Key West lies within Monroe County. There is a County Health Administrator. His name Robert “Bob” Eadie. His title Administrator of the Florida Department of Health-Monroe. He has been so employed since 2007.

He recently spoke at a public meeting where the subject was coronavirus. I consider his comments/views pure unadulterated bullshit. Insanity at its best.

He said, “We consider chances of the disease showing up here to be very low. So, any rumor to the contrary is just that.”

He added some local plans are being put in place, but he is playing a waiting game for the virus to peter out on its own or become a declared global pandemic.

Would you believe!

He further claimed that the fact Monroe County is dependent on tourism doesn’t make it risky. Visitors from overseas already are screened at American airports. Cruise ship passengers undergo screening at U.S. ports.

Eadie’s conclusion, “The chances we’ll see a case in Monroe are very small…..the possibility of it coming here very slight…..not impossible, but very improbable.”

As to personal preparedness, he advised surgeon masks a waste of money, only N95-type respiratory masks will protect.

I have seen pics of the N95. Look like a typical face mask. Not expensive. Problem is people have already bought them up like crazy. Walmart and Amazon have no more for sale.

Eadie claimed the best protection was washing your hands, cover your mouth if you cough, stay away from sick people, and avoid unnecessary contact.

My research suggests Purell is the best hand sanitizer to purchase. Problem similar to the N95 exists. Stores have run out. As of last night, Walmart and Amazon were sold out. This morning a special e-mail from Walmart advised they now had a supply. I ordered big time.

I sense from Eadie’s words those of a politician. Trump and Eadie seem to minimize the coronavirus danger.

They should both get off the political merry-go-round! Better safe than sorry. The danger if it hits overwhelming based on what is occurring in other parts of the world.

The politicians are covering their asses for the moment. What will they say in 2 months or less if the virus finds a home here in Monroe County?

Some coronavirus observations.

Trump appears to be fearmongering. Mulvaney claims, “We know how to handle this.” Trump said at a rally that coronavirus is a “hoax.” He also said, corononavirus is the Democrats “new hoax.”

The stock market took a nose dive this past week based on coronavirus reports. The entire economic world is concerned. The Dow dropped 3,583 points. A 12 percent drop in one week.  Amounts to $5 trillion. The worst decline in a similar time frame since 2008.

Trump’s son Donald Jr. made fearmongering and irresponsible comments friday in an interview with FOX & Friends: “But for them (Democrats) to take a pandemic and seemingly hope that it comes here, and kills millions of people so they could end Donald Trump’s streak of winning, is a new level of sickness. You know, I don’t know if this is coroonavirus or Trump derangement syndrome, but these people are infected badly.”

A dog tested positive for coronavirus in Hong Kong this past week. Medial authorities advised the dog thus far is a carrier. The dog has not come down with the disease itself.

Pope Francis is still sick. His problem continues not to be revealed. An official announcement from the Vatican said the Pope cancelled his official audiences for the second straight day.

The U.S./Taliban peace agreement is to be signed this morning.

The Trump administration makes it sound like it is the end of the 18 year Afghanistan War. In reality, not.

Taliban is not the Afghanistan government. There is a separate Afghanistan government. The government has not been a party to the negotiations nor the signing of the peace agreement.

Al-Qaeda still involved in Afghanistan. Not a party to the agreement.

The number of prisoners of war to be released already in dispute. The Afghanistan government wants all their people released. The U.S. says no.

If the war were actually ending, It would be expected that all U.S. troops would be removed. Not so. Presently 13,500. U.S. troops are only to be reduced to 8,000.

The peace agreement is a “test” of sorts. Good for 7 days up front. If peace “sort of” exists for that period, then the parties will discuss further moves to be part of a full agreement. If not, the agreement is nothing but a worthless piece of paper.

What actually is involved from the U.S. end is that Trump wants to tell the American people in this election year: “I settled the Afghanistan War!”

Tino’s photograph today has him dancing with a woman. The shot is from the TV series “Work in Paradise.”

Tino sent me a note with the pic: “Hey Lou, they pay me for this stuff!”

May Johnson must be one beautiful and talented lady!

Today her leap year in 1896.

She received a proposal of marriage in a letter from a Dr. F. A. Feta. He wrote he was wealthy enough to buy 1/2 of Key West. Also, his Aunt in Germany was 88 years old. If he would agree to join her in Germany, she would give him $100,000 of the $300,00 she had.

May rejected the Doctor.

Enjoy your day!



On this day in 1953, the Islander Drive In Theater opened on Stock Island. The first drive-in in all of Monroe County.

Brought to mind my recollections of the drive-in and how it impacted my life.

While in high school and college, it is the place young couples went to park and neck. Rarely watched the movie.

Then came marriage and children. Young couples with children got a night out by going to the drive-in. The children sleeping in the back seat with pillows and under a blanket. This time we watched the movie.

Stock Island is Key West’s northeasterly neighbor. Leave Key West, pass over Cow Key, and you are on Stock Island.

Legend has it Stock Island got its name from livestock that were kept on the island way back. Photographs exist from the 1930’s showing cows grazing.

Historians are not sure such is how Stock Island acquired its name. Some believe it could have come from the last name of an early surveyor of the island.

The beard I presently wear is the second of my life. I like the beard. Plan is to keep it.

Coronavirus may prevent it.

The CDC has advised that facepiece respirators will not function properly if placed over a beard. Proper air flow will be prevented. CDC says beards will have to go if it becomes necessary to wear one.

Coronavirus is doing a number on the stock market. Down!

