A big time double header yesterday. Consumed the world stage. Michael Cohen in Washington before a House Committee. Donald Trump in Hanoi with North Korea’s Kim.

Both disappointing.

I was glued to the TV all day till around 5 watching Cohen testifying. He came across sincere. Honest, also. Although his word hard to accept by those who hold his plea of lying to Congress as negating his telling the truth ever again.

Other than the check for $35,000 bearing Trump’s signature, I was unimpressed. Probably because we all have heard too many times recently the story from his perspective.

His words will affect Trump. Will probably lead to a charge or two against Trump.

From the beginning of this investigation 2 years ago, I have said the same thing. That which will get Trump is laundering money. He had too many transactions with Russian banks and Russian people. Especially condo sales for amounts far in excess of their value.

Money laundering will fall on at least one member of his family also.

The Republicans behaved like asses. Instead of chasing him on the evidence, they kept challenging his veracity because of his guilty pleas.

Moving to Hanoi, Trump’s failure in achieving anything his own fault. He knows everything and claims he does not need the State Department to help. Understand that since Trump became President, the State Department is dramatically understaffed.

Kim out foxed Trump once again. He has become a major world figure by having Trump visit him 2 times in less than a year.

As I wrote yesterday or the day before, expecting Kim to give up nuclear weapons is like expecting Mexico to pay for the wall.

I am disappointed with TV’s political pundits this morning. Most consider Trump to have acted wisely in going slow and not making a deal. He could not make a deal without giving away the whole farm.

Trump was desperate to make a deal.

The next week will tell what really occurred in Hanoi. So far, we only have Trump’s word as to what happened. His word unfortunately cannot be depended upon.

The game plan for last night was a manicure and then a Key West Black History presentation at the San Carlos at 6.

Saw Tammy at 4:30. What a business she and husband Ricky have! She the immigrant 14 years ago. A citizen today, owns her business with Ricky, owns her home, has 2 children, employs 8 people.

A contributing citizen!

It was early. Still had time to kill before the lecture. Stopped at Aqua’s Side Bar looking for David. No David. Walked over to La Tratttoria. Enjoyed a drink at the bar and friendly chat with Carrie.

Then walked over to San Carlos. Got there 5:50. Lecture to begin at 6. Was told it had already started at 5:30. I was not at fault. Chatted with some others afterwards who were late also. Newspaper had it scheduled for 6.

Six persons participating. All local. All knowledgeable re the issue. One old enough to have lived through some of the more interesting times.

Decided to have dinner. It’s season. No room at La Trattoria or Antonia’s. Got in the car and drove to Harpoon Harry’s. Realized it was wednesday night and the special was turkey dinner.

Enjoyed the dinner. Sat and read the newspapers for a while. Home well before 9.

I am guesting on Laurie Thibaud’s radio show at 4 today. Party Time. Station 105.7 FM, WGAY FM. Join us. We make interesting talk together.

Then across the street to the Chart Room.

I have been critical of Trump and FEMA. Hurricane bills not being paid. Trump is stiffing States and municipalities. Either failing to send money or refusing to honor bills for aide provided.

The problem consistent. Still ongoing. Puerto Rico, Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, California wild fires, etc. waitin

A local example. A serious one. It will affect our Monroe County taxes to the tune of $6.6 million.

The Marathon area was severely hit by Irma. The damage ran down to Cudjoe Key. The County immediately erected tents to house first responders from outside the area. over a period io

Seven large air conditioned tents were erected. Included within the tents, a mess hall, laundry facility, showers and a sleeping area.

FEMA supposed to pay. Monroe County submitted an application for charges incurred to the tune of $6.6 million.

FEMA has ejected the application.

FEMA apparently has no issue with the establishment of the base camp and its use. FEMA’s problem is with the paperwork submitted. FEMA claims the County did not follow proper procurement procedures and proper documentation.

What bullshit! A category 3-4 hurricane hit the Marathon area. Immediate help needed. Everything including people had to come from the outside. Urgency required, not a receipt.

Marathon is typical of the rest of the U.S. Trump has been a failure in covering costs for which the federal government is normally responsible.

The federal government was also billed $44 million by Monroe County for other items. Most of the $44 million borrowed from banks. Per the direction of Washington. The feds told states and municipalities to borrow monies needed from banks. The Federal government would provide reimbursement down the road.

Of the $44 million, only $6 million of the debt has been reimbursed/paid.

Typical of today’s Washington. Trump goes on TV following a disaster and says in effect don’t worry, do what has to be done, we have the money.

Ben Hecht was a famous screen writer. He was born on this day in 1894.

Hecht has a Key  West tie-in. He wrote the screenplays for Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises and A Farewell to Arms.

Hecht also wrote the screenplays for 3 of my favorite movies. It’s A Wonderful World, Wuthering Heights, and Gunga Din. He collaborated on Gone With the Wind.

My arm is getting better. Swelling down about 60 percent. Most of the fluid having slid down my arm where it is longer and thinner.

I’m glad I did not break the arm or a hip. Always a concern at my age.

Enjoy your day!



Three well known, well liked, Key West area persons died this past week. George Weber, Frank Holden, and Jim Cameron. I knew each.

Brought to mind what I always thought was an old wives’ tale of Italian origin: Death comes in threes.

I googled and searched. Not described as an old wives’ tale. Believed by many world wide, however. Not merely as to death. As to anything. If something happens twice in a short period of time, expect a third to occur.

