We start today with a rembrance of Memorial Day.

Twenty five years ago I vacationed for three weeks with my family in Italy. My wife, 3 of my children and my parents. We rented a villa on the Mediterranian in Livinia.

Nearby was Anzio. The place where the Allied troops landed in Italy during World War II.

I was wandering around alone one morniong and came upon what appeared to be a military cemetary. It was. A British military cemetary from World War II. We have all seen the type. Perfect rows of crosses as far as the eye can see. Meticulous grounds.

I walked among the graves. Reading the inscriptions on the graves as I did.

Sad. Very sad. So young. Many in their late teens. Most under the age of 25.

Then I came upon a series of crosses that bore the following inscription: Known to God Alone.

It was too much for me. I started crying uncontrollably.

World War II had had a treffic impact on me. I was 5 to 10 years old durng the war years. Everything was the war! Family members in the sevice. Soldiers coming and going. Air raid drills. Blue and gold stars in the windows. Families huddling by the radio for any little piece of war news. Rationing. Stamps for everything. And so on.

I hurried back to the villa to get my children. I wanted to share this experience with them. Three of my children had made the trip. John, Lori and Lisa. John had just graduated from law school. Lori and Lisa still in college.

I took them back to the cemetary. I was excited. I kept telling them this great thing I had found.

When we arived, I threw open my arms to show them. We walked. I talked. Explained.


The cemetary had no impact upon them. It was just another sight to see. They did not appreciate where they were nor what they were experiencing.

I soon realized why. Their lives had no connection to the war. Mine had.

Yesterday was Sunday.

I spent the morning in bed watching Meet the Press and the other news talk shows.

Then it was to the beach for me. Higgs Beach. Alone. Lisa telephoned that the rest of the crew had to head up to Sugarloaf Key for some event Cameron was performing in.

I am always ready for the beach. My sand chair and a towel are always in the trunk of the car.

Higgs Beach was packed. Good! The holiday weekend was a success! Visitors were here!

The weaather was perfect. Warm. No humidity. A bright sun.

I read the newspapers, people watched, especially the women, went in the water frequently to keep cool and slept a bit.

It was soon mid afternoon and I was hungry. I decided on BO’s. Drove over. I could not find one parking place! Even in the large public lot.

So much for BO’s.

I headed for the Pier House. I can always park at the Pier House. I am a good customer and well treated.

I had a late lunch on the outside deck overlooking the beach and water.

The Pier House’s beach and bar area were packed also. Every one partying.

Read some more newspapers while enjoying fish and chips.

One of the newspapers contained bits of local history. I have been in Key West so long I think I know everything about the place. Periodically I am proven wrong. Yesterday was one of those times.

It is common knowledge many famous people made Key West their home or visited here frequently at different times. Truman., Hemingway, Tennessee Williams, Burt Lancaster, Audobon and more.

I thought I knew of them all.

How about Gloria Swanson!

She lived in Key West for 4 years. I knew it not! Did you?

Swanson’s father was in the Army and stationed here. She was in her early teens those 4 years. They lived in Army barracks at what is now Peary Court.

While living in Key West, Swanson made her stage debut.

It was 1911. She was 12 years old. The IOOF had a theater on the first floor of the Lodge. The Lodge was located on Caroline Street. Swanson made her stage debut at that theater.

A decade later she was a big time star in Hollywood. First in silent films. Then in talkies. She received 3 Academy Award nominations. The last for the 1950 film Sunset Boulevard in which she starred with William Holden.

Swanson periodically returned to Key West to visit.

Why did I not know this? Why did many of you, if not all, not know of Swanson and Key West? Key West embraced all other notables who spent some time here. I suspect thare is more to this story.

This morning golf. With Tom and Larry. I will not be able to play Wednesday. Robert is graduating from kindergarten at 9:30 in the morning. I have to be there! I want to be there!

Enjoy your day!

It is 7 am. I am compelled to speak of the weather again this morning. It is absolutely perfect!

Blue sky, blue water, sun shining and no movement. None at all. Not even the slightest brezze. It is as if the world stopped.

The pastel green and yellow homes across the way are reflected in the water.

Beauty abounds!

