I was surprised to see on the front page of this morning’s Key West Citizen a large photo of a very large crocodile. Surprised because only yesterday I made mention of crocodiles in the Keys. Thought they were more north than in the southern Keys.

I was wrong. They are in the southern Keys. Stock Island to be exact. Next door to Key West. A 300 foot bridge separating the two communities.

The photo was of a 9.5 foot American crocodile weighing 250 pounds which had been caught friday in a lagoon next to a residential area.

A big ugly beast!

The article further reported that a crocodile of similar size had been captured thursday at Boyd’s Campground after killing a small dog.

Be careful.

A sad day for many Key Westers. The Citizen has been running for several years portions of a diary left by William Hackley. Hackley was a Key West attorney from the 1830’s into the 1850’s when he and his family left.

Today’s was the last entry from Hackley’s diary that will be reported. Hackley moved.

The person responsible for the daily reporting of the contents of the diary is Tom Hambright. A Key Wester of many years who serves as Historian at the Monroe County Library. He perceived the diary contents as interesting and convinced the Citizen hierarchy to run it on a daily basis.

One of the best received, happiest and funniest events of the year is the Great Sea Battle. The Battle won by the Conch Republic in 1982 after having seceded from the United States.

The battle was friday evening. Too late for the Citizen to print. Additionally the Citizen only prints one edition on the weekend.

I expected to see numerous photos of the battle in today’s edition.

I was disappointed. Only two.

I appreciate things are presently difficult at the Citizen. However, there should have been more photos of the gala event.

Perhaps a reason the Citizen is presently hurting. It has been writing for the Citizen the past few years and not the citizenry.

Two notable quotes I came up with over the weekend. Both worthy of sharing.

John Kasich is Governor of Ohio. Considered Presidential timber for 2020. Perhaps as an independent. “I didn’t leave the Republican Party. The Republican Party left me.”

A statement having to do with values.

Then there is Bill Lepp. He is a professional story teller and writer. A well said quote by him in the Charleston Gazette-Mail recently. “We should fight to save kids, not the weapons killing them.”

Several months ago, I wrote about school children having trouble holding a pencil. The reason given was they did not play with the usual toys which helped develop their finger muscles.

Instead, they were early turned on to cell phones, I phones, etc.

Schools were now introducing programs to get their fingers moving, to develop them.

Now comes another modern day problem adversely affecting children. They cannot read clocks. Technically called analogue clocks. The ones with numbers.

The problem became obvious during examinations which were timed. Student were raising their hands to ask how much time left because they could not read the clock on the wall properly.

Schools are slowly replacing the numbered clocks with digital clocks. Clocks the students will understand.

Consider also that cursive writing is a thing of the past. School children do not have to know how to write. They have their computers.

Most cannot even write their names.

Seems to me the more we teach our kids, the less we help them.

Trump promised to drain the swamp. Whether he is remains questionable.

Sean Hannity is considered by some as Trump’s informal Chief of Staff. He is known to be a close daily adviser to the President.

It has recently been reported that Hannity is linked with the purchase of many homes with loans guaranteed under the National Housing Act program.

The scenario involves home lost by homeowners because they could not make mortgage payments. At a discounted price, Hannity shell companies purchase the homes. In most instances, Hannity’s shell companies financed the purchases by using loans guaranteed under the HUD program.

An example. Two apartment complexes in Georgia were purchased in 2014. The cost, $22.7 million. HUD helped Hannity in packaging $17.9 million to fund the purchases.

In the past ten years, 20 Hannity shell companies have purchased 870 homes in 7 states worth $90 million. Most of them using HUD guaranteed loans.

Note carefully there is nothing illegal about Hannity’s actions. Everything he has done has been above board. He made purchases similarly financed under the Obama administration.

What is lacking is transparency. HUD Secretary Ben Carson has appeared on Hannity’s show. Hannity always compliments him. Never has there been mention of the loans guaranteed by HUD.

Trump and Hannity are obviously close. Talk frequently. Well known that Hannity advises Trump on some matters. No disclosure again of the Hannity/HUD business relationship.

Some things the people have a right to know. Even though the actions involved are legal. This is one of those instances.

Enjoy your day!





