It’s time for Tom Brady to ride off into the sunset. To pack it in. To retire. To spend the rest of his years enjoying his wife, children and anything else he might want to do, except play football.

Without issue, the greatest professional football player ever. Even at 44 years of age.

His exceptional talent was obvious again yesterday by the fantastic fourth quarter he had. I sometimes think he has a guardian angel helping him.

Tampa was down 27-3 at half time. Tampa lost to Los Angeles 30-27 at the end of the game on a field goal by Los Angeles with no time left on the clock.

Brady seems to have reached 44 with no significant injury. He should not press his luck. He does not know what another year will bring. Anything can happen. He should not gamble.

Professional baseball has been using robot umpires in the minors for several years. The robots have worked their way up. This year they will be calling balls and strikes in Triple-A ball.

The majors are next.

No one should have a heart attack over it. Robots have been operating on people for several years. If a robot can operate on a person’s brain, heart, kidney, etc, he most certainly can call balls and strikes.

A rare occasion when snow falls in the Saudi Arabian desert. It did several days ago. Over a large expanse of the desert and did not melt for a couple of days.

Even rarer is a hail storm in the same area. It happened at the time of the snow storm. So rare that experts describe the hail storm as “historic.”

Key West’s cold spell continues. An off and on thing this month. Fifty nine degrees last night. Heat and a blanket required for sleeping.

Tonight will be 61 degrees.

The high today 66 degrees. Tomorrow, 76 degrees. Evidencing how fickle Key West weather can be on occasion.

You will recall about 10 days ago, a pig’s heart was transplanted to a human. The human’s body did not reject the pig’s heart. The recipient alive and still thriving.

So excited has the medical profession become, a second group of doctors at the University of Alabama performed a similar surgery. This time however it was the transplant of pig kidneys to a human.

One strange quirk to the operation. The man operated on has been brain dead since September. Machinery has kept him “alive.”

The doctors apparently performed the surgery to determine if a pig’s organs could be successfully transplanted a second time. It was. The recipient’s body has not rejected the pig kidneys thus far.

Hadrian! Who was he?

He was Roman Emperor from 117 AD to 138 AD.

Roman Emperors have not been treated well by history. Understandable. However 5 are considered to have been “good” emperors. Hadrian one of the five.

Today is the birth date of Hadrian. He was born this day 76 AD. He died 138 AD.

I have visited Greece several times. One of my favorite places.

I have visited Hadrian’s Library several times. It sits at one of the entrances to Playka.

The structure has always moved me. I love straight lines. The Library is a perfect rectangle two stories high. Not large as Greek buildings of old can be. Its length roughly 100 feet. Its width less than half that number.

Visitors not allowed entrance. The Library is surrounded by a black metal grate fence at least 7 feet high.

The building’s exterior strange. The stone smooth. Aged only by its grayness.

Greek buildings of old appeared to me to be constructed with marble or concrete. I am not sure which was used in the construction of the Library.

Now comes the strangeness to all this.

There is a Hadrian’s Library on top of Acropolis. You will recall, I made it to the top just short of a heart attack. Climbing up to Acropolis was as bad as the volcano I tried to climb off Santorini.

Only once did I go to the top of Acropolis to visit Parthenon, etc. One trip as enough!

There is a Hadrian’s Library on top. Built on the north side of Acropolis.

There is much to see on top of Parthenon. I am not sad I missed a big one.

Did a bit of research this morning. The original Library atop the mountain was destroyed early on in some war. Partially replaced by 3 churches. Since I did not see, I have no recollection of that area nor the three churches.

I could not find on a quick review any reference to the Hadrian’s Library I discovered near Playka. A copy of the big original topside? Perhaps. It sat alone as an historical structure where it was located next to Playka. Playka is “old Athens.”

Amelia King is a “hot headed” Virginia mother who refuses to have her children wear masks to school.

At a school board meeting late last week, the issue of mandated masks arose. Masks are mandated.

Mother King shouted, “No way!” Not her kids. She continued, “My kids will not come to school already with a mask on…..That’s not happening. And I will bring every single gun loaded and ready to…..I will call every…..”

The end of her statement choppy. She had been cut off at that point because of a 3 minute time limit. She still got a few more words of warning in: “I’ll see ya all monday morning!”

King was arrested bcause of the gun threat. Then released on $5,00 bail.

