Difference between mail in ballot and absentee ballot? NONE!

Trump during his 5 o’clock follies show yesterday spent considerable time decrying mail in ballots. Their use bad. Lends themselves to all kinds of fraud, time delays, and lawsuits.

Trump added absentee ballots were ok. He himself voted by absentee ballot in 2018.

The man is dumb.

Another item of interest came up in the 5 o’clock follies show. Trump was expounding how terrific the U.S. was doing in attacking coronavirus. Makes me wonder what planet he lives on.

He said Australia’s record was far worse than America’s.

The numbers speak for themselves. Australia has had a total of 16,905 cases. Deaths 196.

U.S. numbers exceed 4.58 million with deaths in excess of 154,000.

Some things I do not understand. The GDP for Q2 came out yesterday. Horrible! Collapsed in 3 months by 39.9 percent.

So believeth Trump and the White House. So believeth the media. Or all the them do not want to share the correct percentage. Why, I cannot figure out.

The true percentage not 39.9 percent. Rather, 9.5 percent. A big difference!

The 39.9 percent figure is an “annualized” one. The 39.9 percent figure is arrived at by multiplying the 9.5  over the period of a year. It multiplies the 9.5 percent by 4. Shows what the percentage would be if the GDP kept plunging.

The 9.5 percent decline bad enough. It represents the largest decline in 70 years.

Portland continues to have its Wall of Moms. Another group has identified themselves: Wall of Veterans.

Another Trump misrepresentation popped up on yesterday’s 5 o’clock follies show. Trump continues to brag the U.S. has all the testing kits needed. In fact, he says we share them with other countries.

Pure bullshit!

I was in the hospital for a kidney test 10 days ago. My doctor told me that I would also be coronavirus tested. The hospital does it to all entering patients.

I never got the test. Did not ask. I was reluctant to have them poking something up my nose. I was experiencing none of the coronavirus symptoms so remained silent.

I asked my doctor when next I saw him why I did not receive the test. His response was the hospital probably did not have any test kits at the moment.

I shake my head in disbelief. Why does Trump keep telling the lie? Except for his die hard followers, we all know the U.S. was and continues to be in short supply of many PPE items because of Trump’s mishandling of the virus. The only person that does not know Trump has screwed up is Trump himself.

Herman Cain died. Age 74. Candidate for the Republican nomination in 2016. A member of Trump’s Cabinet.

He died from coronavirus.

He was a true Trump follower. Refused to wear a mask.

The news reports are knocking Cain for failing to wear the mask. Sort of a see what can happen thing.

Most media have failed to report Cain had an underlying condition which contributed to or accelerated his death. Stage 4 colon cancer.

I did not buy “hurricane food.” Isaias turned. Not a danger to the Keys.

Isaias turned east. Will hit central or northern Florida.

Isaias has graduated. It went from nothing to a tropical storm to a Category 1 in a very short period of time.

Today’s May Johnson diary date for 1896 makes mention of her love live. Her “darling” works in Miami. She went to the Post Office to see if he had written. She had received no letter for 10days.

No letter!

She was irritated.

She questioned whether he was still her darling: “My darling (?)…..” The question mark of significance.

I don’t understand why she is upset. Sounded to me that they had some sort of “arrangement.” May is always partying and dancing at La Brisa with other boys. In fact, she found no letter waiting for her so went to La Brisa to dance with Charlie.

Relationships are strange.

Tonight, Cocktails at 7. My “big evening” once a week. Cathy in Seattle and I Skype and chat for a couple of hours. She enjoys an alcoholic drink or 2. I enjoy her. I continue to be off booze.

Enjoy your day!




Up front, let me apologize for the title. It was the first that came to mind. Nothing else as representative or befitting the facts.

Sometimes you have to call them as you see them.

The “hero” of this tale is Representative Louie Gohmert, a Texas Republican. A Trump die hard, also. To each his own.

Gohmert has refused to wear a face mask. To be expected. Trump has refused to wear one, also.

Gohmert tested positive yesterday for coronavirus.

He announced later in the day that he planned to “use hydroxychloroquine” to treat the virus. He said, “My doctors and I are all in.”

Normally federal judges are quite good. They follow the law. Not all judges do.

A number of Portland protesters have been arrested. Misdemeanor charges. They came before the court. The federal magistrate agreed to release them on “bond” (does not mean the case is over / the defendant technically must return for other court appearances and a trial or the defendant will merely forfeit bail and not appear for trial thereby ending the case with no criminal conviction applying.)

The judge has required each protester to sign and agree to an Order Setting Conditions of Release. A certain paragraph in the Order reads: “Defendant may not attend any other protests, rallies, assemblies or public gathering in the State of Oregon.”

Totally improper! Unconstitutional on its face! Arm twisting by the court.

A judge under the circumstances of this case has no right to require such agreement from a defendant. By so requiring, he is forcing the defendant to waive his right of free speech. Basically, the right to protest.

This scenario is similar to the Michael Cohen situation which occurred in the past 10 days in federal court in New York City.

Cohen had been released to home confinement because of the coronavirus epidemic. He was with his lawyer making a required routine visit to federal officials.

The word was out Cohen was writing a book about his experiences with Trump. The officials said Cohen had to sign an agreement that he would not write the book nor discuss his time with Trump with the media. Otherwise, he would be returned to jail.

Cohen refused. He was returned to jail. Several days later a federal judge released Cohen saying  to prohibit his writing the book was an unconstitutional violation of his rights.

John Galt has been a religious reader of this blog for many years. A student of history. We agree more than we disagree. However, we do disagree on occasion.

John commented on the blog I wrote the other day titled: Grim Reaper Ain’t Gonna Get Reaped. I share his comment not because he agreed or disagreed with me re what I wrote. I share it with you because I learned some historical facts I was not aware of.

John wrote, “Some of the federal police opposing the demonstrators in Portland are from the Federal Protective Service. The FPS is one of those federal agencies that most of us have never heard of. Its origin dates back to 1790 when President George Washington was acquiring buildings to become the location for the seat of the federal government. Six ‘night watchmen’ were hired to protect the designated buildings the government was planning to use. FPS races its origin to those six night watchmen. In 2002, the agency was transferred to the newly formed DHS.”

