My self-quarantine took a reluctant brief break this morning. Day 110. Only for an hour. A doctor visit.

Doctor appointments frequent at my age. It has been more than 3 months since my last. Doctor’s office called to reschedule me. I said no, not yet. The nurse said, yes.

Two appointments made. One for blood work. The other to get the blood results and have a physical. The blood work this morning. Physical next week.

I hated leaving the house. I was not comfortable. I have self-quarantined because I am an excellent choice for the coronavirus to visit. Over 80 and other ailments.

Appointment at 8.

I still knew how to drive a car. I enjoyed the drive downtown. I had not been in Key West proper in 3 months. Saw how Cow Key Bridge was coming. Little traffic into downtown.

I arrived at 7:50. I was the only patient. Me and the nurse who was going to draw my blood. I was done and out at 8. Since I was out, thought I should take a look at Duval.

Duval shocking! Roughly 35 percent of the stores empty. Nothing inside. One a business that had been on Duval for more than 20 years. Gone!

One whole block of Duval on one side empty.

Went to Whitehead. A small block across from the Custom House empty. Perhaps 3 stores formerly.

Very few people on the streets. Not the time for people. Too early.

Drove to the Southernmost Point. About 20 in line. Tourists, I assume. No social distancing and no masks.

Drove through the Casa Marina area to Flagler to head home. Something else was obvious. Many high end homes for sale. Saw that also when driving down the Boulevard. Several for sale signs at the entrance to an area of fine homes.

An indication prices will drop. Both for sales and rentals. More radically than 2008. This is only the beginning.

I was home by 8:45. I enjoyed walking from where I park the car to my house. The air smelled good. It was the firs time I had smelled fresh air in over 3 months.

I was a good boy. Wore my mask and gloves.

Will have to make a similar trip next week. I must be frank. I am not comfortable leaving my home.

Coronavirus cases are moving upward in Monroe County and Key West itself. I attribute it to reopening too soon and taking down the barricades at the entrance to U.S. 1.

The cause is being dealt with in a limited fashion.

The police and Codes are out making sure the rules are followed. First time a serious effort. From what the Citizen reports, they seem to be doing an effective job.

Bars a continuing problem. Drinking outside the bar, also. Permitting too many people in a business an additional problem.

Written warnings being given. Second time a citation to go to court.

A pool room on Flagler had more than 50 percent occupancy. Police and Codes warned staff and patrons. Police and Codes returned 1/2 hour later. Still overcrowding. Two $500 citations were issued.

Key West announced all beaches will be closed for the July 4th weekend. Good!

Hope it keeps mainland people from coming down. Mostly young. Follow none of the rules.

The County controls whether barricades will be erected again to keep non-Keys residents out. It helped to keep the virus numbers down.

The businessmen of Key West got pissed off. The barricades were removed 2 weeks ago. The numbers going up since.

County Administrator says no decision made yet re the barricades. However, he thought they would not go back up.

The numbers are important when determining what precautions are to be taken. New cases total 236. The numbers are spiraling upward. Yesterday 17 new cases. A one day record.

I wrote in yesterdays blog re Abraham Lincoln. Whether he was a racist? Whether his statues, etc. should be taken down?

I thought many of my readers would be up in arms. Haven’t heard so far. However, I did come across an interesting article in The Blaze on the internet this morning.

The Black Student Union at the University of Wisconsin-Madison wants the towering statue of Lincoln on campus to be removed. The group acknowledges Lincoln was anti-slavery, but claim he wasn’t pro-black: “He was…..very publicly anti-Black. Just because he was anti-slavery does not mean he was pro-Black.”

The student group views Lincoln as a symbol of racism.

Howdy Doody, Buffalo Bob and Clarabell may be the next to be attacked for racism.

Howdy Doody was a famous radio show. Then a major TV show. A kid’s show. Even older kid’s watched it. The show’s theme runs through my head even to this day.

When I was in college, most of us rushed to the game room at 5 to watch the Howdy Doody Show. We used to sing the theme song along with the show’s members.

Buffalo Bob: Says “What time is it? / Kids: “It’s Howdy Doody time!”

“It’s Howdy Doody time. / It’s Howdy Doody time. / Bob Smith and Howdy too / Say howdy to you. / Let’s give a rousing cheer, / Cause Howdy Doody’s here, / It’s time to start the show. / So kids let’s go!”

The show had a “peanut gallery.” Young children appeared on the show daily and sat in the peanut gallery.

The peanut gallery could rise to the level of racism.

The situation is sort of like white men going black faced in minstrel shows.

The term peanut gallery is black derived. Concerned vaudeville shows. Blacks could not afford good seats. They sat in the cheapest. They ate peanuts while watching the show. If they disliked an entertainer, they heckled and threw peanuts at the person.

Peanut gallery was born. Howdy Doody had both the peanut gallery and the peanuts.

In addition, the term “hecklers” is black derived. The blacks watching the vaudeville show and throwing the peanuts came to be known as hecklers.

A significant issue has arisen. The claim that Russia paid Afghanistans a bounty to kill American soldiers. Standing alone, important. More important perhaps is whether Trump knew and what he did about it.

I believe the usual Trump/Putin scenario took place. Trump asked Putin if he did it and Putin very strongly denied. At some point Trump will tell the American people that he asked Putin and Putin denied. The issue was closed as far as he was concerned.

What does Putin have that gives him such control over Trump? Must be sex or money.

Trump made visits to Russia many times before his election. The issue keeps popping up that Putin has photos of Trump engaging in sex games with a prostitute.

Trump did business big time with Russian banks. Whether he or his family still do, I do not know. There is a suspicion the Trumps owe money big time to Russian banks. Most Russian banks are government owned.

Who knows what the reason. Time will tell.

I heard an interesting comment on a TV talk show last night. Something to the effect that the person who owes money to a bookie, is always nice to the bookie.

Biden is making a speech this afternoon in Wilmington, Delaware. It is reported he will say as part of the speech that Trump calls himself a war time President, but is surrendering to the virus.

How true!

No matter how you cut it, the Chinese are one smart people! They cheat and get away with it. Enterprising!

Wuhan is part of the story.

It has been revealed that China is the home of  massive gold bar counterfeiting. Wuhan one of the cities where they are turned out.

Gold is valuable collateral. Counterfeit gold not. It has been described as “ghost collateral.”

