I am down this morning. I just heard about a dear friend in Utica. Her husband e-mailed me. She has been diagnosed with cancer. Everywhere. Breasts, lungs and spine. Plus a mass in the pelvic area larger than a softball. The doctors are still testing to determine if the mass is cancerous.

A sweet woman. Never hurt a soul. Her husband my best friend.

In a split second, the world turns. Life changes.

Don’s 60th birthday party last night at Don’s Place. Packed! Larry Smith and his group entertained. Christine and the lovely Kathleen Peace singing. Ray on the guitar. Skipper on the drums. A loud night.

The crowd was a three way combination. Don’s friends, Larry’s followers from the Wine Galley, and Don’s usual friday night crowd. A good time was had by all!

Don is one of the finest people I have met in my lifetime. I feel fortunate to have met him. We are friends. I wish him sixty more years!

Hershel and Erika are in town. They left Key West several months ago for a northern state. They flew in for Don’s party. Good people! Love them both!

I saw something last night I never thought I would again. Gas under $3! $2.99 at the K-Mart station on the boulevard. My sense is the price will continue its downward trend for a  while.

Every time I think about the price of gas, I recall its cost when I first got a driver’s license. $.16 a gallon! Would you believe!

Today is Joyce Kilmer’s birthday. He died in World War I at the age of 31. He was part of the Fighting 69th.

Kilmer was a poet. Trees being one of his finest compositions. The best lines…..”I think I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree…..Poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree.”

Syracuse basketball tonight. Play St. John’s. A former Big East foe. Syracuse is a 7.5 point favorite. I hope.

I recall when Lou Carnesecca coached St. John’s. A short, thin amiable sort. A powerful sense of humor.

I met Lou two times. The first in Utica. My son was chairing the United Fun Drive. The final dinner a big deal. We were able to get Carnesecca as guest speaker with Jim Boeheim’s assistance. We met prior to the dinner. My father was with us. Carnesecca said several nice things about my Dad during his speech.

Lou would not take pay for his attendance and speech. Only asked that his plane ticket and motel be covered. That is the kind of guy he was.

The second time I saw him was about a year later. I was in New York City to see the Syracuse/St. John’s game at Madison Square Garden. My seats were first row behind the St. John’s bench. Lou saw me and came over to chat for a few moments.

Lou Carnesecca is still alive. He is 89. God bless him!

Dinner tonight with my Buffalo friends Tom and Fran. We are meeting at the Chart Room and then off to Hot Tin Roof for dinner. The third consecutive night I have been out on the town. For a while there, I thought I had slowed down.

Enjoy your day!



The pharmaceutical companies have had a free ride in the United States. Government oversight/control is lacking. The companies are permitted to charge outrageous sums for drugs. The profit factor has to be big time.

When the President was pushing Obamacare, he excluded most if not all drug coverages. I assume the reason why was he did not want the drug industry working against his bill. They did not oppose it. This action left the drug companies free to continue charging outrageously.

Now comes the Louis story. I am leaving tomorrow for two months in Europe. I take tons of pills each day. My heart is not the best and requires all type of medicinal support. I get my prescription drugs in a 90 day supply. Three of them would have run out while I am on the trip.

I need what is termed a “vacation override” to get my pills ahead of time and have the insurance company pay for them.

I have been on the phone two times to the insurance company, three times to Walgreen and two visits two Walgreen.

I started the process monday morning. It is now wednesday morning. I still do not have the pills, though they have been authorized. I pick them up today.

Adding to the aggravation, I am now in the donut. You who have prescription insurance understand. My costs skyrocket at a point during the policy period till I spend close to $5,000 out of my pocket. Note that I have already paid the policy one year in advance.

Walgreen told me the three prescriptions will cost me roughly $870 because I am in the donut.

Screw United Health Care who was recommended to me by AARP. Screw Walgreen.

Last night, I did my blog talk radio show. I was not directly discussing Walgreen. However, I did point out Walgreen does $18.65 billion a quarter. Walgreen was recently required to pay a fine to Florida of $80 million for something having to do with Oxycontin. The $80 million a drop in the bucket.

I have vented. Sorry. I am exasperated!

