Happy Birthday Willie Nelson! Ninety years old!

His birthday yesterday April 29.

One of the best, if not the best, country singers of all time. Favorites like On The Road Again, Always On My Mind, Okie From Muskogee, and A Song For You. 

My particular favorite is On The Road again. The opening stanza: “On the road again / Just can’t wait to get on the road again / The life I love is making music with my friends.

Nelson still working. Currently on a cross country tour and has 30 upcoming concerts. The thought occurs he could have had Biden on the tour and 30 concerts. Then again, Biden may be too young.

A two day 90th birthday bash began at the Los Angeles’ Hollywood Bowl last night. Notable singers galore taking to the stage to perform in his honor.

Yes, one of the best!

The White House Correspondents Dinner last night. Two stars. President Biden and Roy Wood Jr.

Biden missed the boat. He could have been a comedian. He was par excellant!

Came across some purported words of wisdom: “Adam was the first lucky man, he had no mother-in-law.”

Brings to mind my mother-in-law. A lovely lady. However, don’t think she ever liked me.

Her daughter/my wife was pregnant five times. Each in close proximity to the next. The first four delivered fine. The final and fifth aborted on its own early in the pregnancy.

Each time my wife and I hurried to tell her parents the happy news regarding a pregnancy, my mother-in-law looked at me and said the same thing: “Bastard!”

I have been working organizing my Jack Baron collection. Works by other artists are being rearranged also. I have several Renoir lithographs/etchings. One is my sentimental favorite. It is a lithograph Renoir did of Louis Valtat in 1904. Valtat was a fellow artist and Renoir’s personal friend. They frequently worked together and shared techniques.


Renoir engraving


The work is part of an edition of 950. Signed in the stone in the bottom right hand corner. I purchased it in the mid 1970’s from a dealer in New York who I purchased a significant number of pieces of art from. He told me at the time there were only 5 of the lithos remaining.

Twenty five to thirty years later, I was in the Metropolitan Museum of Art wandering through the impressionist wing. A new section had been added. A small corridor with lithographs and etchings. There before my eyes as I walked along was my Renoir! I was excited! Thrilled!

A woman with the Museum was seated at a desk in the corridor. I hurried to her and asked about the Renoir of Louis Valtat. I did not mention I had one. She went on to tell me of their friendship, etc. Then added there were only five left in existence. I blurted out…..I have one!

Is the story of only five true. I don’t know. What is important is the affection I have for the piece.

Bess Levin described the world’s reaction to Tucker Carlson’s departure: “The world celebrated like it was V-E Day!”

On this day in 1947, New York City for the first time decided to honor Babe Ruth. The Sultan of Swat, the Bambino. One of the game’s best hitters.

New York City named the day Babe Ruth Day.

The year 1898. The Spanish-American War was ongoing. Key West was suffering from an increase in prices because of the war. Soda was 15 cents, lemonade 20 cents and beer 25 cents. Drinking water was expensive also. Not because of the war, however. There was a drought. It had not rained in ages.

Enjoy your Sunday!




I don’t knw what smells more. The sargassum building up on Key West beaches or the revelations coming to a head about Supreme Court Justices. First there was Clarence Thomas. Then Neil Gorsuch. Now the Chief Justice himself, John Roberts.

Jane Roberts is the Chief Justice’s wife. She earned $10.3 million as a legal consultant for elite top law firms from 2007-2014. She was employed by the lawyer search firm Major Lindsey & Africa. The gross fees paid the firm were $13.3 million. Jane Roberts received from that amount $10.3 million in commissions.

She was the firm’s top earner.

She joined the firm 2 years after her husband became Chief Justice.

The information broke yesterday. A co-employee at Major by the name of Kendal Price filed a whistleblower complaint. The complaint noted that at least one law firm she had placed an attorney with had a case before the Chief Justice. He wants “public scrutiny” of Jane’s income given the influential position of her husband.

The stench a sickening one.