Pizza Hut is cutting back on its operation and number of Pizza Huts.

The organization will be closing hundreds of locations in the U.S. Those that remain open will no longer provide restaurant service. The dine-ins have been under performing in recent years. The stores will provide only delivery and carry out.

I came across another Pizza Hut announcement. Its Greece stores will close. All or some? The news notation was slight. I could not discover any further information.

I would wonder why Pizza Hut or any other U.S. quick food chain would even open in Greece.  I never saw a Pizza Hut in my many Greece travels. Also,  Greece provides some of the finest short order quick food restaurants probably in the world. I enjoyed my lunches more than the dinners. That good!

Remember 2008 when American banks were too big to fail. The banks were saved by the government on that premise. To the detriment of millions of people who lost their homes in mortgage foreclosures. No governmental assistance.

Banks continue to get away with murder. U.S. banks on a precipice. Something many are unaware of.

European banks, also.

Th Spanish Banco Santander is a European biggie. For the first six months of this year, it announced a $12.7 billion loss. Its first loss ever in 163 years.

A primary reason was the bank’s write off of expected loan losses. Many coronavirus caused.

I have an uneasy feeling. Tropical storm Isaias has come about rather suddenly and is expected over Florida saturday. The cone looks like Irma. Initially, directly over Key West. Now could be either east or west coast of Florida. If east coast, we could be hit.

I have tons of food. However little “hurricane food.” Things like bottled water, crackers, peanut butter, jam, cookies. Thinks that do not have to be cooked. Can’t cook without electricity. Can’t store food that will spoil when the refrigerator stops working.

Isaias not a big deal compared to Irma. Irma was coming in as a category 5. Isaias will be a tropical storm.

Florida’s Governor De Santis rarely does anything right. Especially matters that are coronavirus related.

Yesterday was one of those rare occurrences when he exercised proper judgment.

There has been an eviction and foreclosure moratorium that is scheduled to expire saturday. De Santis has extended the moratoriums to September 1.

Trump continues his ill advised ways.

I wrote yesterday of Dr. Immanuel who supports the use of hydoxychloroquine. Trump became aware of her yesterday. He was on TV at 5 lauding her virtues.

The media did a quick in depth check on her. Turns out she is a fruitcake. Believes demons and witches are involved in our lives, that aliens have sex with humans in their dreams, etc.

By the time Trump went to bed last night he had to know he had praised a nut.

Apparently Trump does not care. He was back on TV this morning not backing off her purported virtues. He continued to laud her. She had spoken from the steps of the Supreme Court with a bunch of doctors listening to her.

He thought she was A-ok. I suspect so because she endorsed the use of hydroxychloroquine as the cure all for coronavirus. He avoided questions as to her demonic/witchery beliefs.

Trump’s support of Dr. Immanuel as good as Trump’s belief at one time that Clorox or bleach ingested would quickly cure coronavirus.

A survey released yesterday suggested taller people faced a higher risk of catching Covid-19. The study revealed that people 6 feet or more tall were twice as likely to be diagnosed with coronavirus.

Conclusion: The virus spreads through the air, not only from droplets.

Makes me happy that I lost 4 inches in height in recent years. From 6’1″ to 5’9″. Old age.

Enjoy your day!






Several months ago, Trump became very excited on his 5 o’clock virus report show. With enthusiasm, he told Americans that Clorox or bleach taken orally or by shot was an almost instantaneous cure for coronavirus. My memory recollects one minute.

A new 5 o’clock show with Trump starring alone began last tuesday. Very poorly done by what was once a master showman. The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank described it as The Five O’Clock Follies.

It too has become a joke. It only took 4 shows.

The past two days, America’s Frontier Doctors met in Washington. An off the wall group. Organized by the Right Wing Patriots. The Right Wing Patriots being a group of wealthy Republican donors.

Speeches were made on the steps of the Supreme Court. One of the speakers was Houston physician Stella Immanuel. A pediatrician. Her presentation videoed. Later went viral.

Immanuel is a right wing star.

Trump spoke of Immanuel at his 5 o’clock follies show. Trump recommended the video a “must watch.”

Immanuel way out. A snake oil charmer. If this was the old west, Trump would have purchased every bottle of snake oil Immanuel had available to sell.

Immanuel had much to say. Every word bordering on the insane. Trump moved by her.

Let me share Immanuel’s thoughts.

She praises hydroxychloroquine as a coronavirus cure. With equal vigor, advises face masks are not necessary.

She believes sexual visitations by demons and alien DNA are the roots of America’s health concerns.

Gynecological problems like cysts and endometriosis are caused by people having sex with demons and witches.

She claims alien DNA is currently being used in medical treatments.

She believes scientists are cooking up a vaccine to prevent people from being religious.

The government is run in part not by humans but “reptilians” and other aliens.

“Nobody needs to get sick. This virus has a cure…..You don’t need a mask. There is a cure.”

The video ran on Facebook. Within a very short time, 13 million views. Twitter ran it also.

Both soon deleted the video citing rules prohibiting Covid-19 disinformation.

Immanuel responded to Facebook’s removing the video. She said Jesus would destroy Facebook’s servers if her videos were not returned.

Immanuel believes medical issues like endometriosis, cysts, infertility, and impotence are caused by witches and demons having sex with people in dreamland.

Blames demons for male impotence.

Continuing with sexuality, demonic spirits “turn into a woman and they sleep with the man and collect his sperm. Then they turn into the man, and they sleep with a man and deposit the sperm and reproduce more of themselves.”

Not making any of this up!

Immanuel says dream night might not be with a demon. Could be with a “human witch.” Called “astral sex.”

In a 2015 sermon, she claimed scientists had plans to install microchips in people and develop a “vaccine” to make it impossible for a person to become religious.

Witches are intent on gaining control of children.

She believes children’s books are part of a scheme to introduce children to spirits and witches. Children’s TV shows are a gateway to evil. Children are taught to meditate so they can “meet with demons.”

She has thoughts re the American government, also.

Claims the American government is run in part by non-human reptilians “not even human…..half human, half ET.”

She is anti-gay marriage. She says the next step is “people are going to be seeking to marry kids.”

Advocates corporal punishment for children: “Kids need to be whipped.”