Justice delayed is justice denied.

Taught aspiring lawyers the first week in Criminal Law 101. Every lawyer knows it. Every Judge. Some Judges are forgetting, however.

The shocking truth: More than a half million Americans are held in jail more than one year. The Constitutional right to a speedy trial forgotten.

The tragedy occurs in most instances where a defendant cannot afford bail. The defendant is locked up. To await trial. A trial that does not occur. The inability to make bail in effect a prison sentence in itself.

It is happening all over the U.S. Louisiana and Cook County, Illinois two examples.

Louisiana jails are overcrowded. No wonder. One thousand five hundred seven have been in jail 1-2 years awaiting trial. Four hundred forty eight, 2-3 years. One hundred forty one, 3-4 years. Eighty five, 4 years or more.

Something wrong here!

CBS News reported that nearly half of Cook County’s inmates should not be in jail. Based on an interview with the Sheriff. The Sheriff described the County Jail as a dumping ground for the poor, mentally ill, and gang members.

A national problem. Intrinsically wrong. Needs to be rectified. Not easy. It is going to take time and money. Plus, a national awareness and outcry.

What bugs me is that Judges know about these things. Yet do nothing.

I continue to feel under the weather. Remained in again yesterday. Must get out today. Not healthy. At least a walk.

I spent the afternoon writing this week’s KONK Life column. It publishes next Wednesday.

Interesting topic: Can An Independent Be Elected President In 2020? I think so. I spelled out the history of independents, reasons why not successful in modern times, how it could happen, those involved, etc.

Watched the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on TV in the evening.

Trump has avoided the dinner two years in a row. A coward. He is incapable of meeting what he perceives as the enemy. For whatever reason, he fears confronting them. Calling them names when alone is easy. Calling them names when they are in front of you more difficult.

First time I have seen the comedian Michelle Wolf perform. Tough! Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kellyanne Conway were obviously uncomfortable when she zeroed in on them. Proof the truth hurts. They should have smiled and laughed as the audience did.

There is something wrong with people who cannot laugh at themselves.

Trump in the meantime was in Washington Town, Michigan. At a political rally. Before his people. A safe encounter.

Whenever Trump speaks in such an environment, he bends the truth and rabble rouses. Not healthy for the country.

Continuing to lose weight. Thirty six pounds! So says the scale 5 days in a row. I am thrilled!

Crocodiles and alligators keep showing up in the Keys. More in the northern Keys. Rarely in the lower Keys. However that “rarely” has been occurring with more frequency in recent times.

I have been told by many we have to learn to live with them. They were here before us. We are the invaders, the intruders, who have taken their land.

Chris Guino is a crocodile expert. He is with the Florida Fish & Wildlife Crocodile Response Team. He is speaking Wednesday at 6 at the Key West Garden Club at 1100 Atlantic Boulevard. His topic: The Awesome American Crocodile.

Guino refers to crocodiles as the true rock stars of the animal kingdom.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Paths cross. A one time visit leads to a different encounter years later.

In April 1946, producer David Selznick and movie star Jennifer Jones visited Key West. They stayed at the La Concha Hotel.

Eleven years later, Jennifer Jones starred in Ernest Hemingway’s A Farewell To Arms. She played Red Cross nurse Catherine Barkley. One of Hemingway’s greatest works. One of Jennifer Jones’ best movies.

She starred opposite Rock Hudson.

Jennifer Jones was a star during Hollywood’s golden years. She made many films. Besides A Farewell To Arms, two others especially thrilled me. The Song of Bernadette for which she won an Academy Award. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing with William Holden.

I was a freshman in college when Love Is A Many Splendored Thing hit the screen. It was Thanksgiving vacation and I was seated in a Utica theater with my wife to be. We were holding hands. The perfect movie, the perfect setting, for young people in love.

In later years, I came to know William Holden. We met several times at La Costa outside San Diego. I recall mentioning to him how much I enjoyed the movie. Especially the love scenes. Especially on the hill by the tree.

Holden was not a tall mean. Short. I asked how he did the loves scenes in his various movies. Most of the women had to be taller than him. Simple, he said. They stacked one or two Coca Cola wood cases and I stood on them!