Too many people with vinegar in their blood re the mask issue. I do not understand. I suspect those opposed such as King are expressing their personal rights rather than concern for the safety of their children.

Enjoy your day!




Joe Manchin believes James Madison is on his side. Especially re the filibuster issue.

He is not.

Jamelle Bouie wrote a revealing Opinion piece in the New York Times yesterday. Titled: “Joe Manchin Thinks James Madison Is On His Side. Nope.”

I share Bouie’s article with you.

The column rips apart Manchin’s reliance on Madison. Clearly evidences Manchin does not know what he is talking about from an historical perspective. Shameful since Manchin partially relied on Madison’s thinking when he voted against the voting rights and the Build Back Better bills.

Manchin exuded a confidence in rejecting the bills based on his filibuster beliefs routed in what he believed were Madison’s.

Manchin once again proved the ignoramus he is in many respects. This time historically.

When it comes to the Senate, Manchin should know its history well. He has served 11 years in the Senate.

Manchin showed a sickening illiteracy when he said: “Protecting the role of the minority – Democratic or Republican – has protected us from the volatile political swings that we have endured the last 233 years.”

Manchin cited James Madison to support his point: “Madison said the purpose of the Senate was ‘first, to protect the people against their rulers, secondly, to protect the people against the transient impressions into which they themselves may be lead,’ and that the Senate serves as a ‘necessary force against such danger.'”

Why is Manchin’s reliance on Madison without basis? Madison never was a member of the Senate (he did serve four terms in the House of Representatives).

The Madison quote Manchin relied on is found in Madison’s notes of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia dated 6/26/1787. Madison wrote, “The ends to be served…..were first to protect the people against the transient impressions into which they themselves might be led.”

There exists no mention of the word “filibuster” in Madison’s notes. In fact, “filibuster” at the time was not yet in common use or any principle of unlimited debate.

Manchin’s words and those of other filibuster defenders are confusing in view of the following.

Manchin and other filibuster defenders speak of protecting the “minority” in Congress. They mean a “partisan minority,” Democrat or Republican.

The problem/reality is that at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, “no one had any idea of political parties, much less a partisan minority. They did not exist and none of the framers even  thought they would.”

Another Bouie observation: “When Madison speaks of a ‘minority’ in the context of the Senate, he means an ‘economic interest,’ not an organized political faction.”

Political parties did not exist nor were they anywhere in the minds of the delegates at the Constitutional Convention.

Madison was not writing about different political parties. He was writing about the mass of the poor, working and indigent against the owners of property and wealth.

Bouie clearly points out that “the question of how to balance power between two partisan factions with in a legislature never came up. Which makes it difficult to use Madison in defense of something like the filibuster.”

Bouie added: “The debate over majority rule in the Senate is not whether the Chamber will have the power to stop any irrational exuberance in its tracks. It’s about whether over an extended period of time, internal deliberations and public debating, a partisan majority in the Senate can pass its agenda into law using a simple majority.”

Bottom line…..a “simple majority” was intended.

The concept has lost its way. And Manchin is not aware such was intended.

So smart is he!

The more I watch Manchin operate, the more convinced I become he is a pretty face hiding an empty head.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Lets begin with the premise that all branches of government lie. No question the Executive and Congress do. What would exclude the Judiciary, especially the Supreme Court?

Men in black robes have sexually abused thousands of children world wide. The black robes worn by Supreme Court members does not shield them from lying.

On 1/19, I read early morning the NPR article that things were not kumbaya on the Supreme Court. Mask wearing was the initial thrust of the column. The article was written by Nina Totenberg. Totenberg has been with NPR since 1975. She writes on the courts and legal matters. Very well respected.

I searched to see if anyone else was on the story. I could only find one small media outlet.

You may not be aware that over the years I have run “a breaking news story” 1 to 2 days before the major media outlets do. I have not mentioned this before, though I will admit I have been impressed with my research prowess.

I went with the story. I had no reason to consider it false. Titled it: The Supreme Court…..Tempers Ready To Explode.

After the furor that has risen nationally (with the topic, not my blog), I am not sure. At this point, it makes no difference however.

I have diligently followed the Supreme Court and Judiciary religiously over the years. In more recent years, I have been highly critical of the Supreme Court. Recall the number of times I have recommended that changes in the structure, rules, etc. had to be made.

