I came across a quote, statement, whatever. I am not sure. However, in its own way food for thought: “A person without imagination is like a tea bag without hot water.”

Tomorrow is March 1. The day Biden presents his first State of the Union Address. It is also the day that American right wingers decided was the day for US. citizens to have their own Truck Convoy. Washington D.C. its goal.

The convoy’s name similar to Canada’s: Freedom Convoy USA 2022. Its purpose to end the “pandemic national emergency” and put to an end government rules requiring masks and vaccines.

Will tomorrow’s truck convoy be as impressive as Canada’s? More so? Less?

I suspect less.

I doubt it will be anywhere as close in size as Canada’s. One reason is everyone knows about it. Good guys and bad. Washington has been busy with planning and preparations for a month.

Organizers of the convoy had a simple plan in place. Several small convoys would start from various U.S. cities. As they drove to Washington, other truckers would join them.

Reminded me of the movie Spartacus. Recall as the slaves rode their horses to wherever, other groups of slaves would join them daily. A small group turned into a slave army of thousands.

One of the groups started from Los Angeles a few days ago. Not a large group. Only 5 tractor trailers.

A stop was made in Las Vegas. One or two of the five dropped out. No new trucks had joined nor were any joining in Las Vegas.

The leader of the Los Angeles group quit. He was disappointed no one seemed enthused about joining.

The convoy’s goal is the National Mall. If unable to gather at the Mall, a back up plan is in place. The Beltway. Use the Beltway to disrupt Washington.

The Ukraine situation continues.

My admiration for the people of the Ukraine is without limit. Such bravery. It is my country! Terrific! Makes me wonder if we would stand in such fashion were the U.S. under attack. We are not the brave farmers and merchants of 1776. We are not made of the same stuff as those who fought on both sides during the Civil War. We are not that special generation who fought World War II.

Belarus sits aside the Ukraine. It is Russia’s puppet. Word is Belarus is ready to send troops into the Ukraine this week. To fight on Russia’s side, of course.

A U.S. Defense official described Belarus in practical terms as “an extension of the Kremlin.”

Recent reports reveal Russia has used Belarus to launch missiles and aircraft across the Ukraine.

Belarus voted in recent days to ditch its non-nuclear status. The announcement coincides with Putin’s second nuclear threat.

A cop stealing from other police officers. Such has occurred in New York City.

Edward Mullins was until recently President of the Sergeants Benevolent Association. The PBA for New York City police sergeants on duty and retired.

The PBA has 13,000 members. It is the fifth largest police benevolent association in the U.S.

Mullins stole from members’ dues in excess of $1 million from 2017-2021. He used the monies to support his high style way of living.

Mullins surrendered to the FBI last week.

Syracuse, my Syracuse! Syracuse plays another top team tonight. North Carolina. The season has not been a good one. I still do not  understand. Team material this season the best ever. Their record  one of the worst ever.

Such is life.

Enjoy your day!


Putin yesterday threatened nuclear war a second time.

The man is insane. However his actions are typical of a small man.

Napoleon was a small person stature wise. Not that tall. Every victory made him taller in his mind, however.

So it appears to be with Putin. Short in stature. He also runs a small country. The Russia of today is not the Soviet Union of yesterday.

Unfortunately, the little man has one big item. Nuclear weapons. Would he use them? Who knows. Could be. Did anyone think he would go after a country considerably smaller than his own with the force and violence he has.

Putin has to be embarrassed and frustrated that he has not yet conquered the Ukraine. And therein lies the reasoning behind his second threat re use of nuclear weapons.

Putin’s threat was in the form of an announcement that he was putting his nuclear deterrent forces on alert.

Putin has not succeeded as he had anticipated in the Ukraine. The people are opposing him. They may fear Russia, be afraid of Putin, but the Ukraine is theirs and they are going to oppose him. If Putin wants the Ukraine, he will have to have to destroy it.

Putin’s excuse for the increase in Russian force are the recent sanctions imposed and “aggressive statements” from NATO countries.

Putin is not open and straight with his own people. He tells the Russians that there is no “war” or “invasion.” Russian troops in the Ukraine are merely a defensive operation and only in the eastern part of the country.

Many Russians do not believe him. The huge crowds protesting in Moscow and St. Petersburg indicate the Russians are not buying his lies.

