I finally got to watch a Syracuse game this season with another Syracuse fan. A die hard, also. Dan Reardon from Skaneateles, NY. Skaneateles is a Syracuse suburb. Dan and his wife Lisa own and operate a restaurant in Skaneateles. They now visit Key West this time each year for two months.

It is always more fun to watch a game with someone who feels as you do.

We watched Syracuse play Georgia Tech yesterday at noon. Syracuse squeaked a win. 60-57. A good game to watch. Tight. Syracuse did not play well.

We watched at Jack Flats. First time I have watched a game there. A good place to do so! Tons of TVs, a courteous staff, great food. Not the usual sport bar stuff. I enjoyed a delicious Reuben.

We whooped it up! Made noise. No one seemed to care. As we were leaving, several persons said they were glad our team won.

Syracuse plays Virginia Tech Tuesday. At the same time as my blog talk radio show. I will miss the game.

The balance of my Saturday afternoon and evening were spent doing two things. Napping and working on this week’s KONK Life column. The column is researched. I  will write it today.

The column is Things That Concern Me. I vet.

Topics include the Trump danger if elected, Flint water, immigration, Zika and GM mosquitoes, Key West tourist problem, citizens on the path to destroying  America, government military waste, destruction of the middle class, and the cost of a college education.

Each topic short and to the point. Revealing and hard hitting.

One of Key West’s best weekends yesterday and today. The annual Key West Craft Show. On Whitehead. One white tent after another with magnificent works for viewing and buying. Always a fun time, a good time.

This year I will miss the Craft Show. Too much on my plate this weekend. Those of you who have the time will be pleased you attended.

Weather improving today. Going to 75 degrees. Will stay warm the rest of the week.

Back to shorts and a tee shirt.

Harry Truman. Harry Truman loved Key West and Key West loves Harry Truman. I know. I am redundant in that I mention the relationship each time I write about Truman.

This date is significant in history as it involves Truman.

On this date in 1950, Truman announced his support for the development of the H-bomb. The hydrogen bomb. Also known as the hell bomb. A bomb hundreds of time more powerful than the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The hydrogen bomb was Truman’s second with nuclear weapons. His first was authorizing the dropping of atomic bombs on the two Japanese cities.

Truman has to be recognized for having the will power and mental acumen to move ahead with the two bombs.

Many criticize his having dropped the atomic bombs. People forget that the fear of nuclear weapons is what has deterred World War III. Especially during the Cold War. It kept the U.S. and Russia in line.

The Middle East bothers me, however. These people are crazy. Without control.

Enjoy your Sunday!



Keys governmental representatives are quick to react. I refer to the City Commission, County Commission and Mosquito Control Board. They fail to look before they leap.

A huckster comes into town peddling a cure all product. Local governments leap at the opportunity to buy.

I recall two years ago when the Mosquito Control Board wanted to enter into some sort of arrangement with a company called Ozitec whereby genetically modified mosquitoes would be released over the lower Keys. A sure cure all for dengue fever! How many cases of dengue fever have we had since 2,000?

The genetically modified mosquitoes were untested. They were to be tested in Brazil. Perhaps somewhere in Africa.

I was opposed. Silently. I did make mention in this blog at the time that the Keys should not be a testing ground for an experimental product.

My recollection is the Mosquito Control Board was in favor of Oxitec’s genetically modified mosquitoes because of budget savings that would result. Sounds a lot like Flint water!

My friend Ollie from the Chart Room was opposed. Ollie by education and experience knows about these things. He even went door to door having a petition signed asking the Mosquito Control Board to cease and desist. Ollie said the mosquitoes being peddled were not safe.

Ollie ran for the Mosquito Control Board around the time. He was soundly defeated. What did he know?

My friends, vote for Ollie big time should he decide to run again!

The Mosquito Control Board dropped the idea at some point. I cannot recall their reason.

Why my concern at the present time?

There is an outbreak of Zika worldwide. Zika causes microcephaly. Babies are born with smaller heads containing obviously smaller brains. All sorts of medical problems develop during the course of the babies’ lives.

The World Health Organization is conducting an emergency meeting monday to deal with the problem. President Obama declared massive research is required to come up with a vaccine. There is no vaccine at the present time.