Market fell another 1,191 points yesterday. The largest 1 day drop ever.

The President is sweating. He relies on the stock market for reelection. For Trump, the market represents the success of his economy.

Trump should put his reelection thoughts on the back burner. A medical crisis looms. More important than anything else. Trump’s leadership is required to make sure we swiftly move under the black cloud approaching.

Trump has already made several bad moves. A major one is placing Vice President Pence at the head of a Task Force. All medical professionals are to report to Pence and he will decide what to do next and what is to be reported to the public.

Pence inept for the position. Cannot be trusted. His religion, politics, and allegiance to Trump stand in his way.

A medical professional experienced in contagious epidemics should lead. His hands should not be tied. He should be free to report truth as he sees it directly to the the public. Trump should not be permitted to politicize that truth.

Trump cannot be believed when it comes to coronavirus. He has already began lying all over the place. “It’s going to disappear…..one day like a miracle.”

When Mr. President will it disappear? Before or after a number of us are dead?

Italy is under attack by the virus. Especially the northern part where 400 have been afflicted.

In Rome, only 3 have been diagnosed with the virus.

Pope Francis is sick. I am not saying he has coronavirus. However there is concern.

On Ash Wednesday, he was publicly coughing and blowing his nose. Yesterday, he didn’t go to work. Remained in his quarters. The Vatican announced he had a “slight illness.”

Enjoy your day!



This is one of the most disgusting stories I have ever reported.

The event took place on September 19, 2019 at the Lucois and Emma Nixon Academy Charter School in Orlando. The victim a 6 year old black first grade girl. Her name not released by authorities because of her age.

Involved was Orlando police officer Dennis Turner.

The young lady threw a “tantrum.” The policed report claimed she “battered 3 staff members by kicking and punching them.”

There was an episode. The school authorities apparently opted not to deal with it on their own. The police were called. Officer Turner arrived.

By the way, there is a full video of what transpired. Turner’s body cam recorded the whole thing.

Turner handcuffed the 6 year old. Used zip ties. She can be seen on the video crying and screaming for him not to do anything to her. Don’t arrest me, don’t put me in the police car.

The girl cried throughout. From the time Turner arrived, through the handcuffing, being led to the police car, and being placed in the police car. Screaming for help.

“Help me, help me please!” She continuously begged for help.

She was mug shot and fingerprinted.

Charges were not pursued. Officer Turner fired. Fired for arresting a child under 12 without a supervisor’s approval. He had detained another 6 year old earlier in the week.

The 6 year old girl now attends another school.

What mental trauma, if any, will she carry with her for years or life?

I wonder if the police officer would have acted differently were the girl white instead of black.

One other group perhaps worthy of bearing the mantle of poor judgment. The school staff. We all went to the grade. And other lower grades. Some one at some time got out of hand. The teacher always handled the situation. I do not recall police ever being called.

Johnny Mercer brings me back to my high school and college days. A song writer. The lyricist. His songs that I danced to included Moon River, Accentuate the Positive, Days of Wine and Roses, On the Atcheson, Topeka and Santa Fe, and In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening.

A box of his never produced works were found in Key West. The box in the custody of the well known Ellen Steininger. Ellen good friends with one of Key West’s top vocalists Bobby Nesbitt.

Ellen brought Bobby into the picture.

The music was written by Ellen’s late father in law Franz Steininger.

Bobby had the tapes digitized. The music was clear.

The Mercer/Steininger material discovered included a musical. The Arabian Knights. Sinbad, Ali Baba and Aladdin its leading characters. Bobby sang some of the songs at a recent public performance by him.

You never know what will be discovered in a box locked away for many years. Recall one of Hemingway’s wives who returned years after his death to a room at Sloppy Joe’s containing boxes of Hemingway writings and paraphernalia. Hemingway jewels.

Yesterday a disaster for me. Absolutely, without question.

My car not derivable. I had Lisa’s. A half hour into wherever I was going and I had a flat. Called AAA. My membership canceled. No problem. They let me renew and covered me for yesterday’s flat as part of it. Took a half hour to accomplish.

Tire changer could not get to me for 1 1/2 hours. Pouring outside. Thank God for cell phones. Did my podcast show while siting in the car.

AAA man showed up. Lisa’s spare was flat also.

That is how the day began. That is how the rest of the day ran. I will not bore you with further details.

I had a late dinner at Shana Key. Cheated! Even had a drink. Needed it.

Chatted with Ruthie, one of the waitresses.

Recall last year, I lost 62 pounds. A big deal!

Then came pancreatitis. Doctor told me to get off Atkins diet and eat carbs. Or, so I thought. I gained 35 pounds quickly eating carbs.

Very discouraging.

Last week when I saw the doctor, I told him carbs and me never got along. He wanted to know why I was eating carbs. I said you told me! He said no. I’m sure he did. Whatever, he wanted me to go back on an Atkin’s type diet. High protein.

Now I am dieting again. Ended the first week today. Lost 5 pounds. This is going to be a pain in the ass. I am not a happy camper.

There was joy later in the evening. Mighty Casey did not strike out. Syracuse beat Pitt at Pitt 72-49. A long time since Syracuse enjoyed such a decisive win.

Watched Trump at 6:30 in his “news conference.”

He bullshitted us. No problem. He has everything under control. He took big steps (he stopped certain flights) which have prevented the virus from hitting the U.S. He was proud to report no one had contracted the virus locally. All had contracted it outside the U.S.

