Insanity prevails at every level of the American population.

A comment in the Citizens’ Voice section of this morning’s Citizen a perfect example: “Well, it’s official folks. The Keys have turned into a far right conspiracy theory, lunatic asylum. At the school board meeting, parents were ranting about communism and how Jesus will keep COVID away. I couldn’t believe it.”

A comment by a recent recent tourist: “Came here on vacation, left as part of the COVID Nation.”

Another commented re Fantasy Fest: “Fantasy Fest zoners should wear masks and nothing else. Would be a blast – couldn’t tell who anybody was and could all be masked and frivolous safely.”

Fantasy Fest is the last 10 days of October. Some days, as many as 60,000 people.

I have always wondered where they sleep. Not enough rooms in Key West. Too many to sleep on the beaches. Not enough rooms for many miles up the Keys.

Sleeping accommodations not my issue this morning. An interesting observation to share, however.

It was announced yesterday that the parade and street fair portions of Fantasy Fest were cancelled because of the coronavirus danger. Such takes care of the last 2 nights of Fantasy Fest. What about the first 8?

Key West rocks all 10 days. Most events private rather than publicly sponsored. Every prominent bar has a “special evening.” A couple of BDSM parties and other similar events. Each jam packed.

Some of the parties bring in 1,000 people. No social distancing. I assume a few masks. Not many. I have no idea how many vaccinated. Probably most have not.

Without the parade and street fair, the event still a virus spreader. The City should find a way to totally eliminate Fantasy Fest for the entire 10 days. Merchants will scream. Bar owners have a heart attack.

How else can we ensure safety, however?

Two-three weeks following Fantasy Fest, many Key Westers will get sick. The 60,000 who return home will spread the virus among their families and neighbors in other states.

At the moment Florida is the #1 state re the virus. A distinction Florida could do without. Our tiny hospital will not be able to handle those who get sick during Fantasy Fest, whether from normal injuries and illnesses or coronavirus itself.

My comment re this issue is a voice in the wilderness.

My thought. It begins with “Our asshole Governor DeSantis…..”

DeSantis a few weeks ago issued an executive Order. The Order prohibited any school board from mandating the wearing of masks. DeSantis said he would stop salary payments to any board members who disregarded his Order.

The kids are back in school. Child virus numbers were up all over the state previous to school openings. Will now creep up even more. Child infections will be the highest ever.

Four school boards have defied the Governor: Alachua, Brevard, Broward, and Leon Counties.

Next came court involvement and decisions last week and yesterday. Each court decided the same. DeSantis the loser in all court decisions. Sounds like the Trump lawsuit decisions. School districts can require school children to wear masks, school board members must be paid.

The Governor’s office issued a statement. The Governor would continue to prohibit school districts from acting and refuse paying them if they did. The statement made no reference to any of the court decisions.

DeSantis is Trump in disguise. Birds of a feather.

COVID continues to overwhelm space and staff to care for coronavirus patients. Five states have less than 10 percent ICU beds left: Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Florida, and Arkansas.

Ida definitely was not as sweet as apple cider. The fifth worse hurricane in the history of the U.S. A Category 4 which left much destruction. One million without power in New Orleans alone where it has been estimated it will take 5-6 weeks to return to normal power.

Fortunately, only 2 dead so far.

I periodically watched persons being removed via transport trucks from flooded areas. It was Katrina all over again. Only blacks on those trucks.

Ironically, Ida hit on the same day as Katrina did 16 years ago.

The Syracuse football season begins saturday. Against Ohio. Not sure who is favored.

Syracuse’s starting quarterback will be Tony DeVito. He started off and on the last 2 seasons. Hope he found whatever he has been looking for so he can deliver on being an exceptional quarterback this season.

Syracuse will go with a 2 quarterback system this year. Mississippi State transfer Garrett Schrader is back up to DeVito. It is intended for both to play in Syracuse’s opening game saturday.

It has been many a year since Syracuse had a quality team. This year? Hope springs eternal!

Tonight Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Jon me at 9 my time for a terrific blog talk radio show. I rant and rave for one half hour.

Enjoy your day!


It was August 30, 1146. European leaders wanted to outlaw war for all time. They banned a popular devastating weapon that easily killed many.

The cross-bow.

Hard to believe. Especially today when one nuclear weapon can kill 100,000  plus persons in less than a minute.