Immanuel sought a meeting with Trump. Late monday, she tweeted Trump and advised she was open to meeting with him.

Trump picks strange people to take advice from, be impressed by. Even more amazing, he appeared to speak more highly of Immanuel than Fauci.

I was interested as to how much money Russ Limbaugh makes. The man yells out all kinds of negative things. Nevertheless, he has a significant following to his radio show.

Discovered Limbaugh is one the highest paid radio figures. Forbes listed his most recent yearly earnings at $84.5 million.

The highest paid radio personality is Howard Stern at $90 million.

My curiosity reached to Sean Hannity. His annual salary $40 million.

Spewing poison and misinformation pays well!

Tropical storms and hurricanes have been moving around for several weeks. Now comes one that may hit Key West.

At the moment, the storm is 350 miles east of Puerto Rico. Its intensity is expected to bring it to tropical storm level. It will then be named Isaias.

The cone’s center at the moment indicates it will come right over Key West. Means nothing at the moment. Could turn.

Isaias is expected to make landfall saturday.

Enjoy your day!





The self named Grim Reaper is not going to get reaped. Mitch McConnell will win in Kentucky for the zillionth time. He has been the U.S. Senator for decades.

Too bad. The American spirit he reflected when first elected has dissipated. He has become a Washingtonian. Bought by Washington standards. The best delivery boy lobbyists could want.

His Democratic opponent is Amy McGrath. An impressive woman. She has no chance. McConnell’s seat bought and paid for years ago.

The most recent poll indicates a big McConnell win. He is ahead 55-33 percent. A 22 point lead.

Two recent quotes re McConnell.

“Show me a politician who becomes a millionaire while in office and I will show you a crook.”

“It’s about time Kentucky lay the Grim Reaper to rest.”

The last quote is not going to happen.

Trump must always be the “winner.” Not happening in Portland. He is not quelling the protesters. He cannot consider the results so far as encouraging.

One hundred more U.S. Marshalls were sent in thursday. Homeland Security is considering sending in an additional 50 U.S. Custom and Border Protection agents.

Trump’s thugs have been battling and beating up the demonstrators since early July. The result thus as far similar to U.S. “wins” in  Vietnam and Afghanistan. Victory evasive. Each war never ending.

Trump’s ill conceived solution is to send in more Trump agents.

In mid-July there were 114 agents in Portland. The number as of last thursday unknown. The White House keeping details secret as if this was a “real war.”

Getting a handle on the coronavirus battle difficult. The U.S. way behind because Trump refused to be a leader and enforce basic medical rules. Thousands have been afflicted and have died because of his ignorance and reluctance.

Major League Baseball shows how hard it is to “return to work” in a safe and secure fashion.

The shortened season began 3-4 days ago. Disaster has already struck.

Sunday, the Miami Marlins and Philadelphia Phillies played. Professional baseball invoked all safeguards. Did not work. Fourteen players have tested positive since sunday.

Someone left a duffel bag in a public place on Grassy Key. A couple found it saturday. The bag contained $884,000 of cocaine.

The cocaine was turned over to authorities. No other facts are available at this time.

Mini-lobster season wednesday and thursday. A disaster about to happen. Normally 50,000 vessels and 80,000 lobster harvesters are on the water diving and partying. A big time! I know. I have done it enough times!

Most of the fishermen come from outside the Keys. Many from Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. The 2 worse infected counties in the U.S.

The Governor has been reluctant to cancel the event. Some entities and municipalities are doing so.

The key to success in limiting boats and people: Ban use of the boat ramps as a result of which the boats cannot get into the water.

Monroe County has banned ramp use in the Key Largo area. Islamorada banned use of their ramps.

Both bannings permit resident use. No problem because they live in the Keys and will not be bringing the virus with them.

The City of Key West finally moved its ass. Most of the ramps will be closed to non-residents. A joke as you will see.

A significant large ramp will be open. Not 100 percent. However sufficiently to be a danger.

What I am about to share shows how local governmental officials fear Key West business people.

The Garrison Bight City Marina Boat Ramp will be open to locals and GUESTS OF CITY OF KEY WEST HOTELS and CITY OF KEY WEST VACATION RENTALS.

Like opening the door to the enemy. Not a very bright way to fight a virus pandemic.

My heart bleeds for William and Matilda Hackley’s baby. The baby cannot handle Matilda’s milk. Three goats have failed also. Plus one woman who apparently had recently given birth and breast fed the baby on one occasion.

William’s entry for this day 1855: “The baby has been ailing for three days her passages being very green and the Doctor gave her some mercuriated chalk. She was quite heavy all day and I was up with her from 12:30 am to 3 at which time I went for a walk on the beach, the baby was by this time better. Matilda’s milk is not good and that disagrees with the child.”

I am beginning to be concerned whether the baby will survive.

One of the greatest film stars of all time died sunday in Paris. Olivia de Haviland. She was 104. God bless her!

She starred in such films as Gone with the Wind, Robin Hood, To Each His Own, and The Heiress. She won two Academy Awards.

Sweet and lovely on and off the screen.

May she rest in peace.

My night tonight! Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Oh, the things I have to talk about!

Join me for a fast moving half hour of raving and ranting. Show begins 9 my time. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!























Whack as a sex term. Like in masturbation and virtual sex. An activity available to both sexes.

Canada’s disease control center is known as the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control. Similar to the U.S.’s CDC.

The Centre’s website has an entire section dedicated to sex education during the virus pandemic.

In addition to masturbation and virtual sex, the Centre suggests a third activity. Glory holes. Identified as a “safe technique” to minimize virus spreading during sex.

Imagine, a saturday night date at an adult book store. Two booths used. One for the male, the other for the female. Fun all night! With non stopping porn flicks for watching in each booth while playing.

Canadians not too happy with the sexual recommendations. Consider the suggestions wild: “You put Canada on the world stage, front and center, with your ‘nut-ball’ agenda (no pun intended).”

Tripped upon three interesting comments yesterday. Food for thought ones which I share with you.

“When the rich rob the poor, it’s called BUSINESS. When the the poor fight back, it’s called VIOLENCE.”

“I can’t be anything to anyone if I am nothing to myself.”

