Paper shortages return. Second time in recent years. Especially toilet paper and paper towels. Some supermarket shelves totally empty. Some partially. Shortages expected to be a disaster by Christmas.

Paper towels we can do without. Toilet paper another story. A “necessity.”

There is a replacement/substitute however. The bidet.

Jokingly referred to as the “toilet sidecar” and “derriere power washing.”

The bidet came first. Historically in use prior to toilet paper. Prior to either, one’s cleanliness depended on leaves and sticks.

The advent of toilet paper was introduced as a “luxury.” As well as a necessity, it continues to be considered such. In each paper shortage, there has been “panicked toilet paper hoarding.”

COVID-19 has spurred recent shortages.

The shortage problem has been partially solved with the U.S. discovery of bidets. Bidet sales have boomed this past year.

Bidets are perfect for cleansing the nether regions with a gentle jet of water. Its powers considered vastly superior to toilet paper.

Bidets have been popular outside the U.S. for years. Bidets are called “Toto Washlet” in Japan. Eighty percent of Japanese homes are equipped with bidets. In 1975, Italy mandated their presence in every home.

Their slow U.S. growth has been moved along in the past year because of the pandemic. Two type bidets are in popular use. One is an actual toilet appearing structure, minus a seat, which sits next to the toilet in a bathroom. The other a “bidet attachment.”

The attachment has received rapid acceptance this past year. Probably due to cost. $39.95. The attachment is attached to the bottom of the toilet seat. Connected to a water supply by a simple attachment beneath the toilet itself.

Cheap to purchase. Simple to attach. Easy to use.

Bidets actually pre-date modern rolled up toilet paper. Rolled toilet paper was patented in 1891. Bidet roots go back to the 17th or early 18th century in France.

Various designs were in use which led to today’s model.

Bidets grew in popularity prior to World War II in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and South America. Not in the U.S., however.

Initial bidets were wood constructed. Sat along side toilets. They were faucet fillable sidecars in effect. Water was run into the bidet. Hands required to wash the backside.

As models advanced, nozzles were added that applied a light spritz of water, thereby eliminating hand washing.

The U.S. was not impressed. The primary issue was size. A bidet is almost the size of another toilet.

Many Americans viewed the bidets as symbols of French indecency. Bidets had become popular in French whore houses for use by the ladies for cleansing purposes and birth control.

Bidets are hygienic. Cleansing with water rather than paper more logical.

Following the water spray, a hand towel can be used for drying. Not cleansing. The cleansing already accomplished by the water spray.

U.S. citizens find it difficult to adapt to change. They are not fans of change. Sometimes such can be a “bummer.”

My personal experience with bidets has been extensive. The first home I purchased in Key West I lived in for 23 years. The master bathroom came equipped with a bidet. I used it. Found it to be absolutely the best for cleansing! Better than toilet paper!

I presently live in a rental. Four years. No bidet the first 3 years. Relegated to toilet paper again.  I was not a happy camper.

Last year, I came across the $39.95 attachment on the internet. Purchased it.

Happiness returned!

Enjoy your day!




I received my vaccine  booster shot saturday afternoon.

Has knocked me on my ass.


Yesterday, I could not focus till 5 in the evening. I tried everything to get a blog out. To no avail. I have notes for a Justice Sotomayor piece. Tried to write it. No way! In the past 12 years, I have done 4 Social Security pieces. Referencing the rape of Social Security by the government. I have been wanting to do one again. No way could I put it together.

I tried my usual several topic format. Did not work.

It was hard to think. Best expressed, I was foggy.

Ergo, skipped yesterday’s blog. Going to happen today again.

My head is clear. My body totally exhausted. I can’t believe how tired I am.

I have been told several times if you have a reaction to the vaccine, it’s good. Means the vaccine is taking hold. It has got me!

I hope these few days of maladies will be over today. I want to feel better.

Hopefully, tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!


I have to smile. Some are critical that I favored getting the shots and am excited to be getting the booster shot today. Makes me wonder. Is freedom of choice only for those who do not want the shot?

Halloween a week away. Ever wonder the origin of the Halloween pumpkin?

Pagan roots. Not surprising. Many things are of pagan origin..