This glorious weather will not continue. Soon humidity will start to set in. Then the humidity will become unbearable. By mid august, you will be able to cut it with a knife.

Such is the weather in the keys.

The Gulf oil spill is in its sixth week. Still no solution. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Good? Bad?

The Florida keys are still ok. The oil has not entered the loop current and made its way south to us. But at some point it will. A shift in the winds and we have had it!

In the meantimne, everything is normal in Key West. Fishing good, fish good to eat, tourists seem to be coming. The national news media paints a bit different picture. Enough to scare some tourists away. Not fair. There is no problem here. Yet. And when it comes, there will be probably two weeks notice that it is on its way. It will take 10 to 14 days for the current to bring the oil here.

What a major screw up!

I babysat yesterday morning. Lisa and Corey both had to work.

Robert and Ally wanted to play bingo. I have never won even one game playing bingo with them. Yesterday I did! One game. They were excited. I was excited. Ally turned out to be the big winner. First time for her. Robert had a long face cause he lost.

Lisa was home by lunch time. I had lunch with her and the grandkids.

Then it was off to the Coffee House to read the New York Times. A good steady crowd. Reflective of the holiday weekend.

Dinner was at Lisa’s with the family. Except for Corey. He was still working.

Corey is big into slave ships. A world recognized expert with regard to Spanish galleons in the Caribbean and slave trade in the same area.

A couple of years ago, slave graves were discovered at Higgs Beach. Corey studied the situation. He was able to determine from whence they came, the ship involved and so forth. Through Corey’s efforts, those of the Mel Fisher Museum and others, a special area was marked off at the beach and a monument placed commerating the bodies of those slaves who still lie beneath the sand of the beach.

Yesterday the King of Ghana was in Key West. Ghana is in Africa. His purpose to explain and in a fashion apologize for those that were captured in Africa and sent to our shores. Black tribes captured other black tribes and sold them to slave traders.

I could not make the event. And I have not talked with Corey yet. I telephoned this morning, but Lisa said he was still asleep.

My understanding is that there are many Kings of Ghana. Each state or governmental area has a king. And each goes by the title of King of Ghana.

No more do I know. Except that the King’s visit was a big deal here in Key West yesterday and Corey had to be with the King most of the day. I will share more with you tomorrow after I have had an opportunity to speak with Corey.

After dinner, we all wanted ice cream. So it was off to Dairy Queen. I lead such an exciting life!
Ally convinced me to try sprinkles. She loves sprinkles! So I had rainbow sprinkles on my chocolate cone.

Strange the things that trigger memories. This is Memorial Day Weekend. War movies abound on TV. I woke this morning to Battle Cry. A 1953 film starring Van Heflin and Tab Hunter.

It was September 1953. My first week in college. Manhattan College in New York City. Frank Ravioli from New Haven, Dick Lewis from Albany and I took the subway to Times Square. We went to the movies. To the Paramount. And saw Battle Cry.

Four years later, we graduated. I have never seen Frank or Dick since. Sad.

The game plan for today is Fort Zachrey Taylor beach with Lisa and the family. The weather is perfect for it. My body could use a bit of color. And the grandkids are fun to be with at the ocean.

Enjoy your day!

Another gray peaceful morning. I am up early. Before nature and the rest of the world.

Yesterday morning was my radio show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

I enjoyed doing it! And based on the post show comments, I think people enjoyed receiving it.

The big news here in the Florida keys of course is the Gulf oil spill. It is six weeks since the oil started erupting. So far, so good. No oil here in Key West. But it will come. It has too. The winds will change. The spill will enter the loop current. And the oil will slide down into the keys.

I spent a considerable time discussing the new Arizona immigration law. …..Show me your papers! From the perspective of the people of Arizona. I did my homework. Read some Arizona newspapers, their editorials, letters to the editor and talked with some people out there. A different story developed.

Basically Arizonians are pissed off. Illegals are crossing the border in signigficant numbers each day. Drugs, gangs, murders and the like are overwhelming what was once a sedate State. The federal government is responsible for border protection. It has failed. Basically done nothing. So Arizona has resorted to self help. This bad peiece of legislation is one part of it. There is more to come.