“The tree that would grow to Heaven must send its roots to Hell.”

The protest/government confrontations have only just begun. Violence has begun knocking on the door. It was inevitable. You hit hit me, throw tear gas at me, sweep me off the street into dark cars, etc. and retaliation is to be expected.

First with the protesters shooting back. Then actual shooting between Trump’s special military and the protesters. War!

Trump makes me laugh. For 4 years he has been telling us that if someone hits him, he hits back. Well, his people have been hitting the protesters. Time for retaliation at hand. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Physical problems in two cities in recent days.

Austin saturdy night one of the places

A protester was “carrying a rifle” down a street and blocking traffic. A driver of a car claims the protester approached his car with the rifle aimed.

The driver was armed also. He shot the protester.

The other place Aurora.

Protesters marching on a highway. A car was intentionally driven through the protesters.

Protesters ran after the car. “Pops” were heard. Protesters shooting at the car. The car and its driver not hit. However, one of the protesters was.

The Jews and Germans who continue seeking out World War II persons who caused significant injury and deaths to Jews are to be commended. It has been 75 years since the war ended.

Bruno Dey was convicted this past week of being an accessory in the murder of 5,230 Jews. Dey was 17 at the time. He was an SS guard at the Nazi concentration camp Stutthof.

He is now 93 years old.

Dey was found guilty.

He is a bit lucky.

First, he lived 75 years without being caught and punished.

Second, because he was 17 at the time, he was tried as a minor. He has yet to be sentenced. His sentence will not be anywhere what it would have been had he been an adult. He may be out of jail before he dies.

Coronavirus keeps marching ahead. Never faltering. Reminds me of Onward Christian Soldiers. Though the righteousness of each diametrically opposed.

Florida keeps moving. Spiraling ever upward.

Sunday’s media reports saturday’s numbers of new cases 9,344. A significant number of new cases from the day before.

Deaths through saturday 5,972.

Thank you President Trump and Governor DeSantis. Thank you also the Floridians that have been too stupi/smart to follow the basic rules which limit the virus’ spread.

Floridians seem to listen to no one. They must think they are special and that God is on there side. They’re not going to get sick! Only to learn too late they, their families, and friends are susceptible to the virus.

Enjoy your day!





Portland continues to be front page news. Every night without fail. Ken Cuccinelli is the person who carries out Trump’s plan of action for the city.

Cuccinelli is Acting Deputy Secretary for Homeland Security. Actually, he runs Homeland Security. He had problems with Senate approval of his appointment and a federal court decision as to what his title and power were. As a result, Cuccinelli’s status is Acting Deputy Secretary. Do not be fooled however, he is actually running Homeland Security.

Portland’s picture becomes worse with each succeeding day. Much has to do with Trump’s thinking. Cuccinelli however is a loyal soldier and dances to the Presidents tune. He is somewhat like Florida’s Governor DeSantis in that regard.

Cuccinelli’s background reflects a far right thinker. He is against same sex marriage, rejects scientific consensus on climate change, as Virginia’s Attorney General he investigated scientists who supported climate change for fraud, an immigration hardliner, anti-birthright citizenship, believes employees in the work place should speak English, and believes the only sex education to be taught should be abstinence.

Two examples that Cuccinelli’s thinking is on the twisted side.

One of the grounds upon which he justifies the federal Portland invasion are the shields and gas masks used by protesters. He describes them as “weapons.” Cuccinelli said, “Here is a shield and a couple of gas masks from a rioter arrested in Portland…..preparations for violence. Peaceful protesters? I don’t think so.”

Another, Democrat’s use of “Nazi” and “Stormtrooper” may be libelous.

I wrote as part of a blog a couple of weeks ago that the judiciary needed updating. Cases had to move faster, decisions rendered quickly, technicalities overlooked in the search for justice.

My thoughts based on one of the first rules taught in law school: Justice delayed is justice denied.

Oregon recently brought suit in federal court to limit the actions of federal agents and to get them out of Portland. The Judge decided against the State (in effect the people) on a technicality.

Brought to mind another basic rule of law taught early in law school: For every wrong, there is a right.

Wrongs perpetrated on the protesters multitudinous. Protester rights should be multitudinous. Basic Constitutional rights are being violated by the minute.

Somewhere, somehow, there has to be justice.

Our government is trending aristocratic. Judges should recall the Nuremberg trials where judges were on trial.  Their excuse was they were enforcing the law. Most were found guilty.

Our judges have yet to step over the line. However they seem to be pushing it.

Trump’s says he is considering sending in 60,000 more federal whatevers to cities he believes need assistance in quelling criminal activity. He mentioned Milwaukee in 3 weeks. In between, Chicago, Albuquerque, Detroit, and Cleveland.

All part of Trump’s new law and order program. To curb violence. A violence not the federal government’s responsibility to cure.

I do not believe the law and order kick will help get Trump reelected. If anything, it will contribute to his defeat.

A coronavirus update next.

Florida is in deep shit trouble as far as the virus is concerned. Governor DeSantis the blame. He has sucked up to Trump at every turn.

Florida numbers recently passed those of New York State. Florida entirely covered with the virus. The numbers swiftly moving up every day.

Florida consistently makes stupid moves. Those which contribute to the virus continuing in an upward trend. The most recent involves Florida’s top business regulator. It was announced this past week he is looking for ways to open bars safely. He has been scheduling meetings with bar owners.

There is no safe way at the moment. The pandemic has overwhelmed Florida.

Florida’s problem is its Governor who wants to reopen the economy. Similar to Trump’s way of thinking.

Coronavirus is never going to go away unless we go back to a hard line. As I continue saying, life is more important than money.

Note that DeSantis is also big on reopening the schools. Another birds of a feather thing between Trump and DeSantis.

As of Friday, Florida has 402, 312 confirmed coronavirus cases. Deaths, 5,653.

The Keys have begun to take a beating. Eighty four new cases reported Friday alone.

The check points were a savior for the Keys. Prevented non-residents from traveling down U.S. 1 to anywhere in the Keys. Kept Key West safe. The checkpoint went up 3/19. Came down 6/1.

In roughly 10 weeks, only 109 new cases.

Since then, the numbers have spiraled. Especially for Key West. Everyone wants to drive down from the mainland to party.

