Ron, you’re coming out a complete failure! Great job! It unquestionably helped make you better known to the American public. The last person this country needs as President.

Musk is doing well with Twitter. Destroying Twitter.. You did well with Twitter, also. The show/your performance contributed vastly to making America further aware you are not the man for the job!

Twenty minutes late! Great opening. If you can’t get your announcement to run timely, how can you run the government?

The whole purpose of a Presidential announcement is to get attention. DeSantis, you got it last night. Negative attention! The screw up was prime time news afterwards and this morning.

Three hundred thousand listeners is nothing to brag about.               

The servers crashed. So they say. Understandable. Musk’s people should have been aware of the possibility. The crash does not speak well for Twitter, Musk or DeSantis.

DeSantis is ruining Florida. He does not seem aware. Florida is going down the tubes. His popularity will reflect the same in his next gubernatorial race. It will not show in a Presidential race because he will not be the Republican candidate.

Price gouging by military contractors is skyrocketing. They are taking advantage of the need for planes, submarines and missiles because of the Ukraine and Taiwan problems.

The gouging is out of hand. The Department of Defense and Congress must become more aggressive in dealing with it. Especially Congress. Congress should get off their asses and do something. Like putting America first and their pocketbooks second.

God is good! What follows a perfect example.

A paralyzed man now walks because of a device that connects his brain and spinal cord. All the man has to do is think he is walking and he walks! That simple! Amazing!

Gert-Jan Oskam, now 40, was paralyzed 12 years ago. Legs totally paralyzed, arms partially. The spinal cord in his neck had been damaged in an accident.

He now walks with connective electrodes in his brain and spinal cord which makes his body walk when he thinks walking. 

Recall Amanda Gorman. The lovely black college student who delivered a poem at Biden’s inauguration. Her poem has been banned at a Miami-Dade elementary school library. Its reading limited to middle school.

The poem part of the book authored by Gorman titled “The Hill We Climb.” The objectionable words: “Somehow, we’ve weathered and witnessed / A nation that isn’t broken but simply unfinished.” The complainant one woman. A mother of 2 children in the school. Daily Salinas complained it suggested violence. She also thought Oprah Winfrey wrote the poem.

Salinas has ties to Proud Boys and Moms For Liberty. She is also an avid DeSantis supporter.

What bullshit! What a waste! Ban guns, not books. Especially not Amanda Gorman’s fine work.

When I was practicing law in Utica, I needed to do some deep historical research on an issue. Went to the local library and took out several books. Kept them for 3 months, 2 more than the permitted 1 month. I returned the books on a monday evening when the library was open. Crowded. I waited in line. Knew I had to pay a fine.

The librarian was a tiny distinguished elderly matron. Metal rimmed glasses sitting on the tip of her nose. When my turn came, she loudly berated me for being late. It was embarrassing. I quietly accepted my punishment, paid the fine and left.

Never returned again.

What the librarian did not know and I did not mention was the money I had raised for the library over the years. Big dollars. The library could not have remained open without the monies raised. She would not have had the job.

As I was walking out the door I could not help but laugh to myself. The whole situation was amusing. I deserved what I got. And yes, I did continue to raise money for the library and I’m sure the little old lady never knew.

Which brings me to a late book return to another library. The St. Helena Public Library in California. Ninety six years late.

The book was A history of the United States by Benson Lossing. Due to be returned February 21, 1927.

The fine? No fine. The library had ceased charging for overdue books in 2019. Had the nickel a day fine still been in effect, the charge would have been $1,756.

Hurricane season close, but not here yet. Nevertheless, a pre-season hurricane may hit South Carolina this weekend as a tropical storm.

There was a comment by a Miss Kitty in the Miami Herald yesterday: “God help me! Some women will have to dress in long skirts and aren’t allowed to work, just have babies that they can’t abort.”

You never know.

Enjoy your day!


Before I vent re an issue that is bugging me no end this morning, permit me to share a photo of good friends Don and Chris. Key West visitors 3 or 4 times a year for the past 15 years. The pic is of us enjoying dinner at La Te Da last week. Great people!


Lou and friends


Now for the nitty gritty.

Last week, the NAACP issued a Florida travel advisory. The NAACP recommended people consider Florida’s policies on diversity and race under DeSantis when thinking of traveling to Florida.

Earlier, travel advisories had emanated regarding Latinos and LGBTQ members.

This week Rick Scott issued a travel advisory for “socialists,” one “openly hostile to socialists and their enablers.”

The comment anti-Biden. Scott said, “Any attempt to spread the oppression and poverty that socialism brings will be rebuffed by the people of Florida…..Travelers should be aware that attempts to spread socialism in north Florida will fail and be me t with laughter and mockery.”

Scott claims Biden is attempting to erase capitalism and the system that has brought prosperity to Florida and the United States.

Scott’s compatriot is Ron DeSantis. Scott’s statement does not fit when one considers DeSantis’ attack on Disney.