In recent years, China has made 83 tons of phony gold bars which have been used as bank collateral. The banks are stuck!

The counterfeiting is done in one of two ways. Either gold plated copper or gold plated black tungsten plate.


Tonight my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time.

So much to talk about. I never get to cover it all.

Join me for a quick moving and interesting half hour. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!


Abraham Lincoln was not Simon pure when it came to blacks.

The issue as to whether Lincoln was a racist is one oft discussed among historians. He was in his early days. The Civil War moved him towards freeing the slaves. His reasons for so doing not necessarily from an honorable perspective. Rather, based on the practicalities of a situation. Lincoln was an expert politician.

Early in his life he favored abolition. However, he was opposed to racial equality. For the reason the black man did not possess the same mental attributes of a white. The black man was inferior.

By the end of he Civil War, Lincoln was on an upward arc, perhaps heading toward becoming the man he has since been mythologized as being: The Great Emancipator, the man who freed and loved the slaves. His journey however was not complete on the day he died.

Lincoln was still wrestling with race when he died.

Lincoln’s early public position re slavery was clearly spelled out in the 4th of his debates with Stephen Douglas in 1858 in their Senatorial race which Lincoln lost: “I will say that I am not, nor have ever been, in favor of bringing in any way the social and political equality of the black and white races.”

He followed with he opposed blacks having the right to vote, to serve on juries, to hold office, and to intermarry with whites.

He concluded his speech with: “I will say in addition to this there is a physical difference between the black and white races which I believe will forever forbid the two races from living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they remain together there must be a position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.”

Lincoln at the time was no different than most white males, whether living in the north or south. He was a white supremacist.

Some other quotes of Lincoln symbolizing his thoughts at various times in his life.

“I have urged the colonization of the Negroes [in Africa], and I shall continue.”

“I can conceive of no greater calamity than the assimilation of the Negro into our social and political life as an equal.”

“Within 20 years we can peacefully colonize the Negro…..under conditions in which he can rise to the full measure of manhood. This he can never do here. We can never attain the ideal union our fathers dreamed, with millions of an alien, inferior race among us, whose assimilation is neither possible nor desirable.”

Politics always seem to play a part in major decisions. Each side having their respective leaders.

Lincoln was a believer of colonization. Send the blacks to Africa or Central America to live and govern themselves.

Lincoln called black leaders to a White House meeting in 1852. He pushed colonization big time. The black leaders were adamant in their opposition. Lincoln argued that given the “differences” between the two races and the hostile attitude of whites towards black people, it would be “better for us both, therefore to be segregated.”

The blacks refused to be swayed by Lincoln’s argument. They argued African-Americans were as much natives of the United States as white people, and thus deserved the same rights.

Lincoln gave up re colonization. Never spoke of it again.

Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation the following year in 1863.

Most Americans today are under the impression the Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves per se. All of them! It did not.

Lincoln was a war President. He knew the South needed the help of the slaves to successfully carry on the War. Two primary reasons. The South needed the slaves to raise the food to feed Confederate soldiers. Additionally, the Confederacy had begun to absorb slaves into the Confederate Army to fight against the Union.

Lincoln sought to solve the problem by issuing the Emancipation Proclamation which freed slaves only in a limited fashion. It freed those still living in Confederate states and those fighting in the Confederate Army.

Evidence reflects how tightly the Emancipation Proclamation was drawn to solely accomplish the two items. Any black Confederate soldiers who had been captured by the Union did not receive freedom from slavery.

In the next two years, many blacks fled the South to fight for the Union. Two hundred thousand. By the time the War ended in 1865, Lincoln was very much impressed with how these blacks had fought.

Lincoln felt the slaves had earned their freedom by their bravery. Something legal was required since the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation did not take into account “all” slaves. The Thirteenth Amendment would and did. It was the instrument by which all slaves were freed.

Lincoln approved the Joint Resolutions of Congress which authorized the Thirteenth Amendment on January 1, 1865. Ratification by State Legislatures was required to make it part of the Constitution.

Ratification unfortunately did not come till 18 months after Lincoln was killed. It did however free all slaves thereby earning Lincoln the title of Great Emancipator.

The task was not complete. Perhaps if Lincoln had lived we would not be in the position we are with present day black/white conflicts.

Historians are not sure how much further Lincoln would have pushed the black/white issue had he lived. Therein lies the reason no one knows what Lincoln’s final thoughts were with regard to social and political equality.

So it was.

Do sufficient grounds exist to topple Lincoln’s statues and disparage his accomplishments? Though he accomplished much for the black man, his contrary words and feelings may have been greater and bury the good he did.

What of those who did much less in an anti-black fashion than Lincoln? If Lincoln stands, should they not be resurrected to stand again?

It all comes down to what is to be the standard, if any, by which these decisions are to be made.

Enjoy your day!


This condemnation of Americans dead and long gone has to stop. It is tearing at the roots of our country.

What started as an anti-Confederacy thing has deviated to those who came before and after.

People are free to dislike in this country. Constitutionally guaranteed. This condemning everything and everyone will eventually boomerang. Then what?

John Wayne is the most recent popular figure to be condemned. The hero of most Americans from his earliest movies in the 1930’s to his death. More than 30 years of playing the hero. A for real All American. From the Old West to World War II to Vietnam.

Now we are told he was anti-black. His memory must be punished/eradicated.

Wayne’s negative black feelings hurt no one. Most people were not even aware.

The situation has been brought to light by the Democratic Party of Orange County, California.

Orange County has an airport. Its name for years The John Wayne Airport. A statue stands in his honor as well as  other indicia pertaining to him.

The Democrats want the statue and anything else referable to Wayne removed. They claim he was a racist and bigot. He may have been. I do not recall it ever being reflected in his deeds.

The whole argument to rename and get rid of the statue goes back 41 years to a 1979 Playboy interview. Wayne said, “I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility. I don’t believe in giving authority and positions of leadership and judgment to irresponsible people.”

Wayne later said in the interview although he didn’t condone slavery, “I don’t feel guilty about the fact that ten or twenty generations ago these people were slaves.”

He also felt no remorse in the subjugation of Native Americans. America needed the land to expand and survive.

He also considered movies such as Easy Rider and Midnight Cowboy perverted and used a gay slur to refer to the 2 main characters in Midnight Cowboy.

Ronald Reagan may be next. One of our greatest Presidents.