I grew up in an Italian home. My mother was born in Italy. My father here of Italian immigrant parents. Everyone was Italian back then. We lived in what I describe as an Italian ghetto. Who knew of Irish, Poles, Germans, etc. There were only Italian people.

My mother, father, grandparents, relatives, friends, all thought the same way.

One of those “thoughts” occurred if 2 persons you knew died in a close time frame. The question  arose who would be next. Death happened in threes. No one questioned it.

I have not thought about the 3 death thing in years. The deaths of George, Frank, and Jim returned it to mind.

Do I believe it? I don’t know. However rest assured I shall think of it as others I know pass on. I am sufficiently close to death that the issue is of thoughtful concern.

Another custom involving death comes to mind.

Italians believed that after visiting the funeral home or home where the body lay, or going to a funeral service, one was not to return directly home. Death would follow. I recall many instances where my parents and I would stop for coffee, ice cream, or something to eat first. Another stop was visiting friends.

The old ways. Never leave us. Forgotten for a time. Guaranteed to return.

Big day today! World wide!

Michael Cohen testifies before a House Committee. The hearing open. It is anticipated he will reveal things about Trump. Some not mentioned before.

His appearance supposedly dangerous to Trump. I shall be glued to the TV all day watching.

The other event is the closing of the Trump-Kim summit in Vietnam. What will Trump give away this time? What if anything will he receive in return? Will Kim take advantage of Trump once again?

Interesting questions.

A personal observation. Kim giving up nuclear weapons is as certain as Mexico paying for the wall. Trump deludes himself once more.

We sometimes forget there is more to the world than the United States. and certain other countries such as Venezuela, Russia, China, and others frequently in the news.

Other nations do exist. Nations who have nuclear weapons. Nations that we rarely think or hear about, however.

Like India and Pakistan.

The 2 nations were one. India. Till 1947 when partition occurred which lead to 2 nations.

A sloppy separation of India. Remaking boundaries generally are. The split displaced 14 million persons along religious lines. A problem ever since. India and Pakistan have hated each other all these years.

Both have been rapidly developing. Both have nuclear weapons.

The past few days they are playing war games. Perhaps the beginning of war itself. Both sending planes over each other’s lands. Aerial shootings.

The question arises as to whether what is yet a minor conflict will reach the nuclear threshold. Hopefully not.

Amazing that the nations we expect could cause World War III are the United States, China and Russia. Not 2 nations from left field.

Syracuse basketball last night following Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou. Lost again. North Carolina topped Syracuse 93-85.


Syracuse was to have had a great team this year. Many players returning. Excellent recruits. Syracuse won some big games. Lost too many to poorer teams, however.

It was not to be.


Enjoy your day!




I fell.

Last night at 10. Had dinner with Mary and was walking to my car parked behind the Simonton Fire Station. Walking down the path running along side Antonia’s.

I just fell! Ground level. Brick walk way level. Didn’t trip on anything. Etc.

Sober. Only 2 drinks before dinner.

Why did I fall? Bothers me I do not know why. Recall I used to fall a lot several years ago. Then did a year of physiotherapy. Learned how NOT to fall.

My left elbow took the brunt of the fall. Followed by my left butt cheek and left knee. Cuts on my back, also.

When I went to bed, I noticed a bulge on my elbow. Size of a golf ball. This morning, a grapefruit. No pain. Felt like a sack of water.

Arranged for an immediate doctor visit. Thought the elbow was fractured.

Turns out a ton of fluid was released. Will take 1-2 weeks to get absorbed. If I feel heat in the meantime, instructed to call the doctor immediately. Means the fluid has become infected.

My friends, senior citizenry and falling go hand in hand. Besides the danger of a hip fracture, it is extremely difficult to get up. Even with help. The body is dead weight.

I was fortunate Mary was along. It still took a good 10 minutes to get me on my feet.

I am beginning this blog at 11:45. Ergo will be short. I have yet to get ready for my podcast show tonight.

Started last night at Aqua. Dueling Bartenders. Terri sang. Beautifully!

Afterwards joined Mary for diner at Antonia’s. Pleasant meal. Salmon over gnocchi.

Then the fall.

Another Key West friend passed on this week. Frank Holden. Also known as Captain Frank.

Quiet, soft spoken.

Enjoyed an interesting career. He captained a large private vessel. Huge. Same boat, same owner. For 20 or 30 years.

What a job! Frank lived on the boat even when its owner was elsewhere. Which was often.

Frank was a member of the Conch Republic Navy. If I recall correctly, Admiral at the present time.

Frank and Jean Thornton were very close. I have already expressed my sympathies to her.

Podcast time!

Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou tonight at 9. A half hour of Louis ranting and raving about this and that. Always an interesting show. Join me.

Trump playing the most powerful man on Earth at the moment. In another historic meeting with Kim Jung Un.

Nothing of value will result. Kim too smart for Trump. Trump does not know his ass from his elbow when it comes to international diplomacy.

When the meeting is over, Trump will declare victory. The danger of war gone. He accomplished what no prior President could.

Sort of like Neville Chamberlain’s “Peace In Our Lifetime!” as he was stepping off the plane which returned him home after his historic meeting with Hitler.

How long did the “peace” last? One or two years.

Trump wants two things out of this meeting.