I warned last week when writing about Clarence Thomas that he was only the first of other matters that would come to light re other Justices. Not because I was privy to anything. However, one rotten apple in a barrel means there are others. Within days, Gorsuch popped up. Now the Chief Justice’s wife.

Which Justice will be next? Guaranteed there will be more.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has a vile tongue. She is despicable to the core. She is considered the leading candidate for the Vice President position on a Trump ticket.

Her mouth exposed her inner nature once again this week.

She was examining Randi Weingarten at a Congressional hearing. Weingarten is the President of the American Federation of Teachers. Weingarten married a woman who had two children. Weingarten adopted the two children.

Greene attacked her motherhood: “People like you need to admit that you’re just a political activist…..not a mother.” Boiled down means a step mom or adoptive mother is lacking in some regard as are the children themselves. Greene’s attack boiled down to…..You are not a mother!

Michael Steele is a familiar figure on TV talk shows. Especially MSNBC. He took it as a personal affront her disparaging Weingarten for not being a “biological mother.” He issued a tweet: “Well, the woman who adopted me, cared for me, raised me, educated me and at 95 still smiles when I walk in the room didn’t need biology to be my mother.”

Yesterday on Morning Joe, Steele reminded everyone that a little boy named Jesus had a step father, not a biological one.

Big Key West news! Dion’s sold to Circle K.

The question on everyone’s mind: Will Circle K continue to sell Dion’s famous “Dion’s chicken?” Popular and tasty. Even I occasionally treat myself to a few pieces.

A yesterday Citizens’ Voice comment: “Why are saw-off shotguns considered more dangerous than assault rifles? Sawed-off shotguns were banned nationally in the 1930’s and that passed the Second Amendment test. The NRA has fewer than 5 million members and we let them dictate policy by their donations to politicians.”

Sargassum mentioned earlier. A smelly substance.

Sargassum is a leafy seaweed coming up from South America. Already on Keys beaches. Also considered an algae.

Heavier so far than in previous times. Requires raking one time a day. The raking expected to increase to two times a day as the invasion becomes greater.

Sargassum is like a protected species. Cannot be harvested till it reaches shores because it provides crucial environmental benefits for many marine species. The floating sargassum serves as a shelter and breeding ground for fish, crabs, and endangered sea turtles.

As the sargassum washes ashore and begins to decompose, it degrades water quality and pollutes beaches. The decaying algae releases ammonium and hydrogen sulfur. Result is an unpleasant odor like rotten eggs and can irritate the eyes, nose and throat. The hydrogen sulfide is especially dangerous. Poses worrisome reparatory health risks.

Aristotle said: “We make war that we may live in peace.”

Sort of true. Depends which side you’re on.

Another great evening at La Te Da. Dinner with Steve and Cindy Thompson last night. A long evening. We drank champagne and talked about everything.

Steve and Cindy were especially excited. They spent their wedding night in 1982 at La Te Da.

Busy afternoon. Sloan at noon. Going to prepare for some Jack Baron stories I want to begin this week.

Enjoy your day!


The Great Sea Battle tonight! The height of the Conch Republic Celebration!

Seven pm. Key West Harbor. Best place to watch anywhere from the Ocean Key Sunset Pier all the way to the Galleon. Any spot along the way.

Watch the Conch Republic’s Air Force and Navy battle U.S. jets and battle ships. Like nothing you would believe!

The battle is over at 8. Followed immediately by a Surrender Ceremony and Victory Party at the Schooner Wharf Bar.

I will mis the event tonight. Too old to watch the battle. Too much walking. Too much water and whatever else sprayed on spectators. Instead I will enjoy a pleasant dinner with with Steve and Cindy Thompson at La Te Da. We will be dry, except for a drink or two. Roomy and comfortable.

Steve and Cindy have seen more Conch Republic battles than I. They have been part of Key West 20 years longer than I. I’m sure I will hear some stories, however.  Always a pleasure to be with them. They lived through those “days” beginning in the mid 1970’s. The foundation for today’s Key West.

