Dorian is not going to hit Key West. We may have some wind and flooding. That will be it, however.

I have been in Key West for a number of years. Experienced how Key West reacts. The reaction for Dorian not normal.

Dorian will landfall between Miami and Melbourne. Around Palm Beach. Perhaps right over Mar-a-Lago. It would be terrible if Trump suffered damage to Mar-a-Lago.

People are reacting differently. I am reacting differently. Even though we all know at this point no way will Dorian hit Key West. It is the remnants of Irma. Irma had an affect on all of us. Even those that left town.

I went out yesterday and got ready for Dorian. Bought a few necessities in the event Key West is without power, water or food. Filled the gas tank also.

Went out at 7 this morning to top the gas tank. I went to 4 stations. Yellow plastic bags on the pump handles. The 2 stations that had gas also had lines from both ends of the station like 15 deep in the street. I have 3/4 of a tank so I was not going to sit and wait.

Why could Key West be out of gas? Key West’s gas is trucked in from the mainland. At least 145 miles north. If Miami damage or insufficient gas to fill the trucks that would head to Key West, Key West will be without gas for several days.

Key West is not under mandatory evacuation. Hotels and bars will remain open.

Flooding a good possibility. King Tide time. The tide will be an extra 4 feet high with out Dorian. Heavy rains expected. Key West basically sea level. Streets flood easily. I anticipate some flooding.

Authorities have warned there will be flooding. Also tropical force winds and squalls.

Where ever Dorian hits, it will be a 4 or 5. Either bad! Disasterville! Irma was a 4 at landfall in Cudjoe Key. A mere 16 miles north of Key West. A category 1 at Key West.

Dorian is expected to hit monday night or tuesday.

This morning’s Key West Citizen had a large photo of 2 persons buying water at Winn Dixie. The shelves were 80-90 percent empty. Glad I watered up early yesterday.

There was a second photo. Of a gas station on Northern Boulevard. Cars lined up in the street. A police car sitting in the middle of the station. Tempers can flare when gassing up. I experienced them during Irma.

A good problem we seem to be experiencing in the U.S. is that people are listening to Trump less. Recall his solution for a hurricane that he expressed a couple of days ago. Drop a nuclear bomb in the middle of the hurricane and blow it up. Brilliant!

Further evidence that Key West will be ok is that the lower keys the past few days have become a safe haven and harbor. For visitors, boaters, and even the Coast Guard. There are presently in Key West harbor 12 Coast Guard boats from Miami and St. Petersburg.

Here we are facing a major hurricane. One of the biggest to hit the U.S. Recall the damage the past 2 years with Irma and Michael. Damage not yet corrected. The federal government keeps coming up short. Trump is not spending millions already allocated by Congress.

The reason…..Trump has held on to the funds. Till now.

With knowledge that Dorian is coming, Trump’s administration announced that $271 million of FEMA funds were being transferred to ICE and other accounts responsible for problems at the southern border. Including building Trump’s wall.

Hard to believe. Puerto Rico still has not received sufficient funds for Irma and Michael damage. Florida’s Panhandle and Georgia literally forgotten.

Trump fails again. Never seems to know what he is doing. If he does, he is then the worst of people.

Perhaps the worst news this past week has to do with a special program the U.S. has had for years. Trump has come up with a new way to punish migrant children.

No longer will severely ill undocumented children and their families be permitted to remain in the U.S. for medical care. The sick kids and parents have 33 days to get out of the U.S. or ICE will be knocking on their door.

Note that all of these children will die if the medical attention presently provided ceases.

One case hit me exceptionally hard yesterday. Involved a young boy who requires that 12 hours each day a tube goes into his heart to provide him medication and food. No other way to care for the child. Death the alternative. The Grim Reaper is not McConnell. It is Trump!

The treatment provided is life saving in each instance. Not available in whatever country they came from. Illnesses such as cancer, leukemia, and muscular dystrophy.

Approximately 1,000 requests are made a year by foreign families who want to bring a child to a U.S. hospital that can provide the necessary service to keep their child alive.

Another Trump winner as far as children are concerned. Mumps. Epidemic levels. Children crowded in the detention centers. Mumps easily transferable. Within 3 feet can be passed by coughing or sneezing.

So far 971 mump cases in 57 detention centers in 19 states.

Immunization the key to avoiding mumps. In detention centers, mumps is one of the common vaccinations not offered. Only available by request.

