The start of another great day!

The weather perfect!

Sun, slight wind, blue sky, blue water.

Key West is the best!

Yesterday was simple. I bummed it all day. Walked the Atlantic. Sipped coffee and read the Sunday papers at the Coffee House. Walked some more. This time Duval back and forth. Slowly. I was in no hurry.

I never made it to the Gardens. Donna and Terri went. They left me sitting outside by the water. My intentions were good. As usual. However, I was comfortable and serene and had no desire to move.

Last night was Academy Awards time.

I had only seen two of the top movies. The King’s Speech and The Social Network. Both impressed me.

I thought Colin Firth deserving of the Best Actor award.

James Franco and Anne Hathaway were dismal failures as hosts. From the gitgo. The two were incompatible. Neither had it last night.

It was good to see Kirk Douglas. A star from my time.

On the other hand, it was wrong to have him on the show in the manner he was utilized. His performance would have been more appropriate on the Letterman Show.

What I did not like did not affect my overall enjoyment of the evening. I am a typical American. I love the Academy Awards!

Enjoy your day!

Paradise is Key West!

No question about it!

The weather continues to be absolutely magnificent!

The sun is shining. Not a cloud in the sky. The water blue and moving slowly along.

God is in his Heaven, all’s right with the world! Here in Key West, that is.

I stayed in bed late again this morning. It is Sunday. I watched Meet the Press. We live in exciting times nationally and internationally. Scarry, also.

Syracuse won yesterday! Beat Georgetown at Georgetown. 58-51. A significant win. I enjoyed watching the game.

I had dinner with Lisa and the grandkids last night at Outback.

It amazes me the business Outback does on the weekend. Family nights. Locals.

I tried to eat. Ordered french onion soup. No way!

So I sipped my diet cokes and watched Lisa, Robert and Ally put down full meals.

Robert and Ally can read the menus. At 6 and 5. Impressive.

Ally is obviously better.

I spent the evening home in bed. Watched an old movie on TV and fell asleep early.

This Sunday is a big day! I will walk a bit. Hopefully I will make the Gardens at 5:30. This evening I will watch the Academy Awards from the comfort of my bed. It would be nice if I had someone to share it with me.

Enjoy your day!

I had a wonderful time last night!

Diane is a friend of Donna and Terri. My girls leave tuesday. For New York and Washington. Diane threw them a going away dinner party.

A fantastic time!

Afterwards,we all went to the Monkey Bar. A crazy place! Fun!

The partying continued.

I was the first to leave. Got home at 2 in the morning. Very late for me!

It was worth staying up. I enjoyed big time! It was a return to the world of the living!

Key West weather continues to be fantastic. 80s. A bit humid. Need air conditioning late in the afternoon, however. Not at night. Sleep with the windows open and the sound of the ocean beneath me.

Syracuse basketball at noon. Big game. Georgetown. CBS carrying it. I will probably
watch the game from my bed rather than the Sports Page Bar. I am tired after last night.

Enjoy your day!

I must be enjoying my sleep! Overslept again today! Ergo, blog late.

Yesterday busy.

A 9 am appointment with the dentist. I am finally pain free.

Then to Lori for a haircut. Always a pleasant experience being with Lori.

Read the New York papers at the Coffee House. Rock was there.

Visited Lisa at home. Ally sick. Stopped at Borders first to get her a book. Bought a book and a paint set. Ally enjoyed both. She read to me from the book immediately and then painted.

Ally’s eyes were heavy with fever.

I worked on this morning’s internet show. Jenna came over in the early evening and we fine tuned the Key West Lou Legal Hour. Jenna is my producer.

This morning I grabbed a quick shower and hurried over to the station.

A good show!

Post show commnents surrounded the Wisconsin situation. People were surprised to know running away to avoid a quorum is not unique to Wisconsin Democrats. Abe Lincoln did it in 1840 when as a Illinois state legislator, the opposing party locked the door to the chamber to make sure a quorum existed.

Lincoln fooled them. He jumped through a second floor window and ran off.

Wisconsin Democrats are in good stead with Republican Lincoln.

The tale of the two corrupt Pennsylvania juvenile judges also drew much comment. They were sending children to a for profit jail for minor matters. The for profit jail was paying them kick backs for each child.

The money amounted to $2.6 million over seven years.

They are judges no more and shortly will be enjoying prison.

