Exxon pocketed a record annual profit for 2022 of $55.7 billion.

Yes, gas prices have been coming down. However with a profit that big, Exxon and the other gas companies can do better. A lot better!

An interesting development with super markets and grocery prices. Whole Foods grocery chain has asked suppliers to lower prices as supplier costs have been gradually dropping. Whole Foods wants its price tags to reflect the inflation decline.

Whole Foods is owned by Amazon. A great move by an economic giant. Amazon in its capacity as a retail giant is telling its suppliers to help bring down Whole Foods’ retail costs to customers. Makes sense. Suppliers expenses less. Pass some of it on to the retailer. In this case Amazon. So Amazon can pass it on to its customers.

One thing sure. Amazon can’t be bullshitted by its suppliers.

The cost of eggs keeps going up. The chicken Asian flu the primary cause. Now, another. A fire.

The third largest egg farm in the U.S. caught fire. Hallandale Farms in Bograh, Connecticut. A big one. Twenty-one fire departments were required to respond. In excess of 100,000 chickens killed. Took 8 hours to extinguish the fire. The fire could be seen from miles away.

The jobless rate is at a 50 year low. Last year, every state added jobs. The national unemployment rate in December was 3.5 percent.

Came across an old Egyptian proverb: Never trust a woman who has sex with your enemy.

It happens.

Syracuse lost again last night. Defeated by Virginia 67-62.

Virginia ranked #6 nationally. Syracuse played them well till the last 8 minutes. Virginia out scored Syracuse 17-8 in the final 8 minutes.

My team is not going to the Big Tournament at season’s end. The team has an inoperable disease. Death inevitable.

The pain excruciating for team and fans.

Enjoy your day!


Tonto’s first words to his new friend the Lone Ranger: “Me Tonto, you Kemo Sabe.” Kemo Sabe being Indian for Faithful Friend.

It was on this day in 1933 The Lone Ranger debuted on Detroit radio. It was “Hi ho Silver” away for many years to follow.

The radio show became part of American culture. Movies followed. Then years of TV.

The Lone Ranger was part of my youth and early adult years. I and everyone else in America loved the show. It was America!

Al Jolson is another theatrical person from a time long gone.

Most will recognize him as the first person to appear in a talking movie. The year 1927. The movie The Jazz Singer. Jolson sang! People sat in awe in movie theaters hearing the human voice emanating from the screen for the first time ever.  His appearance revolutionized the movie industry. Silent films were dead. It was talkies henceforth.

Jolson had been had been prior to that time in the 1920s the most famous and highest paid star.

Jolson visited Key West this day in 1927. He appeared at the Birthday Ball at the Naval Base and the Casa Marina for the March of Dimes campaign.

It is strange how many prominent persons of yesteryear are unknown today. Jim Boeheim made mention of such in his interview session following the Virginia Tech game saturday night. He mentioned Bob Cousy.

I recall Bob Cousy because of my age. He was an outstanding professional basketball player for years with the Boston Celtics. Boeheim said something to the effect that Cousy had a way of passing that none in his audience were aware. The probably had never heard nor were aware of Cousy. I’m sure he was correct.  Such is the way of life. Time moves on and many great persons are forgotten.

Dinner last night at A & B Lobster House with Lisa and Dan Riordon. A long casual meal. Delightful! My friends from Skaneateles, N.Y. are unfortunately leaving tuesday after a one month stay.

Walking back to my car, we stopped on the sidewalk with many others to catch the last 2 minutes of the Kansas Chiefs/Cincinnati Bengals game. A relatively new restaurant has opened on the corner of Front and Simonton Streets. It has huge sliding glass doors. We were able to watch the game while standing outside. The Chiefs won 23-20 with a field goal in the last 3 seconds.

Super Bowl is February 12. Kansas will oppose the Philadelphia Eagles who decimated the San Francisco 49ers earlier yesterday 31-7.