I spent yesterday afternoon in final preparation for last night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Sloan came over at 5 so we could work on my getting ready with my equipment for the European trip. Verizon is another screwed up major corporation. We spent two hours on the phone with them trying to figure out data port coverage areas, costs and needs.

The blog talk radio show went well. I opened with the House’s abortion vote yesterday. The Republican controlled House voted overwhelmingly to limit abortions to 22 weeks. I love the Conservative Right. They are intent on taking women back a thousand years. I wonder how these members treat their wives and how the wives treat them in return.  If they treat their wives as they do American women in general, most will end up sleeping in separate bedrooms.

The Heat/Spurs game last night was one of the best basketball games I have ever seen. Either side could have won. It appeared to me the Spurs lost control at the end of the game and in the overtime. I also thought the officiating was slanted a bit in favor of the Spurs. A lot of too close to call calls.

Cathy’s service was Monday at La Trattoria. Lovely Cathy Hollner. Virgilio’s was packed. Many teary eyed women. The men sad faced. The service was more a celebration of life. Food and drinks were provided. Things were heavy when people arrived and again at the end when some spoke. Good bye, Cathy You were good people. There should be more like you.

The Pier House saga continues. Word is Larry Smith will no longer be at the Wine Galley after the first of the month. Too bad! Larry made the room what it is.

Enjoy your day!





Key West is into it! Memorial Day weekend!

Key West alive. The town packed with tourists. Driving a pain. Bars and restaurants full. I wanted to eat at the Hot Tin Roof. Good luck! There was hardly standing room.

I complain…..but it is all exciting! You sense it, feel it.

Unfortunately, it rained a couple of times. Not long each time. However, heavy! Big drops. The first storm lasted all of five minutes. Enough to start flooding some of the streets.

I wrote of the crocodile shot in  the head recently. I am still getting emails on the subject. The  emails continue to support the crocodile(s). Man cannot win!

I started my day with Sloan. We worked hard on expanding my tablet usage. It comes slow to me.

I started my evening with a stop at Don’s place. Most of the bocce team there. David, Don, Erika, and Hershel. One night left and the season is over. We are already talking possible trades. Negotiations go on off season and players are traded one team to another.

Serious business.

Then the Chart Room. All tourists, except for David and Sheila. JJ bartending. Enjoyed a drink.

I ended up at the Wine Galley for dinner. An excellent one! French onion soup and bread!

As usual, Larry entertained. Christine joined him in  singing occasionally. Larry’s mom Helen was in the audience. She has to be proud of Larry. English friends John and Ali were there. As was Pati.

Michael Dennis was in attendance. He is the well known author. He is a former entertainer. He once owned a bar on Duval and played the piano and sang all night. He played and sang a while last night. I love his music!

No Steven. Steven has been the premier bartender  and caretaker of the Wine Galley for years. He is no longer employed by the Pier house.

I knew something was wrong as soon as I walked in the room. Steven gone. Emily bartending. Emily has never bartended the Wine Galley. The Chart Room is her post. She had been asked to come in last night to help out.

Steven could bartend and wait tables all alone. Rarely needed help. Last night three persons were working the room in his place.

I have a practice blog talk radio show at 11 this morning. I am trying to run it through Skype at my end.

Enjoy your day!



Every Sunday at 9, Larry Smith presents his Sunday Showcase. I attended last night. To enjoy my friend Ray Sigismondi’s electric guitar playing.

I arrived an hour early. The Wine galley was already filling up. Fortunately, I was able to grab a table near the wall.

Ray was the featured entertainer. Backing him were the lovely Kathleen Peace and Christine Cordone. Two of the best female voices in Key West. Larry at the piano, of course.

The program was Rock and Roll. The entire show.

To say the performance was outstanding, does not do it credit. It was several levels above. Best may be the proper adjective. Best of the best more correct.

Attendance was overwhelming. Extra tables had to be set out on the deck for those who could not get inside. Ray and the ladies periodically went outside and worked through the crowd.

Picture the scene. Rock and roll. Loud and blaring. From another generation. Guests from that generation whooping it up. Men and women alike. Waving their arms over their heads, jumping up. Some dancing in the crowded aisles inside and out. Faces smiling. Eyes bright with excitement.