The night connecting October 31 and November 1 has always been a scary one. The “spirits” are out. Thought for real in times past. Today part of the tradition.

The story takes us back to Samharin. An ancient pagan festival. The evening of 10/31 into 11/1 was considered the time when autumn transitioned into winter. The ancient Celts believed on that particular evening a thin “veil” existed between life and death. “Spirits” roamed freely between between life and death. Celts of course did not want to meet them.

One spirit in particular: Stingy Jack. Purportedly the Devil’s representative.

To protect against Stingy Jack, lanterns were prepared. So as to see Jack. Lanterns were placed in windows, in front of houses and carried by hand if out walking.

Initially, lanterns were made of metal. Too expensive. So people began using earth vegetables. Turnip being the most popular. As with today’s pumpkin, the turnip was carved with a face figure and candles were placed inside.

Somewhere along the line, the turnip gave way to the pumpkin.

People originally believed that Stingy Jack or one of the spirits might capture them. If so, they would be taken to “Limbo.” There to remain forever, never to see the face of God.

The Halloween lantern scenario began in Ireland. Made its way to the U.S. sometime in the early 1800’s. First made its existence known to all in the 1820 adaptation of Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The Headless Horseman was shown with a pumpkin pick o’ lantern in place of his severed head.

Today one of historical significance. It was on this day in 42 B.C. that Marcus Julius Brutus committed suicide.

Brutus is best known because of his “Et tu, Brute?” fame. He was one of those who assassinated Julius Caesar.

Caesar spoke those words as Brutus was knifing him.

Brutus’ cooperation in the assassination was thought strange. He was much younger thn Caesar. Caesar had been his mentor. Taught him the ways of Roman government. He was responsible for Brutus’ successes.

Those assassinating Caesar were of the opinion that Caesar’s death would help to better Rome’s government. They were wrong. Everyone wanted to then be Caesar. Civil War broke out among several factions.

Two years following Caesar’s death, Brutus’ army was defeated by those of Octavius and Anthony. Brutus committed suicide as a result of the defeat.

There is a certain “classiness” that goes with being a former President. Certain acts and statements are not made. Lacking in good taste!

The story of Trump in a Moscow hotel room with some prostitutes before his election and some peeing on the bed or its occupant has been around for years. Never proven.

Trump spoke thursday evening at a key donor Republican dinner. Unprompted and not invited, Trump made the statement: “I’m not into golden showers.”

Thank you, Donald. We have all been waiting for your denunciation of the alleged occurrence.

United Airlines warned prices will spike thanks to rising jet fuel costs. The result of recent supply shortages and the pandemic.

Syracuse plays Virginia Tech at 12:30. A toss up as to who will win. Syracuse is 3-4 and Virginia Tech 3-3.

Syracuse carries a heavy on their shoulders. Its last 3 games were each lost by 3 points. Close games. Had Syracuse won, its record would be 6-1 going into today’s game.

Would have beens don’t count, however.

Church bells rang on wednesday this week. Jean Thornton had returned! Key West’s Golden Girl because of the emeralds and gold coins she found on a Mel Fisher dive. Changed her life!

Everyone loves Jean!

Enjoy your day!


Vanity Fair’s Bess Levin does it again! A terrific article re Senate Republicans refusing to even debate the voting bill.

Levin calls them as she sees them. No beating around the bush.

Re the voting bill: “Senate Republicans kick democracy in the balls while it’s doubled over coughing blood.” Casting their ballots against the voting bill debate “disenfranchised millions of voters, and knocked democracy unconscious before burying it in a shallow grave.”

Breaking news. Yes, even in Key West breaking news can occur.

The Royal Caribbean Serenade of the Sea was permitted to make an emergency stop yesterday afternoon in Key West. The huge vessel put into Pier B.

It was a matter of life and death. A male passenger was in septic shock. Clinton last week was hospitalized because of a somewhat similar situation.

The Coast Guard lead in making arrangements for the vessel to dock, the man removed, and medical assistance provided. As a Coast Guard officer said, “It was a matter of life and death.”

The cruise ship referendum may end up in mediation rather than further litigation. An unwise move. Meditation by its very nature ends in compromise. It will end the problem. However in the process bury the City’s referendum. Key West will end up the loser.