Key West weather has been switching back and forth in recent weeks. From very cold to warm. This week will be even warmer. Constantly in the 80’s. Humidity high. Meteorologists advise “record heat possible,” especially wednesday and friday.

Enjoy your day!


WordPress manages my website. Went kaput yesterday! Major disaster! Took Sloan and WordPress forever to remedy. Final adjustments just made.

Not having availability to the blog like having a death in the family.

I also lost e-mail and search capability in the process. Ergo, today’s blog limited to the “big fish” and Syracuse’s shellacking by Virginia Tech last night.



Impressive fish! Halibut. Around 550 pounds. Fished from Alaskan waters.

Steve Thompson’s brother Rich fishes Alaskan waters for a living. Primarily catches halibut and salmon. The fisherman in the photo is not Rich. Another Alaskan fisherman. Rich provided the pic, however. Rich has caught several in the 450 pound area. The halibut Rich catches are usually in the 20-30 pound range.

The big halibut as reflected in the photo have an interesting story. They lay flat on the bottom. The top side is black or dark brown. The bottom which lies on the ocean floor white. The color of the top side is to hide the halibut’s existence from preying eyes.

The eyes of the large halibut are on both sides of the head in its early life. However, the one on the bottom moves around to join the one topside so both can be used in later life.

The fish is considered thin, though really not. No bones.

Size is no reflection as to eating quality. Halibut tasty regardless of size. The military buys as many of the big ones as it can get. Excellent eating for its personnel. The large fish is cut into pieces by use of a band saw.

I have been watching Syracuse basketball for over a half century. Last night, Virginia Tech gave Syracuse the worst beating I have seen in those years. Syracuse lost 85-70. The first half was horrible. At halftime, Virginia Tech was leading 52-33.

Virginia Tech beat Syracuse with speed and 3 pointers. Tech passed till it had a shooter free. Which meant Tech hung in for 1-2 extra passes before shooting. The shooter by that time was alone at the 3 point arch.

Syracuse worked hard to correct the situation in the second half. Got it down to 12-14 points a couple of times. Not enough. In each instance, Tech took off on a run that gave them a 20 plus lead.

Not Syracuse’s year!

Tonight, I am having dinner with Dan and Lisa Riordan at the A& B Lobster House. Syracuse fans also. Dan and I will cry in our drinks.

Enjoy your Sunday!



The cry something must be done rises again. The shout the same following any abnormal happening.

I doubt anything significant will occur. If the deaths of 20 six year olds in a school shooting did not bring forth changes, police killings of innocents will not also.

I recognize Biden had some success re mass shooting last year. A credible result. Too little too late however. Not his fault. Biden is to be commended. The political hacks running this country are to blame.

A question arises re Tyre Nichols. What was the traffic stop involved? The public has not been told. The video begins with his car door open and the police pulling him out of his vehicle. Why the stop?

Most police today are authoritarian figures like some of our political leaders and those who aspire to political leadership. Been this way for years. Going to take years to correct, if at all. Just as gun safety took 30 years to correct and then only in a miniscule fashion.

Tucker Carlson continues to manifest he’s crazy. Note, he has Presidential aspirations.

An example of how his mind works. He says U.S. troops should invade and liberate Canada. In order to depose Justin Trudeau who he compares to a dictator.

One reason being Trudeau’s position re COVID vaccine shots. Trudeau favored them, Carlson did not.

Now several years later, Carlson suggests a Bay of Pigs operation to get rid of Trudeau. He failed to mention, perhaps did not recall, that the Bay of Pigs failed.

The Bay of Pigs idea reflects Carlson’s belief that Canada is becoming a Cuba.

Carlson complained the U.S. was spending all its money “to liberate Ukraine.” He recommends the U.S. send money and arms north to liberate Canada from Trudeau. He closed his comments with: “And I mean it!”

Cold yesterday. Made a bank stop. Then to Tammy for a pedicure and manicure. Followed by a visit with Corey at the library.