This was their night.

Larry, you did yourself proud!

Before the show began, a lovely woman came up to me and asked if I was Key West Lou. Her name was Faye. She lives in Melbourne. She is a loyal reader of this blog.

I was thrilled to meet her.

I kept my eye on Faye. She had a very good time!

She was sitting with friends at a table nearby. Her body moving to the music when the show began. Then her eyes wide. Bright and shining. Her lips mouthing the words. Soon she was standing in an open space. The Wine galley was very crowded. She was dancing in place to the music. The radiant smile continuously on her face.

Whether seated or standing, Faye’s body never stopped moving. This was her music from her time. She was enjoying every note.

As were the other guests. Everyone moving in one fashion or another. Even me. Though not as much as most. My conservative self being difficult to override.

I caught Ali from England dancing. She was out on the deck dancing with another lady as the Rolling Stone ensemble was performed. Her husband John inside. Waving his arms over his head. Periodically jumping up from his seat.

Many friends in attendance. Larry’s friends, also. Amongst others, Pati, Aaron and Karen, Tom and Nancy, Mary Deasy, and Key West’s Southernmost Shrink Doc Covan. The good doctor having been so introduced by Larry.

A lady sitting near me leaned over during the show and whispered…..I think larry is very sexy! I  never saw him in that light. Whatever. Sexy Larry was born last night. He will be so referred to from this point forward.

Larry, my friend, I could not resist.

Permit a digression. Tomorrow night is my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Please join me at 9. I promise a fun filled informative half hour.

Enjoy your day!



There are two constants in life. Change and death.

I am concerned today with change. Change to Key West’s beloved Pier House.

The Pier House has  been sold. $90 million. Big money for a special place. Official takeover by the new owner is scheduled for monday. Based on some strange faces at the Chart Room and Wine Galley last night, I suspect some of the new people have already arrived and are evaluating the operation from both a staffing and continuation aspect.

There is a concern among many that the Chart Room may be closed. Gossip is it will become a tee shirt/sun tan lotion shop. If there is any validity to the rumor, it is sad. I doubt that is the case, however. Hotel operators have to know a good thing when they see it. That is their business. The Chart Room works.

Then there is the Wine Galley. Bobby Nesbitt put it on the map many years ago. Larry Smith took it to a new level.

No one knows what is going to happen to the Wine Galley.

I was at the Chart Room and Wine Galley last night. Everyone appeared happy. I question the outward appearance, however. There was a sadness intermingled with the laughs. The unanswered question in everyone’s mind at both places. Is this the end of the Chart Room? Of the Wine Galley? Regarding staff, who will be retained and who will be let go.

An awkward feeling.

I love the Chart Room! I am there at least five evenings a week at cocktail time. My seat at the bar has become a note taking place for me. I write about the people I meet on the back of coasters.

I meet new people from everywhere. World wide. I mention some in my blog. The Chart Room is mentioned almost daily.

As a result, a number of people stop in to meet Key West Lou. They know it is my hangout. JJ, Emily and Mary will sometimes telephone me to make me aware that someone from Idaho or where ever is in and looking for Key West Lou. Tourists come up and ask if I am Key West Lou.  All read this blog religiously and know that the Chart Room is the place to find me.

I have thought on occasion I might be responsible for 5-10 per cent of the business that goes through the Chart Room. Could be.

Ghosts from the past can be felt. The Chart Room has been open and basically never remodeled for 45 years. Jimmy Buffett new to town playing his guitar in the corner for coins. The group who first made the Chart Room their special place each day. Most are now gone. However, a bit of their ashes rest in the bar rail.

Last night, Chart Room regulars such as Peter, Jean and Joe Thornton, Sean and Virginia, Dave, and Stephanie were there getting a last fix of their favorite spot.

I consider the Chart Room the cross roads of America. At one time or another, most people stop in.

The Wine Galley. Great music every evening. Larry Smith responsible. He entertains. He brings in guests to join him in entertaining. Customers walk up to the mike and sing along with Larry. Everyone has a good time.