At least one Key West Commissioner appears excited about the prospect of mediation. I fear Key West will be sucked into a result not reflective of the will of the people.

The County has made a bad move regarding the mask mandate it imposed. Masks were to be worn in public buildings. The County ended the mandate yesterday.

Bob Eadie, the representative of the Florida Health Department for Monroe County, agreed. Surprised me. He normally is more cautious.

Eadie was of the opinion that the number of new cases had dropped to a level where the Country could rescind the mandate policy.

The devil virus remains with us. The numbers may be down. Not that dramatically, however. They have been down in the past also only to return.

With Fantasy Fest about to begin, I fear by November 15 there will be a new surge. You don’t have to tell me Fantasy Fest  visitors will not be spending time in county buildings. Some will drop in. The virus requires no special invitation as to where it will appear. It has had a way of showing up everywhere.

The move premature! Jumping the gun!

Another day, another Manchin surprise.

He has mentioned in the past his not being supportive of the child tax credit. Then again, he has mentioned just about every provision of the social infrastructural bill as not to his liking. Yesterday however he nailed the child tax credit between the eyes.

He is opposed in its present form. Millionaire Joe Manchin wants to add a work requirement to the child tax credit. He fears some parents might live off of the $250 or whatever per child that will be provided families. He fails to recognize how the temporary child tax credit immediately took millions of children out of poverty in the last coronavirus relief package.

Manchin wants parents “to make some effort” to help support their children. The man infuriates me. Few if any parents fail their children when it comes to making an effort to care for them. Even to the point of the parents going without so their children can eat.

The man has become a destructive force in government.

Enjoy your day!


Washington disgusts me! My exasperation has reached the point of being without end. The whole kit and caboodle of them. Position and party immaterial.

The nation seems to be gong nowhere. Biden’s legislative package failing because of two Senators impressed with their 15 minutes in the sun and a Republican Party that forgot years ago how to legislate. Nothing is getting done.

I reached this point this morning while watching MSNBC. Mika was interviewing a Congressman from New Jersey. Don’t recall his name. All he kept repeating was how good things were going. He kept repeating in effect how proud he was of his part, never specifying what it was. His thoughts in no way reflected those of most Americans.

Is there hope for the U.S.? Will we survive this crisis which had many beginnings, the worst however when Trump was elected in 2016?

Woe is we!

A comment by Chauncey De Vega in today’s Salon re Trump: “Donald Trump the man is identical to ‘Donald Trump’ the character, who is so ridiculous that he could not possibly exist, yet he does.”

Bess Levin is the outstanding journalist who writes for Vanity Fair HIVE. In yesterday’s edition, she penned an article titled: Trump Pretty Panicked About Congress Finding Out Exactly What He Was Up To On January 16.”

I share three pertinent quotes from her article.

“He is fighting the House Select Committee like a guy with an incredible amount to hide.”

“He already looks like a guy who tried to overthrow the government because his parents never hugged him as a child.”

“Instead of letting the investigation unfold like an innocent person with nothing to hide would, Trump instead sicced his lawyers on the government.”

The House January 16 Committee held Bannon in contempt last night. The matter next goes to the House for a vote as to whether Bannon should be so charged. Following which it goes to the U.S. Attorney for Washington, D.C. to determine whether Bannon’s contempt citation should be presented to a grand jury to determine if he should be indicted.

Hopefully all this will not take a year and a day.

Delay of any sort for any reason will weaken the contempt charge. It will slowly become of little effect. Such is Bannon’s game plan, such is Trump’s game plan.

Some believe Bannon will “capitulate” before being criminally charged. They claim regardless of anything in the past, Bannon and Trump are no longer friends. They suggest not to be surprised if Bannon “screws Trump” by “blowing him in” as the saying goes.

Key West has always been the home of many authors. One is James Leo Herlihy.  Herlihy died this day in 1993 while living in California. He had lived in Key West from 1956-1972.

Herlihy is best known for two of his books which were made into movies: “Midnight Cowboy” and “All Fall Down.”

Keys News made mention this morning that in Key West on this day in 1893, Jefferson B. Browne took over the office of Collector of Customs.