Reagan is being considered a racist based on an October 1971 taped call between him and Richard Nixon. Reagan was Governor at the time and Nixon President.

Their discussion concerned a recent United Nations vote where the U.S. came out on the losing side. Done in by the African delegates.

Reagan said, “To see those, those monkeys from those African countries – damn them, they’re still uncomfortable wearing shoes.”

Then there is Harry Truman. Yes, Harry Truman. Another great U.S. President.

Truman is known to have given many hell. The term “he gave ’em hell” survives to this day.

Many consider he “gave ’em racism” also.

Although Truman made civil rights a federal priority for a President for the first time since Reconstruction, he none the less expressed strong racist sentiments before, during and after his Presidency.

In 1911, the year he turned 27, Truman wrote to Bess his wife to be: “I think one man is just as good as another so long as he is decent and honest and not a nigger or a Chinaman…..The Lord made a white man from dust, a nigger from mud, then He threw up what was left and it came down a Chinaman……I am strongly of the opinion Negroes ought to be in Africa, yellow men in Asia and white men in Europe and America.”

Truman wrote a letter to his daughter Margaret wherein he described waiters in the White House as “an army of coons.”

In another letter to Margaret in 1941, he wrote of the Civil War: “I feel as your old country grandmother has expressed it – ‘What a pity a white man like Lee had to surrender to old Grant.”‘

Some of Truman’s racist slurs continued after he left office in the 1950’s and 1960’s: The use of racial slurs, opposed the 1960 sit-ins but said they might be Communist inspired, called Northerners who went on freedom rides meddlers, and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. a troublemaker.

It must be recognized Truman was a proud American as well a son the the Confederacy.

As President, Truman came to “represent” all. He rose above his prejudices. He appointed a committee to study civil rights abuses, supported the committee’s call for anti-lynching and anti-polling tax legislation. He ordered desegregation of the armed forces. He was the first President to campaign in Harlem.

Whatever way you look at things, Harry Truman loved Key West and Key West continues to love Harry Truman.

Tomorrow, Abraham Lincoln.

Now we turn to a different subject. Trump’s relationship with Putin and the recent news that Russia paid a bounty to Afghanistans to shoot Americans and other coalition troops.

First the relationship.

Recall the movie The Unsinkable Molly Brown. Starred Debbie Reynolds.

“He’s My Friend” a song in the movie. The opening stanza went: “He’s my friend / And he’ll stay my friend / Doesn’t matter what the other people say / He’s my friend, to the bitter end / Even though the bitter end’s a million years away.”

Such is the relationship between Trump and Putin as represented by Trump. I doubt Putin feels the same way. He uses Trump, toys with him, takes advantage of him. Trump never realizing it.

The New York Times broke a story of shocking interest the past few days. A could never have happened thing that did.

It was reported that Russia was paying a bounty to Afghanistan for all American soldiers and other coalition troops shot in the Afghanistan War.

Trump’s staff has not denied knowledge of the matter. They said they knew since March, but never brought it to Trump’s attention. They claim the President never knew.


What could be more important to an American President than the knowledge a foreign power was paying another to kill Americans?

Turns out the information was part of Trump’s Daily Briefing back then. However Trump rarely reads his Daily Briefing.

The bottom line is Trump knew and kept quiet because Putin is his “friend.”

The caronavirus is having a field day in Florida. Thanks to the stupidity of Gov. De Santis who does nothing but blindly follow Trump’s dictates.

Yesterday was Florida’s third day of record high coronavirus cases in a one week period. Yesterday alone broke the one day record. Almost 10,000 new cases.

Wear your masks, practice social distancing, and frequently wash your hands.

Enjoy your Sunday!



Congratulations to the businessmen who insisted on reopening the Keys. Greed their motivation. Using the economy as an excuse, they rabble roused people into supporting their position. Remove the barrier to U.S. 1 and get businesses open again!

These are smart men. They made the Keys, especially Key West, the success they are. Only this time they were wrong.

Roughly 3 weeks later, the proof obvious.

Those from the mainland came to Key West in hoards. Mostly young. They hit the bars as expected big time. One problem, however, they failed to take any precautions. No masks, social distancing, etc. Kissing and hugging prevalent.

It had to happen. Where the Keys had come through the coronavirus attack in good shape, in a short 3 weeks it has slid backward. Way below where it earlier had been.

The young brought the virus with them. Certain of our people got infected. They infected others. And so it goes.

Most of those visiting were from Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. The 2 most heavily infected counties in the United States.

The Keys experienced its 2 worst days thursday and friday this week. Fourteen new cases each day. Total cases now 202.

Covid-19 moves rapidly. An unseen meteor. When first it arrived, it took weeks and months to infect. Now, a matter of days.

Again, it all goes back to when the check points were removed June 1.

I hope those who made this second and more serious visit of the virus possible have learned. They bear responsibility for what is happening now. I am confident they are too smart to allow it to happen again.

In the meantime, many more will become infected. Some die.

Luke 23:34 comes into play: “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.”

Members of various Keys government groups also bear responsibility. They failed the people who elected them. They wanted to please the residents rather than do the right thing.

Masks an example. They “recommended” masks be used, rather than “mandating” their use. If “mandated” were in force 3 weeks ago, the numbers would not be going up as swiftly as they are.

Coronavirus is not the only disease being experienced. Dengue fever has returned. As of friday, there were 8 more confirmed cases. Making a total of 10.

The Key West City Commission has begun moving in the right direction. Appears they understand what no more pussyfooting means.

The annual July fireworks have been cancelled.

Re wearing masks, stricter rules. Must be worn in all public places. Indoors and out. Failure to do so the first time a warning. Second time, a $500 fine. Police and Code enforcement officers will enforce.

I don’t believe the punishment sufficient. We are talking about life and death. Jail time the way to do it. Not a slap on the hand like a weekend. At least an automatic 10 days.

The only way to make an impact. Word will spread quickly. Masks will be worn after a few have spent 10 days or better in jail.

I continue to tell the Greece story. They have controlled the problem. One example why is what they do if someone fails to wear a mask in a bar. The patron is not punished. The bar owner is. Fined $20,000! Has to make an impact! Maybe Key West should consider this type punishment.

The State finally showing some degree of serious concern. Governor De Santis has been useless thus far.

Key West and the State worked on the bar problem yesterday morning. The bars are a major problem area. The State closed them them immediately, Key West at noon. The handwriting on the wall seen.

