I mentioned saturday morning that another perfect Key West day was in the making. There was a cool breeze coming in off the ocean.

It was not a cool breeze. Turned out to be the beginning of a cold front. Saturday was cool. Sunday cold. Too cold. The high was only 68. Today it is cold, also. Temperature at the moment is 66 degrees. High however will be around 80. The rest of the week will be days at or near 80, with evenings around 70 degrees.

It is the beginning of Key West’s fall season. It did not begin slowly. It came almost overnight. Speaking of nights, I needed a quilt last night to keep warm.

To my dear friends up north, I appreciate you have snow already. Cold in the Keys is different. When you go weeks at 85 degrees and all of a sudden it drops to 75, you feel it. Seventy becomes very cold. The high 60s freezing. Our blood is thin.

One of the nice things about living in  Key West is that every weekend there is a new and different party. This week the power boat races. Long sleek expensive boats. Crews of several persons. Dangerous driving on the ocean.


The boats turn me on. Yesterday, I went over to the Truman waterfront to look at them. They were on display. Magnificent!

The sport is only for the rich or corporations. Reflects how much money goes into acquiring/making the boats and maintaining them.

I hustled over to Duval afterwards to catch a bit of the boat parade. A large crowd. Enthusiastic.

The boat races start wednesday and end next sunday. If you have the opportunity to watch, do it. An experience you will not soon forget.

There are sayings used to make a point. One is …..Is the Pope Catholic? Well, maybe not any more.

There is controversy in the Catholic Church. Pope Francis is trying to open the windows to let in the fresh air of change. Conservatives within the Church who oppose his efforts are doing everything to hold them closed.

A significant number of Bishops are at odds with the Pope. On issues such as gays, divorced persons being permitted to receive communion, etc. They are becoming increasingly vocal. Now there is talk of a schism within the Church. There has not been one in a couple of hundred years. Emotions run deep. One Church leader suggested the Pope is the anti-Christ.

There is talk among conservative Cardinals and Bishops of deposing Francis and replacing him with Benedict. Benedict resigned making way for Francis. However, Benedict remains within the Vatican walls. He lives on the Vatican grounds. Benedict was a doctrinaire. A hard ass. Church doctrine did not bend under him.

You thought only Republicans and Democrats fought hard.

The Bishops have come out of the woodwork in the past few years and are expressing themselves publicly in many areas such as abortion and birth control. I am not sure it is healthy.

What happened to peace and tranquility? What happened to love? Everyone fights.

Enjoy your day!



I walked outside on rising this morning. What a day! Spectacular! Bright sun. Sky perfectly blue. The weather cool. A God is in His Heaven, all is right with the world day.

However, it is not such a day. The Catholic Church has screwed up once again! Yesterday a world wide synod of bishops meeting in the Vatican stopped an attempt by Pope Francis to correct what he perceives as Church errors.

Pope Francis had proposed a welcoming of homosexuals and divorced Catholics be permitted to receive Communion. A two-thirds vote of the synod was required to approve. The correction/amendments to Church doctrine failed. More than half the bishops voted in favor. However as with the U.S. Senate on occasion, a two-thirds vote was required.

An open insult to the Pontiff. An open insult to Catholics world wide. I do not believe Catholic bishops are in tune with their flock.

Many opposing the Pope’s will were Catholic bishops. Catholic bishops have become like U.S. Senate Republicans. Similar mentalities. Catholic bishops joined with the  U.S. religious right several years ago. The two groups stand shoulder to shoulder.

I am a fallen away Catholic. Interestingly, I have been considering a return to the Church of my birth. Pope Francis the motivating influence. He was opening the windows of the Catholic Church for the first time in more than 50 years. A breath of fresh air long overdue.

Catholic Churches are empty these days. In my youth, it was difficult to get a seat at Mass. Catholic schools have closed. Only a small percentage remain open today. Churches themselves are closing. Two or three parishes joining together to make one. Poor attendance means fewer dollars to support a parish. Significantly fewer young ladies are becoming nuns. Young men not opting for the priesthood.

It will continue that way unless and until the Church recognizes what Pope Francis seeks to accomplish and support him in his endeavors. The two that failed and the more that will come. We are all God’s children.

I hope those who voted against the Pope are happy with the result. They have embarrassed their leader publicly. God’s man on earth.

Yesterday was a football day for me. Syracuse in the afternoon and the Florida State/Notre Dame game in the evening. Syracuse won! I did not expect it. Handily. 30-7. Florida State won one of the finest played college games ever. Both teams at the top of their game. Could have gone either way. Decided in the last ten seconds.