There is strong suspicion that Ozitec’s genetically modified mosquitoes are a/the cause of Zika.

In a certain area of Brazil, Ozitec’s genetically modified mosquitoes were released. In that same area, 4,000 babies have been born with microcephaly since October.

Need I say more.

Let this be an admonition to our governmental officials. Look before you leap. The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence.

On this day in 1933, Adolph Hitler was sworn in as the Chancellor of Germany. It was the beginning of the end.

Syracuse plays Georgia Tech at noon. I will be watching the game at Jack Flats with Dan Reardon.

Enjoy your day!
























The Coast Guard Cutter Mohawk returned to its home base Key West yesterday after being out two months. A good trip! Captured almost one ton of cocaine. Many happy faces. Family and close friends waiting.  In the pouring rain. Wives, husbands, children, girl friends, friends.

The present day Mohawk is the third or fourth so named Coast Guard vessel.

Mohawk an interesting name. I grew up in the Mohawk Valley in upstate New York. Home of the Mohawk Indians. The Mohawks were part of the Iroquois Nation.

An area where important Revolutionary War battles were fought. One being the Battle of Oriskany. The battle took place just outside Utica. It was an early significant victory for the colonists.

Fort Schuyler’s location was squarely in the center of what is now Utica. A small park with a large stone and plaque marked its location. Till the era of urban renewal which covered it over. Its location lies today below a highway.

My yesterday began with the anti-gravity treadmill. Jenny continues to care for me.

Followed by a haircut with Lori. She told me granddaughter Ally had been in the day before. Ally is 10. Lori said Ally is always quiet. Never talks. Strange. She talks at home. Sometimes non stop.

Then around the corner to the Cuban Coffee Queen for lunch. Cuban cheese toast and Cuban coffee. Ran into Frankie the Plumber’s wife Sandy. A wonderful woman! First class! She runs the business. Frankie is in the field correcting plumbing disasters.

I was set up for a big evening. Syracuse basketball, the Republican debate, and Trump.

The basketball game was at 7. Syracuse beat Notre Dame 81-66. Syracuse was a 3 point favorite. Won instead by 15. Notre Dame’s best player was out with an injury which probably helped. Not enough to excuse a 15 point defeat, however.

Syracuse’s defense excellent. Kept the post blocked in. Did well with rebounds. Made 3 pointers with ease.

Syracuse plays Georgia Tech tomorrow. Dan Reardon forget me not!

At nine , I flipped to Trump. Got all of 10 minutes in before I fell asleep. So much for Trump and the Republican debate.

This week’s KONK Life column is Yankee Doodle Dandy. Don’t miss it. An important part of American history.

Yankee Doodle was linked to my Key West Lou website this morning and also appears in today’s E-News Blast. I will be on 104.9 FM radio at 12:30 being interviewed about the article.

Friday. What am I going to do tonight?

Enjoy your day!



Yankee Doodle went to town

Riding on a pony

He stuck a feather in his hat

And called it macaroni.

Yankee Doodle keep it up;

Yankee Doodle dandy,

Mind the music and the step,

And with the girls be randy.

Yankee Doodle Dandy is sung with pride and patriotism today in the United States. It is part and parcel of America and its history.

It was not always so.

Yankee Doodle was born during the French and Indian War (1754-1763). The British and colonials were fighting the French and Indians. British officers were a gentlemanly sort. High society. Well mannered and cultured. The colonists they fought with disheveled and disorganized. Ill mannered. Without culture. Classless.

The colonists were known as Yankees. Of Dutch derivation. Jancke in Dutch. Pronounced Yankee. Even within the colonial body, there was discrimination. The Dutch colonists in New Amsterdam used Yankee as a dismissive word to describe New England’s English residents.

Dr. Richard Shuckburg was a British Army surgeon during the French and Indian War. A bit of a wit. He authored the original words to Yankee Doodle Dandy. The tune itself comes from an earlier nursery rhyme, Lucy Locket.

The song was one of insult and contempt for the colonials. British soldiers sang it mockingly in the years leading up to the Revolutionary War. New verses were added. All intended to put the uncouth colonials in their place.


