Sunday has passed once again.

Yesterday was a good one.

I layed around in the morning watching TV talk shows. Especially enjoy Meet the Press and Chris Matthews. Read some of the Sunday papers.

Lunched in. Still working at the Thansgiving turkey. Lisa gave me some to take home. Almost all gone. I made myself a turkey sandwich.

Then to Don’s Place to watch pro football.

It was a second coming! I have never seen so many people at Don’s Place on a Sunday! At least twice the usual crowd!

It was soon obvious why. Yesterday was the annual Chili Cook Off at Don’s Place. A big deal! Thirty entries. Huge bowls of chili. All kinds. Some even made corn bread.

Everyone was walking around sampling the chili.

I tried a bit from a few bowls. All good! I could not figure out how the judges could determine a winner after sampling all 30 entries. Their taste buds had to be screwed up after the first several samplings.

My cell phone rang. It was Lisa. Could I babysit?

Soon I was alone with the grandkids. I decided to take them for a walk. We ended up at Dairy Queen. Do they know what they want!

Robert asked for a swirl cone. Ally a chocolate cone with sprinkles. The last time I took them it was vanila in cups and a spoon. They have graduated!

I graduated a long time ago. I had a chocolate cone.

I decided to test them. I asked if they would share their ice cream with me. Ally was all for it. Robert wanted to know how much. I said half. Robert said no. Only a little bit. He pointed to about 20 per cent. We negotiated. I got up to a third.

I tried to use the experience as a teaching tool. I doubt I succeeeded with Robert. Ally was no problem since she obviously already understood the sharing concept.

After sitting, I returned home for a time.

I have discovered a new TV channel. New to me. Comcast channel 169.

Old movies. Especially musicals.

Yesterday, it was On the Town with Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly. A 1949 flick. It was about sailors hitting New York City on shore leave.

The music!

The original score was by Leonard Bernstein. The story by Broadway’s Betty Condon and Adolph Green.

The movie opens at dawn. Sailors are departing their ship for a New York City shore leave. Of course, they are lead down the gang plank by Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly. And all are singing the immortal New York, New York.

What could be better!

Last night I had dinner at the bar at La Trattoria. Glad I did! I had a terrific time!

Jean Thornton was there. She is back in town. Good for Key West! She is the best!

Jean is one of the Golden Girls. She was a 40ish Indiana school teacher vacationing in Key West when she went diving with the Mel Fisher crew and discovered gold on her own. Her life changed immediately! She no longer teaches school. She is now a big time driver not only here, but all over. And has discovered more treasure!

Mike and Tina came in. I have not seen them in several weeks.

Mike and Tina have a second home here in Key West. They live in Hartford, Connecticut. They flew down the day after Thansgiving for a quickie and are leaving today.

Mike and Tina had just finished what they described as a spectacular sushi meal at Ambrosia.We spoke of the benefits of eating sushi. One being good for the weight. All that protein.

Then they told me they were at La Trattoria for dessert. Cannolis. Oh, well!

I am ashamed and embarassed. I was having such a good time at La Trattoria that I let the time slip by. I had intended to go to the Wine Galley for Larry Smith’s Sunday Showcase after dinner. Kathleen Peace was singing.

I love Kathleen. I love her voice.

I never made it!

Sorry, Kathleen.

Mark Watson is already a Key West icon. A sweet guy. Presently does most of his professional singing at the Keys Piano Bar. I consider him a friend.

Mark reported in Facebook this morning that he dropped his cell phone in the toilet. I did this once several years ago. The moral of the story is that men should not pee and talk on the cell phone at the same time.

Anyhow, Mark was lamenting at the cost of a new cell phone.

Jon Allen commented on Mark’s plight. He said the same thing happened to him. He heated the oven to 200 degrees and turned it off. The cell phone went into the oven. Stayed there till the oven cooled. He claims the cell phone then worked!

What do you have to lose? The cell phone is already no good once it hits the toilet.

On the other hand, I am not sure if Allen was joking. His comment seemed serious. You decide.

Christmas is coming. Take a look at Lisa’s internet department store Via Key West for interesting gifts. No fuss. Pick out an item, press a button or two and your gift selection is on its way.

Enjoy your day!