The leaders had a vision, saw the light. However banned the cross-bow with no conception of what was to come in future years.

Ida has come and gone as far as certain parts of Louisiana are concerned.  Leaving behind unimaginable destruction.

Yesterday Ida was a category 4 hurricane when it made landfall. Today, a tropical storm.

Ida moved swiftly. She has been labeled the 5th strongest landfall in U.S. history.

Ida is presently moving northeast towards Tennessee at 30-35 mph. A significant reduction compared to yesterday when she was moving across Louisiana at up to 150 mph.

Yesterday, left one million homes and businesses without power. Damage extensive. Fortunately, only one death discovered thus far. A 60 year old man killed when a tree fell on the roof of his home.

Mississippi’s loss of power today will add to the powerless numbers.

Internet videos showed horrible flooding. Cars were floating by as if boats.

Flooding will be the major problem beginning today. The National Hurricane Center warns of “dangerous” storm surges. Heavy rains will contribute to significant flooding inland. Twenty four hours of continuous rain anticipated.

Flooding caused by rain overflowing creeks and rivers will contribute to flooding as far north as New York State.

And so it goes.

Enjoy your day!




Nothing is going to stop Ida. In 7 hours, she will have made landfall somewhere on the Louisiana coast. Bringing one of the most powerful storms to hit the area in 100 years. There will be much damage, many injured and some deaths.

Ida has already reached a Category 4. She could be a 5 either before she hits land or at that moment. She is considered “extremely dangerous.”

Ida’s power increase has been unusually rapid. She went from 80 mph to 145 mph in no time at all. Her speed presently 150 mph. Seven miles short of the 157 required to be a Category 5.

Surge is going to be unusual. Twelve to fifteen feet. Guaranteed death for all in its path.

NBC has a photo on the internet of the traffic evacuating Route 10 out of New Orleans. Reminded me of Irma. I did not wait till the last minute to leave Key West. Irma had been heading straight on for Key West for several days. The cone showed no deviation. It was also predicted to be a Category 5 when it hit Key West.

Not my cup of tea. I decided to get out of Key West 5 days before its anticipated arrival. My escape was a 3 day trip. Bumper to bumper most of the way.

Katrina hit New Orleans 16 years ago today. Interesting.

There is a calm before a storm. In my 30 years in Key West, I remained for most storms. Opted not to leave. Not because I was brave. Rather I early on became aware that a tropical depression, tropical storm, a Category 1, a Category 2, and sometimes a Category 3, can be handled. Very survivable. No need to run off.

The calm before the storm is just as it sounds. No wind, no rain, ocean like a mirror, temperature comfortable.

The next day, another story!

Some 15 years ago, there was a strong hurricane followed by an unexpected surge which came across Key West. I forget which hurricane it was. There have been many.

Yankee Jack was an entertainer who had lived in Key West longer than me. He was a singer, musician and songwriter. Everyone liked Yankee. He was that kind of person.

Thin he was not. Yankee weighed well over 300 pounds. Food was everything to him. He knew which were the restaurants where he could get the most food for his money. He needed to fuel up several times a day.

Yankee opted to remain. He lived in some type trailer. When the hurricane hit, his trailer went. Fortunately, his girl friend live in a condominium. He moved in with her for the storm correctly anticipating his trailer would not survive.

I telephoned Yankee the day after the hurricane. The lines were down. Five days later, I heard from Yankee. My message of concern had finally got through.

I asked how he was doing. His response said it all: I am in my girl friend’s apartment. We put a white sheet on her sofa. We are sitting on it bare ass. The government has provided us with bagged ice. We are taking turns rubbing the ice on each other’s body. The heat/humidity are indescribable. The smell atrocious. Dead fish, animals and vermin together with sea weed.

Irma was predicted as a 5. At the last minute, it moved a bit and slowed down. It came over Key West as a Category 1. We lucked out!

Sixteen miles up the road is Cudjoe Key. Irma actually came ashore with full force and hit at Cudjoe. As a Category 4. Damage galore from that point all the way up to Florida City.

I returned to Key West 7 days after Irma hit. No sense in coming back sooner. Key West was without water, power, food, etc.

Once I reached Florida City, Irma’s damage rapidly became evident. Everything was ass end backwards. Boats were on U.S.1. Cars were in the ocean and canals. Houses were down flat where they stood or hundreds of feet away lying upside down or on their sides. Some could be seen floating in the ocean. Debris everywhere.

