Nicole never made it!

She stood Key West up!


I was so certain tropical storm Nicole was going to hit Key West yesterday. The weather reports made it a certainty.

I told you in yesterdy’s blog it was coming.

It never came!

Nicole entered the keys around Marathon. Marathon is 45 miles north of Key West. Key Largo was flooded big time. Miami and north had large amounts of water and flooding.

Key West, nothing.

I said I was not going to play golf because of the rain. Don telephoned. We are going to try to play. Ok.

I went to the golf course. Gray. Don, Rob, Kurt, Larry and Aaron there. I ended up playing in a two some with Aaron.

It sprinkled a bit on the first hole. I put on my rain gear.

On the second tee, the sun came out. And never went away. It was a glorious day! A bit windy. Kept things comfortable.

There was no one on the course except us. Larry and I played 18 holes in 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Dinner last night was at the Yacht Club. I entertained Don, Kurt, Larry and Aaron. We had a good time! Joked and laughed all through dinner. These are some of the best guys in the world!

Afterwards we went over to the Bottle Cap to see Larry’s internet radio variety show live.

Permit me to digress for a moment.

Key West has some of the best and most talented musicians and musial venues in the world. Among them, Bobby Nesbitt, Howard Livingston, Larry Smith and the Keys Piano Bar.

In my walk around Truman Annex a few days ago, I ran into Bobby Nesbitt. He had just returned from some cruise gigs and European travels. We chatted a bit. He was to begin his Wednesday night thing at Aqua last night. I was excited. His singing touches the heart. Makes one happy.

I did not make it to Aqua last night unfortunately. I worked on Friday’s radio show and then rushed to dinner at the Yacht Club.

Tonight Bobby is playing at cocktail time at Kate Miano’s Gardens. A great setting for a great performer! Catch him, if you can. I cannot. I will miss him again. Bocce. Life is all about priorities!

Howard Livingston is just big time! No other way to describe him. Obviously talented. His new Direct TV show into 34 million homes validates my admiration of his talents.

Larry is one of Key West’s premier musicians. Perhaps numero uno. A technician. A craftsman. Between his Wine Galley shows and now the radio internet show, he is a major contributor to the Key West musical scene.

I loved the Keys Piano Bar. Notice the past tense. It will be no more. The Keys Piano Bar closed for six weeks. Now it has been announced it will not reopen. Sad. I enjoyed the New York piano bar music it provided Key West.

Things may be changing. It may be that a bar or night club is no longer the primary venue for musical offerings. I sense a transition. I believe Howard and Larry have tapped into the new mode for enjoying visual music. Internet sourced.

Economics may have a lot to do with it. It is cheaper to sit home and sip your own vino and watch internet produced music. Bar tabs have gotten increasingly larger in recent years.

Larry’s variety show last night was terrific! The best yet! Each show is increasingly better.

Jenna was lovely and perfect as Larry’s co-host. The cast excellent. Gee Gee, Alex, Doc Covan, Petra and Peter Diamond all did their thing perfectly.

The show is experiencing some techincal difficulties. Professional though it may be, there are always bumps in the road. Last night it was the cameras. They were not getting the show to stream onto the internet for a while. Larry, worry not. Everything in due course.

I watched the show with Don and Kurt. Somewhere along the way, we lost Don. I turned around for a second and when I turned my head again, he was gone.

Bocce tonight.

And, oh I almost forgot! Today is Lisa’s birthday. Happy birthday Lisa! I love you!

Lest you think poorly of me, I already telephoned her about 6 this morning to wish her a happy birthday.

Enjoy your day!

Key West is getting a visitor today. Her name is Nicole.

Her entourage has already started arriving.

Nicole will be better known before the day ends as Tropical Storm Nicole.

It is still dark outside.

I can hear the wind. It will get stronger. 25-35 miles per hour. Gusts projected at 40 miles per hour. Not bad.

I can hear the water. The waves have to be pretty good. Probably small white caps. By later in the day, they will get bigger. No time to be out on a boat. No one will be out on a boat.