Cold spell behind us. High today 77. The night low 73.

I was pulling out of a parking spot yesterday when a homeless woman stopped me. She wanted to compliment my car. I drive a 13 year old Volkswagen convertible. The blue and white color is the thing. A month does not go by that some woman will stop me to say how much she enjoys the colors of the car. Amazing! No man has ever stopped me.

The woman’s name Bernadette. Attractive. Sixty seven. We enjoyed a brief conversation. She had a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses. Gave me one. Told me it was to express support for the Ukraine effort. Advised yellow was the country’s color and would I remember to support the Ukraine effort. Told her I already did.

The yellow rose sits in a vase on my kitchen cupboard.

Syracuse/Virginia Tech tonight at 7. I hope I do not sit through another painful experience. The losses hurt.

Enjoy your day!




Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. It represents not the day Auschwitz was opened. Rather the day it ceased to be a Nazi concentration day. It was on this day in 1945 that Soviet troops liberated the Nazi concentration camps at Auschwitz and Birkenau in Poland.

Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough is at Auschwitz today. I caught the early part of his show. What he is doing this morning is a respectful reminder of the place and the story of what occurred there. Especially needed in these times when anti-Semitism is on the rise world wide.

Donald Trump bears significant responsibility for the renewal of ant-Semitism in the U.S. His conduct has fueled others who are haters of Jews, blacks, etc. to fearlessly go public. He has added fuel to warm embers which had layed smoldering for decades.

It could happen again.

On January 10, Tyre Nicholas was stopped by Memphis police while driving. Tyre a 29 year old black man.

Five Memphis police officers beat him for 3 minutes. The beating leading to his death 3 days later.

All five police officers are black.

The five black officers were charged yesterday with murder. Sixteen days following the beating.

Black officers beating a black motorist. Not white officers. Reveals clearly that all police officers, regardless of color, are prone to beat blacks. The beating of blacks should be treated as a police problem, not a white police problem.

There has to be something inherently wrong in police raining for these beatings to occur. Something that corrupts of the minds of police officers regardless of their color.

An additional thought. The levying of the murder charge in 16 days swift. Like a race to justice. If the officers were white, would the charges have been brought so quickly? Bigotry is many faceted.

Key West continues to fume re the price of the Buffet tickets at the February Amphitheater show. Pricing totally out of hand. Sit on the lawn in the high hundreds. Sit in a reserved chair, the thousands.

Three comments in this morning’s Citizens’ Voice reflect the passions involved.

“Too bad the local Key West businesses did not get the rights to run the Amphitheater. All the concerts that are back to back to back, and on, have those profits going to out of town owners while our tiny island gets thrashed.”

“I tried to purchase tickets to the Jimmy Buffett concert. Instead of the advertised price, Ticketmaster had lawn seats available at $600 a ticket and reserve seating available at $5,500 a ticket. Key West residents will never be able to afford Jimmy Buffett tickets.”

“The Coffee Butler Amphitheater has become a den of scalpers. It is any wonder that everything in town has become a cut-throat business venture. Neighborhoods turning into expensive hotels, selling out for the almighty buckaroo. A sad state of affairs, see you all at the show; I’ll wave.”

Syracuse/Virginia Tech tomorrow night at 7. Syracuse has begun its backward slide again. Woe is the season!

Cold outside!!! I mentioned last weekend it would be cold thursday and friday. Seventy one yesterday. Today will not get out of the ’60s. I stepped outside around 7 and rushed back in. Cold!!!!!!!

Enjoy your day!



Amazing what I learn researching for this blog. Today, that which drives human sperm wild.

The smell of lilies of the valley.

Sperms have noses which they use to navigate toward a woman’s egg. Researchers experimented with a range of floral fragrances and lilies of the valley came out on top. The flower’s fragrance causes sperm to “wriggle” in the same direction at twice the normal speed.