The strangest thing I saw was somewhere around Islamorada. There was a pretty good sized tree to my right as I drove down U.S.1. The tree had 2 heavy branches about 20 feet above ground level. Lying on its side on the 2 branches was a large refrigerator.

Hard to believe!

Ida’s damage will be the same or worse. I suspect worse.

The only hurricane I have seen worse that Irma was Andrew. Andrew came in across Homestead in 1992 as a Category 5. It never reached Key West.

I had left before Andrew hit. Being new to the Keys, I knew not the paths hurricanes took. I returned 3 weeks later. Drove through Homestead. The damage could not have been worse. The city was flat. An occasional wall left standing. Nothing more. It was like a nuclear bomb had been dropped on the community.

Brought tears to my eyes.

Ida’s rapidly growing power has been attributed by the weather experts to global warming. A hurricane picks up speed and power as it moves over warm water. The warmer the water, the more the increase.

Due to global warming, the Caribbean waters leading up to New Orleans are roughly 8 degrees warmer than normal. Ergo, hurricanes such as Ida will henceforth be more powerful.

I feel sorry for President Biden. His plate is full. COVID, Kabul/Afghanistan, and now Ida. Additionally, he has what I would describe as minor problems. Joe Manchin, voting legislation, and the infrastructure bills.

The Republicans are of no assistance.

The Republican Party of today is no way comparable to the Republican Party of December 7, 1941. Every Republican at the time, except for one, voted for war against Japan. Today, the Republican Party is similar in name only. I doubt today’s Republicans would have supported President Roosevelt when he called for a declaration of war. He would have gotten what Biden is receiving today: Blame, blame, blame!

Enjoy your Sunday!


Hurricane Ida will not be as enjoyable as Eddie Cantor performing Ida Sweet As Apple Cider. Cantor brought joy. The Hurricane guaranteed not to be pleasant in any fashion.

It is anticipated Ida will hit the New Orleans area sometime tomorrow as a Category 4. Winds 140 miles per hour. Surges 10-15 feet. Ida’s force will be extremely dangerous. Life threatening.

A major blow! Interestingly, it will hit at the same time of the year as Katrina did.

Ida’s strength will be attributable to the warm Caribbean water it will be traveling over. The water will get warmer as Ida approaches landfall.

May God protect those that will feel Ida’s wrath.

Sirhan Sirhan might be paroled! The assassin who killed Robert Kennedy. Hard to believe!

Sirhan has spent 50 plus years in jail for his crime. Not enough from my perspective.

Kennedy was one of America’s heroes. He was running for the Democratic nomination for President at a time when the U.S. needed a person of his quality. We were in trouble as a nation.

I was involved in politics back then. A Kennedy supporter. I was running his campaign in my community. Kennedy was scheduled to speak in an adjoining community 14 miles away. My marching order’s were to be there to meet with Kennedy. I assumed for a hello, how are you and thank you.

Did not work that way.

Kennedy was speaking from the stage in a high school auditorium. When I arrived, I was taken behind the stage curtain. A few minutes later, Kennedy and an aide appeared. Three chairs were dragged over. We sat and I got my marching orders. It was not an hello, thank you, etc. meeting. It was business. What he expected, how he wanted things handled, etc. He knew all the players in our area.

We spent 15 minutes together. When he was done, he stood, thanked me, and walked away. Never a smile. Not a criticism on my part. Such was the man. Serious. He was on a mission.

If society is going to start taking sympathy for someone who committed a heinous crime and has spent a long time in jail for it, there are many similar criminals who should have been let out of jail. Like Charlie Manson.

Sirhan’s recent appearance before the parole commission was his 16th. His parole would have been denied, except for two of Kennedy’s sons.

Kennedy fathered a total of 8 children. Robert Kennedy Jr. and another son supported the parole. The other six have announced they will fight the parole recommendation at each and every step. California’s Governor Gavin Newsom has to approve it.

I never met Robert Jr. However had an experience back in the late 1980’s which left me with a sour taste in my mouth as far as the man was concerned.

Kennedy was involved in environmental law as I was. He was teaching at Pace University. Pace had an excellent environmental curriculum. Kennedy was an adjunct professor and also headed Pace’s Litigation Clinic.

I was handling a major piece of environmental litigation in the area on behalf of an insurance company. At some point, I received a letter from my principal to turn everything over to Kennedy’s Litigation Clinic at Pace. Second and third year law students were going to handle the case from that point forward.