The checkpoints/barricades must be brought back. DeSantis and business owners say no. The rest of the population says yes!

The mini-lobster season Wednesday and Thursday this week. A virus disaster in the making. Mini-lobster season normally attracts to the Keys 50,000 vessels and 80,000 harvesters.

Some ramps in the Key Largo area have been closed by the County Commission. Islamorada closed their tamps on their own.

The Commission failed to close all the ramps. The Governor got involved. None further expected.

By mid-August, the number of new cases will rise dramatically. Especially in Key West.

Most of Key West business people are my friends. I disagree with them on this issue, however.

Coronavirus is never going away if we do not put a STOP to everything that permits it to grow. Most know what to do. Our people are not all in accord, however. The situation is only going to get worse, not better.

Local governments have to play “hard ass” if we are going to defeat the virus. Washington, D.C. played “hard ball” this past week. Mayor Muriel Bowser issued an executive order. Masks must be worn outside the home. Failure to do so will result in an automatic $1,000 fine.

Washington, D.C.’s total cases as of last Wednesday were 11,529.

It has been reported that Fauci and his family have been receiving threats. Considered “serious threats.” They began in March and continue. It is believed the threats are the result of anger by those suffering economic hardship.

The Department of Justice is providing Fauci, his wife and daughters with security.

Enjoy your Sunday!



There will be another woman on a national ticket this year. Biden has promised a black woman as his Vice-Presidential running mate. We soon shall know who. By the end of the week perhaps.

There are three other ladies who have run on a national ticket in the past. Geraldine Ferraro as the Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate in 1984,  Sarah Palin as the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate in 2008, and Hillary Clinton for President as a Democrat in 2016.

There have been other female candidates who have run. On minority party lines, however.

One was Victoria Woodhull. She ran for President on the Equal Rights Party ticket in 1872. A time when women did not even have the right to vote. She was a 33 year old social reformer who was also an outspoken advocate of free love. She told reporters it was a sure cure for immorality.

Woohull was flamboyant. Constantly defied convention. Always seeking to break down barriers.

She was a self-proclaimed clairvoyant who performed in carnivals in her youth.

Later in life, she and her sister achieved fame as America’s first and only female stockbrokers. The two also published their own crusading newspaper.

Woodhull was accused of promiscuity when she was a candidate. There were those who said she was little better than a prostitute.

She turned the tables. Her paper accused one of the most famous ministers of the day, Henry Ward Beecher, of practicing sexual infidelity while preaching against it. She knew what she was talking about. She and Beecher had been lovers.

A national scandal erupted. Woodhull was arrested and jailed for pornography. A cartoonist Thomas Nast labeled her “Mrs. Satan.”

Woodhull had only scorn for those that preached against free love openly and practiced it secretly. Throughout the ensuing scandal, Beecher never denied her accusations.

The New York Times in March 1870 referred to Woodhull thusly: “Mrs. Woodhull with an ambition worthy of a female Napoleon, goes for the Presidency.”

An extraordinary woman. She eventually married not the devil, but an English banker.

The scandal during the campaign stirred up much hatred. She fled the U.S. Leaving the tumult behind her, she created a new persona and lived out the second half of her life as a respected member of the British upper class.

Key West has a reputation for being a sexually down and dirty place. Not so! Reputation and fact do not necessarily go hand in hand.

Key West has the reputation because it is home to so many gays. Those who have not lived closely with homosexuals and lesbians are unaware that gays are generally like straights, except for the gay factor. They live together for years, marry, adopt children, go to church, contribute of themselves to the community, etc. Some are not married. Those not, stick to their own local friends when it comes to sex.

They are not sex freaks running around seeking their next conquest.

It is the tourists who come to Key West seeking the crazy sexual behavior that does not exist. Does not exist among locals. Does  exist among tourists. The men have the gentlemen’s clubs and tourist ladies, the tourist ladies the vacationing men. Visitors intimate with each other, not with locals.

The message is perversity is transient.

A perfect example is what occurred last week.

Robert Privette is 49. Visiting from South Carolina. Staying at the Double Tree Hotel.

His room was next to a room occupied by 2 young ladies, 24 and 27. There was an internal door separating the two rooms. Locked on both sides.

Privette heard noise from the adjoining room indicating the ladies had returned from the beach. He slid a camera under the adjoining doors which was hooked up to his cell phone.

One of the ladies had just finished showering and was leaving the bathroom. The other was standing in front of a mirror naked admiring her body.

The one coming out of the bathroom saw the camera and yelled, “What’s that? That’s a fucking camera!”

The police were called. The camera was found in Privette’s room hidden between pillows. Privette confessed. He has been charged with 2 felonies.

A major movie star and his family are opening a restaurant in Key West. The star Mark Wahlburger.

The restaurant will open in late summer. It will be located on the boardwalk of the Historic Key West Seaport. The actual address 700 Front Street.

Casual dining.

The Wahlburger the featured item.

Restaurants are not new to the Wahlburger family. They already have 44 locations in North America and Europe.

Sounds exciting! Hope the food is good!

I have never been in favor of chains opening in Key West. I would rather see Key West remain old, historic, and traditional. It is not a McDonald’s type town. At least not downtown Key West. The chains are ok on the Boulevard period!

However, I am not the one who makes these decisions.

May Johnson’s exciting 1896 Key West life continues.

Her diary for this day reflects she wrote to Ernest. Important! Ernest her “love.” He works in Miami.

May does not let grass grow under her feet. Joe came by. They went to La Brisa.

Joe had a new “codac” with him. He took 5 pictures of May.

I assume the “codac” was the relatively new Kodak camera. Kodak began manufacturing them in 1888.

After some time at La Brisa, Joe took May home. May’s house full of company. Joe stayed a while. Everyone enjoyed tea.

A pleasant friday evening. It was Cocktails at 7. Enjoyed cocktails via Skype with Cathy in Seattle.

Cathy has a pug dog. Lucy. Fifteen years old.

Lucy is blind, deaf and has diabetes. Can still smell, though. Cathy is to be complimented. The dog is her life. She takes exceptionally good care of Lucy.

Enjoy your day!