Manatee Dually (pronounced Doo-Lee) was rescued for the 13th time by the Grassy Key Manatee Rescue Team. Monday in Key Largo.

Same problem for the 13th time. 

Dually weighs 1,400 pounds. Fishing lines entangled her muzzle and face, both pectoral flippers and tail. She could neither breathe nor eat. In danger of death. The doctors considered her problem “life threatening.” 

Rescued and saved again! The doctors hope she has learned this time and will be more careful in her drinking and eating habits. Dually has to learn to stop being a “serial entangler” and “beggar.”

The way it was during Prohibition in Key West.

On this day in 1926, Sheriff Deputies made raids seeking Prohibition violations. Despite attempts to pour it down the drain, booze, along with a slot machine, were found at Mexicano’s Stand at Petronia and Elizabeth Streets. A large quantity of illegal liquor was also found at La Concha Café on Duval Street.

Only in Key West. On this day in 1992, police made a gruesome discovery at a house on Southard Street. They found a man who had been dead for two months and his room mate was unaware he was dead.

Is the tide turning?

Abortion bans failed to pass in two conservative states this week. Bills that would have restricted abortions. The states South Carolina and Nebraska.

Why? Could be conservative legislators are heeding the signs that anti-abortion laws will galvanize women to vote them out of office.

A correct observation. Repeal of Roe v. Wade and its aftermath is bringing women of all ages and parties together.

On this day in 1945, Italian dictator Benito Mussolini and his mistress were executed by Italian partisans as they attempted to flee Italy.

Their bodies were taken to a gas station in Milan and hung upside down from a metal pole. People then shot at and beat the dead bodies.

On one of my many Milan visits, I visited the location and the pole. All I could think was how Mussolini’s people turned on him. He initially created a better life for them. Then became a megomaniac. He decided to become a major authoritarian figure as his hero Adolph Hitler. He partnered with Hitler and together they brought Italy down.

Eventually, Hitler brought himself down.

History shows us most if not all authoritarians end up the same way. Despised by their own people. Killed by their people or themselves.

Beware authoritarian wanna be figures in the U.S. History repeats itself!

A Mary Jane Holan wrote and asked if she and her husband could meet with me and have dinner when they visit in June. They are Jack Baron collectors and have read Irma and Me.

I would be delighted and wrote them accordingly. Only problem is I somehow lost their email and my response.

So Mary Jane, please write again so I can respond. Write me at chairmansuls@gmail.com.

Enjoy your day!




Alex Okinczyc blows a hell of a horn!

Ralph De Palma wrote Alex’s story for the Paradise Section of the Key West Citizen yesterday. Titled: “Alex Okinczyc, aka Island Alex, Has Music To Spare.” Recommended reading.

Alex grew up in Detroit where he was influenced by Motown. Became hooked on jazz. 

He and his wife Mary have resided in the Keys full time since 1988. In addition to performing alone, Alex has in recent years joined with Larry Smith in entertaining Key West folks.

Alex loves to dive. He has a phenomenal collection of bottles he found on the ocean floor.

His many talents include musical composing. His notable albums Under the Cow Key Bridge, Down the Road, and Save Me Blue Waters. He has published over 50 songs. His most recent reflects the green, smelly stuff appearing on our beaches. The terrible odor material and song bear the same name: Sargasum. Opening words to the tune: Tractors on the beach / Things are piling up / There’s a scent in the air / Hope I don’t throw up!

Right on! Says it all!

At 6 am tuesday, President Biden’s video announcing he was running for President again was shown. Great lines befitting his announcement: “Let’s finish the job…..Four more years…..We’re in a battle for the soul of America…..More to do.”

Forty four percent of Democrats say he is too old at 82 to run again. Trump is close in age at 76. Don’t be blinded by the age number. I consider Biden thus far to have been one of our best Presidents. He saved the nation’s ass after Trump set us on the road to destruction. Don’t punish him for being one of the best. Reward him with another 4 years. We still need him!