Such has to make Putin uncomfortable. The crowds may be protesting today. Tomorrow they will be in Putin’s office taking him prisoner.

Putin does not want the Russian people to know the number of Russians who have and are dying. He has threatened any independent publications that report on Russian casualties with censorship. Further intimating more serious consequences.

It is believed 3,000 Russians have died so far in the conflict. Putin does not report that number or any number. It is clear however he fears body bags returning and the Russian people for themselves being able to see the number of mounting dead.

What to do.

This past week several sources said Russia was using “mobile crematoriums” to hide evidence of war dead. The crematoriums are camouflaged to look like artillery.

In addition to protests in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russians are protesting in 50 some other Russian cities. Protests massive in nature.

Protesting is against the law. So far 3,500 protesters have been arrested. There is a feeling Putin will soon be cracking down in heavier numbers re the protesters.

Protesting is taking place all over the world.

The Ukraines are doing a hell of a job!

Tanks are running out of fuel. As such occurs, the Ukraines are taking the Russian soldiers into custody. The Russians not fighting back at all at that stage.

Food is in short supply in the Ukraine. The Ukrainian people need money for all sort of personal things. Putin has announced that henceforth it is against the law to send money. A crime. Punishment 20 years.

Kharkiv is Ukraine’s second largest city. The Russians took control of a certain portion yesterday. Russian military were walking about as conquering heroes.

The situation did not last long. The Ukrainians were able to force the Russians out. Not sure this made Putin very happy. Putin with all his forces has yet to conquer any Ukrainian city.

Some Syracuse.

Syracuse and Duke met yesterday at the Carrier Dome. More than 30,000 spectators.

Duke the better team this year. Ranked in the top 10. Probably 5th.

Duke trashed Syracuse. Duke won 97-72.

Duke opened the game big time and had a 14-0 lead in minutes. Soon that lead was 41-13.

Duke looked terrific! During one of its runs in the first half, Duke shot 90.9 percent. They made 83.3 percent of their 3’s.

Oh, well. That’s how the cookie crumbles.

There is always next year.

Enjoy your Sunday!



Nina Krushcheva is a Russian expert. As one of many who consider Putin being affected with Napoleonic megalomania, she best summed him up in a Vanity Fair podcast: “He is a small man of five-six saying he’s five-seven.”

The Ukrainian  people are exhibiting bravery at its highest level. There are many stories that reflect such bravery.

One involves a Ukrainian marine who sacrificed himself to blow up a bridge. The bridge would have allowed Russian tanks to advance were it not destroyed.

He voluntarily undertook a mission to place explosives around the structure of the Genichesky Bridge near Kyiv before Russian tanks could cross it.

A hero was born.

The marine did not have time to flee the blast zone before detonating the explosives. He informed his battalion he would be blowing the bridge regardless.

Ordinary citizens of all ages have taken up the fight.

A photo on the internet this morning showed six girls standing in line holding AR-15 type guns. One girl could not have been more than 10. The remaining teenagers.

All dressed in winter clothes. Bulky jackets or coats. All serious faced. All defending their homeland.

Another photo showed a woman who appeared about 50 years old. Similarly dressed. Lying on her stomach pointing her gun waiting for nearby Russians to attack her position.

Men who left to take their families to Poland are returning alone to fight.

On one of the talk shows this morning, a Ukrainian leader was asked what was needed. He said, “Weapons. We’ll do the fighting.”

NATO must move their asses now! The imposition of sanctions is moving too slowly. Some sanctions are watered down type versions. Boris Johnson said 2 days ago Britain’s sanctions were tough and  Great Britain would doing its share big time.

Turns out to have been bullshit. London has too much oligarch money moving through it. Johnson fears upsetting the oligarchs.

Note Kyiv is still standing. The Ukraines a tough and proud people.

Biden could do more as far as U.S. sanctions are concerned. He has yet to go for the jugular. He must.

The oligarchs must be hurt harder.

Yesterday, it was announced sanctions had been levied against Putin that would affect his assets. Putin will suffer more inconvenience than pain. He is regarded as the richest man in the world.

Years ago, I was in Portofino several times. I saw how Putin lived. He was close friends with Silvio Berlusconi. Berlusconi had a home of the bay in Portofino.

