Some fun history today!


Originally posted April 19, 2021


It was this day in 1927. Mae West was found guilty of “obscenity and corrupting the morals of youth.”

West was starring on the New York stage in the play Sex. Her role, one of a prostitute. She was sentenced to 10 days in jail and a fine of $500.

Her two subsequent plays Homosexuality and The Contact Sinner were closed down by authorities.

The adverse publicity landed her a Hollywood career and made her one of the highest paid persons in eh U.S. Paramount paid her $5,000 per week. A sum equivalent to $80,000 per week today. The only person making a bigger salary at the time was the publisher William Randolph Hearst.

Paramount paid her the big dollars because it was on the verge of bankruptcy. The film company thought America was ready for a film version of Mae and such would save Paramount. Note she was 38 at the time. Most female actresses were over the hill by that age and could not find work.

Mae’s first movie was She Done Him Wrong. It was her male co-stars first film also. Cary Grant. Mae’s famous line “Come up and see me some time” was born of the film.

A tough woman. Not inclined to take s–t from anyone.

The management of her apartment building discriminated against William Jones, her African-American boxer boy friend. Mae bought the building.

In addition to “Come up and see me some time,” Mae was responsible for other sexual lines that are associated with her to this day. Included are “I generally avoid temptation unless I can’t resist it,” When I’m good, I’m very good, but when I’m bad its better,” “Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere,” and “I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.”

This portion I label Mob Rule #2. Yesterday’s blog was titled Mob Rule.

Chauvin is charged with 3 separate crimes in the Floyd killing: Second degree “unintentional murder,” third degree “murder,” and second degree “manslaughter.”

I fear if the jury finds Chauvin guilty of anything but the highest charge (second degree unintentional murder), the rioters on the street will not accept the result. The charge carries a maximum 40 year incarceration.

In addition to a lesser charge not reflecting what the rioters consider the “serious crime,” they will further be shocked when they become aware that under Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines the 40 years will be reduced to 12.5 years.

Gunshot violence is out of control.

Specifically as to civilians shooting civilians, the blame lies with Congress. Most Republicans and some Democrats have failed to pass necessary legislation to correct the problem.

Ergo, Congress must move its ass. I doubt it will in the immediate future. Congresspersons are unaware that Americans on the street do not agree with the philosophy that motivates their elected representatives.

Another possible resolution, would be for the Supreme Court to reverse its decision in the Heller case. Bad law from my perspective. Such would only be possible with a Court which has more Democrats sitting than conservative Republicans.

Packing the court an excellent way to resolve the problem. How many years will America have to wait to see the Heller decision remedied?

Today a most import day in American history. The American Revolution began at the Battle of Lexington on April 19, 1775.

The sides were not balanced. There were 700 British troops. Only 77 Patriots. When the battle was over, 8 Colonists were dead or dying. Ten wounded. No British soldier was killed. Only 1 wounded.

David v. Goliath. The American Revolution had begun!

War wise, this day in 1861 an important day in American history also. The first blood of the Civil War was shed.

The Civil War began on April 12, 1861 with the South’s attack on Fort Sumter. No casualties resulted on both sides. Whereas one week later on April 19, 1861, there were dead in a battle which occurred in Baltimore.

A secessionist mob attacked Massachusetts troops headed for Washington, D.C. Four Union soldiers and 12 rioters died.

A time to be exceptionally careful has begun once more in Key West as concerns turtles. The event an annual one.

It is turtle nesting season. Turtles come out of the ocean and onto the beaches to bury their eggs under the sand.

Two dangerous situations arise.

Those walking the beaches must be careful not to step into one of the nests and destroy the eggs beneath their feet. Day time and night time.

The other problem concerns lights.

When the young turtles hatch, they crawl out of the sand. Their first natural inclination is to look for the moon. The moon is out over the ocean. It becomes the young turtles’ beacon as to where the ocean is.

Condo lights across the street from beaches a problem. The baby turtles see the condo lights and believe it is the moon. They are run over and killed by passing vehicles.

Even street lights become a problem. Take South Roosevelt Boulevard for example . Especially where the condominiums begin at Bertha and run north.