Then there is the “war” being waged on women by Republicans. No travel advisory required for that one. Bombs falling on women all over the U.S.

Note the male state legislators all over the U.S. promoting these wars. Most are elderly white haired. For whatever reason, bigots in their old age.

Latinos and blacks legitimately in Florida are welcome. It is their state also. Those seeking to immigrate in violation of existing laws are not welcome. Whites treated the same way. Rules are rules.

Blacks have been Florida residents for generations. I can only speak for the Key West area as my traveling for years throughout Florida has been limited. Key West does not have a black problem. Residents and visitors exist here. More visitors in recent years. I am not aware of anyone wanting neither their company nor business.

This socialist thing a crock of shit! Republicans use it as another way of describing Democrats. I am a liberal at heart. If it makes me a socialist, so be it.

I am a political animal. I initiate political conversation wherever I can. I want to know what others think. Most people in Key West that I chat with are not MAGA. They are anti-Trump. Whether resident or visitor, rarely do I encounter a Trump supporter.

Drag is an industry as well as a life style. The last 10 years have killed the Key West gay life. Dramatically reduced it. For economic reasons, many gays moved to Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Cheaper to live and better paying jobs. I have never seen a child at a drag show. This DeSantis inspired danger does not exist. Worry more about priests rather than those of the outright gay gender.

How much sicker must we become as a society before the corner is turned and we return to the normalcy of yesteryear? Do not sit idly by and merely observe if you do not agree with what is going on. Talk back, fight back, and vote Democratic in 2024. Otherwise you will be buried under a lifestyle not even contemplated 20 years ago.

A few days ago, it was advised the rain season in south Florida would begin May 15. It did. Rains a bit every day. A heavy shower or two. Then a return to sun and increasing humidity.

At the moment, it is pouring big time. I woke this morning to the band playing. Drums booming. Huge thunder.

Summer is our rainy season. Not bad. As stated, an intermittent shower or two each day.

What I enjoy about a heavy rain storm is it washes my car. I save bucks during the summer. My car is bright and shiny every day.

No lightening storms yet. Living on the ocean brings lightening storms unique unto themselves. Your bedroom may be dark at night. Shutters closed tight. However when the lightening strikes, it sneaks into your bedroom and lights it up like a thousand bulbs. Daytime at 3 in the morning.

Tavern ‘n Town is remodeling its kitchen. A commercial kitchen team doing the job.

An explosion yesterday morning. A kitchen gas explosion. Two workers involved. Both received serious upper torso and face burns. They were helicoptered to Miami.

Seems like yesterday. The place Big Pine.

On this day in 1953, hundreds gathered in Big Pine. The event electricity was turned on for the first time.

Gary Burghoff alive and kicking. Celebrating his 80th birthday today.

You will recall him for two special acting performances. One was as “Radar” in the M*A*S*H* TV series and film. The other as the originator of the role of Charlie Brown in the off Broadway musical “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown.”

Dinner last night at Grady’s.

Interesting discussion with the woman sitting next to me at the bar. Our discussion had nothing to do with Blacks, Latinos, LGBTQ, women, socialists, etc. Basketball the topic!

Pro ball was on TV. Got us into the basketball discussion. She was from Indiana. A basketball freak as I. Brought us around to the Final Four Championship game in New Orleans in 1987. She was there, I was there. Though we never met till last night.

Syracuse lost with 7 seconds to go 74-73. Keith Smart will go down in the annals of Indiana basketball for all time. Even I remember his name. Seven seconds to go. He a forward. Syracuse winning by 1 point. He had the ball about 15 feet out to the side. Falling backwards. Syracuse hands in front of him. He threw the ball up. As close to a Hail Mary shot in basketball as you can get. The ball went in!

I told my new found friend that to this day I hate Indiana and Keith Smart. Now, I even hated her. We both laughed.

Enjoy your day!



Jimmy Buffett has been released from the hospital. Marching orders are he is to relax for a while. Plans following the rest and relax regimen include a fishing trip with old friends. Then some paddling and sailing. Finally back in shape doing what he likes best – performing.

Stay healthy, Jimmy. Key West worries about you. Always.

Cause of his hospitalization not disclosed.

Another shark bite victim.

Incident occurred friday night at 8 o’clock at a dock on Summerland Key. A 35 year old man was fishing off his dock. Caught what turned out to be a shark. Brought it in to the dock. As he was pulling it out of the water, it bit the fisherman.

He was helicoptered to a Miami hospital. The bite was non-life threatening. 

This is the second shark attack in the lower Keys in less than a week. Shark attacks are on the upswing in the Keys this past year.

The Keys Citizen is changing its publication days beginning June 6. Starting that day, the paper will be published tuesday, thursday and saturday. 

I sense no benefit to the reading public in the change. Nor any enlargement of the paper.

Speaker McCarthy’s “optimism” re the debt talks with Biden scare me. He is a man without true power. He lacks clout among those he represents. He “controls nothing.” I fear his MAGA House members will screw him, Biden and the country.