He spoke too soon. Late last night, it was reported a Californian was diagnosed with the virus. He had not been out of the country. Got it here.

Last night, the New York Times in an Opinion piece described the disease as “Trumvirus.”

Learned something new last night about the President. Trump considers shaking hands “barbaric.” He has aides following him around whose sole purpose is carry a sanitizer for his use.

He’s personally going to love coronavirus if it hits the U.S.!

Another thing about Trump. Read last week he does not sleep on the plane when he takes long trips. He will only sleep in what he describes as his “own beds.”

Trump looked very tired last night. He mentioned several times how long the India trip was. He probably never slept the whole way to and back.

This is turning into a Trump blog. Did not plan it that way. The observations being shared are just coming out one after the other.

A last Trump observation. The Democrat Debate was tuesday night. The market suffered its major falls monday and tuesday. Both before the Democrat Debate.

Trump said at least 2 times last night one of the reasons the market went down is because the people had seen the nuts who were on the stage in the Debate, one of whom might run the country.

Love the guy! He fits the facts to what ever he wants the story to be. Truth  has nothing to do with anything.

I close with Bernie Sanders.

He can’t win if the Presidential candidate. Too radical.

The young are his major supporters. No wonder. He keeps ranting about all the things he will provide free.

There are not enough taxpayer dollars to pay for all the freebies.

The freebies include free college, wipe out all student loan debt, wipe out all medical bills, Medicare for all, free homes to those who cannot afford one, etc.

He’s crazy! Sincerely intended. His whole life. However his goals neither practical nor sustainable.

Enjoy your day!




It appears coronavirus is going to impact our lives. If you think not, you are avoiding the truth. Look at China, Japan, Italy and Iran. What is coming may be comparable to the plague and the the 1918 influenza epidemic.

Yesterday the head of the CDC said, “Not if, but when” in discussing the virus. Certain at some point it will be here.

Trump avoids the truth. He is sugar coating the problem. Creates alternative facts/falsehoods. Like the problem will go away in April when it gets warm. The source of his information is not medical experts. It is from President Xi of China. A person not to be relied on at the moment in view of what is happening in his country.

Another problem concerning China and the U.S. at the moment. We have no vaccine for the virus. No one has. The composition of drugs for viruses and other maladies normally come from China. In other words, the raw materials.

Trump has not rallied his troops. The problem requires a Czar with a free hand.

Trump is unaware what his administration’s experts have been saying while he was in India. WE HAVE A PROBLEM! If Trump is consistent, he will probably fire them because they are contradicting what he is saying

Trump has asked for $2.5 billion. Initially, he was going to ask for $1 billion. Medical experts said he needs $3 billion.

The Democrats are playing a stupid game. Politics. Saying $2.5 billion is not enough. Everyone knows it. Even $3 billion is not enough. Get the $2.5 billion and get started. Then come back for more. Coronavirus should not be a political issue.

Back to the CDC. In the past 48 hours, they have said there is no vaccine for the virus. Once work starts, it will take 2 months to create one for testing purposes. The earliest one would be available for public use is 1 year. Could be longer.

In the meantime, containment is the short term assistance. We have not begun to plan how to deal with that facet of the problem yet.

Our hospitals are not ready. Medical staff are unprepared.

Legislate the money and lets get going. Time is of the essence. If it hits our shores hard, days will be vital. Look how fast the numbers moved up in Italy.

In the meantime, take a look at what Trump has done recently (before anyone was aware of coronavirus) re money. He proposed cutting funding for the World Health Organization by 50 percent. Wanted a 16 percent cut in CDC funding. An 8 percent cut in funding to the National Institute of Health.

My recommendation is the President forget about the wall and transfer those funds immediately to get the coronavirus program going. The President is quite astute at moving funds from one account to another.

Coronavirus is affecting the stock market. Big Time! Down more than a 1,000 points monday. Over 800 tuesday. When last I looked this morning, it was up 380 points.

Over the next week, the market will be down overall. Such is my prediction.

The virus is affecting the economy. China is finding it difficult to do business. Airlines are curtailing flights to certain areas. Cruise ships cannot get customers.

We live in a global society. Industry works with global products. They will soon cease moving. There will be a time when every country will be extremely cautious in accepting goods and people from other lands.

Trump is scheduled to speak tonight re the virus. I hope he speaks truth. I doubt it. He will continue his don’t worry, I have everything under control talk. He will also blame the Democrats for not permitting him to move faster.

Conoravirus moves swiftly. In one month, the U.S. could have hundreds of cases and hundreds of deaths. Perhaps even thousands of cases. The time to move is now!

A side note. South Korea is heavily affected by the virus. As of yesterday, 977 cases and 11 deaths.

A civil servant working on the problem for the South Korean Ministry in charge of controlling the virus committed suicide. He jumped off a bridge in Seoul.

No word yet as to whether his suicide was connected in any way with coronavirus.

Enjoy your day!


The world is moving! Major events occurring. I am limiting today’s blog to 2 topics. Detail makes each long.

First however Tino.

My friend has appeared in the Batwoman movie and TV series. Amazing!

Two photos today. Tino in Gotham City.

Tino a homeless person. Seems to play that part a lot. He is sitting in front of the Chicago City Hall. The building has been prepared for the shooting. Covered in graffiti. A homeless camp in front.

Tino told me it cost a fortune to prepare the site for shooting.

Trump has what he and its members consider a personal military force. Shock troops. The Border Patrol. The Border Patrol works in tandem with ICE.