Tell me how a child in a detention center with other kids and no parents knows he should have a mumps vaccination and that he must request it.

Another Trump failure. Effective gun control. Many children killed and will be killed.

Last night in Mobile, Alabama, following a high school football game, 6-10 students were shot. Fifteen to 18 years old. No further details available as to their condition and who the responsible person might be.

A new year, a new day, a new season! Syracuse football. Opens tonight at 6 at Liberty University. Syracuse an 18 point favorite.

I will be home enjoying the game from an easy chair in the living room.

Enjoy your day!.


No question history repeats itself.

Man constantly seeks ways to end war for all time. The most recent example being atomic weapons following World War II.

Never seems to work, however. Man prefers war over peace. Must be. Look at the number of wars through the centuries. Look at the number of wars ongoing at the present time.

I found it amusing when I came across this piece of history involving the crossbow. The primary tool of war in 1146. European leaders got together. They wanted to outlaw war for all time. They banned the use of crossbows.

It is not the type of weapon that controls. It is man’s nature. For some reason, man enjoys killing. As time progresses, in the most diabolical of ways.

Dorian, Dorian, Dorian. We are in trouble!

Projected a category 4. Landfall somewhere between Miami and Melbourne. Landfall was supposed to be monday night. Then tuesday. Now, wednesday.

Big time lightening this morning while still dark. Heavy rain, also. The lightning came through the blinds into the bedroom. Seems Dorian too far away to have been the cause. Beyond my level of knowledge, however.

The rain and lightening were coming off the Atlantic. I live 1 mile from the Atlantic.

Did my thing yesterday at Publix, etc. getting ready. Publix at 9 in the morning was next to deserted. Perhaps I was the only one concerned.

No lines at the gas stations, either.

No one even talking about Dorian.

Better safe than sorry. Dorian can make a sudden southward turn and all of a sudden Key West is in trouble. The meteorologists have the southern part of the cone at Miami. One hundred fifty miles from Key West. Minimal distance when it comes to a storm like Dorian. A twist in direction, and Dorian could be here.

All of Florida is in an official state of emergency. A big area. Which means the experts are not yet sure precisely where landfall will occur. When they are, those in the path of danger will be jumping in their cars to get away. May it not be too late.

A couple of news articles indicated Dorian was heading straight for Mar-a-Lago. Maybe that is why Trump cancelled his trip to Poland. He wants to stay and protect his property.

Dorian as a category 4 is obviously a big time danger. Heavy winds, lots of rain.

Another reason comes into play with Dorian. Called a King Tide. Today or tomorrow we are into King Tide. Lasts 4 days. Occurs once or twice a year. Not because of climate change or anything like that. It just happens. A product of nature. Has been occurring for hundreds of years.

A King Tide is one with a 4 foot difference between high and low. The high the highest of the year. Not healthy. Key West sewers cannot handle it. Some will be swimming in the intersections, others rowing kayaks down Duval.

For real.

After doing the grocery preparedness, I hurried home to unload the car. Then back to White Street to get a haircut. My appointment was for noon. I was a week early. In fact, Lori did not even come into work yesterday.

I get mixed up on occasion these days.

Drove over to Hogfish last night for dinner. At the bar.

Hogfish only a third of its usual crowd. Empty seats at the bar. Off season.

The bar is a drinking and smoking place. I had forgotten. This no drinking and smoking not easy to handle. Two months already. It bothers me. I assume at some time I will acclimate.

Key West businesses will hurt this weekend. It is Labor Day weekend. The town usually crowded. Doubt it will be this year because of Dorian.

Next week, Key West will be the center of the universe for lesbians and their friends. Thousands will be visiting our island. To celebrate Womenfest.

Every bar, club and hotel will be involved. Alexander’s Guest House is official host.

The ladies will take over Key West and have a good time. Boats, sunbathing, dozing in the shade of a palm tree at a pool, playing ball, etc. Busy all day and then all night till the wee hours of the morning.

Interesting how some stories cross paths. I wrote a few days ago about Judy Garland. It was the anniversary of the 1939 debut of the Wizard of Oz.

My research indicated Judy was drugged while making the Wizard and other movies. The Hollywood custom in those days. Keep the young ones working. Mickey Rooney was like wise subjected.

An article appeared this morning announcing that a movie of Judy’s early years and her last year of life had been made. Titled Judy. Scheduled for release September 27.

Renee Zellweger plays Judy.

The movie dwells on Judy’s use of drugs. Began when she was a child star. Caused an addiction which was with her the rest of her life.