Was I pissed! You better believe it. It was a major piece of litigation. Now to move from my hands to students. An insult. In addition, I was being paid top dollars for my efforts. I was not one who enjoyed losing the opportunity to earn a significant fee.

Nothing I could do. I sensed what was going on. Kennedy’s son wanted his people to handle the case. Great experience to be had. My insurance company was not going to deny a request by the son of Robert Kennedy.

I have followed Robert Jr.’s career since. It does not surprise me he supports the parole of the man who killed his father.

Coronavirus continues surging. Yet some governors and states fight the tide of mask wearing and vaccination. They who do contribute to the deaths of many.

Alabama in a “crisis” situation. One of the hardest hit states in the nation. Deaths have reached an “extreme.” Alabama is at the point where it has run out of places to hold the bodies of the dead. The state is now using mobile trailers to hold the bodies.

Alabama reflects another problem. One of great concern. There has been a spike in child COVID-19 cases. Last week, 5,571 children tested positive. Forty two children died.

Deaths nationally are on the increase. Deaths in 14 states increased by 50 percent last week. In 28 others, deaths were up 10 percent.

New Zealand is experiencing a new set of numbers. Not encouraging.

New Zealand has fought coronavirus hard from day one. The country went into lockdown the first time around. Total lockdown. The people cooperated.

New Zealand had not had a new case since February. Last week, it had its first case since February. New Zealand went into immediate total lockdown. Did not catch the problem in time. In the last 10 days, New Zealand has had 347 new cases.

New Zealand’s lockdown has added another phrase to COVID’s book of phrases: Hermit strategy.

Locally, the Tropic Cinema announced it will be closing down the theater beginning September 2. The theater is concerned with the increasing number of cases in the Key West area and want to do its part in helping to prevent the virus’ spread.

I broke quarantine yesterday. For less than one hour. Got a haircut and manicure.

Drove Duval to see how the tourists were handling the COVID problem. No change. No one was wearing a mask. Not one, not even a child.

Enjoy your day!


Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot forges ahead with 10/15 vaccine mandate for city employees, despite opposition from police unions.

The Mayor in a recent press release wrote, “We must take every step necessary and at our disposal to keep everyone in our city safe and healthy…..Getting vaccinated has proven to be the best way to achieve that and make it possible to recover from this devastating pandemic.”

Four Chicago police unions oppose mandating vaccines. The largest is the Fraternal Order of Police. Its President John Catanzara said in no uncertain terms, “We’re in America, God damn it. We don’t want to be forced to do anything. Period. This ain’t Nazi fucking Germany where they say step into the fucking showers. The pills won’t hurt you. What the fuck?”

The man has a limited vocabulary.

The 81st Sturgis Motorcycle Rally was held 8/6 to 8/15 in Mead County, South Dakota. Five hundred thousand attended. As far as cronavirus is concerned, the event has been described as a “super-spreader event.”

In the three weeks since the Rally began, new coronavirus cases in Mead County are up 686.8 percent.

The Sturgis Rally is actually conducted over a three county area. Included are Butte and Lawrence counties. Butte has experienced a 1,900 percent increase in coronavirus cases. Lawrence 1,050 percent.

Monument Health is a local facility in Rapid City, South Dakota. A hospital administrator said the hospital was “living through a nightmare.”

A Tampa hospital is filled with coronavirus patients. No beds available. A cancer patient transfer from another hospital was recently turned away. The cancer patient needed special emergency treatment. It could only be provided by special equipment to treat the problem. The Tampa hospital had the necessary equipment.

A hospital administrator said, “We just didn’t have a bed. There simply was no room in the hospital to treat the patient.” The administrator went on to add this was the first time in 60 years the Tampa Hospital had turned anyone away.

Another crisis indicator. New Mexico is experiencing a shortage of ICU beds. It has established a “waiting list” for ICU beds.

Regarding Florida, the New York Times reported the pandemic now is worse than it has ever been before. Hospitalization and dying numbers are up.

This past week, Florida averaged 227 deaths a day. By far the most in the U.S. New cases reached 23,314 a day over the weekend.

These numbers are 30 percent higher than Florida’s previous high in January.

Thank you Governor DeSantis. How many more will die before you see the error of your ways?

Recall when Trump said he did not consider John McCain a hero…..”He was captured. Heroes aren’t captured.”