Several years ago, new street lights were installed. Made for bright evenings. The baby turtles mistook the many street lights for the moon and crossed South Roosevelt Boulevard. Many were found dead the next morning having been run over by cars. Key West immediately noted the problem. Streets lights in that area are not lite during nesting season.

Enjoy your day!


The Battle of the Conch Republic…

Originally posted April 27th, 2018


History records many famous sea battles. Samalis (480 B.C.), Defeat of the Spanish Armada (1588), Trafalgar (1805), and Midway (1942) amongst others. Not mentioned however is Key West’s Great Sea Battle (1982).

Important to the Florida Keys. A battle for independence. Resulted in the birth of the Conch Republic.

The Great Sea Battle is reenacted every year. In April. This year, tonight. The forces of the Conch Republic meet those of the United States. A sea battle like no other.

Involved on the side of the United States are Naval jet fighters and Coast Guard vessels. For the Conch Republic, World War I bi-planes and pirate ships.

Bombs from the World War I bi-planes will be dropped on the Coast Guard vessels. The bombs, rolls of toilet paper. A sight to behold as they flutter downward continually opening. Conch bi-planes will also engage the Navy jet fighters.

On the sea, two pirate ships will appear on behalf of the Conch Republic. Maned by pirates and their wenches. Dressed appropriately. The wenches all young and beautiful.

The pirate ships will attack the Coast Guard vessels with rotten cabbage heads, tomatoes and eggs. The pirate ships will also be equipped with large hoses from which they will spray the Coast Guard with ocean water.

The best show in town! The Best Key West has to offer! Exciting!

The Battle takes place on the Gulf side of Key West off Schooner Wharf. Thousands lined up all along the shore line watching.

Firefighters from near and far are to be complimented in how they have been battling the Big Pine fire. The fire began Sunday.

Covers 100 acres. A tough fire. Sixty percent under control as of today. The fire at this point considered minimal. Hot spots being moped up and defensive space around homes and structures being created.

A 65 year old war ended. North Korea and South Korea signed a peace pact. Unquestionably historic.

I was in the last three years of high school during the war. Had it not ended as a practical manner when it did in 1953, I would have been drafted. My life thereafter would have been different.

The U.S. Marine Hymn…..From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli.

On this day in 1805, the Marines were in Derna. Derna a part of Tripoli. Tripoli had been testing the mettle of the new  U.S.

Pirates from the Barbary Coast had been capturing American sailors and charging the U.S. high ransom for their return. The Marines were sent to resolve the situation, teach a lesson, etc.

They did their job. In so doing, deposed the ruler and replaced him with one sympathetic to the U.S.

Student loans. A guarantee for most of a lifetime of debt.

A foremost expert on the subject of student loans has been Drew Cloud. His writings have appeared in major news outlets, including The Washington Post and CNBC.

Cloud the informed person with advice to students with college debt. Portending to be an advocate for their financial well being.

One problem. Recently discovered. There is no Drew Cloud. He does not exist. A phony.

The Student Law Report is affiliated with lenders who loan to students. “Drew Cloud” articles, etc. were prepared by any staff person available.

Students getting screwed by those they thought were helping them.

Trump is running America into the ground as he did with his businesses. Along the way, he is causing the U.S. to lose face.

Bidding for the 2026 World Cup is in process. Two bidders. A joint bid by the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. A bid by Morocco.

Trump tweeted wednesday that countries we support should support us in this bid. Tweeting, “Why should we be supporting these countries when they don’t support us (including at the United Nations)?”

A bully and an asshole. Sorry, I cannot describe him any other way. Tiny Morocco being stepped on by the big and mighty U.S. Other nations being stepped on also.

Interestingly, French President Marcon was in the U.S. this week for a state visit. He and Trump were all over each other. Pawing. Showing affection for each other. Buddies.

France has announced it is supporting Morocco.

Enjoy your day!



Did we do enough?


Originally posted in December 2021


A two hour meeting yesterday via internet between Biden and Putin. The issue the Ukraine.

I had two feelings prior to the meeting and interestingly the two remained following the meeting.

First, I had a fear of another Munich. Chamberlain’s peace in our lifetime. Such would cause Biden to back down from his tough position in the meeting. He would give something to Putin to satiate him.