I used to drink at an outdoor cafe on the bay. The bay itself  relatively small. Berlusconi’s home on a slight hill nearby. Huge, magnificient. The shrubbery surrounding the house impressed me. Tall, wide and extensive. Had to have cost millions. And at least a million more each year to maintain.

Sitting in front of the cafe and close to Berlusconi’s home was his yacht. One of those 150 footers. A home in itself.

Putin decided he wanted a summer home in Portofino near his friend Berlusconi. He built one next door to Berlusconi. Smaller. However magnificent, including the shrubbery.

I am sure Putin has summer/winter homes elsewhere also. Such is the way a man of his wealth lives.

Since the war started, I have found the substance of my blog changing. The war is top news and interesting. I am writing more about the war and less about other things.

My level of research is the same. However other topics are lacking in appeal at this time.

I have also noticed comments to the blog have increased significantly. The war is in the forefront of everyone’s minds. As it should be. No question an item of grave concern.

A few of the type of items I wrote more about till the recent past.

Sally Kellerman died. Age 84. The female star of MASH. Hot Lips!

Lord help us!

Governor DeSantis appeared before CPAC yesterday. He received “rock star treatment.” News reports indicate they loved him!

He would be a worse President than Trump. He can think a bit.

Enjoy your day!


War is down and dirty. The words of war also.

Words spoken yesterday in the Ukraine by a Ukrainian border security guard will forever be recalled in the history of the Ukraine: “Go fuck yourselves!”

Snake island is a tiny rock island sitting in the Black Sea. Thirteen Ukrainian border security guards were stationed there. Yesterday, a Russian warship approached and ordered the men to surrender. Their answer as expressed by one of the guards: “Go fuck yourselves!”

Last words honorably and well spoken.

Russian naval and  air power bombarded the island. In a very short time, the 13 were dead.

They will be forever remembered.

Ukrainians are not taking the Russian onslaught lightly. It is their country and they are fighting for it.

Putin claims Ukrainians are Russians. If so, why are the people of Ukraine opposing the Russian blitzkrieg? Why is Russia killing and maiming Ukrainians?

“Fuck” is a term of choice that is being heard constantly during the conflict.

Reflected in a conversation between a Ukrainian woman and a Russian soldier. The woman heated and abusive to the soldier. Properly so as her words indicate.

Note the exchange between the two was recorded and has been read over 2 million times already in the past 24 hours on Twitter.

The woman told the soldier off. The woman asked who the “soldier” was and was he “from Russia?” The soldier  said yes and further responded he was in the Ukraine on an “exercise.” He further asked the woman not to “escalate” the situation.

The woman responded: “How can it be further escalated? You fucking came here uninvited. Piece of shit…..You are occupiers, you are enemies.”

Putin appears to have misjudged his actions. The invasion results thus far cannot be what he expected. He has positioned himself for ultimate removal from office – deposed as other despots in history.

Russians do not protest. They are protesting big time with regard to the Ukrainian situation, however. Many do not approve. The last time I recall street protests of the nature going on in Russia was during the Russian Revolution in 1917.

Moscow and some 50 other Russian cities have protesters marching.

Videos of the streets of Russia show thousands. Seventeen hundred protesters have already been arrested in all of Russia. Note it is against the law to “protest” in Russia. The people do not care. The Ukraine invasion has rubbed them wrong.

The situation could get out of hand for Putin. It would not be surprising if he ended up hanging from a street pole in Red Square.

Chernobyl could turn into a disaster of significant consequence. Chernobyl is the community where a huge nuclear reactor facility exists.

Recall many years ago the reactor leaked. People today are still suffering the consequences thereof. Many of those yet to be conceived or born will show dire consequences. Babes born without limbs an example.

The Russians have attacked Chernobyl. Fighting going on at the moment. A leak will have the disastrous consequences already suggested. A leak of sufficient magnitude could easily flow into adjoining European nations.

Putin wants to historically be remembered as “one of the greats.” He is accomplishing it.  He has already earned the right to his place in the Gallery of Despots. Next to Adolf Hitler.

Enjoy your day!




Evil! The war and Putin.

It takes me back to September 1, 1939 and Hitler. Putin should be proud. He has proven to the world he is as great a despot as Hitler.