First, he has been laying the ground work to some day build a Trump Tower hotel in North Korea. He keeps telling Kim that North Korea is a natural. Set between China and Japan.

Second, Trump wants to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. For having resolved the North Korea crisis. Good luck! I cannot believe the selection committee would be that blind or stupid.

Re the Nobel Peace Prize, Japan’s President nominated Trump for the award. He said Trump asked him to do so.

I have been following Maduro and Venezuela for 5 years. Ever since families began eating their family pets.

Two reasons why Trump will fail in his efforts to get a war going with the U.S. leading the pack.

It is necessary for the Army to switch its allegiance to the usurper who claims he now is President. Only with the Army behind him and a supporting U.S. intervention can the new man win.

It will never happen. The Army leaders are happy. They are part of the graft and corruption at the top. They and their families live and eat well.

The other reason Trump is destined to fail is he does not really care about the Venezuelan people. Here is a man who continues to fail many of Hurricane Michael victims in the Panhandle and Georgia. Don’t tell me his heart bleeds for the Venezuelans.

Trump wants the oil! Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world.

Trump forgets Russia wants the oil reserves, also. China stands with Russia in this regard. I find it hard to believe Russia would let the U.S. get control of  Venezuelan oil.

Enjoy your day!


Yesterday, I solely wrote re the Catholic Church and sex. Today, no Catholic Church, no sex.

Came across a piece this morning advising that on this day in 1873 Enrico Caruso was born. Caruso the great operatic tenor of his time.

Born in Naples, he immigrated to New York. His finest years were spent at the Metropolitan Opera House. The tenor of the day. No one comparable. His main years on the Metropolitan’s stage 1895-1920.

My grandfather Louis, after whom I am proud to have been named, was born in Naples also. Around 1910, he came to the United States at the age of 12.

I loved my father’s parents deeply. I look forward to the day my grandparents, parents, and I will be together again in the after life.

My grandfather was a lover of music. Italian classical music. Opera, especially.

In his living room, he had the phonograph of the day. Manufactured by the Victor Talking Machine Company. Stood tall and black. Four legs. The top opened by hand. Inside lie room for a record to be placed.

The machine was operated by hand. On the side was a long handle which had to be manually turned. In other words, the phonograph as it would be called today had to be wound up to run.

On the inside of the lid was its distinguishing mark. A small sitting dog. The dog in front of and looking into a cylinder gramophone. The words underneath…..His Master’s Voice.

My grandfather had a slew of 78’s. Most Italian and operatic. Most the voice of Enrico Caruso. He especially enjoyed listening to Caruso’s Vesti la giubba from Pagliachi.

I frequently listened with him.

My grandfather trusted me with his records and machine. From the time I was 3-4, I was permitted to operate and listen alone. My grandfather away at work and my grandmother in the kitchen.

I gloried in those moments. This young man sitting in a huge easy chair, his feet not even able to touch the floor, enjoying a greatness that my grandfather knew and to which he had exposed me.

Kate Miano’s Gardens at 5 yesterday. Terri singing.

The Gardens were packed. Easily 200 plus. Strangely, I knew no one other than Terri and Donna. Donna had saved me a seat up front.

Terri her usual magnificent self.

I had not felt well all day. For some reason, my body is off. I could not get comfortable. At intermission, I left.

Walked up the street to Hot Dog Church. Only a few participants left. Chatted with Laurie and a couple of the ladies and left. Still feeling weird.

Decided a good meal would help. No room at Antonia’s or La Trattoria. Ended up having a grilled cheese sandwich at Mary Ellen’s. As good as any food I could have ordered at Antonia’s or La Trattoria.

If you have not experienced Mary Ellen’s go! On the side street around the corner from La Trattoria. Grilled cheese and tomato soup to die for!

Then home to watch the Academy Awards. An experience I enjoy.

The acceptance speeches by the winners for Best Actor and Actress among the best I have head.

Rami Malek for the men. His memorable words that his parents immigrated from Egypt and he was first generation. Look at me, in effect. At the pinnacle of his success. A comment also saying don’t knock immigrants or immigration.

Olivia Colman won for the ladies. I never heard of her before. I had been pulling for Glenn Close. She is getting on, time is escaping her. She may not have another chance. Hopefully, I am wrong. I see her winning her first and only Oscar as John Wayne did. Late in his career.

Whatever, Olivia gave the best acceptance speech I ever heard. It was obvious she did not expect to win. She mumbled about this and that, all the time crying. She shouted out to Close that she thought Close should have won and she was sorry. As to Lady Gaga, she said something to the effect….Oh, my God, I beat Lady Gaga.

God bless them all and future good luck!

Aqua’s Dueling Bartenders tonight. Terri guest performer.

Terri appears to be working more now than before she became blind. She had her usual sunday late morning gig at Hard Rock cafe. The Gardens last night. Dueling Bartenders tonight.

Her sight may be gone. However, her voice not. Sometimes, I think even better than before.

The Everglades perfect for reptile breeding. And other type strange non-humans. Florida has failed to protect against 2 invaders. The Burma python and iguanas.

Waited too long. The State admits it will never be able to eradicate pythons. Hopefully merely contain their growth. Containment thus far, a failure.

Iguanas has only recent come to the State’s attention as a problem. Though we have all been complaining about their growing numbers for 20 years. The State looking for a solution to the invasion. Hope time does not stand in the way as it has with pythons.