I recognized the name immediately. Said to myself I know the man!

Browne published a book in 1912 titled “Key West: The Old and The New.”

I bought the book last year. It has been an excellent source of information re Key West’s early days. It covers everything up to 1912.

Joe Manchin is replacing Donald Trump in my mind. A day does not go by that I do not think about him.

Some of my thoughts re Manchin.

He is betraying West Virginia. The State’s coal industry is doomed. Dying more and more in recent years. Manchin wants to take West Virginia down with it.

Manchin advised yesterday he will not vote for the $150 billion Clean Electricity Performance Program which is part of Biden’s social infrastructure bill. He had been hinting and skirmishing around whether he would for months.

Which means Biden will go to the upcoming climate talks in Scotland with nothing in hand. Such will seriously harm the meeting’s prospect of success. And as a practical matter embarrass Biden personally as he has been seen as the leader in the fight for climate change.

What goes around, does come around. Manchin’s day will come. No one will feel sorry for him, however.

Enjoy your day!


Some consider stone crabs the finest meal in the world. I am one of them. Many the time I have opined that were I to be executed tomorrow, stone crabs would be my last meal.

The season opened October 15. We’re into it! The season runs to May 1. Enjoy stone crabs as often as you can during the season. A meal you cannot get enough of!

Two stories involving ant-vaccine happenings. From my perspective, nothing to be proud of.

An anti-vaccine rally was held this past weekend in New York City. Thousands attended. The protesters were loud in crying out for “health freedom.”

I continue failing to understand why so many are opposed to the one thing that can protect them from the virus.

The featured speaker was Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. A vigorous opponent of vaccines.

Junior is not his father! Kennedy Sr. would have been out beating the bushes encouraging people to be vaccinated.

Another anti group involves a private Miami school.

The Centner Academy. Three hundred students. Pre-K to 8th grade. Three campuses.

Centner was founded by two wealthy parents.

Centner has issued two pronouncements.

The first that the school will not employ anyone who has been vaccinated. The second that any children who would henceforth be vaccinated would be required to be kept home for 30 days.

Requiring children to be kept home promotes a “false claim.” It is impossible for the vaccine to transmit “bad things” from one child to another. It is well known that the vaccines contain no live viruses and are not infectious.

It has become impossible for a day to go by without mentioning Joe Manchin.

T. J. Kirkpatrick in a New York Times Opinion piece yesterday described Manchin: “He is the face of utter folly.”

The title of Kirkpatrick’s article: History Will Not Be Kind to Senator Joe Manchin.

West Virginia is in tough shape financially. The coal mines have been terminally ill for years. Only a small number continue working beneath the ground in the mines.

The reason simply is that industries saw the handwriting on the wall and years ago began moving from coal to non fossil energy sources. The demand for coal has dropped dramatically.

Sixty thousand have left West Virginia in the past 5 years. One unhappy resident still remaining said, “We want Joe Manchin… go big and bold and to deliver for West Virginia.” Noting Manchin was not going to achieve the delivery goal if he depended on coal.

Manchin’s popularity has diminished in recent years. He won his present Senate seat in 2018 by a mere 3 percentage points.

Some think 2024 will be his political demise. I hope so. He deserves no better. He is on the road to defeat because of his present pig headed stances.

Today, tuesday. My blog talk radio show tonight at 9 my time. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I will rant and rave.

I love doing the show! Join me.

Enjoy your day!


Colin Powell died yesterday. He was 84. He passed on from COVID-19 complications.

Simply stated, without question, he was a great American. A recognition few Americans can validly claim.

Powell was of Jamaican ancestry. He was born in Harlem. Grew up in the South Bronx. Attended City College of New York, a poor boy’s school.

While in college, he was a member of the U.S. Army ROTC. Rose to be its top gun in his senior year when he was Colonel of the ROTC.

Powell went directly into service following graduation.  Eventually ended up in the Army’s hierarchy. He was a 4 star general, led allied troops in the Gulf War. He served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, National Security Adviser, and Secretary of State.

Powell received his two vaccinations. Nevertheless died from COVID complications. Early reports as to the cause of his death indicate he had serious other illnesses which affected his immunity system regardless of the shots. One was cancer.