Tear gas affects the lungs. Breathing becomes difficult. Coronavirus victims similarly suffer. Breathing a major problem.

Makes me think there is another major problem. U.S. citizens using tear gas to quell their fellow American citizens at a time when coronavirus is rampant in the U.S.

Confusion and interest exists re the legality of the use of tear gas. Many believe it is prohibited by the Geneva Protocol of 1925.

The Geneva Protocol prohibited the use of “asphyxiating gas, or any other kind of gas, liquids, substances or similar materials.”

The Protocol was not structured properly. It failed to spell out/identify to some degree the chemicals banned.

The U.S. accepted The Protocol, reserving however the right to use tear gas, etc. as risk control agents.

Banned in war, ok to use in quelling domestic disturbances.

The CDC defines tear gas, or riot control agents, as “chemical compounds that temporarily make people unable to function by causing irritation to the eyes, mouth, throat, lungs, and skin.”

In 1997, a Chemical Weapon Convention issued a new protocol which made definite the chemicals prohibited. Specifically, it banned riot control agents in war, but still made their use legal for law enforcement purposes.

The Senate approved. Passed the new document controlling use of tear gas, etc. Twenty nine Republicans and 45 Democrats voted in favor.

Interesting is the identity of those Senators who voted in support of an instrument that banned riot control agents in war, but permitted their use in quelling riot situations in the U.S.

The New York Times 4/25/97 listed the Senators voting for and against. Some are still Senators. Others, no longer.

I list by name those Republicans I consider significant member of the Senate who voted in support at the time: Collins, McCain, McConnell, Murkowski, Specter, and Warner. Democrats: Biden, Daschle, Durbin, Glenn, Inouye, Kennedy, Kerrey, Moynihan, Rockefeller, and Wyden.

Two significant Democrats voting yes: Biden and Wyden.

Does Biden have any concern with his vote? Should he? I don’t know.

Wyden is the yes voter who amuses me. He is still one of the Senators from Oregon. He has been on TV lately complaining of the terrible things being done by the “federales” sent into Portland by Trump. He describes them as “thugs,” claims Oregon has been invaded, and complains about the “tear gassing.”

Wyden voted for it. His people now reap the sad winds it has brought.

Trump’s recent actions with his personal military reminds me of Willie Nelson. “He’s on the road again!”

Trump announced yesterday he is returning to Seattle this weekend. He is sending in what is known as a “Special Response Team.” Part of U.S. Border and Protection.

BORTAC part of U.S. Border and Protection, also.

Why is Trump sending in a different group? It would make sense to return BORTAC who have some experience in Seattle. Does Trump want the “Special Response Team” to get some boots on the ground experience?

Trump in effect invaded Seattle with non-identifiable secret police. My suspicion is he observed what Putin did in Crimea in 2014 and he wanted to copy his hero’s modus operandi.

Luke Harding wrote an interesting book which was published in 2017: “COLLUSION: Secret Meetings, Dirty Money. and How Russia Helped Donald Trump Win.”

I read the book when it was published. I was looking through my slew of books yesterday for a particular one. Instead I came across COLLUSION. I recalled a passage in the book that fits recent happenings in Portland.

At page 154, “Putin’s response was to seize Crimea and declare that the uprising in Ukraine was a ‘fascist’ coup.’ He pledged to defend the ethnic Russians whom Manafort had previously targeted as election fodder. Soon after Putin started a war in eastern Ukraine–albeit a covert one, done with undercover troops and clandestine agents. The conflict that gripped Ukraine in 2014 wasn’t, as Moscow claimed, a civil war. In reality it was a Frankenstein-like conflict, artificially created by the Russian government and given life by the external brute shock of military force and invasion.”

I am sick of Trump repeated telling the American people how smart he is. Especially when it is obvious he is not.

Trump continues relying on the cognitive test he took. The 3 animal thing.

Not a test for brilliance. A simple test to measure memory loss, if any. Problems like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Schizophrenia.

I have taken the test every year for the past 15 years. Part of my annual physical. Be aware, I always identify the elephant, etc. correctly.

Trump says the last few questions are “hard” My recollection is they include: What year is this? What is today’s date? What day is today?

Respectfully, a bullshit artist at his best.

Trump dd his third briefing last night. I have watched all 3.

They are a waste of time. He is using them to show that he is in charge. We all know that. No question about it. That is why everything is screwed up.

The shows are absurd.

Two things especially bothered me yesterday.

First, Trump took credit for getting the virus under control in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Galling! The whole world knows it was Andrew Cuomo.

If Trump ever decides to approach the coronavirus problem as Cuomo did, we would definitely get out of it. Sooner than Trump ever will, if he can.

The other item that bothered me was Trump’s claim that the country was doing “great” re the pandemic.

Real great! Over 4 million infected, with 1000 a day dying.

U.S./China tensions are getting worse. Forcing consulates to close is increasing tensions.

A Chinese representative said yesterday that the U.S. was “breaking down the friendship bridge.”

Are U.S. relations better today with China than when Trump took office? Is the U.S. better off today as regards China than when Trump took office? Finally, are the American farmers and certain manufacturers better off today than when Trump took office?

Trump says we are at war with coronavirus. I agree. Is Trump aware we are losing it badly?

The 2020 Summer Olympics were to have opened this week in Tokyo. Cancelled because of coronavirus. The games have been rescheduled to next summer.

It has been raining for 3 weeks. Heavy. Real heavy.

Not complaining. This is the rainy season. Don’t recall it ever being so consistent, however.

Yesterday was a monsoon!

This morning the Key West Citizen ran 2 front page pictures of the resultant flooding.

The intersection of Eaton and White Streets. Always gets flooded. Yesterday about 3 feet.

On 2 occasions over the years, I saw tourists swimming in the intersection.

Then there is the intersection of Duval and Front Streets. Another always flooded intersection. Yesterday, abut 1 foot.

Never saw anyone swimming in the intersection. Did see someone kyacking once.

Cocktails at 7 tonight. Looking forward to it.

Enjoy your day!


Yesterday’s blog was titled “I Am The Face Of Anarchy.” Referred to Allison the Portland grandmother of who was standing with other moms and grandmoms between Trump’s gestapo and protesters. Attempting to protect the mostly young protesters from baton beatings, tear gas, abduction, and whatever from Trump’s secret warriors.