Bess Levin in a Vanity Fair article 5/22 commented on what a Trump second term would be like. The article titled: Donald Trump, In A Second Term, Wants To “Control…..Every Facet Of Life In America.”

Levin wrote: “If you thought the guy went full authoritarian in his first term, just wait for round two. His plans are pants-pissing terrifying.”

Carmelo Anthony has retired. The Syracuse University and professional basketball player announced his retirement from the NBA after 19 seasons.

One of the greats. He led Syracuse to an NCAA championship as a freshman.

He retires from NBA ball as the #9 ranked highest scorer in league history, having scored 28,289 points.  He averaged 22.5 points per game in his 19 seasons. His years in pro ball were spent primarily with Denver and the New York Knicks.

His coach at Syracuse was the now retired Jim Boeheim who tweeted a “welcome to retirement” message to his former star: “I am honored to have been part of your legendary career, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for you.”

Enjoy your day!


Happy monday morning!

The national debt is $31 trillion. The debt experienced an explosive rise while Trump was Presidnet. $7.8 trillion. Twenty five percent of the national debt. All done in his 4 years as President.

Biden no competition for Trump where the national debt is concerned.

DeSantis wins again! The NAACP issued a travel advisory for Florida. Says Florida “has become hostile to Black Americans.”

A new question for the week re DeSantis.: Who’s paying for all his private flights? For a guy with a reported net worth  of just over $300,000, the Florida governor travels in style.

His campaign finance reports, flight tracking data base and corporate records reveal 55 “wealthy, most Florida based contributors and donors” have financed DeSantis’ private air travel. His system simple. Some lobbyists and donors say they have “become accustomed to calls from the Governor’s political aides asking ‘for planes.'”

Tracey Vanderhulst is a 38 year old California math teacher who once was named Teacher of the Year. She was arrested thursday for unlawful sexual intercourse with a 16 year old male student. Police believe there may be more sexually abused students for whom she will  also be charged.

The final round of the PGA yesterday was played as a major tournament should. The sun was shining. No rain. The prowess of the players permitted. A good day for golf!

Brooks Koepka won. His third PGA victory and fifth major overall. All by the age of 34.

His purse $3.15 million.

There were two heroes. Not the usual one alone. The other was a teaching golf professional. Not the usual tournament player. His name Michael Block. A limited number of PGA club pros are allowed entry. Rarely do any exceed. Block did over the 4 days. He was the “hero” during the tournament. Fans cheered him along the way. He was somewhere around the top 10 constantly.

He finished the tournament in 15th place. His playing partner in the final round was Rory McIlroy. By finishing in the top 15, he gets to play in the PGA next year again.

Even more exciting, he got a hole in one yesterday on the 15th hole. The ball went in on the fly. Did not even hit the pin. The crowd went wild!

He even made some money. He earned $288,333. 

What a day for America’s newest hero!

Block is no kid. He is 46. His victory caused him to cry several times.

A quiet weekend for me. Never left the house. Watched golf, old movies and napped. Have to push myself to get out today.

Enjoy your day!


Kevin Blanco is a 20 year old diving fisherman who was attacked by a shark off Marathon. A college student studying to be a doctor.

Kevin was spearfishing 70 feet down when attacked. Experts believe the shark was attracted by the blood from the fish he had already caught.

Kevin said he saw two great eyes coming at him from his side. He still sees them several days later each time he closes his eyes. He describes the eyes as “ugly.” The pain to the two bites to his thigh “excruciating.” The force of the blows like getting hit “by an F-150.”

Still hospitalized. The doctors expect a full recovery, except for a series of very ugly scars.

I spent much time yesterday writing about Jim Brown. The reason being he was a Syracuse University guy. Played football at Syracuse during its football hey days. Great stars. Brown was followed by Ernie Davis.

Brown also played lacrosse. He was an All American in lacrosse as well as football.

I mentioned later in the blog Reiley McDonald. A relatively new Key West friend. Into thoroughbred horses. Buys and sells them. Reiley is one of the largest cosignors in the thoroughbred industry. Deals in the best racing horses in the world.

I made mention of Reiley when discussing the Preakness yesterday. Reiley owns a piece of Forte who was favored in the Kentucky Derby but had to be scratched at the last minute due to an injury. Forte could not run in the Preakness because of a two week rule prohibiting a horse scratched for health reasons in the Derby to run for two weeks. The two weeks ended yesterday. The day counted however in preventing Forte from running in the Preakness.

Mention is made again today because of Reiley’s involvement with lacrosse. I became aware after publishing yesterday’s blog that Reiley and Jim Brown had something in common. Both were lacrosse All Americans. Reiley at Cornell where he played on two undefeated lacrosse teams. Reiley lends a hand when in Key West helping to coach the Key West High School lacrosse team.

Reiley, you are a man of many talents and from what I have come to learn a good guy also!