Rain today is projected at 100 per cent. To be believed. How much seems a question. Projections are anywhere from 1 inch to 1 foot.

Nicole is a tropical depression. A step below a hurricane. Not necessarily dangerous.More of a pain. A lot of wind and rain. The problem is these storms at this time of the year are unpredicatable. A tropical storm can easily turn into a hurricane.

I am not a weather expert. The little I know is that these tropical storms are caused by a tropical depression. Whatever that is. I know the term, but not the meaning. What I do comprehend is that the waters this time of the year are extremely warm. Even faucet drinking water is warm. Hot water is not required to shower. The warm water is sucked up into the atmosphere and causes/contributes to these storms.

Nicole is coming to us from the northwest Carribean. Another oddity. Hurricanes generally initiate off the coast of Africa and travel this way. Nicole started in the immediate south compared to an African bred hurricane. Ergo it is coming upon us swifter that an African storm. There is less distance to travel.

All in all, Nicole should not be a big deal. Just 24-36 hours of big rain and wind. However, you never know!

Many consider the hurricane of 1935 the worst ever to hit the keys. It was not. The hurricane of 1846 was. And… came from the Carribean to the south! At relatively the same time of the year as now. October 5, 1846.

The winds were horrendous! Homes and buldings were generally of wood. Some stone. Neither built to withstand such force. One survivor reported that “…the air was full of boards, timber, slate…buildings falling in every direction.” Another “…the air was filled with missles-the slates were driven with deathlike celerity, giving dreadful wounds.”

There was a surge. The next day. The ocean covered the island. There was no escape. As low as 5 feet. As high in some parts as 7.5 feet.

Worry not. Our trials and tribulations, if any, over the next 24 hours will not compare.

Golf this morning. I will not be playing. It will rain heavy at some point. The winds will pick up. The game will be no fun.

I walked yesterday. At Truman Annex. A touch of difference. The area was developed roughly 15 years ago. Lovely white homes. Picket fences. Well foliaged. Quiet. Nary a person on the streets.

I had to return to Publix. I am eating up my supply of food rapidly on this diet. Needed more veggies and fruit. I bought a piece of salmon which I had for lunch. Delicious!

Dinner last night was with Lisa and the family. Lisa has been a vegetarian for years so I had no worry about eating. Her meals are the family’s meals.

Robert and Ally showed off a bit. Their golf putting prowess. On the living room carpet. I continue to be impressed!

At one point Ally was absorbed in a magazine. It was a catalog for halloween costumes. They were terrific! So were the prices! Roughly $50 to $60 each. I told Lisa and Corey to go to K-Mart. They agreed.

I was listening to the radio in the afternoon. Howard Livingston was guesting on KONK radio. He has signed to do a televison show beginning November 4. A one hour show to be aired 3 times per week. On Direct TV. Channel 354.

It will reach 34 million homes!

God bless, Howard! You deserve it!

I plan on spending the day finalizing friday’s radio show and writing a bit. Hope the power stays on!

Enjoy your day!

I wrote yesterday that it was a gray morning and looked like rain. I was wrong. An hour after I wrote that statement the sun came out! Big time! It was a glorious day!

Rainy days are rare in Key West. Generally only a five minute shower here and there. However, this past August and September seems to have had more rain than normal.

I had some paperwork to do. Some business. Some writing. I opted to do it ouside. Put on a bathing suit and took my laptop with me. Sat at the bar beneath the tiki hut. Whenever it got too warm, I walked over to the pool and jumped in for a few minutes.

That is how I spent my day. Not bad.

Part of the writing was in preparation for friday’s radio show.

It is amazing the world wide following the show has developed. Via the internet, of course. The internet in and off itself amazes me. People watch and listen to me from Indonesia, India, South Africa, France. Italy and England, for example.

One of the persons watching and listening from South Africa is Rita. Rita lives in Calitzdorp. Calitzdorp is the port wine capital of South Africa. Its soil and weather are conducive to the port grape.