Putin would have won. Won and ready to “fight” another day in another place because he believes he has the U.S. on the run.

Second, the Cuban missile crisis. War was in the air. Seemed inevitable. Kennedy figured a way to  handle it. Causing Khrushchev to blink at the last moment. Who will blink first re the Ukraine?

Putin’s position simple yesterday. Either the U.S. and NATO provide Russia with “legal guarantees” that the Ukraine will never join NATO or become a base for response that can threaten Russia – or we (Russia) will go in and guarantee it ourselves.

New York Times columnist David Leonhardt in a piece in The Morning Newsletter today wrote: “Foreign aggression often gives political leaders a chance to rally nationalistic support at home, especially as a distraction from domestic problems. And Russia has domestic problems, like surging COVID-19 cases, slow growing wages, and rising prices. Last year, opposition groups held some of the largest anti-Putin marches in years.”

Leonhardt went on that the U.S. does not have united support for the war and united support would not be there in the event the U.S. gets involved.

Militant groups in the U.S. would not rally to the flag. Rather, would side with Russia. Providing Russia with the benefit of “insurgent guerrilla forces” on U.S. soil.

Leonhardt wrote that shots are already being intermittently exchanged between Russia and the Ukraine: “The two sides exchanged fire from machine guns and grenade launchers yesterday. International diplomats worry the skirmishes could offer Putin a pretext for invasion.”

Without actually fighting a war against Russia, Leonhardt indicated “Biden still has options. The U.S. could increase its military support to the Ukraine, which could make a potential invasion bloodier and more costly for Russia. (The U.S. is pursuing a related strategy in Taiwan.)”

Additionally, Biden and other European nations can increase “economic measures.” Severe sanctions.

Russia has serious economic problems already. It could not maintain an all out war very long.

In the back of my mind always sits the final consideration. A U.S./Russia war would mean the extermination of both countries. Nuclear devastation on a major scale. I am sure Biden does not want such. I have to believe neither does Putin.

Following is a Matt Gaetz scenario. Read it and draw your own conclusions. If Republicans take control of the House next year, this is what will occur based on Gaetz’s own words.

Gaetz envisions an extremist Republican takeover of House oversight: “We are going to take power after this next election and when we do, it’s not going to be the days of Paul Ryan and Trey Gowdy and no real oversight and no real subpoenas…..It’s going to be the days of Jim Jordan and Marjorie Taylor Greene and Dr. Paul Gosar and myself doing everything.”

I contine advising the U.S. judicial system is antiquated. Needs a complete overhaul.

A perfect example the trial date set by a federal judge in the Bannon case: July 18, 2022.

No way that date will be helpful to the January 6 Committee. It is too close to the November elections.

There is a wackiness in the way the judge selected the trial date. He asked the prosecution what they wanted. They said no later than April 15. The defense said mid October.

The judge in a Solomonic fashion split the “baby” down the middle. He scheduled the trial date between the dates suggested. A compromise!

Compromise no way to run this case. Time is of the essence. He should have “fast tracked” it to 2-4 weeks hence.

It never fails. Justice delayed is justice denied. The American people are entitled to a complete expose with regard to the January insurrection. July 18 is too late to be helpful to the January 6 inquiry.

New York Times columnist David Brooks wrote in his column this morning titled “The Age of Creative Minority” an observation re white evangelical Protestants. He wrote, “White evangelical Protestants are down to about 15 percent in the country. They vote for people like Donald Trump because they feel like strangers in their own land, oppressed minorities fighting for survival.”

To the 15 percent I say: Welcome to the club!

Armanda Gorman. No one knew of her till Inauguration day January 20. Her poetry stunned America. Such brilliance. And from a lady only 22 years old.

In 11 months, her fame has skyrocketed.

She was asked how she felt about her rise to fame: “It felt like I was kind of shot out of a cannon.”

Key West’s Lighted Boat Parade 8 pm saturday. Starting point Schooner’s Wharf.

One terrific Christmas show. Fifty/sixty boats decorated for the holiday. Large and small. People partying on the boats and on shore. Food and drinks. The larger vessels, live music and dancing.

Exciting! I know. I have done it many times.

Omicron has found its way to Florida. Two cases so far. One in Tampa and the other in St. Lucie County.