Research was carried out at Ruhr University in Germany in 2003. A new sperm protein hOR17-4 was discovered. The new sperm protein acted as a receptor for sperm, the same way protein sensors in the nose detect smells. The net effect causes the sperm to double its speed and change its undirected swimming to direct movement.

The sperm accordingly was able to wag its tail harder. And get to the female egg better!

The discovery has assisted in fertility treatment. It turns sperm into Olympian Mark Spitzes.

Whenever I enter Key West’s Klu Klux Klan into a discussion, there is amazement. Few are aware what a bastion of Klanism Key West was in the 1920’s. Powerful best describes it.

An example is this day in 1923 in Key West. The Klan paraded in full, white  robe regalia with a fiery cross heading the procession. They rode through town town in 18 automobiles without stopping and without a word being spoken. The vehicles were all the same make and their license plates were masked.

Trump is returning to Facebook and Instagram. He already has been welcomed back to Twitter.

His 2 year suspension has been lifted.

A bonanza in the making for Facebook. Facebook needs the money.

An overall disgrace. The three social media sites mentioned will now be complicit in the spread of Trump’s hate and extremes.

Golf is an honest game. Cheating rare. Players, whether professional or amateur, play by the rules and penalize themselves for game violations.

Some do not, however. Like Donald Trump.

Among golfers, a player who cheats is looked down upon.

Trump played in a Florida tournament over the weekend. He lost. He claims he won. Other players say he did not win. Trump continues to claim he did. Others say he can only be claiming victory by having cheated.

Bess Levin became aware of the story. She wrote an article concerning his cheating in Vanity Fair: Trump Claims Winning A Golf Tournament He Appears To Have Cheated In Makes Him Unfit To Be President.

I agree.

Levin worked hard over the weekend. Another liar story. This one involving George Santos.

Levin revealed more Santos lies: An assassination attempt, a 5th Avenue mugging, and 300 drag shows a day in New York City schools.

What an imagination the man has!

Enough for today. I have a noon haircut appointment.

Enjoy your day!


In an interview with the Associated Press, Pope Francis criticized laws criminalizing homosexuality and called on bishops to welcome LGBTQ people. Francis said, “Homosexuality is not a crime, we’re all children of God.”

I knew little of Ticketmaster prior to its fiasco here in Key West with ticket sales for the Jimmy Buffett event. What I am learning is an eye opener.

Ticketmaster is an American ticket sales and distribution company whose business is world wide.

I wrote yesterday how horrible the price of the Buffet tickets have become. Prices shooting up like a rocket to the moon.

Turns out yesterday the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee held a 3 hour hearing re Ticketmaster and Live Nation the company it merged with in 2010. The purpose of the hearing was to examine Ticketmaster’s selling methods in the wake of last year’s Taylor Swift debacle.

The hearing was bipartisan. Truly so. Been years since any hearing can be described as such. Such reflects how sensitive and horrific Ticketmaster’s actions are considered. Senators from both sides were highly critical of Ticketmaster, suggesting it is a monopoly and probed whether a lack of competition in the ticketing industry had unfairly hurt customers.

The questioning was “blistering.”

Sen. Richard Blumenthal said Ticketmaster’s merger partner Live Nation had “absolutely unified both parties.” Something most have thought would never happen again.

Today’s Citizens’ Voice had 2 comments relating to Ticketmaster.

“How do these new music festivals during peak season, when hotels would be full anyway, benefit anyone but the organizer? Instead of taking tours, visiting local bars, music venues and restaurants, they are at the Amphitheater. Without the event, hotels would still be full and local businesses making money.”

“Coffee Butler Amphitheater is owned by the City of Key West and managed by Rams Head. The City needs to amend the management contract and direct Rams Head to sell tickets first to the residents of Key West (who own the venue) and then a day or two later can sell the remaining tickets.”

Key Westers are properly upset. The Jimmy Buffett show a screw job and rip off.