One of the Mel Fisher Museum’s most popular showings was a 74.85 ounce gold bar. The bar had been found during a 1980 dive in a 1622 Spanish galleon wreck.

The gold bar’s value was estimated at $556,000.

The gold bar was stolen in 2010. The two men responsible were apprehended seven years later in 2017. The diligence of the law.

One of the men, Richard Steven Johnson, pled guilty in Federal Court yesterday. His accomplice is scheduled to plead guilty next month.

The gold bar has not been recovered. A continuing mystery is whether the bar still exists and, if so, where is it?

Mary Ellen’s on Applerouth is a relatively new opening. I have visited several times. A funky place. Serves sandwiches and small items. The most popular being toasted cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.

I love the place. A Key West funky interior. Crazy people. A few months ago, saw a dildo race. For real! Part of the scheduled entertainment that evening.

Mary Ellen’s has now scheduled a variety show. Like Ed Sullivan’s of old. Thursday nights at 10. Different acts, one after another.

I can’t wait to go. The only problem is I am generally in bed and asleep before 10.

The Conch Republic’s Great Sea Battle last night.

I was under the weather and did not go out. Disappointed I missed it.

There are no pictures of the Battle available this morning. The Key West Citizen would not be able to print something done that late. I could find no photos on the internet.

I suspect I will see no pics till monday. The Citizen only prints one edition on the weekend. Which means no paper tomorrow.

That’s the way it is in Key West.

Politics and religion. Do not belong together. Constitution suggests they are separate. Not in recent years, however. The Evangelicals and Catholics have gotten their noses into politics. Especially on the Republican side. A bad move for the religions and a bad move for the politicians.

The House of Representatives has a Chaplain. Has so forever. Nothing wrong with having a religious person give an opening prayer asking God’s help in the work of the day.

The present chaplain was Catholic priest Father Patrick Conroy. Till fired by Speaker Paul Ryan this month.

The reason for the firing secret. No reason given. Described as a “forced resignation.” The word leaked is it occurred because of dissatisfaction among House members.

Some think it might be because of an opening prayer Father Conroy said when Congress was debating the tax bill. In it, Father Conroy prayed for the lawmakers to “guarantee that there are not winners and losers under new tax laws, but benefits balanced and shared by all Americans.”

First time a House Chaplain has been fired. The public should be made aware why. Whether the reason be good, bad or indifferent for any concerned, including Father Conroy.

A bit of history. On this day in 1945, Benito Mussolini and his mistress were captured by partisans while trying to escape to Switzerland. Both were shot. Their bodies then taken to Milan and hung upside down on a pole at a gas station. The bodies then reviled.

My good friend Anna took me to Milan many times. A great city! Loved it!

On the same day she took me to the site of Mussolini’s hanging, she took me to see The Last Supper. What a combination! The Last Supper of course more touching and sensitive. I periodically recall The Last Supper. A pleasant recollection. I never recall Mussolini’s body hanging upside down at the gas station unless I read about it as I did today.

Enjoy your day!


History records many famous sea battles. Samalis (480 B.C.), Defeat of the Spanish Armada (1588), Trafalgar (1805), and Midway (1942) amongst others. Not mentioned however is Key West’s Great Sea Battle (1982).

Important to the Florida Keys. A battle for independence. Resulted in the birth of the Conch Republic.

The Great Sea Battle is reenacted every year. In April. This year, tonight. The forces of the Conch Republic meet those of the United States. A sea battle like no other.

Involved on the side of the United States are Naval jet fighters and Coast Guard vessels. For the Conch Republic, World War I bi-planes and pirate ships.

Bombs from the World War I bi-planes will be dropped on the Coast Guard vessels. The bombs, rolls of toilet paper. A sight to behold as they flutter downward continually opening. Conch bi-planes will also engage the Navy jet fighters.

On the sea, two pirate ships will appear on behalf of the Conch Republic. Maned by pirates and their wenches. Dressed appropriately. The wenches all young and beautiful.

The pirate ships will attack the Coast Guard vessels with rotten cabbage heads, tomatoes and eggs. The pirate ships will also be equipped with large hoses from which they will spray the Coast Guard with ocean water.

The best show in town! The Best Key West has to offer! Exciting!