He came from nothing and made it to the highest echelons of his world! The U.S. was lucky to have had him as one of its leaders.

The supply chain continues to break down. Each day. Problems ahead.

It is suggested that Christmas toy and gift buying begin now. It is anticipated little will be left on the shelves in December.

Heating bills will have shoot up. The U.S. Energy Information System claims heating bills will be up 30 percent and more by Christmas in comparison to the same time last year.

Supply chain’s will continue to be messed up.

The government is needed to solve the problem. It must step in like yesterday.

The primary cause can be seen in media pictures. The numerous cargo ships in Los Angeles and Savannah waiting to be unloaded.

Americans are concerned. They have begun experiencing the adverse conditions arising from supply chain problems. At the moment, in the supermarkets where the shelves are slowly emptying not to be refilled.

A recent study recognizes 85 percent of Americans are aware and concerned. Forty nine percent are very concerned. Eleven percent not concerned. Sixty two percent said they are already noticing shortages of basic items in stores. Sixty five percent believe the federal government should step in now and take action. Eleven percent were not sure.

History will remember Joe Manchin. Not gloriously as it will Colin Powell. Rather as a pompous political hack who did not care he was depriving the American people and his President of what was needed in these times.

One of the worse anti positions held by Manchin involves climate control. Today’s news suggests he wants the whole section on climate control removed from the social infrastructure bill.

Why? It does not make sense when one considers the natural disasters the U.S. continues to suffer.

Manchin’s background provides significant answers. He was Governor of West Virginia. At one time a/the top coal producing state. While Senator these past 11 years, West Virginia has become less and less a coal mining state. The out of state industries West Virginia supported saw the light ten years ago and have been working at reducing the use of fossil fuels. Successfully.

The number of West Virginians actually working in the coal mines is around 10,000. Overall persons involved in West Virginia’s coal business another 20,000. The people of West Virginia saw the light long ago and moved into other businesses.

One did not. Joe Manchin. He still fights the battle he did 10-20 years ago. A battle already lost.

Manchin has financial ties to the coal industry. In 1988, Manchin founded two coal companies. One Enersystems. His son now runs the company. Financial disclosure documents reveal Manchin received $492,000 in dividends from Enersystems last year.

To be noted also is that Manchin is a top recipient of donations from oil, gas, and coal mining industries.

The media has failed in sufficiently reporting Manchin’s coal industry involvements. Since he is ruining Biden’s plan to help the downtrodden and those in need of assistance, they should be engaged in such reporting. People have a right to know.

Enjoy your day!


It cannot be denied Trump continues to be a power. Though things are happening that reflect the power diminishing.  As respect for him diminishes, so too does his power.

One example is Truth Social. Trump announced this week his personal social media was in the process of becoming a reality. Its purpose to follow the truth. What a joke!

The site would officially begin in November. However Trump immediately posted a test version where people could sign in merely by providing their names.

The fact that the site will provide Trump with broad access is a disgrace. His large number of followers will subscribe. He will have immediate access to them and the world via the site. It will be Trump’s tool to spread lies.

Though despicable in itself, Trump will reap a harvest.

Trump is doing the project with DWAC, a special purpose acquisition company. DWAC sells stock with the intention of buying private firms. The announcement reported DWAC would invest $293 million in the Trump project.

The announcement caused the price of he stock to triple in one day.

A major DWAC investor SABA Capital announced it was bailing out and selling all its stock. It wanted nothing to do with Trump. SABA’s principal said the the decision was “not even a close call.” Some people will not go to bed with dogs that have fleas.

Another “adverse” occurrence is Trump’s new site has already been hacked. Within hours, the unreleased test version was invaded. A picture of a defecating pig posted to the “donaldjtrump” account.

Truth Social was pulled off line immediately.

The site will return with all the necessary bells and whistles to hopefully protect it from similar hacking in the future.

The House of Representatives voted yesterday to hold Bannon in criminal contempt. Nine Republicans joined with the Democrats in the voting. The matter is now in the hands of the Attorney General as to whether the criminal contempt charge should be presented to a grand jury.