Zellweger commented, “They fed her pills! She was addicted her whole professional life.” Further, “Judy was struggling…..toward the end of her life.”

The Devil must be given his due. Unemployment rates are down. Very much so. An all time low.

Workers are needed. Iowa, New Hampshire and Florida 3 states where because of an insufficient number of employees, companies are unable to keep up with business demand. It is hampering growth. Will continue to do so until more workers are found.

To help relieve the problem, Florida companies are bringing back retirees, increasing the use of interns and apprenticeships.

Florida has a constantly aging population. Needs to refuel those employees who become to old to work, retire, etc. Florida relies on immigrants.

Problem is the devil who may be or is responsible for the low unemployment rate does recognize the need for immigrants.

Enjoy your day!


Hurricane time!

Dorian scares/bothers me even though Key West is not directly in its path. A holdover from Irma.

Key West is on the left/south edge or just outside of the cone. The cone this morning suggests Dorian is on line for Tampa. Projected to be a category 3 when it hits the Florida Atlantic coast line.

Nothing to screw around with. Must be taken seriously.

I have concern because Dorian is still a few days away. It is not expected to hit till late sunday or monday.

Hurricanes are fickle. A big body of wind. Whether small or huge, wind changes its mind easily and adjusts its direction. Those of you who sail understand.

Since Dorian is still a few days away, anything can happen. I doubt it would come as far south as Key West. Who knows, however.

Puerto Rico was not hit as bad as expected. Fortunately.

Though not anticipated to be a problem for Key West, better prepared than sorry. Which means I have to get ready. Ergo today’s blog will be short. I want to get where I have to go this morning early before the mob arrives. By later today or tomorrow morning, the shelves at Publix will be empty.

I start at the gas station. Fill up. Hope the lines will be short. Should be for Dorian. I will also top the gas tank every day up to and including sunday.

Publix. Food to be purchased might be strange from your perspective. However it is like dressing for a ball. You do as expected.

Water. Will buy lots. Also, peanut butter, jam, crackers, cookies, packaged tuna, bread, soda, desserts not requiring refrigeration, etc.

The purchases required because there will be no electrical power or water.

If sunday it appears Dorian will be visiting Key West, the bathtub will be filed with water. The water required to flush the toilets.

Need some things from Home Depot. Fortunately, I have some lights, etc which I purchased for Irma and never used. Can’t find a few of the Irma purchases however. So a battery for the cell phone and a short wave radio are on the list.

History repeats itself. It was on this day in 2005 that Katrina hit the Gulf Coast and New Orleans. In reviewing Katrina this morning, I was surprised that one article referred to Katrina and New Orleans as an “engineering disaster.” It was.

Blog still screwed up. Grand Daddy assured Sloan yesterday everything ok. Not. I am having problems getting the blogs to publish. I know some of you are still having problems.

My apologies. Nothing I can do however. Hang in there and hopefully soon all will be remedied.

If you are still having problems, write me at chairmansuls@gmail.com. Let me know specifically what the problem(s) are.

Enjoy your day!



It was August 28, 1963. The place the Lincoln Memorial. Two hundred fifty thousand people standing waiting for Martin Luther King Jr. to speak. Most African-Americans. King’s speech the culmination of March on Washington Day.

King’s words to go down in history. Etched forever in the fabric of the United States. As familiar today almost 50 years later as when first spoken.

“I have a dream…..we will be able to speed up that day when all of God’s children…..join hands and sing…..Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”

Are America’s blacks free today? Have they achieved King’s goal?

Only to an extent. In voting booths and places of employment free at last not yet a total reality. Perhaps in another 20-30 years. At a time when the number of coloreds living in the U.S. will exceed whites.

No question hurricane season has arrived. Two imminent. Dorian and Elaine.

We have been hearing about Dorian for a week. Uncertainty as to its ultimate strength. Landfall somewhere along the Florida coast.

The picture clearer today. At the moment, Dorian is heading towards Puerto Rico. It will hit later today as a category 3. It will run over basically the same area which Michael did.

A state of emergency has been declared. Puerto Rico in trouble again.

After Puerto Rico, the cone becomes wide. Yesterday, Key West was just inside the left edge of the cone. Last night, on the edge. Today, outside the edge. Dorian is moving slightly northwest.

It is anticipated Dorian will it Florida in 1 or 2 days. Could be a 3 when it hits. The warm waters between Puerto Rico and Florida the reason.