The cold is supposed to start moving out today. Key West will return to normal. The high today is projected at 78.

It was cold during the night. Had to throw the quilt over me. It was not a night to sleep alone. It would have been good to have had a body next to me.

I had lunch and read the newspapers yesterday at Hogfish.

Hogfish is open air. A floor with tables. A thatched roof. No side walls. On the water. The cold was blowing in.

I sat on a side where the sun was covering the table. Added a bit of warmth.

Later, I was home watching TV and had a big time nostalgia day!

It was a movie. Singin’ in the Rain. Starred Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds. A classic!

I enjoyed the film immensely! I thought what could be better!

Something was.

Immediately following Singin’ in the Rain, on came a two hour show about the singing stars of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. A wow!

At my age, I can remember going to the movies back in the late 1930s and then thru the following years. It was a time of radio. No television. Movies were cheap.

As kids we did neighborhood movie houses. For me back in Utica, N.Y. it was the Family, Rialto and James Street theatres. Definitlely every Saturday afternoon. Sometimes one night a week with my mother.

Movies were cheap back then. They did not break the bank to attend. I can recall paying 2 cents at the Family early on. Then things went up in the 1940s. 4 cents and then 6 cents.

And for those humongous sums, one got to watch 2 films, a serial and a cartoon.

The TV show following Singin’ in the Rain covered all the great movie singers.

Started with Nelson Eddy and Marie McDonald. Eddy had a booming voice. He played a Canadian Mountie in one film. He and McDonald sang a song that brought chills to me then and yesterday when I heard it again. I never knew the song’s name, then or now. I just liked it.

Dennis Morgan. A good looking guy who started as a singer in the 1930s. Ended up doing straight dramatic roles in the 1940s. One of his best was God Is My Co-Pilot, a World War II flick.

All of a sudden there was Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell tap dancing. Beautiful!

The show further included Jimmy Durante. He sang as well as joked.

Elizabeth Taylor. Yes, she sang. Or so I thought. Yesterday I found out her singing voice was always dubbed. She was so busy making one film after another that the studio could not afford the time to train her voice.

Lena Horne!

Then Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly in Take Me Out To The Ball Game. A singing movie about the early days of baseball.

June Allyson, Jane Powell and Peter Lawford!

Allyson was purported to be MGM’s biggest musical attraction. Powell’s voice was loud and powerful. Moved walls!

Lawford camed to Hollywood during World War II. Ended up a star. Married into the Kennedy clan. Was brother in law to Jack, Robert and Ted Kennedy. He was also a member of Frank Sinatra’s rat pack.

Of course, Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney.

Garland had a magnificnet voice! Yesterday they replayed her singing You Made Me Love You and On The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe. Songs of yesteryear. Johnny Mercer won his first Oscar for Best Song with the Atchison tune in 1946.

Mickey Rooney was always around. In early films with Judy Garland. Then in everything else over the years. I think he is still with us.

For an old guy like me, it was a wonderful afternoon. These were all musical stars I saw in my early days. And remembered!

A good afternoon.

Now to the present.

Syracuse played good basketball this week also. Beat Columbia and Cornell. No big deal since Ivy League schools are not in the same class as most schools Syracuse plays. Cornell could have been a problem. They were very good last year and made the big tournament. It is anticapated they will again this year. Cornell is probably the best of the Ivy schools. I was concerned that Cornell might upset Syracuse. Fortunately they could not and did not. It was a blow out.

Lisa keeps working her internet department store Via Key West. Her product line continues to expand. Yesterday she added some beautiful island bathrobes.

Christmas is upon us. Shop the season with Lisa at A great and reasonably priced gift idea might be a Key West Lou t-shirt. Why not!

Today is Sunday. My day! Love it! The Sunday papers, Meet the Press, pro football at Don’s Place, dinner with Lisa and the family, friends at the Gardens and finally Larry Smith’s Showcase at the Pier House.

Tonight, Larry Smith is featuring Kathleen Peace. One of the finest voices anywhere! Powerful! Beautiful!

I love Kathleen! I love her singing! Join with me tonight in enjoying Kathleen at the Wine Galley at 9. A moving experience!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Cold in Key West!

63 degrees this morning.