Trump has come up with a new claim that is equally crazy. He said Osama bin Laden was not a “monster.” He “had only one hit. The World Trade Center.”

What an ass! The World Trade Center attack on 9/11 resulted in 2,977 deaths.

The Afghanistan/Kabul thing is heavy. The bombing yesterday at the entrance to the airport resulted in 13 Marines killed and 18 Marines wounded. Additionally 113 Afghans were killed, 164 injured.

I have never thought fondly of Eric Prince. Prince was the CEO of Blackwater, the mercenaries the U.S. hired to fight part of our wars. Prince provided the soldiers, non-military personnel, and weapons of war. His numbers never revealed. Including those Americans who died while on his payroll.

Prince has made an offer to assist in flying people out of Kabul. He will fly people out for $6,500 each. The $6,500 will include transportation from home to airport and a charter flight to fly them out. An extra fee will be charged if persons being evacuated are trapped in their homes.

Prince is one of the richest men in the U.S. His family as well. His sister is Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education for 4 years in the Trump Administration. Her husband is Dick DeVoss, former Amway CEO.

Both Pence and DeVos were heavy Trump contributors. The Prince and DeVos families are listed as the 88th richest in the U.S. Their estimated new worth $5.4 billion.

At $6,500 a head, the families wealth will increase significantly.

There is an oddity involved in the Kabul matter. It involves the fact that it is part of the 20 year old Afghanistan war Biden is closing down.

Democrats and Republicans alike should be supporting the President at this time. Wars have generally received the support of both parties. A 20 year war is the type that should receive 100 percent support.

It does not. Republicans are beating Biden up. Castigating him ruthlessly. Not the way Kabul should be addressed. There are times we are more that politicians. We are Americans.

Enjoy your day!



Truman Capote comes to mind today. It was on this day in 1984 the great writer died.

In 1968, Capote visited Key West for the first time. He registered at David Wolkowsky’s new Pier House Motel. Less than a year old at the time.

David did not reside in his newly constructed motel. Instead he had a luxurious 45 foot 2 bedroom double wide trailer parked 10 feet from the motel’s water front.

Capote and David were drinking in David’s trailer the day he arrived. They had not met before.

Capote had a suite in the motel. He liked David’s trailer better. Capote told David he wanted to stay in the trailer. David said no way. It is where I live.

The two intelligent sharp men. Capote brought the issue up several times during the rest of the day. Finally, David succumbed. He move out of the trailer into Capote’s suite. Capote into David’s trailer. David was out of his “home” for six months.

Capote was in Key West to write “Answered Prayers.” He completed the work while here. He gave David a rough draft of the book. David treasured it.

Years later, David was living in the penthouse on top the Kress building. The Kress building the long time home of Fast Buck Freddie’s. Someone robbed the Penthouse. One of the items stolen was the Answered Prayers draft.

David was upset. Especially since on the floor below his penthouse, the Sheriff’s Department had offices. He thought he was secure.

Capote was robbed in Key West, also. The first night he was residing in David’s trailer. Stolen were all his credit cards, his address book, and about $2,000 in cash.

The police never apprehended the “robber.” They concluded Capote had been cleaned out by some street boy he invited back for a “private session.”

During Capote’s first visit, he was having dinner with several friends in a local restaurant. Three couples were seated several tables away. Constantly starring at Capote. He told his friends watch. Soon some one from the table would come over asking for an autograph.

Correct he was. A few minutes later a woman walked over and asked him to sign her menu which he graciously did.

The lady returned to her table. For some reason, her husband appeared upset.

He walk over to Capote’s table and asked, “Are you Truman Capote?” Capote said, “I was this morning!” The man unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He said, holding it in the palm of his hand, “Can you put your signature on this?” Capote looked down on the cock, and up again, and said, “I don’t know about my signature, but I can initial it.”

Tennessee Williams was living in Key West at the time. He and Capote were great friends for 40 years.

Terri White sang last night at Viva’s. I could not make it. However several mutual friends contacted me this morning to say her show was absolutely outstanding.

Terri is amazing. She was discharged from the hospital 2 days earlier after a week long stay at the hospital.

Think back to 1978 and Jim Jones. An American cult leader. He had established a Peoples Temple at Jonestown on the island of Guyana. His commune group consisted of 918 persons, 304 of which were children.