Both victims hospitalized. Information re whether vaccinated not yet available.

Beatle John Lennon shot to death outside his New York City apartment building this day in 1980.

Crazies never leave us. Thoughtless killings part of every generation. Increasing in number this generation.

Eighteen year old Kyle Rittenhouse continues to be the man of the hour.  His tongue as loose as his trigger finger was the day of the shootings.

He has become ballsy. His most recent tirade against LeBron James.

At issue, the tears he wept while testifying.

During a recent TV interview he replied “fuck you LeBron” after LeBron had mocked his tearful moment in a Twitter comment last month.

LeBron was asked about Kyle’s tears. He responded, “What tears?…..That boy ate some lemon heads before walking into court.”

Definitely going out tonight. First a manicure. Then meeting Jean Thornton at the Chart Room followed by dinner somewhere.

Enjoy your day!


Not just a Key West Problem anymore…


Originally Published January 31, 2018

Word on the street is the Key West lodging and entertainment industry is having staffing problems. No wonder. The work staff, bartenders, wait staff, hotel workers, etc. are departing. They cannot afford to live in Key West any longer. Irma the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Rents became too high for ordinary Joes and Janes. Many ending up sharing an accommodation with anywhere from one to three other persons.

Irma caused damage in varying degrees to real estate. Renters found themselves without a home. Landlords in many instances became pigs. The law of supply and demand. Raised the rent!

Most were not able to work during the crisis. Two weeks or more  going unpaid.

Can you blame them for leaving? Or would you rather have them live under the Cow Key Bridge?

The heart of the housing problem is that the local law requiring Key West rentals to be for at least 28 days is not being effectively enforced. Forget excuses and difficulty of enforcement. Enforce! Hit violators with the fines permitted under the law, not a slap on the wrist.

Within a year, the affordable housing problem could be resolved. Without the need to construct affordable housing. The high cost of affordable housing itself  a joke.

Berlin proves my point.

Berlin was experiencing a relatively new housing crisis. Rentals became unavailable. Those available experienced sky rocketing rents.

Berlin attributed the problem to Airbnb. The greed of swift big dollars caused homes to be converted to unlicensed, super profitable hotel rooms. Such caused housing prices to be driven up and a shrinking rental inventory. Suddenly, Berlin was unaffordable for the people who lived and worked there.

Berlin dealt with the problem face on. Enforced a long term rental policy. Punished those who violated the policy.

In the first year alone, 8,000 units were returned to Berlin’s long term rental market.

San Francisco had a similar problem. Enforced its long term rental laws. As a result, 6,000 illegal listings disappeared.

New York City is presently complaining of the Airbnb problem. Airbnb has resulted in a raised cost of living for renters.

Unless local laws are enforced sternly, the situation will be as the comedian Robin Williams related regarding England’s unarmed police: Stop or I’ll say stop again!

Key West must use the law and its staff to combat the problem. Give Codes more men, a bigger budget. Resolve cases with significant fines. Of a size that hurt.

Then there will be no need for affordable housing. The working community will be able to pay fair market prices for rentals.

Trump’s State of the Union Address last night. What can I say that is not being bandied about via the media last night and this morning. I thought the address more form than substance. Considered it divisive. The tone Trump’s way or the highway.

Trump is fortunate to have finally discovered the value of prompters. He stuck to script last night. Made him appear Presidential.

Things are happening under Trump which I do not consider in the best interests of our Nation.

I hear purge and cleanse too often these days. With relation to the Department of Justice and FBI. Trump is a destroyer. A member of the Apocalypse.

Trump could have sanctioned Russia yesterday. He already had Congressional approval. He failed to do so. His excuse being he thought the ability to sanction was a sufficient deterrent to Russia.

He gave Russia a free pass. Russia who is out to bury us. A Russia that cannot be trusted. A Russia that only understands force/compulsion.

Trump claims that one of the benefits of the new tax law is that many corporations are paying bonuses in the thousands to its employees. I would buy $1,000. Not the point, however. A recent study shows only 9 percent of Fortune 500 companies have arranged to have their employees share in the windfall.

Whether 9 percent or 100 percent, the corporations who pay something to their employees still come out with huge significant monies remaining.