We periodically experience a cold spell. It is generally a blessing. A relief from the heat. But this is a bit too cold!

Last night I wore long pants and a sweater!

The cold spell will be gone tomorrow. The high will be 78. However it will be 66 in the evening.

As mentioned yesterday, we are sliding into Key West’s cool time of the year. Mid December to mid February. Sometimes the cold does not hit till mid January. That is the way it was last year.

We shall survive!

My first visit when I left the house yesterday was Walgreens. My dug store of choice.

It seems I am there a couple of times a week. For some of us, the older we get, the more pills we take. I have prescribed 12 different pills a day. Since some are taken in multiples. They total 16 actually consumed a day. That means a lot of visits to Walgreens.

I have concluded I should have been a pharmacist. And developed my degree into a chain of drug stores. Prescription drugs can be expensive. Even with a drug plan. These drug chains have to be making a ton of money!

I feel bad some days when I am standing in line and some senior citizen in front of me has to pay $165 in cash for a prescription. It is tough enough getting along these days. However it is a bad scene when some have to choose between necessary drugs and food.

It is the same with medical attention. Medical services are only great if you have a medical plan. And a good one at that! Otherwise some people are forced to choose between seeing a doctor and eating.

Not good!

We do need universal health coverage. And then we have to follow it up with some sort of prescription cost control.

After Walgreens, it was Borders. I am still reading the Sarah Phalin book. I really got into it yesterday. No conclusions drawn yet. However when I left Borders, I had the sense that she was telling her life story/crying about experiences we have all had in life.

Maybe that is why she is so popular. She is every woman! Every person!

I stopped at Lisa’s for a while. Robert still has a fever off and on during the day. However he appeared better. Ally was into all kinds of kid projects at the kitchen table. Love them both!

Last night I met a couple of people. We were chatting. They wanted to know where to get a good steak. I told them the Strip House. And so the three of us went there for dinner. I ended up being their guest.

The beef was outstanding! I asked for Russ. Russ is the chef. He was not working last night. I play bocce against Russ some Thursday nights and see him every Sunday at Don’s Place.

Russ is a transplant from New York City. He was a chef at the Strip Club in New York. When the opportuntiy arose to work here in Key West, he put in for the position. A good guy!

Bobby Nesbitt is back. He was in New York City for a few days. He was up there for a gig. Played one evening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Big time! He also found time to see Terri White in Finian’s Rainbow.

Have a good day! Dress warm if you are in Key West!

Good morning!

We have a cold spell here in Key West.

It was down to 65 during the night. That is cold! Especially when it was 80 only 48 hours ago.

The high today is projected at 69.

Soon…..long pants!

It is supposed to warm Sunday. High 70s by day. High 60s by night. We are starting to slide into the cold season.

Yesterday was a great Thanksgiving! One of the best!

Lisa’s cooking was spectacular! Everything good! Especially the turkey. Moist. Tasty. Fell off the bone as she cut it.

The grandkids were in rare form. Funny.

Robert was well in the morning. Fever gone. By the end of dinner, he was running a fever of 103. Slowed him right down.

Corey was happy, as usual. A solid rock. Typical Indiana personality. Soft and easy. He is growing a beard. Looks good!

Lisa and Corey appear a happy couple. They are a happy couple. I am happy for them.

This is day 31 for me of no booze and no cigarettes. Not easy. Not hard. Depends on the time of the day and what I am doing. I especially miss smoking. Alcohol started bothering me a bit this week. But…..a good boy am I! I’ll make it!

Enjoy your day!

The big day is finally here!

It is Thanksgiving!

I wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you are sharing the holiday with family and/or loved ones. Otherwise, it can be lonely. I know. I have been there.

Lisa is cooking the big bird and all the trimmings today. It will be Lisa, Corey, Robert, Ally and Louis together for dinner. I look forward to it.

Festivities sort of started yesterday.

Lisa telephoned to tell me Robert was sick. Again. Temperature 102. Kids are always getting sick. They say it happens the first couple of years in school. They are exposed to everyone’s germs and eventually develop an immunity. I wish the immunity would hurry up!

I went over to Lisa’s. Robert was sleeping on the couch. He looked sick.

Ally was playing.