Jones was having problems. What, I am not sure. He decided it was time for he and his members to commit suicide. The event had been planned some time. Flavor Aid had been accumulated. Grape flavored. To which cyanide had been added.

All cult members consumed, including the children who were assisted by their parents. Jones was one of the last to die. He committed suicide by a self inflicted shot to the head.

A. U.S. Congressman had traveled to Jonestown a day or two before. Representative Leo Ryan. He brought a delegation with him. He wanted to see what was going on at Jonestown. Ryan referred to his appearance as a “fact finding mission.” Part of a Congressman’s “oversight” responsibility.

I think he was simply nosy. He was shot and killed while trying to get on the plane to get away from what was going on.

Which brings me to Republican Congressman Peter Meijer and Democratic Congressman Seth Moulton.

Without advising any of their superiors or getting permission, both took a “sneak” trip to Kubla Airbase this weekend. Their purpose to perform Congressional “oversight” duties.

I view their action as totally lacking in responsibility. Theirs was a secret quickie trip to see first hand what was going on. From my perspective, they added to our military’s responsibilities while at the air base and took up room on their return flight of seats/room those escaping the Taliban could have used.

My label for the two: Publicity seekers!

What bothers me additionally is that media reporters this morning seem to be equally divided like it was a good idea for them to go or they overstepped their responsibilities in going.

At the very least, suppose the two had become as Congressman Leo Ryan? Shot on the tarmac while trying to get on a plane. The cries of failing to protect them would have been overwhelming.

The Taliban lacks governing experience. Their drawing the red line and refusing to extend the August 31 date evidence thereof.

Their goal is not to help the Americans or anyone else. I view their function solely to “embarrass” the U.S.

The Taliban’s time in power will not be long. ISIS or some other ancestral breed will overcome them. Such is the way in their world.

Enjoy your day!


Some things continue to be difficult to understand. There are 8,700 students in the Monroe County School System. Masks were mandated by the school board which provided an option where parents could decline to have their children wear masks.

Thus far, 1,058 parents have opted their children out.

The Keys time frame initially for mask wearing is 2 weeks. The situation will then be reviewed again.

Schools have been open around 2 weeks thus far. Twenty students have been diagnosed with coronavirus.

As of August 18, the Lower Keys Medical Center had 20 Covid patients they were caring for.

The hospital is full otherwise. Surgeries are limited. Visitors not allowed. Beds scarce.

Last week 504 new cases were identified in Monroe County. Up from 388 the previous week.

No question the numbers are moving up.

Florida has achieved another distinction. It is the third state to have reached 3 million Covid infected persons. Actually, 3.o8 million. Governor DeSantis bears a large share why such occurred. He is without conscience.

Hospitals are filling up other than in Key West. Alabama has absolutely no empty beds. Shipping some patients to hospitals out of state. Texas has reported limited ICU capacity. Many Oregon hospitals are without ICU beds.

I had a doctor visit yesterday. It was lunch time when I was done. Decided to take a drive down Duval to evaluate people response to COVID. Mostly tourists.

Crowd the fewest I have seen this summer. Down by at least two thirds from my earlier visits.

That in itself is good. People should keep their germs home and not bring them to Key West.

The shocking observance was from Truman to Front I saw not one person or child wearing a mask.

The saying money talks and bullshit walks has many applications. One is how Key West will handle Fantasy Fest this year.

The City Commission is holding a meeting September 1 that hopefully will decide.

Key West cancelled Fantasy Fest last year. Should do so again this year. However pressure is on to keep it open.

Strange. The virus numbers are worse and probably will be even worse come the end of October. At the moment, the numbers and positivity rate are up from last year.

Excuses abound why the event should proceed as scheduled. Money, of course.

The reason receiving the most attention is that the City is powerless to do much because the City’s contract with the outside agency running Fantasy Fest only covers 4-5 events. Everything else that goes on are events sponsored by bars and restaurants. The City claims it is without power to control the outside businesses.

The City should take the bull by the horns and close everything down that week. Better safe than sorry. The continuing excuses preferring money over virus make me sick. Coronavirus is going to be with us until we take the bull by the horns. We have to stop band aiding the problem.

Several months ago, perhaps even last year, Trapper ended up at The Turtle Hospital. I recall the fanfare with which he was received. In bad shape. Floating upside down. Entangled in trap wires. Body externally and internally tumor afflicted.

