No radio show today! The Key West Lou Legal Hour will not be broadcast.

Two fridays in a row. I am starting to get withdrawal symptoms. KONK radio has decided once again to run music all day in view of the day involved. Even though I may not be broadcasting, I continue to accumulate information. I have an overabundance for next week’s show. It will take me forever to sort it out!

Yesterday was primarily sitting outside and writing. The sun was shining. It was warm. A glorious feeling!

I did hit the gym for a bit. Good health. Weight loss now at 22 pounds. Twenty was my goal. However, it now looks like I am on my way to 25.

Dinner was special last night. I dined with Donna and Terri at the Yacht Club. Good, spirited conversation! Never a dull moment with these ladies!

9/11 was part of the discussion. Terri never ceases to amaze me. She lived near the 9/11 area. Her neighborhood was affected for months. Grocery and drug stores were non existant in the neighborhood after the tragedy. Many elderly resided in the area . Terri organized with the police a system for getting food and drugs to those in need. She spent two and a half months doing it. She received a plaque and commendation afterwards for her efforts.

We got into the holocaust and Broadway, also.

A most interesting evening!

We sat long after dinner was over chatting. When we left, the girls decided to go to the Monkey Bar. I have never been. They go to karaoke. Donna. She is the singer at the Monkey Bar! Who would believe it!

I begged off. Not my thing. But I suspect some evening I will drop by to observe. Who knows…..maybe even sing!

I went directly home.

Tonight is a big night! New Year’s Eve!

What to do?

I am invited to three parties. Lisa wants me to spend the evening with her. There is fireworks at midnight at the White Street Pier. La Te Da will be fun at midnight. The streets in front of Bourbon Street and Sloppy Joe’s will be crazy.

There is one more alternative. Stay home.

I may.

I have always considered Nw Year’s eve special. An evening to be spent with someone you are personally close to. This year I am without. So alone I may be!

I recall a particular New Year’s eve about 15 years ago. My Father had been ill. I thought it might be his last New Years. So he and I sat alone together in my living room before a roaring fire and talked. No one else at home. We were alone.

It was good! For the both of us.

My Father is now 96 years old and still with us. Forunately my apprehension that evening was nothing more than that.

I continue to write my legal blog on a daily basis. The Key West Lou Legal Tidbit of the Day. To be found on Amazon Kindle. Today’s topic: Breach of Promise. Men beware! There are some states where you still can be sued if you fail to marry the girl you promised to. Illinois is one of those states with a new and interesting lawsuit pending.

Enjoy the day! Enjoy the evening!

Good morning world!

Key West is getting warmer!

Presently 70 degrees!

My outdoor activity yesterday was limited to the gym. My good intentions to see Bobby Nesbitt and Kathleen Peace sing last night never came to fruition. I felt under the weather and so stayed in.

I am in the mood to pontificate a bit this morning. Stay with me. You might find my babblings interesting.

I read somewhere something to the effect that evey one should get outside every day Why? Because miracles are waiting everywhere.

Food for thought.

Jimmy Carter, our former President, seems to be up and about every day.

Carter has been known to visit the Keys. He has friends in Summerland Key and has spent several New Years with them. Carter is in the Keys this week again. Where he is residing, I am not sure.

On Tuesday, Carter visited the Turtle Hospital in Marathon. Danger had been recuperating there. Danger is a loggerhead turtle. Carter assisted in releasing Danger back into the ocean.

Wednesday Carter was at Hawk’s Cay Key. He visted Nemo. Nemo is the resident dolphin at Hawk’s Cay Key. The President shook hands with Nemo. Carter’s hand to Nemo’s flipper. Rosalynn did likewise.

Thank you Mr. President for visiting the Keys again. You obviously know a good thing when you experience it! Return often!

The 12/30/10 edition of The Huffington Post had an excellent article on how we screwed up our children. The article is entitled “How America Messed Up Its Kids…And How We Can Fix Them.” It is by Mark Goulston, M.D. I recommend its reading.