The boss of the Chart Room is Kathleen Peace. The Food and Beverage Director of the Pier House. A lady. Lovely. Personable. Tough in doing her job. Does it well.

Kathleen also sings. A magnificent voice! Booming! I sometimes think the walls of the Wine Galley are going to blow out when she hits the high notes.

Kathleen was at the Wine Galley last night. I was the happy recipient of a hug and kiss.

The Wine Galley had a good number of people last night. I had the feeling some were there to taste one last time the flavor of Larry and the room. Fearful that it might not be there next week.

John and Ali were in from England. They used to visit for a month once a year. Now it is two times a year. Good for them! John and Ali can be found most evenings when in Key West at the Wine Galley.

Larry’s mother Helen was in attendance. Eighty six. Her husband/Larry’s father passed on several weeks ago. Helen has come to Key West to live with Larry and Christine.

Speaking of Christine, she too is entitled to credit for the success of the Wine Galley. She and Larry have been married for years. Christine is a school teacher by day. An entertainer by night. Paints professionally on weekends. A full plate! Many evenings she joins Larry in singing.  A special voice belonging to a special person!

Steve and Midge are regulars. Love them both! Last night Midge brought Vic over to me. Vic Kim. I finally found some one older than me that enjoys being out on the town.

The reason Midge brought us together is that we both graduated from Manhattan College. Vic was one year ahead of me. I enjoyed meeting him.

We reminisced a bit. We both knew my class mates John Martin and Otto Obermier. Both served as U.S. Attorneys for Manhattan. Martin went on to become a federal judge. Otto one of New York City’s outstanding attorneys.

It was a nice trip back in time with Vic.

Mary Deasy was in attendance also. Mary sings. Sang a few years back also. She was not that good back when. Larry took her under his wing, as he  has so many others, and developed Mary into the great voice she is today.

Ray was sitting with John, Ali, Christine, and others. I have not seen Ray in a while. He has become an excellent entertainer also. Plays the electric guitar. Has all the moves.

Steve was bartending and waiting tables, as usual. A nice guy. A good guy. A terrific worker. Most evenings, he handles the bar and tables all alone. He does the job of two people. Always on his game, he is the best!

This is sort of a good bye to what will now be referred to as the old Pier House. A new owner means now staff. Changers will be made. Again, I hope the the Chart Room and  Wine Galley are left alone. Together with the fine people staffing both rooms.

That which is perfect cannot be made better.

Enjoy your Sunday!



I finally went out last night. To the Chart Room to begin. Stayed quite a while. Enjoyed some excellent company.

My undergraduate work was done at Manhattan College. I rarely speak of Manhattan. No particular reason. I received a good education at Manhattan from the Christian Brothers. I enjoyed my college years. Much partying.

I realize I speak often of Syracuse. I do feel a very close bond with Syracuse. Not just for the time I spent there. My life since graduation has been intertwined with Syracuse professionally, socially and sportswise. I did not develop such a relationship with Manhattan.

Last night at the Chart Room, I spent considerable time talking with Jack Kelley. A Manhattan graduate! Class of 1968. I graduated in 1957.

Jack was a day hop, I a boarder. We reminisced. It was fun to recall and remember.

Jack went into the Air Force after graduation. Flew jets. Then taught jet training. Retired a major. Worked in industry as a consultant thereafter. Now he is retired as I am.

Jack has a second home in the Keys. Just up the road on Cudjoe Key. He has been at Cudjoe the past few weeks supervising the installation of a pool. Showed me a picture. It is going to be a terrific looking addition to his property when finished.

I enjoyed my time with Jack and trust we shall meet again soon. Most likely at the Chart Room.

Peter shared some of the Jack/Louis time. I felt bad. Once we got into Manhattan College, he was sort of out of the conversation. However, Peter did know where Manhattan was located. 242 Street and Broadway, end of the Seventh Ave line. Very few know that. Peter continues to amaze me.

Sheila and David were at the Chart Room, also. Chatted with them a bit.

Jean Thornton came in. With another Gene, a male one. Gene is an attorney from northern Florida who represents the Mel Fisher family’s interest in the emerald case which has been in the news the past couple of years. He and Jean were having dinner at the Hot Tin Roof later on.