The reason I share with you thoughts re exotic reptiles is Florida has a new one. The anaconda. A snake. Weighs up to 550 pounds. A big mother! Hope the State moves its ass rapidly with this one.

Key  West has had many business ventures that proved highly successful. Shipping, salvage, sponge fishing, shrimp fishing, cigar making, come to mind. The businesses come and go. However, always a new one to replace the one that just left.

Key West was a world wide port in 1892. The Key West Custom House collected $827,147.79 in import duties that year. The amount being more than the rest of Florida, Georgia and Alabama combined.

Enjoy your day!



The Catholic Church has a problem with sex. Really? I write the sentence with tongue in cheek.

The problem not merely a today one. Has occurred many times in the past. Makes it hard not to question one’s Faith.

Today’s Church is loaded with pedophilia, homosexuality, priests and bishops having sex with nuns, conception occurring, abortions the result in many cases, etc.

What is going on? Where is all this going?

Pope Francis just concluded a meeting of Cardinals to deal with the problem. I doubt anything of significance will result. It is reported many Cardinals are a part of the problem.

History abounds with sexual impropriety. Popes who married and had children. Popes who did not marry and had children.

The Knights Templars another example. A new religious order where sexuality went a muck.

The Knights were also known as God’s Holy Warriors. Medieval knights founded in 1119. A band of poor and pious initially. In a short time, wealthy.

Practiced extremes in homosexuality. Eventually villanized and disbanded in 1307. Villanized by France’s King Philip IV and Pope Clement V. Thousands arrested, tortured and burned at the stake.

A Code of Conduct totaling 72 Rules was intended to have kept the Knights humble, chaste, and obedient. Failed in every regard, especially as to chastity.

The Rules required the Knights to live as if women did not exist. Beware of ladies the admonition. They will lead you into sin. Look not upon the face of a woman less you be tempted. Kiss no woman, including your mother. Any type embrace with a woman could cause you to perish.

Any Knight found lying with a woman would be put into irons.

Knights cautioned not to speak of women or the pleasures of the flesh associated with women. Labeled filthy talk.

Man has an inherent sex drive. If not woman, then man. Homosexuality the order of the day. Sodomy the order of the day. If a Knight felt a sexual need, he contacted another Knight who was duty bound to provide his anus (as described in Templar writings). The anus big in the Order. Part of the induction ceremony involved kissing of a Knight’s ass. Deep passionate mouth  kisses also part of the ritual.

There are always those who adjust the rules to suit their personal needs. The more successful and powerful Knights engaged sexually with elegant women also.

As young homosexuals in recent years have entered the Church,  the gay men of the Knights’ era made a beeline to join their local monasteries.

When the Knights were founded, the organization was poor. With in a very short time, affluent. In less than 200 years they were recognized as world controlling financiers.

The Knights in their poor stage were known also as Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ. Such did not last long.

The Knights also warriors. Fought in the Crusades. Their attire a white frock with a large red cross on it.

Initially successful as Crusade warriors. Failure began to set in. Saracen outsmarting them on the battlefield.

The Knights began losing face. Still money rich, however. King Philip IV of France financially broke for a number of reasons. Wanted to get his hands on Knight riches. His cousin was Pope Clement IV, who supported him in the endeavor.

The Knight Templars were denounced. Big time! Swiftly! More than 5,000 arrested in a short period in France alone. Tortured. Made to confess their homosexual sins, ass kissing, mouth to mouth kissing with men, an occasional dalliance with a woman, etc. Then burned at the stake. Their wealth confiscated, of course.

Such the story of the Knights Templars. From rags to riches to extinction in 200 years.

Why do men of God conduct themselves in such fashion? Why do they foist in the name of God autocratic rigid mandates which they themselves do not follow? What does this say about God? How does God feel about the matter?

Makes me wonder.

Enjoy your Sunday!




Key West is changing. Both ways. Better and worse. Such the nature of growth.

Tourism has shot up in recent years. From all points of the earth, people come to visit. Problems have arisen. Traffic, parking, affordable housing, bicycle fatalities and injuries, infrastructure problems, etc. Not all problems dealt with expeditiously. Problems become worse.

Berlin’s an example of negative change. At least from this writer’s perspective. I believe from others, also.

Berlin’s the bar to the A & B lobster House. Both a Key West tradition. The finest in food and service. Pricey. Customers pleased with the quality of the food and service. No one complained.

Many locals regulars. Especially at Berlin’s bar.

The bar reflective of a men’s club from years ago. Dark wood, maroon leather stools and easy chairs.

Smoking was permitted. There are still smokers in the world. As I understand, Berlin’s was originally a cigar bar. Still till recently. Sold cigars and permitted them to be smoked. Cigarette smoking permitted also.

Berlin’s filtration system the best! Whether cigar or cigarette smoke, it was immediately sucked up and gone.

I enjoy a cigarette with my drink. One of the features that attracted me to Berlin’s originally. Then the food and service.

The bar full on friday and saturday evenings with local regulars. One happy family/group.

Tourists seem to prefer the dining room itself, the A & B Lobster House.

Several months ago, the property was sold. Several purchasers, including locals. The purchasers brought change.

No smoking. A tragedy for one who enjoys a cigarette or two with fine dining.

From my perspective after having been a customer for many years, smoking had not kept non-smokers away.

Parking a problem everywhere in Key West. Not if you were dining at A & B or Berlin’s. A parking lot next door. Free. Merely bring a copy of your dinner tab to give the attendant when you left.