The piece covers a multiude of parent/child sins. One point stressed is that parents are always bailing their kids out. Parents fail to let them take responsibility for missteps. We take it for them. Whereas around the world, parents raise their children differently. The disease is an American one. In many other countries, children are taught to take responsibility for their wrongs. Thus Dr. Goulston claims making them smarter, stronger and wiser.

Dr. Goulston wrote, “Within the next 10 to 20 years…children from China, India and elsewhere will become your child’s boss, and they won’t bail out or accept your child’s excuses…they will fire your children.”

Dr. Goulston also suggested “…when children feel no responsibility or accountability for their actions, the next step is for them to feel and act entitled–entitled to act according to how they feel and to what will immediately gratify them, and entitled to not do whatever they don’t want to do.”

Mull it over a bit. A lot to grasp. The bottom line is we may have spoiled our childen too much, given them too much and assumed too many of their responsibilities. Do you agree?

Which now brings me to Albert Einstein and a separate and distinct thought.

Einstein was peripherally involved in the development of the atomic bomb. He said, “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

End of thought provocation for the day.

Amazon Kindle. My new legal blog appears there daily. The Key West Lou Legal Tidbit of the Day. Today’s subject is: High Speed Train Stimulus. Interesting. China and GE are putting their money where their mouths are. Is Obama correct? Are Wisconsin and Ohio wrong?

Enjoy your day!

Key West sun continues to shine!

Going to be warmer today!

67 degrees the projected high.

Tomorrow the low 70s.

The town is full. People partying. Bringing in the New Year in typical Key West fashion.

Since it was cold yesterday, I spent most of the day inside writing. I think the high was 59. My home is heated. It was the best place to be!

I did head out to the gym in the afternoon. I have become compulsive about the boxing and tread mill. Good for me! Hope it continues!

Many years ago, I bought a special cold weather jacket/coat for Syracuse games. Duffle type with a hood. Huge horizontal stripes. Bright orange and blue. Syracuse’s colors.

It is one of the things I got to keep out of my divorce.

I had it cleaned. The cleaners is across from Don’s Place. I picked it up after the gym yesterday. Everyone saw me walking by Don’s Place carrying the jacket. Kurt, Boomer, Joanie, etc. All smiling, laughing and I don’t know what. All wondering what I was carrying!

I did not even stop in! Waved and walked by! Only because I was in a hurry. The grandkids were waiting for me.

I stopped at Lisa’s. Golf teaching time.

Ally has a hoola hoop. I set the hoola hoop down in the mddle of the yard. Had each of them get their pitching irons and 3 balls each. Then showed them how to hit into the hoola hoop.

They will practice a bit each day till I get them back on the golf course.

Robert is doing well. Ally still a bit slow. Their one year age difference does make a difference! Ally moves swiftly to hit the ball. And continues to hit it till it gets within the hoop. She does not care which side of the blade she uses. Front or back. Just hit it!

I decided to leave her alone and let her do it her way. Eventually she will figure it out.

Big night last night! Syracuse opened its Big East basketball season. Against Providence. Syracuse won 81-74. A relatively close game. I thought Syracuse was going to blow them out. It was not to be. Providence hung in there. Syracuse played well, however. I think Providence was just better than most had anticipated. Providence has only lost 4 games thus far this season.

Tonight will be big also!

Bobby Nesbitt returns to Aqua. From 5:30 to 7:30. Broadway tunes at their best. The place will be packed. Not only is Bobby good, he is well liked.

Then at 9, it is Terri White again with her show Live From Broadway at La Te DA’s Crystal Room. A double hit of Broadway!

Terri is spectacular! Her show professional! An entertaining evening awaits!

There is a conflict in scheduling tonight. Much good entertainment on the platter.

At 9 also is the Larry Smith variety show at the Bottle Cap. Larry and Jenna hosting. The star of the evening is Kathleen Peace. An outstanding vocalist!