I was hungry. Grabbed a couple of newspapers from the Pier House’s reception area and walked over to the Wine Galley. I sat at the bar alone, read the newspapers and had a bite to eat. The food at the Pier House is always good!

My back. Oh, my back.

It was better yesterday. However still bothersome. Probably because I did not take any pain pills yesterday. I had been in all week and intended to go out last night. I also intended to have a few drinks. The pain pills and alcohol would not have mixed.

I had three gins over the course of the evening. I had no pain when I arrived home. Though this morning I have had a few shots of spasm. Not bad, but still there. Nevertheless, I appear to be on the mend.

I wrote my column for next week’s edition of KONK Life yesterday. Titled it Man And His Changing World. I pontificated a bit. The column was inspired by the Boston marathon bombings. My two themes were man’s inhumanity to man and the changing world we live in.

The television station is running my Key West Lou Legal Hour four times a week. Once live. The other three reruns. The reruns are not necessarily of the most recent show.

I watched yesterday one of the reruns. I had never seen myself before. I was impressed! Liked what I saw!

My apologies for the lack of humility. I was taken with the mood swings, the humor, the seriousness, the factual data, the background insights, etc.

I am humbled by the fact so many watch the show world wide.

Today’s rerun is at 3 this afternoon. Watch if you are in the mood for a fast moving entertaining hour.

The show is aired on television from Key West through Miami-Dade County on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. The show is also available world wide on the internet.

Enjoy your Sunday!



Che was 80 years old yesterday. An impressive number. An impressive accomplishment reaching that number. Che is the epitome of good health. A lucky man!

The party was at the Chart Room. Che and Peter did the basic cooking/preparation. Guests brought plates of this and that. Sheila baked a cake.

We sang Happy Birthday! Che beamed as he blew out the candles. Only eight. Apparently some one did not want Che to strain himself.

Che is an interesting name. It is his nick name. I do not know Che’s real name. Though I have known him for years. That is the way it is in Key West.

Che’s name suggests he was a Cuban rebel. He was not. He is a Jew from New York City transfixed to Key West.

The thought crossed my mind…..Too bad Marty is not here. Marty and Che most evenings would stand at the end of the bar and argue. Over everything and nothing. After a while, no one listened to them. Their battles were their own.

I finally got together with Don and Chris. They are in Key West for a long weekend. We met at Che’s party. Good people!

I watched the end of the Masters with Don and Chris. A terrific finish! Adam Scott did himself proud. As did Angel Cabrera. I was especially moved by the hug Cabrera gave Scott when the match ended. Not a normal occurence.

Instead of going home after the party, I dropped into the Wine Galley. Sunday night is the Larry Smith Showcase. I am glad I did. Larry’s guest was a young lady from some small upstate New York town. I never got her name. I did get her singing. A great voce! An equally charming personality!

I wrote of avalanches yesterday. Chamonix, France and Washington State. After the blog was written, there were two more in Washington State. At different times. A half mile apart. One woman dead.

Greece is in the news again. The Euro banks have agreed on a plan to keep Greece going. The Euro banks will loan Greece additional bailout monies to meet Greece’s pension and wage obligations. Conditioned, of course. There is always a condition where a bank is involved. Greece must lay off 150,000 state governmental employees between now and 2015. They are further required to hire 15,000 young people to replace them.

Germany continues to be behind all this pressure crap. They call it austerity. It is destruction. It can only go on so long. At some point, the Greek people are going to say enough is enough to the Germans, Euro banks and their own government. Then rebellion and/or war with Germany. Keep in mind that Greece is not the only country Germany is squeezing.

Tomorrow night at 9 my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me for an interesting half hour.

The show is in its third month and growing. The number of listeners increases each week. Generally, I have a fixed list of topics to discuss. However world events are moving so fast that I have given up on any sort of script. The show is an evolving one. Whatever tickles my interest or yours at show time is what will be discussed.

Enjoy your day!



When it rains in Key West, it rains! Yesterday was that kind of day. A blustery rainy day all day.

Key West is at sea level. Which means not much room under the island for pipes. There are two systems. One for sewage and one for drainage. The sewer system always works. The drainage water run off pipes are another story.