Having observed Trump’s development of ICE the 3 years he has been in office, I have written and spoken of ICE as Trump’s Gestapo. Border Patrol has been in the news in recent months. I have joined them with ICE in being a part of what can be viewed as Trump’s Gestapo.

Trump’s 2021 budget contains billions of dollars to expand his system of detention centers, build more of his wall, and deploy more ICE, Border Patrol and other paramilitary forces.

Border Patrol forces are considered “elites.”

Last week, the Trump administration announced the Border Patrol would be deployed to sanctuary cities to assist regular ICE agents. Such should be viewed as Trump’s next step in his campaign of violence, threats, intimidation, harassment, and brutality against non whites, emigrants, immigrants, and refugees.

The Border Patrol has its own way of thinking. ICE’s attitude similar. They do not believe they are “civilian” law enforcement agencies. They believe they are kin to the Marine Corps. They believe they are not accountable to Congress. Which is probably why they had no problem with lying before Congress, even while under oath.

Would you believe?

There is more.

They believe they are only accountable to the President. And, only President’s like Trump.

Even more.

They do not believe they are answerable to local police, FBI, CIA, or any other law enforcement agency. They claim to be the “premier” law enforcement agency, superior to all others.

Their intent is to become a “national police force.” To be used by a President to enforce laws even among U.S. citizens.

Why haven’t we heard this?

It is claimed that last year there was an announcement re certain tasks the Border Patrol and ICE would be performing together. Their training involved facilities designed to stimulate the buildings they might encounter in American cities and towns.

They have been and are being trained in tactics, strategies and weaponry used by special forces and other commandos.

Yesterday’s evils long thought banished from civilized societies are reappearing with alarming speed. Concentration camps for Uighurs in China (the largest mass detention center since the Holocaust) to migrant detention centers in the U.S. at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Fort Sill is an Army post. Historically, it was used as a reservation for dispossessed Native Americans. Then as an internment camp for Japanese-American citizens during World War II. Planned to next be utilized as a “holding pen” for migrants. Infers people are animals.

A banality of evil in the making. Chilling in effect. Beware!

Now to the “recession.”

What recession? Is the big one here yet?

I have been prophesying for 2 years that the U.S. was headed for a recession. A big one! Bigger than 2008. Similar to the 1929 Big Depression if world wide.

No such recession yet. In spite of the tariff wars, manufacturing and retail businesses cutting back or closing down. I sometimes think Trump by words, not deeds, is keeping the stock market up. Always the best economy ever, look at the market!

A new acute problem has come from left field. Coronavirus. Appears to be a world wide epidemic in the making.

The market dropped more than 1,000 points yesterday. The third worse one day drop in 124 years. The drop amounted to 3.56 percent.

This morning, the market opened wit a tepid rebound before returning to yesterday. A 388 point drop. At the moment, it is 275 points. The market is struggling to come back as it usually does.

Not sure it will succeed. If it does, the resurrection will be short lived. Bad days ahead.

The immediate cause is coronavirus and how it is and could affect the world. China an absolute disaster. Italy all of a sudden on the rise. Iran reporting the virus.

Compounding the problem are Trump’s tariff wars. They were leading us to a recession. Coronavitus has accelerated the pace.

Coronavirus is affecting commerce. Airlines are cancelling flights. Cruise lines likewise.

Coronavirus and the tariff crossed paths. Married. A union not made in Heaven.

I do not blame Trump for coronavirus. Though he will be responsible for its handling in the U.S. His preparation for the disease’s onslaught lacking in many respects. I plan on addressing this issue in tomorrow’s blog.

I do blame Trump for the tariff wars. No explanation required.

Enjoy your day!



What a word! Heard it for the first time last night.

Chincoteague is Indian for “beautiful land across the water.”

There is a Virginia barrier island by that name. The island makes up the whole town. Population 2,941. Equivalent to 10 percent of Key West’s 29,000 people.

The community is gateway to the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge. Assateague Island. Known for its wild ponies.

Where did I come up with Chincoteague?

I was at The Dirty Pig last night for the first time. Before going further, the barbecue ribs were terrific! Terri was performing with Larry Baeder.

There was a Terri table. Donna, Sally, and Bob and Lynda Frechette. Also, a Kay and Ted.

Never met Kay and Ted before. They are from Chincoteague!

Ted approached me at the bar. There was no room for Louis at the table. Introduced himself and said he reads the blog now. His wife however has been reading it for years. Love you, Kay!

Both retired. Ted owned a commercial printing business. Kay was a nutritionist. They are snowbirds. Six months on Chincoteague, six months in Key West. This is their ninth season in Key West.

Proud parents of 2 sons and grandparents of 4.

Terri was riding a bicycle last year and hit a curb that was not a curb. I am not sure whether the accident occurred on Chincoteague or Key West. Broke 2 significant bones in her right leg. Lucky she was wearing a helmet. Her head hit. The helmet split. No injury to her head fortunately.

Now she is into yoga. She gets Ted up every morning here in Key West and they are off to yoga.

Terri sings tonight at Aqua. Dueling Bartenders.

Lynda Frechette will be at Aqua wednesday night for her baby Aqua Idol.

Both events free. Both enjoyable. Don’t cheat yourself. If you are in Key West, attend both!

Must mention May Johnson again today. This 19 year old school teacher living in Key West in 1896 led an exciting life for the times. Always busy.

In her diary bearing this date, she was back at Las Brisa in the evening. Apparently the place to be. She ends up there most evenings. Dancing and partying.

For some reason, there was a fireworks display which she described as “simply grand.”