You’ve got it all, folks! Choices to be made! I will be skipping Terri tonight. Saw her twice already and most recently Monday evening. So it will be Bobby Nesbitt and Kathleen Peace for me!

Today is Wednesday. Wednesday is golf day. I am not playing. Not because of the weather. I have much writing to do today. Something had to give. So there is no misunderstanding, I am enjoying the writing as much as the golf!

I am publishing every day on Amazon Kindle. A legal blog a day. The blog is called the Key West Lou Legal Tidbit of the Day. Quick, short and timely. Sometimes opinionated. Today the topic is IRS Refund Checks Will Be Late!

Enjoy your day!

Regardless of the temperature, the sun always shines in Key West.

It is sunny again this morning and will be so all day.

But…..the temperature this morning is a chilling 49 degrees! The high today will be 60.

This Artic chill is supposed to leave us Thursday. The temperature thereafter will return to the low 70s.

Sunbathing may be out on a day like today. However all other Key West enjoyments and experiences remain. The tourist attractions don’t disappear in the cold. Hemingway House is still there. So is Tennessee William’s home. The restaurants and bars continue to bustle. More so in the daytime. Key West night life goes on.

Ergo, it is still vacation time in Key West!

I must admit the cold did keep me in for the better part of the day yesterday. I spent the time writing. I am all excited about the legal blog I am publishing on Amazon Kindle. Timely, right in your face issues, discussed. My opinion shared on occasion.

Today’s Key West Lou Legal Tidbit of the Day involves a Detroit area husband who obtained his wife’s password and read her e mail on their commonly shared computer. He discovered she was cheating. He was arrested for felony computer misuse. He faces 5 years in jail, if convicted.

A lot of twists to the issue.

In the afternoon, I hit the gym. A good habit! I don’t want to lose it.

I was going to stay in last night. My warm bed was more inviting than going out in the cold. However, I relented. Terri was singing at La Te Da. I went over to catch her show again.

A good crowd! Mostly tourists. Terri is one of those activities I suggested earlier that is available regardless of the weather.

I have heard Terri’s Live From Broadway performance here at home while she rehearsed. I now have seen the actual show at the Crystal Room twice. Each time, all times…..terrific! Magnifique!

After the show, I joined Terri and Donna and others downstairs for a drink. Diet Pepsi for me, of course. I left them there after one drink. My warm bed awaited.

Syracuse starts Big East play tonight. At 9. Against Providence.

The Big East is going to be wild this year! Five out of the present top 10 nationally ranked teams are Big East members. Number 6 Pitt knocked off #4 Connecticut last night. Syracuse is ranked #5.

The Syracuse/Pitt game in mid January is going to be one hell of a game! Pitt pre-season was considered the best in the Big East.

Enjoy your day! Stay warm where ever you are!


Those things that every one in the northeast is wearing during one of the worst snow storms in years!

Guess what! People are wearing them in Key West, also! Not many. But some.

That is how cold it is here in Key West! Last night the temperature dropped to 47. The high today is 57. The weather report is to the effect that an Artic freeze has blown down upon us. It has!

Yesterday, I stopped at Don’s Place to watch pro football. My group sits outside in the back. Every one was dressed warmly. I had on long pants, a shirt, a sweat shirt and a jacket. And I was cold! Don was the first I noticed wearing gloves.

Don had also acquired two propane heaters. So we all sat out in the cold with the heaters providing a bit of warmth. Only a bit!

Crazy! No, stupid! Even animals know to get out of the cold!

I stayed about an hour and then headed over to Lisa’s. I had promised to take the grandkids to the golf course to try out their new clubs. I was hopeful Lisa would say it was too cold for them. She did not.

Away we went.

Robert was cute. A baseball cap sideways on his head. The bag of clubs slung over his shoulder. The clubs were too heavy for Ally. I carried hers.