In between games, Tim Reynolds and Keith came over to set up my new flat screen TV. In the bedroom. Wow! What a picture! It was a pleasure watching the Florida State/Notre Dame game on it.

The Asia-Europe Meeting was held in Milan this past week. Interesting what happened and did not happen. Putin was to meet with Merkle. He was four hours late. He had to stop to watch a parade in some satellite country. Merkle was upset.

Later that evening, like one in the morning, Putin met with former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. They met at Berlusconi’s Milan home. Berlusconi is under house arrest for either his dalliance with a 17 year old female or income tax evasion.

The two men were together till 3:45 in the morning.

Turns out Putin and Berlusconi are friends. Close friends. For years. Putin bought a vacation home some where in Europe next door to Berlusconi’s. They have visited each other’s homes many times over the years. Their families are close.

Berlusconi remains an influential figure in Italian politics. Berlusconi is also an extremely rich man. He and Putin have large holdings in a Russian oil company. It is reported Berlusconi will be investing in further Russian oil ventures.

Fried dough. I have not enjoyed fried dough in years. I consider it an Italian delicacy. Lisa made fried dough this morning.

Robert and Ally helped. One rolled the fried dough in a bag of sugar, the other in what was thought to be a bag of powdered sugar.

Ally was the first to taste the cooked dough. She opted for the powdered sugar one. It was not powder sugar. It was flour. Someone screwed up. The incident added to the festive mood of the breakfast.

Enjoy your Sunday!










I believe most people are nice. I had an experience yesterday that exemplifies the statement.

I went out my front door. There on the porch/stoop was a lovely vase with spectacular type sunflowers. Not flowers common to the Keys.

There had been a wedding next door Sunday. My neighbor rents out his property by the week. It is not legal. The wedding impacted on me. Only part of it bothered me. The rest I took in stride.

When I returned home at dinner time Saturday, there were at least a dozen big garbage cans and about 20 boxes full of garbage, empty booze bottles and the like. In front of my wall on my property! The house looked like a garbage dump.

They had a wedding scheduled the next day and did not want the garbage to show. I had an open house the next day and did not want garbage showing either. Even without the open house, I would have not wanted the garbage.

There were already many people next door. Coming in and out. I asked several about the garbage. No one knew anything. I felt I was getting jerked around. I was getting irritated. Finally I said, screw it and called the sheriff’s department. Within  minutes, two deputies arrived. I explained the situation. They went next door. The deputies returned. They said the people apologized and were already taking care of the garbage. It got buried somewhere out of sight on their property.

Yesterday was the wedding. Cars all over the place. A two way road was one way. A big catering van was parked in the street in front of my home. Then the music and screaming and yelling till the wee hours of the morning.

Such did not bother me. It was a joyous occasion for them and would be over in a matter of hours. I could catch up on my sleep on Sunday.

The next door house was empty yesterday. All were gone.

A handwritten note was tucked into the flowers. “Thank you for allowing us to enjoy our wedding day. Good luck in selling your home! The Normans.”

Nice people.

I felt guilty I called the cops!

Ran some errands and visited Tammy for a manicure in the morning. Spent the afternoon working on the Greece book and fine tuning last night’s blog talk radio show.

The show was pretty much limited to some Catholic/Christian issues and the County’s new anti-smoking law imposed on county employees. Both topics hit a nerve based on post show comments.

Previous to yesterday, Attorney General Holder had been responsible for two statements regarding banks that I absolutely did not agree with…..Banks are too big to fail…..Banks are too big to prosecute.

Yesterday Holder came out with a third statement…..No individual or entity is too big to go to jail.

We shall see. The people of the United States have waited too long for justice for the 2008 mortgage fiasco. The banks came out whole and in better shape. The people have yet to recover.

Enjoy your day!


Automobiles were big in the 1960s. Long and sleek. Sweeping rear fenders.

Ford came out with a new car in 1964. It was presented for the first time at the World’s Fair in Flushing, N.Y. It was called the Mustang.

The Mustang was small. Very small in comparison to other cars being manufactured. Low, also. The Mustang appeared to be part of the road it ran on.

The world went crazy over the Mustang! Everyone wanted one! There was a waiting period from order to delivery.

My sister Joan bought one. A convertible. I loved driving it! I could not buy one. Too small for the family I had by that time.