The cone this morning had Dorian passing anywhere from Miami to Jacksonville. Such kept Dorian a good 140 miles away from Key West.

Meteorologists are not certain where between Miami and Jacksonville. It could be all or a small spot. Dorian has failed to provide sufficient data at the moment t0 make a certain determination.

Key West and the Kerys dropped out of the cone officially this afternoon. Good news! Bad news is it could drop back in! Dorian is fickle.

Puerto Rico will be clobbered tonight.

What is government/Trump going to do this time? He forgets they are our people, our family, American citizens.

Trump lies about the money Puerto Rico received because of Irma and Michael. From day 1, he has been doing this.

A twitter came out this morning. Trump claims Puerto Rico received $92 billion. Not true! No way close to actual dollars received!

Congress allocated $42 billion. Trump only let go with $14 billion. The rest (roughly $30 billion) remains unaccountable. Probably never will be found. Lost in the Pentagon ‘s monies. Many suggest Trump has used the $32 billion for border wall, detention centers, and other security measures at the border. Whatever.

Some say the $92 billion figure represents the government’s estimate as to how much money would have to be paid Puerto Rico over 20 years for recovery purposes.

I don’t know! All confusing to me. Mumbo-jumbo. Extravagant. No one can give a clear answer. Huge amounts of monies unaccountable and those in charge get away with it. Trump included.

Elaine got left behind. Has made the Atlantic northern twist. Yesterday, Elaine was expected to make landfall in New Jersey. Today, Canada.

Staying with hurricanes for the moment, it is ironic how things happen, cross paths, etc. Sunday is September 1. The beginning of September. Also the beginning of National Preparedness Month. Red Cross sponsored.

Be ready for emergencies like hurricanes.

Last night, Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Love doing the show! I was here, there and everywhere. Tried to avoid Trump talk and bring other matters to everyone’s attention. Things we no longer hear about because Trump dominates the news. More than Trump is going on in the outside world.

Jair Bolsonaro is the relatively new elected President of Brazil. He is Donald Trump reincarnated. They are birds of a feather. As Trump wishes to be like all the other bad leaders in the world, Bolsonaro wants to be like Trump. Trump is his hero!

Bolsonaro ran on a platform that he was going to get rid of the Amazon. Would you believe? And the people elected him!

He started chopping trees down immediately. Brazil was to make money selling lumber. The U.S./ China tariff war was going on big time. Bolsonaro started growing soybeans and selling them to China.

Bolsonaro had also said there were minerals under the ground and he wanted them mined.

He cared not for any environmental problems. Did not accept that 20 percent of the world’s oxygen comes from the Amazon forest.

G7 voted $22.2 million a few days ago to go to Brazil to help with the fires. Bolsonaro has refused to accept it. He says he will do what Trump tells him. So far he has been told nothing, or so seems to be the case.

Bolsonaro claims French President Macron insulted him. He claimed at G7 that Bolsonaro was not committed to the environment. Bolsonaro says as soon as Marcon apologizes to him, “we can talk.”

Another nut in a position of power.

Now for the best. What Bolsonaro and whoever is supporting him world wide really want is the gold and oil beneath the Amazon forest.

World affairs are becoming tiring. Used to be fun to follow. Now takes work to do so.

Enjoy your day!




For Key West, this is that time of the year. Hot! Heavy humidity…..like you would not believe! Close to a ghost town….. too hot for visitors!

September the worst. Every year without fail. The humidity heavier.

Things start cooling down in October. By Fantasy Fest, all is back to normal. Hot without humidity by day, cool by night.

I often think how the weather was this time of the year up north. My home town Utica, N.Y. In the heart of New York State, in the center of the State.

Without fail, the leaves start changing color by August 15. By Labor Day, a significant number of leaves had fallen. So much so that I closed my pool every year religiously the day after Labor Day. Leaves the problem. They screwed up the filter system.

Those up north are already into a bit heavier clothes. The men, for example, long pants. Perhaps a jacket. In Key West, long pants rare. If required, generally in January for 2 weeks. Gets cold enough at that time that even winter jackets are worn.

I prefer the hot. Never enjoyed the cold and snow of winter. I am happy wearing shorts and a sports shirt most of the year.

Hurricanes coming! Hurricane time of the year!

Two moving in as I write.

Dorian. Began hearing of Dorian last week. Mid week. It is presently a tropical storm. By tomorrow may be a category 1 hurricane.