I am concerned. A society that is 1 percent/99 percent cannot survive. The 99 percent deficated upon will accept it only so long. Social disorder could result.

I worry about the market. So high! Higher every day!

Such cannot sustain itself. Fifty percent of Americans are not in the market, not benefiting.

Herbert Hoover was elected in 1929 when the market was acting as it is today. Upwards, ever upwards! Less than 8 months after his election, the market fell. The U.S. experienced its worse depression in history.

Trump could be the Herbert Hoover of the 21st century.

Irma and Me is now available at the Key West Library. Available for checking out. I am honored.

Syracuse/Georgia Tech tonight at 8. I will be watching the game. I am not sure where yet.

Enjoy your day!



Still relevant today!!!



My apologies up front. I am on a soap box today. Two issues. Yesterday’s Supreme Court decision and the cost of food.

We need a new Supreme Court! Plain and simple. The Court has gone so far to the right that it appears to be a tool of the 1 per cent. In a 5-4 decision yesterday, the Court rendered a decision that basically allows more personal private money to political candidates. The millionaires and billionaires can donate effectively with no limits.

Government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich.

Breyer in his dissent said the decision creates “…huge loopholes in the law…that undermine, perhaps devastate” a free and unbridled election system.

At issue was the right of the super rich to donate as much to a political campaign as desired. The majority said it was the rich guy’s right, that the rich should not in effect be limited in their giving because they are rich.

I am concerned. You should be also. I include my Republican friends. Never forget that he who pays the fiddler, calls the tune.

Food. I have become close to the issue in recent days. My back kept me down for almost a week. Ergo, no grocery shopping. The refrigerator, freezer and cupboard are bare. Easy to fix. Go to the supermarket!

The situation has brought to the forefront an issue I have addressed many times in this blog, on my TV show, on the radio, and in my newspaper column, the past few years. The ever increasing cost of food!

It has been reported that the cost of food went up a staggering 19 per cent last year. Wow! Lets examine the cost of meat as an example. The food  industry claims two reasons.

The first is the cost of whatever cows eat to make them plump and fat. Foodstuffs like corn and soy beans. The cost of items such has these has risen.

The second is the growing middle class world wide. Most of the developing countries now have a middle class. They want all the goodies our middle class enjoy/enjoyed. Especially beef and protein. The demand is up, the supply low. Simple economics. The price of meat must go up.

The preceding may be a contributing factor. I believe there is something else. Four large corporations control 85 per cent of the meat packing business. Cargill, Tyson Foods, JBS, and National Beef Packing. A monopoly, in effect. They control so they can charge whatever they like. Even if it amounts to gouging the public a bit.

I remained in last night. Wanted to be sure my back was really ok. Today, I plan to be out and about. Besides grocery shopping, a business lunch on the new roof at Schooner Wharf, and bocce this evening. It has been 4 weeks since I last played. I look forward to the evening.


Easter thoughts from Lou….


Matthew 20:19…..On the third day he will be raised to life.

Luke 24…..He is not here, he is risen.

Such Easter Sunday’s religious joyous connotation. There also is another joyous one. In a popular sense. Best exemplified by Irving Berlin’s 1933 Easter Parade: In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it, you’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter Parade.

I used to believe death was the only constant. Life has taught me otherwise. Change is a constant, also. Nothing remains the same. Nothing is as it was.

Easter Sunday attire is reflective of change. Big time. Mike Ragland is a retired police officer living in the Rome, Georgia area. He recently wrote a change type article for the Rome News Tribune titled “In Your Easter Bonnet.”

I have combined some of my thoughts with his for today’s blog.

The tale of Easter Sunday attire begins with Constantine I. Emperor of Rome in the early fourth century. He ordered his subjects to dress in their finest clothes and parade in honor of Christ’s Resurrection.

His decree developed with time.

In Tudor days, superstition originated which claimed that unless a person had new homespun cloth available at Easter, moths and crickets would eat his old clothes.

The Irish added a vestige that stated, “For Christmas, food and drink; for Easter, new clothes.”

A 15th century proverb from Poor Richard’s Almanac stated that if on Easter Sunday some part of the outfit was not new, one would not enjoy good luck during the year.