Staying with the Preakness for a moment, I never got to see it yesterday. My time glued to the TV involved the PGA. National Treasure won. Mage, who won the Kentucky Derby, ran third.

The PGA was very discouraging for most of the day. Rained like hell!

Professional golfers should not be required to play in such weather. No one was able to play their game. Everyone was off. Golf rules will only stop play if lightning is involved. There was no lightning in Rochester yesterday.

Today is the last day of play. I do not know about the weather. I hope it rains not. Let the pros show their true talents.

I am hooked on paintings of Madonna and Child. As evidenced by my first Jack Baron work. Below is another. An oil.



I do not know the artist. I am unaware of its value.

My interest in the Madonna and Child is probably attributable to my education in a Catholic grammar school, high school, and college.

Before the New York State Thruway, traffic from Albany to Buffalo ran on Route 20. A two lane road running east to west. Generally through small towns and villages. Never a big city. Antique shops along the way. The portion I am concerned with began 20 miles south of Utica and ran towards Syracuse. Ending before reaching Syracuse.

I occasionally stopped to check out one of the shops. In old dilapidated buildings or barns. Came across the Madonna and Child in this oil. Three feet by four feet. Canvas beat up. Portions rippled. The frame magnificent. A huge gold one.

I purchased the painting after some haggling for $300. The frame was worth at least $300.

The painting hung in my center hall for 30 years. Beautiful even with the ripples.

I have always suspected the painting itself might have value. Don’t know who painted it, however. I took it to a prominent art museum in Utica. The Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute. Top shelf. World wide reputation. They thought it was a painting on a painting. A student in need of a canvas might have done it. However, they were not able to determine what was under it and who may have painted it.

I always meant to take it to Christie’s in New York for a proper evaluation. I had done so with other works over the years. Never did with this one because it was too large and bulky. Wish I had. The curiosity has plagued me over the years. At this stage of the game, it will be for whoever I bequeath it to to do so.

Christie’s has been an interesting experience for me. Christie’s is an international art auction house. A major operation. I have done business over the years with its New York, Miami and Amsterdam places of business.

Many interesting experiences to share. One involves an oil by Karel Appel. A Dutch painter. An expressionist. Around 1980, I purchased one of his works of a horse. Hard to tell. Could have been a dog. It was globs of paint on a huge canvas. It was perfect for the center stair case in my home.

Thirty years later in November 2014, I sold it. Through Christie’s. Left it in their hands to decide everything. They ended up selling it at their Amsterdam auction house for eight times what I had paid for it years earlier.

The whole process exciting!

The rainy season has begun. The weatherman says rain every day this week. The anticipated weather described as “soggy.”

About 10 days left till the debt ceiling becomes the problem of all problems. The House MAGA Republicans are a devious bunch. They care less about the health of the country and its citizens.

I believe in Biden. He will out fox them in the end. Horrible we have to go through this bullshit.

Enjoy your Sunday!



Jimmy Buffett is in a hospital in Boston. A surprise hospitalization. He stopped in for a scheduled check-up. Hospitalized immediately. An issue was discovered that required immediate attention.

Buffett is 76. He joked, I agree: “Growing old is not for sissies, I promise you.”

Don’t I know! It doesn’t get any better as the years add on.  At 87, I have learned that each year brings new and additional problems. Thank God for the medical profession!

Last year it was ankle swelling for 7 months. Took that long to resolve. Pain horrible.

A couple of weeks ago, I began my annual series of physical check-ups. Felt good. Not good. I have had heart problems for 20 years. Watched and regulated. Recent physical showed serious progression. I am into my third week of doctor visits and tests. Still ongoing. Tests to determine what to do. Surgery, no surgery.

Hang in there Jimmy! You’ll make it. Keep doctoring. No choice, but will keep you alive and doing what you enjoy most…..performing. Keep taking the pills they prescribe. They grow in number. I now take 13 a day. Happy to be down to 13. For a while, it was 17.

Jim Brown died. He was 87. Makes me a bit nervous. I am 87.

I have always been a fan. Brown a Syracuse University student 1954-56. One of SU’s outstanding athletes. One of America’s football greats. One of the greatest running backs ever collegiately and professionally.

At Syracuse, Brown was  an All American. Then a first round sixth pick in the NFL draft. A Hall of Famer.

He excelled in other sports also while at Syracuse. A multi-sport athlete: Football, lacrosse, basketball and track.

All American and Hall of Famer in lacrosse. He dominated the game. Rules were changed to overcome his prowess. An example of such a rule change resulted in a player being required to keep his stick in constant motion when carrying the ball (instead of holding it close to his body).

He was the second highest scorer in his SU sophomore year on the basketball team.

Brown became a movie actor at some point. Appeared in more than 50 films. Films included The Dirty Dozen, The Split, Ice Station Zebra, 100 Rifles, and The Running Man.

He was involved in all sorts of things. Posing an example. In a 1974 issue of Playgirl magazine, he was shown nude. He permitted a full frontal nude picture.