Rita and her family own and operate a restaurant. In the middle of Calitzdorp. Not a small one. Meals are served in three areas. On a spacious front porch, inside a large rom with a fireplace and outside in a garden. Two hundred patrons a day for lunch and 200 more for dinner. Not a small operation by any description!

Lunch ends around 3. Dinner begins at 6.

My 10 am radio show from Key West is aired at 4 pm in Calitzdorp.

Fifteen to 30 people listen to the radio show. Rita has the voice piped over the loudspeaker system. Some come intentionally to listen. Others just happen to be there.


I stayed in last night. And cooked!

I am on a diet again. This one more healthy I believe.

I was watching former President Clinton on TV last week. He lost weight for his daughter’s wedding and now continues to eat a healthy life style. He has become a vegetarian. It is called the Mediterranean/planters diet. Fruits, vegetables and nuts.

I am into cooking! I call it cooking. It really is not a big deal. But more that I have been accustomed to doing.

Last night it was egg whites, fresh broccoli and low fat shredded cheese in the frying pan with a touch of extra virgin olive oil. It tasted terrific!

I blame my doctor for having to diet again. She said I am periodically unhappy because I have given up all the crutches in life. Alcohol, smoking, sex (not my idea!) and eating. I cannot drink or smoke because of my heart. Sex is not that easy to come by. So I ate! Big Time! Went on a food binge!

I even walked more yesterday. Two times. Around the house. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

Enjoy your day!

Overcast this morning. Rained during the night. Looks like it may rain more this morning.

Even gray, everything looks good! Sky, water, palm trees, mangroves, house across the way.

My Sunday morning yesterday started with Meet the Press and the Chris Matthews Show.


I am getting sick of the Democratic/Republican diatribe. Same thing week after week lately.

I walked. Downtown Key West. Duval Street. From the Atlantic to the Gulf and back. Took all of 40 minutes.

It was quiet. Except for Poker Run and the bikers, September is a dead month in Key West. Actually it is a good time to visit. No crowds. Many restaurants at half price. Hotels with cheaper rates.

The ambviance remains the same, however. A good time can be had by all!

After my walk, I headed to the Coffee House. It was time for the New York Times!

I am a born reader. Especially in retirement. When I worked, I had little time to read to the degree that I do now. Actually had no time. It was law, law, law. As it was supposed to be. This is another time and different activity.

Then to Lee Nails. To see Tammy and get a manicure. Tammy and her huband bought Lee Nails about a year ago. Tammy is 28. Her husband a bit older. Even her mother in law works in the business. The mother in law is 38. Tammy and her husband have 2 children. They are hard workers. An example is that they decided a few months ago to open on Sundays. A smart move! The place was busy yesterday.

I had intended to go to Don’s Place. Sunday afternoons are fun during pro football season. But I had my druthers. I preferred watching the final round of the Fed Ex golf tournament. So I went home.

Good golf! Even without Tiger. Jim Furyk did himself proud. Walked away with a total of $11 million!

This coming week is big time in the golf world. The Ryder Cup. In Wales. The best of the best playing!

Dinner was with the family at Lisa’s. Robert and Ally dominate the house. It is always an experience being with them.

Montessori is having a race next Saturday to raise money. One of the festivities is a one half mile race for kids. Robert is going to run in the race. He has been training in his physicval eduction class at Montessori for it. There will be a pasta dinner Friday night for the runners and whoever else wishes to attend. Robert is going to feel like a big deal! At the same time that he is being introduced to a new and healthy life activity.

Enjoy your day!

Where do I begin…..

I did not sleep well last night. Tossed and turned. Watched some TV. A couple of Tennessee Williams movies.

I generally start my blog talking about the morning, the sun rising, the water, the wind, the colors caused by reflected sun. Key West dawns capture mind and imagination.

I knew Tennessee Williams had lived in Key West for many years. I went to the computer around 2 in the morning to see if the story for the movie I had just watched was written while Tennessee Williams lived in Key West. The movie was Suddenly Last Summer with Elizabeth Taylor, Katherine Hepburn and Montgomery Clift. I never found out. Though I suspect it was.