Florida’s trip upward. Yesterday a big day! Almost 9,000 new coronaviurus cases. The most ever in a single day. Two or 3 days ago, Florida hit its highest number. Somewhere in the 5,000’s. Two days later up approximately 2,500! Nationally, the U.S. suffered the day of its greatest number of new cases also. Forty five thousand two hundred forty two.

The national number overall is 2.48 million. Deaths in excess of 125,000.

God may be in His Heaven, however all is not right with the world. To make it right requires drastic action such as significant jailing and/or mammoth fines.

Did the Sahara dust storm move over Key West yesterday? I never left the house obviously. Don’t know.

May Johnson continues to enjoy her life in Key West.

Her boy friend Ernest is in Miami working. They seldom see each other. Write often.

In the meantime, May enjoys herself in Key West. She and Ernest must have an understanding.

On this day, she went to La Brisa in the afternoon. Danced with Earle, Miguel, Oscar, Louisa, and Charlie C. Then watched Cuban dancing till 10 when she returned home.

The NASCAR noose. Saw a photo of it this morning for the first time.

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quack likes a duck, then it probably is a duck.

The noose is a noose. No question about it.

The FBI says no federal crime violation involved. Many trying to convince others it is not a noose. Merely a rope to help open an overhead door.

Those who disagree it is a noose insult Darrell Wallace, Jr. and all others who believe what their eyes told them: A noose.

Why are some trying to misrepresent what it was? Especially at this time in our history where race once again is a major issue.


The word is Seattle is returning to normal. The “kids” squatting on CHOP-CHAZ announced they are folding their tents and going home. They further announced they are throwing their support behind Joe Biden.

I watched the White House Task Force yesterday. Another disgrace.

Pence lying through his teeth: Things getting better folks! Fauci diplomatically countering.

Trump takes another federal court beating.

A federal appeals court ruled yesterday that Trump’s use of Pentagon funding to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border was illegal.

The Court ruled 2-1 that the use violated the Appropriations Clause of the Constitution. The Clause gives Congress exclusive power of the purse.

Poor Donald. He abruptly cancelled his weekend of golf in New Jersey. Trump tweeted he was doing so “to make sure LAW & ORDER is enforced in Washington, D.C.” Trump is concerned that further Confederate statues might be torn down.

Donald is President. He thinks he is President of everything. Not so. Doesn’t realize that primary protection of property is the responsibility of Washington’s Mayor Bowser. The woman who had Black Lives Matter painted in large yellow letters in front of the White House.

Trump’s tweet about remaining in Washington to protect Confederate statues came a day after he personally called Interior Department Secretary David Bernhardt and asked that the Park Service put back up the statue of Confederate General Albert Pike. Pike’s statue had been toppled and set on fire a few days earlier by protesters.

Washington’s Governor Inslee recognized Trump’s interest in Confederate statues and monuments when he said, “I wish he cared more about living Americans instead of dead Confederates.”

Well said.

Never made Cocktails at 7 last night. For some reason, exhausted. Slept from 7 last night to 5 this morning.

Enjoy your day!




Knowledge comes to us in many forms. One struck me big time yesterday.

Betty Gaudette is a new Facebook friend. Retired. Lives in Old Town, Florida. Not Old Town, Key West. Never heard of it before. Somewhere on the mainland.

She has a terrific website. Thought invoking. Check it out on Facebook, make her your friend.

People write to Betty just about every day with comments, views and admonitions. She publishes them all. Whether she agrees or not. Shares.

Some conflicting, some brilliant. Others, the works of a nut.

I share some today.

“Just a shot in the dark!…..Wouldn’t it be better to actually teach history than to erase it?”

“I don’t call it getting old. I call it outliving the warranty.”

“No white person alive today ever owned a slave. No black person alive today was ever a slave. We can’t move forward if people want to keep living in the past.”

“We can remove flags and statues all day. Until we figure out how to remove the hate in people’s hearts, nothing will change.”

“So Congress wants to replace police because of a few bad cops. I say let’s replace Congress because of a lot of bad Congressmen.”

“Masks are apparently the new bra. They’re uncomfortable, you only wear them in public, and when you don’t wear one everyone notices.”

“Does anyone else feel that the entire country has lost its everlovin’ mind?”

“My high school was so small. We had sex education and drivers education in the same car.”

“Our country will become a better place, when everyone realizes there are only 2 kinds of people in it. Good people and bad people. Ethnicity doesn’t matter.”

This observation accompanied a picture of Jesus Christ: “If you skip Me now, I will skip you in My Paradise.”

“I am at the age where an ‘all nighter’ means I didn’t have to get up to pee.”

“I wonder why we are so obsessed with trying to find intelligent life on other planets, when we can’t even find intelligent life here.”

“If we’re gonna defund a few bad apples then why aren’t we defunding Congress?”

“I am way more afraid of Joe Biden in the White House than I am of Covid-19.” (My observation: So many were afraid to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016 so they voted for Trump. Look what we got!)

Trump in papers filed with the Supreme Court yesterday, asked that the Affordable Care Act be overturned. Does not make sense. The nation is in the midst of its greatest epidemic in a 100 years. People need health care. Additionally, if Obamacare goes, pre-existing conditions return.

A comment in yesterday’s Wall street Journal: Trump is on the wrong side of history.

Gets no argument from me.

Coronavirus testing in the U.S. sucks. Trump never got it going. He does not believe in testing.

The CDC announced that because of insufficient testing, Covid-19 infections are 10 times higher than reported.

Thank you, Donald.

Today’s Vanity Fair published an interesting article re Attorney General William Barr. It concerns Barr’s legacy.

Titled “The Guy Is With The Devil: The Rosemary’s baby theory of Attorney General William Barr.”

An interesting quote from the article: “Justice for Barr is completely indistinguishable from what Trump wants.”

The case of Obergefell v. Hodges one of the most important decided by the U.S. Supreme Court. The decision rendered this day in 2015. It involved same sex marriage.

The case determined that same sex couples had rights equal to those afforded heterosexual couples.

Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote the majority decision. He wrote in part: “The right to marry is a fundamental right inherent in the liberty of the person…..Couples of the same sex may not be deprived of that right and that liberty.”

Coronavirus on the upswing in the Keys. Number of confirmed cases 188. Up yesterday in one day by 15. The 15 being the largest daily increase experienced.

Florida in deep trouble re the virus. The Keys were in relatively good shape till the reopenings. A mistake as is obvious now.