Came across a writing that can only be described as “love.” Pure and simple.

“When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn’t bend over and paint her toenails any more. So my grandfather does it for her all the time, even when his hands got arthritis too.”

Hong Kong real estate in recent years has been the most expensive anywhere. Housing, office, and retail properties.

The real estate market is tottering. Ready to fall. Two reasons. The protests and coronavirus epidemic.

Economists describe what is to occur as a “Tsunami-like shock.”

Traveling back to ancient Rome for a spell. Beginning in 303 A.D.

The emperor was Diocletian. As I describe the man, think who of today’s leaders bears many similar traits.

On this day in 303, Diocletian issued an official Roman edict requiring the persecution of Christians.  The era ran from 303 to 324. Historically referred to as The Diocletianic Persecution.

It was the last and most severe persecution of Christians in the history of the Roman Empire.

Diocletian came to power in 284. In the first 15 years of his reign, he began purging Christians, condemned many to death, and surrounded himself with public opponents of Christianity.

His interest was his self image. He promoted the restoration of past Roman glories. All leading up to the most brutal persecution of any sect in Roman history.

The lions in the Coliseum were busy.

The Christian persecutions ended in 324 when Constantine became Emperor. Christianity was his favored religion.

All it took was a change in the head of state.

The world is sick. Too many wars, too many killings, too many dastardly deeds being perpetrated. An example: More people are being enslaved than ever before in human history.

Forty million people are slaves today. One in 4 are children.

Human slavery a profitable business. Estimated to bring in $150 billion annually.

The United States a bastion for slavery. The number of slaves continue to rise. A growing problem. The sex area obviously involved. The average age of girls 13. Girls as young as 9 being sold.

The fastest growing business in organized crime in the U.S. is human slavery. The second most lucrative commodity traded illegally after drugs and guns.

In this age, our time, it is more lucrative and safe to sell malleable teens rather than drugs and guns. A pound of heroin or an AK-47 can be retailed once. A young girl can be sold by her owner 10-15 times a day. Her pimp keeping 100 percent of her earnings.

The most shocking part of the story is that 85 percent of the girls involved came to their owners via government welfare systems that place these kids in homes where they are supposedly safe.

We do not hear much about what is contained in the previous paragraph nor what the authorities are doing to correct the situation.

Enjoy your day!





John Keats was a romantic poet. A romantic lyric poet. Unfortunately, his life was short. He died this day in 1821 at the age of 26. Tuberculosis.

Keats father died when he was young. His mother deserted him. Left him in his grandmother’s care.

Keats himself was sickly. In what might be described as his later years, he developed tuberculosis. His then doctor thought the cold winter would be too much for him. Suggested Keats travel to Rome where it was warmer.

Keats condition worsened. The tuberculosis advanced in 1819-20. He constantly ran a high fever. His body never free from pain.

His Rome doctor put him on  a strict diet. One anchovy and one slice of bread a day. That’s all.

The doctor was also concerned with the flow of blood to his stomach. He induced heavy bleeding which resulted in Keats suffering from both a lack of oxygen and a lack of food.

The wonders of “modern medicine” at the time!

Thirty five years ago, I spent a month in the Rome area with my family. On one of our last days in Rome, my then wife wanted to go shopping for herself and my daughters.

The American dollar was worth a fortune. One American dollar was worth 2,100 lire. Everything cheap!

My wife made me a deal. She said give me $3,000 American money. I will not bother you for a year for money for myself or our 3 daughters for clothes.

Made sense. I went to American Express and turned $3,000 into I don’t know how much lire. American Express placed my lire fortune in 3 large paper grocery shopping bags. Dumped the lire in in no particular order.

Off the ladies went. My wife was correct. She did not even spend all the lire. To appreciate its buying power, we had to purchase additional suitcases for the return trip. We went through customs with close to 30 suitcases.

I hate shopping. Always have. Even for men’s clothes.

While they shopped, I wandered. Came to the Spanish Steps. Sat for a while and watched the world go by.

Walked again.

Immediately next door at the foot of the Spanish steps was a small 4 story building. Described by some as a villa. There was a small bronze plaque by the door. Inscribed “John Keats.”

The last time I had heard Keats was back in college in a poetry writing class.

I entered. Discovered it was a Keats Museum.

The bedroom which was his final resting place was on the fourth floor. I was able to view the bedroom and the other rooms he lived in.

Off the bedroom was a small library. Contained Keats works. One brought tears to my eyes.

It was a line from one of his poems. Scribbled in pencil on a piece of paper. Probably the most famous line he ever wrote: “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

Enjoyed dinner last night with a wonderful companion. Susan Neill.

We have known each other some 15 years. She is assistant to Dr. McIvor, my heart doctor.

We have become friends over the years. My “shortcut” to seeing Doctor McIvor. She is also available to explain what is going on with me when the good Doctor is at the hospital.

Needless to say, she has “put up” with me for 15 years.

We both are political junkies.

Got to together for the first time socially last night. Dinner at Pier 1.

It was an evening of good food, good company, and good fun. We were the last to leave the restaurant.

Bernie Sanders’ Nevada victory yesterday stunning! He could ultimately end up the Democratic candidate. We should know by mid March.

Is Sanders’ victory to be considered a breakout moment? Or is he toast and will not hold up in subsequent primaries?

I don’t know. Have thoughts, but not opinions.

He appears in demand at the moment. Many of his supporters appear to be discontents. The same type people who elected Trump. Not the same group, the same mentality.

The young voters his largest group of supporters. Why not? If I were their age, I probably would also. Free public college tuition, forgiveness of student loans.