What I did discover at 2 this morning was absolutely terrific! Outstanding! The best!

And I could not sleep the rest of the night in anticipation of sharing it with you.

I read an essay. By Madeleine Blais. Based on an interview she had in 1979 with Tennessee Willims. She was a relatively young reporter at the time. She came to Key West specifically to do a story on Williams for the Tropic Magazine of the Miami Herald.

Let me make this observatiuon at the outset. Blais is one of the finest writers I have ever read! She does with words what a great artist does with a brush. I found her essay exciting!

Key West sunrises, for example. Something I knew were special. But never really thought about as such.

Blais quoted Tennessee Williams as saying he loved dawns in Key West. Williams referred to dawn as day time’s “great triumph over night.”

Many describe Key West. I do daily. But compared to Blais, we all merely try. She does it as no one else.

I am going to quote briefly from her essay About Tennessee Williams in Key West. Then you can decide for yourself if you agree with me.

Blais describes Key West as “…the place where we run out of East Coast, where the cabs are pink, the sidewalks buckle, roosters roam free, people applaud the sunset, every local restaurant has the best fish sandwich in town, the t-shitrts are vulgar, the cats have six toes, where in the early 90s Hooters went out of business because it was too Ohio, ceiling fans and balconies abound, the smell of beer competes with the smell of a new catch and the smell of night blooming jasmine, and where the sky and water are involved in some kind of sexy dance, blue on blue, and they let us watch.”

Need I say more!

You can read the entire essay at

The big hit of the day yesterday was grocery shopping.

I went alone.

Turned out Lisa, Corey and the grandkids were at Publix shopping, also. I asked Robert and Ally if they wanted to shop with Poppa. Yes, they both exclaimed! Lisa and Corey happily went on their way. The grandkids were with me.

A disaster!

The venture only lasted two aisles.

Both wanted to push the cart. I let them. Robert lasted about 10 feet. Then he was off and wandering the aisle. It was necessary for me to keep an eye on him. Ally said I will do it alone Poppa. Good, I thought. She ended up in the right place to push, but did not push. She put her feet up on the cart. I was pulling her and the cart from the front.

I find it difficult to do two things at one time these days. Here I had three. Shop, watch Robert and pull Ally!

Corey came around a corner. I said without hesitation…..they’re yours! He understood and laughed.

Today is Sunday. Always a good day. I approach it as a day of rest. A time to screw off.

Soon I will be engrossed in Meet the Press and the Chris Matthews show. This afternoon pro football at Don’s Place. This evening dinner with Lisa and the famly. In between I will read the Sunday papers.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Slept late this morning.

It is like getting up in the middle of the day. Eveything is in place and working. As it should be.

The sun is out. The sky is blue. An occasional cloud. The water is moving along. There is a slight breeze. The yellow MTV house across the way is glistening in the sunlight.

Yesterday morning’s radio show was a hit again! I am fortunate so many watch and listen.

Terrific response afterward both by e mail and telephone. The issues discussed yesterday were especially intertesting. Timely. Most of the events discussed had occurred during the past week.

One item I talked about was old hat, however. It has been around for about a year. Only not for me. I just discovered its existence this past week.

I am referring to the LFL. It is the opposite gender to the NFL, the National Football League. The LFL is the Lingerie Football League.

Yes, there is a football league for the ladies. It has been in existence for about a year.

The LFL consists of 10 teams. Their names fit the concept. Like Chicago Bliss, Philadelphia Passion, Miami Caliente, Dallas Desire, Los Angeles Temptation and San Diego Seduction.

I kid you not!

The ladies play two 17 minute halfs.

Their attire is lingerie, of course. Plus shoulder pads and helmets.

The league games are played friday evenings and are televised. Though I have never seen one.

The NFL has the Super Bowl. The LFL has its own super bowl game at the end of the season. It is called the Lingerie Bowl.

The 2011 Lingerie Bowl is scheduled to be played Sunday February 6, 2011. That is the same day as Super Bowl. The ladies’ game will be played during the half time of the Super Bowl game. On a different channel.