The Keys are going to advertise safe methods to be followed in order to avoid having the virus take you down.

Beginning today, 70 banners will be flown on telephone polls from Islamorada to Key West, onto Duval Street and into Mallory Square. The banners will promote masks, handwashing and social distancing.

A good idea. Many need to be reminded.

Sand from the Sahara Desert in Africa is expected to reach Key West sometime later today. Referred to as a “Gorilla Dust Cloud.”

Forms in the Sahara and comes this way yearly. However no big deal. Till this year. Actually, it will be the biggest such dust storm to hit Florida in 50 years.

Health warnings are out. Inhalation of the sand dust not healthy. Especially when combined with the spikes in Covid-19. The recommendation is to remain inside.

You will know when it arrives. Expect a brown haze and deteriorating air quality.

Tonight, Cocktails at 7. I have come to look forward to it. Cathy in Seattle and Louis in Key West conversing for a couple of hours on Skype.

Enjoy your day!




George Orwell wrote his famous book 1984 years before that date. His purpose was to show how society and societal values would change over the years. What they would be in 1984.

Orwell made 1 mistake. 1984 was too soon. It would take into the 2020 teens for the evils he wrote about to significantly manifest themselves.

Today, freedom and slavery are issues of consequence. What Orwell projected for 1984 are front and center today.

Re freedom and slavery, he wrote: “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

Washington’s Mayor Bowser has started a trend. The large yellow letters covering 2 blocks in front of the White House saying BLACK LIVES MATTER will now have a place in New York City.

Mayor de Blasio and Trump do not get along. De Blasio announced that in the next 2 weeks in front of Trump Towers on Fifth Avenue a giant BLACK LIVES MATTER mural will appear painted on the street. Yellow, of course.

A source close to de Blasio said the Mayor “is doing it to antagonize the President.”

As I have said, he who fails to give respect is not entitled to respect. Trump has disrespected so many in the 3 years he has been President. The mural in the street a what goes around comes around thing.

An appellate court decision has freed Michael Flynn.

An absolute disgrace! Evidence of favoritism running from the President and Attorney General Barr to Trump’s personal friend Michael Flynn.

Flynn pled guilty 2 times in open court. Then Barr comes up with a baseless unique legal theory that Flynn was done wrong in entering the pleas.

Judge Sullivan the trial Judge. He said hold on when Justice wanted the case dumped. The Judge smelled a rat. The entire legal community smelled a rat. Not the way things are done. Blatant favoritism. A friend of the President was being accommodated.

Trump has demeaned and destroyed the good name of the Justice Department and those working under it, as well as the Judiciary. Barr has magnified and assisted in Trump’s wrongdoing.

Makes me wonder if Judge Sirica would have been able to do what he did. Sirica was the federal Judge who the Watergate burglars and others were before. They all did jail time. Sirica was not a man to screw around with. Even Nixon did not attempt what Trump has been doing and getting away with.

Today a famous one in American history. George Custer and his 7th Cavalry were wiped out by the Sioux and Cheyenne at the Battle of Big Horn.

It would be the last time the Indians knew such success.

A bit of Key West.

Willie T’s and Shanna Key have been closed because an employee in each place tested positive for coronavirus. Each will be closed for 14 days. “Cleaning and quarantine” to be manged by Florida’s Monroe County Health officials.

Owners of each establishment totally cooperative.

A problem here. Test results are supposed to be available in 3 days. In each instance, it took 7 days. The additional 4 days provided  opportunity for the virus to spread.

Key West’s famous July 4th fireworks may not be held this year.

On June 2, the Key West City Commission met and voted to have the fireworks. Since that time, coronavirus has increased everywhere in Florida. The Commission is meeting tomorrow morning to decide if their vote should be rescinded.

I suspect it will be.

The Key West Arts Center is located at 301 Front Street. A 2 story white building well kept.

This morning’s Key West Citizen ran a photo of the building taken many many years ago. The building in the photo a dilapidated wood structure.

The Key West Arts Center was established in 1960 and opened in the building. Still operates today. A popular tourist attraction. Part of the Old Town waterfront area.

The building was originally constructed in the 1850’s. Near what then was the waterfront. Constructed to be used as a grocery store. The grocery store was owned and managed by the Babcock family for many years.

Fire seriously damaged the building in 1886. It was rehabilitated as a single story building. A second floor was added in the early 1900’s.

In later years, the building was the location of the First WPA Art Project under President Roosevelt.

Another fire occurred.  An extensive one. The building was condemned and ordered to be torn down.

A Key West arts group and prominent local officials persuaded City officials to save the historic building. An agreement was reached. The building was converted into a City sponsored art center and gallery.

It is now recognized as a building of historical significance in the Old Mallory Square area.

May Johnson’s exciting 1896 life continues.

On this day in in 1896, May finished the dress she had been sewing for several days. White organdy trimmed in silk lace and ribbons.May wrote in her diary “very pretty.”

That evening she went out with Earl. An event at La Brisa. Called the “German.” In honor of the officers of the Maine.

Three states with rampaging coronavirus. One Florida.

I blame Governor DeSantis. Trump’s lap dog. Followed Trump’s dictates precisely.

As of yesterday, the number of new cases in Florida has increased more than 2 times since early June.

I fear the worse is yet to come, even for Key West.

This is day 105 of my self-quarantine. Fifteen weeks. If the coronavirus trend continues as it recently has, I may be here another 105 days!

I miss sitting at a bar and talking with people. I miss going out to dinner with friends and conversing. I miss partying at a friend’s home. I miss people!

Enjoy your day!


Basically a Key West day. I need a day off from Trump. Sure you do also.

What I am about to share also appears in my Key West Lou blog of 4/25/2017. You may want to check it out there.

Much of the information has been drawn from New York Times articles of August 1897. Front page news each time.

Sylvanus Johnson a black Key West resident. From this point forward, I shall use the word “negro” because the story made reference to the term many times. It fits what occurred back then.

Johnson was accused of raping a white woman. Mrs. Margaret Atwell. She was reported to be dying from the attack.

Johnson arrested and jailed. Key West’s white population not happy campers. They were committed to lynching Johnson. Some 40 negroes surrounded the jail to protect Johnson, threatening to shoot if any white man approached further.

Local authorities feared a riot. Called upon the Governor to send in the National Guard. The Secretary of War in Washington was also contacted and requested to send in federal troops.