The sewers cannot handle a heavy rain. Certainly not one that lasts all day. The streets flood. Deep enough for a canoe or row boat in some places. Perfect for swimming in others. I have actually seen people swim at the Eaton and White Street intersection when flooded.

The flooding screws up traffic. Front Street adjoining the Pier House is impossible to drive through. The Boulevard is under a 2-3 year construction. Only two lanes open. Both going the same way. Into town. Yesterday only one lane. The driving lane was impossible to drive through.

The rain and flooded streets did nothing to dampen spirits. Never do. Tourists move into the bars in mass. Everyone still has a good time.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour was at 10 yesterday morning. Viewed on TV and the internet. Love doing the show!

People I heard from after the show seem to have especially enjoyed two topics. One having to do with title to money passing to the bank once it is deposited. The other concerning the rip off being perpetrated on the public by the pharmaceutical industry.

I spent a bit of time after the show working with Jenna and Krystal. Spoke with owner Rich. He likes the show. People are talking about it. My friday show is being recorded and will be shown three additional times during the week. Saturday at 4:30, sunday at 3 and wednesday 6 in the evening.

Spent some time in the afternoon writing next week’s column for KONK Life. My deadline is 5 friday afternoon. The article is entitled Screwed Again. The story of brand name and generic drug companies working together to the economic detriment of the purchasing public.

Saw the heart doctor late in the afternoon. I keep laughing. My internest told me after my annual physical concluded monday that I was in the best shape since she started caring for me 6 years ago.  I mentioned it in tuesday’s blog which I did in the morning. I also said I hoped I was not jinxing myself by sharing the information.

That evening my ankles were swollen big time with fluid. First time in a very long time. Took me two days to get them down. Concerned me. Ergo, the visit to the heart doctor.

I took my blood and urine results from my annual physical with me. He was impressed! Cut back on two of my heart medications. However, he did not know why the swelling occurred. He has scheduled me for a battery of tests.

Next time I will keep my mouth shut!

My ankles were down and I felt good so I went out last night.

Started at Don’s Place. Spent some time with Hershel and Don. Our bocce team lost 2 out of 3 thursday night. I missed the game. I stayed home because I did not feel right.

Then to the Chart Room. The tourists were in out of the rain. So also were Sheila, Peter, Sean, and Katherine. Jean Thornton came in. She is back. Chatted with them all off and on. Lest I forget, the ever charming Emily was bartending.

I heard some sad news while at the Chart Room. The kids’ toy store on the second floor of the white custom house building is closing down. Sad! A great store for children’s toys. Reasonably priced and  quality.

It was raining. I did not want to walk far. Went to the Wine Galley and ate at the bar. Larry was playing. As usual. He introduced me to his brother. Larry’s father died two weeks ago. His brother drove their mother down to Key West from Dansville, Pennsylvannia. She will be living with Larry and Christine for a while.

Sloan has already been in today. 8:30. Our work for the day is done.

Tonight big! Very big! The Final Four!

I will be watching the Syracuse/Michigan game at 8:30 at the Big Ten Sports Pub. May Syracuse win! I believe they will this evening.

Enjoy your day!





It is true. What goes around, comes around. Generally to bite the first doer in the ass.

Such is the situation with Boston College and its student body. Over the issue of birth control.

A war has begun. Freedom of religion the issue. I love it! All the makings of big time legal drama.

I was so turned on that I wrote next week’s KONK Life column concerning the topic. Immediately published it on Amazon.Kindle, also. Read it in either place. I believe you will find both the article and the Constitutional issue fascinating.

Did my TV/internet show yesterday morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Enjoyable for me, as always. I hope as enjoyable for you who watched.

The topic garnering the most interest based on post show comments involved banks, Cyprus, and the disparity between the rich and poor. All three tied together.

Last night began once again with the Chart Room. Emily in charge. Sheila there early on. Then left. She is nursing a big time cold.

David and Che were at the bar. We talked extensively about New York City in the late 1970s. They lived in New York at the time. I was a frequent visitor.

Enjoyed the company of a nice couple from Ohio. Pat and Jackie.