The Battle takes place on the Gulf side of Key West off Schooner Wharf. Thousands lined up all along the shore line watching.

Firefighters from near and far are to be complimented in how they have been battling the Big Pine fire. The fire began sunday.

Covers 100 acres. A tough fire. Sixty percent under control as of today. The fire at this point considered minimal. Hot spots being moped up and defensive space around homes and structures being created.

A 65 year old war ended. North Korea and South Korea signed a peace pact. Unquestionably historic.

I was in the last three years of high school during the war. Had it not ended as a practical manner when it did in 1953, I would have been drafted. My life thereafter would have been different.

The U.S. Marine Hymn…..From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli.

On this day in 1805, the Marines were in Derna. Derna a part of Tripoli. Tripoli had been testing the mettle of the new  U.S.

Pirates from the Barbary Coast had been capturing American sailors and charging the U.S. high ransom for their return. The Marines were sent to resolve the situation, teach a lesson, etc.

They did their job. In so doing, deposed the ruler and replaced him with one sympathetic to the U.S.

Student loans. A guarantee for most of a lifetime of debt.

A foremost expert on the subject of student loans has been Drew Cloud. His writings have appeared in major news outlets, including The Washington Post and CNBC.

Cloud the informed person with advice to students with college debt. Portending to be an advocate for their financial well being.

One problem. Recently discovered. There is no Drew Cloud. He does not exist. A phony.

The Student Law Report is affiliated with lenders who loan to students. “Drew Cloud” articles, etc. were prepared by any staff person available.

Students getting screwed by those they thought were helping them.

Trump is running America into the ground as he did with his businesses. Along the way, he is causing the U.S. to lose face.

Bidding for the 2026 World Cup is in process. Two bidders. A joint bid by the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. A bid by Morocco.

Trump tweeted wednesday that countries we support should support us in this bid. Tweeting, “Why should we be supporting these countries when they don’t support us (including at the United Nations)?”

A bully and an asshole. Sorry, I cannot describe him any other way. Tiny Morocco being stepped on by the big and mighty U.S. Other nations being stepped on also.

Interestingly, French President Marcon was in the U.S. this week for a state visit. He and Trump were all over each other. Pawing. Showing affection for each other. Buddies.

France has announced it is supporting Morocco.

Enjoy your day!






Tired. Exhausted a better description. I assume from whatever I was given yesterday to knock me out.

I did my Facebook live video first this morning. Key West Lou Live video. Take a look. My ass is dragging.

My tests went so so. Will discuss another time. My throat could not be stretched. A growth. Another test here followed by surgery in Miami. Two polyps at the other end. Everything being biopsied.

Throat appears to be a concern. I am not bothered yet. Will describe actual problem when my head clears. I have to believe someone out there has had it and can share their experience with me. Paperwork said only 2 in 100,000 develop the problem.

Great, me!

Fire in Big Pine still alive. Fire behavior yesterday described as moderate with some spotting.

Greece! Anna’s trip this year will include a week in Mikonos with her lawyer son. She sent me pics of the villa where they will be staying. Typical Greece. Magnificent!

Mike Mulvaney is a whore. Previously an important Congressman. Then Budget Director under Trump. Now Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

He spoke yesterday before a group of bankers. Told them in effect that access costs money. He does not talk to those who do not contribute. He may talk to certain of those who do contribute.

Play for pay! One of the swamp problems Trump pledged to clean up. He has failed. The swamp problem has become decidedly worse under Trump.

That’s all for today. I am exhausted.

Enjoy your day!


I viewed last night’s dinner as my Last Supper. Till tomorrow night. Today, liquids only.

Tomorrow morning, a colonoscopy and endoscopy. I have had them before. The procedure nothing. Knocked out. The prep today the problem. You who have had the procedure understand. Those who have not, your time will come and you will understand.

I enjoyed lamb chops at Antonia’s. The lovely Nicolle bartending. As I think about it, I was enjoying lamb chops last monday at La Trattoria when it became necessary for Carrie the bartender to Heimlich me.

One of the reasons for the procedures tomorrow.

After Antonia’s, It was Publix. I had to buy various liquids to consume today. No food till tomorrow afternoon.