When the amphitheater was in the planning stage, many questioned the value of one. Did Key West need one? Especially large enough to handle an attendance of 3,500. Greed took over. At which point the amphitheater was made to look like the second coming of Christ.

Ben Harrison’s new musical showcases an all star band. Harrison’s event “El Isleno 1921: The Untold Key West Story” runs at the Fringe Theater 2/15-2/25. Local buzz is to the effect the show is exceptional. Opening night is already sold out.

Money floating in Keys waters!

Yesterday, 140 pounds of cocaine washed up on Lower Keys shores. Estimated value $2 million.

Discovery of documents remind me of the religious song Onward Christian Soldiers. They keep popping up. Always more. Never ending.

First it was Trump. Then Biden. Yesterday Pence. This morning Carter. Carter returned them immediately and apparently nothing intentional was involved.

Who is next?

I can see Obama, Bush, etc. All of them!

The problem, except for Trump, appears to be innocent mistake. Except for Trump, all others returned on discovery.

Germany has agreed to send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. Word is Biden will announce at noon today the U.S. will send Abrams tanks.

There has been a steady increase in military hardware to the Ukraine over the past year. Next war item are planes.

Do the tanks, and planes if so, supplied by NATO forces make the creep towards a war with Russia an actual leap into outright combat? We keep getting closer.

Speaker McCarthy refuses to reappoint Reps. Schiff and Swalwell to the House Intelligence Committee. McCarthy says his decision is “not anything political, integrity matters.”

What a joke! Blatant lie and bullshit on its face.

The real reason is twofold. Both men sat on the January 6 Committee and are anti-Trump. The other is Marjorie Taylor Greene. McCarthy is giving her her pound of flesh.

McCarthy’s decision political retribution at its worst.

Enjoy your day!




Furor in the streets. Rebellious talk. Key Westers upset!

The issue: Cost of tickets for Jimmy Buffett show at the Amphitheater 2/9 and 2/11. Being sold via Ticketmaster. First appeared as available last week at $99 for lawn and $149 for reserved seating. One week later, price of tickets now $475 for lawn and $3,700 for VIP seating. Current prices noted in a Citizens’ Voice comment this morning.

I wrote in my 1/18 blog that the opening prices were outlandish. In effect, screwing Key Westers. Remember, Key West built the Amphitheater. The 3,500 available seating area apparently not for locals. I was referring to the opening prices. The new ones beyond the reach of most locals. The few that can afford that kind of money will not spend it for a few hours of Buffett splendor.

If the Key West Citizen wants to perform a service for its readers, it should do an investigatory story of how ticket sales came to be in the hands of Ticketmaster and how much the City gets as their cut. I’m sure Key West participates.

If there is anything where people have a right to know, the pricing of Amphitheater tickets is the issue!

I concluded in my 1/18 blog that Ticketmaster’s openings cost for tickets left a sour taste in my mouth. I close today’s blog with “…..it leaves a sour taste in everyone’s mouth!”

A doctor visit yesterday with my primary care physician Dr. Norris. First time in 7 months. The July Tampa operation left me down on the medical profession in general. I had been seeing tons of doctors. The way it is when you are in your mid 80’s. So I said, Screw it! Stop doctoring. Does not make sense. I know it. My visit yesterday was recognition of my own stupidity. Ergo, I am back to doctoring. Next visit an appointment with my heart doctor.

It was close to 5 when I left he doctor’s office. Decided to grab a dinner out somewhere. Decided on Happy Hour at Roostica. I no longer drink. However the Happy Hour menu has been praised forever it seems by many. Time for me to try it.

A good deal! I enjoyed limoncello wings. One of my favorites and a diet Pepsi. Total bill $13.

I was impressed the place was almost completely full. People doing the specials and regular menu. I have always recommended Roostica. Best Italian restaurant in the area. The sauce is like my grandmother made. ‘Nuff said.

On this day in 1898, the Battleship Maine was ordered to sail to its death. It was anchored off the Tortugas when ordered to Havana Harbor where it ultimately was blown up.