Everything hit the fan on 1/20, the next day. Beginning with Chief Justice Roberts’ brief statement that Totenberg’s article was not correct. Backed up by Gorsuch and Sotomayor’s brief joint comment to the same effect.

The next day was 1/21. Southern Lady is a reader of my blog. She commented that I should check the facts, there was no truth to the story about the mask and the Supreme Court.

Southern Lady appears to have written the comment after she became aware of Roberts’. In effect, she took the word of the Chief Justice over mine. No problem.

It was later the same day and the next (which would be today) that the national media picked up on the story and went with it.

Turns out the furor is over one word. The word “asked.” Totenberg was not sure whether Roberts “asked” Gorsuch to wear a mask or made his position known to Gorsuch in a more subtle way. So she referred to it “in some form.”

The one word issue in a matter of hours turned into a monumental item with all kinds of ramifications.

I have not written as I have to absolve myself from sin. I do not consider I am guilty of any wrongdoing. In the slightest.

The purpose of today’s blog is to remind people that men and women lie, regardless of the position they maintain. Today the higher the position, the more the individual lies. Trump being the perfect example.

The Supreme Court is in trouble for many reasons. I repeat I have written so for several years. The Court has lost its way.

Lets start with Trump’s 3 nominations Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett. All testified under oath before the Senate Committee questioning them that they would respect precedent. The questions in this regard were especially concerned with Roe v. Wade. They all lied. The most recent abortion case involving Roe has been argued and will be decided in the next few months. I worry whether Roe will survive.

When Barrett was nominated, I wrote a blog spelling out my concerns about her. Her background. Which in my opinion made her selection highly questionable and should be denied.

The shame of her becoming a Justice is today reflected in talk that she will be the next Chief Justice were Roberts to leave. Woe beget the Court! Woe beget the American people!

Today’s Justices do not conduct themselves as those of yesteryear. The Republican Justices attend far right events. Weekend gatherings at a resort. They mingle with their own. Within the last 2 weeks, McConnell had such a gathering. The three I mention attended.

Such things were ethically prohibited when I was in law school in the 1950’s. Things have changed without anyone or entity saying it was against the rules.

The great Scalia who I respected for his legal minds but not his conclusions, used to attend many of these events.

Justice Thomas should never have been approved. His wife his problem. Even before he was approved, she was a far right member of the Republican Party. Still is. Considered MAGA. The many issues she is against, her husband is likewise opposed.

Justice Alito has been a problem for Roberts since he failed to be appointed Chief Justice by Bush. The man cannot forget Bush opted to choose another.

And on and on.

I apologize for no blog yesterday. I started working on it at 5:30 in the morning. At 8, I Only had 2 small topics competed. I was moving extremely slow. Doubted it was either COVID or the flu. My symptoms were not those. In fact, I had no symptoms. I was just plain tired and could not function mentally.

I closed down the computer and went to bed. Around 2 in the afternoon, I felt better. I have no idea what was wrong.

Enjoy your day!







President Biden addressed the nation yesterday afternoon. An impressive speech. Following which he immediately opened up the room to questions from the press.

His responses impressive, well grounded.

The question period lasted 1 hour 52 minutes. A long time for the President, any President, to stand and handle piercing questions.

Biden did very well. He was in command. Knowledgeable. His responses factual.

The only Biden response I thought a bit hairy was what would he do were Putin to move into the Ukraine. His answer in effect said it would depend whether the intrusion was a “minor incursion or a full blown attack.”

Did not sound good to me. Any Russian intrusion would require a forceful response by the U.S.

Biden’s response obviously not correct.

Later following the show, the White House clarified the response. A “minor” incident would be something like a cyber attack. Not actual boots on the ground (my words).

Ok. Problem resolved. Only one misstep in 1 hour 52 minutes. Well done, Mr. President!

This morning was another story. I watch Morning Joe. Enjoy the show and respect the work they do. Not today.

I have had a growing feeling over the past several months that Morning Joe is starting to attack certain people and issues not warranting the attack presented.

This morning solidified my judgment. Morning Joe does.

The show spent its first 16 minutes attacking the President and his response. Too much. Over the hill. Reminded me of FOX: “Balanced and fair.”

Today, Joe and the people at his table looked and sounded like FOX News. It was obvious the attack was planned. Everyone at the table had something negative to say. The attack was not warranted in length and degree of abuse.