German settlers in Pennsylvania as early as 1782 paraded on Easter Monday. Easter Monday was widely celebrated as a holiday. The parading continued for over a century.

Then came the big one!

In 1870, ladies of congregations along New York’s Fifth Avenue began decorating churches with fresh flowers to commemorate Easter Sunday. A New York newspaper noted over half the female congregation members were decked out in their best finery while so doing.

A few years later, ladies and their escorts began walking to other churches to view floral arrangements and to be seen. The strolling area extended from 49th Street to 57th Street on Fifth Avenue.

By 1900, Easter Sunday  was rivaling Christmas as a merchant’s dream and was spreading to other cities.

Irving Berlin’s 1933 Easter Parade glorified the day as it had become. Fifteen years later, Judy Garland and Fred Astaire made the movie Easter Parade. One of the most profitable movies made to that time.

I am 82. In my youth, the whole family dressed on Easter Sunday. Where affordable, of course. I first noticed the everyone dressing up thing during World War II when I was 5-10 years old.

We dressed for church. Walked to and back from church as a family. Everyone smiling and exchanging hellos with neighbors and friends.

Followed by Easter Sunday dinner. Exceeded only by Christmas dinner.

The ladies wore hats. New ones, big ones, little ones, frilly and flowered.

I recall Easter Sundays in the 1960’s. Married with four little ones. We all dressed, went to church, and then to a huge family dinner.

The historical Easter Sunday and the one I knew is no more. A thought to be constant having disappeared. No one dresses as they did. Hats, what hats? Few families go to church together. Few go to church. The big meal, rare.

I am glad I was fortunate to have lived through those times. The memories real and warm.

My friends, whatever way you celebrate Easter Sunday, whatever you wear, whatever you eat, enjoy the day. This is what it is. Not bad, not as good, just the way it is.

Happy Easter!


Hello goodbye auf weider sein goodbye.

I hate to go.

Thank you Sound of Music.

The title of today’s blog is the message. I have to take a bit of a hiatus. I am preparing for surgery. The blog absorbs too much of my time under the circumstances.

Today’s message is the last blog I shall prepare for a while. Roughly two months.

In the meantime, what to do to keep my friends interested.

This blog is 15 years old. It has grown beyond my expectations. I want my readers to be available when I return.

Fifteen years is a lot of blogs. More than 5,000.

A solution has been arrived at. Sloan three times a week will select one of the old blogs at random and reconstitute it as that day’s blog.

The three days a week are tuesday, thursday and sunday. “Her first blog” will appear this coming sunday and continue as indicated thereafter.

I thought an at random reading of a 5, 10 or 15 year old blog might prove interesting and rekindle some old memories.

Hope you enjoy the new format till I return!



COVID cases are on the rise. Like a roller coaster. Up and down. Every time it appears the virus has been beaten, it returns.

The New York Times reports as of sunday, 31 new cases had been recorded nationwide. A 3 recent increase over the previous 2 weeks.

Philadelphia one of the communities hit. City officials are not going to delay this time. The City has reinstituted indoor mask wearing in public places. The rule goes into effect 4/18.

The new COVID White House czar Ashish Jha issued a statement that the country should not be “excessively concerned” at the moment.

American universities are becoming so, however. Better safe than sorry. Many are reinstating mask mandates.

The female oracle of wisdom Marjorie Taylor Greene defends January 6 because “it only happened one time.”

I murder someone. Do I get off because “it only happened one time?”

I rape a woman. Do I lack in responsibility because “it only happened one time?”

I had sex with a child. Do QAnon and the courts find such acceptable because “it only happened one time?”

As far as Greene is concerned, anyone’s first crime gets a don’t go to jail card.

I do not believe my hypotheticals fly because of Greene’s statement. She only wants January 6 wrongdoers to get the don’t go to jail card.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump recently testified willingly before the January 6 Committee. At first, I thought it was to save their asses from the tsunami that may follow.

I have now changed my mind as to the why.

It was announced yesterday what I assume Jared and Ivanka knew was coming: Saudi Arabia was committing $2 billion to fund Jared’s fledgling investment fund.

The Saudi monies come from a fund led by the Saudi Crown Prince. Jared’s very good friend.