In 2002, the Sporting News elected Brown the greatest football player of all time. In 2020, ESPN named him the greatest college football player of all time.

May he rest in peace.

The debt ceiling problem continues to concern me. The House Republicans cannot be trusted. Nor can Trump. Her issued a tweet yesterday telling the Republicans  not to give an inch.

Prince Harry and Meghan. I was right in questioning the paparazzi chase in New York City. Turns out it was manufactured and over emphasized. Reported to have been “mildly preposterous.”

No wonder the English are not happy with Harry and Meghan. Such claims/games don’t fly in the U.S. Keep it up and they’ll have to find another country to live in.

Nebraska Republican legislators voted to restrict abortion and transgender care for minors. The Governor says he will sign the bill.

Under the bill, abortions are limited to 12 weeks. Care for transgender children are slapped with all kinds of restrictions. Makes me wonder how the legislators find it proper to prohibit/limit care for children. Christians they are not.

Rory McIlroy has not played well in the last 2 tournaments he competed. He is not playing anywhere near his best in the PGA. 

He reported yesterday he is not feeling well. Not an excuse. He is a class act. However, he is concerned about his health. He wears some sort of medical device that tells him when certain of his body are not functioning properly. He reported last night his numbers are off indicating a problem. However no problem has manifested itself as yet.

He made the PGA cut. Lets see what happens in the next 2 days both with his play and monitor readings.

A message to our Florida elected legislators. Today’s Citizens’ Voice: “Actually, what is more sad is that some people are so sanctimonious that they feel it is proper to pass judgment on how parents choose to raise their very own children, without even knowing them. How about you raise your children and let others raise theirs.”

DeSantis says he wants to make America like Florida. Lord help the USA! He has screwed Florida up big time.

While getting a pedicure yesterday, Bobby Mongelli walked into Lee Nails. His wife and daughters are customers and he was delivering to one of the manicurists a large bag of fresh strawberries. Bobby has maintained a garden for years where he grows fruits and vegetables.

He came over to say hello and chat a bit. Told me his wife has been after him for years to get pedicures. He says his feet hurt and she claims they will feel better if he treats them with pedicures on a frequent basis. I told him I agreed, have been getting pedicures for more than 40 years.

Having seen me enjoying a pedicure, he may now feel it is not unmanly and get one.

The Preakness today. Forte will not be running. Rules require a horse that is withdrawn from the Kentucky Derby for health reasons must wait 2 weeks before running again. The 2 weeks ends today. Rules prohibit Forte from running.

Boys Night Out Reiley McDonald  owns a piece of Forte. I’m sure he is disappointed that the best horse that did not win the Kentucky Derby will also not win the Preakness.

There’s always the Belmont!

Enjoy your day!


Jimmy Buffett in a Boston hospital. It was discovered Buffett had a medical condition that required his immediate hospitalization. No further information available, other than a weekend concert has been canceled.

Another shark attack. This one in Marathon. A 20 year old Miami-Dade man hospitalized following an attack while spearfishing.

The incident occurred at 3 pm yesterday. The man was helicoptered from the Seven Mile Bridge to to the Jackson South Medical Center in Miami.

Further details unavailable.

A major celebration this evening! A big deal! Monroe County is 200 years old. Its birthday being celebrated tonight at 7 pm at the Seven Mile Bridge. Promised to be “an unforgettable event.”

Sunset is at 8:05 pm. At that instant, a toast will be made acknowledging the celebration.

My computer ineptness just exhibited itself. Thought I had the photo of Jack Baron’s last painting in place. Went to move it 2 lines and lost it! Can’t find it. Will have to wait till Sloan returns from Costa Rica to share it with you.

Kissing. Even in my old age, I enjoy a kiss or two. More, if available.

Scientists reported they found evidence humans began kissing around 4,500 years ago – 1,000 years earlier than previously thought.

Clay tablets suggest kissing was practiced in the earliest Mesopotamian societies. They are also now attributing the spread of cold sores beginning with kissing that far back.

Good job, DeSantis! Not every governor can claim he blew a new $1 billion business from locating in his home state.

A lesson to be learned: Micky Mouse is not afraid of you Ronald!

One of the worst governors is Texas Governor Abbott. What a track record he has developed!

In this morning’s Washington Post, columnist Ruben Navarrette Jr. had much to write about Abbott: “Abbott is auditioning for bully in chief…..If Texas were shaped like a boot, Abbott would be the heel…..Abbott is one of the most horrible elected officials in the country…..A favorite of the National Rifle Association…..Texas could be the massacre capital of America…..Mass shootings in Texas include Fort Hood      in 2009 and 2014, Dallas in 2016, El Paso in 2019, and Uvalde in 2022.”

The last sentence of the article reads: “The only things that endure are decency and character…..Abbott doesn’t have an ounce of either.”