What a waste of time! The matter should be moving swiftly. Not doing so. I worry Merrick Garland will take forever and in effect sit on the contempt charge forever while deciding what to do.

Recall several months ago I warned of my concern when Garland’s nomination for Attorney General was announced. An honorable man without question. However, an appellate judge for more than 20 years. I advised my concern that a judge who served that long was not the best choice to be a prosecutor. His thought process had changed in those 20 years.

My fear was that in crossing every t and dotting every i, Garland would take forever in getting things done. And now as far as Bannon is concerned, decide in the final analysis Bannon should not be criminally cited.

My concern was reflected yesterday when Garland apparel before the House Judiciary Committee. He expressed his concern for the “jail problem” as Bannon’s contempt matter might affect it. He explained something we all know. The jails are full off gangs. Some whose members on the outside may have been perpetrators on January 6.

Were they to be arrested and convicted, the jails would have increased problems as a result.

Not the way to think! The judicial system was not set up to worry about impacts resulting from arresting someone. The way it is done is to arrest forthwith and convict a perpetrator and thereafter deal with the resulting problem.

No one should be permitted to spit in the face of the United States and get away with it. Bannon was and is part of the January 6 problem. The subpoena should have been approved by Justice yesterday.

These are dark days. So many things either not moving in orderly fashion or not not moving at all. Most elected officials by their actions reflect little care for their country. And more. Everything is a mess government wise.

There is a need for joy in the land. A smile. Some kumbaya.

Several months ago, I shared with you the Italian Grocery Store video. A happy work. Provided me with a smile and laugh.

I am replaying the video today. I hope it brings you some momentary joy.


Enjoy your day!


I watched Steve Bannon’s most recent podcast. That and everything he has done and is doing lead to the conclusion Bannon is a con man. Perhaps the best.

The portion of the podcast I watched had to do with Bannon sharing the percentages of Americans who believe Biden is not President. Bannon claims 48 percent of Americans don’t believe Biden was legally elected.

Which leads me to the subpoena served on Bannon to appear before the January 6 Congressional Committee.

Bannon said he was not going to appear and kept his word. He failed to appear. He claims he will not appear till a court rules on Trump’s claim of Executive Privilege and his (Bannon’s) decision following the court’s.

The last few words of Bannon’s declination is his “escape clause” if the court rules Trump lacks Executive Privilege. It provides Bannon with the opportunity to further delay his appearance.

The Committee will vote Tuesday to officially begin the process to hold Bannon in criminal contempt.  Assuming he Committee approves, then the issue goes before the full House. Assuming the House approves, the matter is then referred to the U.S. Attorney for Washington, D.C. to handle.

The U.S. Attorney works under the Department of Justice. The matter will automatically be referred to Justice for its approval. Which means Attorney General Merrick Garland will make the final decision.

The path to the Attorney General is not as a practical matter the final one initially.

Justice has various approval levels within its operation. Each must be involved. All t’s crossed and i’s dotted.

More consumption of time.

In the end, Garland could decide there are not grounds for a criminal prosecution.

It could happen. Recall several months ago, I wrote a blog questioning Garland’s nomination for Attorney General. A judge of more than 20 years might be incapable of making a prosecutorial decision. Judging is one thing. Prosecution, another. Each involves a different belief system and thought process approach.

Time will tell. And that is what is bothering me. Time! The insurrection occurred on January 6. It is now October, 9 months later. How much longer will it take?

Respectfully, the Committee is moving its ass too slowly.

The Committee could have proceeded to issue a civil contempt rather than a criminal one. Such would have short cut the process and could still have ended up with Bannon in jail.

Most would agree the court system is antiquated and requires updating. The same with both Houses of Congress. The rules in each Chamber contribute to excessive delay.

Enjoy your Sunday!


The unexpected is always to be expected. Life changes in a split second.

Kasie Hunt is one of the finest TV news journalists I have had the privilege to watch over the years. A mere 36, success found her early. Properly so. Talented, knowledgeable, articulate and lovely. Success hers first at MSNBC. She recently moved over to CNN.

Kasie began having headaches in March. Underwent all kinds of tests. It became obvious something was there. It slowly kept growing. Finally, surgery last week.

A small benign brain tumor was removed.