Today is the 50th anniversary of the Mustang debut at the 1964 World’s Fair.

I spent two hours at the Pier House Beach Bar yesterday. Lunch time. I ordered breakfast. Ham and eggs. Read the newspapers.

A very lovely woman sat next to me to order a drink. We started talking. She came back two more times to talk. The last time with a bunch of friends.

Her name was Robin. A 40 year old nurse from somewhere outside Columbus, Ohio. A lovely body in a modestly brief bikini. Very little modesty.

I told her and her friends about the Chart Room. They were staying at the Pier House. They had arrived two hours earlier. They could not get into their rooms till 4. I suspected I would run into Robin last night at the Chart Room.

If she was there, I was not. I was exhausted at 6 when I finished my afternoon of writing. Instead, I made myself a sandwich and went to bed.

My afternoon was spent writing next week’s KONK Life column. The Catholic Church: Yesterday and Today. You will find it surprising. I had completed the research before yesterday. It took close to four hours to put the material together in column form.

Key West loves animals, fish, reptiles, any form of non human living creatures. Two events are scheduled reflecting such.

There is a pet stroll scheduled for April 22 at 5 pm. It starts at Mel Fisher and ends at the Westin Pier. It is a fundraiser for the Xena Fund. I hope Robert and Ally walk Jake. It will be a first for all three of them.

The Turtle Hospital is constantly busy. In January, a 140 pound loggerhead turtle was found floating and unable to dive. Obviously sick. The turtle was taken to the Turtle Hospital. Healthy once again, the loggerhead will be released back into the ocean at 1 pm saturday behind Salute’s. There will be a couple of hundred people watching, as usual. Always a big event!

Bocce tonight! I hope we win. This has been a tough season.

Enjoy your day!





Good morning!

A beautiful Key West morning. Everything as it should be. God is in His Heaven, all is right with the world.

This morning the Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten my time. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the hour with me.

Since I spent a week in Washington, I had only yesterday to prepare. Generally, I spend a bit of time each day.

The show starts with the Snowden surveillance disclosures. Then some Washington stories. You will especially enjoy Connie Picciotto’s tale. Revealing college graduation figures. Some homeless background. Especially two Florida stories I doubt either you or I knew about.  Another unusual Catholic Church announcement. And more.

Join me. On television from Key West through Miami-Dade County. Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Via the internet world wide.

Besides working on this morning’s show, I spent yesterday running errands.

I was out on the town later earlier than usual. Well before 5.

I started with my old friend the Chart Room. Jean Thornton, Sheila, and Peter at the bar. Emily bartending.

A Chart Room update. In my one week absence, things happened. Discouraging things. Free hot dogs are no more. The peanut barrel was empty. A different kernel was being used to make pop corn.

The bottom line. When you pay $90 million for something, you are entitled to do what you want. Including eliminating free hot dogs and peanuts and serving a cheaper pop corn. The problem is that eliminating each eats away at the Chart Room’s ambiance and character.

What next?

I was at the Hot Tin Roof before 6 for dinner. I chatted a while with congenial and able manager Joseph. Jean Thornton and a pack of women showed up. They enjoyed a drink at the bar and were off to Marquesa for dinner. An excellent restaurant.

There was  a madness to my early evening. I wanted to watch the Miami/San Antonio game at 9. I was in bed at 8:30 with the television on. The tv was still on when I woke at 3 this morning. I never saw any part of the game. I fell asleep before 9.

Such is life.

Enjoy your day!




Oia is a town on the Greek island of Santorini.

I spent ten days there last summer. You will recall it as the place where I failed in my attempt to climb the volcano.

Santorini is a huge cliff sitting in the water.  The sides run straight up to the sky. At one particular point in order to get to the bottom, one drives a car or walks. The walk is a wide pathway seemingly attached to the cliff. The cliff is at least 1,500 feet tall at that point.

The pathway is in reality a donkey trail. It has steps, widely apart. Donkeys carry people up and down. People walk the path also. However, they do so gingerly because of the dung along the way.

Others drive to get to the bottom of the cliff. I drove. There are restaurants and apartments at the bottom which sit on the sea. My favorite Oia restaurant Katrina Taverna is one of the restaurants.

About a month ago, my dear friends Bob and Helen Marks visited Oia. They walked the donkey trail. That same day, they climbed the volcano. Bob is 75 years old.

I never met anyone who rode a donkey. Until last night. Her name is Elaine Jette. Met Elaine and her husband Fred. They are visiting Key West for a few days.