He is a socialist. Not a bad word. Not a good political philosophy however for one seeking to guide the strongest nation in the world. Would his election mean the U.S. will become a socialistic state in due course?

Another question. Will Congress be completely Democratic if Sanders wins? Will he be able to carry a Democratic Senate into office with him?

I doubt it. The Senate might become decidedly more Republican. Which means nothing will get done. The status quo will continue. Sanders’ grandiose, sometimes great, ideas will never become laws.

Trump’s influence is being felt on the Supreme Court.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor is a Democrat. One of 4. The remaining 5 Republican appointees. Two Trump’s.

In a written decision friday, Justice Sotomayor accused her fellow Justices (Republican ones) of doing President Trump’s bidding. In a 5-4 decision.

Involved was nothing of great consequence. The case had already been decided by 2 lower courts. Both decided contrary to what the Supreme Court did.

The subject matter concerned providing the Trump administration a temporary stay till the Supreme Court could review the matter. Involved was updating a “public change” involving immigrants.

The Republican side of the Supreme Court has consistently voted in Trump’s favor in these cases. Justice Sotomayor had it! She wrote openly as to what she thought about her fellow jurists. An unusual thing.

She wrote: Granting the stays amounts to “putting a thumb on the scale in favor of the party that won the stay.”

In the past 2 years, Trump has asked for and received significant increases in the military budget. His cry always the same: We need the money to protect ourselves.

If such is the case, why does money keep moving from the military budget to pay for the wall? Billions of dollars in each of the past 2 years.

Another issue arises. The Pentagon continues to come up with big dollars it cannot account for. The most recent the announcement that the Defense Department Inspector General discovered $715.8 million in weapons for which it could not account. All were supposedly to have been used in fighting ISIS.

Syracuse beat Georgia Tech yesterday 79-72. The game’s result unique. Not that Syracuse won. How Syracuse won!

Syracuse was down by 11 points at half time. The second half was  another story. Syracuse came out fast. Continued to do so. Outscored Georgia Tech 52-39 in the second half.

Syracuse only shot 27 percent in the first half. The second, 64 percent of the time. Says it all!

Syracuse obviously came to play in the second half.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Happy National Margarita Day!

The weather changes fast in Key West.

I left the house at 6 last night. It was 82 degrees.

Took me longer to drive into town because it’s season. Traffic horrendous. Instead of 15 minutes, like 35.

I had driven directly to the Pier House. Got out of the car and could not believe how cold it was. Seventy one degrees. Eleven degree drop in less than an hour.

It was especially cold at the Pier House. The wind coming in off the Gulf felt freezing cold!

A cold wave came in from somewhere.

Today’s’ weather in the mid 70’s. Tonight will drop to 62. The weather people calculate chill factor for Key West. The 62 degrees will feel like 56.

Read an interesting weather piece on Antarctica this morning. Covered the time frame 2/4-2/13.

Antarctica is considered the coldest place on Earth. Not during the dates indicated. A heat wave hit!

NASA’s Earth Observatory receives images from the agency’s Landset 8 satellite.

Eagle Island is part of Antarctica. On 2/4, the satellite images showed plenty of snow coverage. On 2/13, the images showed bright blue melt ponds and exposed ground. A heat wave had liquefied 20 percent of Eagle Island’s seasonal snow accumulation in roughly a week.

Not unusual for there to be periods of heat resulting in melting. What is relatively new is that they are more frequent.

Referred to as global warming or climate change. Take your pick, or both.

Spent some time in the Chart Room last night. Packed. Mostly tourists. The only 2 people I knew were Tammy who was bartending and Sheila.

Tammy is venturing into a new experience. Radio. A talk show host.

Station 104.9 FM. Presently training. Thursday 5-7. Her 4 week training period ends next thursday. Following which her own show will be heard 7-9  thursday evenings.

Tammy is a natural charmer. Sincere. Her virtues will be obvious to the ear.

Go for it, Tammy!

The season is in full swing. Restaurants packed. I opted to avoid the situation. Drove home and fed myself.

It was this day in 1960. Harry Truman was no longer President. He and Bess wanted to vacation in Key West.

They were the guests of then Sheriff John and Mary Spottswood. The Sheriff later became a State Senator. He was a prominent figure in Key West’s development.

The Trumans stayed a the Spottswood home on the corner of Caroline and Simonton. Still stands today. A magnificent edifice. One of Key West’s finest appearing homes.

The Sheriff and his wife are long gone. His son Robert and wife Elena live in the home. Raised their family there.

Robert is one of the Sheriff’s several children. They all remained and continued their father’s community spirit.

I only know Robert and Elena. Great people! Involved in everything. On all kinds of boards. The Marriott Beachside is a Spottswood investment overseered by Robert.

Dentistry different and cheaper in May Johnson’s time in 1896.

On this day, she returned to the dentist. “He finished up my teeth with two gold and two silver, $4.50 – reasonable.”

Coronavirus is developing into an epidemic of world wide proportions. China the worst hit. Of course, the virus first struck there.

China is using robots and drones as part of engaging the virus. Especially, robots.

The robots are being used to to spray disinfectants on the ground. Also in places where the virus has already existed: Ambulances that carried sick or victims who died, hospital rooms, etc.

Anyplace where the virus or disinfectant might be harmful to non-infected humans.

The robots are relatively tiny. Pics remind me of a large turtle. Each carries 21 gallons of disinfectant.