Last week following the Clarence Thomas revelations of wrong doing, I suggested all the Supreme Court Justices should be investigated. By the media. I question whether it would be legal for the executive and legislative branches of government to investigate the Court.

The basis for my recommendation was one rotten apple in a bushel will infect some of the other apples.

Already the basis for my recommendation is bearing fruit. Justice Gorsuch has been identified as having a problem. A financial disclosure one. Note also during his questioning by one Senator prior to his approval, Gorsuch said Roe v. Wade was precedent and could not be touched.

One or more of the other Justices will be identified as tainted by scandal. I have been concerned about Amy Coney Barrett since her nomination and have written more than once about my doubts concerning her veracity. My concerns stem from what might be described as her dual religious background. She claimed being Catholic thereby avoiding her formal involvement with a different religion which requires the wife be submissive to the husband. If I recall correctly, she even had her name removed from some article supporting the “other religion” which had previously been published.

Disney has sued DeSantis claiming a political effort to hurt its business. Disney claims DeSantis has waged a “relentless campaign to weaponize government power” over the company. Disney says DeSantis began and has continued “a targeted campaign of government retaliation” which it claims stems from Disney’s criticism of a contentious state education law.

Disney is correct. Win or lose on technical grounds makes no difference. Disney picked on the wrong guy when he took on Mickey Mouse.

Harry Belafonte died tuesday at the age of 96. An outstanding actor and civic activist. He and Sidney Poitier broke the glass ceiling.

After all my testing yesterday, I opted for a late breakfast at Harpoon Harry’s. Breakfast at Harpoon Harry’s has always been eggs benedict for me. For some reason, I changed it yesterday. Ordered a vegetable omelet. Absolutely delicious!

Freedom followed by tragedy. On this day in 1865, the steamer Sultana was carrying freed Union prisoners of war. The Sultana exploded on the Mississippi River near Memphis killing 1,169 passengers.

Two Citizens’ Voice comments befitting today’s conditions.

The first: “The Washington Post has stated that San Francisco now regulates how many homes can be solely rented out by Airbnb. Hmm. Attention, City Commissioners.”

The second: “FKAA, I have toilet tank valves that don’t refill the tank due to low water. Perhaps your board can vote for Water Pressure for Life.”

My blood pressure yesterday at the doctor’s office 110/70. Love it!

A visit at noon with Lori for a haircut. The high point of my day ahead!

Enjoy your day!



It’s noon. I am just sitting down to write the blog. Too late. You’ll have to excuse me.

My morning has been spent in doctor and hospital tests. Today the first of a serious with several doctors. Not because anything specifically bothering me at the moment. Merely time for my annual tests. They all ran together this year.

I have more tests scheduled for 5/2, 5/3, 5/4 and 5/10. Such occur when one gets to be my age.

I do not mind the tests. My concern is if they find something new that it can easily be fixed. Not interested in surprises!

Enjoy your day!


I have not been to the Chart Room in several months. Before that, a few years. It has changed. Not what it used to be. I decided to return last night with friends who were patrons for more years than me. It’s us in the photo. From the left, Tom and Fran Dixon, Steve Thompson, Louis, ending with Cindy Thompson. Tom and Cindy go back to the 1970’s with the Chart Room. Tom and Fran 20 years. I the baby in the crowd. Fifteen years.

The music was horrendous. Three of us at different times asked the bartender to lower it. Claimed he could not. It was controlled from somewhere else and was either on or off. No in between. He was bullshitting us.

We enjoyed our own company. Spent two hours covering a multitude of items.

As I was leaving, I noticed an extremally lovely woman nearby. She smiled and said hello Louis. Obviously she knew me. Embarrassingly, I could not recall her. Turned out to be Stephanie. We had met only once. At a political party at her home. Then it hit me! The political gathering was pre COVID. She and her husband Dan threw a get to know you event. I recalled her apartment, its location, and of course she and Dan.