The words obliviously have meaning. Their etymology interesting.

Yankee has already been described as a dismissive term.

Doodle is of German origin. Dudeltopf or dudelop. Means fool or simpleton.

Macaroni the worst of insults.

A men’s club existed in London known as the Macaroni Club. Its members fashionable in the extreme. Young men. They wore wigs. Unique. Described as foppishness by non-Macaronis. Attire extravagant. Striped silks and feathers in their hats.

They considered themselves the height of fashion. Especially the feather in the hat.

The members adopted feminine mannerisms. They were considered effeminate.

The group used Italian phrases to emphasize their culture. The name Macaroni derived the reform.

By comparing the colonists to Macaroni members, the British were insinuating the colonists were womanish, not very masculine.

Forget taxation without representation. The preceding was reason enough to have precipitated the Revolutionary War.

Then came Lexington and Concord. While marching from Boston to Lexington and Concord, the British fife and drum played the tune and the soldiers sang merrily along.

After the British had been defeated later in the day, Yankee Doodle could be heard again. However, this time played and sung by the colonists. An up yours sort of thing.

Colonists claimed Yankee Doodle as their own. It was especially aggravating to the British to hear when they surrendered at Saratoga and Yorktown.

From then to now, Yankee Doodle has been America’s song. The new country’s first national song.

Some things come back to bite a person in the ass. Yankee Doodle did.



I am not an enthusiast of Happy Hours. Too many people, too much confusion. After a number of years, I did a happy hour last night. It was just right!

Martin’s. Four to six. Appetizers/tapas half price. well drinks the same.

Food outstanding! I had 3 little lamb chops and brie.

Crowd perfect. After one hour, every seat filled. No one standing.

Finally ran into Dan Reardon. Thought he was skipping Key West this year. We are Syracuse fans. When he loved me, we watched games together. Now, no. I watch them from home so he does not bother with me.

We agreed to meet for saturday’s Syracuse game. We thought it was the next one. A saturday game. Syracuse/Georgia Tech. However, there is a game tonight. At 7. Against Notre Dame. Syracuse a 3 point favorite. Surprising.

I will watch tonight’s game from home. A triple header! The game, the Republican debate, and Trump’s solitary debate. An exciting evening ahead!

Dan, lets not forget each other saturday.

Followed up with a visit to the Little Room Jazz Club. Bobby Nesbitt time. Ran into Lynda and Bob Frechette. Bobby always good. A pleasure to listen to him sing.

Then to Sq. 1. I was on the road.

Karen and Aaron at Sq. 1. Had not seen them in a while.

My day yesterday began with the anti-gravity treadmill at Body Owners. New found friend David there.

Hurried to Lee Nails afterwards for a manicure with Tammy. Always a pleasant experience. Tammy a terrific person!

Tammy’s business amazes me. There are few customers. All of a sudden the place fills up. In a matter of five minutes.

I am always running out of food. Yesterday, even bread. Had to stop at Publix to pick up a few things.

Finally got home at 2 in the afternoon. Had to leave for Martin’s at 3:45. Too much activity for one day.

Trump a disaster. Even if he wins the Republican nomination. Lacks the balance to be President. He is a hot head. A harsh one. Too emotional. Appears to lack control when attacked.

Learned something yesterday. The cars soon to come out that drive themselves will probably have a different type steering wheel. A horizontal bar replacing it. Just like cars first built almost a century ago!

Enjoy your day!


Occasionally, the best laid plans of mice and men go astray.

It did for me last night.

Tuesday night is my blog talk radio show. Final preparation and fine tuning in the afternoon.

Nine came and I could not connect with Blog Talk Radio. Something wrong at their end. Frustrating.

Material put together for the show cannot necessarily be used next week. Generally stale.

I wish to briefly share two items from the show with you this morning. They were topics #s 1 and 2.

The first had to do with airport screening. Those wonderful people who prod us, check our bags, etc. at security in airports can make some extra money. The Drug Enforcement Agency pays a finder’s fee/commission to them if they discover large sums of money carried by a traveler.

An incentive for abuse here.