Elaine likes to travel. She goes all over the world. In addition to Greece, she recently visited Africa. Fred does not like traveling so he stays home. He mentioned that the only places he travels to are the Bahamas and Key West..

Elaine was in Oia. She rode a donkey! It had to have been a fearful experience. If you fall off, you fall off the pathway also. Into the sea below.

Fred and Elaine are from Stuart, Florida. Fred is a civil engineer. He builds roads and bridges. Elaine works for Merril Lynch.

I met Fred and Elaine at the Chart Room.

Frankie came in while we were talking. Frankie is Admiral of the Conch Republic Navy. A big deal! Frankie got into the Sea Battle which takes place every year. Fred and Elaine listened attentively.

I pointed out to them that you can’t experience anything like the Sea Battle in Stuart. They agreed.

I wrote about killer whales yesterday. I forgot to mention how they got the name killer whales.

Killer whales do not kill humans. There is no record of any human fatality, except with whales in captivity. Turns out their name initially was the reverse of what it is today. Whale killers. Why? Because killer whales kill bigger whales of a different breed.

We all know dolphins are not afraid of whales and that whales fear dolphins. Killer whales are not whales. They are dolphins.


This morning my tv/internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten my time.

I will be chatting a bit more regarding killer whales. I will also get into Senator McCain’s recent foray into Syria. A bit on the Catholic Church and hypocrisy. Some words about Father Andrew Greeley who died this week. Plus more.

Join me for a fast moving informative hour. The show can be viewed on television from Key West all the way up through Miami-Dade County on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Via the internet world wide.

Enjoy your day!







I have a long weekend ahead. Unusual.

Fridays I do the Key West Lou Legal Hour in the morning. In the afternoon, I write my column for KONK Life.

All  I will have this friday is the KONK Life piece.

Krystal is my engineer at the TV studio. She is necessary to doing the show. No Krystal, no show. Krystal is off friday. Instead of no show, we are recording the show today for friday showing.

My awareness of no Krystal friday took place yesterday. The show obviously was not ready for recording today. Ergo, I busted my butt yesterday and will do so most of today getting ready for the 3 this afternoon recording.

Without the Legal Hour to do on friday and in spite of still having to do the KONK Life article, it will be a long weekend for me.

I had my blog talk radio show last night. I was ready for the show by 5. Decided to go out for a light dinner. It was Hogfish and a pulled pork sandwich. Read the newspapers.

Kathy or Katey came over to kiss me. I am not sure which name it is. I will refer to her as Kathy for purposes of telling her and her parent’s story.

Kathy presently works for TSA or some private company at the Key West Airport. Security is her job. Kathy is in charge of checking bags, making sure shoes are off, etc. as passengers go through the line. She has been at it a few years. She is now an officer.

Her parents are the Michaels. For many years, the parents owned and operated Paradise Cafe. How I loved the place! It was my breakfast haunt. The best cuban toast with tomato and cheese in Key West! I would sit outside and read. Talk with others there. Wave to friends as they rode by on their mopeds.

The Michaels sold Paradise Cafe. There is now a second group that has purchased the property since the sale. The new group does not sell Cuban sandwiches. I am not sure what it is they actually sell. It must be good. The place is packed every day. My problem is I did not enjoy the new food and stopped going. I miss the old Paradise Cafe!

I initially met Kathy at Paradise Cafe. She helped her parents.

Kathy was celebrating her birthday last night. Happy birthday and thank you for stopping by to say hello.

The blog talk radio show went well last night. I did it from my deck. The weather was perfect and there was no noise. I could not even hear the water running by.

Covered basically two topics. Financial ripoffs by government, drug companies, and corporate America. The second topic involved my Church, the Catholic Church.

Both topics were discussed in last friday’s tv/internet show, also. Last night with elaboration.

As regards the Catholic Church, I shared new found information. The U.S. Bishops Association (everyone today has an association) spent $26.6 million last year for lobbying. Against  things like birth control, contraceptive use, same sex marriage and similar matters. The social considerations facing America today.

What galled me is those dollars are a lot of money and could have been put to better use. It would be better if the Bishops had spent the money feeding the poor. That kind of money provides a lot of fish and many loaves of bread. The Bishops would be more Christ like spending the money on assistance to the poor rather than on lobbying for legislation that does not necessarily impact on their lives.