Yesterday was a dark day for the Ukraine. An even darker day for the world if the war moves beyond Ukraine’s borders.

The Washington Post’s editorial this morning made some pertinent observations: An aggressor’s bombs and tanks are wreaking horror and havoc on a weaker neighbor…..Civilized life is being overwhelmed by blood and fire…..Threatens to spread, the U.S. is once again called upon to respond.

It is fortunate NATO exists. Its value will unquestionably be reflected with regard to the Ukraine situation. NATO is together, trained, and ready to go.

Excuse the repetition, what Putin is doing is evil. Putin is evil. His words evil. Especially when he subtly threatens nuclear reaction to those who interfere.

Things happen that have the smell of dead fish. Happens in all walks of life. The law no exception.

A three year investigation has been ongoing into Trump by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. Authorized by Cyrus Vance who after many years in the job, did not run for reelection in November.

Vance a well known and respected prosecutor.

He appointed two top prosecutors to lead the Trump probe. Carey Dunne and Mark Pomerantz. The Trump prosecution staff consists of the two plus 25 other attorneys, paralegals and analysts.

The new DA elected to replace Vance is Alvin Bragg. A Democrat as Vance was. Alvin Bragg not a Cyrus Vance. Bragg appears to have abandoned the investigation into the former President.

Vance had authorized a grand jury. Witnesses have been presented before the grand jury through this past December.

Bragg took office January 1. He has prohibited any further witnesses to be called before the grand jury. The grand jury’s “life” expires April 1.

It is believed the grand jury has sufficient evidence to indict and a trial thereafter to convict Trump.

Dunne and Pomerantz’s hands have been tied by Bragg. He apparently has prohibited any further witness to testify nor the grand jury to vote. It appears he is waiting for the grand jury’s legal life to expire.

Dunne and Pomerantz resigned this week in protest. When two top respected attorneys do that, it is a clear indication something is amiss.

An investigation into the matter is warranted.

For lovers of art, Key West’s annual Old Art Days Festival is an event not to be missed. It is this weekend – saturday and sunday – from 10-5 each day. It will be held at the Truman Waterfront Park.

One hundred ten artists will be exhibiting their works.

Jack Baron was an artist and dear friend. For many years. He passed away some 10 years ago.

His work unique. His specialty was painting black women.

I have been a collector most of my adult life. I purchased my first Jack Baron at the Old Island Art Festival 27 years ago. A Black Madonna and Child. A magnificent piece!

It hangs with pride in my home to this day. It also is my favorite Baron piece.

I have 14 Baron works. I was not aware I had purchased the greatest number of his works till Jack died. A reporter called Jack’s lifetime partner Bob Burton and interviewed him re Jack, his works, etc.

Bob told him he should call me also as I was the person who had the largest collection of Jack’s works.

Jack also did tapestries. If he especially liked a painting he had done, he would take a year sitting on his couch watching TV at night doing something I believe called crewling. Whatever.

When done, he sold them. He did very few. I purchased 2. $10,000 a piece. One is Adam and Eve in the Garden of Paradise. The other his mother. He did her as a black woman wearing a long red gown.

One reason I had so many of Jack’s paintings is I had purchased a large home on the ocean in Key Haven. I did my dining room solely in Jack Baron’s works. The room was a joy. Three walls of Jack Baron and the fourth a huge window.

He had many friends. A group of us would meet early every morning at his studio which also served as his gallery. We would sit around drinking coffee and solve the world’s problems.

They were good times.

Enjoy your day!



The die is cast. The Rubicon crossed.

Small as it was, Putin stepped over the line. He was testing Biden’s resolve. Biden reacted. A reaction I suspect Putin did not expect.

Biden has called the forces of good to stand against evil. Blatant evil.

Biden followed through with threatened sanctions. Not all, however. He held some back. I disagree with him on this point. The U.S. should have buried Putin with everything in its first blast.

Not a condemnation of Biden. Rather a disagreement as to procedure.

The sanctions unloaded by Biden impressive nevertheless. Heavy sanctions against 2 Russian banks and a number of Russian oligarchs. With an admonition more would follow depending on what if anything Putin did next.

Biden also advised additional U.S. troops would be stationed in Baltic states on NATO’s eastern flank boarding Russia.