This is not TSA performing security duties. It is fishing on behalf of another federal agency. Not what TSA was established for.

The Inspector General of the Justice Department recently issued a report critical of the activity. What will come of it, I do not know.

Every nation seems to owe China money. The United States, $1.7 trillion.

Ecuador owed China $7 billion. China said pay up. Ecuador said we do not have it. China said ok, then give us 3 million acres of the Amazon Rainforest. An even swap. Why? The rainforest has a huge untapped oil reserve.

Assume China calls in the U.S. debt. We could not come up with $1.7 trillion. Would China take the Grand Canyon? The Empire State Building? Even better, all of Manhattan?

I had a 5 o’clock meeting yesterday downtown. Not the time to travel. The return trip to Key Haven horrendous.

Traffic backed up from Grinnell for the Palm St. bridge and the Boulevard. I went over White hoping to have an easier time on Truman. Traffic backed up to the Truman/White intersection.

Too many cars. Too many people.

The powers to be created the situation. Let them now come up with a cure. I doubt they can. Somebody must in the next few years.

Larry Smith is doing it again!

The Larry Smith Quartet will perform sunday night at 8 at The Studios of Key West. A major performance!

A jam session consisting of Larry’s original compositions.

Appearing also will be Dan Brubeck. Dan is the son of Key West icon Dave Brubeck. Dan is an accomplished musician in his own right. His drumming talent recognized world wide.

An event! Don’t miss it!

Enjoy your day!


I enjoyed a few drinks with David last night at the Chart Room.

While we were talking, a couple approached. Tim and Maureen from Tennessee to say hello. We met for the first time last March.

Our conversation revealed we had mutual Key West friends.

Nice people. Glad they stopped by. They are Key Westers in the making. Told them to buy a house!

Prior to the Chart Room, I had a doctor visit at 4. Then a drink at Square 1. Bocce friend and Square 1 chef Jay came by to chat. He leaves today or tomorrow for Park City, Utah to snowboard.

A stop followed at Studios of Key West. The new art gallery is fantastic! Loved it! The work being shown Martiini, the artist who works with metal. Many of his pieces large and magnificent. As were the prices. Wow!

I make the money observation because I purchased two of Martini’s works about 20 years ago. Large pieces. In the $200-300 range. None even close to that price range today.

A work by Christine Cordone was hanging. A lovely water color.

Then walked across the street to listen to Judy Blume speak on behalf of the Friends of Key West Library. The line was long. Wrapped around the block as far as the eye could see. I was not in the mood to wait in line. Skipped Judy Blume.

Walked Duval a bit. The new CVS in place of Fast Buck Freddie’s not as bad as I thought it would be. Yet, no where Fast Buck Freddie’s windows. A part of Key West lost forever.

Ran into Guy deBoer. He was sitting in front of the cigar store on Duval a few doors past St. Paul’s. He was writing today’s E-News Blast.

Earlier, I was driving down Duval towards the Pier House. A tourist woman on a bicycle in front of me. In front of her, an electric cart of tourists. Tourists are easy to recognize.

We had to stop for the light at Caroline. The woman on the bike went around to the side of the electric cart. She proceeded to berate the hell out of the driver. No question, she was mad!

She was telling him he came within a foot of her as he drove past. I smiled. A foot is a lot of room on Duval. Especially around 5 in the late afternoon.

The World Almanac Section in this morning’s Key West Citizens notes  the British burned down the Library of Congress and its 3,000 volumes in 1814. A new Library to be built. No books, however. The World Almanac indicated the government purchased Thomas Jefferson’s library of 6,487 books.

The reason for the purchase not mentioned.

Congress authorized the purchase because Jefferson was broke. He laid in bed dying a bankrupt in effect. Congress properly felt an obligation to one of our nation’s founders. Ergo, the purchase.

My blog talk radio show tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Join me. Interesting topics. Cutting edge.

I have to hustle. Back to the doctor’s at 8:30. Fasting blood work.

Enjoy your day!



In January 1898, the Battleship Maine left Key West for Havana. The Maine arrived on this date in Havana. On February 15, 1898, the Maine was blown up in Havana harbor.

Many American sailors died. Many are buried in Key West Cemetery.