The white man seems to have a consistent pattern. Whether Massachusetts Bay or the West, the white man came, was befriended by the Indian and then displaced the Indian.

Back in 1870 Phoenix had its first federal census. There were 240 people. 124 were Mexicans. More than half the population was Mexican.

The whites were immigrants. They came to Arizona in covered wagons. When they arrived, the Mexicans welcomed them with open arms. Taught the whites how to build their homes and businesses out of adobe bricks.

The territory had its first elected Marshall. Henry Garfias. Not an Irish cop. A Mexican. This was the rough and tumble 1870s and 1880s. Henry was purported to be the fastest gun in the territory. I doubt anyone asked Henry for his papers.

Together the Mexicans and whites built a city and a state. Now the two groups are at odds.

An interesting situation. A sad situation.

After the radio show, I went over to the Coffee House. It is like a required fix. Coffee and the New York Times.

Lunch time came. Where? I decided on Harpoon Harry’s. Marty had put the bug in my head the day before.

Harpoon Harry’s always has a nice crowd of locals. A lot of hellos are exchanged. The owner and staff are very warm and welcoming.

The special was scallops. Delicious! And cheap. All of $8! One of the benefits of living on an ocean island.

Harpoon Harry’s is located just off the waterfront. So I decided to take a walk along the docks.

Beauty as far as the eye could see! The blue of the ocean, the white of the boats.

I stopped into the Turtle Museum. Have been there many times before. Walked around. Could not help but think that a year from now there probably would be a new section showing the oil impact on the turtle population.

Then to Borders. Finished the Tiger book. Good, but not great. Something that some one authored quickly and had it published just as quickly to get something on the shelves for quick sale. The book was interesting. But merely a reiteration of what has been reported in the newspapers and on tv. The real story has yet to be told.

I had a quiet evening in last night. Early to bed. Slept well. Up early this morning.

It is Memorial Day Weekend. Normally Key West would have a lot of tourists. There has been talk that the hotel/motel reservations were down a bit with cancellations because of the oil spill. I will have a better sense of the impact, if any, when I walk the streets later this morning.

Enjoy today and your holiday weekend!

I am up early.

Weather magnificent.

Gray outside.

A big white moon in the west.

The sun about to rise in the east.


Still. Nothing moving.

I visited with Marty in the morning yesterday. He lives on Duval over the Key West Women’s Club. Has resided in an upstairs apartment for years. The Red Barn Theater sits in his back yard.

We met at the Red Barn and chatted for a while.

Then I was off to Lucky Day for lunch. I was in the mood for cuban toast and coffee. Marty craved a Harpoon Harry’s lunch. So we went our separate ways.

After lunch, I went over to see Tammy for a manicure. It was time.

Then home to put the fine touches to today’s radio show. The big items will be the Gulf oil spill and the new Arizona immigration law. I am going to spend some time exploring Arizona’s new law. From Arizona’s perspective. We never hear it. I guarantee you will find it interesting. You may not agree with them, but should be aware of their motivations.

Weird dumb laws today will center on Arizona. Where else! However this segment of the show will have nothing to do with the new immigration law.

And I will discuss the Monroe County School Board and the new concession building that no one knew anything about. Plus the enviromental study the City obtained on the Glen Archer school building which left out any inspection for radon, mold and asbestos.

So my friends, listen in at 10 this morning! KONK 1500 AM. Better yet, see and hear on the internet at http://www.konkam.com/.

I must ask you to turn to your radios at 3 this afternoon, also. My daughter Lisa is a guest on Stephanie Kaple’s Fashion radio show. Lisa is joining Stephanie for a segment to talk about her Key West internet department store Via Key West. Lisa is charming and bright and good and everfything else! I love her!

Donna telephoned me last night from Miami Children’s Hospital. You will recall her daughter Stacey gave birth to baby George on May 13. George weighed 10 pounds 6 ounces. He had a bit of trouble coming out. So he was helicoptered to Miami Children’s.

The news was good last night. Baby George is coming home Sunday. Test results basically all good. Thank God!