A Panel screens investments made by Saudi’s leading Prince. The Panel did not approve of the investments.

The Prince overruled the Panel.

Leaves me with a concern as to why. Raises the question in my mind also as to whether any portion of the money will find its way into Donald’s pocket.

Other concerns.

Jared will receive $25 million a year for managing the fund. It will not mater whether the fund made any money.

Jared has no experience in investment funding. His experience, for whatever it is worth, is in real estate.

The Prince’s investment fund acquired 28 percent of Jared’s investment fund. In other words, the $2 billion bought them a 28 percent interest in Jared’s business.

Amazing! Jared’s new company which has nothing picks up $2 billion and Jared gets a guaranteed $25 million a year for his personal use.

Rocky Mountain, Virginia police officer Thomas Robertson was convicted by a federal jury for his role in the January 6 riot. Guilty of multiple charges including obstruction of Congress on January 6 as Congress was to count Electoral College votes.

Proof during the trial included harmful footage of the mob Capitol scene and testimony from a co-defendant who once served with Robertson on the Rocky Mountain police force.

A touch of the Keys.

Renovation of the Old Seven Mile Bridge complete. The old part had been retained when the new one built years ago. It became a place for people to walk, ride bicycles, etc. Best for standing along a rail people and water watching.

The renovation took 7 years.

Tuesday again. Comes around swiftly each week.

This evening at 9 Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. A quick half hour of me ranting and raving about what occurred the past week.

Join me in this interesting blog talk radio show. Guaranteed you will enjoy.

Enjoy your day!








My father was born April 10, 1914. He died 10 years ago at age 98.

Donna and my Dad have the same birthday. April 10. We discussed it at lunch last week.

I spent some time saturday (April 9) thinking about my Father, our experiences, etc.

I never thought of him sunday the 10th. Just plain forgot! I forget a lot these days.

Lynda Frechette reminded me. She e-mailed me yesterday. Remembered my Dad in her blog. Also mentioned that Donna and Dad shared the same birthday.

I think I was a good son. It’s the aging. My father forgot a lot as he got older.

Physical problems can be genetic. I have a few of my father’s physical problems also. Among them, aortic valve and parathyroid tumors.

Happy birthday, Dad! Better late than never. Tell Mom I love her too.

The final day of the Masters got exciting on the back 9.

Twenty six year old Scottie Scheffler won. Things got close. Cameron Smith made a run for it. Till he put his ball in the water and took a couple of extra putts on the same hole.

The Masters was Scheffler’s 4th win in his last 6 starts. He was #1 ranked before the Masters and obviously still is.

He earned $2.7 million by winning the Masters.

Tiger Woods finished all four days. A feat! He did not score well. Not important, however. Finishing was. His body appeared beat up when he completed the final round yesterday. He was walking as if in pain.

Strange things happen.

A baby seal was found wandering in a traffic circle in Southampton.

My first thought was the seal was a pet of one of the rich and famous who have homes in the Hamptons and had wandered away. Not the case. Seals are common in the Hamptons in the “human season,” the summer time.

I have spent many occasions in the Hamptons. Sailed in and lived on the boat. Drove in and spent a few days in a hotel. Never saw a seal, never heard anyone talking about them.

Turns out they are commonplace summers. They follow certain fish north and enjoy them for meals. This seal apparently came north a little early.

I live and learn.

Ligri Payyappilly is a Catholic nun helping in Ukraine. Originally from India. The Sister operates a shelter for 75 women and children and 50 elderly at her convent at Mukacaevo in western Ukraine.

She reports war hit Ukraines are hungry and frustrated. Russian soldiers loot their homes for food and rape the women. Sister says the Ukraines so attacked are “hungry, angry and frustrated.”

Trump loses most of the lawsuits he brings. I suspect for two reasons. His cases stink. They are without basis. The other he has a reputation of rarely paying his attorneys. As is commonplace in all areas of endeavor, you get what you pay for.

Trump recently brought a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and other prominent Democrats for alleged false statements made during the 2016 election. Trump says Clinton, etc.’s representations that Trump and Russia were involved together were false.

Trump sued the case in Florida. I assumed because he now lived in Florida. Appears not to have been the case.