I invited Ally to go out to lunch with me. This was a first time invite. Me and her alone. She was uncomfortable Robert was not coming with us. It bothered her that her mother would not be with us. She finally asked if I was going to bring her back home aftert lunch. I assured her I would. Then she said OK.

Ally is a 4 year old wonder! She was wearing shorts and a tee shirt. She ran to her room and a few minutes later came out attired in a beautiful dress and different shoes. No one told her to change. She did so on her own. And came back to me dressed beautifully!

A woman in the making!

We were off on our luncheon date!

I was driving Lisa’s van so I did not have to change the car seat. I could not properly operate the door opener. Ally showed me. While driving, it began to rain. I could not find the windshield wiper lever and the light button. Again, Ally showed me.

I am not a dunce. Lisa’s van is just different. However I was impressed by Ally’s knowledge of everything. And she was pleased to help.

We went to Lucky Day. Ally had already had lunch an hour before. Lisa thought she would not eat. I ordered her a cuban toast. She devoured the whole thing! And also ate some of my hot ham and cheese sandwich.

A crisis arose. Ally looked at me and said she had to potty bad. I could see that hurry up look in her eyes. This was a first for me. I had never taken her to the bathroom. We headed to the back where the bathrooms were located. Men or women? I opted for the ladies’ room.

I stood with her as she went. We chatted about this and that. Her first comment when we walked in the john was that it was clean. It was. An interesting observation from a 4 year old.

Afterwards, we had to wash our hands. The soap thing was on the wall. Too high for her. She insisted she had to have soap. So I held her as she pressed to get the soap out. She washed her hands like she was taking a bath. It took forever to dry her hands and arms.

In the menatime, I am worrying that someone is going to knock on the door and want to get in. A man in the ladies’s room is not the usual thing!

Anyhow….we survived……no, I survived….. the bathroom episode.

We finished lunch. I showed Ally off to the staff. I am impressed that at 4 Ally knows the names of all the continents. I had her recite them. Proud grandfather!

Lisa had some things to do. So I babysat Robert and Ally when we returned from lunch. Robert was awake. But he had that feverish look in his eyes. He suffered in silence.

Later Lisa started cooking and getting ready for today.

The frozen turkey was in a sink full of water. Lisa was making a pumpkin pie. Ally was standing on a chair helping her.

I sat with Robert and watched some stupid kids’ movie on TV. These movies are psychologically terrific for kids. Not for me.

That was my day yesterday.

It continued to rain off and on during the day. Big time rain! It was raining at dinner time. So I opted to stay home. I had no desire to go out in the storm.

I could hear it raining off and on all night. This much rain is unusual any time in Key West, except for a hurricane or tropical storm. We are experiencing neither.

The rain is coming up from the gulf. From the southwest. Also unusual.

It is still dark outside. No rain at the moment. TV says scattered showers today.

Rain or not, it will not hinder enjoying the holiday. We will all be inside eating!

Enjoy the day!

Good morning!

It is around 5 am.

The electric power just came back on.

I woke just before 3 to the sound of heavy rain and thunder. And lightning! The kind that flashes into your bedroom. It is wild living on the ocean!

They were bowling big time upstairs. Soon after I woke, there was a real big boom! The power went out! TV shut down. I sleep with it on. The ceiling fan stopped moving.

And so it remained till a few minutes ago. Big rain, loud thunder, flashing lightning and no electric power.

Thank God for modernization and civilization. I need electric power and all the amenities it provides.

Yesterday was a Thanksgiving celebration at Montessori. My grandchildren’s school.

Robert was an Indian. Ally a Pilgrim. Both looked terrific! Both were proud to be so attired!

The children all sang. Then sat for a thanksgiving feast. Turkey and all the trimmings. Just like tomorrow. After they were done, it was the adults’ turn. I limited myself. A small slice of turkey and some stuffings. I am saving myself for tomorrow to pig out.

I spent a good part of the afternoon at Borders continuing to read Sarah Palin’s new book.

I am developing a perspective on her. She is different from most people. It appears to have to do with her upbringing in Alaska. Not the easiest due to the nature of things and the weather that far north.

My mind is open on Palin. So may hers be also. She may just be a Perot type nut.