Last night, the attendant said I had to pay. New rule. $10 for 2 hours. I told him I generally stay 3-4 hours. He said then it would cost $10 more. $20.

Did not make me a happy camper. Felt I was being ripped off. I parked for free 2 blocks away.

Appreciate my dinner bill for 2 is rarely under $150. Without tip. Tips always generous. Good service calls for it. If I was entertaining, the food and drink bill alone for 4 would be over $300. With tip, in the area of $400.

And they want me to pay to park! Something not required in past years.

The bar became packed as the evening wore on. I knew no one. I was the only regular. The rest tourists. Exuberant, noisy. Drinking only. Waiting for a table in the dining room.

One reason I eat at Berlin’s on friday or saturday evening is Bria Ansara sings. An outstanding vocalist! The rowdiness at the bar prevented her from being heard.

The food. The quality may be slipping. My Maine lobster dish was its usual quality. My companion ordered prime rib. Always a beautiful juicy cut. Not last night. It had not been cooked that day. A medium cooked slice was black throughout. I tasted it. The flavor was there. Not as it should be, however. A cut costing around $40.

Bottom line, I will not be a frequent customer from this point forward. Things I value have been taken away. I feel I am being cheated.

Key West has enough excellent restaurants. Berlin’s is replaceable.

After Berlin’s, stopped at the Chart Room. A good crowd. John bartending.

Ran into David. Love David! Rarely see him anymore. He told me he has a new watering hole. The Side Bar at Aqua. I will have to stop in occasionally so I can visit with him.

Berlin’s represents a backward slide. A forward moving one is the Duval Promenade/Mall.

There are those who believe the street in front of restaurants and retail establishments on Duval should be put to use. Cut out vehicular traffic. Turn Duval into a pedestrian walk way.

The City Commission has allowed a 3 month test to see if the proposal is workable. Being tried on friday and saturday evenings. This the second week.

I visited twice last week. Will stop by this evening. The plan an evolving one. Trial and error. Will improve each week. Hopefully it will be deemed workable at the end of 3 months.

The Promenade a great idea in the making. Adding to the pleasure of Key West. Not taking away from something excellent as the new owners of Berlin’s and A & B are doing.

A Key West friend has died. Two days ago. George Weber. Age 64. He leaves many friends, as well as his partner of 38 years Art Roger.

George was a close friend of Donna Barnett and Terri White. It is through them that I met George.

May he rest in peace.

Big night ahead. Syracuse/Duke at 6. The Carrier Dome in Syracuse. A 35,000 plus sell out.

Duke favored by 4.5 points. Duke ranked #1. Syracuse unranked. However Syracuse beat Duke on Duke’s home court 2 weeks ago.

May the gods shine upon Syracuse again this evening!

I will probably watch the game at the Chart Room.

Enjoy your day!




A home cooked meal a rarity for a bachelor in Key West. Ergo, I eat out most evenings. Not last night, however. God looked down on me with favor. Cindy cooked!

Cindy and her husband Larry are from Ontario, Canada. They have a second home in Key West. We came together because of this blog. Cindy a loyal reader.

I met Cindy and Larry for the firs time last year at the Chart Room. Then again this year. Cindy asked if I would come to dinner some evening. Definitely! I was pleased with the invitation.

Last night, the occasion.

Cindy prepared lamb chops. Like I have never eaten. Great tasting lamb chops are difficult to get in recent years.

I watched Cindy cook them as I enjoyed a drink with Larry. She did not just broil them. I am not sure what she did. However, they were moved from one pan to another, a sauce or two poured over them.

We dined on their outside rear porch. Cindy served each person’s dish prepared. All 3 overflowing with lamb chops. I said, I can’t eat all this. Little did I know. I ate all of them. Finger licking good. The bones left free of meat.


Cindy set a spectacular table also. An exceptional hostess. A combination of Perle Mesta and Julia Child.

An admonition to Cindy: Invite me again!

I am not leaving Larry out. However, he was no competition for Cindy’s lamb chops.

Larry is a mechanical contractor. Still works. However is able to do so from Key West. His 2 sons back home doing the hands on.

I am a lucky man. I now have 3 great cooks occasionally feeding me. Donna, Andrea, and Cindy.

Forget me not ladies!

Busy afternoon yesterday. Three hours on the go. A haircut, lunch at Fernandy’s, the Farmers Market, Publix, and K-Mart. I was tired when I got home.

Tonight, Berlin’s for dinner. Mary my date, Bria Ansara the entertainment. Looking forward to the evening.

A bit of Key West history.

It was the roaring 20’s. Everyone making money, dancing the Charleston, generally enjoying life.

On this day in 1925, Herbert Hoover, wife Lou Henry, and friends arrived in Key West on the yacht Kilkenny. Hoover a wealthy man. A respected person when it came to economics. At the time of his visit, he was Secretary of Commerce.

The group stayed at the Casa Marina.

Four years later, Hoover was President. Soon after taking office, the dancing stopped. The roaring ’20’s disappeared. Replaced by the Great Depression.

Sadness has befallen Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim and the family of Jorge Jimenez.

Wednesday night Boeheim was driving home following Syracuse’s victory over Louisville. Icy road. I-690.

Jimenez had been a passenger in another car. The car skidded because of the icy road. It stopped against a guard rail. Perpendicular to the highway. The car sticking out onto the highway.