Kasie described the whole situation as “pretty surreal.”

She is recovering at home. Another six to eight weeks anticipated.

She cannot lift anything heavier than 10 pounds. The thing she misses most is picking up and hugging her 30 pound son Mars.

Mars is a sharp young man. He knows his mother is sick. Points to her head and says “boo boo.”

The place to be this afternoon in Key West is Books & Books at The Studios of Key West. A competition involving high school students. The students will read passages by a Key West author with one difference from a usual book reading. They will improvise during the reading.

Each will in some manner act out the words being read.

The event is sponsored by Key West snowbirds Fred and Joanne Klein of New York City.

I had planned on attending. Appears doubtful at the moment.

It has been ages since I have taken a fall. Last night an “almost.” For whatever reason, the last step got to me. I caught myself going down. The only damage was a twisted left ankle. More sore this morning.

Parking is difficult at The Studios on the corner of Simonton and Eaton. Even with a cane, walking will be too much.

Fred and Joanne are watching on Zoom from New York. I will try to do the same from here.

Fantasy Fest is on the horizon. Soon to arrive. Sort of like “shrimp boats are a ‘comin, their sails are in sight.”

Fantasy Fest runs from 10/22-10/31. Abbreviated this year due to COVID. All public events like the Parade have been cancelled. The only things that will be open and rocking are the bars. Parties every night.

Though there will be no parade, visitors will arrive to party. There are very few communities that permit adult parties.

I believe it wrong that the City did not take steps to close everything down. COVID infecteds will arrive. More than arrived will leave. A significant number of locals will also be infected.

Not worth it!

The Sanders/Manchin battle continues. Sanders had an Opinion piece published in a prominent local West Virginia newspaper. He chastised Manchin big time for failing to support Biden’s agenda re social infrastructure. Manchin came right back saying in effect…..West Virginia is my state. Stay out!

Kyristen Sinema is having her problems in Arizona. Not made public till this week.

Sinema has been opposing Biden on his social agenda also. She and Manchin seem to be vying for King and Queen of their high school ball.The news has been reporting Pharma and financial institutions have been throwing money into Sinema’s coffers like their is no tomorrow. As the money comes in, she continues to oppose Biden’s program.

Arizona Democrats are not blind. They see what is occurring and have become “brutally” opposed to Sinema.

It’s all in the numbers.

Sinema presently has a 25 percent approval among Arizona Democrats. Mark Kelly her Democratic compatriot 85 percent.

Amazing! Two Democrats from the same state. One going down the tubes politically. The other revered.

Biden’s popularity among Arizona Democrats important also. He has an 85 percent Democratic rating.

Sinema is lucky she does not have to run again till 2024. Already Arizona’s Democratic Party is considering possible primary opponents.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) blasted Supreme Court Justice Aloi re his recent Notre Dame speech where he complained of recent attacks on the Supreme Court.

Whtehouse commented re the speech, “You have fouled your nest, not us.” Whitehouse’s words were specifically directed at Aloi’s comment that the Supreme Court was undeserving of recent scorn.

Whitehouse’s retaliatory comment was to the effect the Court deserved the scorn. The Court had created the situation.

Whitehouse also said Republicans have always depicted Democrats of judicial activism. The shoe is now on the other foot. Republicans are the party of judicial activism.

Whitehouse viewed Aloi as being “touchy.” Whitestone said there is a reason. Aloi’s fingerprints are all over this “pattern of judicial activism.”

Whitehouse concluded, “The Court that Dark Money Built has squandered the benefit of doubt.”

I watched Syracuse/Clemson last night. Syracuse lost 17-14.

Syracuse’s record 3-4. Three recent games have been close. Syracuse lost all 3. The winner in each game was decided in the last few minutes. Which means Syracuse could have won the 3.

What I am about to say is terrible. However, I blame Coach Dino Babers for the 3 loses. My conclusions based on bad calls the coach made in the final minutes of each game.

Babers has been coach at Syracuse 5 or 6 years. He has had only 1 good season. The team went 10-3 in 2018. Last year, Syracuse’ record was 1-10.

I doubt Babers will be around next year. Only one thing can save him. To win all of Syracuse’s remaining games.

Enjoy your day!