I am uncomfortable with the debt ceiling negotiations. Know very little about what is going on. However, do not trust House Republicans. Find it difficult to believe they are dealing in good faith.

I had great difficulty getting free PGA on TV yesterday. Infrequently available.

Something going on?

Have to move fast this morning. Be nice to Louis time ahead. A manicure and pedicure.

Enjoy your day!


No greater honor for a Key West non-born resident exists than to be designated an Honorary Conch. The designation was officially awarded Judy Blume recently at a Monroe County Commission meeting. Judy is living proof that the talents of Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams live on.

Judy’s books were primarily written to benefit maturing young ladies. Her writings have sold more than 80 million copies worldwide.

Judy at 85 is still going strong. She and her husband George have operated Books & Books for years. Both are available to meet and assist others, always with a smile. Husband George beat Judy to becoming an Honorary Conch. He was so designated in 2006 for his assistance in the opening of the Tropic Cinema in Key West.

Key West is fortunate that these two caring persons opted to settle in Key West.

A strange and unusual event occurred in New York City tuesday evening. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were chased by paparazzi for more than two hours. The event was described as a “near catastrophic car chase.”

No collisions occurred nor were any arrests made.

I find the happening strange and unusual because car chases of prominent persons in New York City are not common. Were it not for police involvement, I would question the veracity of the claim.

Ari Melber interviewed a special guest on his news show last night. Tom Hanks. Can’t get any bigger or better.

Hanks was precisely what one expect. Exuded charm, grace and humility. I felt honored to be able to watch him.

Unusual rainfall causes flooding in northern Italy. Nine persons dead.

The rain especially flooded the Emilia-Romagna region which is west of Milan. Twenty one rivers overran their banks, Landslides and submerged villages resulted.

I am somewhat familiar with the area. I have spent much time over the years in Novara. Novara and the Emilia-Romagna region are separated by Milan. Novara is west of Milan and the Emiilia-Romagna region to the south.

The land is extremely wet. Melting snow and ice from the Alps nearby flow down onto the surrounding lands. It is spring and the mountain tops are melting.

The area miles and miles of rice fields. As far as the eyes can see. Rice plants require substantial water fields to grow. The area delivers rice everywhere. China its largest customer.

The Supreme Court acted in an uncommon fashion this week. It temporarily rejected a challenge by gun groups to a new Illinois weapons law banning assault style firearms such as AR-15 semi automatic rifles, as well as large quantities of magazines. The Court issued a brief unsigned Order permitting the new Illinois law to stand till the entire Court hears the case in due course. Due course is several months.

The debt limit decision must be made in the next 2-3 weeks. At the moment though no decision has been reached, McCarthy and Biden are making kumbaya sounds. I don’t buy it. 

McCarthy’s power is meaningless. A handful of MAGA House Republicans run him and the House. Like Marjorie Taylor Greene. Their intent will be to embarrass Biden. They care not for the effect a failure to pay the debt will cause.

I respect Biden. I would assume he is ready to move forward with a 14th Amendment solution to the problem.

I am genuinely concerned. Sloan is on a sabbatical for two weeks in Costa Rica. I live in fear without her.

I wanted to publish a picture of Jack Baron’s last painting today. The painting is unfinished. His partner Bob Burton it to me after Jack died.

I could not do it. Hopefully, I will have it figured out by tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!




Little by little, voters are turning against Trump. He brings his increasing dispopularity on himself. His basic nature responsible. He does what he wants, when he wants. Cares not for rules and regulations. He is a law unto himself.

Trump recently got the Village People on his back. Bess Levin wrote an excellent article in Vanity Fair 5/16 titled: Donald Trump Hath Provoked the Ire pf the Village People. Levin wrote: Trump “last week earned a new and surprising enemy: The Village People.” The reason being Trump is using an impersonation of the Village People and Macho Man at Mar-a-Lago for entertainment purposes.

Observers are led to believe that the group performing are the actual Village People. The Village People claim such violates the Lanham Act by reflecting endorsement by the Village People of Trump which the group does not.

If Trump fails to cease and desist, the Village People have advised Trump in writing they will sue to stop the music and “use of the Village People trademark image and trade dress.”

Today one of the biggest in modern Constitutional Law history. It was on this day in 1954 that Brown v. Board of Education was decided. The decision unanimously said without question that racially segregated public schools were inherently unequal and therefore unconstitutional. 

Sixty nine years ago. Resulted in an end to legalized racial segregation in American public schools. Separate but equal no longer the law of the land.

The decision was not an easy one to arrive at. During initial conferences by the Justices, not all were for a repeal of separate but equal. Earl Warren was Chief Justice at the time.  A politician by nature and former Governor of California, he told the Justices there was no way at that time in history that the Supreme Court could rule otherwise than the existing law was unconstitutional. The doors to public schools had to be open to all!

Historians report Warren beat the hell out of his fellow Justices till all saw it his way.