There are two reasons why I spoke about the Lingerie Football League on my radio show yesterday. One was practical. The other legal.

I advised Don at Don’s Place, Patrick at the Sports Page Bar and the other sports bars in town to start showing the LFL games. They show the NFL games on sundays. Their bars are packed. Lets give the ladies a chance, better stated equal time, on fridays.

The legal issue is the real reason I spoke about the LFL. It involves the uproar a couple of weeks ago involving female sports writer Ines Sainz.

I spoke to the legal issue a week ago on my radio show.

As you are aware, female sports writers are allowed in the dressing rooms of male sports teams. Even following a game when the players are showering, dressing and walking around nude.

This is a settled issue in the law and our present day culture. If a male reporter can enter a male team’s dressing room, so too can a female sports writer. The women cracked the glass ceiling in this regard.

As my Constiuutional Law professor Bill Loyd used to tell us in class…..What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

Male reporters have the equal right to enter female team dressing rooms. But apparently rarely, if at all, do. I call it good taste. Even respect.

Sainz apparently got hastled a bit in the New York Jets dressing room and on the field. It hit the media big time!

Now comes the Lingerie Football League. Would the ladies involved like to have male reporters walking in their dressing room while they are walking around in various states of undresss or completely undressed?

I doubt it.

Nor do I believe that most men in a similar state in a male dressing room want a female reporter wandering about while the family jewels are exposed.

My stated remedy on the radio show a week ago was to stop reporters of either sex from entering a team’s dressing room at any time. The what is good for the goose is good for the gander theory applied in another fashion.

The solution is simple. Have a specified time and place set for after the game. Say one hour. At that time and place, all players appear. Clothed of course. And then questioned by the sports reporters, male and female alike.

It is called good taste. Sensitivity. Respect.

Enjoy your day!

I enjoyed my yesterday.

Basically only did two things. Final preparations for today’s radio show by day and bocce by night.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour radios at 10 am. KONK 1500 AM. The show can also be seen as well as heard worldwide on the intertnet at

Join me for an interesting and fun time!

Some highlights include a decision by a Florida appeals court declaring the law against gay adoption unconstituional, the don’t ask/don’t tell mess, a tale of greed involving a California Mayor, the Lingerie Football League (you read me correctly), California’s Proposition 19 and legalization of marijuana for personal use, Montana weird dumb laws, an income tax disgrace, dog scent evidence in a Texas murder case, Virginia’s first female execution in over 100 years, the weird dumb lawsuit of the week involving Michael Vick, and a decisin by a Senegal Court forbidding child begging.

Terrific material! I love the research and preparation. I love sharing my findings with you. Listen/watch, if you can. You will not be disappointed!

Last night’s bocce match was one of the best I have ever participated in. Fun! Close! Tense!

It was a money game! My team and 3 others have this sort of side bet thing. When we play each other, $150 is at stake. A pot of $450 is accumulated during the season to pay for a season end party only for the 4 teams involved. The winning team pays nothing. The other 3 kick in $150 per team.

We played Fairfield last night. They are good! A bit better that us this season.

Both sides were wired. A must win for each side.

We did it! We won the match! Two out of three games!

The first game did not go well. We lost 16-11. I felt very uncomfortable at the end of the game. Not a good night ahead, I thought.

We came back in the second game, however. Big time! Won 16-3. Ho, ho!

The third game was for all the money!

It was close. A nail biter. The lead moved back and forth several times. We finally won 16-14.

Both sides agreed that last game was one of the best either side had ever played in.

I was terrific! No humility.

But every one on my team was terrific! David was outstanding. Spectacular is a better word! In that last game, within a short 10 minute period, David had 4 difficult shots. Impossible! He had to make each one. Could not be done!

He did it!

Michelle, Keith, Don, Erica and Herschel all contributed in one fashion or another. We did the job!
The Fairfield players were excellent! Good guys, too!

A talented team! Angus. He was on last night! Chris, too. Nate is always good. A natural athlete. Russ was there with his shots!