As I was leaving the station, I was almost run over by Jane. My Coffee House friend. She was on her three wheel bike. Riding on the sidewalk. Dressed in flowing white gauze with a matching white bonnet.

We chatted a bit. I like Jane!

Then I was off to Lisa’s. Ally still sick. Better, though.

I had telephoned Lisa and Ally prior to the show. Told them to watch on the internet and I would say hello to Ally. I did and much more at the start of the show. Ally was all excited. She has been with me in the radio station several times. She keeps asking to be on the show with me. Some day.

I cannot eat yet. Chewing impossible. My blender continues to be my best friend. I fry eggs and steak, throw the result in the blender and then drink away. Not bad. Not good. But it supplies my body with needed protein. The best is desert. Milk shakes!

Enjoy your day!

Good morning!

Yesterday I overslept. Today I am up early. Still dark outside.

The sun was hot for golf yesterday. I tired. Spent the afternoon afterwards in bed. Planned on hitting the Chart Room and then the Larry and Jenna show at Hogsbreath last night. Never made it. All was not lost, however. My laptop was in bed with me. I worked on tomorrow’s Key West Lou Legal Hour show.

It has been another big week news wise. Tomorrow’s show includes comments on two Pennsylvana judges who sentenced kids to the reformatory for kickbacks, Obama and the Defense of Marriage Act, pirates killing 4 Americans, an Arizona activist sentenced to death, Senator Reid calling for the closing of brothels in Nevada, easier to sue cigarette makers in Florida, Hawaii votes for civil unions, Arizona wanting to cut off benefits to state employees in same sex relationships, Arizonan Iraqi found guilty of murdering his daughter because she was living with a man in an unmarried relationship, skipping legislative meetings to deny the opposition a quorum steeped in American history, Texas considering permitting college students and professors to carry concealed guns, and more.

A lot lined up for tomorrow’s show. Join me. On the internet world wide. Ten in the morning.

Enjoy your day!

Key West days can be amazing!

I was out all day Monday. Evening, too. Had a terrific time!

Yesterday, I never left the house!

I felt good. The day was beautiful. I just hung around inside and out doing nothing, reading a bit, writing a bit. Last night was spectacular. The temperature perfect. The sky lovely. I sat quietly by the water for a few hours.

After all that nothing yesterday, I overslept this morning. That is why this blog is late. I had to rush to golf!

Golf was good! I only lost $4. Don played like a pro. Shot 75!

We had a good five some. Don, Robert, Mikey, Emmett and me.

I finally found a golfer who deserves more strokes than me. Emmett.

Emmett was bartender at Michaels for 14 years. No longer. He is looking for another position. He told me to announce to the world that he needs a bartending job.

Lisa is home today. Ally sick. The bug.

That is my message for today. Nothing spectacular. But pleasant never the less.

Enjoy your day!

Ho ho ho! Yogi Bear!

I had a big day yesterday! I was out and about most of the day! It was time to get the pain behind me and live again!

My day started with a manicure. Lee Nails. With Tammy.

The place was empty when I got there. Then all of a sudden, it was waiting time. They arrived in droves. People were taking advantage of the holiday.

I walked. Around the Casa Marina area. Walked through the Casa grounds. The beach and pool areas were overflowing with people. Another sign the season is here and people are again vacationing.

I sat for a while in the Casa’s lovely old fashioned lobby and read the New York Times. The newspaper was free, of course.

Lisa was home with the grandkids. I stopped over. Robert was busy cleaning his room. Ally was outside swinging on a rope hanging from a tree. I asked Ally to show me how she hoola hoops. At 5, she does it terrific! I have never been able to do it. Ally can even do it around her neck!

I spent a part of the afternoon doing my Amazon Kindle legal blog. Talked about Harry Truman. Key West loves Harry Truman.

Last night started with the Chart Room. It had been a while since I was there. Glad I stopped in. Saw many friends.

Sheila gave me a hug and kiss. She drives one of Ed Swift’s trains around town. A more charming and personable lady I know not.

David was there also. He runs the Fast Buck Freddy’s outlet store near Schooners Wharf. A nice guy. He told me he had a big day yesterday sales wise. The season is upon us and the tourists were buying.

Sheila and David were sitting with Bill. Never met Bill before. He writes a blog also. About music.

Michael was bartending.

Then it was to the Sports Page Bar for the Syracuse/Villanova game. Syracuse won! At Villanova! A big win!

Krisitn was bartending. Cute!