We stayed at the golf course for an hour. I had them pitching and putting. I taught them that the club with the P on it was a pitching wedge to be used around the green. I also explained what the green was. Putting they understood.

The wind was tough! A couple of times I thought they were going to blow away!

I worked them hard. No rest. They hung in there. Towards the end, Ally was tiring. She showed it. She lay down on the green and told me she did not want to play any more.

The one year difference in age was evident. At 6, Robert is much more coordinated and focused.

We returned to Lisa’s. I hung out. Read the Sunday papers and watched football. Had dinner with the family.

Corey’s father in law Curtis was still visiting. His birthday is this week. They had a surprise birthday party for him. The grandkids were all excited. Curtis appreciative.

My intent was to visit the Gardens. It has been weeks since I last was there. As I walked to my car, I realized how cold it was. The Gardens were not to be. I headed home to the comfort of my warm bed.

Terri sings again tonight! The Crystal Room at La Te Da. If you are in Key West, go see her! An experience you will long remember!

I continue to publish daily on Amazon Kindle. A legal blog. Short, informative and opinionated. It is called the Key West Lou Legal Tidbit of the Day. If you have access to Amazon Kindle, take a look. If you like what you see, subscribe.

Today’s legal blog involves freedoms, Muslims and Catholics How one group treats another. There are those who seek our freedoms but do not provide it to others.

Enjoy your day!

The day after Christmas. A return to normalcy.

The holiday was nice. But enough. Time to move on.

Yesterday was Christmas Day. Lisa does an early morning brunch. Like 9 am.

The grandkids had already opened their gifts from Santa Claus by the time I arrived. Three hours earlier!

Mine were the only gifts left to be opened. Robert and Ally were anxious. I told them to go for it!

They each had a big box from me. The golf clubs. They were more in awe than anything else. Red bags. With a kick stand. Gloves, balls and tees. Pink balls and tees for Ally.

We put everything together. Then they each went to heist the bags on their shoulders. Robert did it with no sweat. For Ally, it was another story. The bag with clubs and balls was too much for her. She crumbled to the floor in slow motion!

They both wanted to go to the golf course immediately. They are for real members since I had them take lessons there this past summer. Lisa said no. Tomorrow.

Tomorrow is today. I have already had two telephone calls from Ally about when are we going to play golf. The time has been fixed for 3. I will have them pitch and putt. And maybe give them a short ride on a golf cart. The golf cart ride is the most important thing to them!

Lisa prepared a terrific brunch. Delicious! I continued to blow my diet. I enjoyed every morsel. Robert sat on one side of me and Ally on the other as we were eating. Good breakfast companions!

I spent the afternoon quietly at home watching TV.

Lisa called. She had stone crabs left over from the night before. Come over, she said. I never refuse stone crabs!

I had planned on going out with Donna and Terri. I told them I would catch up with them.

The game plan had been Square One for Christmas caroles. Jimmy Olsen was supposed to be playing. Then La Te Da to hear Debra and Patrick. We would finish the night at Aqua. The Christmas Drag Show at 9.

Though I frequent Aqua, I never have seen a drag show there. It was to be a first.

I told Donna and Terri I would catch up with them.

I finally did at Aqua at 9.

The place was jam packed. Like sardines. The Christmas Drag Show is an annual event. The whole world was there to see it.

The three male stars were all dressed as female Santas. Inga, Faith and Victoria Dupree. Victoria is the famous Randy Thompson.

The show was risque and funny. Every one had a good time.

I have commented on Randy Thompson in the past. When he dresses as a woman, you cannot tell he is not. He is absolutely beautiful and carries himself well. At the end of the show, Randy came out as Cher. Attired in a long sleek black dress. Magnificent! It was Cher, both in appearance and voice.

Today is Sunday. Hopefully Don’s Place for pro football, the gym and then the Gardens tonight. I say hopefully. I never seem to do them all. In between, I will be at the golf course with my grandchildren.