Twenty four hours later and I am still with the Portland moms and grandmoms. Because of what the past 24 hours have wrought.

Portland’s moms have been labeled as a Wall of Moms. Properly so. They stand arms locked, yellow T-shirted, wearing bike helmets, improvised goggles, chanting “Don’t shoot your mother!” Hundreds have shown up each night this past week. They are concerned for the young protesters who are getting the hell knocked out of them.

The mothers and grandmothers were afforded no special treatment. Trump’s special military attacked them viciously. The women absorbed baton blows and tear gas while standing with their arms up and chanting as the thugs approached “Hands up, please don’t shoot me.” Their voices not heard.

One witness said, “Jesus feds just came directly for the Portland moms using batons and tear gas while carrying assault rifles.”

Rolling Stone magazine ran an article appropriately titled: “From the Administration That brought You Kids-In Cages, It’s Tear-Gassed-Moms.”

Makes me wonder if Trump had any respect for his mother.

Portland’s Mayor is Ted Wheeler.He has been on TV several times this week. Appears quiet, soft spoken and concerned.

He was addressing the moms/grandmas group on the street. Peaceful. Merely talking to them about the constitutionality of what was happening and their courage to stand their ground and take the abuse being heaped upon them.

The gestapo group tear gassed him as he was talking.

Confrontation leads to acceleration leads to violence. Violence a nice way of saying “war.” Opposite sides actually fighting. The way things have been moving in Portland and the way way I believe they will move in Chicago this weekend, actual shooting could occur.

On one side local police and national guard. It is said politics makes for strange bedfellows. War, also. Think back over the years and various wars the U.S. has been involved in. Many times with those initially considered enemies.

The opposition Trump’s goons. Trump will throw everything into the fight. I believe he will come up short if he attempts to use the U.S. military. Definitely not their headache. I believe they will not respond.

Did you ever think you would see Americans shooting Americans? Unbelievable! Only a Donald Trump could have brought us to this point.

Chicago will not be Seattle or Portland. A much larger community. Most tough as nails. Demonstrations will quickly result in violence.

The weekend ahead brings to mind Frank Sinatra singing My Kind of Town: “This is my kind of town, Chicago is / My kind of town, Chicago is / My kind of people too / People who will smile at you / …..Chicago is / One town that won’t let you down / It’s my kind of town.”

How did we get here?

Protesters in the streets of major cities, Trump’s gestapo challenging them, Trump closing the Chinese consulate in Houston, the Chinese burning papers inside and in the yard of the consulate, the coronavirus pandemic so much out of control within our borders, Trump more concerned with Confederate statues and Confederate named military bases than the virus itself, our friends of yesterday not today, our enemies of yesterday today’s non-dependable friends.

Trump sticks out as the reason why.

There is another to be considered, however. The American people themselves. Several generations of Americans seem to have been raised as spoiled kid or developed into spoiled persons. They have forgotten or unaware of their earlier generations who understood people had to work for what they wanted. Nothing was for nothing. They also forgot not to listen to crackpots. Listen and then make “your” judgment. Don’t be side tracked by a rabble rouser.

My point, we as a people are screwed up to an extent and bear some of the responsibility. For example, we elected Trump! We believed in him! He was going to change things for the better! Is what we have now better?

Lets stay with China for a moment.

China is a proud country. A tough foe. Trump has not handled them properly. He is bringing us to the brink of war with China.

China today is as Japan was in 1941. The Japanese were fed up with FDR pushing them around. You know what happened. It could happen again, except this time China the foe.

Trump leaves me totally confused when it comes to testing. He is in the stratosphere with the numbers of people he claims have been tested.

Testing alone not enough. Test results must be obtained.

The U.S. is testing more. Proof are the laboratories that are so overloaded they cannot test that sent to them on a timely basis. A test result is useless unless delivered quickly. A week or more seems to be the length of time these days. Scientist say result no good by that time.

Willie Geist is a regular on Morning Joe. He mentioned this morning that he and his family were tested. All at the same time. It took 10 days for him to get his result. His wife and children 12 days for theirs.

A waste!

A few days ago on 7/20/20, my blog was titled Holocaust Revisited. The story of the Chinese persecution of Uyghur Muslims. Especially in the area of body organs.

Today, I learned more.

China uses the Uyghur Muslims to produce more than body organs for sale. A significant portion of the fashion industry depends on China’s forced labor of Uyghur Muslims for cotton.

The cotton is produced in the same detention camps where the organ harvests are done. From the detention centers the cotton finds its way into one of five different cotton products worldwide.

Many of the world’s biggest fashion brands and retailers use the cotton. The cotton being used in home furnishings as well as textiles.

Included in the companies are Gap, C & A, Adidas, Muji, Tommy Helfinger, and Calvin Klein.

This week the New York Times reported that the cotton is also being used at this time to make face masks and other PPE items which are sold worldwide.

Those Uyghur Muslims involved with the cotton are still subject to torture for the pleasure of it, forced separations, and for women compulsory sterilization.

China is the largest cotton producer in the world. Eighty four percent of all cotton comes from the Xinjiang region detention camps.

The Chinese forced labor system represents the largest internment of an ethnic and religious minority since World War II. China’s Uyghur Muslims comparable to Germany’s concentration camps where Jews were interned.

Enjoy your day!




Portland is turning more and more chaotic. Trump’s “gestapo” are being met with a backlash. Not bad yet. However obvious that people will not remain silent for long when being defecated upon by the man sworn to protect them.

Trump is playing the Portland game merely for political glory. Whatever, it can at some point become retaliatory.

Though the protesters have been on Portland streets evenings for more than 50 days, their conduct for the most has been respectable.

Allison Hyder is a Portland resident. She wanted to see up close what was going on. She grabbed a helmet and googles and was off to the demonstration. Her intent to stand in the rear and watch. Nothing more.

Allison is no teenager. She is a grandmother of 5.

In the early hours of tuesday she found herself not in the rear, but up front. Locking arms with other mothers dressed in yellow.

Allison told a reporter, “I am the face of anarchy. The people of the United States need to know that moms, grandmas and nurses are out here in the middle of the night demanding rights for everybody.”