If you are a kid and something may be wrong, the best place to be is Miami Children’s. My grandson Robert was born with cancer of the liver and had two major surgeries there in the first 8 days of his life. The staff are specialists in all kinds of young people’s problems.

I received an e mail picture this morning from Donna of baby George. He’s a horse! Looks 6 months old! No wonder the trip out was a bit bumpy! Whatever…..he is healthy and beautiful! Congratulations Stacey and Rob. And grandmother Donna, too.

It is no longer gray outside. The sun has broken over the horizon. Everything is bright and colorful. The colors are true. The green of the mangroves green. The blue of the water blue. And best of all, the two homes across the water from me softly vibrant. One is a pastel yellow and the other a light green. The sun is hitting directly on both of them as I watch.

Enjoy your day!

Yesterday was one terrific day!

I played the best golf I have in 10 years during the day. Marty came back to town and we had dinner together last night.

Thank you Lord for making me hit the ball so well yesterday. You have no idea how well! Long and straight!

Larry Smith was complaining on the third hole that I was getting too many strokes. He was wrong. It was just that my good day was becoming obvious.

Larry shot an 87. That’s good golf! I shot a 106. That’s poor golf! A 19 point difference.

He gave me 20 strokes.

The strokes were fair. Normally I shoot 115 to 125. Had I played my usual game, Larry would have killed me!

It was a good group I played with. Cantakerous Larry, Yankee Jack, Randy and Tom.

I ended up the big winner. $19! The winner buys drinks. Drinks cost $12. I was happy to buy. But my net profit was only $7.

I did not care. I won! That is what was important!

The afternoon was spent taking care of business I had not anticiapted had to be dealt with at that time. I was sitting at the computer and telephone the rest of the afternoon, all sweaty from golf, doing work.

Marty is back in town!

Telephoned me at dinner time to let me know. A good guy. I had missed him.

We had drinks at the Chart Room. Susan bartending. Che, Matt and Marty at the bar. Good conversation.

Then Marty and I headed to La Trattoria.

Someone at the bar was eating ossombucco. Lamb shank. Looked terrific. Marty and I ordered the same thing. Tasted terrific! Fatty! Enhanced the already spectacular taste!

We hung around for a while after dinner. Marty drinking Manhattans. Me, diet soda and decaf coffee.

Marty bought. I was his guest.

I slept poorly last night. The ossumbucco did not agree with me. I should have known better.

Today is going to be a Louis day. Quiet and easy. I have to finish work on tomorrow’s radio show. Such is always enjoyable to do. A lot like practicing law. A bit of research. Make notes. Then articulate at show time. Love it!

So many goodies to talk about. The Gulf oil spill, the Arizona immigration law, the locked doors at the Key West Police Station, the concession stand at the school, lead contaminagtion, weird dumb laws, the dumb lawsuit of the week and more. I am contemplating talking a bit about the Lone Ranger. If not tomorrow, next week. A law officer in the old west.

Tune in tomorrow morning. KONK 1500 AM. 10 am. Watch and listen on the internet at www.konkam.com.

Enjoy your day!

Good morning world!

I am up a bit early this morning. Golf! I have not played in 3-4 weeks. I am excited. I have missed the game and the friends I play with.

Key West mornings at the break of dawn are so beautiful. And quiet. Peaceful is the word.

I had a great lunch yesterday. Good food and good company!

Ann Hedberg is a friend from the early 1960s. She was a reporter in Utica when I was a young lawyer. She left after a couple of years. I never saw her again till about 10 years ago.

I was at East Martello in Key West for a charity fundraiser. There was Ann. Now married. More than a quarter century. And living in Big Pine.

We try to get together for lunch or coffee every 3 months or so. Yesterday was that day.

We met at the Shrimp Shack on Stock Island. It was a perfect setting. Shrimp boats and all.

Ann had never been to the Shrimp Shack. She is a writer at heart yet. Has a published book to her credit. I could see her mind spinning as she noted the natural beauty of the place. The tarpon jumping particularly intrigued her.

I spent my afternoon reviewing editorials and letters to the editor from Arizona. This immigration thing is a hot topic!

There are always two sides to a story. Most have been blaspheming Arizona since it passed its new “…show me your ID” law. Even I. On the surface, it stinks of Nazi Germany.