Another sore spot with me is the story of a Cincinnati school teacher. She taught in a Catholic school. She and her husband had difficulty conceiving. They resorted to artificial contraception. Successfully. She lost her job. She was told that her conduct in utilizing artificial insemination to get pregnant was not within the moral teachings of the Catholic Church.

Mark Sanford was elected to Congress yesterday. He today is a new Congressman from South Carolina.

Mark has a checkered background.  Simultaneously I think of the admonition…..let he who is without sin cast the first stone. It will be interesting watching how Congress receives him and the job he does.

Enjoy your day!






Met some interesting folks at the Chart Room last night.

John and Coleen from Nashville. John is the head of Country Programing for Sirius. The conversation was excellent. Nice people. Hope I run into them again this week.

John had one drawback. He was respectful. He kept calling me SIR. I hate it!

Chatted a while with Larry and Robin. Both retired. Live in Bradenton in northern florida. Larry described the community as the old town. I have never been there.

Larry wore a full brimmed white hat. Had attached to it what appeared to be a for real police badge. It was better. Upon close inspection, I discovered it read Brothel Inspector. A good job if you can get it!

My day yesterday started with a visit to the heart doctor. Two separate visits for two different problems. His office set me up with back to back appointments.

You will recall that two weeks ago I had an echocardiogram. It indicated perhaps a problem Another test was scheduled. A CAT scan. I received the CAT scan results yesterday. There is a problem. A new one. Do not worry about it, I was told.

I stopped worrying at that moment. However, I was worried the whole time from the echocardiogram till I received the results of the CAT scan yesterday.

It’s amazing! Those instances when I have been concerned regarding a medical result which could be bad, the mental strain has been heavy. I live under a black cloud. Then as yesterday, when the news is good, I walk out of the doctor’s office building and notice…..The sun is shinning brighter!

May it always shine brighter!

Since I had dodged the bullet, I decided I was entitled to a treat. Eating foods I normally avoid.

It was to Harpoon Harry’s. Ham and eggs with fried potatoes and whole wheat toast and butter.

I wiped the plate clean. Tasted so good.

I like Harpoon Harry’s. It has a 1950s diner flavor. Serves diner food. Hearty! Help always polite, always friendly. Customers primarily local.

Harpoon Harry’s best feature is its eggs. Fresh tasting! The only way I can describe them.

Then took a long walk around the seaport area. Extra long. I wanted to be sure I had the stamina/endurance. Did good! Moved around at a fast clip.

I told you about my friend Nini yesterday. A tractor fell on him while he was cutting the grass on a golf course he owns in Italy. The initial medical report to me was a broken back. Later, I learned he has fractures to both hips, a pelvic fracture and some broken vertebrae. They had to bring in a crane to lift the tractor off him.

He will survive. However mending will be long.

Nini and his wife Germana are good people. The golf course is a side business for them.

Northern Italy is the largest supplier of rice in Europe. I never knew that before I knew them. As far as the eye can see, there are rice paddies. The ground is flat and well nurtured by natural springs below the ground. Rice needs constant flooding to grow. No problem in the Novara area.

Nini took me for a ride to see his property. He is one the larger rice growers in the area. Mile after mile of flooded fields on both sides of the road. He and Germana owned it all.

One piece of his land was hilly. Not good for growing rice. He decided to construct a golf course. It was there the tractor tipped over and ended on top of him.

It is tuesday again! The days move swiftly. Tonight at 9, Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Blog talk radio. A fast moving half hour. Watch on your computer.

I plan on opening with global warming and the Catholic Church. Two separate items. Followed perhaps by a little Bangladesh. Global warming may sound uninteresting. It will not be this evening when I talk about the northeast coast of the U.S. being in danger of a tsunami. From New Jersey to Maine.

Sounds crazy. It is not!

I occasionally make a factual mistake in the blog. One or more of you always catch it and remind me. I am happy to receive your comments.

Yesterday, I feel I got one over those of you who are critical and keep me on my toes. I wrote of Hemingway and The Old Man And The Sea. I said Hemingway received the Pulitzer Price for the book in 1933. I was off by 20 years. It was 1953. A typo. The book was written in 1951 and published in 1952.

I discovered the error on my own!

Enjoy your day!






One thinks a gun tragedy will not occur where they live. Not us…..who would shoot any one around here.

It happens!

It happened yesterday 15 miles from my hometown, Utica, NY.

Herkimer is a small village 15 miles east of Utica. I have many friends living in the Herkimer area. I tried many lawsuits in Supreme Court there.

Yesterday, four persons were shot and killed. The assailant is hold up in a deserted building in Herkimer.