I hope to run into them again sooner than 5 or 6 years. Nice people.


Chart room

Chart Room

Fran and Tom return to Buffalo this morning. Steve and Cindy are joining me for dinner at La Te Da friday evening.

President Biden announced via video at 6 this morning he is a candidate for reelection. Good for America! Good for all of us!

Biden took office at a difficult time. Trump had left the country a mess. He salvaged the situation. He has earned reelection.

To replace him with Trump or DeSantis is to deliver our country into authoritarianism. Without question.

Tucker Carlson may be that extra bit that makes the Dominion settlement palatable. Whatever, I am glad he’s gone. He lied to the American public too many years.

Smut may be on the verge of becoming a part of Congressional governing in Washington. Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene accused Democrat Earl Swalwell of having a “sexual relationship with a Chinese spy” during a House Homeland Security Committee hearing. Swalwell’s misdeed occurred 8 years ago in 2015 and is well known in Washington circles.

Greene refused to purge the statement from the record when asked to do so by the Chair.

Someone should have reminded Greene of the Biblical refrain…..Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Greene’s divorce involved infidelity charges on her part.

Congresspersons beware! I would dare say at least half of Congress, if not more, have probably been involved in sexual dalliances over the years. Does Congress or the American people want their dirty wash hung out for all to see?

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis said yesterday that indictments, if there are any, in the Trump probe will be this summer. Between July 11 and September 1.

Willis claims she wants to give local law enforcement time to ready for “heightened security and preparedness.” She fears a possible “significant public reaction” to any indictment.

I don’t understand. Earlier this year, she said an indictment was “imminent.” Now we wait to the summer. Something amiss. Her case is prepared. Why is she waiting to submit it to the grand jury?

In 1898, the Battleship Maine was sunk in Havana Harbor. On this day the same year, Congress declared war on Spain. The Spanish-American war lasted 10 weeks and resulted in an American victory.

On this day in 1984, federal wildlife officials met on Plantation Key to discuss future protection of the Key Largo wood rat and the Key Largo cotton mouse. Few residents were sympathetic to the plight of the endangered rodents. Said one attendee, “We don’t miss the dinosaurs and we’ll never miss these rats…..They should be eradicated.”

Humor! On this day in 1901, New York Governor Odell signed an automobile registration bill which imposed a 15 mph speed limit on highways.

Raining like hell at the moment as it has been all morning.

Enjoy your day!







How sick can Florida’s Republican legislature get? For that matter, even DeSantis?

Newest example is a House bill passed last week allowing transgender children to be removed from their families.

The bill permits transgender minors to be removed if they receive gender-affirming care.

A similar bill was approved last month by the Senate.

DeSantis has previously expressed support for the bill and is expected to sign it into law when it reaches him.

The recent Fort Lauderdale epic rainstorm did a real number on the community. One part is City Hall. It has been determined the building is “on life support” and a new one is required.

The present building is 8 stories. Its condition so bad no one has been allowed inside to conduct city business.

The building was constructed in the 1960’s. The rainstorm caused flooding from the top of the building downward and from the bottom of the building upward. Every air handler and network of electrical panels ruined. To keep the building open in its present condition would cost $175,000 a day. Staggering! 

Another mass shooting. Early sunday at a prom after party in Austin, Texas attended by 250 persons. Just after midnight.

Nine teenagers shot. Fortunately, no one killed.

No further facts available. The matter still under investigation.

The United States spends more on military than the next 10 nations combined.

In 2022, the U.S. spent $877 billion. China #2 spent only $292 billion. Russia # 3 spent $86 billion.

Parrots have the capacity to communicate with each other. They are being taught to make video calls to each other. Friendships being developed as a result.