I have a way to go to finish the book. My thoughts will formulate as I progress. Nothing is locked in yet.

Thanksgiving tomorrow! A big deal! It has developed into a family day here in America.

At Christmas time we have visions of sugar plums dancing. At Thanksgiving it is the Pilgrims and Indians feasting together.

Sorry folks, but the Thanksgiving vision does not appear to be factually correct.

The Plymouth dinner was not as we have been led to believe. The Indians and Pilgims were not friends. In fact, the Pilgrims freely killed the Indians as opportunity arose.

The Indians suspected the Pilgims were going to attack them. So they decided to strike first. Ninety strong the Indians approached the Pilgrims. Before the battle could ensue, both sides started talking to each other.

Sort of peace talks. For 3 days.

They had to eat during that time. The Indians went out and killed 5 deer. They also ground corn and pumpkin. They lived off these food stuffs during the 3 days of negotiations.

Peace was arrived at. They had a dinner to seal the peace. The same deer, ground corn and ground pumpkin. With a few fowl thrown in.

The dinner was not necessarily the happy time represented and believed by us all.

Thanksgiving as a special day first arose in our history during the later part of the American Revolution. The Colonists had begun to do well. The Continental Congress passed a resolution for a day of thanksgiving. The day had nothing to do with Plymouth or the Indians.

In 1817 New York State was the first state to officially establish a day of thanksgiving. Again, the day had nothing to do with 1621 and the Puritans.

Abraham Lincoln was the first public figure to really nail down Thanksgiving as an official holiday.

In 1863, the Union had just won the Battle of Gettysburg. A significant victory. A turning point in the Civil War. Because of the victory and because of the general good which Lincoln believed was befalling the Union, Lincoln signed a Proclamation officially establishing the last Thursday in November as a national day of Thanksgiving.

Lincoln’s Proclamation makes no mention of Plymouth, the Puritans, the Indians or any feast at that time.

In the early 1900s illustrations began appearing in newspapers and periodicals regarding the 1621 dinner feast involving the Pilgrims and Indians. These illustrations depicted the scenerio as a happy and festive time. It is from these illustrations that the Thanksgiving day as we know it developed.


How history shapes us. Or history as we believe it was.

Whatever. As long as we are all happy.

Today is Wednesday. Wednesday is golf day. After all the night rain, will we be able to play? It depends on the sun. If the sun rises and it is warm, it could dry things enough for us to play. Still dark, however. So I won’t know till later and you will not know till tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!

Still dark outside. Black. But I can hear the ocean running by through my open window. Loudly. Must be a strong wind today.

This radio thing is new to me. I love it! I love the reception it is receiving!

Only 3 shows so far. I prepare for them. This week the show falls on Thanksgiving. I have a big Thanksgiving show prepared. The topic, Thanksgiving of course.

And two great guests! My grandchildren Robert and Ally. Five and four respectively. What could be better than a conversastion with the two little ones about the meaning of Thanksgiving.

But it is not to be!

There is no radio show on Thursday.

Because I am the new kid on the block, I was unaware that the talk shows for the day are cancelled. It will be a day of holiday music instead.

Live and learn! I am a bit disappointed. I am sure the grandkids will be also. Lisa and I had them prepped and excited to talk with me on the radio show.

I spent the morning yesterday continuing to prepare for the holiday radio show that will not be. I learned later in the day of the no talk show thing.

Last night was soccer. Robert played. It was the last game of the soccer season. He played well.

I felt sorry for the kids. It had rained just before the game. So they were all a bit sloppy afterwards.

Then to the Chart Room. Packed! Many I did not know. However Frank and Che were there. Larry Smith stopped in to say hello. Charming Michael bartending.

Elaine and Michelle also there. Elaine is from somewhere in New York. Michelle is her daughter and from somewhere in the Carolinas. They were vacationing in Key West for the week.

Michelle is a sales manager for Hampden Inns. 35ish. Lovely and interesting.

She was intrigued by my hair. It is short cropped. She asked if she could touch it and rub it. Of course. I told her I was getting a haircut in the morning. I am. She could not understand why as it is so short from her perspective. To me, it is too long.

I had dinner at the bar at Antonia’s. Delicious! A wonderful chicken dish. Chatted with owner Christopher. Also with Doctor Dan and his wife Isabel.