Prior to dinner, I stopped at Aqua. my usual monday evening haunt. Dueling Bartenders. Tom Luna and Rick Dery great. My friend Liz sitting on the other side of the bar enjoying them also. Liz looked great! A new hairdo.

Due to the fun time I shall be enjoying today and tomorrow, some activities/events have been cancelled. My Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou podcast will not be aired this evening. Nor this blog and my Key West Lou Live video tomorrow morning.

Paraphrasing General Douglas MacArthur, I shall return thursday.

Big Pine is 30 miles up the road. North on US 1. Got killed by Irma. Still recovering. Many yet homeless.

Sunday another disaster befell its residents. A raging wildfire. Still burning yesterday. Thought to be under control, but will not be sure until today runs its course.

Smoke covering the Key.

Local, state and federal forestry personnel battling the flames. Fire crews brought in from all the agencies. Including a helicopter which dropped 500 gallons of water at a time.

As of last night, 100 acres already burned. Strong winds encouraged the fire. Dried vegetation left over from Irma fueled it.

A tough fire to fight. The firefighters would put out one area only to find another had begun elsewhere.

Fortunately, losses limited to one house and one garage. No lives.

William Hackley became a part of our lives 2 years ago. Hackley lived and worked in Key West prior to the Civil War. He kept a diary. The Key West Citizen found portions of it and has been reporting Hackley’s life on a daily basis.

I have read 99 percent of the articles. Hackley is moving. Leaving Key West. He has been packing for a couple of weeks. Somewhere along the way, I must have missed a diary entry. I do not know why he is moving.

While in Key West, Hackley and his family enjoyed the life of the well to do. Hackley an attorney holding various positions.

I did a little digging and came up with Hackley’s life after leaving Key West. Only 10 years. He died during a yellow fever epidemic while living in Memphis in 1867.

Hackley left Key West in 1857. Settled in Joliet, Illinois for 6 years. Ran into financial difficulties. Moved to Memphis, Tennessee.

From 1863-1865, Hackley worked as a special agent for the US Treasury and as a cotton agent. In 1865, he became a special agent of the Treasury Department responsible for gathering cotton which had belonged to the Confederate States in Mississippi.

A yellow fever epidemic of great proportion struck in 1867. Hackley infected. He died in Memphis from yellow fever in 1867.

Trump making noises about immigration again. The “caravan” immigrants from Honduras and Guatemala trying to reach the United States. Most seek asylum. They have the necessary paperwork prepared for presentation to US officials at a border point.

Trump announced in recent days that the “caravan” was reaching the Tijuana crossing into the United States. He ordered the Department of Homeland Security to deny them entry.

Typical of Trump, he made it sound like barbarians were at the gate.

Not so.

The initial group leaving Honduras and Guatemala totaled 1,200. Families, many with children and babies. All walking.

The group reaching Tijuana 50. A handful. With papers.

Trump is going to deny them entry without even a proper review of their papers. Some or all just might qualify for entry.

Trump is a big man physically and a big man in every other respect. A giant. He is beating up little people.

Enjoy your day!






Trump’s recent Key West visit gives me concern.

The Miami New Times videoed the Trump caravan as it passed City Hall and made the turn onto United. Short and shocking.

First, shouts of Love Trump’s Hate. Then boos and hisses. Followed by FUCK YOU! Loud. Several times. Topped off with a woman giving the President the finger.

Fuck You! is not Key West. I cannot believe Key Westers would utter such a profanity to a President of the United States.

Many lack respect for the President. Properly so. A man who does not give respect cannot expect it in return. FUCK YOU! goes beyond a mere lack of respect. It shows disrespect. The dis important. It requires affirmative action regarding the respect issue.

Key West would not disrespect.

I have been a part of the Key West community one way or another for 30 years. A homeowner 20. A resident 12. I know my friends, I know the people of Key West.

Contrary to thought, Key West is a conservative community. Take away several blocks of Duval and what is left is small town America. A blend of conservative and liberal values.

I read somewhere last week that organizers from outside our community were coming to Key West to organize an anti-Trump protest. I have to believe it was the outsiders who were dirty mouthing and fingering the President.

If correct, then we have to be careful in the future who we listen to with regard to protests.