For shame, Morning Joe. Your show too good to lower itself to that type game.

A question to the President I thought stupid and unwarranted. Considered it a play for attention.

Newsmax is a relatively new show. Similar in nature to FOX.

James Rosen their news person who asked the questions.

He said to Biden, “A poll released this morning by Politics Morning Consult found 49 percent of registered voters disagree with the statement that Joe Biden is mentally fit.”

Biden smiled and calmly responded, “I’ll let us make the judgment whether their correct.”

Rosen pushed on: “Why do you suppose such large segments of the American electorate harbor such profound concerns about your cognitive fitness?”

Biden responded, “I have no idea” and moved on.

The answer was what Rosen had sat through listening to Biden’s address and the almost 1 hour 52 minutes of questioning. The 1 hour 52 minutes is the longest question and answer period by the press to a President. No one could have done better. A minor misstatement re the Ukraine his only questionable response.

Between Morning Joe this morning and Rosen yesterday, I am beginning to think the press is increasingly a bunch of assholes.

The Supreme Court finally came down with a correct decision. It decided yesterday that the National Archive was required to turn over certain papers to the January 6 Committee. The decision clearly wrote that under the facts of the matter, executive privilege did not apply.

A major victory for the January 6 inquiry.

The decision was 8-1, with Justice Clarence Thomas dissenting.

As expected, the voting bills went down to defeat yesterday. What, if anything, is the next step?

Forrest Gump in the limelight again: “Stupid is as stupid does.”

The Czech vocalist Hana Horka died sunday at 57 from COVID.

She actually killed herself. She intentionally exposed herself to COVID-19 in order to get a “health pass” that would have allowed her to visit the sauna, theater, concerts, and take a sea voyage.

Czechoslovakia law requires proof of prior COVID illness or 2 vaccine shots in order for a person to freely move around and do things.

Hana’s husband and son got COVID over Christmas. Hana intentionally stayed close to them. Her goal to become infected. She did not believe in the vaccine. She had developed the herd mentality.

As her son said, “She went for it.”

She got it.

Her son holds the anti-vaccine movement responsible. Claims it has “blood on its hands.”

Murder numbers in the U.S. rose in 2021. The highest rise in 25 years. The number viewed in another fashion: 6.9 murders per 100,000 persons.

I realize people up North care little when I complain that temperatures in the 60’s are cold. I understand their thoughts. I sympathize with their weather problem. Nevertheless, we Key Westers are cold at the much higher temperatures.

Reflecting the tide has turned, the high today will be 76.

Enjoy your day!



All is not well at the Supreme Court. Ill will has developed. Does not seem to be getting better.

Neil Gorsuch the worst. Trump’s first nomination. The man’s inner being is not becoming more evident every day. It has arrived. With a blast! Quirks in his personality showing.

I am not referring to his legal thinking. Though he is too far to the right to do justice overall in the long run.

The man seems to be lacking in compassion and good will in his relationship with his co-workers. The other Justices..

Justice Sotomayor the prime example.

The Justices are all wearing masks, except for Gorsuch. He refuses to do so.

Gorsuch’s seat on the bench is next to Sotomayor. Sotomayor has been a diabetic most of her life. She is concerned. Gorsuch is totally aware of her condition. Nevertheless, he continues to refuse to wear a mask.

Sotomayor no longer takes her seat on the bench. Her seat remains empty. Instead she sits in her office and listens to arguments via a hook up. A system has been installed whereby she is able to ask questions.

Chief Justice Roberts asked Gorsuch to wear a mask in consideration of Sotomayor’s condition. He refused the Chief Justice’s request.

From day one on the bench, Gorsuch has been considered a “prickly justice,” not beloved even by some of his conservative soulmates on the Court.

His personality not engaging. He considers his legal positions more appropriate and handles a case’s discussion with the other Justices in a fashion that fails to encourage a kumbaya relationship.

While on the bench, he openly disagrees with the other Justices. Something new to the Court with Gorsuch’s ascendency.

Justice Alito another odd ball. He has an ax to grind.

Alito was under the impression when Chief Justice Rehnquist died that he would become Chief Justice. Bush did not select him. Instead appointed Roberts.

Alito continues to show his disdain and disrespect for Roberts since.

The Supreme Court no longer a happy place to work.

The voting bills issue.