My gut tells me there has to be something more. To make a whole State do something so onerous.

So I am digging. In preparation for friday’s radio show when I will comment on the problem from Arizona’s perspective. Tune in. I cannot guarantee your reaction. But there is another side to the story. It should be heard.

Friday’s radio show will also have a segment to do with the Gulf oil spill.

What a tragedy!

Is there no solution?

They figured how to get the oil out. Why don’t they know how to keep it in? Cap it. Blow it up. Do something!

I read somewhenre that the Russians had the problem in 3 places in recent years. They exploded a small nuclear device to seal off the hole in each instance.

What alternatives have BP and the US under consideration? It does not appear any. It seems to be a learn as we go process. Attempt and failure. Keep trying till something works.

More importantly, why as a Nation are we so inept in handling these major disasters? It does not speak well for the purportedly strongest nation in the world.

In any event…..listen in to the Key West Lou Legal Hour on friday morning at 10. KONK 1500 AM. Watch and listen on the internet at www.konkam.com.

What a day! I must comment again.

There is little to no breeze. A bit of clouds so it is gray. And one or two birds chirping.

God did it right!

Enjoy your day!

Overcast today. Raining when I woke. Just gray now.

It will pass. The day will be bright, shiny and warm. It always is.

My morning started yesterday with a meeting at Truman Annex. I do not visit there enough. The place is absolutely beautiful. Another Key West flavor.

Then to the Coffee House. Read the New York Times. Gail was there. Always happy to see Gail. A nice person.

The cupboard was bare again. So it was time to visit Publix.

It is absolutely amazing. I love grocery shopping! Never did it in my other life. What I missed!

By the time I got home, it was close to 3. So I made my own lunch from the goodies I had purchased. Chicken breast on a toasted buttered bagel. Good enough to eat! I did!

I layed down for my late afternoon nap. Turned on the tv. The Turner Classic Channel.

A 1947 cowboy movie was playing. A film of no consequence. Probably a B flick. Starred Evelyn Keyes and Larry Parks. A few years later Parks played Al Jolson in a movie of Jolson’s life. Interestingly, it dawns on me at this moment that Evelyn Keyes played Jolson’s wife. Must be the two of them had something going professionally.

Anyhow, the cowboy movie was not that good. There were some bad guys involved. A father and 3 sons. One of the sons decided to become a good guy. The father was upset. Said even King David had a bad son. Absalom.

The issue triggered my interest. Good son/bad son. I went to the internet. Sure enough David did have a bad son. He who defeated Goliath was almost taken down by his third son. The son’s name was Absalom. A battle took place.

Absalom was vane. Had long hair. As he was riding his horse in battle, he rode under a tree with a low hanging branch. His hair got caught in the branch and Absalom was left dangling there. The King’s forces did him in.

The bad son was vanquished. He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.

Good son/bad son led me to some other interesting quotes and articles.

William Shakespeare wote…..”Good wombs have borne bad sons.” Think about it. There is some truth to it.

There was a scientific article on bad sons. The gist was that good mothers have bad sons. It’s in the genes.

So much for bad sons.

Last night was good daughter night.

It was Lisa and Corey’s seventh wedding anniversary.

We celebrated. Corey, Lisa, Robert, Ally and me. At Mattheson’s on White Street. A sandwich/ice cream store. Hot dogs and fries for the grandkids and sandwiches for the adults. Then ice cream for all.

We had a wonderful anniversary party!

When I arrived home, I had an e mail from Rita waiting for me.

Rita was Robert and Ally’s nanny for 3 years. Originally from South Africa, she returned to South Africa. She wrote of her life there once more. She now has a boy friend. Sounds enamoured. Told me of her children. Adults now.

Rita reads my blog every day and watches the radio show on the internet every week. Go Rita! All the way from South Africa! Love her!

I e mailed her a lengthy response to her lengthy e mail to me.

She and Lisa keep in touch. Periodically speak over the internet. Robert and Ally still know and speak with Rita.

Then to bed.