I personally am anti-Trump. From day one. His record before and since President reflect him to be inept, corrupt, immoral, a racist, and homophobic. My hope is we survive his Presidency.

I spent the better part of an hour yesterday watching the Barbara Bush service. Touching. Moving. I cried.

What the world needs are more Barbara Bushes.

The Chart Room first to meet Buffalo’s Fran and Tom Dixson last night. Great people! Good friends!

Fran brought me 4 jars of sauce and pork. A couple loaves of low carb bread. And some other goodies.

Fran and Tom just returned from 2 weeks in Sicily and southern Italy. Fran, Sicilian. My former wife and her mother were Sicilian.

Sicilians tough people. I some time wonder how I survived my wife and mother in law.

From the Chart Room to the A&B Lobster House for dinner. Outstanding!

We did not have a reservation. Lucked out. Sloan’s daughter Shaina hosting. We were seated immediately. Great conversation, drinks and food. We chatted the evening away.

I have a long day ahead of me. This week’s KONK Life column due today. I have delayed to the last minute. Several topics in mind. Not sure which one yet.

Today is Earth Day. The first Earth Day in 1970. Always celebrated April 22.

The purpose of an Earth Day was to increase awareness of the world’s environmental problems. Such has constantly been accomplished since 1970.

Interestingly, 1970 also found the EPA being established. Its purpose to regulate and enforce national pollution legislation.

The United States a healthier and safer place to live and work because of the EPA. The same EPA today being torn apart by Trump. Years of safety regulations killed by the stroke of a pen. For the sole purpose of helping corporate America make more profit.

Corporate America generally comes out on top. Today’s example Wells Fargo.

Wells Fargo was fined by the Trump administration $1 billion for predatory mortgage practices.

No big deal for Wells Fargo. The company will be pocketing more than $3 billion this year as a result of Trump’s new tax law.

The World Bank is an international friend to business and countries.

The draft of its annual World Development Report came out this week. It recommends that countries eliminate minimum wage requirements, dismantle wrongful dismissal rules, and repeal laws providing contractual protections for workers.

More wealth and advantage for the rich based on the ashes of the working class.

The World Bank explains its decision. These drastic moves are required to discourage employers from rushing into robots and automation which would eliminate many human jobs.

A non-sensical excuse. The World Bank must think people are stupid.

Enjoy your Sunday!


One of the seven Irma escapees who spent 12 days with me at the Thornton’s in Birmingham was Joanne Martin. She and her pet dog whose name I cannot recall.

We all had fun! As recounted in detail in my book Irma and Me. The best way to do a hurricane!

This week’s Florida Weekly features a major article concerning Joanne. Together with photo. A lovely woman.

Joanne works at the Audubon House and Tropical Gardens. She is the Gallery Manager.

The article is Joanne’s history with the Audubon House since 2006 when she first started. It is also a history of the Audubon House.

The Weekly article is titled Joanne Martin And Her Audubon Oasis. Well stated. As it should be. Joanne is the Audubon House.

My day yesterday began with a haircut. One day late. I was scheduled for the day before. Trump’s visit screwed up my day. I was landlocked because I needed US 1 to get into town. US 1 was blocked off because of Trump’s visit.

I had to wait a few minutes while Lori finished up a customer. A lovely woman.

After the woman left and I was in her seat, Lori said the woman asked if you were Key West Lou. She told me she reads your blog every day.

The woman is a snowbird and leaves tuesday.

I told Lori if she and I are in your beauty shop again at the same time, call me over. I enjoy meeting those who read this blog. Those also who read my books, listen to my podcast and look at my daily live videos. It is humbling to know there are those who take interest in what I write and say.

Even those who disagree with me.

After the haircut, walked about 50 feet to Sandy’s Cafe for lunch. The usual. Cuban cheese toast with tomato and Cuban coffee.

Dinner last night at Donna and Terri’s. Donna cooked. Her culinary efforts always the best. Swedish meatballs in a chili sauce over a bed of egg noodles.

It had been two weeks since my last visit. Bear welcomed me like a long lost friend. His tail would not stop wagging.

Bear is now 18 weeks old. So big! I forgot how fast some dogs grow. He sits, gives his paw, high fives and stands up. I bribed him of course with pieces of dog food.