The passengers, including Jimenez, left the car and were walking across the highway to the median. No lights on the highway.

Boeheim came along. Saw the car sticking out in the highway. In trying to avoid the car, struck Jimenez who was still crossing the highway. Jimenez died.

Policed report Boeheim and the driver of the other car were tested for alcohol and drugs. None involved. Speed not an issue. Police conclude the event a pure accident.

The Jimenez family a wreck, Boeheim a wreck. He attended but did not himself conduct practice yesterday. Duke scheduled for saturday night at the Carrier Dome. Questionable at this time whether Boeheim will coach. Consideration also being given to transferring the game from the Carrier Dome to Duke’s home court.

Prayers in order for both Jimenez and Boeheim.

Pardons in the air. Who, if anyone, will Trump pardon?

Lincoln was confronted with a pardon decision during the Civil War.

It was early 1862. Nathaniel Gordon was scheduled to be hung February 2. Gordon had been an American captain of a slave vessel. He was a slave trader.

Gordon was carrying 800-900 Africans to Cuba or Brazil to be sold. An American vessel captured Gordon and his ship. The U.S. had made international slave trading a crime 40 years earlier.

Many slave traders had been caught, tried, and convicted prior to Gordon. None had received the ultimate penalty: death. Gordon was to be the first.

Application was made to Lincoln for a pardon. He agonized over the decision. He finally said that “…..any man who, for paltry gain and stimulated only by avarice, can rob Africa of her children to sell into interminable bondage, I never will pardon.”

He did however extend Gordon’s date of death by 17 days. Lincoln did so in order for Gordon to have sufficient time to make peace with his God.

On February 21, Gordon became the only man in American history to  be executed for the crime of slave trading.

I close with a thought re the U.S. Coast Guard Lieutenant who was arrested with guns and other equipment. A white supremacist, his intent was to lead a terrorist attack on members of Congress and the media.

Interestingly, only Democratic Congressional persons were scheduled for death. The media included Joe Scarborough.

Trump has a comment about everything. The Lieutenant was arrested last friday. A week has gone by and Trump has uttered not one word re the situation.

Strange? Not really so. Consistent with his white supremacist/nationalistic feelings, dislike of those who oppose him, and his attitude re the media.

Enjoy your day!





A number of significant topics today beginning with my yesterday and then into the world. I generally share the topics in some sort of order. On a day like this it would add an hour to the blog. No time today. I have been at it 2.5 hours gathering the information. Started at 6:30. Need to be done by 11.

So I present you with a Morning Stew. Number 6.

Cath scan time yesterday in the hospital. My appointment was for 1. Did not get taken till 2:30. Thought they were taking another look at my aortic stenosis. Nurse told me order sheet indicated aortic aneurysm. Bothered me. I have known for several years about the aneurysm. Do not think about it. Now it is back in my thought process.

Had to fast for the Cath scan. Was hungry following the test. Back to Harpoon Harry’s. Wednesday is Thanksgiving turkey day. I enjoyed a complete turkey meal.

When last in friday, I forgot to tip the waitress. Embarrassing. First thing I did when I arrived yesterday was to find her and give her a $5 bill. She was grateful, but said she actually did not remember me nor that I failed to tip her.

Whatever, I have made a friend for life.

The waitress actually waiting on me was Allana. European born, she has been in the U.S. 30 years. Twenty seven in Aspen. The last 3 in Key West. Knows how to pick her spots to live!

The time sitting around the hospital waiting for the Cath scan gave me time to finish Becoming Michelle Obama. I enjoyed reading it. Recommend you read it.

Nothing fantastic about the book. It is merely the step by step progression of Michelle’s life from her birth in South Chicago to retirement now following the White House. A modest work. Personal. Like Barrack still leaves his dirty socks on the floor.

Today, a haircut at noon with Lori. Lunch. The Farmers Market at Bayview Park for a special bread and tomatoes that are softer than the rocks available at Publix.

I am looking forward to this evening. Dinner at the home of Larry and Cindy. A couple I have visited with 2 years in a row at the Chart Room. They are from Ontario, Canada. Have a second home on the golf course.

Cindy is cooking.

I have a special affinity to Cindy. She is a loyal blog follower.

I will not be appearing with Laurie Thibault this afternoon on her radio show. Traffic is so heavy this time of year that I would be late for dinner. Tune in however. Laurie needs no help. A born natural for radio. Station 107.5 FM, WGAY FM.

Sex and the Catholic Church. Back in the limelight. Today the beginning of a conference of Bishops. A Sex Abuse Prevention Summit at the Vatican. Pope Francis presiding.

The problem an open wound.

The issues will center around gay priests, secret rules, and the abuse of nuns.

A dynamite conference in the making!

Trump has nominated Jeffrey Rosen to be Deputy Attorney General. He will be the #2 person in the Justice Department.

His only connection to the law is that he is a Harvard law grad. Never worked in criminal prosecution. No police background of any kind.

Why? Of what value will he be? I fear another Trump step in trying to destroy the Department of Justice.

Tired last night. Watched Syracuse/Louisville at 7 from home. Syracuse won decisively 69-49.

A great game!

Next #1 Duke on saturday at the Carrier Dome. Syracuse beat Duke 2 weeks ago on Duke’s home court. Duke was #1 at the time, also.