It was assumed other NATO members would hit Russia with sanctions.

Some have.

Germany stood up first. Even before Biden acted. Germany advised it would withhold certification of the NORDSteam 2 gas/oil line. A big hurt to Russia.

Since Biden acted, Great Britain’s Boris Johnson advised that his nation would be sanctioning 5 Russian banks. Freezing Russian assets. Also to be sanctioned were 3 Russian billionaires. Oligarchs. Travel bans were also placed upon them.

Australia and Japan have announced the imposition of sanctions. An impressive we support you move. Neither is a member of NATO.

Trump got involved. In support of Putin and adverse to Biden’s moves. Trump hailed Putin’s “savy” and “genius” with regard to Putin’s move into the Ukraine.

Cleksandra Matvlychuk is a Ukraine activist. She said, “A stronger global response is needed towards Russia. I think that people in the West don’t understand that it’s not about the Ukraine.” The Ukraine is the frontline of the “battle between authoritarianism and values of the free world.”

The Ottawa convoy has come and gone. Through the immediate and spectacular efforts of Trudeau and the Canadian government.

The “convoy” has announced its next target is Washington, D.C. At the moment, it appears the affront will arrive at different times. The first group for Biden’s State of the Union Address on March 1. A second group will arrive later on March 5. The convoy will embark from California and is not expected to arrive till that date.

The federal government has been getting ready. Fences are being reerected around the White House and certain other areas of the Capitol.

The National Guard has already been made available. Seven hundred. They will be unarmed. Local and White House police are engaged in preparations also.

January 6 was a warning. The government will be prepared this time.

The Washington convoy’s purpose is to protest pandemic restrictions. Canada’s convoy was to protest mandated vaccines. The cry lasted two days when it was discovered that 90 percent of Canadians were vaccinated.

Canada has set the standard by which these convoys are to be handled. Canada was successful. I am concerned whether the U.S. can do as well.

The U.S. is encumbered with too many minute incidental laws and procedures which will inhibit the authorities from doing what they must. The U.S. may ultimately be successful in getting rid of the convoy problem. However it will take much longer and be more burdensome than Canada’s solutions.

Enjoy your day!


To start a war does not require a Hitler type blitzkrieg or a Japanese sneak attack. An incursion is sufficient. A step over a line.

The U.S. must not parse words. The world understands. The U.S. must not fail in the eyes of the world as it has done in the recent past.

Mr. President: Full sanctions! Nothing less!

Today! The world is waiting to hear from us.

Failure to do so will weaken the U.S.’ recent NATO alliance that “we all stand together.” China will determine we are not the democratic world leader, viewing the U.S. as a “weakened power.”

Germany is to be congratulated. It stood up in a timely fashion by immediately halting approval of the NordStream 2 pipeline.

Putin ranted and raved on TV for more than an hour yesterday justifying his and Russia’s position. Putin obviously an excellent speaker. As many despots have been. Hitler and Castro two examples.

Putin views himself a “peacekeeper.” He should take another look in the mirror. He is a “warmonger.”

Former acting CIA Director John McLaughlin said: “Putin has choreographed this with the hope that we and the Europeans will debate whether this is an ‘invasion’ or not. And hoping that throws us enough off balance that he will pay a minimal price for the first slice of the salami.”

What a difference a day makes! Difficult to find any news this morning re what began as the Ottawa truck convoy problem.

Canada has pretty much cleaned up the situation. The truck problem 24 days long. Canada took a few days to get its act together. When done, it moved like all get out to resolve the problem. Failed to pussy foot around and delay as the U.S. has done with regard to demonstrations.

Beginning friday, the Ottawa police arrested 191 protesters, towed 57 remaining vehicles away, and removed tents, etc. erected for meetings and meals. Also moved trailers with heated toilets and 2 saunas.

Those refusing to leave were trampled by police horses.

Order has returned to Ottawa and for all intents and purposes Canada.

Ottawa’s Mayor advised that trucks, campers and vehicles recovered would be sold at public auction. The Emergencies Act invoked by Trudeau gave the Mayor authority to do so.

I am always concerned when someone brings God into a governmental situation. The most recent example is South Carolina’s Republican candidate for Congress Mark Burns. An evangelical Christian pastor, he vowed God would “raise up arms” to help conservatives “shut down” Democratic led Americans.