I finally got a hold of granddaughter Ally. She was still sleeping when I called yesterday morning. I was interested in her reaction to Trump’s visit. She was out on the street in front of City Hall when he passed.

Ally is going on 13. She threw me off at first with her comments. Till I realized kids have their own vocabulary.

I asked her what she thought of seeing the President. Her responses “kind of weird” and “cool.” Translated means WOW! She was impressed. She considered the event historic for her in that she may never see a President that close again.

Next friday April 20 begins ten days of the Conch Republic Independence Celebration. The 36th annual one. To celebrate Key West’s secession from the United States on April 23, 1982.

The best event from my perspective will occur on saturday April 27. The Great Sea Battle.

Key West always wins. It is the result of a combination of military forces. World War I bi-planes dropping rolls of toilet paper bombs on Coast Guard cutters below and pirate ship wenches burying the cutters in cabbage, tomatoes, and sea water from fire hoses.

Sounds like a good time. It is!

Tonight special. My friends Fran and Tom Dixson from Buffalo are back. They visit Key West several times a year.

Fran loves me. Takes good care of me. Brings with her jars of tomato sauce with pork, sausage and meatballs. Sometimes, home made pasta.

I will enjoy some terrific meals at home over the next few weeks.

We meet at the Chart Room at 6. Then somewhere for dinner.

Enjoy your day!




Yesterday, Trump visited Key West. Actually, he drove through Key West. He was on his way to the Joint Inter Agency Task Force base on the Truman Waterfront. No stopping to shake hands with those watching from the curbs along the way.

There were signs from both sides. Like “We love you President Trump.” Disparaging signs held by protesters.

I did not see the President. Could not get into Key West. Needed to use US 1. Blocked in anticipation of Trump’s visit.

This morning’s Key West Citizen describes hearing “cheers, chants and boos.”

A protester sign read: “Tinkle tinkle little czar / Putin put you where you are.”

Love it! Analyze the words.

Robert attends Montessori. The students were allowed, with parental permission, to watch the President go by. Robert soon to be 14. Graduates in 2 months from the 8th grade. Will attend high school in the fall. A smart student. Straight A’s, with only an occasional B.

I spoke with Robert this morning. Wanted to know his impression.

It was “something.” I “saw him.”

Robert had made a sign which he carried: We Are A Country Of Immigrants, Not Criminals.

Robert is politically astute for his age. The family discusses politics, watches newscasts together, etc.

The visit did not change Robert’s mind about anything. It did affect him in one way, however. He was excited to see the President of the United States.

I am happy that he did.

The Citizen described the visit again this morning as “historic.” I continue to disagree. He never stopped, shook hands with some of the people, spoke personally to them. Nor did he spend any time in Key West itself. He should have stayed overnight at The Little White House, visited some of Key West’s famous places and became acquainted with the Key West citizenry.

Trump should have gotten Key West under his skin. We may not be Mar a Logo, but still a nice place to spend a day or two.

Chart Room last night. Visited with John, Steve and Cindy, Holly and her daughter in law, and Sheila. Kevin home. Tired. Still recuperating from his terrible accident.

A lot of Key West history was shared last night. Steve and Cindy for example have been here since the 1970’s.

My cellphone went dead while I was trying to do My Key West Lou Live video on Facebook around noon. Verizon. When I returned home last night, Comcast was down. No wi-fi, TV or land line. Till about 2 in the morning.

Others suffered the same calamities.

Associated with Trump’s visit?

It can honestly be said that Key West is at a far end of the U.S. Imagine how long it took to get information to Key West in days of old.

A perfect example was set forth in the Citizen’s Today in Keys History section. Lee surrendered to Grant on April 9, 1865. It took 11 days for word to reach Key West of the fact and that the Civil War was over.

On this day in 1999, the massacre at Columbine High School. Thirteen dead. Twelve students and one teacher.

Columbine was 19 years ago.

We still have not learned. Or maybe we have, but our politicians have not. Money seems more important to them than lives.

One of Trump’s problems is he generally does not know what he is doing. It was announced yesterday that Rudy Giuliani had joined the Trump legal team.