President McKinley refused. Whether the Governor did, I could not ascertain.

Key West was completely at the mercy of the infuriated negro mob.

Johnson always maintained his innocence.

A prominent local white man William Gardner was shot by the negroes. He was one of the leaders of the move to lynch Johnson.

The trial was a kangaroo court. The judge and jury white. Witnesses white. Johnson’s attorney was forbidden to cross examine the witnesses.

Johnson was convicted in less than 2 hours. He walked out of the court house continuing to declare his innocence.

Johnson was hung a few days later.

White man’s justice for negroes in the summer of 1897 in Key West.

Shades of Africa in Florida. Another I live and learn item.

I was unaware that panthers and bobcats roam certain areas of Florida.

Florida’s wildcat population has recently been afflicted with leukomyelopathy, a neurological disorder. Eight panthers and 2 bobcats so far.

The Florida panther is the only subspecies of mountain lion remaining in eastern U.S. Panthers have been recognized as an endangered species since 1973.

Makes me smile. I have been worrying only about pythons and crocodiles for years!

Mosquitoes should be on my to fear list. Don’t worry about them, however. We have a Monroe County Mosquito Board. They do a good job of keeping Keys’ residents protected.

The fear is the dengue fever a certain type mosquito can inflict. Death possible. Between spraying and inspecting properties, the Board keeps a handle on the mosquitoes and therefore the dengue fever.

As a result, dengue fever is now rare. It does rear its ugly head every few years, however. This is one of those years.

The second case of dengue fever this year was recently reported. In Key Largo. The first case arose in Key Largo also.

The concern is multiplied by what has occurred recently in South Creek Village at Mile Marker 103. Eleven persons have been reported to possibly be sick with dengue fever. The 11 have all the symptoms. The doctors are not certain yet, however.

For a small island at the tip of nowhere, Key West has had a number of “heroes” over the years.

Colonel Floyd Thompson is one.

On this day in 1988, he received the Prisoner of War Medal from President Ronald Reagan. Thompson was the U.S.’s longest held prisoner of war. He spent 9 years in captivity.

My blog talk radio show last night. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I spoke of nothing but Donald Trump. Contributed to my desire to get back to Key West itself.

One deviation to Key West today. Trump’s Phoenix Rally yesterday.

Trump preceded the rally to commemorate 200 miles of “new” wall in Yuma, Arizona.

Oh, how the man stretches the truth. Only 3 of the 200 miles were “new.” The rest renovated portions of the old wall.

Amazing. three years and only 3 miles of new wall!

Trump made a representation I doubt he can/will fulfill. He said that by the end of 2020, there would be 450-500 miles of wall.

Then it was off to Phoenix for a rally.

The rally was at a church that held 3,000. All seats were filled. College students. Closely sitting together. I doubt there were more than a dozen wearing masks.

Donald was protected however. He was seated in the middle of a stage as he spoke. A man seated to each side of him. Fifteen to twenty feet away on each side.

Typical Trump selfishness. Protect me, but to hell with the 3,000 teenagers who came to see and honor him with their presence.

The rally was a complete no protection event. No temperature taking, no masks, and no social distancing.

Enjoy your day!



Politics is dirty. Both sides. However the past few years have shown the Republicans to far exceed the Democrats when it comes to immoral activities.

Maybe it’s Trump’s leadership. I don’t know. Whatever, the Republicans have been flagrant in their abuse of propriety.

Kentucky an example. Bad.

Today is primary day in Kentucky. What I am about to share applies both to primary and election days.

Note that black hearted Mitch McConnell is one of the U.S. Senators representing Kentucky. He has opposition in the primary today. Expected to win, however. McConnell leads in 2 polls as to election day itself. He is projected the winner by 14 and 20 points respectively.

Maybe McConnell was worried, maybe Trump.

Kentucky Republicans wanted neither the blacks nor Democratic whites to have it easy when voting.

There had been 3,700 election places. Kentucky recently reduced them to less than 200. Especially where black districts were concerned.

The reduction a 95 percent one.

A clear example of the wrong is Jefferson County. Its population 767,000. Now has only one place to vote.

The purpose of the reduction in voting places is to make it difficult and to discourage Democratic voters.

LeBron James faced a similar situation recently in Georgia. He said, “This is systematic racism and oppression.”

Sure is!

The November election has clearly developed into a referendum on Trump. No question about it.

He deserves to lose big time.

Trump worries not about coronavirus. Strange because he is a germaphobic. Always washing his hands even before being elected President.

As of yesterday, the count is 8. Eight Trump advance persons to the Tulsa Rally have come down with coronavirus.

In addition, some White House personnel were discovered to be afflicted 2 weeks ago.

Hope some day the experts will be able to tell us how many of the 6,200 attending the Tulsa Rally also became infected. Extremely few wearing masks. No social distancing.

Now Andrew Jackson. Demonstrators sought to topple a large statue of him in the park near the White House.

The demonstrators chanted, “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Andrew Jackson’s got to go.”

One hundred fifty to two hundred U.S. Park Police arrived. They swung batons and released pepper spray.

Jackson still stands.

The protesters wanted Jackson to come down because he was cruel to Native Americans and an enslaver.

The group had encamped on H Street. Seven or eight tents set up on the street itself. They were moved off the street.

The tented area is near St. John’s Episcopal Church.

Beside trying to topple Jackson, the demonstrators also desecrated St. John’s Episcopal Church which was nearby. The Church of the Presidents.

BHAZ was painted on 2 columns holding up the Church. BHAZ short for the Black Home Autonomous Zone. The group’s intent to do what CHOP has done in Settle.

Florida shooting for the skies with its coronavirus numbers. Up and up, not flattening.

The Mayors of he 7 major cities in Miami-Dade County now require masks to be worn by all persons in public. Inside or out.

Palm Beach County is planning a reopening. Intends that masks be worn in public. Whether voluntary or mandatory not yet decided nor has a date been set to begin.

Coronavirus traveling at different speeds in various areas of the U.S. Some states still in the first wave. Others in the second.

A major problem is moving from one state to another. Easily done. Crossing state borders commonplace. Ergo, the virus is frequently spread and respread easily.

It’s going to be a long hot summer and autumn will not be any better.

Coronavirus from another angle.

The U.S. has the most new cases of Covid-19 in the world. We’re NUMBER ONE. AMERICA FIRST…..We can do this! We are doing it!