The death of the Maine gave birth to the Spanish-American War.

Joseph Morton was an American war correspondent for the Associated Press in the European Theater during World War II. He was captured by German soldiers on 12/26/1944 while in a log cabin high on a mountain in Slovakia with 15 Allied intelligence officers. Morton was covering a U.S. operation for a story.

Morton had war correspondent ID requiring him to be treated as a prisoner of war according to the Geneva Convention.

The SS for some reason had ordered the summary execution of all “Allied commandos.” Morton obviously was not one.

Nevertheless, Morton was executed by firing squad this day in 1945 at Mauthausen-Gusen  Concentration Camp.

Morton was the only Allied correspondent to be executed by the Axis during World War II.

Another shooting. In California. The second in days.

The mass shooting occurred in Half Moon Bay in two separate localities. Seven persons were killed.

It is time to put an end to these slayings. I know, I am being repetitive as well as most of the U.S. population.

Though Biden accomplished something re guns for the first time in 30 years, more has yet to be done. The U.S. is the only nation in the industrialized world that has the mass shooting problem. We have not been able to clean up the mess because of the Republican Party. Their own members even are unable to make the party move.

The gun manufacturers own the Republican Party. Additionally, gun manufacturers for years have been brain washing gun purchasers.

It has to stop! Blood should not flow on American streets!

Love Bess Levin! She writes well. No bullshit. Calls them as she sees ’em.

Levin wrote in Vanity Fair 1/23 re Ron DeSantis. The article titled “Ron DeSantis Believes In Free Speech As Long As You Only Speak About The Awesomeness Of Straight White People.”

How can DeSantis be elected President if he hates blacks? Is he building a mountain too high to climb? American voters are not stupid as was proven by the November 2022 election results.

The man is crazy! I refer to George Santos.

The latest revelation: He planned an engagement dinner to a man while married to a woman.

The invitation to the dinner read: “Pedro and I have decided to join our tooth brushes.”

Enjoy your day!




Streetcars are making a resurgence across the United States. Public transportation of long ago is returning.

The resurgence is most obvious in Omaha, Nebraska where the City Council recently voted to proceed with such a project. Warren Buffet is a local resident and opposed the rebirth of street cars in Omaha. His voice though heard was not heeded.

The project as approved will cost $306 million. Buffett considered the plan too expensive and inflexible.

San Francisco has always had a street car system. Recall the many you have seen in movies involving San Francisco. The street car line there is the historic F Line.

I am old enough to recall street cars. We had them in Utica, NY. I rode them in the late 1930’s. The demise of the street cars came with the birth of buses.

Yesterday was special. I did not know how special it would be till actually having experienced it. Steve and Cindy Thompson invited me over to meet the family.

Family involved Rich and Linda Thompson from Alaska and Orlando, Rich and Steve’s sister “Sam” from Seattle, and Cindy’s sister Christine who resides in Key West. I was the sole outsider.

The afternoon the most memorable I have spent in Key West. What a wonderful group of people!

Rich and Steve are twins. You would never know it. I think the term is fraternal. Do not look alike at all. However have similar dispositions. If you know Steve, then you are aware what a great guy Rich is.

Rich and Linda spend 6 months a year in Alaska and six months in Orlando where they have had a second home for more than 25 years. Rich is an Alaskan fisherman. Salmon and halibut the primary catch.

Rich showed me a couple of pictures of halibut he had caught. Normally, 20-30 pounds. The ones he showed me had to be pushing 1,000 or better. They were bigger than many great white sharks. He will be sending me a pic and I will publish it when received. Probably next week.

I received a salmon education. Many types. I knew from nothing. He had brought with him from Alaska certain salmon which he prepared and cooked for our entre. Two types. White and red king salmon. Delicious!