I am embarassed. A loyal blog reader is vacationing in Key West this week. Len from Wausau, Wisconsin. We have been trying to hook up. Unsuccessfully. I hope we do before he leaves Tuesday.

Terri sings again tomorrow night. Monday the 27th. 9 pm. At La Te Da’s Crystal Room. See her! A performer not to be missed!

Remember also that my new blog involving the law is available on Amazon Kindle. The Key West Lou Legal Tidbit of the Day. Today’s blog concerns sex related issues while driving. It is entitled Don’t Shave Your Privates While Driving. Don’t laugh. An actual case. You will also be amazed at what is legally permitted in other countries.

Enjoy your day!

Santa Claus is not coming to town! He came!

I know. My 5 year old granddaughter Ally telephoned me at 6 am to tell me. “Poppa, Santa was here! He ate all the cookies and drank all the milk!” Said with excitement and breathlessness.

The purity of the young!

Christmas eve was dinner at Lisa’s.

I arrived about an hour early. The home was spotless. Unusual where there are two little ones around.

Robert and Ally were quiet. Also unusual. Lisa said it was because they knew Santa Claus was coming.

We enjoyed pickies and listened to Christmas caroles. Made idle chatter. Besides the family, Corey’s step father Curtis and Lisa’s friend Betsy were with us.

Dinner was spectacular! Lisa’s best Cristmas eve production yet!

I am not being nice. The meal was that good!

We enjoyed four fish. Maybe next year I can goose it to the Italian tradition of seven. Stone crabs, shrimp, clams and anchovies. The clams were steamed. The small tender ones. And then thrown over linguine. The salad was excellent. There was tons of other food on the table, but at this moment I cannot remember what. Alzhiemers. I do recall even the rolls were delicious!

Desert was coffee and Christmas cookies. Four different kinds. All baked by Lisa with the assistance of Robert and Ally. I devoured the cookies.

Frankly, I devoured everything. After having dieted for a couple of months and losing 21 pounds, it was my night to eat! And I did! And I will today also!

All said with gusto!

Santa was due to visit at 7. I told Robet and Ally if he did not show by 7, he might not come. He might be too busy. It was 7:05. The grandkids were getting nervous. All of a sudden who should appear…..Santa Claus! Standing big as life in the doorway!

I thought the grandkids would jump and shriek. They did not. They stood quiet. In awe.

As Santa came in, he bent down and said to Ally, “How are your eyes? You had pink eye last week.” Ally went crazy. She turned to Lisa in an excited voice and said, “He knows I had pink eye!” To which Lisa replied, “Santa knows everything.”

Robert and Ally each sat on Santa’s lap. Ally’s gift request was a bit unusual. She wanted a pink pony. Not a big one, a small one. So she could keep it in the back yard.

After Santa left, the grandkids got ready for bed. And I left.

It was home to my two lesbian wives. Donna and Terri were waiting for me. The tree was aglow. They had drinks and deserts out. We exchanged gifts. A lot of little nothings for each other. And talked.

It was a very nice Christmas eve! I shall treasure the memory of this one for all time. Especially the moments with Lisa and the family.

I have to move my butt this morning. Lisa is having brunch at 9. Her command still rings in my ears. “Don’t be late.” Except for Santa’s gifts, all others remain unopened till I arrive. I am anxious to see Robert and Ally’s reaction to the golf clubs.

Oops! Almost forgot! Amazon Kindle!

I published my second legal blog yesterday. “Stimulus Differences…..Eisenhower and Obama.” Later today I will be publishing my Christmas blog. “Christmas…..A Legal Holiday.” The story of Christmas in the United States is an interesting one. Not what you might expect.

Enjoy your Christmas day!

This is the day!

Christmas eve!

In my tradition, this evening is bigger than tomorrow. Though we celebrate both.

It is family night. A huge dinner! Seven fishes!

I have always thought the seven fish thing was Italian. I do not know for sure.