It was day 27 of no alcohol and smoking. The good doctor told me that statistics indicate day 28 is the big failure date. So I should be prepared for a difficult day today. I do not believe it.

Oh, my Syracuse basketball team! After their crushing victories over ranked North Carolina and California over the weekend, they have moved up in the national rankings. From 24th and unranked to 9th and 10th respectively.

Now Syracuse has to stay there. And move up even more!

We shall see. It is going to be an interesting season.

Big morning today!

Not just my haircut with Lori.

Montessori is having its Thanksgiving play and luncheon for parents and grandparents. Robert and Ally attend Montessori.

This is my second year at the event. Last year Robert was an Indian and Ally a Puritan.

The food is spectacular. The parents go all out in preparing the luncheon meal. There will be stuffed turkeys galore with all that goes with the meal. All kinds of potatoes. Pumpkin pies.

I love it all!

Lisa continues to knock herself out with her Key West internet department store. Christmas is coming. You may want to Christmas shop a bit with her. It is convenient and easy.

The Key West Lou tee shirt demand is dropping off. The key lime bunt cakes picking up. The bunt cakes are delicious.

Still dark outside. My sleeping has been eradict lately. I prefer waking up when the sun is up. Perhaps I go to bed too early.

Enjoy your day!

Good morning!

I am up early. Around 5 am. Dark outside. Quiet. I cannot hear the breeze in the palm trees or the water moving.

Yesterday was another slow one. Getting to be common lately.

I watched the Sunday news shows in the morning and read the Key West Citizen.

The TV news zeroed in on the Senate’s procedural vote Saturday evening to debate the health care bill. Will the bill make it? Some pompous Senators pontificating and bustering. Threatening to defeat the proposed legistation if certain changes are not made. Since this is a Democratic show, it appears that 4 senators are trying to upset the will of 56. Does not sound like majority rule to me!

Don’s Place in the early afternoon to watch professional football. A good afternoon. Don, David, Keith, Randy, Aaron, Steph, Nancy, Rob, Beebe, Jules and every one else watching the various games. Good people all!

I left early. For some reason, I was not into any of the games. My favorite team is the Philadelphia Eagles and they were not playing till last night.

I drove over to the Coffeee House on Duval. I spent the next couple of hours reading the New York Times and New York Daily News. Nothing like the Sunday New York Times!

Then Sunday dinner with Lisa and the family. Ally seems to be growing. She must have spurted this week. Robert and Ally are pure energy. They never stop.

I was home in bed in time to watch the Philadelphia game. I fell asleep with the Eagles 4 points ahead in the last quarter. Did they win? I forgot to check the score before I started writing this morning.

Thanksgiving this week!

America’s family holiday!

My radio show is scheduled for Thanksgiving Day. Thursday at 1 pm Eastern Standard Time.

My three shows so far have involved some what heavy legal matters. The homeless, mortgage foreclosures and the pending 9/11 trial in New York City. However, a holiday is a holiday! A time to relax and enjoy. A time to ease up.

So my Thanksgiving radio show will be a holiday treat. At least I hope it will be. I am planning it as such. It will be a story of Thanksgiving. Its historical roots. Why we do what we do on the holiday. Its legal connection will be that at a point in time in the history of our country it became a legal holiday.

Just to share a small part of the show, we all grew up believing the first Thanksgiving was at Plymouth, Massachusetts. Good luck! Berkley, Virginia claims the first such feast 2 years earlier than the one in Plymouth. In addition, the Indians say the Puritans had nothing to do with the holiday. They claim Indians were celebrating the harvest every fall for years before the Puritans even landed at Plymouth rock.

And then there is a fourth version which I came upon that is probably the true rendition. I will share it with you on Thursday.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour can be heard on radio on KONK 1680 AM. The internet carries it at And call ins can be made by telephoning 305-294-2769. The telephone number is also referred to as 305-294-CROW.

I am trying to encourage call ins to the show. Help me! Call in!

I received my first call last week. From Gary in Oswego, New York. A Key West snowbird.

Call to ask a question, make a comment, dispute something I may have said or just to wish me and everyone a Happy Thansgiving!