Trapper got better. He was returned to his home last week. His return to the sea was conducted at Higgs Beach. An event! Many people there to cheer Trapper on.

The Turtle Hospital a special place in the Keys. Well staffed. Its reputation world wide. Many sick turtles are flown in from outside the Keys to be saved.

The hurricane season is upon us again. Always an interesting time of the year. The storms an item of concern and conversation. Irma was bad. A category 4. Especially from Cudjoe north. I returned home about 10 days after Irma hit. You will recall I wrote a book about the hurricane: Irma and Me.

On this day in 1992, Andrew hit. A category 5. A disaster!

Three weeks after Andrew, I was returning to Key West. Opted to drive down from Miami. The trip took me through Homestead.

What I saw that day, I had never seen before. Irma later on looked like kid stuff.

Homestead was down. Everything ground level. Nothing left standing, except for an occasional wall. It was like a movie scene. A war time movie. Following an area that had been bombed big time for several days.

I will never forget. It brought tears to my eyes.

Terri White was recently hospitalized for a week or more. She returned home 2 days ago. She is singing tonight!

At Viva’s on Duval at 7 pm.

One tough lady!

Enjoy your day!


Biden has a lot on his hands with Afghanistan. Tough decisions to be made. Harry Truman had a sign on his desk…..The Buck Stops Here.

Biden has the same sign on his desk, though not actually. Afghanistan is his headache!

Blame is not an issue at this point. The issue simply stated is how do we get Americans and certain Afghans and their families out? By August 31!

No choice involved. One way or another, Biden has to get them out.

A hero or heel in the making.

Choices appear limited. Flying the big planes in and out alone not going to do it.

I heard on the internet yesterday that Biden was looking to use airline planes to assist. Today, nothing heard.

The idea sounded good to me.

Another approach is to dump something like 40,000 U.S. military back in near and around the airport and anywhere else needed.. Enough to overpower the Talibans and get every one out that should be out.

Finally, get our boys and girls out swiftly afterwards.

Biden immediately froze Afghanistan/Taliban bonds, accounts, etc. that were sitting in U.S. banks. The word is the Talibans need the money. A perhaps excellent negotiating tool.

I wrote several weeks ago that Trump’s popularity was a diminishing one. I still believe it. By the time 2024 rolls around, Trump will not even be able to run for dog catcher.

Trump spoke at a rally in Alabama a day or two ago.

One of Trump’s traits while President wws he would say something one day, change his position the next.

Ain’t no question he was against vaccine use. For a number of years.

Trump was booed at the Alabama rally after encouraging the crowd to get COVID-19 vaccinated.

Ah, how the worm turns!

Today some booing. Tomorrow, a lot of booing. The crowds will begin to thin out and get smaller and smaller.

Most of Trump’s followers today will turn on him tomorrow.

Alabama’s vaccine rates presently lag behind the rest of the country. Coronavirus on a rampage. No room at the inn. No hospital beds available anywhere in Alabama.

Good job, Donald. You started all this crap!

Henri a Frenchman at heart. Were he in Paris, he would be hitting all the clubs, etc. Out over the ocean, Henri is readying himself to bring damage and death to New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Block Island at the very least.

It has been a long time since a hurricane or significant storm has gone where Henri is headed. Gloria hit Long Island in 1908. Bob New England in 1991. Sandy New Jersey in 2012.

Long Island and Connecticut can expect landfall this afternoon. And then forward like Christian soldiers. Weather definitely will be dangerous. Winds, storm surges, and major flooding.

Montauk Point at the eastern tip of Long Island beginning to suffer at the moment. A huge resort at the tip. I stayed there many years ago when first built as the guest of the owner.

Block Island is designated to be hit. Block Island a part of Rhode Island. A magnificent small island. Little known. A flavor of its own. Quiet and peaceful. Very much a family place. Only accessible by ferry boat, power and sail boats.

I rented houses on a high cliff overlooking the ocean two consecutive summers. First time for a week. The next a whole month.

I discovered Block Island earlier by sailing into it with a friend and spending a couple of nights each time sleeping on the boat, etc.

Interestingly, there is a possibility Henri will deviate a bit and hit Central New York. The Syracuse/Utica area. Utica my home town.

The concert in Central Park yesterday was cancelled while the show was going on. Henri made it to New York City before the concert had concluded. If I remember correctly, the storm hit while Barry Manilow was in mid song.

Central Park emptied out quickly.