What will never happen, happened.

Juice is no longer Juice. He is now Jake. The family decided to change his name.

I met Jake for the first time yesterday. A quiet little dog. A terrier mixed breed. He sniffed me. I petted him. Gave him a treat.

Robert and Ally were home. No school in the afternoon. They were all over Jake.

The person who appears most enamoured with Jake was Lisa. She is like a mother with a new baby.

Lisa just telephoned. Jake did bad. He pooped and peed in the house. Her words were very tolerant. Jake has it made!

We have a new Pope. I will discuss Pope Francis in my TV/internet show tomorrow morning.

He appears to be a good man. He also carries a negative from my perspective. He was and is a Jesuit. A tough, adamant, fearless order of priests. They are doctrinaire. I fear things like birth control will not change while Francis is Pope.

The fact the new Pop took the name Francis is significant. St. Francis of Assisi gave his fortune away. He then dedicated his life to helping the poor. Uplifting the poor I suspect will be Pope Francis’ legacy.

I spent the afternoon working on tomorrow’s show. No where near done yet. And I have a busy day before me. Haircut at 10 and babysitting at noon. I question whether I will make bocce tonight.

Tomorrow’s show is at 10 in the morning my time. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Available via television from Key West through Miami-Dade County on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Available world wide via the internet.

Join me.

In addition to further comment re the new Pope, I will be discussing usury from the Catholic Church’s perspective. I had been planning the usury discussion all week. The election of a new Pope is coincidental.

The Chart Rooom first last night. Lovely Emily tending bar. Peter there, as usual. I was supposed to meet Gordon and Charles. No Gordon and Charles. Instead a business card saying they could not make it. Sad. Perhaps next week.

I chatted with two ladies at the bar. Betty and Carolyn. Enjoying Key West for a few days.

Betty is from Fort Myers, Carolyn Taverna. Betty is a retired dental hygenist with a husband back in Fort Myers. Carolyn single. However, she was quick to point out she has a dog.

Two lovely women. Enjoyed my time with them.

I had dinner at Tavern ‘N Town with Dee. I hit 30 pounds lost yesterday. Decided to celebrate. Enjoyed a prime rib. The scale this morning tells me I should not have.

It is Lori and me at 10 for a haircut. Then I am babysitting Robert and All for a couple of hours at noon.

Enjoy your day!




A political Sunday of sorts.

My morning started with the TV talk shows. Meet the Press and Chris Matthews, amongst others. Only one item discussed. The Presidential election.

Afterwards, I continued work on Friday’s TV/Internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Additional topics include differences between the Catholic Church and a Polish coffin maker, an expensive Anaconda, recent U.S. Supreme Court activity involving police drug sniffing dogs, Jack the Ripper, the 1965 blackout, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and John Kennedy.

Remember, I have changed broadcasting studios. As of Friday, I will be broadcasting via TV and the Internet. The show will be available on Comcast Channel 87 through out the Keys. It will be available world wide on the internet.

Ten o’clock in the morning my time.

Decided to get some beach time. Grabbed my sand chair and headed over to Higgs Beach. A lot of people. More than I had expected. It is getting a bit cooler. The coolness did not disuade any one from swimming. Except for me. I put my foot in and decided the water was too cold.

I brought Sunday’s Key West Citizen and a book with me.

The Key West Citizen is a good and interesting local newspaper. Never many pages. However whatever its weight, it compensates with thought provoking material. Yesterday’s editorial was no exception. I was provoked.

The editorial came out in support of Romney for President. That did not bother me. Although I am an Obama supporter, every one has a right to their own opinion.

What disturbed me was the manner in which Romney was supported. Both candidates have warts. The editorial found Romney free of warts. The editorial was a boiler plated recitation of his alleged virtues. Romney was made to appear as the seconnd coming of a Messianic figure.

The editorial disappointed me not as to its conclusion, but the manner in which it was arrived at.

Sunday dinner was the best! With Lisa and the family. Politics was a part of our evening. Political discussions amongst Lisa, Corey and I are interesting. We are not always in accord. As to Obama however, we are.

Turned out Robert and Ally had been involved in the Presidential election this past week. Both attend Montessori. First and second grades. The school conducted a mock Presidential election. They both voted for Obama. The results will not be announced till Wednesday.

I have always considered such school elections as representative of the thinking of the community. The youthful votes cast generally reflect parental poitions. Such elections are a good barometer of the real result locally.

Enjoy your day!