I met Nancy last night. She recently returned from Afghanistan. A lovely lady. She is friends with Herschel and Erica. Her first time at a bocce match. She made her contribution to the cause. Not as a player. As a spectator. She talked with the opposing players. The idle chatter affected their concentration.

It’s all part of the game!

I mentioned Russ earlier. Russ is Chief Chef at The Strip House. You will recall I maligned the place in yesterday’s blog. I was irritated by a $5 surcharge for sharing a $42 steak. Russ was aware of my comments. He looked at me cross eyed as I approached him for the first time last night.

Russ is a company man. The Strip House is a chain. His perceptioon, and correctly so, is that anything I say affects the company’s image nationwide.

Russ is a nice guy. I felt bad.

I felt worse when he told me that the $5 sharing charge has always been there. It is everywhere nationwide. My problem was that I had either never noticed it before or never reviewed my bill before. Probably the latter.

Mea culpa Strip House. Mea culpa Russ. But I still think the $5 sharing fee is a stupid charge in an expensive restaurant!

Enjoy your day! Again, listen in to the radio show at 10 this morning.

Howard Livingston!

Premier entertainer!

A star!

More importantly, my friend. Before he was famous. Now that he is a success.

It was announced recently that Howard is going to be the Grand Marshall of the Fantasy Fest Parade. Good for you, Howard! Congratulations!

Four years ago Howard decided to sponsor a float in the Fantasy Fest parade for that year. He telephoned and asked if I wanted to be on the float. Did I! I had never been! Yes, I swiftly responded!

It was an experience!

The float had a hippie theme from the 1960s. Howard costumed us all. I wore a psychedelic tee shirt with a large crazy hat. Each of us on the float had a part to play. Mine was twofold. To throw beads, of course. And suck on an Arab dope pipe at the appropriate time.

The float had a musical theme to it. A big moment for the float was when we were before the Judges’ stand. We had about 2 minutes to do our thing. Howard jumped into the street, played his guitar and sang. My responibility was to suck on that pipe! It was one of those huge vases with tubes coming out. One of those tubes was in my mouth. Howard’s admonition before the parade while we were pracicing was to suck really hard when we were before the Judges’ stand. Suck I did! I thought my eyeballs were going to pop out!

Unfortunately the pipe was empty! I was sucking nothing!

Howard’s float won the Best Musical Float award! Four years later he is Grand Marshall!

I am proud of you, Howard!

There were a few interesting things which occurred during the parade.

We threw out to the screaming crowd 22,000 beads. A lot of beads! I was totally exhausted at the end of the parade from tossing a portion of them. It was work. For real!

I expected to see many bare boobs and other intimate female parts. All in solicitation of beads. Forget it! Hands up to receive the beads, yes. Bare breasts, no. I was disappointed!

There was a woman standing next to me on the float. I had seen her around Key West. Did not know her name. We were sort of partners in tossing beads.

She was scantily attired. A couple of pasties on her nipples A bikini bottom. Nice to look at!

A week later, I was at the Symphony. I saw her in the lobby. I walked over, smiled and said it was good to see her….. with her clothes on. She looked at me strangely. Later I saw her at intermission. What the hell! I went over and said the same thing to her again. Politley again, of course. She was with her husband or boy friend. I repeated the words quietly to her and walked on.

A few minutes later some one grabbed my arm. It was her! What are you talking about, she asked! Firmly! I smiled and told her. Turns out it was not her! Not who I thought she was! She was not the woman on the float with me!

I could not find a hole deep enough to jump in! Embarassed!

I explained to her and the gentleman with her who turned out to be her husband.

At the end, they both laughed. Fortunately for me! The episode brought us together and we are best friends to this day. Strange how life works!

I was at the new County Courthouse yesterday. First time. What a beautiful building! The people of Key West and Monroe County should be proud.

I ran into one of Key West’s top attorneys, Mick Barnes. Charming as well as talented.

Karen of Karen and David is one of my best friends. She works in the Courthouse.