Key West airport has become the butt of criticism the past few years.  Too many planes landing a one time. Passengers made to sit on planes for an hour or more before  deplaning. Planes sitting an hour or more on the runway waiting to take off.

Luggage retrieval another problem. Planes have been scheduled so as to generally land 4 at a time. Can you imagine how long it takes to get your luggage? How long you have to stand waiting for your luggage to be deplaned?

There is a picture on the front page of the Citizen this morning of the departure lounge. Standing room only. Butt to butt. Some masked, some not.

Local authorities claim the fault lies with labor shortages locally and nationally.

Plans are in place for an $80 million expansion. It cannot come soon enough.

Enjoy your day!


What I am about to share you will find difficult to believe. In the words of the famous philosopher Forrest Gump, “You can’t fix stupid!”

As the title indicates, it is unbelievable, insane, can’t be, and no one could be that stupid!

Mississippi’s COVID track record leaves much to be desired. It is one of the worst states for number of coronavirus infections.

Mississippians do not believe in vaccines to protect themselves.

They have come up with their own treatment. One thing certain, what they are recommending is as good as Trump’s shot or injection of bleach.

Mississippi is using livestock ivermectin. A deworming drug intended for livestock. An anti-parasite drug to treat COVID?

The drug’s success numbers are nil. However reports to Mississippi’s poison control center on the rise.

The drug is not recommended by the FDA for human use.

COVID impacts on human life in ways not realized until recently. Example, water supply.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer asked yesterday that the people of Orlando limit their use of water. Not a major inconvenience. He would simply like them to water their lawns and wash their cars only one time a week.

Not a major sacrifice.

Not being a doctor, I found the reason why confusing. I share it as I understand with you.

Hospitals are treating more COVID cases. Treating the cases involves liquid oxygen. Liquid oxygen is a by product of water. Whatever is done to the water to make a portion proper for coronavirus patients is done by the Orlando Utility Commission.

Key West hotels had a great season.

The second quarter of this year enjoyed the highest occupancy rate ever: 89.4 percent.

Wonderful! Marvelous!

One problem. Brought coronavirus with it. Visitors flooded the island. Key West infection numbers were a disgrace.

Respectfully, I congratulation the hotels and the Lodging Association. The hotels got the biggest buck ever for their rooms. The Lodging Association did the best ever for its members.

However both are responsible for the number of tourists who visited. Especially the Lodging Association. They advertised Key West everywhere. Out of town, out of state, nationally. They did their job. Performed without a conscious however.

No one can argue children represent our future. They should wear a mask and made to observe safe protocols.

The Key West Citizen runs some great cartoons in its “Wrong Key” section. One this morning had 2 old chaps sitting at a bar chatting.

First old guy: “Some knucklehead almost rear ended me because she was TEXTING WHILE DRIVING.”

Second old guy: “Distractions like that while driving can be very dangerous.”

First old guy responding: “Startled me so much I DROPPED MY BURGER and SPILLED MY SHAKE.”

The Texas Democratic rebels have finally capitulated.  Not sure the word “capitulation” proper. The revolt had run its course. There was no more which could reasonably be done.

The Democrat Assembly members are to be lauded for their action.

Friday the Republican Assembly Speaker graveled a quorum was present. The vote re the very restrictive voting bill will take place soon.

Some battles won, some lost. A point made here however. Another day will come when the Democrats will win.

In a particular regard, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is true to Trump form.

Recall Trump would say he was going to do something and that was the end of it. Whatever it was never got done.

On thursday, Greene was in Iowa with cohort Matt Gaetz. Knocking Biden and speaking well of Trump, of course. Greene said she was going to submit an Impeachment Article against Biden the next day (friday). Friday came and went. No impeachment article filed.

Henri is going his own way. The tropical storm/hurricane heading for waters that have not seen such stormy weather as Henri will bring in many years.

Henri was heading for the Keys. Took a hard right however while still far out in the ocean. Now heading on a path that is reported will be a tropical storm hitting New York City and then a hurricane as it passes over the eastern end of Long Island and all of Connecticut. A category 1 hurricane.

Expected to make landfall late  tonight or sunday morning.

However, Henri is fickle as all other storms. A “slight bump” east and the storm will hit Massachusetts.

Flooding and surges expected with Henri. Especially the beach areas. Mostly big wide  flat beaches. The water will run in with no opposition.

Enjoy your day!