I was supposed to have dinner with Dee. She begged off. Too tired. Actually, I was also. It  was convenient for the both of us to say another time.

I grabbed a newspaper and went over to the Wine Galley. Sat at the bar and listened to Larry Smith sing. Ate a light meal.

Michael was at the bar. I had not seen him in quite a while. He is a local contractor. We chatted a bit.

Larry brought Bobbie over to meet me. She is a CPA. Newly moved to Key West and in the process of opening an office here. A charming person. I wish her well.

Later this afternoon, Syracuse basketball. Against Marquette. Whoever wins, goes on to the Final Four! A very big deal!

Once again I am not sure what Syracuse will do. Frankly, the Indiana result surprised me.

Marquette is in the Big East, also. The two teams met once during the regular season. Marquette won by three points.

My concern  is that Marquette has played Syracuse many times over the years and is familiar with Syracuse’s famed zone defense. Other teams such as Indiana were not and that is why in my opinion Syracuse won those games.

We shall see.

My lesbian wives Donna and Terri are in town. They have been here all week. Leave tomorrow. We have not had an opportunity to get together. It is dinner with them tonight at the Hot Tin Roof. I look forward to it..

Enjoy your day!



Key West has sent forth some prominent sport figures.

One is Boog Powell. One of the ball fields in town bears his name.

Powell played on the 1966 and 1970 Baltimore Orioles World Series championship teams. He was voted MVP in 1970. Powell is known for his first base playing abilities. Later in his career, he was moved to the outfield following which he became a designated hitter.

Boog Powell graduated from the Key West High School. He refers to Key West as his hometown.

Another is David Robinson.

A 6’7″ giant who graduated from Annapolis where he played basketball. Did his stint in the US Navy. Then went on to play his entire career with the San Antonio Spurs professional basketball team.

David Robinson was born in Key West.

Finally, Sergio Sanchez.

Sergio is a Conch. Born and raised in Key West. He pitched for the Key West High School team somewhere back in the 1960s. He was the team’s star pitcher.

In his senior year, Key West and North Miami High School met in the finals of Florida State baseball. The winning team would be State champs.

Sergio pitched for Key West. Steve Carleton for North Miami. Serge and his team won 2-1. Serge recalls the day as the day he beat Steve Carleton.

Serge went on to college and then served two tours of duty in Vietnam. He volunteered for the second tour. He spent his career thereafter as a math teacher in Key West schools. Serge was respected by students and parents alike.

Carleton went on to professional baseball. A successful career. He is a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

Staying with sports a bit longer, Syracuse lost to Louisville yesterday. By 5 points. A few weeks back, Syracuse beat Louisville by 2 points.

It was a good game. Syracuse had its weak moments and that is why the team lost. The loss was the third in a row for Syracuse.

Though hope springs eternal, my gut feeling is that this is not nor will it be a Syracuse year.

Such is life.

The game was at noon. I watched it from the comfort of my bed. Afterwards, I began prepping for my Tuesday night blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou.

Last night was big time pleasant. I was out with Dee.

We hit the Chart Room first. Ordered our drinks and opted to leave. Too crowded and too much noise. We walked out drinks over to the Wine Galley. I knew Larry Smith would be playing. The Wine Galley is generally a quiet mellow place.

Larry interrupted his singing to offer his condolences on Syracuse’s loss. He later came over and talked with us. Turns out he and Dee know each other well. Some 20 years. From Larry’s days at La Te Da and hers at Aids Help.

Bill from some where up north was at the Wine Galley. He came over. His son graduated from Syracuse. Bill is a die hard Syracuse fan. We conversed sadly. Commiserated might be the better term.

Dinner was at Hot Tin Roof. Excellent as usual.

Duval was strange last night. Basically deserted. The cold. Around 64 degrees. Tourists were inside the bars and restaurants keeping warm.

Cold outside this morning. Inside, also. Around 62 degrees at the moment. The high today is projected at 66. Long pants time again.

The first thing I am going to do this morning after showering, is go to Publix. The refrigerator is really empty. I could not even enjoy my usual breakfast this morning.

Enjoy your Sunday!