When I was a youngster attending a Catholic grammar school during World War II, I would wonder whose side God was on. Germans believed in God. Americans believed in God. Whose side was God on?

Syracuse won again yesterday. Beat Georgia Tech in overtime 74-73.

Buddy Boeheim made a 3 pointer near the end of the overtime that was instrumental in the Syracuse victory.

Boeheim did not score at all in the first half. Made only one 3 pointer, the one mentioned. Nevertheless ended up scoring 15 points.

Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou tonight. So much to talk about. In 30 minutes, I may only be able to cover the Ukraine and Canadian truck convoy situations.

Join me for a fast moving half hour. Nine my time. blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou

Enjoy your day!


Putin is calling the shots at the moment. Has everyone dancing to his tune. World leaders running to confer with him.

Putin the man of the hour! In all his sick glory! It bothers him not that many will needlessly die. It has become his way or the highway.

My feeling is the war is inevitable. Putin has made up his mind.

My concern is what will be his thought process when Biden hits him with what are supposedly the worst sanctions ever. Economic destruction for Russia, Putin, and his oligarch supporters.

Stupid Putin is not. He must have a retaliatory plan in mind. I worry the retaliation may be worse than anything up to that point. Armed conflict with many nations, including the United States?

Time will tell.

I feel as I did during the Cold War when nuclear war with the Soviets was possible every day.

At this moment, Putin must feel as Hitler and Tojo did when they caused World War II to begin. How will he feel when he experiences an end similar to that Hitler and Tojo suffered?

The sickness in Putin’s mind is evident based on the news released this morning. Putin has had a list prepared of Ukrainians who are to be killed or sent to concentration camps.

I am confused by what happened in the Senate friday. Congress was debating and supposedly to vote on what the sanctions would be. Surprised me as I thought such decision was the President’s and had already been made.

Typical of the Senate, a bipartisan decision could not be reached. Congress adjourned. Both Houses returned home as they have this week off.

A catastrophic war in the offing and they leave on vacation!

I understand further it makes no difference as to the sanctions. Biden alone can decide what they are and implement them without Congress’ backing.

Our governmental procedures continue to perplex me. Too many minor rules and regulations that can be called into play. Compelling the result in most instances that nothing gets done.

I watched the Grant and Lincoln stories last night on the History Channel. Excellent! I thought the Grant one better. Probably because I learned things about Grant I never knew.

Dr. McIvor’s Celebration of Life was a respectful event. People coming in and out. I would estimate 100 at any given time.

One thing struck me. Everyone was old, except for Susan’s two adult children and Dr.Norris.

Guess that is the way it is.

Enjoy your day!


Ukraine and Russia. Right vs. might. David vs. Goliath.

The winds of war are reaching hurricane velocity.

The Ukraine is to be admired. They continue to prepare for war. TV this morning showed how men, women and young children are training to shot with wood rifles. Parents seem to understand it is everyone’s fight.

I fear for the Ukraines. How can a nation getting ready for war with wood rifles defeat trained soldiers and a mechanized military?

There is no question the Ukraine will need the assistance of NATO and the U.S. to survive. Hopefully win. My concern is after a brief time helping, NATO, etc. will find the mess is too much for them to handle/be involved in and slowly withdraw.

A new world will be born. Geographical boundaries will change. Deaths, especially on the Ukrainian side, will sky rocket.

Another problem not discussed is the refugee problem that will erupt overnight. Ukrainians will be trying to leave their country for any European nation that will take them. Those nations will in short course not be amenable to providing the refugees a place of shelter.

Another concern is one little discussed. The war could be the match igniting a bonfire that will spread across Europe.

Anti-Semitism and anti-color prejudices are out of control. Both groups discriminated against historically. Periodically on the rise. We are in such a period at this time.

Let’s take a trip back in time.

On this day in 1939, a Nazi rally was held at Madison Square Garden. Twenty thousand attended.

The rally was held 6 1/2 months before Hitler invaded Poland.

Speakers stood on a stage with a thirty foot portrait of George Washington behind them.

The event was sponsored as a “Pro-American Rally.” It was sponsored by the German American Bund. Definitely anti-Semitic.