Nothing to be proud of.

Florida and California battling it out for the most new cases. Both over 4,000 a day. Florida’s inept Governor DeSantis says California has more people. Makes it sound like he is disappointed Florida may end up second.

I told you he is not too bright.

Florida reopened certain areas too soon. Beaches especially. Masks not required. The word was they were for wimps and Biden voters. Social distancing? No way.

I was proud how Key West initially handled the coronavirus problem. Imposed rules, followed rules.

Unfortunately, some merchants won out in the end. They created a furor. Reopening was permitted. Tourists from the mainland made Duval alive again on weekends. Especially young visitors. No masks, no social distancing, hugging and kissing ok. The numbers are creeping up again.

Key West City Commissioners are trying to take the bull by the horns again. Hopefully soon enough. The 200 and 300 blocks of Duval will be closed to traffic weekend evenings. Such should make social distancing easy. Masks will be required everywhere, inside and out.

No decision yet how to punish violators.

The plan is flexible. The blocks will be expanded as needed. Each weekend new decisions will be made.

Not enough from my perspective. Arrest violators. A stiff fine or jail. People will then understand. If the violation occurs inside a bar or restaurant, arrest the owner and hit him with a stiff fine as they do in Greece.

Coronavirus is nothing to screw around with.

Housing prices are plunging across the U.S. The most since 2008.

Condos down the most. Forty one percent. Homes 24.8 percent.The average of homes and condos for the past year May to May down 29 percent.

April-May is a red hot selling season. Not this year.

The May to May percentages all down. The north east 29.9 percent, mid west 20.2 percent, south 25.1 percent, west 35.1 percent.

One problem. I do not see prices dropping in Key West. Still the highest ever.

I suspect the numbers stay high because of manipulation. No other way could they not be consistent with the national figures set forth.

I listen to local realtor talk. They insist the epidemic will not affect real estate market prices. I think they fool themselves.

This day a big one in 1960. Changed life for women and in so doing for men also.

Today the anniversary of the day when contraceptive pills were made available for purchase in the U.S.

Feminism grew. Women considered themselves equal to men. Sex without the danger of pregnancy was available to them. The women’s movement grew from that day forward.

Sex without danger of pregnancy the enabling factor.

A criticism of today’s protest movement. I am for equality. I am for everyone to have available the same advantages.

What I cannot understand and what I cannot agree with is punishing the memories of people who lived 100, 150 and 200 years ago.

Note that we live a certain way today. What is acceptable today was not a couple of hundred years ago. People lived differently back then. Different rules, standards and customs.

Today’s movement does not take that into account. It should. We are holding yesterday’s heroes to today’s standards. Wrong!

One exception. Civil War Confederates. Traitors. Can understand their not being honored. However as to all others, leave their statues and memories alone. They broke no rules as existed back in their times.

Join me tonight as I share my thoughts on blog talk radio. The show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Some ranting and raving. Guaranteed you will enjoy the half hour. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!



Franklin Delano Roosevelt was an exceptional President. Goes without saying. Took the nation out of the Depression, led us through World War II, etc. Each an outstanding achievement.

Another, the GI Bill.

Roosevelt could see into the future where most could not. During World War II, he recognized that following victory thousands if not millions of military persons would be discharged and dumped back into U.S. society. The nation had to be ready for them.

Roosevelt believed that the Great Depression was the result of the U.S. not being prepared for soldiers returning from World War I. He also believed that the Bonus March of 1932 on Washington would not have occurred if the returning veterans had proper jobs. Gong a step further, even jobs!

He decided the nation had to ready to help the returning military and thereby the nation itself. The result was the GI Bill.

It was on this day in 1944 that Roosevelt signed the bill into law. The benefits of the bill were three fold. Returning military were entitled  access to unemployment compensation, low interest home and business loans, and funding for education.

From my perspective, the most important the funding for education. Most returning would not have been able to afford a college education. For many, no one in their families had ever gone to college. Their families laborers and factory workers.

The program made thousands of doctors, lawyers, teachers, professors, etc. that without the funding might have ended up selling apples on street corners as many did following World War I.

I was 10 when World War II ended. I recall in the years following a particular neighborhood in Utica that was sort of run down. An old church was converted into the new Utica College’s first building. Then run down buildings around it for several blocks.

The College succeeded. Reached a point where it was bursting at the seams. Moved to another area on the fringe of Utica. Started relatively small for a college campus. Eventually became affiliated with Syracuse University. Today and for many years has stood independent and alone. The campus extensive and beautiful. The College has a reputation for being able to get graduates accepted into medical schools. So fine the education the students receive.

All because Roosevelt could see where others could not.

Toppling statues will not end soon. Too many around the country. Too many reasons why this one and that one should come down.

Two noteworthy persons whose statues are to be removed or have been vandalized.

One, Teddy Roosevelt. Former President of the U.S. His performance so good that he is one of the President’s whose face is sculptured onto Mount Rushmore.

Since 1940, a statue of Roosevelt seated on a horse has stood at the entrance to the Museum of Natural History in New York City. Roosevelt was an equestrian whether leading his troops up San Juan  Hill, hunting in Africa, or living the western life in the Old West.

The statue in front of the Museum has standing on one side an African man and on the other a Native American.

The building and ground it rests on are owned by New York City.

The cry has risen to remove the statue. The reason being the men standing on each side. They “explicitly depict black and indigenous people as subjugated and racially inferior.”

Not everyone got to ride up San Juan Hill, in Africa or the far West. Some were troops, bearers, laborers, scouts, searchers, etc. Normally those native to the area.

Would the statue be permitted to remain if the African and Native American were on horses and Roosevelt standing between them?

Mayor de Blasio playing politician. He considers the statue “problematic” and should go.

The best is George Washington. Father of our country, First President of the U.S., the man without whom the Revolutionary War would not have been won. A statue and monument of Washington stands in the Druid Hill Park in Baltimore. This past week it was vandalized. Written in red paint “Destroy Racists.” The initials of  Black Lives Matter on the bottom: BLM.

Washington owned slaves. As did most if not all the signers of the Declaration of Independence. It was part of the mores of the time. Slaves had value. A man’s wealth was measured by the number of slaves he owned.

In Washington’s Last Will and Testament, he freed all his slaves. Few if any others did so during his era.

Oh, the things we learn. The comment refers to Black Lives Matter.