I turned on the tv. To the Turner Classic Channel, of course. Hemingway’s Old Man and The Sea was starting. Santiago revisited. The only trouble was I never got to see the film last night. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. Even before the credits were finished.

Such is life!

Enjoy your day!

A big day today! A day of days!

Trombones playing, bands roaring, drums beating!

Lisa and Corey’s seventh anniversary!

Wow! It seems like yesterday…..

It was a great wedding! A beach party! The Southernmost beach.

Seven years later the marriage has produced offspring. Robert and Ally. Add Cameron and we have a typical American family.

I never thought Lisa was going to marry. She was 39 when she met and fell in love with Corey. Things moved fast thereafter. The marriage. The need to produce children swiftly due to Lisa’s age. Robert. Then Ally.

Lisa and Corey have lived through much in their short seven year marriage. Robert being born with cancer. Hurricane Wilma which destroyed their newly reconstructed home and newly acquired furniture. And more. But such is life. They survived. And grew.

Lisa told me this morning something she is constantly sharing with me. As regards Corey, “I love my husband more today than when I married him.”

A good sign!

Corey by the way is the salt of the earth! They come no better. I am pleased with him as a son in law. I am pleased for Lisa that she has him.

Santiago became a more popular figure yesterday. I mentioned Santiago in my blog. Hemingway’s Santiago. The old fisherman from The Old Man and The Sea who went out into the Gulf stream searching for marlin.

My phone has not stopped ringing. People enjoyed the Santiago reference and the fact that I recognized that there are many Santiagos today living in the Florida keys.

It is interesting how some items will trigger an unusual response.

The weather continues to be absolutely outstanding. Typical Key West weather.

I ended up enjoying it yesterday. I hung out by the pool. Just me and my thoughts. Sometimes in the water. Other times on a chaise lounge. Sometimes in the sun, sometimes in the shade. I also spent some time floating in the pool with a noodle under my arms. I consider the noodle one of man’s finest inventions!

Enjoy your day!

What would Santiago say about the Gulf oil spill?

Who is Santiago?

Ernest Hemingway’s fisherman in The Old Man and The Sea. The aged Cuban who went out into the Gulf stream to catch a marlin.

The same Gulf stream that runs between Key West and Cuba.

Santiago would say…..bad…..terrible! And perhaps even shed a tear.

There are still many Santiagos in the Florida keys. Things have not changed much in the almost 60 years since Hemingway wrote the great novel. There are probably more Santiagos today than back then. Men live off the sea.

Today is World Turtle Day!

An intertnational concern for a breed that lives in the ocean surrounding us.

Turtle Day is only 10 years old. It was started in 2000 by an organization known as American Tortoise Rescue. A not for profit out of Malibu, California. The purpose of World Turtle Day is to encourage human action to help turtles survive and thrive.

The word is “respect.” Like Santiago and others, there must be an innate sense of responsibility for our friends who live in the ocean.

Even before World Turtle Day came into being, there was such concern for turtles here in the Florida keys. Back in the 1980s, a turtle hospital was started in Marathon. Mile marker 48.5. The hospital is the only licensed veternary one dedicated to the treatment of turtles anywhere in the world!

Sick turtles found on the beaches, turtles found floating belly up in the ocean. All are taken to the Marathon hospital and cared for. When well, released back to the sea. If a turtle is not well enough to return, it remains and has a home forever at the hospital.

The Santiagos of the keys care!

Lunch was at Lisa’s yesterday with the grandkids.

Lisa grocery shops Saturday mornings. So her home is an especially good place to eat on Saturday.

Robert, Ally and I enjoyed fresh bagels. An every Saturday thing. And cream cheese, butter and chicken loaf. Plus fresh fruit. Healthy!

Then I was off to Borders. For 3 hours! I am really into the Tiger book. It was flowing. I could not put it down. I have only 40 pages left to finish it. Hopefully, today.

I highly recommend the book. It is entitled Tiger. It is a simple tale of his life. No fanfare. The good mixed with the bad. Matter of factly presented.

I have learned much about Tiger. He became a playboy big time! Openly. He appears to be one of the entitlement generation.

His wife a nice lady. Not one for the public lifestyle. A stay at home person.