There is a gluttony overtaking college sports.

I watched part of the Duke/North Carolina game following the Syracuse one. Obama was there. No seats available. A huge sell out.

Certain seats were going for $2,600 each. Super Bowl prices. It was announced that 4 seats at the Syracuse/Duke game saturday will be selling for $3,500 each.

College ball? Professional ball?

There is a drive underway to pay college athletes. In addition to free tuition, room and board. The argument is they are making their schools rich.

The day is coming. Very soon. I don’t like it. Something wrong with paying college athletes especially after they are getting a free ride to a college education.

Iran recently publicly hung a 31 year old man for being gay. Seventy one countries have criminalized homosexuality. Eight of them call for the death penalty.

In Iran, gays as young as 9 can be put to death. And they are.

Lesbians included.

Now comes Donald Trump to lead the battle to end the criminalization of homosexuality across the globe. Announced yesterday. He says he will launch a campaign and lead the cause.

Something irregular here. Trump goes out of his way in the U.S. to do whatever he can to hurt the gay community. He is anti LGBT. His most recent action to prevent transgenders from being in the military.

Hypocrisy? You better believe it.

I can remember John L. Lewis. He was a big man in union work in the 1930’s through 1950’s. A huge man with bushy eyebrows.He was CEO of the Congress of Industrial Organizations and President of the United Mine Workers.

An autocrat in his work. Tough guy similar to Trump. A liar, also. He was described during his time as the most experienced truth-twisting wind bag ever produced in the U.S.

Possessed brass testicles. He called a coal strike during World War II.

I mention Lewis today because on this day in 1940 he was a guest at the Casa Marina.

Cemetery stroll sunday. The Key West Cemetery. The history of our island carved into the stones. Always a crowd. Reservations required. Three starting times 9:30 to 10:10. A $20 donation requested.

I love the cemetery. One of the best stones reads: “I Told You I Was Sick.”

Washington Post columnist Reuben Navarrette in a recent article wrote about Trump, El Paso, and his lies.

Trump was in El Paso this past week pushing the border wall/barrier, whatever it is called. He claimed El Paso had one of the highest crime rates in the U.S. till a wall was built on their border. The problem is El Paso was never a high crime city. Before, during or after the wall was built.

Typical Trump exaggeration, lie.

Navarrette wrote  that Trump “…..since his days selling real estate in Manhattan, has never let the truth interfere with a good pitch. The PT Barnum of Fifth Avenue used to attempt to convince people that the Trump Tower had ten more floors than it really did.”

He continued, “Trump doesn’t just sell steak, or the sizzle. He can get by with just selling you the thought of a steak. That’s a gift folks.”

It’s the nature of the beast, folks!

U.S. Coast Guard Lt. Christopher Paul Hasan has been arrested. A white supremacist interested in terrorist attacks. Leading them himself. Against the U.S. government.

His intent to kill members of Congress and the media. As part of a purpose to create a white homeland. Among those designated for elimination were Elizabeth Warren, Beto O’Rourke, Joe Scarborough, and John Podesta.

In a draft of an e-mail authorities recovered, Hasan wrote: “Much blood will have to be spilled to get whitey off the couch.”

The U.S. worries about terrorism coming at us from the Middle East. We fail to have any significant concern with the terrorism on our shores lying in silence ready to attack. Our efforts must be directed at them also.

I end with Karl Marx. Author of the Communist Manifesto. Written in collaboration with Frederich Engels. Published this day in 1848.

The Manifesto was slow to take hold. However by 1950, half the world’s population lived under Communism.

Marx’s closing words in the Manifest set forth marching orders for those to become his followers: “The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workers of the world, unite.”

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The national debt went above $22 trillion this week for the first time. Big bucks!

Bush 2 and Trump responsible for recent major increases. Bush a piker compared to Trump. Trump added $1 trillion with the snap of his fingers with the new tax law. Accomplished it by benefiting the rich.

The $22 trillion equates to $67,000 per citizen. Cough up my friends. Pay your share into the national treasury. It will help return to the U.S. treasury the monies Trump gave the rich in tax cuts.

Some different ways of viewing the debt.

The U. S. government owes more than any other institution in history. A distinction we could have done without!

In this year of 2019, it will take $383 billion to service the debt. More than the entire national debt of Canada.

It is estimated that by 2023 (a mere 5 years from now), the interest payment will be larger than the U.S. defense budget.


My podcast Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou went well last night. I had more fun than usual in doing it.

One item commented upon involved an individual being critical of Israel. Becoming increasingly difficult in the U.S.

Israel is not without its own sins. In recent years, many in the U.S. have expressed innocent comments re Israel. Israel’s purported sins occupation, colonization, and repression. Some have suggested Israel is positioned as Nazi Germany was in the 1930’s.

American political leaders are fearful of being charged as anti-Semitic. They do not comment. Instead, laws are now being passed to suppress adverse Israeli comments. Censor them.

A number of States have passed laws requiring the discharge of any public employee that speaks out against Israel. The Republicans have been trying to get such a law, or one even more encompassing, passed on the federal level.

What happened to Freedom of Speech?

It is every person’s right to express divergent views. Not to be unfairly labeled as anti-Semitic for so doing. Those who wish to speak out re an Israeli issue should be free to do so. Criticism should not be silenced.

Another item briefly alluded to last night involved the wall. What would we talk about if not the wall!