The story of Warren and the Board decision is an example why we must stop appointing only Justices to the Court who have previous judicial experience. Too many years in the robes takes them away from the street and how people actually feel, etc. It is time we returned to placing a mix on the Court. Persons of varied backgrounds.

Polyamorous a romantic sounding word. It does involve romance. Non-monogamous relationships. More than 2 persons. Three, four or more. The technical definition is the practice of romantic relationships with more than one partner at the same time. Consensual, of course.

Local governments have begun to recognize the relationship and need for legal rights to be a part of such relationships. The legal rights domestic partnerships have.

The trend exists. Not rampant yet. Growing, however.

Somerville, Massachusetts an example. A community near Harvard. Population 80,000.

Somerville provides public employees with employment benefits. Hospital visits permitted. Local laws passed banning discrimination on the basis of family or relationship structure involving city employees and police.

The PGA begins tomorrow at Oak Hill in Rochester, N.Y. A major golf tournament. Oak Hill the place for a major tournament. Six majors and the Ryder Cup have been played there over the years.

Rochester a 2 1/2 hour drive from my home town Utica. I was privileged to watch 3 majors and the Ryder Cup at Oak Hill. Also, played the course 2 times. Two of the majors were men, one a women’s.

I made it a mini vacation to watch the tournaments. Spent 4-5 days each time.

The most exciting tournament was the Ryder Cup. A WOW! What excitement! People from all over the world!

I will be glued to the TV the next 4 days watching as much of the PGA as I can.

As I get older, I am more conscious of the time I have left. Hemingway must have given thought to the factor also. He said, “Time is the least thing we have of.”

Enjoy your day!



History has many definitions. The one I prefer is the story of events. Generally a written record of important events and their causes.

When writing of “heroes,” the good is shared, rarely the bad. Sad because other than Jesus Christ, the perfect man exists not. We all have pimples.

I wrote the story of John Paul Jones nine years ago. Unquestionably, a hero. Died young at 45. He had his pimples! Enough for a man twice his age. Few are aware of his missteps, however. Our heroes are represented untainted.

I wrote the good and bad, tainted and untainted, re John Paul Jones. Though young in years at the time of his death, his story long. Nine years ago, I wrote only one blog a week. I broke Jones’ life into two separate blogs shared one week apart. I reshare them with you today. The story of a hero cannot be repeated enough. Especially, the whole story.


Part 1, July 13, 2014

John Paul Jones was a man. A man’s man.

America recognizes Jones as the father of the U.S. Navy. During the Revolution, the Navy was known as the Continental Navy. His exploits and leadership in the War exhibited traditions of courage and professionalism which to this day are proudly maintained by the U.S. Navy.

In his first command against the British fleet, he captured 16 British vessels. His greatest victory was as Captain of the Bonhomme Richard in 1779.

His ship and crew were in bad shape. The British commander recognized it. He offered Jones the opportunity to surrender. The term was struck. He was asked…..Have you struck? Jones’ famous response…..I have not yet begun to fight. Three hours later the British commander surrendered.

U.S. Naval tradition perpetuates the following statement which reflects his fighting manner.

I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast for I intend to go in harm’s way.

Jones died in Paris in 1792 at the age of 45. His body was subsequently returned to the United States aboard the USS Brooklyn accompanied by three cruisers.

As the Brooklyn approached U.S. shores, seven battleships went out to greet and accompany Jones to shore.

Today, his body lies in a bronze and marble sarcophagus in the U.S. Naval Academy Chapel at Annapolis.

Recall Marc Anthony’s words to the people of Rome following Caesar’s assassination.

The evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones.

It was not that way with John Paul Jones. His “good” has lived after him. Very few are aware of his other nature. I wish to share that unknown with you.

However, it is lengthy and much too long to be concluded here. There will be a Part 2 to the Jones story. It will be published next week.

Let me leave you with the thought that John Paul Jones and World War II Generals Douglas MacArthur and George Patton were of the same ilk, cut from the same bolt of cloth. Each a supreme egomaniac. Each dashing, courageous, lacking in tact, arrogant, publicity seeking, personally flawed, and brilliant. Each with a conspicuous desire for glory.

The comparison an inkling of Part 2.

Part 2, July 18, 2014

In last week’s Part 1, I shared that which is popularly known regarding one of America’s greatest naval heroes, John Paul Jones. This week, Part 2 introduces the less well known John Paul Jones.

John Paul Jones was born John Paul in 1747 in Scotland. Jones would not become his last name for many years. He went to sea as an apprentice when 13.

Several years later, he served as a crew member on three slave ships to Africa and back. His services were well paid. However, he came to hate trafficking in human cargo and stopped after the third trip.

His first command was the brig John. He initially served as second mate. After the Captain and first mate died from fever, he assumed command.

On a voyage to the West Indies in 1770, he flogged one of his sailors for disciplinary reasons. The sailor died a few weeks after the flogging. The discipline was considered as unnecessarily cruel by authorities and Jones was arrested. He was imprisoned and then released on bail. Fearful of an adverse result at trial, he jumped bail and left the place of trial.