Rich and Steve have a sister they call Sam. Her real name Sandra. A Seattle resident. Retired after 21 years with the Seattle law firm Perkins, Coie. Considered smart. Not because of her employment. Rather her experience in 1997 as when she appeared on Jeopardy. At “half time,” she was ahead of the other contestants. Thought she had it won. So did her family. Got buried in the second half, however. Still considered intelligent by her siblings, however.

I thought she was so merely based on our conversations over the afternoon.

I have forgotten neither Linda nor Christine. Each contributors in their own way.

Nor is Cindy forgotten. A smart tough woman. She and Steve must have had an exciting time together over the years.

Searching for a word or two to express my thoughts re the afternoon succinctly, all I can come up with is these were “real people.” A long time since I have been with such a group.

Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Thousands marched throughout the U.S. in protest of its overturn.

The Republicans finally won in their efforts to get rid of Roe. Turns out it is the worst political mistake made by either party in years. Even women who have supported right to life for years, think the Supreme Court decision wrong. Their anti-life feelings re Roe had minimized with the years. The right to protect and control their bodies overcame political and religious fanaticism.

The warm weather will slowly turn cold this week. Cold fronts coming in. By thursday night and during friday, temperatures will be in the 50’s. The temperatures will remain cold for a few days.

Enjoy your day!


The Thompson home is full. Steve and Cindy ae entertaining Steve’s bother Rich and his wife from Alaska and his sister “Sam” from Washington State. Party time in the Thompson household!

I plan on stopping by this afternoon to meet them.

Very busy yesterday.

The Syracuse/Georgia Tech basketball game. Syracuse won 80-63.

The game started off slowly for Syracuse. As all games have this season, Syracuse immediately ell behind by 11 points. Fortunately, the Syracuse defense tightened up and the ball began finding the hoop leading to a Syracuse 17 point victory.

The team played well. Especially, Joe Girard. He had a stellar day. Sparked the team. Scored 18 first half points. Twenty eight total. Attempted 10 3 point shots. Made 6.

Sloan showed up as the game was ending. S is a marvel! Been helping me for years. I could not do without her. She is the technical brains behind the blog.

Last night was dinner with Jean and Joe Thornton at La Te Da. Meal and company the best. I enjoyed a bone sticking main course. Meat loaf. Oh, so good!

Chris stopped by a couple of times. Chris owns La Te Da. I have known him more that 20 years. First met when he owned Antonia’s. He steadily over the years has been refining the La Te Da property. The result a comfortable beauty. The quality of the food and surroundings match.

The only negative of the evening was the waiter knocked over a large glass of water on me. I finished the meal soaking wet from the waist down. The bottom half of my shirt and shorts.

A day in history which was a big one for Key West and the railroad industry. It occurred this day in 1912.

Henry Flagler was on the first train to arrive from the mainland in Key West. Its arrival officially opened the Overseas Extension of the Florida East Coast Railroad. A large crowd greeted Flagler and the train in Key West.

Another shooting! Twelve hours ago in Monterey, California, at a ballroom dance event. Ten dead, ten injured.

One gun man. Male. Still at large. Nothing further known concerning him at this time.

Jean, Joe nd I spoke of many things last night. One, the price of eggs.

Prices keep rising. Cause the Asian flu outbreak in the U.S. which infects chickens. Price of eggs went up 11 percent just in the month connecting November and December. Overall, the price went up 59.9 percent last year.

Speaker McCarthy keeps getting battered. Deservedly so.

Syndicated columnist Stephen V. Roberts wrote in “The Price of Pride” yesterday: “Kevin McCarthy finally claimed the House speakership after 15 embarrassing ballots, but it was a hollow and hazardous victory. By caving to the demands of his own party’s hardliners, he obtained the title, but diminished its value. He’s turned himself, and his office, over to the hostage takers, and he’s put the country’s financial future at risk.”

Roberts quoted Democratic Rep. Jim McGovern: McCarthy has “given everything including his dignity.”

So sayeth the truth.

Enjoy your Sunday!