. Roughly four hours.

When I arrived, Sheila was at the bar with some friends. Love Sheila. Her leg is still mending. She had to return to work. She drives a tolley car train. Her leg aches. She hangs in there. A real  trouper.

Sheila will be leading the Fantasy Fest parade again this year. Her fourth year. I forget what her position is called. She will be driving an electric car. Her responsibility is to lead the floats in a timely fashion. She has the whistle, ear phones, etc. She’s the boss!

Mary was bartending. Looked fantastic last night! More than usual! I told her so. Thought it might be her dress. Sexy black with just the right clevage.

Sheila and her friends left. A couple came in. Tourists.

Jen and Jimmy. From Fort Myers. Came down a few days ago. Did not know it was Fantasy Fest time. Were leaving at 6 this morning. Staying at the Pier House. Needless to say, they were having a hell of a time. They will return.

Jen and Jmmy kept me interested and laughing for an hour. They had been to the Red Garter the night before. A strip/gentlemen’s club. Their rendition of the evening was one for the books!

In all  the years I have been in Key West, I have yet to visit the Red Garter. Some day.

Then a group of three came in. Two lovely ladies and a gentleman. Two were locals. One woman visiting. I am ashamed to say I cannot recall their names. But they were winners, also!

I had two fun groups, one on each side of me!

I enjoyed the new group big time. Especially one of the ladies. She had new breasts. She showed them to me. Nice.

It is Fantasy Fest!

Every night should be as fun filled as last night.

The weather is getting strange. Still sunny and cool. But…..a hurricane is on its way. Rina. Right now it is to the southeast. 100 miles per hour. It is supposed to turn north and east. Scheduled to hit Sunday if it does not.

I worked all day yesterday writing. Sloan spent a part of the early evening with me. Sloan is my new associate/assistant/helper. I brought her on board last week. Yesterday was our first work session together. I think she is going to work out. Already this morning we have been on the telephone several times.

This morning I have to knock out an Amazon Kindle legal blog. My topic involves painting nude bodies. Sound familiar! Key West at Fantasy Fest time. But, my legal blog concerns an artist doing it recently in Times Square in New York City. He was arrested. So, too, was the female whose body he was painting. The legal implications and out come are interesting.

The rest of today I will probably scew off. I need it.

Enjoy your day!

Key West has moved into Autumn.

Sunny all day. High 70s to 80 degrees. Blue skies.No humidity. Chilly evenings.

Son in law Corey is an expert in all things involving nature. He says it will be this way till June. The humidity factor. The temperature will drop in late December and into January. Our winter.

The Herschel/Erica 7am breakfast at Don’s Place yesterday was terrific!

I arrived a few minutes after 7.There were about 15 persons in the bar. Alcohol sales are permitted on sunday mornings in Florida. Starting at 7.

The breakfast club crowd was there. Those who wait for the doors to open so they can have their first drink of the day. There were also a few of me. Those waiting for breakfast.

The food soon arrived. I waited a while. Continued to read the sunday papers. The crowd picked up. By 8, it was sizable and sociable. At 7, everyone appeared to be in a bit of a haze.

Herschel and Erica did did an excellent job food wise. Chipped beef and biscuits, ham and eggs, hard boiled eggs, and sausage. I ate it all!

It was dark at 7 when I arrived. It was daylight a little after 8 when I left.

I headed over to Lisa’s. She has never seen me this early in Key West. In an accusatory fashion she said, “You’ve been up all night!” No, I responded. And explained.

The last time I stayed up all night partying was about 40 years ago.

Robert and Ally were up. They were excited to see me. They ran outside in their pajamas to greet me. Love it! Love them!

I stayed at Lisa’s till noon. Watched the talk shows with Lisa and Corey. Played with the grandkids.

Corey has a new I pad. Robert and Ally know how to use it. They play games on it. They each spent about two hours on the I pad. Amazing!

I was home at 1 watching the Denver/Miami game. I was curious to see how Tim Tebow would do. He did not do well most of the game! It was only in the last couple of minutes that his greatness came to the fore.

Denver was losing 15-0. Tebow passed for 2 touchdowns. Needed a 2 pointer following the second touchdown to tie. Did it. Denver went on to win in overtime.

Up to the those last few minutes, Tebow sucked. He did not look good. Ran too much. Not wise for a pro quarterback. He threw little. Not wise either.

I did a lazy sunday night. Stayed in and watched TV.

Friday, I was at K Mart. I decided to buy one of those panini sandwich grills. I ran into Kathy while there. La Trattoria’s Kathy.

Kathy had heavy surgery in Miami several weeks ago. This was the first time I had seen her since before the surgery. I spoke to her on the telephone three weeks ago. She sounded extremely tired.