I took several Russian history courses in college. All but one taught by Alexander Kerensky, the first President of Free Russia. He was a White Bolshevik. When toppled by the Reds, he had to escape Russia to save his life. He eventually found his way to the U.S.

His courses exciting. He had lived what he was teaching.

One of the courses required the reading of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. Published in 1848. The book’s final two sentences stick in a person’s mind once read: “Workers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains.”

In the past few weeks, I have commented re the growing power of Black Lives Matter. Once suggesting they might be going too far.

The Blaze published an article by Paul Sacca 6/20/20 titled: Black Lives Matter Founder Admits Org’s Creators Are ‘Trained Marxists’ ”

Black Lives Matter was founded in 2013 by Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi, and Patrisse Cullors. Organized in opposition to George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Today, the organization has in excess of 40 chapters world wide.

Its purpose: To “build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes.”

A primary purpose today: To “get Trump out.”

Black Lives Matter does not specifically note they are Marxists in its website. However, one of its creators Patrice Cullors admitted they subscribed to Karl Marx’s ideology.

A newly resurfaced 2015 video on the Black Lives Matter Global Network found Patrisse Cullors revealing she and her fellow Black Lives Matter creators were “trained Marxists…..trained organizers.”

Removing Trump was reiterated this past friday by one of BLM’s members: “Our goal is to get Trump out.” The organization wants Trump to resign immediately. “He is not fit for office.”

In the past, Cullors has compared Trump to Hitler: “Hitler created the conditions that lead to what we all understand as Nazi Germany.” Trump is “literally the epitome of evil.”

I am concerned about Key West and coronavirus. The weekends find our small island crowded with visitors from the mainland. Mostly young. The visitors seem to care not about masks and social distancing.

They could leave the virus here. Infect others who will take it back to the mainland with them.

Two to three more weeks will tell the story.

Enjoy your day!





I thought sure there would be a confrontation last night between Trump supporters and activists. I was wrong.

During the afternoon, I had my first inkling I had called it wrong. In two different instances, activist leaders spoke with the media. Pence was coming in to talk with them.

The two activists in effect thought it was a good idea. They seemed to be backing off from a “war.”

They were.

All last night brought was a brief skirmish here and there. The biggest, which not big at all, following Trump’s speech when Trump people were trying to leave the area.

As to the rally itself, it was not up to Trump’s usual standards. From  my perspective, it was a failure. Interesting, we both failed the same evening.

Trump had been expecting one million people. The arena held 19,000. An outdoor area for 4,000 was arranged for those who could not get in.

Trump got neither 1 million, 23,000, or 19,000. Total attendance approximately 13,000.

The outside area was immediately taken down so it would not be seen empty.

Inside the arena, it was obvious the place was not full. Huge areas of empty seats. Especially on the upper levels. Also one third of the floor standees area.

Why the crowd much smaller than anticipated?

Two groups of American teenagers got him. TikiToy users and K-pop fans.They had members and non-members nationwide write in for a ticket. Never intending to attend. That is what ran the anticipated number up to one million.

Ho, ho! A gotcha situation.

Trump came out on time to speak. Unusual for him. He looked disappointed. Most of the 2 hours he spoke, he did not appear to be a happy camper. It was obvious he was unhappy because of the crowd size.

His talk reminded me of 2016. Mostly the same. Even the issues. Some of which are no longer issues.

He exhibited a sense of humor on occasion. Especially his recent West Point experience. Spent 15 minutes on it. I assume it was a made up story to cover what the press thought. Whatever, he was funny during those 15 minutes.

He lied on occasion. To be expected.

Referred to the activists as “thugs.” I found this interesting. Most of his supporters seated in the arena looked like thugs.

His overall demeanor the same as always. He cannot help it. He comes over as a nasty man.

Less I forget, I know I am correct about my coronavirus prediction. Four-six weeks from now, the numbers will spiral in many areas of the country because of the very few wearing masks and absolutely no social distancing.

Trump’s son Eric spoke. Called the Black Lives Matter protesters “animals.” I thought based on the way the Trump family lives, they could be called “pigs.”

Think about it. The massive uprising of the past several weeks began in Minneapolis with the death of George Floyd. Minnesota should be the first state to come up with legislative police reforms.

Not going to happen.

The legislature is one house Democrat and one house Republican. Their term was coming to an end. They did not come to an agreement. The legislature closed friday till late summer or early fall.

Why is it so difficult to do the obvious? It resembles the school shootings. Legislation right away! Never happened.

This tearing down statues and monuments is going too far. Everyone has an ax to grind.

Two recent statues down in California are examples.

Father Junipero Serra’s statue in Los Angeles has come down.

A priest. Spent his adult life in California developing the missions. It is said he worked the natives hard in building the missions.

His statue was erected in 1932 by the Knights of Columbus. He was canonized a Saint by the Catholic Church in 2005.

His statue was toppled this weekend. The reason given the way he treated the natives several hundred years ago in the construction of the missions.

The worst is Ulysses S. Grant. No justification for his statue coming down. The event occurred Juneteenth in San Francisco.

Grant has some heavy credentials. President of the U.S. and General of the Union Army that defeated the Confederacy. As President, he advocated for the civil rights of former slaves and helped ratify the Fifteenth Amendment which gave blacks the right to vote.

The reason his statue was toppled is he owned one slave. The slave was gifted to him. He freed the slave before the beginning of the Civil War.

A big step too far!

The colors of the rainbow have been adopted by gays and lesbians world wide. They have come to symbolize Pride.

Key West in 2015 painted the intersection of Duval and Petronia with rainbow stripes. Signifying gay/lesbian pride. The intersection is also the home of Key West’s most famous gay bars. 801 and Bourbon Street.

The intersection was resurfaced with the flag this past week. A bit larger and brighter colors.

Key Westers believe the rainbow intersection speaks as to how the community looks upon its residents and visitors: “Everybody is welcome, everybody is equal, everybody is recognized.”

Keys’ residents speak of iguanas and infrequently crocodiles and pythons.

A crocodile or two every year. A python every 5 years.

A crocodile visited the backyard of an Islamorada home last week. A 12 footer. He was captured by a legal trapper and removed to someplace where crocodiles go in north Florida.

Crocodiles cannot be captured other than by a legal trapper. They cannot be harassed or killed. They are a protected species under Florida Law.

As are the chickens in Key West.

Enjoy your Sunday!