Of what value will he be? Little. Giuliani is 73. Over the hill as a lawyer. He has not practiced in well over 20 years. He lacks today’s knowledge re discovery and the physical strength to deal with it.

Respectfully, he is yesterday’s news.

Trump need younger experienced lawyers. With criminal law backgrounds. Probably lawyers he does not even know. Such is one of Trump’s problems. He likes to surround himself with people he knows. Not the way in this instance to get the best representation.

Iran announced it no longer will use the American dollar. It has switched to the euro. Understandable. The sanctions are choking Iran. Iran deals with American banks. Tough to get American dollars from them because of the sanctions.

Iran achieves another purpose in leaving the dollar. It weakens the American dollar. A little bit now. Big time down the line.

Every country that hates the US knows one way to break our backs is to devalue the dollar. Russia, China, Venezuela, etc. have moved to the Chinese Yuan for that reason. No more American dollar for them.

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President Trump is visiting Key West today. For two hours. To visit the Joint Inter-Agency Task Force. A military anti-smuggling operation. Drugs the Task Force’s primary concern.

The group does well. It has been situated in Key West for years. They are responsible for overseeing the drug trade from Florida through South America.

These are the people who capture tons of cocaine and marijuana. Generally on the high seas.

I assume Trump is visiting to see how well they do and take credit for their success. He wants the nation to know how hard he is working to eliminate the opioid problem. His efforts to date a joke.

Trump is flying into Boca Chica. Ten miles outside Key West. Will be driven in a caravan to the Truman Waterfront. Visit. Return the same way.

The Key West Citizen in its editorial this morning described Trump’s visit as historic. Titled the editorial An Historic Visit.

Nothing historic about it. He is in and out in two hours.

The editorial noted Trump is the first sitting President since Kennedy to visit Key West. My sense was that Trump was being compared to Kennedy. Terrible! To do so from my perspective is to denigrate Kennedy.

Recall the Vice-Presidential debate several years after Kennedy’s death. The Republican candidate compared himself to Kennedy. The Democratic candidate responded…..I knew Jack Kennedy, you’re no Jack Kennedy.

Trump is not Kennedy. Not even close.

In Trump, the nation has elected a man inept, corrupt, racial and homophobic. The homophobic especially amuses me. Trump visiting Key West, a modern day success because of its gay population.

Protests are expected. Supposed to be peaceful. Protesters in black carrying signs. The game plan to turn their backs as the President’s car passes.

Two hours a visit does not make. Trump should actually visit Key West. Walk Duval, visit the homeless shelter, visit the Custom House, Mel Fisher Museum, and the Hemingway House. Spend a couple nights at The Little Truman White House. What was good enough for Truman, Eisenhower and Kennedy should be good enough for Trump.

He should get a taste of Key West. Savor the flavor.

The Citizen tells us to show respect. For the man who is President. After all, what less from One Human Family.

Respect for a man who respects no one?

The Citizen editorial is far off base. The paper has a right to express its position. As it is my right to disagree.

Cheryl and Roger Keast were snowbirds. Spent several months a year in Key West.

We became good friends. Cheryl a woman to be loved.

Originally from the Chicago area. Roger owned a large electrical firm.

Five years ago, they moved to Cape Coral. They were back in Key West last night. Visiting for two days.

We met by pre-arrangement at 6 at the Chart Room. A heart warming reunion.

So much discussed. I will share one item with you.

Cheryl told me her husband bought her a new Cadillac. The super dooper model. Drives itself, parks itself. She has not yet tried either. A bit timid about the whole thing.

Their 50th wedding anniversary around the corner. They are planning a trip. I congratulate them and wish them well.

Today is haircut day. Lori doing my hair followed by lunch at Sandy’s Cafe. Not today. Both are located on White Street. Parts of White blocked off  because of Trump’s visit. Only one way into Key West US 1. I have to drive on US 1 3 miles to get into Key West. No other way. Traffic supposedly will be shut down from 10-2. My haircut appointment noon.

No problem. This is Key West. I will reschedule for tomorrow.

Let the canons roar, the drums play…..I finally lost another pound. Took me 3.5 weeks. Have now lost 33 pounds. Not easy, but I am getting there.

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