Enjoy your day!

Lisa just telephoned. She wanted me to come over for breakfast. Too early, I said. I am going to lay around and watch the Sunday TV talk shows.

The weather is always interesting in the keys. I mentioned to Lisa that it was pouring big time here in Key Haven where I live. Lisa lives in Key West proper. About 3 miles away. She said the weather was beautiful in Key West. Sun shinning. No rain.

That is the way it is here in the keys. The rain will soon pass and another glorious day will be upon us.

I did Harpoon Harry’s for lunch yesterday. Had not been there in a while. Opted for the Saturday special. A hot roast beef sandwich. Terrific! Love all that thick gravy! Good for the cholesterol also!

I finally got to Borders to start reading Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue. I am not enough into the book yet to render an opinion or thought concerning it.

Interestingly I read somewhere this week that the book’s opening day sales totaled around 300,000. President Clinton’s book written after his Presidency opened with 400,000 and Mrs. Clinton’s book had first day sales of 200,000. There is obviously a lot of interest in Palin and her book.

I stayed in last night. Tired. Went to bed early to watch some TV. Fell asleep quickly.

Sunday! Sunday! Love Sundays!

The political talk shows intrigue me. Especially Meet the Press.

Love reading the Sunday newspapers. At some point I will bury myself in the New York Times for a couple of hours.

The afternoon is pro football at Don’s Place. A good time! Good people watching with me!

Then I am not sure what. Could be Kate Miano’s Gardens tonight. Or dinner with the family at Lisa’s. Or Larry Smith at the Wine Galley. Or a quiet dinner at La Trattoria. Or nothing. Depends how I feel around 5 o’clock.

I love this life style!

I wish it upon every one!

The weather has been absolutely perfect the past few weeks. Low to mid 80s by day. High 70s by night. No humidity. Comfortable all the time.

What a place to live!

My big experience by day yesterday was grocery shopping. Again! I either enjoy it or don’t know how to do it. Perhaps a bit of the both.

My problem is I do not buy enough. When I am checking out, I am always so proud at how little I have spent. No wonder I have to return several times a week!

Dinner last night was at the bar at Hot Tin Roof. They have a TV. I wanted to watch the Syracuse/North Carolina basketball game.

What a game!

This could be a Syracuse year!

As of last night, Syracuse was ranked 24th in one poll and unranked in the other. North Carolina was ranked 4th and 6th in the two polls.

Syracuse walloped North Carolina! By 16 points!

North Carolina was winning by 2 at half time. That was it for North Carolina! Syracuse went on a 22-1 run to start the second half. Unheard of! Fantastic! Terrific!

The night before Syracuse beat 13th ranked California big time.

Lets hope Syracuse can keep it up! It is a long season ahead. But credit must be given where due. And last night Syracuse earned it big time.

I can’t wait to read the morning papers regarding the game. Especially the New York ones. The game was played in Madison Square Garden.

Amy Culver is a Key West icon. A lovely lady! Former restaurant owner. Now a professional comedian. Even went to school in New York City to study comedian acting.

She is on Facebook this morning with a comment . Her comment generated a few comments in response. Whether the comments are true, I am not sure. They could be since people are people. Whether true or not, the comments are terrific and I share them with you.

All three concern statements that would be made to hotel personnel.

The first is the inquiry…..Does the water go all around the island?

The second…..When is the second sunset?

The third and possibly the best…..A call to the front desk that the microwave does not work. A maintenance man was sent to the room to tell the person that there are no microwaves in the room. The guest was trying to heat a burrito in the safe.

Go Amy!

Terri White continues to be a hit in New York in the revival of Finian’s Rainbow. That and her homeless story. She spent 3 months last year sleeping on a bench when broke. Today a star!

Terri’s story so far has appeared in the New York Times. She has been featured on the Katie Couric show. And People magazine did a major aticle on her. Next Tuesday at 6 pm Terri will be on national TV on Inside Edition. Figure out the channel where ever you are and watch it. Terri’s story is heartwarming! Terri is heartwarming!

I started today’s blog by telling you the weather has been perfect here in Key West for several weeks. I am up early this morning. Still black outside. But the window is open. It is raining like hell at the moment!

Enjoy your day!