I will be spending the evening with Lisa and her family. My family. Lisa, Corey, Robert, Ally, Cameron and Corey’s step father Curtis. At Lisa’s home.

Lisa is not big into the seven fish thing. Last year it was two. This year I have her up to five. She is counting the anchovies in the salad as #5.

After dinner when we are sitting around, Santa Claus will make a surprise visit. Though it is not much of a surprise for Robert and Ally. They expect him. He has made the personal visit every year.

I try to impress the grandkids when they are small and impressionable with the representation that Santa and I are friends. I tell them Santa and I talk on the telephone and email each other all the time. Provides me with enhanced standing with the grandkids.

I am excited about the holiday. Like a little kid!

There is also another factor that excites me this morning. Amazon Kindle!

I published my first legal blog on Kindle yesterday. The Kindle blog is called the Key West Lou Legal Tidbit of the Day. My first blog yesterday concerned the dangers of Sharia law. When I finish this blog, I will be wrting my second legal blog for publication. A legal blog a day.

Those of you who have Amazon Kindle or access to it, may subscribe to the legal blog. It is intertesting, informative and opinionated! No punches pulled.

I am not computer literate. Though many think I am because of this blog and now the legal one. It takes me forever to figure things out! I thought I had Kindle down to a science yesterday when I published my first legal blog. I did not. I was told it would take 48-72 hours to come up. So if it is not there today, look tomorrow. It will appear and be available for viewing. Each day a different and timely subject.

I spent some time at the gym in the afternoon. I have been watching my food. Have lost 21 pounds. Tonight I blow it, however. And tomorrow also. Holiday food is not to be wasted!

Donna and Terri asked me to join them at a Christmas party last night. I decided not to go. It sounded interesting, however. At the end, they were all going caroling on one of Ed Swift’s trains.

The party must have been terrific! Perhaps still ongoing! The girls did not come home last night!

Marty, where are you? Merry Xmas to you and Donna! Let me hear from you.

My friends, enjoy your Christmas eve!

Big day today!

I am all excited!

For two reasons. First, the Christmas spirit is upon me. Second involves Amazon Kindle.

Christmas time! Cooking, gift buying, decorated trees, Xmas music everywhere!

Lisa and Corey’s Christmas gift from me was delivered yesterday. A new dishwasher! Lisa’s broke down a year ago. She has been washing dishes by hand. No more!

I have Robert and Ally’s gifts. All wrapped! I assume they will not be able to read this blog. I am anxious to share with you what I bought them.

Golf clubs! Real ones!

Robert and Ally took lessons this past summer. I have had them at the golf course a few times since. Now they will have their own clubs. A bag included. Plus I got them tiny gloves, pink balls for Ally, pink tees too. Robert has white balls and white tees.

I am going to be one popular grandfather Christmas morning when they open the gifts. At least I hope so!

Ally telephoned me this morning. She was helping Lisa bake cookies. Told me all about it.

She also told me that the Christmas tree ball I gave her the other day was no more. Some how it ended up on the floor and her brother accidently stepped on it. I told her I would replace it next year. She asked, “Promise?” Of course!

The other reason I am excited involves Amazon Kindle.

I shall be writing another blog. Separate and distinct from this one. One legal issue a day. The new blog is a spin off from my radio show the Key West Lou Legal Hour. The Amazon Kindle blog is entitled the Key West Lou Legal Tidbit of the Day.

It will start publishing later today or tomorrow. Again, for those of you who have or are acquiring Amazon Kindle, the blog is called the Key West Lou Legal Tidbit of the Day.

The first blog itself is entitled “Beware…..Sharia Law!”

Every day a different issue.

Note carefully that this blog continues. Key West Lou’s My Life in Key West will be here every day as usual.

Yesterday golf! Easy! The weather a cool 70 degrees. Sun bright. Some wind. Perfect weather top play in.

I played with Don, Robert and Rob. All good golfers! Normally shoot in the mid 80s.