I was sitting at a table in the hallway. Karen came out of the ladies room, looked at me, turned and walked away. Feel bad Karen that you did not recognize me nor aknowledge me. Maybe it was because I was dressed. Jacket, shirt and long pants.

I lunched at Hogfish. Read the newspapers. Such a relaxing atmosphere!

I became extremely tired in the afternoon. I suspect it is one of my heart pills. The beta blocker seems to have a cumulative effect on me. I will get suddenly tired and be tired for several hours. I ended up going to bed and sleeping for two hours.

I stopped at Lisa’s on the way into town last night. The grandkids were just finishing their baths.

We talked.

I asked Robert what was new in school. He is in the first grade at Montessori. He said he was Laundry Technician for the week. Laundry Technician? Yes. What is that? Turns out the students use clothe napkins at lunch. He collects them, takes the name tags off and returns them to the teacher. She in turn takes them home and washes them each evening.

Robert said last week he was the Copy Writer. What does a copy writer do? Writes copy Robert said laughingly. A comedian in the making! As Copy Writer, his responsibility is to go to the copy machine daily and make whatever copies are necessary for whatever.

Ally piped in. She is at Montessori in kindergarten. She was not to be outdone by her brother. I am the Duster! It is her week to dust the class room each day.

Then to the Chart Room.

One of the Chart Room regulars is Sheila. Sheila of trolley car fame! She drives one for a living!

I read in Facebook yesterday that she is have a total hysterectomy next week. I wrote and offered to help in any way. Take her to the hospital, sit with her, whatever. Sheila only has a bike. Can’t see her coming home from the hospital on a bike!

I also commented, perhaps lamented is the better word, that we would never be able to make a baby because of her surgery! Assuming at my age of course that my sperm can still swim!

I saw Sheila at the opposite end of the Pier House parking lot when I arrived. She was walking with Sean and Katherine. Sheila shouted across the parking lot…..” I want to make a baby with you!”

Charming. A lovely person. I wish her well next week.

Dinner was at the bar at The Hot Tin Roof. John manages the restauant. He was all excited. His Wisconsin tem has won three straght games! They are ranked in the top ten!

John was also excited by business last night. Things are slow this time of the year in Key West. Very slow. Many restaurants close down for the month.

John did 74 meals last night! The place was packed!

Radio show time tomorrow morning. 10 am. KONK 1500 AM radio. Live for viewing on the internet at Tune in for The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Interesting and informative!

Enjoy your day! Time for me to run to the TV to watch President Clinton on Morning Joe.

Dark outside. Very dark.

There cannot be much breeze. I cannot hear wind.

I do hear the water moving, however. I am sitting about 40 feet from the ocean. In the kitchen with the sliding doors open. I can distinctly hear water moving, slapping against the rocks.

The sun was out yesterday morning around 9. I decided to walk. Smathers Beach. Got started and… poured! The rain would not stop. Came down big time! For about 20 minutes.

There is no place to hide at Smathers Beach. I got soaking wet. I said the hell with it! I kept walking in the rain!

Afterward it was home to a warm shower.

I spent some time yesterday afternoon at Borders reading. Quiet. Comforting.

Then I decided to go to K-Mart. Tee shirts on sale.

There are not many places to buy male clothes in Key West. Probably because not much in the way of clothes is required. Tee shirts and shorts are the attire of the day. Every day.

Sears is the big store for men’s clothes. However, friend Aaron told me of a tee shirt sale at K-Mart. Only $3 a shirt. I looked. I saw. I bought not. Junk. Terrible material. Thin. And I am sure the shirts would have shrunk 100 per cent after a first washing.

As I was driving out of the shopping area, I saw an old friend. Ann. A newspaper reporter in Utica in the 1960s. Now a resident of Big Pine.

I had not seen Ann in about 6 months.

I beeped. We talked. Decided to talk further. We ended up sitting outside Papa John’s. Only in Key West!

We had a good talk. I hope it is not 6 months before we hook up again.

Chart Room last night! A decent crowd. Susan bartending. I had a couple of drinks and made idle chatter. Ate some pop corn.