Diametrically opposed desires and needs. Where this marriage will go is difficult to say.

Son in law Corey telephoned me later in the aftrnoon. Cameron has been taking comedian lessons. Fifteen years old and taking comedian lessons with people my age.

There was to be a show last night at the Red Barn where the students were going to show off their newly acquired skills. Did I want to go? Yes, but why me? Take Lisa. You two never get out together. I will babysit.

And so I baby sat.

It is always an experience.

No one wanted to play. They were engrossed with kid’s tv. I told them they had one hour of their tv. Then it was Poppa’s time with the tv. When the hour was up, they left me and went to their parent’s bedroom to watch their own show on tv. I got into Godfather III.

Robert fell asleep early. I covered him.

Ally was still wide awake. She came into the living room to visit me. She wanted to read a book to me. Ok, I said.

She got the book and hopped up on my lap. The book was Robert’s. Robert is one year older than Ally. She could not read it. But she made like she could. She explained the pictures on each page and made up her own story line.

I loved it!

Then she fell asleep in my arms. I held her for awhile. Then carried her to bed.

The trio returned a little later. Lisa, Corey and new comedic star Cameron!

He was a hit! Everyone was excited. Cameron was on a high.

We chatted for awile. Lisa had bought a loaf of fresh raisin bread in the morning. We enjoyed raisin bread and butter.

And then I was off to home and bed.

Today is Sunday. Love Sundays!

Enjoy your Sunday! I am mine!

Good morning world!

A great morning here in Key West!

I slept late. The sun is already up. A good breeze. Blue sky. Only an occasional small cloud. The water moving right along.

Another typical Key West day in the making!

The radio show started my day yesterday. The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

I spent a good deal of time initially talking about the Gulf oil spill. It is of major concern here in the keys!

Then I spoke a bit about what might be described as extremism. Our natinal economic condition and the type of leaders it causes us to elect. It was a beware message. Beware of who we vote for. The anticipated cure might be worse than the illness that motivated our vote.

I continue to marvel at those catching the show over the internet. Afterwards, I heard from Anna in Milan, Italy and Rita in Capetown, South Africa.

Following the radio show, Larry, Guy and I had another meeting regarding a possible new show. I have previously described the show as in the developmental/conceptual stage. Not easy to put together. It may be dying. Time will tell.

Then to the Coffee House. Read a bit. Chatted a bit. A very relaxing place.

I ran into Sean. I have written of Sean before. He is a friend and a bocce partner. Sean owns a boat that he charters for flatfishing.

Key West is the tarpon capital of the world! And this is tarpon season. The Spring. They are all over the place! You can even see them off docks in large groups.

Sean says business is booming. People come from all over to tarpon fish.

The fishing sounds interesting. Sean’s boat is only 16 feet long. Just a large open row boat. With a motor on the back. He takes his customers out for what is called flat fishing. In just 3 feet of water.

Sean says it is exciting to watch the fisherman cast their rods out over the water and see the tarpon jump up with their wide open mouths and grab onto the fly. Sean says the tarpon are large and plentiful this season. Running about 100 pounds each.

Sean is concerned about the Gulf oil spill. Very concerned. He has beeen in business 5 years. It is just taking hold. He now has repeat customers. The fish are plentiful. Every one is happy.

If the oil hits here, it is all over. Perhaps for years.

Sean has already attended 2 meetings regarding what to do. He belongs to some fisherman organizations. Lawyers from Miami have been at themeetings getting everyone positioned to sue. But like Sean said, whatever he might get would be too little too late.What would he do in the meantime?

I lunched at Hogfish. Alone and quietly. Read some local weekly newspapers.

Then I took a walk. Along Smathers Beach. Hot. Tiring. But felt good.

It was apparently too tiring. I spent the rest of the day home!

I mentioned yesterday that my sneaks were soaked and loaded with clay from bocce the night before. I was going to put them in the dishwasher. I further admonished not to worry. I had done it before.

I made a mistake.

It was the washer and dryer before. Not the dishwasher. My sneaks are still soaking wet. I put them outside in the sun yesterday afternoon and left them out all night. Still wet. The next step is the dryer.

Enjoy your day!