Schumer began whatever he had in mind yesterday. So much fanfare leading up to this fight on the Senate floor. Schumer led us to believe the battle of the century was to take place.

Nothing of consequence occurred yesterday. I was busy in the afternoon preparing for last night’s blog talk radio show. Ergo, I was running back and forth from my office to the TV in my bedroom to catch parts of the “encounter.”

I was unimpressed with Schumer and the whole thing.

Today the second day of the encounter. Supposedly to be the best of the two. Even the filibuster will come under direct attack.

This Schumer inspired battle a waste. In fact, makes the Democrats look bad. All are aware it is an exercise in futility.

The Democratic Party requires balls. Time for Biden to take a cold hard grasp of the Party. Everything political should pass before him prior to being attempted.

Schumer has never impressed me. It goes back to 9/11. Another story. He is of no value to the Party.

At 4 this afternoon, Biden will hold a press conference. It has been touted as a big deal. Must be. It has been promised Biden will answer questions from the press. He has not done so in a long time.

Nice guy Biden has to become a tough hombre. The life of the country is at stake. Only he can save it under present circumstances.

I doubt they will build monuments to Joe Manchin in West Virginia. He is losing respect even there.

Most are unaware that he only won his last Senate race by 3 points. Significantly less that his previous victories in West Virginia politics.

The miners union has come out against him. They have always supported him. They were not happy with Manchin after he failed to support the social infrastructure bill.

Manchin’s support is now one source. The rich mine owners.

I started thinking about a year ago that one of Manchin’s problems was he did not have it mentally. I am serious. I have written and spoken about it many times. A swift camper he is not.

He proved it again yesterday.

Manchin was being interviewed He was attired in a bright red sweat or leisure suit. He responded to a question by saying the voting rights bills were not needed. The right to vote existed and the government would make sure the rights of the people were protected.

Not only is Manchin short on brain power, he fails to see what is.

Hollywood comes frequently to Key West to make a movie. Two had happenings occur on this day, though in different years.

The Rose Tattoo was filmed in Key West. Most of it in a house on Duncan Street. One door away from the Tennessee Williams home. Lisa lives on Duncan. One and one half blocks from where The Rose Tattoo was filmed.

On this day in 1956, The Rose Tattoo had its premiere showings in Florida at the Strand and San Carlo theaters.

Tennessee Williams who had written the play and resided for many years in Key West was on hand for the opening.

The movie starred Burt Lancaster and Anna Magnani. While making the film, Lancaster stayed in Williams’ home.

The other movie was Operation Petticoat.

On this day in 1959, filming began. The movie starred Cary Grant and Tony Curtis.

Words of wisdom by Dolly Parton: “The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”

This day in 1883, Thomas Edison turned the lights on. Powered by an electric lighting system employing overhead wires. The community Roselle, New Jersey.

Syracuse finally won another basketball game. Beat Clemson last night 91-78.

Syracuse’s record now a dismal 9-9. Don’t see how the team can make to NCAA tournament.

Cold here in Key West. The last two nights, the temperature was 61. High by day in the high 60’s.

Enjoy your day!


Today is a sad day in American history. The two voting right bills will be offered on the floor of the Senate. Offered knowing full well neither will succeed.

Majority Leader Schumer believes that by letting the people know who is for and who is against, it will help in getting the legislation passed somewhere down the road.

Manchin and Sinema should be cold shouldered, needs of their states ignored. Slow down federal checks flowing into West Virginia and Arizona. Will help do the trick. People/businesses do not like having much needed monies they have been accustomed to receiving cut off.

Show disdain for Manchin and Sinema. It will merely be the reverse of what they have been doing to the country.

There is a fear they will turn Republican. So what? What good are they as Democrats? Democratic control of the Senate is in name only if they fail to vote with the Democrats.

Republican control of the Senate will not change things much. The Republicans can vote for anything they want. Bills still have to be signed into law by the President, As the plaque on Harry Truman’s desk said: The Buck Stops Here.

Biden will veto.

Raising the question as to what have the Republicans accomplished?

Unless they have the votes to override the veto. Sometimes yes, sometimes no, perhaps never.

Biden has 3 more guaranteed years in office. A lot of Republican bills can be vetoed in that time.

The Democrats must stop pussy footing around. They must learn to play hard ball as the Republicans do. Meet fire with fire, meet blow with blow. Let the Republicans learn what frustration is.

