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  1. Radio call in show

    Your phone line or provider may have a block associated to your outgoing calls. I once had a phone that only allowed me to input 12 digits I could not use my credit card to order over the phone. (before internet sales era)

    good luck with it

  2. Hi, louis.

    I can’t register for that site, because it was blocked, and I hope to know your recent situation.

    enjoy your everyday!


    • My daily blog is http://www.keywestlou.com. Let me know if you get the blog that way. How did you get to read my European blogs? Keywestlou.com will give you instructions on how to listen to my blog radio show and watch my television/internet show. Read keywestlou.com for a week and you will have the way to all I do. Stay in touch.

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  4. Thanks Matt! Actually, the New Years posts were good because they made me recleft and realize that I missed those goals I’d had. This opened up my mind to changing what I was doing. If I hadn’t done that, I could have really blown this opportunity. I also have a friend’s persistence to thank because my first reply to the idea of considering something new was a bit lukewarm.

  5. Hillary got more votes. But Trump could be our best leader, or the worst. It’s all before him. So far it sounds like he screwed his followers, saying to them what he had to at the time to get elected. So what’s new???

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