I decided on La Trattoria for dinner. I was in need of some Becha attention!

It was not to be. La Trattoria was closed. Pitch black inside. The stools stacked on the bar. Closed for a couple of weeks. As many Key West restaurants are. September is the slow season and many close down for part or all of the month.

I was with a friend. Where to eat? We decided on making it a big night. The Strip House. A fine place for steak. Probably the most expensive restaurant in Key West.

A perfect evening for The Strip House. The weather lovely. We sat on the outside porch. Overlooking the ocean. There was slight breeze. A full moon. The sound of the waves in your ears.

The meal was outstanding! As anticipated!

A sirloin medium rare. We shared it. The portions are large. Onions and potatos. An appetizer to start.

Again, a glorious meal!

Then the bill. Expensive as had been anticipated. $42 for the steak alone.

I noticed an extra $5 charge on the bill. For sharing. I have been a loyal cutomer for years. Never noticed a sharing charge before.

I was pissed! Business is slow in Key West. Because of the time of the year and the recession. Most restaurants are having half price sales on everything on the menu this month. Just to get customers in! And The Strip House has the audacity to now charge $5 extra for sharing a $42 steak!

Someone upstairs in management has their head in their ass!

I said nothing to the waiter. Not his decision.

But I am writing about it this morning. Why?

The Strip House is a chain out of New York City. Someone in New York management is aware each time I mention The Strip House in this blog. It gets back to me. So I am using the blog as a vehicle to let someone upstairs in the chain of command know that this $5 sharing charge is rediculous. An insult. Get rid of it!

Let me further evidence the stupidity of the $5 charge. There is no restaurant in Key West that charges for sharing. From the smallest to the largest. I should know. I have eaten in most if not all of them.

Word has it that a new television station will soon open in Key West. A for real TV station. With drama and comic shows, weather, news and talk shows. Many with a Key West slant.

Sounds interesting! Should be a winner!

Today is Wednesday. Golf day. No golf for me. Unfortunately I have business to attend to this morning. Which means my priorities are screwed up!

Enjoy your day!

The seasons are changing. It is less noticeable here in Key West. Sort of sneaks up on you.

I left Lisa’s last night at 7:30. I realized the sun had set! An hour earlier than one month ago!

The temperature is different also. A month ago, it was 8-10 degrees warmer. In the high 80s and low 90s. Yesterday the high was 81.

Less humid, also.

The mornings have changed. It is 6:30 and still dark outside. The sun will not rise till about 7:30.

I started yesterday with a walk. I am not yet into a good health kick. But I am trying! The walk was at Home Depot. Once around takes me about 20 minutes. Covers each and every aisle.

Soon I will be moving outdoors. With the humidity diminishing, walking outside will not be a problem.

I am thinking of joining a gym. I am moving towards good health! It takes me time to get there!

The gym on Truman next to Don’s Place. It is old and beat up. Large. Has all kinds of equipment.

My reason for eventually joining this particvular gym is its boxing equipment. It has three bags. I have visited all or most of the other gyms in town. They either have one or no bags.

I box a bit. Have my own gloves. Had a room created for boxing in my home back in Utica. I would like to box a bit again each day. Great exercise! The entire body moves!

I am thinking about it. This is the Louis process. I have not joined as yet. Soon, however.

Lunch yesterday was at Lucky Day. Cuban toast with melted cheese and tomato. Owner Jana has a terrific personality. The place was full for lunch yesterday. I was happy for her.

I have been on a family kick the last two nights. Dinner with Lisa and the family.

Last night I had to eat with them! Lisa cooked one of my Mother’s favorites. As her Grandmother taught her. Chicken, potatos and peas in oil broiled in the oven. To die for! We ate good and in a party atmosphere. Lisa was proud of her culinary efforts. She spoke of her Grandmother. We all enjoyed!

Tonight I am out on the town! I have done the fmily thing enough. Need a break. As my friend Howard Livingston would say, I need some Key West time!

Enjoy your day!