COVID sits back and smiles as Republicans do when each wreaks havoc.

COVID is doing a number on our children. The U.S. is experiencing the highest rate of child COVID hospitalizations ever.

New data reveals an average of 893 new hospitalizations daily. Children are described as those 17 and under.

The highest hospitalization rates are among children newborn to 4 years. Those not yet eligible for the vaccine.

The CDC who released the information advised it expected the number to rise further in the next few weeks.

An advocacy group did a study as to how COVID has affected the rich and poor in the U.S.

The answer simple. The rich got richer and the poor poorer. It was reported “the 10 richest men in the world doubled their fortunes during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The wealth of the world’s 10 richest increased from $700 billion to $1.5 trillion. While the incomes of approximately 99 percent of the people around the globe fell during the same time frame.

As a result, more than 160 million people were forced into poverty.

Israel said it was going to a 4th shot and it did. Israel has reported the results thus far. The purpose of the 4th shot was to mitigate omicron. Israel has discovered the 4th shot was “not good enough.”

Syracuse/Clemson tonight at 9.

What can I say? I am defeated in this area off my life. I continue to not understand how one of he greatest teams in Syracuse history continues to lose.

It hurts.

Join me at 9 this evening. Today is tuesday. My blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I hit hard! My government should hit as hard! www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.com.

Enjoy your day!


Florida’s Governor DeSantis is openly rebelling against Trump.

It had to happen. More will also as time marches on towards 2024.

I wrote early last year that people were beginning to use Trump. Making him think they were supporting him. When in fact they were using him to expand their own political desires.

Trump has been grumbling for months that DeSantis could not be trusted. Trump has been upset because DeSantis had not said the “maga words.” Words to the effect he would stand aside if Trump ran for the Republican nomination in 2024.

The wall Humpty Dumpty sits on is beginning to crack. Trump will take a big fall in another year or so as more abandon him.

DeSantis has shown he fears no one. Not even the Supreme Court. He announced over the weekend that he opposed the Court’s recent decision that allowed medical facilities that receive Medicare or Medicaid payments to mandate vaccinations.

DeSantis is off and away! He fears neither person nor entity. Republicans now have two nuts striving to be head of their Party. They forget even the mighty shall fall.

Only in Florida. A losing candidate who subscribes to Trump’s way of doing things. Lose an election and claim you won. Refuse to concede.

The Congressman representing Florida’s 20th District died. A special election was held last tuesday.

The District heavily Democratic. The Democrat Sheila-Cherfilus McCormick beat Republican Jason Mariner decisively. By 50 points. McCormick received 46,663 votes, Mariner 10,883. Stated another way, McCormick received 79 percent of the vote, Mariner 20 percent.

Mariner refuses to concede. Claims Miami “stuff” was discovered. Intimating election fraud.

The guy is Trump crazy. With the difference in who received how much there is no way there could have been fraud of the magnitude complained.

I mentioned the Trump rally saturday night in Arizona in yesterday’s blog. I want to add to my thoughts.

One of the most unflinching Republican Congressman is Paul Gosar. Not just a far right hard ass Republican, the man is also pure unadulterated crazy.

Gosar spoke prior to Trump. He repeated a version of the “false assertion” that the Arizona vote in 2020 was fraudulent. He did so in the “darkest language,” invoking the image of a “building storm,” a metaphor commonly used by followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory.

He also called for the people involved in counting the ballots for Arizona in 2020 to be “imprisoned.”

Gosar is an example of the type of person who will be leading the U.S. government in 2024 should Trump win.

I watched a movie yesterday afternoon that I had never seen. All Fall Down. Based on James Leo Herlihy’s novel published in 1960. The book was so popular it was made into a movie two years later.

The movie starred Warren Beatty, Eva Marie Saint, Karl Malden, Brandon de Wilde and Angela Lansbury. A big time cast!

The acting was spectacular, except for Warren Beatty. It was his first movie. His shortcomings were obvious.

I am a Beatty fan. His later films reflected his stature as a star.

Why do I talk about the movie? The author of the book James Leo Herlihy was a frequent visitor to Key West. Spent long periods here with his friend Tennessee Williams. Herlihy’s residence was the Silver Lake District of Los Angeles.

The movie contained scenes of the lower Keys and Key West.