Interesting. Grandmothers, mothers and nurses protesting front line on the streets of Portland.

Pew Research Center recently completed an analysis as to the composition of the Portland protesters. Surprising results.

Only 1 in 6 Black Lives Matter protesters are black.

The percentages speak for themselves. Whites 46 percent, Blacks 17 percent, Hispanics 22 percent, and Asians 8 percent.

Texas coronavirus numbers keep sky rocketing. No end in sight. Hospitals claim they are facing a “tsunami” of patients who will finally overwhelm them.

One doctor said, “Our hospitals look like war zones.”

The numbers tell the story. One thousand deaths in 10 days. As many deaths as occurred in the previous 3 months.

Not good.

No one seems to know what they are doing. Similar in most of the rest of the U.S.

The head public health official for Hidalgo County issued a “shelter-at-home” order monday. Governor Greg Abbot says it’s unenforceable.

Called “working together.”

Trump’s new reality show aired for the first time yesterday at 5. Doubt it will receive any awards. Doubt it will last long.

He read his report. No speaking off the cuff as he enjoys. His report overall not interesting.

There were 3 significant points made.

He changed his position on face masks and social distancing. Finally!

He did not wear one during the broadcast, however.

One of the doctors speaking on a news show afterwards said if Trump had taken that position 3 months ago, there would be 50,000 fewer deaths today.

The final item concerns Jeffrey Epstein’s good friend and procurer who is presently under arrest. A reporter asked about Ghislaine Maxwell. A put Trump on the spot question. He handled it with a smile on his face and his foot in his mouth.

The question was baited. Trump bit hook, line and sinker!

Note Ghislaine is accused of aiding Jefferfy Epstein in the sexual abuse of minors.

Trump’s response, “I just wish her well. I’ve met her numerous times over the years, especially since I lived in Palm Beach and they lived in Palm Beach. I wish her well.”

Dana Milbank in a Washington Post Opinion piece yesterday described Trump’s show as the “Five O’Clock Follies.”

Milbank said the show was dull. Predicted it faced an early cancellation. Not so much because of ratings. Primarily because “the lead actor hates his role.”

This is day 127 of my self-quarantine.

Amazing how many people are self-quarantining also. I have received e-mails from all over the U.S. from people who are doing as I. Most from people 60 and older. A few in their 90’s.

I confess I have cheated 6 times. Out of necessity. Doctor visits and hospital visits for tests. Still in the cycle. I have intentionally failed to share the purported problem. Probably bullshit. Hopefully bullshit.

The 6 visits were quick. I was only out of the house 45 minutes each time.

Yesterday was a doctor visit day.

Let me say in passing I am impressed how most doctor’s offices are handling the coronavirus problem.

My primary care physician is Dr. Norris.

In order to gain entry into his offices, I now press a bell. His door  always locked. A nurse comes out immediately. Takes my temperature while I am standing outside. Then takes me in. Quickly does the blood pressure, etc. routine. Then to an examining room to await the doctor.

No siting in a waiting room first. No one ever in the waiting room these days.

Not what I intended to share with you. Interesting, however.

As I drove down US 1 to Key West, then down North Roosevelt Boulevard, ending up at Dr. Norris’ office on Southard, there was no traffic. Like nothing. Almost zip. Eerie.

Parking places. Whole blocks of them.

Very few people seen walking.

Key West was a “ghost town” yesterday morning. Probably has been for a while and will continue to be for some time to come.

The desolation reminded me of 2 movies. The 1959 film On The Beach with Gregory Peck and Ava Gardener and the 1971 film The Omega Man with Charlton Heston.

Both involved backgrounds where war or some disease had killed most everyone world wide. Only a handful left. Anticipating death or doing everything to avoid it.

In both, the streets were desolate. Empty. Stores and buildings, also.

The Monroe County Commission and the Key West Commission have overall done a good job in dealing with the virus. There have been screw ups, however.

Both have failed as regards lobster mini-season which occurs next week.

Florida is rampant with coronavirus. Miami-Dade and Broward Counties are the worst for the disease in the nation.

Drinking and partying rules stringent in certain instance. Especially as to bars and beaches.

So the people in those counties hop in their cars and drive down to the Keys. Bringing with them, coronavirus. Key Largo has suffered the worst. The first “major” community in the Keys as one drives south.

Mini-lobster season will bring these same party goers back. Most are young.

The Monroe County Commission should have shut down mini-lobster season. Did not. Apparently only the Governor could. He refused.

Rules in this time of major disease are meant to be bent. Just the way it is.

The County Commission should have said no mini-lobster season this year and closed all boat ramps from Key Largo to Key West to everyone, except locals.

Instead, the County Commission closed certain boat rams in the Key Largo area. No where else.

Islamorada is located mid Keys. Islamorada closed their boat ramps before the County even decided what they were going to do. And Islamorada intends to keep the boat ramps shut.

Key West should follow Islamorada’s example. Close down the ramps! Pay no attention to what the Governor or County Commission say in this instance. Key West should do the right thing. Close down the boat ramps and declare no mini-season in Key West.

My plan is appropriate. Key Largo is effectively closed to non-locals. Islamorada likewise. The next major Keys community is Key West. Do the same here.

Those who want to come down for mini-lobstering know they cannot go to Key Largo or Islamorada. Most will say no problem. Let’s go to Key West. The only major partying town left open for mini lobstering and partying! The two go together.

If Key West remains open, I predict that 2-3 weeks thereafter Key West’s coronavirus numbers will go up dramatically.

Some forget lives are more important than money. There are those instances.

Love the William Hackley and May Johnson diaries the Key West Citizen has been running!

I continue to learn.

Two comments received by my blog yesterday involved “Household Words.”

Household Words was an English weekly magazine. It was edited by Charles Dickens in the 1850’s. Household Words’ name was derived from a line in Shakespeare’s Henry V: “Familiar in his mouth on household words.”

Hackley’s diary covers 1855. Hackley frequently mentions he spent an afternoon or some time reading Household Words.

Today’s blog way longer than intended. I got hooked up with the mini-lobster season/coronavirus thing. Everyone’s life has value. I feel strongly that life should be protected.

Enjoy your day!