The cone tells us Dorian should miss the keys. It has been edging northward every day. Close of enough for a lot of rain, however.

Later today or early tomorrow, Dorian will pass over Puerto Rico. A state of emergency has already been declared for Puerto Rico.

Elaine. Still no name. Elaine what it will be once it gets stronger as anticipated. Expected to pick up wind and rain later today. Cone reveals Elaine will be no problem for the keys. Elaine is making a dramatic right hand turn up the Atlantic. She is not expected to hit U.S. shores till she reaches New Jersey.

Saturday morning, disaster befell a Key West resident. Fifty two year old Bryhan Thompson.

He was diving the Vandenberg with a partner. Both experienced divers. Both had enjoyed the Vandenberg before.

Bryhan’s partner signaled they needed to surface. Bryhan ignored his partner’s signal. Instead, he entered a lower room in the Vandeberg.

His body was found in the wreck. One Hundred ten feet down. Twenty five feet into the vessel and away from any exit.

His body when found had no diving gear on it, except for a face mask.

A horrible ending.

The U.S./China tariff war is being felt throughout the U.S. lobster industry this year. I wrote recently how bad it was affecting Keys spiny lobsters. Obviously, the situation is far worse nationwide.

U.S. lobster exports can best be described as having “fallen off a cliff.” China is now purchasing lobsters from Canada.

The drop in the U.S. lobster industry itself is dramatic. Killing. Through June last year, 12 million lobsters were exported by the U.S. to China. This year, a mere 2.2 million. An 80 percent drop.

U.S. farmers are totally frustrated with Trump’s China tariff war. Their patience becoming short. It will not take much more for Republicans to lose the farmer vote in 2020.

Farmers are specially upset with Trump’s lies that the farmers are starting to do great again. Far from it. Brian Thalman is President of the Minnesota Farm Growers Association. He said yesterday that he could no longer support Trump as he did in 2016.

The numbers tell the story. In 2014, Minnesota exported $24 billion of farm product. Last year, $9.1 billion.

College football season is upon us. Syracuse opens saturday against Liberty at Liberty. Syracuse an 18 point favorite.

Last year Syracuse was 10-3. Its best season in many many years. An even better season anticipated this year.

I hope it is true!

Love tuesdays! My blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine this evening my time. A quick moving half hour. I rant and rave a bit. Tell it as I see things. Join me. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!


Things are not getting better. Problems everywhere. Most Trump inspired.

Trump announced yesterday while at the G7 meeting China wanted to “make a deal.” He claimed China initiated a call twice to the U.S. trade team saying in effect…..Let’s talk.

President though he may be, I would not believe Trump if he swore on a stack of Bibles. Even if he did so while on his knees on an altar in a church.

Trump was asked if he spoke to Xi personally. He would not say.

A Chinese official denied any knowledge of the phone calls over the weekend.

Tariffs and embargoes are dangerous weapons in a supposedly peaceful world. Countries literally choke each other economically. War a probable result.

A perfect example is the time immediately before Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt was pressuring Japan ferociously. Squeezing the hell out of Japan economically.

Roosevelt wanted Japan to cease its wars of conquest. Japan was not agreeable. Roosevelt thought he had the upper hand. He went to embargoes. Tough ones.

Japan is a series of tiny islands. They have nothing of their own. Everything has to be imported.

Japan imported scrap metal big time. Seventy one percent came from the U.S. Scrap metal exports to Japan ceased like a snap of the fingers. The Panama Canal was closed to Japanese shipping. Ninety three percent of Japan’s copper came from the U.S. Stopped also.

The U.S. froze all Japanese assets within the U.S in July 1941.

On August 1, 1941, the U.S. established an embargo on oil and gasoline exports to Japan. Eighty percent of Japan’s imports came from the U.S.

The last 2 items of extreme importance to Japan if it were to survive.

The U.S. forced Japan into a war. Just as the U.S. may be with China. Roosevelt was wrong in most respects in the way he handled Japan. As Trump is today with China.

Japan gave us Pearl Harbor. What will China give us?

The storm Dorian is growing fast and moving fast. I do not blame Trump for Dorian. God like powers as concerns the weather not one of his attributes. More appropriately stated, not one claimed by him yet.

Dorian is now a tropical storm. Expected to be a hurricane by tuesday. A category 1. Expected to be over Puerto Rico wednesday night.

Or, its intensity could diminish. Meteorologists not certain yet.

