A somewhat humorous podcast from the past. Involves Trump and how he enjoys his steak.



I enjoyed a Subway sandwich. Notice the past tense. One a week or every ten days. Stopped consuming them 3 years ago.

There was a national sale advertised on TV. Something like 2 for 1. I do not recall specifically what the deal was. Whatever, Subway Key West in the Sears Shopping Center refused to honor the deal. Even after I politely explained it to them.

Strange, I thought. I telephoned Subway national at several different numbers. Always a recorded voice at the other end. Left a detailed message of the problem each time. Not one call returned. The situation became a “cause” with me. I wrote several memos to the national. No response again.

Finally, gave up. If Subway did not care then I did not care doing business with them any further.

In August, Subway was sold. Turns out Subway’s “discounted deals” were not mandatory on franchises. Took 3 years for me to become aware.

The new owner has said he will “force” the franchises to sell “discounted sandwiches.”

Hooray for the good guys! I shall return to Subway as a customer when I see the new program being enforced.

Busy morning yesterday. An echo test at the hospital. Stopped on the way at Date & Thyme for my morning Monkey smoothie. A quickie since I was on the way to the hospital.

Met an interesting couple. The husband came over first and asked if I was Key West Lou. He introduced himself as Mike Webber from the UK. Then his charming wife, whose name I apologize for not being able to recall at the moment, came over with “I told you it was him.”

They have read the blog for years. 

I wanted to spend time with them. However, I was already close to being late for the echo test. Ergo had to make my apologies and run off.

The Webbers have visited Key West twice a year for years. Here till next wednesday. Would enjoy running into them again. They appear to be interesting people.

Philadelphia has a problem with what the City calls its annual huge Christmas tree. The City refuses to call it a Christmas tree. Refer to it as a “Holiday tree.”

Philadelphia’s elected Democrats are responsible. The City of Brotherly Love seems to be alone in the rebranding.

What Philadelphia continues doing is political correctness carried too far.

It was the Thai bar at 5 yesterday. Met with Steve, Cindy and Ellen. The ladies had spent the day on the boat and in the water.

A couple of drinks and food, together with excellent conversation, made for a good happy hour.

Tonight, The Grand at 4.

Syracuse plays Cornell at 8. I was going to watch the game at Jack Flats. However discovered this morning I may be able to get it free on Tubo. I’ll give it a shot from home.

Enjoy your day!


The blind can see. Impossible. Inconceivable. Yet it is happening.

Today’s podcast is pre-COVID.

You’ll love it!



FSU got screwed! Simply stated. No other way. FSU went 13-0 and won the ACC title. Instead of being ranked in the top 4 teams at season’s end undefeated, it was dropped to #5. Replaced by 2 teams who each had lost 1 game.

The snub an historic one. FSU the first undefeated Power Five Conference Champion to be left out of the playoff since 2014 when the present system was initiated. 

Texas and Alabama, each a one time looser, made the coveted Playoff Four instead.

Something stinks. The stench overwhelming. What has happened does not make sense. I fear money is influencing college football too much. Perhaps a step too far. The truth will out.

Syracuse’s bowl opponent has been announced. Syracuse will play South Florida in the Boca Raton Bowl December 21. Both teams 6-6.

Bowls for teams with 6 wins an example of money’s influence in the game. No college with 6 wins and 6 losses should enjoy a bowl invitation.

Grandson Robert published an article yesterday in Nole Gameday re the reaction of FSU fans and players to FSU’s first Conference Championship since 2014.

New House Speaker Johnson has what might be described as a tainted background which disqualifies him for the position. A position that places him second in line to Presidential succession.

He continues to believe the 2020 election was stolen. He was a key architect in the effort to steal the 2020 election. He supports banning abortion completely nationwide. After Roe v. Wade was struck down, he said his position was that all abortion providers should be sentenced to “hard labor.” He continues to be opposed to same sex marriage.

His “experience” for the Speaker position is his strength within the religious right.

His background prior to politics steeped in MAGA type activities. He worked 8 years as a senior attorney and national spokesperson for the Alliance Defending Freedom. The organization described by the New York Times as the “largest legal force of the religious right.”

He tends to “stretch” matters. He blames abortion for school shootings.  He blames mass shootings on the teaching of evolution. He blames Social Security and Medicare cuts on abortion.

Johnson not the man to hold the responsible position he holds.

Trump’s “lawsuit sickness” extends to another person who was close to him while President and continues to be close today. Stephen Miller has become a “lawsuit machine” unto himself.

Miller heads America First Legal. A right wing advocacy group. He has initiated a significant number of frivolous lawsuits that one legal expert called “fraudulent.” His claim further adds that Miller’s lawsuits’ primary purpose is to raise money from gullible conservatives.

When is the judicial system going to wise up and sanction people like Trump and Miller for bringing  numerous lawsuits with little or no merit?

The Key West New Years Eve Red Shoe Drop will continue. Sushi retired after 25 years. His successor has been identified. Christopher Peterson. He will drop in the Red Shoe at midnight at the Bourbon Street Pub. 

Enjoy your day!

Christmas Eve Seven Fishes Dinner

I am of Italian extraction. My mother was born in Italy, my father of parents who immigrated from Italy. The seven fishes meal Christmas Eve is an Italian-American tradition. From my perspective, the best meal of the year! No comparison!

I write about it today December 3. Why today 3 weeks before Christmas Eve? Because meal preparation begins today for the meal 3 weeks hence.

One of the seven dishes is baccala. Baccala is cod fish. That dry hard salted piece of fish. It needs to be softened and made tasty for the Christmas Eve feast. 

My former wife made the very best seven fish meal. Must give her credit. Her work began today in effect. She would cut up the cod fish into small pieces and place it in a large bowl buried in olive oil, salt, pepper, parsley, and other herbs. Cover the bowl and place it on top of the refrigerator, not in it. Every day for the next three weeks she would take the bowl down, mix the contents and add whatever she thought was required. At the end of 3 weeks and on Christmas Eve, the bacccala would melt in your mouth.

Baked clams were another fish dish. We would enjoy them in a two hour cocktail fest prior to dinner. Together with shrimp. Shrimp two ways. One cold as in shrimp cocktail. The other battered in bread crumbs and eggs and fried in oil.

The shrimp was a substitute for mussels. I never saw a mussel till I began traveling to Florida. I doubt they even could be purchased in Utica back then.

Smelts another fish dish. Smelts fried in oil till crisp. The whole piece, head included, then eaten. Smelts were tiny and thin. About the size of a person’s little finger but thinner. I loved smelts! One of my absolute favorites!

Scungilli. The Italian way of saying snails.

Calamari. Like you wouldn’t believe. My wife would buy the tentacles already cleaned. Being fastidious, she would reclean each piece. She would stuff them with bread crumbs and egg and what have you. Sew each end with needle and thread. Cook them first by boiling. Then place them in a red meat sauce to further cook. Finally, the contents poured over a huge dish of macaroni. Pasta a term never heard back then in an Italian house. The stuffed calamari was to die for!

The final and seventh dish were lobster tails. Maine lobster tails. Big ones. Boiled and then broiled. Served covered with heaping portions of melted butter.

Desert consisted of Italian cookies which my wife started baking about the same time as she began preparing the baccala. She refrigerated them till Christmas Eve.

The meal took a good 5-6 hours to consume from cocktail hour through dessert. Everything slow and leisurely. Family time. Much laughter and recollections of earlier days in all our lives. Recollections especially of parents and relatives dead.

A meal to remember! I have not enjoyed one since 2006. Hopefully will enjoy one more before I pass on.

Today’s podcast goes back to the early days of COVID and the inability to get things like face masks.



Syracuse was decimated by Virginia yesterday 84-62. Syracuse did not have it. Virginia was the better team defensively and offensively. Made 12 three pointers. Threw them in at will. Syracuse shot only 41 percent. Played like a high school team. Mintz only scored 5 points. I was disappointed in Adrian Autry’s coaching.

I watched the game at Jack Flats. Things got so bad, I drank. It was a noon game. I never drink during the day. Two women near me were also there to watch Syracuse play. They left before the game was over expressing themselves to me by saying the game was a “shame” and “disgraceful.”

Syracuse central administration better get its act together. Football and basketball have sucked in recent years. The newly remodeled Dome will never get filled again with losing teams.

Seated next to me were a couple from Galveston, Texas. The husband 76, wife 69. His name John. Hers I cannot recall. They visit Key West twice a year. Have been doing so since the late 1980’s. They were watching Texas play football next to the Syracuse/Virginia TV.

We talked of likes and dislikes. They used to stay at the Pier House till the cost blew them away. Interestingly, they had been to Don’s Place for the first time the night before. Enjoyed their company. They are here till Wednesday. Hope to run into them again.

Syracuse plays Cornell next. Tuesday at 8.

The only State more MAGA crazy than Texas is Louisiana. Deservedly so, Louisiana leads in gun deaths this year. Thirty nine thousand so far.

Remington Arms Company is located in Ilion, N.Y. Ilion is about 10 miles east of Utica. Located in Herkimer County. The County seat is the Village of Herkimer. I tried many lawsuits in Herkimer Supreme Court. In order to get to Herkimer, I had to drive through Ilion and past the Remington Arms plant. A huge massive series of brick buildings.

Remington’s story is one of retribution. Retribution long in coming. Nevertheless due. Retribution for the Sandy Hook school massacre many years ago.

It has been announced Remington Arms will close in March 2024. Its history goes back to the early 19th century.

It is the country’s oldest gun manufacturer. Began making flintlock rifles in 1816. The factory site in Ilion dates back to 1826. Many of its current buildings were constructed in the early 20th century.

Remington Arms presently employs 270. Employed hundreds more prior to Sandy Hook.

 Remington’s problems go back to the Sandy Hook school massacre. The company made AR-15 rifles. The weapon used to kill 20 first graders and 6 educators.

Sad that the small village and its local employees will lose what is probably its major employer. In a sense however, it is “justice” for the Sandy Hook lives lost.

Enjoy your Sunday!


As I walked into Brady’s last night, I heard a loud shout “Louis!” A woman jumped up and hugged me like we haven’t seen each other in years. We had not as it turned out.

It was Laurie Thibaud. The last time I saw her was pre-COVID..

Laurie and I used to see each other frequently back then. She worked at Aqua’s. A Master of Ceremonies. A very effective one.

Five year ago in December 2018, Laurie added a radio show to her workload. She became the talk hostess on Station 105.7 FM’s Party With a Purpose. Several hours a day. Music and talk. Crazy best describes how she ran the show. It was terrific! Still doing it today, as well as the Master of Ceremonies work at Aqua.

I had done a TV show for one year and a couple of different podcasts and volunteered to go on and help her. Turned out she did not need me. She was a natural. Terrific. Born to the microphone. I hung around chatting once or twice a week with her for a few months and then stopped. 

COVID changed my life as it did many others. I never listened to the radio. Whereas I frequented Aqua once or twice a week, especially for Dueling Bartenders on monday nights, I have not been in the place since COVID. So I not have seen Aqua friends like Laurie. 

It was good running into her. May our paths cross more frequently in the future.

Now to my meal. The friday special is pierogis. Love ’em. Enjoyed a dish last night as well as my brief conversations with Carola.

Today’s podcast 3-4 years old. Concerns early COVID days when we had little of anything to combat the disease and were reaching a point where doctors might have to decide who was treated and who was not.  It appeared the forthcoming decision might involve caring for the young and letting the old die.



I was speaking with a friend in North Port yesterday who shops at one of the Publix stores in her area. She was upset with the cost of the small box of Cheerios. An 8.9 ounce box was now $5.69. Hers is a family of 5. All eat Cheerios for breakfast. One box does it for one family breakfast.

Cheerios just one example of how expensive food has become.

George Santos has finally been expelled from Congress. It took too long. The man an avowed liar. Set a horrible example of how politics kept him in his seat as long as it did. The Republicans needed his House vote. Character a long gone trait for Washington elected officials.

Even sadder was that only 105 Republicans voted to expel him. One hundred twelve voted “no.” Scum bags one and all.

Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor died yesterday at 93. She was the first woman nominated to the Supreme Court. Ronald Reagan the Presidnet who nominated her.

Looks like Christmas in Key West. I recently saw Bayview Park at night all lit up. Beautiful! Just one of many places so decorated.

Last night was the Christmas Bicycle Ride. Around 20 showed up afterwards at Brady’s decked out in Xmas finery.

Tonight the best Key West Christmas event. The Holiday Parade. Unfortunately, I will miss it. Cannot park close enough so my walk to the parade would be short. In addition, no way can I stand that long to watch the parade. My legs won’t take it.

Read a term befitting Texas yesterday: A place where democracy goes to die.

Simple things involved.

An example is a black male high school student. His hair is typical kinky. He let it grow a bit long. Not that long. Not even shoulder length Photo showed it was mid neck. Neat and tidy. He has been suspended. He and his family refuse to have his hair cut. Their position is it is natural appearing, especially for a person of color.

A national protest has begun over the issue.

American Catholic Bishops are in a world their own. Neither the laity nor the Pope agree with them. The Bishop’s’ present goal is to depose Francis. Would you believe!

The Bishops have become like their Evangelical brethren. Their concerns are secular and power rather than the will of God.

Bologna’s leaning tower on the verge of collapse. Finally. The tower was built in the 12th century. This is the first time the concern re collapse has been great. The areas around the structure have been sealed off to protect against falling debris. Nearby other buildings are in danger of the collapse also.

Have Republican Evangelists forsaken the True Lord for a False Prophet in their support of Donald Trump?

The Citizens’ Voice this morning claims American Airlines guilty of price gouging. Reported a one way ticket Thanksgiving morning from Miami to Key West was $2,111.

For real?

Syracuse/Virginia at noon today. I cannot get it on ESPN2 on my TV. Going to Jack Flats to watch the game. A hearty lunch, a drink and hopefully a good game.

Enjoy your day!


Henry Kissinger has died at the ripe old age of 100. God bless him! Considered by most to have been a great American. Though there are some that blame him for everything negative which occurred during his years of public service.

Kissinger was Secretary of State under Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. Served in many other capacities. Called upon by subsequent Presidents for advise. He was considered the dominant U.S. diplomat of the Cold War era.

Under Nixon, he was responsible for the detente with the Soviet Union, the opening of relations with China, and Vietnam decisions. The night before Nixon resigned, Nixon asked Kissinger to kneel and pray with him which he did.

Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Not a very attractive/handsome man, he was considered a Washington playboy during the years between his two marriages. Feminist Gloria Steinem claimed, “He was the only interesting man in the Nixon administration.”

Kissinger’s second wife responded to his playboy reputation: “Henry’s so square. He’s always been square.”

I have been privileged to meet many persons in my lifetime. I did meet Kissinger once. Developed no relationship with him. Merely a passing introduction. My cousin Lois had an apartment in the large condominium building north of the U.N. Built similarly to the the U.N. structure. Tall and rectangular.

The building had only 2 apartments per floor.  The elevator opened and one was to the right, the other to the left. I was waiting for the elevator with cousin Lois when her next door neighbor walked out to wait also. It was Henry Kissinger. Appropriate introductions were made. We rode down together.

I was more impressed that cousin Lois lived next door to Kissinger than meeting Kissinger himself.

Today’s podcast goes back about 5 years. Humorous rather than political. The podcast fitting for an old geezer such as myself.



The gag order imposed on Trump in the New York civil fraud case had been stayed while on appeal. The stay has been lifted by an appellate judge. The stay prohibited Trump from adversely commenting re Judge Engoron, his family, and his staff.

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee voted yesterday to subpoena conservatist legal activists Leonard Leo and Harlen Crow. The two provided Justice Thomas with many of the “extras” while he has been on the bench. Trips, investments, etc.

About time someone decided to look into the matter. The Supreme Court is self-governing and obviously was not doing it.

The Republicans on the Judiciary were furious and stormed out of the meeting.

Rosa Parks is a significant name in the race tensions which have afflicted our Nation seemingly forever. On this day in 1955, she refused to move to the back of the bus in Montgomery, Alabama. She ignited the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Henry Ford initiated a major move/change in manufacturing this day in 1908. He began using a moving assembly line to produce Ford automobiles. What took 12 hours was reduced to 1 hour 33 minutes.

The man was a genius!

Toilet paper in the refrigerator. Charmin was suggested.

It has been reported that a roll of toilet paper in the refrigerator acts like Baking Soda. Absorbs smelly odors. The roll good for 3 weeks.

Trump again. On a nutty kick. The man has a twisted tongue as well as a twisted mind.

Trump has called for the arrest of Capitol Police officers who were defending the West Terrace tunnel on January 6. He claims they “beat the hell out of January 6 protestors…..the protesters should be freed.”

Trump was “effectively” the leader of the insurrectionist movement on January 6. What else would we  expect of him? My only thought is why did it take so long for him to come up with this position?

Francis Scott Key recognized and revered for penning what became The Star Spangled Banner. He did so from a British ship at the beginning of the War of 1812.

A Montgomery County middle school is named after him. An issue has arisen. A controversy. It has recently been discovered he was a slave owner. The cry by some is for the school’s name to be changed.

I disagree as I have in the past with things of this nature. Slaves were wealth back then. Most if not all persons of wealth had slaves. George Washington did. Such was history at the time. Stop trying to change it!

Naziism is on the rise in the U.S. Anti-Nazis protesting everywhere. What can be more despicable that Naziism? I say arrest and strip these Nazi protesters of their jobs, etc. However they are protected by Freedom of Speech. A speech that seeks to destroy our democracy. No one asks if Freedom of Speech goes that far. No freedom is absolute.

Our concerns are convoluted. Inconsistent.

Enjoy your day!


The Majority Leader of the Senate Chuck Schumer is of the Jewish faith. He spoke of the rise of anti-Semitism in the U.S. It has been rapid and widespread. He said what Jews fear most is its “normalization and intensification.”

Schumer told the story of his great grandmother who resided in a small Ukrainian community. The Nazis came and gathered her and 30 members of her extended family on a porch. They directed her and the group to follow them. She refused. They immediately shot and killed her and the 30.

Schumer fears the same could happen in the U.S.

An interesting piece of information appeared in yesterday’s Washington Post. Ninety percent of the money for military aid to Ukraine is spent in the U.S. The military weapons provided by the U.S. are manufactured in the U.S. and then sent to Ukraine.

The Palestinians control Bethlehem. They have for years. Many Christians reside in Bethlehem with them. 

The Palestinians have always permitted Christians to celebrate Christmas. Religious services, decorations, etc., the whole works. Till this year. Due to Israel’s treatment of Gaza’s Palestinians since the Hamas attack, Bethlehem’s Palestinians have prohibited Christmas celebration this year by the Christians. Christmas cancelled. Nothing. Zip.

Another podcast from 5-6 years ago. Deals with White Nationalism. Note the familiarity of what was occurring then to what is today and my thoughts as to what might happen in the U.S. a few years down the road.



A plane fueled by fat and sugar has crossed the Atlantic Ocean. Virgin Atlantic successfully made the flight with one of its commercial jets. No gasoline was used. The fuel was 100 percent “sustainable aviation fuel.” It was reported the use of non-fossil fuel such as fat and sugar creates 78 percent less carbon emissions.

Such is the wave of the future. The transition not ready for a today occurrence. The cost of engine changeovers would be too expensive. However, it is on the table for implementation.

Judge Cannon confuses me. She is the Florida Federal Judge in charge of the Mar-a-Lago documents case. Most of her rulings have been pro-Trump. Most without basis in law. So much so that rumors have been circulating of late that the Department of Justice might seek her removal from the case.

Cannon came out with a ruling that the legal world has found shocking. One which destroys a primary defense Trump has been asserting. Cannon wrote: “Trump was not authorized to possess those documents.” Adding, he did not have the power to declassify.

Cannon covering her ass?

Tuberville claims “Admirals and Generals” called him over the Thanksgiving  holiday to thank him for his position in holding up 300 plus promotions. He claims they further advised that what he was doing was not causing any problems.

Washington questions the veracity of Tuberville’s claim and has responded with: “Name the Admirals and Generals!”

Trump recently went after Judge Engom’s wife. His conduct blatantly wrong. Let’s cut the bullshit. Any other defendant would long ago have been sitting in jail for the crap Trump has heaped on the Judge, the Judge’s wife and the Judge’s staff. Wrong is wrong and must be dealt with. Especially in the judicial system. Equal justice does not exist when Trump is permitted to get away with the things he is saying.

Went out into the cold 67 degree weather last night. To Brady’s for Carola’s company and chicken parmesan. Met Rodriguez. He was the chef at Tavern ‘n Town for years. He will be the chef at the new Michael’s which is presently under total renovation. The food will be guaranteed spectacular!

Big day ahead. Monkey smoothie at Date and Thyme, haircut with Lori, manicure and pedicure with Tammy.

It’s a tough life.

Enjoy your day!


I was out yesterday at noon. It was a chilly 74. degrees. Back out again at 4 on my way to The Grand for happy hour. It was a cold 70 degrees.  The rapid 4 degree drop could be felt.

The night was in the high 60s. I slept buried under a heavy quilt. At the moment, it is 68 degrees. The high today will only reach 74.

Understand for we who live in Key West, these temperatures are COLD. Our blood has thinned over the years. 

Tomorrow the weather will return to normal. Temperatures will be in the low 80s through monday.

I should not complain. Checked Utica’s temperature again. The night temperature 25 degrees, reportedly felt like 15.

The hurricane season ends tomorrow. We have been lucky. No major storms this year.

Today’s podcast from 5 or 6 years ago. An appropriate label might be The Disintegration of a Nation.



A sad but humorous experience yesterday. I fell for the first time in a long time. As I was leaving The Grand. The steps got me. A waiter helped me up.

I have lost close to 50 pounds the past year and a half. Doctor says it is good. My pants which were tight at the waist are now too large. I pull them tight with my belt. As I was being helped up, my pants fell. In front of The Grand on Duval! Rapidly pulled them up and hurried to my car. As I sat there, I could not help but laugh and mentally refer to myself as a dumb ass. Buy new pants!

Syracuse beat LSU decisively last night 80-57. Syracuse was ahead by 5 at half time. Outscored LSU by 18 points in the second half. Mintz scored 33 points.

Next game saturday at noon against Virginia. May Syracuse win another.

The Christmas tree in front of the White House like me fell yesterday. Ended up on its side on the ground with all its lights still on. High wind gusts the cause. The tree fell at 5 pm. It was back up by 6.

Puerto Rico has serious health problems. Everything. More people than normal are dying. Its health system is crumbling.

On this day in 1981, the exceptional and beautiful actress Natalie Wood died. She was 43. She drowned while boating. A sad major loss.

Enos was a chimp. He was the first chimp-astronaut. He launched this day in 1961 from Cape Canaveral aboard a spacecraft, orbited the Earth twice and safely returned.

Jimmy Carter attended services for his wife Rosalyn yesterday. Ninety nine years old. He made a sad appearance. Looked his age. Mouth hanging open. You could not look at the pictures of him without feeling sorry for him in every respect. May God take him soon.

Tonight my game plan is Brady’s. I have a desire for their wednesday special chicken parmesan. 

Enjoy your day!


Travel Newsletter listed the 10 Must-Try Foods in New York from Albany to Syracuse. Listed was “Utica Greens.” A class dish which originated in my home town. A combination of escarole, hot peppers, bread crumbs and Pecorino Romano cheese, sauteed to perfection. A part of every meal in Utica’s Italian restaurants.

Chicken Riggie’s also listed. However credit for the same was given to Rome, 14 miles west of Utica. I disagree. Chicken riggies a Utica dish also. Forever, as with the greens. Rigatoni pasta, pieces of chicken, hot cherry peppers, and a creamy tomato sauce.

Go Utica and its great Italian foods!

A retired jurist for whom I have great respect Federal Judge J. Michael Luttig believes the United States will “never recover” from the damage caused by former President Donald Trump and his allies. He stated the efforts to deny the 2020 Presidential election results have severely “impacted” the confidence of Americans in their democracy, elections, Constitution, and rule of law.

Trump and his allies have “hinted” they will deploy the military in American cities in a second term to quell domestic unrest. Such would mark the end of American democracy.

A use of American troops within U.S. borders is a no no. The Insurrection Act however gives a President broad powers to deploy the military to put down violent domestic uprisings. No President has ever invoked it. Trump appears intent on being the first.

Beware my fellow Americans! Trump is not good for us and our Nation. Do not be hoodwinked into believing he is.

Former Senator Claire McCaskill: “Trump doesn’t care about America nearly as much as he cares about himself.”

The anticipated 20-30 inches of snow for upstate New York and Utica overnight never occurred. Spoke with someone in Utica this morning. Yesterday’s snow has melted. This morning finds the sun shining and no snow. A fortunate weatherman screwup.

Monica Lewinsky has written several articles for Vanity Fair this past year. No more the young lady who was engaged in a liaison with then President Bill Clinton. Today’s woman is an intellectual thinker.

Her most recent article: “We the People…..Demand More Amendments!” She recommends six new codicils to the U.S. Constitution. Ones which will add safeguards to bulwark democracy.

Read the article. Lewinsky is perceptive and right on! Covers matters like getting rid of the Electoral College and forging in the long anguishing Equal Rights Amendment with a reassertion of a woman’s right to reproductive freedoms.

House Representatives continue to be off the wall. Now they want to investigate the “traitorsome” Anthony Blinken. They refer to him as a “despicable con artist” who is organizing Arab and European countries around the back of Congress and Israel.

Amazing the mental acumen they possess to be able to come up with these things.

Evangelical groups are in bed with Trump. Flagrantly and without shame. Using religion to support one of the most evil and corrupt political leaders our Nation has ever known.

There is one prominent exception, however. Iowa’s GOP Evangelical Leader Bob Vander Plaats. He is President and CEO of the influential Christian group The Family Leader. He “unloaded” on Trump saying in effect: Trump is conning Evangelicals. He refers to Trump as an “authoritarian tyrant and megalomaniac” who “makes matters worse.” He further accused Trump of “creating lifetime enemies” among people with “his venom and hate.”

Can’t argue with truth!

Grandson Robert Malcom has written an introspective piece involving FSU in Nole Gameday: “Florida State Fans and Former Players React to Rivalry Win Over the Gators.” NoleGameday,com.

Key West’s Holiday Parade saturday night! An event! Miss it not!

Always exciting. Especially for the young ones. Watch them scramble for the candy thrown from the floats. Santa Claus’s galore. So many!

The Parade begins at Bayview Park at 7.

Senator Tommy Tuberville can only be described as anti-American. He continues to down our military. Last night he said: “We’ve got the weakest military that we’ve had in your or my lifetime…..Infiltrating our military is all this weakness.”

If, and I only say “if” our military is presently weakened, it is because of Tuberville’s blocking of 300 plus promotions which are leaving necessary military positions unfilled.

The backlash at his statement was immediate and significant.

Ernie Davis was one of Syracuse’s greatest football players. In 1961, he became the first Black college football player to be named winner of the Heisman Trophy. Unfortunately, he never got to exhibit his greatness professionally. He died in 1963 of blood cancer after a 13 month battle against the disease.


There are many important issues confronting the U.S. Supreme Court. Trump has been making a mockery of the courts. Soon some of his cases will reach the Supreme Court and continue his mockful use of the court system.

A case is now pending before the U.S. Supreme Court. The Court will meet in private conference December 1 to decide if it will take the case. The issue is whether honking a car horn is a Constitutionally protected form of free speech.

What a waste of valuable time for for the federal judicial system and Supreme Court with which to deal.

A pic of Thanksgiving dinner at La Te Da with Don and Chris. I’m getting old and shrinking in the process. I was sitting up straight. I have lost 4 inches in the last few years.


Key West Lou Thanksgiving


War is an ongoing topic. One or more somewhere every year. Ernest Hemingway’s insight on war is interesting: “I know war as few other men now living know it, and nothing to me is more revolting. I have long advocated its complete abolition, as its very destructiveness on both friend and foe has rendered it useless as a method of settling international disputes.”

The “draft” in 1864: All men in Key West between the ages of 18 and 45 were ordered to report for the “militia.” A special commission was established to rule on exemptions.

The weather in most parts of the country is taking a nose-dive. Getting cold! Snow in the north. More coming. Dropping temperatures in the south, including Key West.

My home town Utica already has snow. Low temperatures. Yesterday, it was 39 degrees. Today the high will be 40 and the low 23. Tomorrow, the winner! High 30 and low 23. Plus tomorrow will also bring 6-10 more inches of snow.

I have not seen snow in 17 years. Hope to never experience it again.

Key West was a comfortable 78 degrees yesterday. The cold up north will affect us however as it normally does. Today’s temperature will be a high of 79. The cold will hit tonight. Temperature will drop to 70. Tomorrow, a real impact. High only 74 degrees, low a cold 67.

People who do not live in Key West find it hard to understand that we feel cold at 74 degrees. Sixty seven will be horrible! Especially for me. My new living quarters are without heat.

No podcast today. Problems again. Sloan working on them. Getting exasperated in the process. Word Press working on it also. No podcasts for a few days.

Enjoy your day!


Thanksgiving behind us. Christmas next. 

Key West does it up big. The Christmas boat parade and the regular Christmas parade. My concern today with the boat parades. The Key West area now has two. The Schooner Wharf one and most recently Stock Island’s.

I have done the Schooner Wharf one several times. Both on water and on land. On water, better. More exciting. Good drink, food, music, dancing, greeting old friends, making new friends. 

I write early about the boat parades because the boats fill  up early. Make reservations now. Don’t wait. Spend the few bucks involved. Well worth it.

Schooner Wharf’s is December 9, Stock Island’s the day before December 8. 

I have spent the past 3 weeks with a new place to start my day. The organic food store on Fleming Street. Date & Thyme. Same thing every morning for me. A Monkey smoothie. Don’t know what is in it. All I know is that I feel a hell of a lot better since starting it. Staff nice, also. Always a smile. Remember your name.

Frank Romano and Joseph Liszka opened Key West Fragrance and Cosmetics in 1971. Their business became a Key West mainstay for years. Popularly known as “Key West Aloe.” Walking into their retail outlet could only be compared to what it must be like to walk into Heaven. The beauty and fragrance unparalleled.

Frank and I became friends in his later years. I enjoyed knowing him. His personality was special.

I have a portrait that Jack Baron painted of Frank. Jack’s partner Bob Burton gave it to me when Jack died.

Maya Angelou. Read slowly savoring the words: “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”

Newly elected House Speaker Mike Johnson’s wife Kelly has her own religious beliefs/ideas which are as far out as some of her husband’s.

She founded a counseling company that equated gay with bestiality. Not very surprising as the Speaker himself once claimed legalizing gay marriage would lead to people marrying their pets.

The new House Speaker’s wife may have abhorrent out of touch views. Her friends however are quick to report “but she’s a nice lady.”

More Shakespearian lines which are part of our everyday jargon today: “Too much of a good thing” – As You Like It, “It’s Greek to me”- Julius Caesar, “Such stuff as dreams are made on” – The Tempest, “Made of sterner stuff” – Julius Caesar, “Foregone conclusion” – Othello, “The world’s mine oyster” – The Merry Wives of Windsor.

More to come.

A Julian Assange podcast from yesteryear.



A magnificent meal last night at Antonia’s. Sat at the bar enjoying TK’s company and the seafood fettucine entre.

Met a delightful couple also. Diane and Michael. Enjoy a home on Elizabeth Street. Hail from the Key West of the north Lake Placid. Diane is a Lake Placid realtor, Michael heads a private high school. Parents of five. 

Lake Placid is a tough 4 hour drive north of Utica. Many the summer I visited for a few days each time. As unique as Key West is, Lake Placid is also. Except different. The trees are huge and green. Forests thick. The air crisp. I played golf there several times, swam in its cool waters, enjoyed a different breed of people. Nice, of course.

Yankee Jack has been gone for several years. He used to work the Lake Placid/Saranac Lake region every summer. Had steady gigs there.

An opinion piece in this morning’s Washington Post motivated this observation: At 38, I knew everything. At 88, I realize how little “everything” is and realize also that most younger think as I did at 38.

Rape has always been a weapon of war. It has become increasingly so in recent years. An example is the sexual violence Hamas perpetrated upon Israeli women and children on October 7. 

Cochav Elkayam Levy, head of a non-governmental commission investigating crimes against women and children on October 7, said, “The torture of women was weaponized to destroy communities, to destroy a people, to destroy a nation.”

Pot calling the kettle black. Trump’ comment labeling the U.S. as a “third world country of perverts.”

Syracuse won its final football game of the season. Beat Wake Forest in a close one 35-31. Syracuse finished the season 6-6. Six wins qualifies the team for a bowl bid in late December. Not much to be proud of. However a win and small bowl better than nothing.

The game involved a wild finish. Syracuse staved off a Wake Forest push in the last 2 minutes of the game. Wake Forest got to Syracuse’s 2 yard line. Garrett Schrader got to play quite a while after several weeks on the bench due to injuries. He was Syracuse’s hero passing and running. Responsible for 4 touchdowns.

Enjoy your Sunday!