The case was assigned to Federal District Court Judge Middlebrooks. He has been a federal judge 25 years.

Trump’s sole ground for seeking the Judge’s recusal was that he was nominated to the federal bench by then President Bill Clinton.

Judge Middlerbrooks has issued his decision re the recusal request. In a most judicious way, Middlebrooks referred to Trump as a moron, without using the word. Two reasons exemplify Middlebrooks’ reasoning.

Trump filed the lawsuit in the Fort Pierce Division. Only one federal judge sits in the Fort Pierce Division. As a result, other judges are routinely assigned to handle his load.

The sole judge was nominated by Trump in 2020. Talk about “judge shopping!”

Typical of Trump. Always expecting judges he appointed to do what he wants. He forgets some do have a sense of honor and ethics.

It was a role of the dice so to speak that caused the case to end up before Middlebrooks.

In support of Trump’s motion to recuse Middlebrooks, his attorneys cited 4 cases as authority for Trump’s position. Turns out one of the cases actually supported a denial of Trump’s request.

Trump probably retained the services of a less than careful attorney. He got what he paid for. Assuming he paid anything at all.

I love it!

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Women are the property of their husbands. Before I go further, not something I believe. But many others do.

This topic begins with Judge Jackson’s confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee. A Senator ask the Judge to define “woman.” Jackson adroitly passed the question off. She was not going to be dragged into GOP culture wars.

Marjorie Taylor Greene next.

One tough lady. Mentally sick, also. I was surprised what she recently said regarding women: “They are weak and the property of their husbands.” Later she added again: “We are the weaker sex.”

Surprising! This woman believing women the property of husbands, women inferior to their husbands.

Interestingly the Bible supports Greene more than 100 times. A few references follow.

“I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet.” 1 Timothy 2:12

“Wives submit to your husband’s, as is fitting in the Lord.” Colossians 3:18

“Wives submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church…..Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit in everything to their husbands.” Ephessians 5:22-24

“But I want you to understand that the head of every man is Christ, then head of a wife is her husband, and the head of Christ is God.” 1 Corinthians 11:3

The following Biblical reference has nothing to do with the issue at hand. However, it has application in many households today: “It is better to live in a corner of the housetop than in a house shared with a quarrelsome wife.”  Proverbs 21:9

Local newspapers are constantly reporting re the Florida housing crisis. Especially the one existing in the Keys. One recent article was titled: Housing Affordability Crisis.

A thrust of the article were the unprecedented rent increases – up to 30 percent in a year.

An abomination!

Drug parties in Keys waters. Not actually parties. More like a drug pickup failed or the Coast Guard was catching up and the goods had to be thrown overboard.

This past week just short of 70 pounds of drugs washed upon Keys shores. Nineteen pounds of cocaine, 49 pounds of marijuana. Estimated value $193,000.

Justice Breyer will soon leave the Supreme Court. He recently noted the dissent among its members. The Court not jambalaya.

Justice Breyer’s admonition: Justices should leave their politics at the door when they put on their robes.

Vanity Fair’s Bess Levin reported on a recent Trump interview by the Washington Post’s Josh Dowsey. The interview took place at Mar-a-Lago and lasted 45 minutes.

The Washington Post article reported Trump is “still a lying sociopath.”

Among other things, Trump said he regretted he was unable to march with the rioters to the Capitol on January 6: The “Secret Service said I couldn’t go. I would have gone there in a minute.” I question the truthfulness of the statement.

The interview was described as “a dazzling array of bullshit, lies, pathological narcissism, and a clear picture of what it will be like if Trump were reelected in 2024 and return to the White House for a second term, ie. so, so much worse.”

Syracuse University’s Carrier Dome receiving $20 million from the State of New York. The budget item was passed last night by the New York Legislature.

The monies will help complete the next phase of the Dome’s renovations. Items involved include replacement of aluminum benches with an individual seating configuration and the installation of 5G technology throughout the Dome.

There are “special geniuses” in this world.

Take for example Vaughan Smith, age 46. He is a Washington, D.C. carpet cleaner. Scrubs rugs for $20 per hour.

Vaughan speaks 37 languages. Twenty four of them well. He can read and write 8.

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