There was a bridge scene.. The bridge was a long one. Beatty and de Wilde were walking it. My sense was the makers of the film were trying to depict Key West. The bridge was nowhere near Key West nor was it the Seven Mile Bridge. The bridge’s foundations were not similar to Seven Mie.

The movie also contained a shot of Duval. The building in the film is not the same today. I suspect the building in the movie was the Cuban Club. However years after the film was made it was destroyed by fire. The reconstructed version is close to the original, but not that close. I could not identify it as the Cuban Club with certainty.

I envy Herlihy. The years he spent in Key West were different. A time and life style long gone never to return.

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. He died April 8, 1968.

January 17 is celebrated this year as his holiday. Note the use of the words “this year.” January 17 is not always the day. The law establishing the Day decried it was to be the third monday each year. Ergo, the exact day changes every year only to return to the same date several years later.

Many a phrase King uttered had special meaning and are recalled often today by public speakers. One quote I share with you this day: “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

Very few persons meet the “measure of a man” in today’s society.

Enjoy your day!



Disinfectant, mouthwash, horse worm killer, and now urine. One’s own urine.

Non-medical science moves on!

If it was good enough for Gandhi, it should be good enough for you.

Technically referred to as urotherapy. Promoters claim it will cure COVID-19. Also, HIV, cancer, leukemia and obesity.

The “theory’s principle is Christopher Paul Key. An anti-vaxx “Vaccine Police” leader. This past week Key urged his followers to swear off COVID-19 inoculations and instead “drink their own urine as a cure.”

Key proudly proclaims: “I drink my own urine.” He advised that if drinking the “golden nectar” was bothersome, gargle, snort or inject it.

Makes me wonder. Is anything else being snorted?

Key is a follower/supporter in some fashion of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Alex Jones sells online course work for learning the benefits of drinking the “golden nectar.”

Forrest Gump correct again: “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Many firsts with the COVID plague. The Epoch Times reported 1/13/22 re an Australian hospital in New South Wales where fully vaccinated patients exceed unvaccinated patients. Fully vaccinated meaning 2 shots.

The statistics reported for 1/9/22 revealed COVID patients represented 68.9 percent of those 12 and over. Only 28.8 percent the unvaccinated.

Last night in Florence, Arizona, Trump conducted his first rally of the new year. Titled: Save America.

Trump’s theme the same one he has been enunciating since the November 2020 election: The election was stolen.

He lies. Continues to lie. I doubt he will ever stop.

Interestingly, Arizona has 2.1 million voters. After multiple audits, less than 200 ballots were deemed fraudulent.

Trump made mention of the size of the crowd. All the way back! He also said cars were parked 25 miles back.

If so, why did the media not film the crowd so everyone could see if Trump was speaking the truth. Also, the parking situation.

Proof of a representation is what the eye can behold.

Two quotes from Maureen Dowd’s Opinion piece in yesterday’s New York Times. The article titled More Mojo, Joe!

“Oh, the tribulations of Joe Biden! Kyrsten Sinema humiliated him. Mitch McConnell disrespected him. The Supreme Court blocked him. Vladimir Putin scorned him. Inflation defied him. COVID stalked him. Even Stacey Abrams stiffed him.”

“As hapless as Joe Biden and his coterie are, we can’t give up on the President because he is all that stands between us and the apocalypse at the hands of Trump, DeSantis, Pence, Kristi Noem, and the future Chief Justice Amy Coney Barrett.”

As the world turns, it gets sillier and scarier by the day.

Enjoy your Sunday!




History repeats itself.

Construction of the Leaning Tower of Pisa began in 1173. Its compatriot is the Leaning Tower of San Francisco which opened 2009.

Six hundred forty five feet tall. Fifty eight stories high. Designated the Millennium Tower. A glitzy residential building.

The Millenium is tilting at the rate of 3 inches per year. Total tilt so far 24 inches. As the building tilts, it sinks sideways into the ground. Thus far 17-18 inches.

Engineering experts project that when the tilt gets to 40 inches, parts of the building will cease functioning. Elevators and plumbing will not work.

The Millenium tilted all of 10 inches in one year when steps were taken to stop the tilting. Four days work resulted in the additional 10 inches. The effort experienced limited success.

A solution has been accepted. Work to stop the tilting will begin in the fall. Required will be 18 foot steel pipes installed in bedrock 250 feet under the tower.