The cone indicates Key West could be hit.

My concern is how Trump will treat Puerto Rico if Dorian crushes the island as Michael did. Puerto Ricans are people of color and we know Trump does not care for persons of color. His track record proves the point.

Jean Thornton, where are you? Sounds like a Bum Farto inquiry.

If Dorian is going to hit Key West and some of us decide to escape to your home in Birmingham again, how do we get in? While you and Joe are traveling Europe, we would be left out in the storm. We need to know where you hide the key to your home. Under the mat? A flower pot? Where?

The preceding of course said with tongue in cheek.

Don’t think Trump cannot be elected again! His followers adamant. They believe in him as if he were the second coming of Christ. Don’t budge.

They are blind. They cannot see what is.

I ran into 2 friends who are also adamant Trump supporters last night. Both proved my point.

What concerns me is that both are intelligent successful persons. How they made it, I don’t know. On the other hand, I may be wrong in this whole thing. I give it thought. However come up with the same thing all the time. Trump is a bad guy and is killing the U.S. and rest of the world.

Trump’s desire to help other countries in unusual situations is amazing. He is not consistent.

I refer to his opinions re wildfires.

Brazil is having a problem of inconceivable magnitude. The Amazon forest is burning. Big time. May be totally eradicated.

Note that Brazil’s new President is Trump type in every respect. Autocratic, a nationalist, etc. He and Trump birds of a feather.

Trump wants to help Brazil and has extended whatever the U.S. can do.

On January 9, 2019, California was suffering from what at the time was an uncontrollable wilderness fire. FEMA was providing emergency funding to California to assist in dealing with the fire.

Know it all Trump said he would stop the FEMA funding if California did not begin doing things properly as regards its forest lands. He claimed California’s fire handling was disgraceful. Lacked proper forest management.

What is “proper forest management?”

Finland is a “forest nation.” Trump claimed Finland spent a lot of time preventing wildfires by devoting “a lot of time raking and cleaning and doing things, and they don’t have any problems.”

Rake and clean the Amazon? Tell me how. Even the California forest lands.

I sometimes wonder where Trump comes up with these crazy ideas.

Ah, my internet problems. Last night, Sloan e mailed and said everything ok. Working properly. I wrote and told her not at my end. I could not publish yesterday’s blog. She said it had to be me. No! Definitely. I was doing everything step by step as she instructed. She may have it. John and Kevin getting it. I was not!

This morning, my first e mail was from Sloan. System screwed up again. Not working properly. Go Daddy alone’s fault. She was working with them.

I was not going to do today’s blog. I hate writing if it does not get published. Sloan says do it and lets see. Soon I will know if working from my end.

One of the reasons also that I get upset is the problem means not everything I write is getting to you. A few days ago, I wrote what I thought one of my bettr pieces. SOON…..THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE. Even the title sounds good.

I do not think any of you got it. Let me know. I will republish it when we straighten everything out.

Tonight. Dueling Bartenders at Aqua.

Enjoy your day!




One of my all time favorites. The Wizard of Oz. Even at 84, love it!

It was this day in 1939 the Wizard of Oz was first shown on a movie screen. Its debut. Opened at theaters around the country.

A tough film for Judy to make. A grueling experience.

Hollywood moguls wanted to make every penny out of a film being done by a star such as Judy. Time was money. There was a schedule. Required to be adhered to!

Judy was encouraged to use stimulants to keep her working and sleeping pills to ensure her rest. A hell of a combination!

By 17, Judy was already addicted to barbiturates and amphetamines.

Thinness was another problem. Judy a short girl. Just under 5 feet. Her size made her look a bit overweight even when she was not. So the studio constantly had her on a diet.

She had to be thin and energetic.

The drugs were a problem all her life. She died from an accidental overdose in 1969 at age 47.

Mickey Rooney had certain similar experiences. When he and Judy made a movie together, they were taken to the studio hospital, given sleeping pills, and waken at the same time. They slept in separate beds in the same room.

When sleep time was over, they were given stimulants so they could return before the cameras to work.

In spite of the glory, a tough life!

A little Key West.

On this day in 1984, Truman Capote died. His most famous novel In Cold Blood.

Capote spent close to a whole year in Key West in 1968. He came to vacation in Key West for a short period. Liked Key West and its people so remained.

He decided to stay at David Wolkowsky’s Pier House Motel which had just opened. Later the first day, David invited Capote for a drink where he resided at the time. A trailer on the grounds of the new Pier House. David’s living quarters during the construction.