Most believe Russia interfered in the 20126 Presidential election. Trump refuses to accept the premises because he wants no one to believe he was not “validly” elected. Embarrassing enough Hillary beat him by almost 3 million in the popular vote count.

The 2020 election is less than 8 months away. Intelligence experts that Trump keeps firing believe Russia interfered then and is now.

It appears the U.S. has done relatively little, if anything, to combat Russia’s hacking for the 2020 election. Note also that it is anticipated China and Pakistan will also be involved.

While the U.S. sits on its ass!

The strongest nation in the world is unable to protect its voting process!

Enjoy your day!










Tomorrow is  National Margarita Day. Of special importance to Key West.

Many Key West tourists order margaritas. Drinking enough makes for a well lubricated holiday.

Jimmy Buffett and margaritas go hand in hand. The song Margaritaville. Followed in due course by the Key West restaurant bearing the same name.

Recall Margaritaville. Jimmy Buffett singing I “blew out my flip flop.”

The world famous song begins: “Nibblin’ on a sponge cake / Watchin’ the sun bake / All of those tourists covered with oil / Strummin’ my six strings on my front porch swing….. / Wasting away again in Margaritaville.”

Buffett wrote the song in 1977. One of Key West’s craziest times. The entire song was not written in Key West. Two places. Begun in Austin, Texas and finished in Key West.

It started with the drink. Buffett discovered the drink which was known as a “margaritas” at Lung’s Cocina del Sur Restaurant in Austin. The song followed.

Enjoy a margarita tomorrow! Thinking of Buffett and the song at the same time will not be difficult. He and his song will be heard all over town.

A slow Louis day yesterday.

Spent a couple of hours at the outdoor pool bar at the Doubletree Hotel. A couple of diet Pepsi’s, read several chapters of Her Soldier of the Queen, and watched the bikini clad ladies pass by. Some wearing thongs.

Dinner last night at Shana Key. I have come to like the place. Food hearty. Customers locals. Chatting easy.

It amazes me how many different roles Tino gets to play as an extra.

Three photos today.

One shown last week. Tino dressed as a bum. From the CHI TV series which portrayed south Chicago.

The other two of Tino sitting next to a Cardinal in a gold decorated dining room in Chicago’s Drake Hotel. If my recollection is correct, they are from an Exorcist movie. Tino sits on the left side of the table next to a Cardinal in one and two seats away in the other.


I fear confrontation is breeding.

Trump does not give up. He keeps pushing and pushing. Relentlessly. Especially since his impeachment acquittal. He is emboldened. It is his country. He is God. He can do anything.

The most recent episode occurred yesterday in California.

California is a sanctuary state and many of it cities have so identified themselves.

California passed a law last year that courthouse arrests of immigrants were prohibited unless a judicial warrant had first been obtained. ICE and other immigration officials were going into courthouses arresting illegal immigrants who were in court facing non-immigrant charges.

Two years ago, the Trump administration announced a “policy” allowing federal arrests of illegal immigrants in local courthouses.

The confrontation between state law and federal policy finally occurred yesterday. Two illegal immigrants were in local courts facing local minor criminal charges. ICE officers arrived in civilian clothes (sneaks) and made the arrests.

ICE claims it has the right to do so because federal law supersedes state law. Not always, however.

California’s prohibition is based on a “law.” ICE’s actions on “federal policy.” Birds of a different feather. A “policy” is not a “law.”

Also, it is basic to the law in all fifty states that public health, safety and morals are the responsibility of the state. Generally interpreted to mean criminal matters. There are federal exceptions.

Another high appellate court case in the making!

People are becoming frustrated with court cases involving Trump’s missteps. They take too  long. If the frustration builds, resolution may come in the streets.

Now for Afghanistan.

What follows reminds me of Chamberlain’s return from a conference with Hitler in Munich. Getting off the plane returning him to London, Chamberlain waived a document and shouted: Peace in our time!

It did not happen. Chamberlain had been bullshitted by Hitler.

Now the team of Trump and Pompeo are telling us they are about to achieve peace in Afghanistan. Thus ending a 20 year war.

Good fodder for the election. Trump will love to go before the American people and say he ended the war.

Just as he got the North Koreans to agree to give up nuclear weapons.

The American people are about to be deceived. Or at the very least, an attempt to deceive them is in the works.

There is a first step. A 7 day “reduction” in violence. Not a 7 day “cease fire.” Such would be impossible to achieve. So merely a 7 day “reduction.”

If the “reduction” is successful, no later than February 29 a Peace Agreement will be signed by the Taliban and the U.S.

In the 24 hours following the announcement, the Taliban are talking “withdrawal of all foreign forces.” The U.S. a “reduction” of troops from 12,000-13,000 to 8,600.

The two sides are not even in accord on the first step leading to a Peace Agreement.

Also, I do not understand how the Taliban alone can make a peace agreement binding on Afghanistan. Though in power at the moment, there are many factions/tribes who are anti-Taliban and will not be part of any Peace Agreement.

I am not sure where al-Qaeda stands, but it still is a viable though significantly weakened force.

I close with a question. Will our government survive till election day with Trump leading in the fashion he has been?

Trump is moving fast making all kinds of changes he wants. Most radical. Neither U.S. nor democratic in nature.

The election is less than 8 months away. A lifetime!

Trump’s most recent error is his appointment of his loyal friend Richard Grenell as Acting Director of National Intelligence. Grenell has neither the intelligence nor experience to have such a sensitive and important position.

He is merely a “shill” for the President. One of many.

Enjoy your day!