Don did yesterday. He shot an 85. Robert was a bit off with a 93. Rob was totally off his game with a 101. I thought at one point he was going to throw his clubs in the pond.

Louis played lousy also. 129. I have not shot that bad in months!

Obviously, I was the big loser. $12. Don the big winner.

Petra was missing from the golf course. Petra drives the refreshment cart. We all enjoy Petra. A Czech. She is the loveliest of the lovely! Petra recently took her citizenship test and passed! Good for her! She soon will be an American citizen.

We all feared Petra had been fired. As it turned out, she took the day off to Christmas shop with her children.

I Christmas shopped myself a bit more in the afternoon.

Hit the gym for a while.

Last night I had dinner alone at the bar at La Trattoria. Erin bartending. The place was packed. Christmas in Key West evident!

I intended to go to the Bottle Cap afterwards to catch Larry Smith’s Variety Show. I did not go. I was too tired. For some reason, I was tired by the 10th hole yesterday. So it was off to home and bed for me.

Terri had a show last night at La Te Da. To a full house! I am told a standing ovation after each song.

What a talent!

No radio show for me tomorrow. The station is closed for the day because it is Christmas eve. Music will be played instead.

Enjoy your day!

Yesterday started with a haircut. Lori. Two days in a row. Lucky me!

Lori and her boy friend have lived together for many years. They will not be spending this Christmas together.

Usually they visit her parents or his. Unfortunately, Lori’s Mom is not well and his Father is not at his best. So Lori is headed for Maine and her boy friend for Long Island.

Good children!

About a month ago, I dropped Lisa’s red dress off at the cleaners. I finally went to pick it up yesterday.

There was an elderly gentleman working. Petrone? He knew the name. Told me that 30 years ago when he first came to Key West, there was a small butcher shop in Old Town. Said the man running it cut beef like beef was supposed to be cut. His name was Petrone.

I suggested he might be in error. There are many of Spanish extraction in Key West who are named Padron. Perhaps he had made a mistake. No, he said. He was Italian and his name was spelled the same as mine.

I have roots here. I will have to check it out.

I was driving down Duncan to return Lisa’s dress to her. All of a sudden I saw two little ones skipping along the road. They looked vaguely familiar from a distance. It was Robert and Ally!

They are on Xmas vacation from school. They were with their babysitter and heading to White Street for lunch. Hot dogs and french fries!

They were all excited to see me. I pulled over. They ran to the car and kissed me. Ally has had pink eye for a few days. She gets everything! Her eyes looked ok to me yesterday.

I had some minor Christmas shopping to do. Stopped at Borders and bought a book for someone. Then to the Dollar Store for a few wacky gifts. A zoo! My first thought was…..get me out of here!

I stayed. Hurriedly did my thing. The checkout lines were long. Not for me! I was ready to just put my few items down and leave when I saw Donna and Terri checking out. I fought my way forward and handed everything to them. Take care of these, I said. And away I went.

The gym. Only a half hour. Just enough.

Last night was the big event of the day. Larry Smith and Christine Cardone’s Christmas Party!
Terrific! Lots of people! Everyone! It would take pages to name all the people there so I will name none.

I had a good time. A very good time. Key West people are the best!

The food was especially good. I asked Larry who catered the event. No one, he said. Christine did it all. They had an Italian night. All kinds of pasta, stuffed and otherwise. Plus roasts. Ham, turkey and whatever else. A huge feast!

Good job, Christine!

I talked to her for a while. Why did she do all the work? She said it took her 3 days. She wanted to do it. When she was small, the older women cooked for days in preparation for the holiday. She wanted to repeat the experience as she recalled it.

She said she enjoyed every minute of it.

Thank you again, Christine.

Golf this morning. I will play in 60 degree weather. Not bad!

Tonight is Terri’s Broadway show at La Te Da’s Crystal Room at 9. Go see it! You will love Terri and her singing!

Enjoy your day!