Banners everywhere reflecting the anti-Semitism: Stop Jewish Discrimination of Christian America…..Wake Up America. Smash Jewish Communism…..FDR was referred to as “Rosenfeld”….. Manhattan District Attorney Thomas Dewey as “Thomas Jewey.”

The main speaker sounded like a today White Supremacist. He said as part of his address: “We, with American ideals, demand that our government shall be returned to the American people who founded it…..a socially first, white Gentile-ruled United States…..a gentile-controlled labor union, free from Jewish Moscow – directed domination.”

At the time the rally was being held, Hitler was completing his sixth concentration camp.

Certain groups of gentiles are a driving force in today’s discriminatory increase against Jews and persons of color: Members of the far right, far right legislators, and certain groups of episcopalians who came to the U.S. as early settlers pre-Revolution.

The FDA has issued a warning that consumers not use certain Family Dollar products. Six states are involved.

A fumigation revealed 1,000 dead rodents at a distribution facility in Arkansas. Additionally live rodents, rodent feces and urine, evidence of gnawing, dead birds and bird droppings.

Family Dollar immediately put into effect a voluntary recall for certain specified products purchased between 1/1/21 and 2/18/22. Then followed up with the closing of 400 stores.

From 4-6 this afternoon, Dr. Michael E. McIvor’s Celebration of Life at the Marriott Beachside. A good man. I plan on attending.

Enjoy your Sunday!


The Russia-Ukraine face off is remindful of the Russia-U.S. cold war. Began immediately after World War II and ran till the Soviet Union breakup in 1991.

Especially in the 1950’s and 1960’s. War was a constant threat. We felt it and I’m sure the Russian people did also.

The most “face to face” stand off occurred during the Cuban missile crisis in 1962. When U.S. and Russian ships were nose to nose in Caribbean waters. War looked like a sure thing.

Russia blinked at the last minute and turned back. When war was seconds away.

One significant difference between today’s possible war and that between the U.S. and Russia way back when. The war would have involved ground troops, as well as air, naval and missile. Wars were primarily fought with ground troops back then.

Why Putin has amassed 190,000 military is more for show than anything else. A Russia-Ukraine conflict will involve air, missiles and cyber warfare. Cyber warfare will be the big thing.

Russia’s ground troops will go into the Ukraine initially and stay for awhile. However I cannot  understand how 190,000 of them are required.

Note that Putin is personally showing off this weekend. He is participating in nuclear war games exercises in Ukraine waters wearing the full military regalia of the top Russian commander.

The guy is amazing.

An update of the Russia-Ukraine situation at the moment.

Biden warns of imminent war. Like maybe this coming week.

Putin began claiming a withdrawal of a certain number of the 150,000 troops last week. He was lying. He actually increased the number to 190,000.

Putin is playing war similar to World War II and some 40 years thereafter.

The Russian people have been kept in the dark. They first became aware of the “war” problem in the past 36 hours. No free press in Russia.

Putin is telling his people the Ukraine is at fault. That the Ukraine is shooting at Russian soldiers and making life difficult for Ukrainian citizens who support Russia and want to be a part of Russia. Even to the extent of showing blown up buildings in the Ukraine and indications that a school with children was bombed.

The winds of war are dangerous. You never know what will happen. If actual war occurs in the Ukraine, anything, no matter how small, can result in a conflagration that could involve most of Europe. And, perhaps the U.S.

Some Ukraine citizens are asking Russia to arm them. They are referred to as Russian backed rebels.

Some other Ukraine citizens are being represented by Russia as leaving the Ukraine and moving to Russia to escape the coming conflict. Pictures of people entering buses for the trip are on the internet. Could be for real, could be for propaganda purposes and staged.

Ukraine’s President Zelensky is attending a Security Conference in Munich this weekend to rally support from NATO nations. There is fear for Zelinsky’s return trip. Whether he can return safely.

One last point that has nothing to do with the Ukraine problem.

Yesterday, I wrote re the cargo ship carrying new cars to the U.S. that caught fire in mid Atlantic. The crew had to abandon ship. The burning ship continues adrift.

New numbers for the cars assumedly burning on the vessel include over 1,000 Porsches and 189 Bentley’s.

Enjoy your day!