I was at Lisa’s sunday. Noticed grandson Robert had gotten taller. Taller than me. By about 2 inches.

Robert said he had gotten taller. He was now 5′ 11″. I said can’t be. I am 6’1″.

Lisa interjected that I was not. I had shrunk. No way, I thought.

During my doctor visit yesterday, I asked that my height be checked. It was 5′ 9″.

I had lost 4″.

Never knew.

We wear shorts in Key West. I have been here full time since 2003. Probably wore jeans 3-4 times when it was cold. Never noticed the pants were a bit baggier and longer.

The loss makes sense. My Dad died at 98. He shrunk a lot in his last 10 years. My grandfather died at 94. He shrunk big time, too. My Aunt Marry died at 102. She really shrunk! In her last years when she sat at the table for dinner, she was chin high.

My time!

My day was busy. Left the house at 10:30. Did not return till 4. Exhausted! Glad I had decided to skip Aqua Idol.

I watched Syracuse/Louisville at 7. The first half sort of good. Syracuse down 7 at halftime. Louisville won. The final score 90-66. Syracuse lost it in the second half. Defense terrible.

No question in my mind, Syracuse will not make the NCAA tournament. We will be second class citizens and play in the NIT.

If no one goes pro, the team will be a definite competitor next year. Need a big guy, however. Boeheim better get over to East Slobovia and find one.

The Democratic Debate at 9.

The best yet.

No question practice makes perfect. Five of the 6 were “debaters.” A far cry from when they began. The only one not ready for a debate was Bloomberg. His first time in the process last night.

Don’t eliminate him. He’ll have the best debate trainers over the next 2 weeks. Money can do wonders.

The TV pundit consensus seems to think Warren was the “winner.” I disagree. As the process continues, she gets tougher. Needed to come back in the rankings. I do not like the woman tough. Mean, whether male or female, turns me off.

Biden looked the best. He has come a long way in the debates. Looked Presidential. He should. His life time of political experience makes him knowledgeable. It was evident.

Mayor Pete continues to look good.

It was fight night in Vegas!

Bloomberg got savaged. Sanders’ socialist leanings became more and more evident. The American people do not want a socialist for President. If Sanders is the nominee, Trump will be President again.

Hard Rock Cafe is at 313 Duval street. This morning’s KONK E-Blast has a photo of Hard Rock’s building when it was constructed in 1900. The Key West Elks Club was first to occupy the building.

The building basically looks the same today as it did in 1900.

Lets talk pardons for a moment.

Roger Stone is to be sentenced today. When will he be pardoned? Soon, I expect.

Pardons fall under the general classification of Clemency. Commutations included.

Trump has granted less than 30. So far!

Obama on the other hand, 1,927. The breakdown 212 Pardons and 1,715 Commutations.

A record! The most in 64 years.

Why so many? Obama’s thought process no where similar to Trump’s. The reason lies in Obama’s wise and understanding nature.

Total requests for Clemency during Obama’s years were 36,544. A huge number! Nowhere close to that figure ever.

Therein lies the reason for the large number of Obama granted Clemencies. Obama decided that the prison terms for non-violent federal inmates convicted of drug crimes should be reduced. Plain and simple. Consistent with even today’s thinking.

I spell out the number and why because already yesterday some were demonizing Obama for his large number. He was not granting Clemency to friends or friends of friends. He had a valid public interest in mind.

If we believe Trump, the economy is the best ever. I continue to say not so. Various businesses/industries are suffering. Take a look at the shipping/freight lines.

U.S. shipping volume dropped 9.4 percent in January. The steepest one month drop since 2009.

In December, the Celadon Group filed for bankruptcy. The largest truckload carrier to ever do so. Three thousand drivers and 2,700 trailers.

In January, the barge operator American Commercial lines filed for bankruptcy. Three thousand five hundred barges.

Also in January, 2 of the largest U.S. railroads, CSX and Union Pacific, reported terrible dropping revenues and massive layoffs.

The 9.4 percent figure covers only the U.S.

Coronavirus is definitely adversely affecting shipping. China’s factory and supply chain numbers not included in the 9.4 percentage. When received, the January figures will be adjusted. The overall percentage will be even worse.

Trump must know these things. Why does he not share them with the American public?

The following was reported by CBS News yesterday.

Israel has the Law of Return. Any Jew for any reason can come to Israel and automatically attain Israeli citizenship. The adoption of the law understandable. Never again was a Jew fleeing oppression to have no place to go. World War II before and during had proven the need for such a law.

The law today is being exploited. Jewish American pedophiles avoid justice by fleeing to Israel. There have been a significant number over the years.

An example is Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged partner in crime Ghislaine Maxwell. She is reported to be hiding in a “safe house” in Israel.

One of the most memorable and moving art edifices is the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. It was opened this day in 1872.

My law work brought me to New York frequently. Each visit I tried to save an hour of two for Louis. Time I would spend at the Metropolitan. I was in love with everything it held, especially the art. The gallery featuring the works of the impressionists a place I used to sit and ponder.

Rodin was a sculptor. One of his most famous works is the Gates of Hell. Housed in a Paris museum. However at one point in time it was permitted to be exhibited at the Metropolitan.


A scene from Dante’s Inferno. Two large doors. People trying to escape the pain of Hell. One hundred eighty such figures.

I must have visited the exhibit at least 6 times. Surrounded by benches, I would sit and look. Not move. Merely view. Taken by what was before me.

The people fighting to get out were tiny. Yet pain and suffering visible on each of their faces.

A master’s work.

Enjoy your day!