My Kathy friday was less tired. But, oh so thin! She lost a lot of weight. Too much. She truly was a fraction of her former self. She will gain it back though. Plus.

Her disposition was excellent. She is a charmer at heart. I could sense her energy was not yet where it should be. A bit more time.

God bless! Glad you made it, Kathy!

By the way, I am giving the panini machine a good work out. Love it! That is all I have been eating since friday. Paninis. Made with everything!

Enjoy your day!

It’s 5:30 Sunday morning!

I’m up and raring to go!

I have a breakfast to attend at 7.

Herschel and Ercia occasionally cook a huge breakfast at home for friends. The breakfast itself is at Don’s Place. They haul the breakfast goodies from their home to Don’s. The breakfast is always scheduled for 7 on a Sunday morning. It is Herschel and Erica’s way of saying we love you to their many friends. Most of whom work till 4 in the morning at the bars in Key West or have been partying all night and still are.

I have been invited often in the past. Never made it. Too early. I neither work till 4 in the morning nor party all night. However, I decided to do it this morning. So the man is up, writing his blog and then a quick shower before driving over to Don’s Place.

Yesterday afternoon was spent at Higgs Beach. Warm, with just a nip of cool in the air. Did my usual thing. Read a bit. Watched the ladies a bit. Slept a bit.

May I never stop looking!

I lunched outside at Salute’s. Salute’s sits on Higgs Beach. I enjoyed a piece of snapper with a salad. The top of the salad was garnished with a huge piece of avacado. Delicious!

I intenteded to go to the Sports Page Bar and hook up with Jean Thornton in the evening. I intended to watch the Alabama/Tennessee game with her. Instead, I was lazy. Stayed home and watched the game from my bed.

The first half was a dangerous one for #2 ranked Alabama. They were lifeless. The half time score was 6-6. Alabama came back in the second half and played like the championship team they are. Alabama won 37-6.

In a couple of weeks, it will be Alabama and LSU. What a game that will be!

The weather is chilly this morning. I will be wearing a sweatshirt. There has been no need for air conditioning since the rain departed. Ten degrees cooler. Still warm by day. No humidity. Once the sun goes down, cool.

Enjoy your Sunday!

It was a good day yesterday!

It started with my internet show The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Some thought it was the best ever. I have learned it is in the topics. Topic choice is easy in this crazy upside down world we live in.

Based on post show comments, the most talked about topic involved Ghadafi.

I did a bit of a dissertation about Ghadafi. Unquestionably, a bad guy. But even tyrants/dictators do some good for their people. Otherwise they would not stay in power as Ghadafi did for 42 years.

I pointed out some benefits he provided his people. Free medical, gasoline 2 cents a gallon and free college. Regarding a free college education, if Libya could not provide the education required, the government paid for the student’s education in another country.

China is growing in the post show comment column. I am glad I got into China. Viewers are enjoying the exposure.

Last night Goombay! The start of Fantasy Fest. We are off and running.

Goombay is a street festival. Held in Bahama Village. The length of Petronia Street starting at Duval.

Food, music and trinkets. The smell/aroma of the cooking food is….. Oh! So good!

Goombay is a music and dance festival associated with drums. Those held between th knees and played by hand. The festival brings a happy party time which originated in Africa. It came to Key West via the Bahamas and the Africans who originally settled there.

Key West permitted Gombay to be extended several blocks this year. A good idea. It thinned out the crowd. There was room to walk comfortably last night.

I was particularly taken by the music. There was a 3 piece band on a stage at the end of Petronia by the water. Pulsating music! What a beat! People dancing. I stayed a while and enjoyed.

I did Goombay with friends from Don’s Place. Don and Steph, Herschel and Erica, Herschel’s visiting brother and sister in law, David and Karen, and others. There were 12 of us.

We met first at Don’s Place. Took two cabs to 801. 801 is a premier gay/drag queen bar in Key West. My first time there. We had a couple of drinks.

Then it was across the street to Petronia and the start of Gombay.

We met afterwards at Blue Heaven. It is in the middle of Goombay on Petronia. The place was packed. We finished our evening there drinking and socializing.

I left the group early. I can only take so much. I walked back to Don’s Place to get my car. A bit of a hike. However, the evening was cool. I enjoyed the walk and my thoughts.

It was home to bed. I caught the second half of the Syracuse/West Virginia football game. Ho ho ho! Syracuse won!

West Virgina was ranked #11 nationally coming into the game. Syracuse unranked. Lucky we were 4-2.
Syracuse whipped West Virigina! 49-23. Wow!

We have been in a building process the past several years. Maybe it is taking hold.

The win was an exciting conclusion to an already great day!

Enjoy your today!