The American people were aroused. The cry…..Remember the Maine, to Hell with Spain!

The Spanish-American War was inevitable.

I spent most of the day time yesterday writing this week’s KONK Life column. Yankee Doodle Dandy. The column is not merely a recitation of verses, it is an explanation of what the words mean. In addition, a showing of how the tune came to bite the British in the ass.

The column publishes in KONK Life wednesday.

I could not do two things at once. Had to turn off the TV thereby missing the New England/Denver game. I caught the last minute. Exciting!

I felt sorry for the Patriot’s point kicker. His first miss in 524 tries. The point might have made a difference in the ultimate outcome of the game.

Syracuse lost to Virginia last night. 73-65. Oh, my Syracuse!

Syracuse played well against #13 Virginia. Around the middle of the second half, the game was tied.

Virginia definitely the better team in spite of how well Syracuse played. They have it all. Offensively and defensively.

A major Syracuse problem is the lack of a big man. The opposition keeps getting the ball into the post.

Dinner at Roostica. The sunday night special. Spaghetti and meat balls. Just like grandmother made.

The Kelly McGillis Flag Football Classic gets underway tonight. The ladies meet at Aqua. An excellent place to get things going.

Judy Blume is an author extraordinaire. Her books have sold over 85 million copies world wide. Blume is a Key West resident.

Tonight at 6, Blume is speaking as part of the Friends of Key West Library Series. The Key West Theater, 512 Eaton Street.

Divorce made easy.

Modern America now has no fault divorce.

In days of old, Henry VIII came up with his own method. Behead the women!

Islamists make it extremely easy for the man to divorce. He looks at his wife and says three times…..I divorce you. It does not work the same for the ladies. They are required to go through the court process.

The Smiths are in the news. Larry and Christine.

Larry plays tonight at The Little Place Jazz Club. 8:30. Larry is one of Key West’s finest performers.

Christine’s fame initially as a teacher and singer. She is professionally known as Christine Cordone.

In recent years, she added painting to her retinue. Christine has an exhibit scheduled for February 4 at Art @ 830 on Caroline. Great watercolors!

Enjoy your day!






A busy last night.

First stop was Tavern ‘n Town. No room at the inn. There had been an outside wedding scheduled. The cold and wind moved it inside. Took up the entire new dining room.

Headed downtown to Hot Tin Roof. An excellent soup of shrimp and mussels. A light red sauce. Even better, dunking bread in the sauce at the end.

Hot Tin Roof filled up. No room. Tourists galore.

Restaurants and bars cannot complain things are tough. I have never seen so many tourists at any time in the past. It has been non-stop since Christmas week.

Then to La Te Da. First time in the new inside bar. Great music. A full house. Dance floor crowded.

I danced. Three times. The last time I danced was four years ago in Greece at an outdoor restaurant in the Playka. Danced Greek style with the locals. Threw a few plates afterwards.

I spent the afternoon researching this week’s KONK Life column. Yankee Doodle Dandy. The story behind it and what the words actually mean.

I have a bit more research and then the writing today.

Big pro football day! The AFC and NFC championship games. I would have enjoyed watching the New England/Denver game at 2. Column writing at the same time. I will listen to the TV audio while writing. Hopefully, I can still do two things at one time.

Syracuse plays Virginia at 7 tonight. Virginia a 9 point favorite. If Syracuse wins, it will be because of Boeheim. His hands on coaching in the final minutes.

Sounds of the Kelly McGillis flag football Classic can be heard. The ladies began coming in the past few days. Monday begins social activities and practice. The games begin friday. Sixty teams from all over the world.

Today is January 24. This morning’s Key West Citizen History Section makes mention of Sally Rand. The Citizen did the same thing on January 24 last year. I commented then. I comment now.

Sally Rand was a fan dancer. The fans moved erotically. She was before my time. By 1960, she was into semi-retirement.

I met her in 1964 at a cocktail party at Grossinger’s in the Catskills. A lady. We had a pleasant uninterrupted ten minute conversation.

Sally once a part time Key West resident. She owned the large lovely Victorian home at 916 Eisenhower Drive.

Enjoy your Sunday!