The game plan was that I was to meet my friends Cindy and Tom from Cedar Rapids at the Sports Page Bar. They showed up at half time. Obviously not Syracuse fans. They arrived with an entourage. Members of their family. A son and dughter in law. Cousins from Wichita.

Cindy and Tom are two of the most genuine people I have ever met. Cindy has only one leg. Lost the other to cancer back in the late 1990s. She is cut right at the groin. Cannot use a prosthetic.

Cindy is my hero. I complain of some dental work. She has had seven major surgeries from five different cancers. The leg is not the only part of her missing. Her last two surgeries were for a brain tumor.

Between titanium crutches and a collapsable wheelchair, Cindy gets around quite well. Of course, Tom is always there to assist. A good husband.

Cindy and Tom told me about their trip to Key West. They flew from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It has been roughly 15 years since Cindy lost her leg. She still gets phantom pains. Yes, in the missing leg! The pains occurred on the flight to Key West. Horrible was the only way she could describe the pain!

To her, the pain is very real. Interesting she still gets them 15 years later.

I asked Cindy’s permission to share her story with you.

Cindy and Tom wanted to meet Terri and Donna. Terri was singing at La Te Da. We drove over. Wheelchair in the trunk. Cindy and the titanium crutuches in the front seat with me.

Terri was singing upstairs. The show was almost over. The bar downstairs was packed. We found a table.

Soon Terri and Donna joined us. A good time was had! Cindy and Tom had never been to La Te Da before. It will definitely be on their agenda the next time they visit.

Terri sang so Cindy and Tom could hear her.

My girls move back in today for a week. Donna and Terri are returning. Then they are off to Washington, DC for two months. One to rehearse Follies and the other month for the actual show. Terri costars with Bernadette Peters in Follies.

It was midnight! Late for me. Early for everyone else. I was tired. Announced I was going home.

Not Donna and Terri. They were off to the Monkey Bar. Cindy and Tom were meeting people at Mangoes.

They all had to be good till 3 or 4 this morning. Not for me!

Enjoy your day!

Good morning!

Another spectacular Key West day in the making!

I watched the sun rise this morning from my bed. An orange ball over the water. Awe inspiring!

It was time yesterday! To get up and move about. I still hurt. But much less. The inspiration hit me late in the afternoon. I telephoned Kurt. He agreed to pick me up.

Two disableds! Kurt recently had heavy shoulder surgery. He still is in a sling. Me with my jaw.

We went to Don’s Place. Glad we did. Spent acouple of hours chatting with friends.

Russ was there. Russ is the Chief Chef at The Strip House. Mid 40s. Originally from New York. Queens. Plays bocci. Not on my team though. A good guy.

Toni. Female. Works for Don. Takes care of the grounds. Always pleasant.

Mikey. A gentleman first class! Originally from Kentucky, he is one of the bosses at Schooners Wharf. Also a hell of a golfer!

I enjoyed their company. And Kurt’s also, of course. And then it was home for the both of us. Two invalids who could not handle more than a couple of hours.

I am going to get out today. Manicure this morning. Tonight Syracuse basketball. At 7. Villanova at Villanova. I will be watching from the Sports Page Bar.

In between, I don’t know what I will be doing. Maybe take a long walk.

Enjoy your day!


The morning is glorious!

Already in the mid 70s. Going to the low 80s.

Bright sun. Not a cloud in the sky. Just enough breeze.

God is good!

Pain better. Seems less this morning.

Spent yesterday in bed. Enjoying the pain pills.

I could not get the Syracuse game. They won in overtime. Beat Rutgers. A second rate team. But…..a victory is a victory.

I am going to visit Lisa and the grandkids this morning. Corey’s parents are visiting. Want to say hello. Also want to get out of the house! A good sign!

Enjoy your day!

I feel better this morning.

Slept late. Probably all of the pain pills.

Yesterday was rough. Pain!

Did the Key West Lou Legal Hour. Pain or no pain.

Visited the dentist afterwards. Little help.

Went over to the Coffee House to glance through the New York Times.

An interesting front page article. Reported the Egyptian Army controls the business activities of the country. It would appear there is no way the newly free populace of Egypt is going to move ahead economically.

Spent the afternoon and evening in bed. I would have been happy to separate my head from my body, if I could have.

It appears today will be better.

I have a bowling party with the group from Don’s Place. Not sure I will make it.

Enjoy your day!