Something I cannot understand. First, it was Build the Wall. Now, Finish the Wall. Finish what? Relatively nothing has been built. Like 50 miles. The border area is 1,500-2,000 miles.

Last year, Trump needed $25 billion to build the wall. The number then fell to $5.7 billion. Then $3.7. He got $1.3 billion.

He now intends to borrow from Peter to pay Paul. Borrow from monies already allocated by Congress for defense, hurricane relief, etc., to Finish the Wall.

Realty wise, there is nothing to finish. It remains to be built. Another Trump lie being pushed so his base and others will believe he is living up to a campaign promise.

My day is reserved for a heart Cath scan. One thirty this afternoon. I have been prepping since midnight for the procedure. I am allergic to intravenous dye so must take a couple of medications to prevent any problems.

Today, a memorable one in Key West history. David Wolkowsky began construction of the Pier House Motel this day in 1967. The home today of the magnificent Pier House Resort. Home of my beloved Chart Room.

Coral reefs. A topic of concern to Key Westers. The City commission recently voted to ban sunscreens containing 2 particular chemicals. The 2 most important to protect a person’s skin. Claimed also to be 2 substances injurious to the reef.

I disagreed and continue to disagree with the Commission vote. Insufficient scientific investigation. Never the less, the Commission jumped the gun and imposed a prohibition not warranted.

An Associated Press article by Bernstein and Debre was recently published concerning dying coral reefs world wide. The cause reported climate change. Carbon dioxide plunging into ocean water thereby heating the water and adding to its acidity. The scientific cause. No mention of sunscreens.

There is one coral reef that is surviving, however. It is located in the northern most tip of the Red Sea. Blooming! Alive!. For some reason, the reefs in the area are resistant to rising water temperatures and acidification.

Studies are underway to determine why Red Sea coral reefs survive while those in the rest of the world are dying.

Pedophilia continues to be rampant.

A serial pedophile police officer was recently arrested on 80 counts of sexual abuse of children. Sheriff’s deputy Virgil Wolfe of the Clark County, Montana, Sheriff’s Department.

He is presently free on $100,000 bail awaiting trial.

Police and priests. Others. The problem grows larger. A relatively recent phenomenon or one which is being reported today rather than buried?

Tonight Syracuse/Louisville at 7. Syracuse unranked. Louisville #18. Surprisingly, Syracuse is favored by 1.5 points. Probably because Syracuse this season has a reputation of beating top ranked teams. Yet losing to lesser teams.

Syracuse beat #1 ranked Duke 2 weeks ago at Duke. Syracuse plays Duke again saturday at the Carrier Dome. Duke back in the #1 spot.

A Syracuse win tonight and saturday would be a WOW!

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Countries are like people. None Simon pure. Even the best have shortcomings.

PBS did a Documentary in October on eugenics, another word for forced sterilization. The Documentary was primarily reflective of U.S. involvement in the practice.

Most believe eugenics had its beginnings with Nazi Germany. Not so. The U.S. was way ahead of the Nazis. The 1920’s it high point. The American Eugenics Movement was established to promote and champion eugenics.

Wealthy and educated Americans openly supported the Movement. Including John Harvey Kellogg (Kellogg Foods) and Margaret Sanger.

The Movement’s purpose was to breed a “better” American race. The Movement believed socials ills could be eradicated by limiting the number considered to be genetically “unfit.” The unfit included certain immigrant groups, the poor, Jews, the mentally and physically disabled, and the “morally delinquent.”

“Healthy babies” were the goal. Eugenics was popular. Tens of thousands were sterilized.

The idiocy of the concept finally hit home and the practice generally died in the 1930’s.

Note, generally, not wholly.

Jailed Latina women were forcibly sterilized in California jails from 2006 to 2010. One hundred thirty of them. California has acknowledged the sterilizations were done illegally.

Certain states are compensating those illegally sterilized. Compensation is being paid to victims still alive in Virginia and North Carolina. Note to “victims still alive.” Most of the sterilizations took place in the 1930’s. Meaning most of the victims are now dead. An empty gesture.

Craziness is a swinging pendulum. Even good people do wrong. Fortunately, the wrong is recognized and a practice stopped.

Insanity abounds in Washington these days. One never knows from where Trump is coming or going. Vigilance is required. Otherwise the American people can slip into a gross wrong as exemplified by forced sterilization.

Last night a pleasant one.

Began with a 5 o’clock pedicure. Then Aqua for Dueling Bartenders. The evening concluding with dinner at La Trattoria.

Heather May joined Rick Dery as Dueling Bartenders’ guest performer. A school teacher by day, vocalist by night.

A couple from Illinois I had met a few nights ago at the Chart Room stopped by to say hello. Liz and her entourage arrived. Liz looked terrific! Her mobility unfortunately is a wheel chair. Mary came in after her work day at The Little White House.

Mary joined me for dinner afterwards at La Trattoria’s bar. Always a good meal.

Lynda Frechette’s Aqua Idol tonight at 6:30. Go! Do not miss it! A great show. A terrific audience.

Love tuesday nights! My podcast show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Listen to me rant and rave for a half hour.

You may wonder why I always express the show’s time with the admonition “my time.” The reason is the show’s followers are world wide. The time is different in many countries.

Rescheduled to tomorrow at 1:30 for the Cath scan. I have 5 pills to take in preparation. I will be up late. The first is at midnight.

Enjoy your day!