Hope all works well!

A citizen has spoken again. In yesterday’s Citizens’ Voice: “If parents were only half concerned about keeping assault weapons out of schools as they are about keeping masks out of schools…..”

I was not a fan of Neil Gorsuch when he was nominated for the Supreme Court. My feelings have not changed since he became a Justice.

Gorsuch’s conduct on the bench since last friday justify my thoughts concerning the man.

Gorsuch has sat on the bench hearing oral arguments during that time while not wearing a mask. All other Justices did.

Justices Sotomayor and Breyer have not appeared on the bench during the time. They have sat in their private chambers appearing remotely on the bench.

The Court advised all Justices have received their vaccinations.

Sotomayor has diabetes. Makes her more susceptible to COVID. Her seat on the bench is directly next to Gorsuch’s. Beyer’s next to Sotomayor’s. The man is 83. I am 86. I can appreciate his concerns.

Why can’t Gorsuch appreciate their concerns? Be a good neighbor? A gentleman, considerate of others?

I have studied Gorsuch since he was nominated by Trump. He has turned out as I suspected. A far right conservative. A know it all. Similar to those on the streets and in school board meetings who argue against the masks. He thinks he is special.

Again, I cannot understand why he would insult his fellow Justices and himself by failing to wear a mask. Also in sending the wrong message to the American public.

Several years ago I wrote several articles re the desperate need for body parts. So few available that a market had developed for the sale of body parts. A profitable one.

For example, kidneys were going for $150,000-$200,000. The Chinese found body parts a money maker. They were removing them from their long term prisoners and selling them worldwide.

The story of a U.S. surgeon replacing a human heart with a pig’s hit the newstands last saturday. I intentionally did not write about it at the time. My primary concern was to see if the patient survived. So far he has.

The surgery/transplant a wonderous thing! Doctor’s believe it will only take a short time to do the necessary modifications so animal parts can be used on everyone. No more waiting in line hoping an organ is available. No more paying an exorbitant price if a person is able to purchase the necessary organ.

The key is the elimination of rejection.

Note that the patient in this successful story had been deemed ineligible for a heart transplant. His doctor told him his only chance was a new theory using a pig’s heart. The patient went for it!

The word is out. Home office has announced Key West’s K-Mart is closing in mid March.

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The Supreme Court is 007 in disguise. Except it needs no type firearm. The stroke of the pen suffices.

Insanity in one form or another prevails at all levels of government. Power not being properly exercised.

Proof is the Supreme Court decision yesterday which blocked Biden’s virus mandate for large employers. The mandate applying to employers of 100 employees or more regarding vaccine or testing of employees.

The majority decided against mandates based on their belief Congress had not authorized the Executive Branch to take sweeping actions under the authority of OSHA to address the continuing health crisis.

The majority wrote, the use of OSHA was “a significant encroachment in the lives and health of a vast number of employees.”

The vote was 6-3 with the far right conservative majority controlling.

The three dissenting liberal Justices wrote, the majority frustrated “the federal government’s ability to counter the unparalleled threat that COVID-19 poses to our nation’s workers.”

The dissent further went on to point out the decision could have gone either way depending on which solution the majority selected. The majority could have recognized the Court’s RESPONSIBILITY to safeguard lives. Instead the conservative six did what has come to be expected. Rendered a decision detrimental to the people, the little guy.

The nation is sick of the virus. The decision exemplifies the sickness which permeates many levels of government.

The number of new COVID cases will go crazy over the next year. Businesses will shut down because of the lack of employees. Hospitals and doctors will be underfunded because of lack of health insurance. Etc.

Not intending to be dramatic, blood will be on the hands of the courts also, the Supreme Court especially.

Query: How does the nation protect itself against a surging COVID?

I am beginning to wonder if the country can save itself from all the dangers besetting it if most in control don’t seem to care. If most who should care do not.

Another part of the decision involved the mandate as it applied to health care workers. The Court decided such mandates ok because they apply to workers at hospitals and other healthcare facilities that participate in Medicare and Medicaid programs.

An added personal observation. There is no happy uplifting song applicable to the decision. Only a requiem song for the dead. The Court’s decision guarantees hundreds of thousand deaths that did not have to occur.

The Court has given itself a license to kill.

So bad the decision, I cannot even advise my usual enjoy your day concluding statement.