Capote liked David’s trailer and its furnishings. He told David he wanted to stay there rather than in the motel. David said no. The trailer was his residence. A couple of drinks later and some interesting chat, David agreed. Capote would sleep in his trailer and he in Capote’s motel room.

Capote had a fun year in Key West. Wrote a novel while here. “Answered Prayers.” He gave David one of the draft copies of the manuscript. Years later when David was residing in Penthouse on top of Fast Buck Freddie’s, someone stole it. Never recovered.

This morning’s Citizens’ Voice had an interesting comment. In effect and paraphrased, the comment stated were a person to live long enough he/she would have to worry about being caught “holding a plastic straw.” No longer a joint!

Times do change!

Key West has a new resident. Lucas. A 9 month old Dalmatian. The Key West Firefighters adopted Lucas from a Dalmatian Rescue in South Florida.

The new parents and Lucas are doing well.

We are in the midst of the hurricane season. The next couple of weeks the most dangerous.

Dorian is out there. At the moment, a storm of little consequence. Forty miles an hour. Small in size. Five hundred miles east of the Barbados.

Too soon to project with certainty whether it will develop further and where it will go. Time however to let people know a problem could be on the way.

The experts say we will know by next tuesday whether a tropical storm. By wednesday, whether a hurricane.

Where it will land, no one knows yet. At the moment heading northeast. Its path over south Florida. Could be over the keys. The thought is it will turn before it hits shore and get lost in the hurricane graveyard in the north Atlantic.

Immediately behind Dorian is another. Not sufficiently intense to have a name as yet. Meteorologists  will know in 48 hours what it will be. Probably a tropical depression of sorts. The next day things could change rapidly. Presently projected as havng a 90 percent chance of increasing to a hurricane.

Too soon to tell the direction it will take.

One of the better known and worst hurricanes was Andrew which hit land this day 1992. Homestead, Upper Keys, and the Ocean Reef area.

A category 5.

Wiped out Homestead.

I drove through Homestead 3 weeks after Andrew hit. The main highway had not been affected. Never saw anything like it. Every house and building down. An occasional wall left standing. Looked like a nuclear bomb had wiped the community out.

Brought tears to my eyes.

Came across a small article this morning. A pre-school classroom in St. Petersburg. Affiliated with the Allendale United Methodist Church.

The classroom in question containing 2 year olds.

Someone shot a bullet through the window. No one hurt. Probably why it is not a big deal. Should be however. These shootings have to stop. The President and Republican Senators have to do the necessary. Pass appropriate legislation.

The St. Petersburg Police Chief reported the bullet appeared to have been a stray one. Went through the window. Died when it hit the window’s curtain. Landed on the windowsill.

Harry Truman loved Key West. Key West loves Harry Truman.

Eleven visits to Key West during his Presidency. A total of 175 days.

Truman was a tough guy. Grew up on a farm. Did farm chores. U.S. Army during World War I. A failed retailer. Politician.

A U.S. Senator. Respected. His hard working and honesty recognized.

His tough attitude when a decision had to be made one of his better attributes.

The most difficult probably the decision to order the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Another of a different flavor, so to speak, Truman’s ordering the U.S. Army seize control of the railroads. The railroad workers and their tough unions were threatening a strike. A strike was not in Truman’s game plans. He was busy rebuilding Europe. He had recently ordered U.S. troops into Korea. His plate was full. A major railroad strike not in the cards.

Truman issued an Executive Order placing control of the railroads under the U.S. Army. The Army controlled the railroads for 21 days. Truman was successful in avoiding a rail strike at a time one was not prudent.

When I think of Truman and the railroads, I think about Reagan and the air controllers. Both Men knew they were President, understood the power of their office, and were not afraid to exercise it.

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The platform problem is hopefully resolved. There may be one more. However Sloan thinks it may only be common to my computer.

The problem was a combination of WordPress and Go Daddy.

Today’s blog is SOON…..THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE. You have to go back one blog to get it.

If anyone has a further problem, please write me in the COMMENTS section. I want to be sure we’ve got it right.

Two recent blogs were lost. There is one published in the past 2 weeks from last year. Someone wrote there was a whole page. I could not find it.

Hope you find interesting The Four Horsemen.


So many things happening. Makes me wonder if harbingers of what is to come.

Trump off his rocker. He was bad enough till this month. Then got worse. The month thus farf bad. Last week the worse. The last few days not capable of being described.