Another incident involving a crew member occurred in 1773. The place, the island of Tobago. Certain of his crew mutinied. It was over advance pay. In the fight which ensued, Jones killed one of the sailors with his sword. Again his fear of not getting a fair trial came into play. He escaped to Fredericksburg, Virginia.

He changed his name. From John Paul to John Paul Jones to avoid capture and return to Tobago for trial.

His bother had died earlier while residing there. Jones’ reasons for picking Fredericksburg as his destination were twofold. There was a need to settle his brothers affairs. Additionally, Jones had a great dislike for Great Britain whom he believed had mistreated the Scottish people.

When war between the Colonies and Great Britain broke out, he volunteered his service in the new Continental Navy. He was awarded a lieutenant’s rank. His naval talent was soon recognized and he was elevated to Captain and received his first command. The sloop Providence.

He distinguished himself in that command by capturing 16 British vessels on his first cruise.

Jones accomplished a previously thought not possible act. He attacked the Town of Westhaven on the west coast of England. Actually landed his men and himself on land.

Invaded the Town. Little damage was done. However he gave the British concern that a Colonial ship could actually invade England.
Jones was a proud egotistical man. He knew better than others. He was of the opinion his record proved it. He found it difficult to get along with his superiors, those in authority.

He feuded with Commodore Hopkins. His boss, in effect. Jones publicly complained that Hopkins was hindering his advancement and talking down his campaign plans. Hopkins retaliated by giving Jones command of a smaller ship and sending him off to France.

Paris was the perfect place for Jones. He enjoyed partying and frolicking with the ladies. He became immediate and best friends with Benjamin Franklin.

Paris was their play pen. Jones was extremely proud that he and Franklin became members of a Masonic Lodge at the same time while in Paris.

In 1779, Jones took command of the Bonhomme Richard where he won his greatest battle and spoke words which resound to this day…..I have not yet begun to fight.

At all times while in the service of the Continental Navy, Jones had trouble not only with his superiors but also with his officers and men. His officers and crew felt Jones fought for his own glory and nothing more. He took them in harm’s way for his personal benefit.

On the first trip with the Bonhomme Richard, Jones commanded a seven ship squadron. Five Naval ships and two privateers. Rank insubordination occurred.

Two captains took their ships and left the squadron before battle.

One year after Bonhomme Richard’s glorious victory, the King of France honored Jones with the title Chevalier. France loved Jones! It was the biggest recognition it could give him.

In 1787, the Continental Congress was to give Jones a medal for his valor and brilliant services. He rankled many by insisting that the award include the title Chevalier prior to his name.

Interestingly while France and the United States were honoring Jones, Great Britain viewed him as nothing more than a common pirate.
After the war, the Continental Navy was disbanded. Over Jones’ objection. Congress felt it did not have sufficient monies to maintain a navy.

A Captain with out a ship. A warrior without a war. Somehow he and Catherine the Great of Russia got together. She was also known as Catherine II.

Russia was at war with Turkey. Russia was in need of a stronger and apparently better naval leader. Catherine said she wanted…..One more bulldog for the Black Sea. Jones was her bulldog.

In his acceptance, Jones wrote Catherine that he hoped his efforts on behalf of Russia would bring him great fame. He wrote her he loved glory and was perhaps too attached to honors.

Jones was designated a Rear Admiral and beat the hell out of the Turks.

Jones became a Russian hero. He did not enjoy the position too long. He had made enemies. Certain Russian elite disliked him. The reason simple. He again was the braggart, the man who could get things done. Glory and credit were not shared by him with anyone.

Intrigue came into play. Russian intrigue. Two Russian princes who were not fond of Jones had him recalled to St. Petersburg. They maliciously assaulted his private character.

Jones was accused of sexual assault with a 12 year old girl. He was charged with rape. He was arrested.

Jones’ mouth got him into deeper trouble. He admitted he had often “frolicked with the girl” for a small cash payment. He denied however taking her virginity.

Fortunately, he had one friend in Russia. The French Count de Segur who convinced authorities that Jones had been falsely accused.
Jones departed Russia a bitter man.

Jones died in a third floor Paris apartment in 1792. He was 45 years old.

His burial procession was small. Nowhere near what a man of his distinction/accomplishments might be entitled to. A small group of servants and friends walked with his coffin four miles to his place of burial. St. Louis Cemetery. The place of repose of the French royal family. A place of dignity and respect.

Not for long however. Four years later came the French Revolution. Louis lost his head and the cemetery its dignity. The beautiful cemetery became a place for the disposal of dead animals and gamblers who had bet on animal fights. The bodies were merely thrown on the ground.

Years later in 1905, the United States desired the return of the body of their revered Naval hero. His body was difficult to locate and identify.

After scientific investigation, his body was located. Jones was then returned with appropriate glory to the United States. His home since, the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis.