Today is Lisa’s birthday! My baby! The youngest of the flock!

Happy birthday, Lisa! I love you!

The Ryder Cup consumed my yesterday. All day.

The U.S. may be ahead, but the battle is not over. Not with 12 singles matches scheduled today.

Ian Poulter looked great! Five consecutive birdies! Against Tiger Woods!

I thought Tiger looked good, also. He made several cluth putts. Yet he and Stricker lost to Poulter and his partner. I sometimes think there is a black cloud over Tiger’s head.

Spent the evening with Jenna. We had not been out together in over two months.

Jenna is a terrific young lady. All of 26 years old. Does my ego good to be with her. We have become close friends over the past three years.

Jenna is a TV personality. She does a five day a week talk show on local TV. She is seen from Key West to Fort Lauderdale. Prior to Key West, she was the sportscaster for a local TV station in the Carolinas. She claims she ran up and down college football fields doing her job while wearing heels. She refused to give up the lady like symbol.

We started at the Chart Room. Sheila and JJ there. Sheila dressed in black. It was Saturday night. Looked good!

Then to Hot Tin Roof.

What a surprise awaited us. The place was packed. Just like in season. I could not believe it. Only two seats open at the bar. Grabbed them.

I enjoyed five large delicious scallops over large linguine and greens covered in a light oil. Delicious. It is so nice to be back eating everything!

Jenna had macaroni and cheese.

Hot Tin Roof has sort of a taspas menu, also. Jenna does not eat. Never eats. Runs 5 miles a day. That is why she is tall and thin. Jenna ordered macaroni and cheese. A small plate. Tapas style. She only ate a third of it. Took the rest home.

A cheap date!

Wish I could eat that little! Wish I could run 5 miles a day!

It will never happen! Not at this stage of my life.

Dropped Jenna off after dinner and went over to Don’s Place for a drink. I was looking forward to chatting with Kurt. Saturday is his night to bartend. No Kurt. His schedule has changed. No problem. I enjoyed the company of some others at the bar.

I was distraught to read this morning that two more American soldiers were killed by a supposedly friendly American trained Afghan soldier. What are we doing in Afghanistan? We initially went there ten years ago to get Bin Laden. We got him. We shoukld get out. Now. Not next year or the year after. Afghanistan is not worth one more American life.

It is the old story. You can bring a horse to water, but cannot force the horse to drink. The Afghans do not want us. They do not like us. Screw them!

Enjoy your Sunday!


I stayed in bed a bit later this morning. Watching the Ryder Cup matches. Exciting!

I have been fortunate to have attended a Ryder Cup, as well as several other porofessional golf tournaments. When at the Ryder Cup, there is tension with every shot. For the players and the spectators. The tension factor is with you all day. At the end of the day, I was always exhausted. Wiped out. Think of how the players must have felt!

Even from my bed, I was experiencing that tension this morning. Every shot crucial. Each putt important.

In all likelihood, I will spend most of today watching the Ryder Cup.

Yesterday’s Key West Lou Legal Hour internet show went well. I love doing the show. I am pleased so many watch it. The topic garnering the most interest involved my comments regarding Greece. Since I recently spent five weeks there, I consider myself a half assed authority on the country.

The point I was stressing on the show was that we do not know Greece. It is not like the Unitted States. People think differently. For example, it is considered proper to avoid paying taxes, although illegal. Not the same as in the United States where some taxes are paid and the rest hidden in off shore accounts. Greeks neither file nor pay at all. No wonder Greece has no money.

Tax avoidance is an all Greek game. The government improperly respects the game. The government fails to pursue tax avoiders. Some do get caught, however. When so, they are requied to participate in a Tax Court trial. It takes 7-10 years for a case to be reached for trial.

Greek tax avoidance…..a game all sides participate in!

After the show, it was off to the Plantation Coffee House. Diane woprking. Good to see her again. She had just returned from a one week vacation with the girls in Arizona.

I broke my diet. Enjoyed a toasted bagel! Good!

Did some writing in the afternoon. Wrote next week’s KONK Life article. The article concerns a pet cat that was taken to the vet for a flea bath and ended up mistakenly getting euthanized. The thrust of the aticle has to do with how the law evaluates the loss from a monetary perspective. A dead cat ain’t worth much! No matter how much loved and missed.

When I was driving to the Chart Room last night, I could not believe the water sitting along the curbs and covering the streets. It had rained like hell in Key West during the afternoon! It never rained in Key Havden where I live. A mere 2.5 miles north of Key West. Always interesting how strangely it rains over the island. Lisa will occasionally telephone me and say what a storm we are having! And I will ask, what storm? That is how it is.

Ran into Captain Peter on my way into the Chart Room. He was on his way out.

Emily bartending. Sheila at the end of the bar. I seated myself next to Sheila. Sheila, Emily and I chatted away the next couple of hours.

I proudly broke from the diet once again. Popcorn! Emily popped some fresh. Delicious! Would love to have her make my pop corn all the time!

Met Ollie at the Chart Room. First time. He is Oliver Kopfoid, a local. Works in sewage waste management. A scientist. He is a candidate for the Mosquito Control Board. An important position. The Board is all that stands between the populace and the mosquitos. With out the Board and the work they do, dengue fever would be a big time problem. Instead, it is merely a threat. The Board keeps the nasty critters at bay.

Ollie was interesting and knowledgable. He would make a good Board member.

I was not really hungry. The pop corn seemed enough. However, I thouight I should eat a bit more.

I walked over to the Wine Galley. Enjoyed a bowl of French onion soup.

Larry Smith playing and singing. He is the best!

Overall, it was an enjoyable evening. Returned home around 10 and to bed. Had a very good sleep.

Enjoy your day!


Walked Home Depot again yesterday. Don asked me why I walk inside Home Depot. It’s air conditioned, I replied. Brilliant, he said. He never thought of it.

The rains came twice yesterday. Big time each time. A good two hours in the afternoon. Briefly but heavy in the evening.

I thought bocce would have been cancelled. No. The courts were dry when I arrived to play.

We lost the first game. Close till 10-10. Then the other team broke away and beat us 16-10.

My time to play came in the second game. Only two rolls. A dark black noisy storm came in from the Atlantic. That was it for bocce. Everyone ran to their cars and scooters.

Don’s Place was like New Year’s Eve. 7:45 and no where to go! A spirited gathering.

The rain was strange last night. It did not pour every where. Rained heavy at the bocce courts. A mere sprinkle while at Don’s Place. I was home before 9. My street was unusally flooded. More extensively and deeper.

The diet is over! I decided to put it to rest this morning. Eighteen days and only 7 pounds lost. Insufficient reward/result. Depressing.

Show time this morning! The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Another terrific show! Join me at 10 my time. World wide on the internet.

While jumping around on the computer this morning, I came across an interesting item. Today is a baseball day of note. On this day in 1941, Ted Williams ended the baseball season with a .406 batting average. No one has achieved that level of performance since.

Have to hustle to get to the broadcast studio on time.

Enjoy your day!


Good morning!

A beautiful Key West day to rise and shine to!

Scattered clouds. Sunny. Humid. This is the rainy season. It will rain once or twice today. Hope it does not rain later this afternoon or this evening. Today is thursday and thursday is bocce!

I walked big time again yesterday. Twice up and down the aisles of Home Depot. Took about 45 minutes. I walk at a good clip.

Spent my afternoon writing. Rained off and on. So I worked at the kitchen counter next to the sliding doors. Doors open, of course.

I published another article on Amazon Kindle yesterday. It is the story of a sitting Texas judge who warns that a civil war is coming. If Obama is reelected. The judge believes Obama will turn the sovereignty of the United States over to the UN. He further believes the people will not stand for it and will rebel. The article is entitled Texas Judge Warns Of Civil War.

I published this same article in KONK Life several weeks ago. KONK Life’s distribution is limited Key West to Miami. My readers here are world wide. Thirty plus countries. That is why I republished the article on Amazon Kindle yesterday. To provide every one the opportunity to read it, if they so desire.

Dinner at Tavern ‘N Town last night. A prime rib. Excellent. Kept me on the Atkins diet.

I had a charming companion with me. Lu Kramer. An intelligent person. We discussed many things.

Tavern ‘N Town has a new gimmick to attract diners on a wednesday evening. I had forgotten. I did not go for that reason. But it was interesting. As well as a terrific customer attraction.

At the end of dinner, the manager comes to your table. He flips a coin. If the customer calls it correctly, there is no bill to pay. If not, the customer pays the bill with no penalty. Nothing to lose!

I lost. Called it wrong. Paid. It was a fun experience.

The Chart Room’s Emily had dinner at Tavern ‘N Town the week before. She won the toss. No bill.

Tomorrow, The Key West Lou Legal Hour. On the internet. World wide. Ten in the morning my time. People will be watching the show also from more than 30 countries. Watch, if you can.

Topics include the morning after pill for New York City high school students, a national fair tax, the purported benefits of castration, Florida’s amendment 8 which is up for vote, and more.

During last week’s internet show, I complained of the boulevard construction. A 2 year job. Key West is screwed up big time traffic wise because of it. One of my complaints was that no one was working. The day before in mid afternoon I drove the length of the job counting. Only 6 workers.

This morning’s Key West Citizen has several complaints registered by readers on the page 2 column for such purpose. From 2 to 4 workers. This is a multi million dollar two year job. Work it and get it over!

It is not the driving problem alone. The businesses along the way are being crucuified. Some down as much as 30-40 per cent.

The Ryder Cup starts today. A big deal in the world of golf! The competition will be played at the Medinah Country Club, Medinah, Illinois.

Upstate New York, Rochester specifically, has a golf course of international reputation. Oak Hill. The Ryder Cup was played there about 15 years ago. Oak Hill has also hosted the PGA, US Open and other big time tournamnets.

I did the last Ryder Cup at Oak hill. The whole four days. Somehow I became a guest of NBC. The hotel, meals, transportation and tent were all on NBC. I was not aware I was NBC’s guest till after the tournamnet concluded.

It was an exciting event!

I have also driven to Rochester to view the other tournaments.

The big deal in watching a professional tournament is to be corpoate America’s guest. I mentioned already I was the guest of NBC for the Ryder Cup. In previous tournaments, I was the guest of Oldsmobile and IBM.

The corporate guest thing is important because each corporation has a tent. A hospitality tent. Huge. White. Aluminum poles. Air conditioned. Living room type fuurniture. Sit back in an easy chair and enjoy. Great bathroom faciliites. All day. Breakfast. Lunch. Other foods to pick at. Liquor. Huge TV sets to watch the tournament from in comfort and cool. All free!

Andy Williams died yesterday. Of Moon River fame. He was 84. Close to my age. I spent a life time listening and dancing to his songs.

Paths have strange ways of crossing. One involves Williams and Ronald Reagan. Williams was 8 years old and was part of a singing program with his two older brothers at Radio Station WHO in Des Moines, Iowa. Ronald Reagan was the Station’s young sportscaster at the same time.

Time to walk.

Enjoy your day!


This year’s Presidential campaign is moving rapidly. Tuesday next the first Obama-Romney debate.

There is another first. The first TV Presidential debate. It took place in 1960. Kennedy and Nixon.

Nixon was favored. Kennedy won.

Nixon had the reputation of being a debater. He refused to wear make up. His sweating was obvious to all watching. Beads of perspiration running down his face and dropping from his chin. Kennedy on the other hand looked cool and collected. He was wearing makeup. He also appeared more comfortable with the TV set up.

I know. I remember. I watched the Kennedy-Nixon debate on television live the evening of September 26, 1960. I was a young lawyer. Graduated from law school three months earlier. Married 5 weeks earlier.

The Kennedy-Nixon race was one of the closest in American history. One tenth of a point separated the two. In the end, Kennedy had 49.7 per cent of the vote. Nixon 49.6.

Historians tell us the deciding factor in the election was the first debate between the two. I agree.

I was up and at ’em early yesterday. Did my blog. Then out for a walk.

Walked the Home Depot. Two times. Up and down the aisles. Air conditioned.

Michael was working. For several years, he was my bocce partner. Working now interferes with his bocce playing.

Michael was a bit gutty during his bocce days. Now he is thin and trim. He says working at Home Depot is responsible. He has to wallk up and down the aisles several times a day. He estimates he walks seven miles a day on the job. Without dieting or anything else, he took off a lot of weight. Something like 20-30 pounds. Maybe I should get a job at Home Depot!

We had a nice talk.

Then to Lisa’s. My coffee machine broke. One of those that you put the little cup in and voila…..warm coffee! I gave Lisa and Corey one for a Christmas gift. They did not like it. It was stored in a back room. I asked Lisa if I could have it. Of course. Picked it up. Works good!

Spent the afternoon and early evening working on friday’s internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Lots of interesting topics out there this week. Things are happening all over the world.

I will be talking about the present Greek demonstrations. It was reported 5,000 were protesting in front of Parliament yesterday. When I was in Greece, I joined two demonstrations. Same place. 2,000-3,000 demonstrators. I will be sharing my thoughts once again about the Greek economy which is the cause for the demonstrations.

China and Japan are pushing each other. In each other’s face. I have some thoughts regarding both sides.

Other topics include 5 Guys being voted the #1 hamburger place in the U.S. Mc Donald ended up near the bottom. Plus, driverless cars legal in California, a new preventive HIV pill, a jail segregation issue involving HIV prisoners, Texas saying ok to paddling high school students, and more.

Interesting topics. Join me. Ten am friday morning my time. World wide.

I am into the third week of my diet. Not doing well. Cheated two times by drinking. Should have lost more weight in spite of the drinking. I am becoming discouraged. Not giving up…..yet!

Last week I mentioned the 14 war vessels from various Nations that were docked in Key West for several days. They are part of an international war pracitice operation.

Yesterday’s Key West Citizen carried a picture on the front page of one of the vessels shooting off a drone. Drones are an integral part of the pratice. Amazing how the means of war have changed over the years. And in recnent years, seem to change more rapidly.

Fantasy Fest is on the way. Starts in three weeks. For ten days. I can see it coming. Stores are opening up on a temporary basis to sell costumes for Fantasy Fest. There are already four.

Enjoy your day!


I was up and at ’em early yesterday. Did my blog promptly. Then walked.

It was a big time walk. From Duval Square to Mallory Square and back. Criss crossed some of the side streets. The humidity was heavy. Too heavy. I had to take a break three times. Each time found a business with air conditioning with a place for me to sit for a few minutes.

Spent the afternoon researching and writing. Spent the evening working on friday’s internet show. I have two glass sliding doors in my kitchen. Open onto the deck and pool. The ocean about 50 feet away. There is a counter next to the sliding doors. It is where I work when I work inside.

Last night was exceptionally pleasant to work from the counter. The humidity was gone. There was a breeze coming in off the water.

I was researching a small South American air line that got started in 1920. I found it. But I found something even more important. A part of Key west history.

Pan Am World Airways. Commonly known as Pan Am.

Pan Am became one of the world’s largest international carriers. Then hard times hit. It filed for bankruptcy in 1991.

Pan Am was born in 1927 in Key West. Its first headquarters.

There was sentiment at the time that the United States needed a central American airline. To protect its economic Panama Canal interests. Ergo, Pan Am got started. The new airline provioded air mail and passenger service Key West to Havana, Cuba. The United States government provided the air mail contract thereby making the dream possible.

A problem developed. Pan Am had no aircraft landing rights in Cuba. It was obvious some heavy hitters were required to convice Cuba to grant the landing rights.

Threee of the primary founders of Pan Am were Majors at the time in the United States Army Air Force. Majors Hap Arnold, Carl Spaatz, and John Jouett. Arnold and Spaatz went on to become two of the most important U.S. generals of World War II.

Money and influence were required. Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney and Averell Harriman were the backers. Harriman went on to become an important part of the administrations of several U.S. Presidents. He also served as Governor of New York.

The aforementioned individuals worked out the Cuban landing problem.

The new airline required a headquaters. In Key West. It was located in a white two story building on a corner on Whitehead Street. That building today is the home of the famous Kelly’s Restaurant.

Pan Am began business with one airlplane. An eight seater.

Some 25 odd years ago, Kelly Mc Gillis and Fred Tilman, then married, opened Kelly’s Restaurant in the former Pan Am headquarters. The restaurant is still there today doing a flourishing business.

Kelly Mc Gillis was of movie fame. Movies like Top gun, Witness, and The Accused.

I knew Kelly and Fred back when. Primarily from social gatherings. After Kelly and Fred divorced, Fred kept the restaurant. He also became my neighbior in Key Haven. Lisa and Fred are friends. Fred catered Lisa’s wedding. Did a great job!

That other airline I was searching for turned out to be a German airline out of Columbia which started in 1920. The German airline and the Panama Canal were the influences which gave birth to Pan Am.

Such is the story of Pan Am and Key West. Interesting.

Enjoy your day!


Yesterday was a pleasant Sunday. Nothing unusual. Quiet. As it should be.

Lisa and Corey came over late morning with the grandkids to swim. Robert and Ally are rapidly becoming more proficient. Fish is their middle name. They are in an advanced swim class at the present time two days a week. The classes are held at the local community college.

Hung around the house in the afternoon. Watched pro football and golf. Both exciting yesterday.

I desired a prime rib. The Atkins Diet. Went to Outback for it. Told the waitress bring me only the prime rib and au jus. Nothing else. Devoured the large cut. Perfect!

Ran into Keith and Jen at Outback. They had just returned from a weekend at the Casino in the Fort Lauderdale area. It was Keith’s 35th birthday.

They both expressed disappointment with the Casino. Not what they expected. Few gaming tables. Many slot machines.

After dinner, I walked over to Publix. I run out of food rapidly on the diet. And I buy only for the diet!

Watched the Emmys later from the comfort of my bed. I was disappointed. A relatively poor show. Staid. Boring. The lines appeared to be prepared. Perhaps they should be. However, it should not be obvious.

An interesting editorial in the Sunday edition of The Key West Citizen. About the Navy’s history with Key West. Goes way back and run deeps.

The editorial spelled out some non naval activities the war ships participated in while docked at Key West.

There were 14 war vessels from various nations in Key West for several days last week. Preparatory to a multi nation training exercise in the Caribbean.

Sailors from the ships volunteered many hours of service to Key West charities. The local non profits benefited from their painting, power cleaning, and other work activities.

Warriors. Young ones. Ready to help in more than one way.

Enjoy your day!


I am alive and well this morning!

Full of energy and exuberance!

Hit the bed mid afternoon yesterday and stayed there till this morning. Slept off and on into the evening and watched TV. Then slept soundly from 11 to 5.

Yesterday’s blog provided the details of my energy downfall. The blog also included the little I did yesterday till mid afternoon when yesterday’s blog was finally published..

I have told you what I did from 3 on. There is nothing left for me to relate.

However, more is expected from me and I want to provide more. So…..join me in taking a brief walk back in history regarding this day, September 23.

1779. John Paul Jones uttered the memorable words “I have not yet begun to fight.” The time the Revolution. Jones was Captain of the Bonhomme Richard which was engaged in a sea battle with the British HMS Serepis. Jones and the new USA won.

1938. Neville Chamberlain flew to Munich for that fateful meeting with Hitler. When he returned, he flashed the document Hitler had signed for the world to see. At the same time, Chamberlain announced, “Peace in our time!” He got conned.

1942. Auschwitz begins experimental gassing executions. The event is set forth as a reminder. Lest we forget.

1952. Rocky Marciano knocked out Jersey Joe Wolcott in round 13 to become heavy weight champion of the world.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Big night last night!

I stayed up late. Past midnight. Drank a bit too much. Never felt the drinks. However, I am a zombie today. Which accounts for why this blog is being written so late.

I am permitting myself one night a week to drink on the diet.

My internet show yesterday was a pleasure to do. Hopefully, it was an equal pleasure for all who watched.

Post show comments indicated the most well received topic to have been the Harry Truman story. The one where his campaign train was halted between stops and the conductor told Truman he could go no futher till the train bill was paid. An insult to the President. His campaign was cash short. He had to take up a collection from people on the train before the conductor would permit the train to proceed.

A Republican owned the railroad!

Part of the afternoon was spent writing next week’s KONK Life column. I developed one of the topics I spoke of on the show. The one involving a Rhode Island school district and gender discrimination. The ACLU was involved. The ACLU’s arguments consisted of such things as school girls should no longer be treated as if it was thought they wished to be Cinderellas, and the days of Ozzie and Harriet were over.

I had to FAX 16 pages. Went to Office Max. Long distance. $2 a page! Cost me $32 plus tax for a total of $36. Wow!

My long evening last night started with the Chart Room.

Emily back from her two week vacation. It was a pleasure to see her again. I love her wit and charm! I love her!

Met with my new friends Len and Heidi Bloom for drinks. Both relatively new to me personally. However, Len has been a blog fan for quite a while. They are serously considering resettling in Key West. They owned a Mexican restaurant back in Wausau. Just sold it.

Sean and Katherine showed up. Introduced them to Len and Heidi.

Catain Peter was holding court at the other end of the bar. He had a new cell phone. May be his first. Everyone was trying to help him understand it.

Moved over to the Wine Galley. Larry Smith playing. Lu Kramer there. I joined Lu and her friends. Enjoyed the company very much.

Met John DeSantis for the first time. John is the #1 reporter for the Key West Citizen. Love his writings. I am not sure whether it is his style or the Key West material. Whatever, he writes well.

Turns out John is also a crooner. What a voice! Sang all night. A double bonus. Larry and John!

On the way to my car, I had to pass the outside bar. Maurice and Dottie sitting there. Joanie bartending. I stopped for a while. Maurice is a retired orthodontist.

Dottie was intertested in my Greek trip. She told me something I never knew. Joanie is an actress. Has appeared in many performances at the Red Barn. One role she played two times, ten years apart. It was a take on the movie where a London house wife goes off to Greece to vacation, falls in love with the place, and decides to stay. She leaves her husband of many years back in London. The name of the movie escapes me at the moment.

Stopped at Don’s Place on the way home. Kurt bartending. Had one drink and chatted with Kurt. Kurt is like going through a life change. He is into guitar playing. When not bartending, he is down town playing with the musicians.

I was in bed after midnight. Woke at 7. Had to hustle. Lisa had me babysitting at 8. Robert and Ally took me to I HOP for breakfast.

Later this morning I had a manicure appointment. Tell you how tired I was. I dozed off while Tammy was giving me the manicure. The tired is really a hangover.

I had plans for tonight. Cancelled them. After I complete this blog, I am going to bed till tomorrow morning.

My friend Cheryl Keast from the Chicago area wrote. Wake up! was her comment. Claims her day cannot start till she reads the blog. I was screwing up her day! Love her!

Enjoy whatever is left of this day!


There are times when you can do no wrong. Last night was such a time for my bocce team. We won all three games. Could have beat any one!

We played a very good team. Excellent players. They hung in there. But when you are flawless, no one can can touch you.

Each game started close. Then we would break out and end up beating them decisively.

Jimmy of Jimmy and Joanie fame captained the opposing team. Bocce captains play as well. Last night for whatever reason, Jimmy opted not to play. He decided to manage, as he put it. Jimmy, you were a disaster as a manager. Go back to playing. Good players do not sit on the bench.

Got a haircut first thing in the morning. Told Lori she was fired from trimming my beard. I had purchased the equipment and was doing it myself. She thought I was doing a good job. Mine was the first beard she had ever trimmed.

Then to the Plantation Coffee House. No Diana. A Loretta. Turns out Loretta is Diane’s sister. Diane is in Yuma, Arizona with girl friends on a holiday. Loretta was filling in for her.

Show time this morning! The Key West Lou Legal Hour! On the internet. Ten am my time. Broadcast world wide.

In addition to other topics already shared with you yesterday, I have discovered an interesting Harry Truman story. You will also hear about a $7.2 million verdict for “popcorn lung” caused by a chemical in artificial butter, and Florida having fallen victim to the West Nile Virus. Ten cases, with one dead.

Join me, if you can. I would enjoy sharing my hour with you.

Met Len Bloom last night. From Wausau, Wisconsin. A retired restauranteur, he is in Key West on vacation. He has been vacationing here one week a year for years. He sought me out at bocce. Len is a loyal blog fan.

Len is niow retired. He sold his restaurant. Plans on relocating to Key West. Soon.

Len, you will be a welcome addition!

Have to hustle. Must get showered, etc. and get to the studio on time.

Enjoy your day!