At the moment, Trump is in France awaiting the beginning to the G-7 Conference which begins with a working dinner tonight.

Will the 7 nations make it through dinner? Trump has totally aggravated 6 of them. I wonder if all will still be together at the end of the conference. Physically together. Trump may walk out at some time, Or, one or more of the others.

All is not sweetness and light. Not kumbaya.

This week has been especially interesting as regards Biblical/religious titles claimed by Trump or applied to him. “I am the chosen one!” My Maker? “King of Israel.” Maybe that is why he loves Israel so much. “The second coming of God.” Could be if the phrase is applicable to the end of the world. Problem is I was not aware Trump was God in disguise.

King of Israel has met with significant disapproval by American Jews. Justin Jonathan is Director of the Anti-Defamation¬† League. His words prove the point: “…..it’s hard to think of something less kosher than telling the Jewish people you’re the King of Israel, and therefore we should have some fidelity to you for that reason.”

Wars being fought all over the world. Where not yet fought, a good chance such soon could be. China for example will not put up with Trump’s bullshit forever.

The Bible is a good reference for what occurred yesterday, is happening today, and will tomorrow. Tomorrow could very well be the end of the world. The Apocalypse/Armageddon. Best represented by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Conquest, War, Famine, and Death.

A time when one quarter of the population will be killed by a combination of the Four.

Each of the Four Horsemen riding a different colored horse: White, red, black, and pale.

Conquest riding the white horse. A conqueror bent on conquest, ergo the name. The Conqueror had power. His loyal followers engaged in constant war at his bidding.

The second horse the red one. The rider War. War had the power to take peace from the earth and to make men slay each other.

The black horse ridden by Famine. High food prices leading to famine. “A quart of wheat for a day’s wages, and three quarts of barley for a day’s wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine.”

The last rider Disease. On a pale horse. The horse named Death, with Hades following close behind.

Apply the Four Horsemen to what is going on in the world today. The prediction they represent is found in the Book of Revelation. Also known as the Revelations of Jesus Christ or The Apocalypse. One step away from the actual end of the world as described in the Bible.

So much for life and death under Donald trump and those following him.

You have not read anything by me for a few days. Two reasons.

The first involves my platform. I use WordPress. Absolutely terrific. Been with them ten years plus. WordPress wrote and said they were making major changes to the platform and it had to be done by September 1.

I was charged. of course. Contacted Sloan and asked her to follow the transfer or whatever it was called.

WordPress said the whole thing would take 24-48 hours. Took 72.

The end result not perfect. What follows is not an adverse reflection on Word Press. I love them! They have done much to improve my blog and get it great exposure.

When I went to do a blog on the updated WordPress, I could not. Could not even get past page 2 of WordPress. Sloan, help! Turned out there were a multitude of problems. A few still out there. sloan coming over this afternoon to work them out.

Someone complained I had a blog or page of old blogs in the blog’s current listing. Yes, I did and still do. Sloan will hopefully resolve the problem. Problem was not there till WordPress did work on the platform.

It amuses me how some are quick to jump on my back if something is out of kilter. God help me when I misspell a word! I read the criticism. I am pleased when someone else comments that Louis will be aware and will fix it.

I am impressed this blog is getting out this morning. Took me an hour before I could get past page 2. I hope it publishes at the appropriate time.

Let me add I did 2 blogs that never even made it to the listing because of the WordPress problem.

Second reason. I fell again. I would describe it as my second worst fall. Did not even try to write the blog the past few days while healing.

When you’re old stupid things happen. I was going to the Post Office at Winn-Dixie. Stubbed my toe on the curb as I lifted my foot. My right knee a mess. Pain and lots of blood. Hurts only a little today. My left elbow to my shoulder big time pain.

Two doctors yesterday. No fractures. You should be better in a week.

Again, why don’t you use a cane? The thought bothers me. It is a concession to old age. No cane the only thing I have left.

However, I understand. I worry about breaking something, especially a hip.

Got a cane yesterday. A used one. Lisa had her father in law’s old one. I am using it. Amazingly, it does help. Not only walking, even getting up out of a chair.

I am internet shopping to get a new one. My good friends Tim and Cindy from Des Moines have been helping with advice. Cindy a cane warrior for years.

There is humor involved in the fall.

I could not get up. Always the problem. Don’t laugh. Two old ladies and two old men got me up. Took a while. None of us were kids!

Good people.

Enjoy your day!