This information has been revealed based on a study by Northeastern University in collaboration with scientists from MIT and the University of Glasgow. Domesticated birds were taught to call one another on tablets and smartphones. They developed the ability to video call one another on Facebook Messenger.

The language their own. Not human.

The City of Syracuse, N.Y. holds a special place in my history and heart. Three years of law school. A satellite law office. Law school and University supporter for years. Basketball and football supporter. Private box at the Carrier Dome. Etc.

The community was recently named the “Best Bar Town” in America. So determined by Barstool Sports.

The last time I was in Syracuse was 18 years ago for my court trial divorce hearing. Never knew Syracuse to be boozing town in all the years I was there. Drinking yes, boozing no. Syracuse was “normal” when it came to alcohol consumption.

Obviously drinking has to have increased significantly during my absence. I’m not sure the increase in drinking/boozing is anything to be proud of. 

The consumption has to be wild. Key West is a drinking town. Goes with its tourist designation. Shameful Syracuse has achieved the reputation.

Enjoy your day!



Judy Blume is one of Key West’s favorite and most loved residents.

One of America’s greatest writers. She ranks with Hemingway. Many works she authored were invaluable to young ladies.

Two of her books have been reduced to film. Both will be available for viewing Friday. Their arrival being referred to as the Spring of Judy Blume.

One is “Judy Blume Forever,” a documentary about her career and influence stream. It will be available on Amazon Prime. The other, a movie adaptation of “Margaret” hits the theaters.

Tom and Fran Dixon have been two of my dearest friends for 15 years. They hail from Buffalo. Tom a Syracuse fanatic as I am. Fran the cook I wish I was. The woman is fabulous! She prepares all kinds of goodies which she brings me on the 3-4 trips they make to Key West each year.

They are here on business also. Tom has a small interest in Ocean Key House and is attending a board meeting this week.

The photo is the three of us taken at La Te Da where we had dinner Thursday night.


Fran and Lou


Recent controversy re court decisions is proving to be a good tool in bringing attention to questionable dealings by judges.

Texas federal judge Matthew J. Kacsmaryk authored the controversial mifepristone decision. His “reward” was a review of his financial disclosure form. Such indicated he redacted the name of a stock he owns that is worth at least $5 million.

Redaction is permissible under certain circumstances. Whatever, sounds strange to me.

Additional information has surfaced re the Supreme Court’s late Friday decision re the mifepristone matter. The vote was 7-2 to delay enforcement of Kacsmaryk’s decision, etc. The majority wrote no decision. Merely an order. Alito and Thomas dissented. Alito wrote a decision which by silence Thomas supported.

Alito’s opinion accused by name three female Justices of hypocrisy. The three Justices Kagan, Sotomayor and Barrett. Kagan and Sotomayor considered liberals, Barrett, conservative. Alito levied the hypocrisy charge because the case was on the “shadow docket” and the three had criticized Alito of its use in the past.

The time has come for Alito and Thomas to retire. Thomas may be impeached. As I have advised in the past, Alito is still bitter he was not elevated to the Chief Justice position years ago when Roberts was so designated. His unhappiness has been reflected in everything he has done as a Justice since.

Republicans are getting ready for the next Presidential election. A major issue at a recent supposedly secret Republican donor retreat was the necessity to make it harder for college students to vote. Also, the need to limit same day voter registration and the automatic mailing of ballots to registered voters.

Republicans would be better to address “issues” instead of how to thwart ease of voting. Will they ever learn?

The E. Jean Carroll – Trump rape trial begins Tuesday in New York federal court.

The case was sued in 2019. It has taken 4 years to reach the trial stage. Trump has avoided the trial like a plague. Even to several applications in the past two weeks to delay the trial.

The jury result is going to be interesting. Trump claims “he did not know her” and she “was not his type.”

Mind boggling: Science Magazine reported more than 19,000 undersea volcanoes have been discovered.

A danger not only because of eruption possibility, but also to submarines. Two American submarines have already been involved.

In 2005, the nuclear powered USS San Francisco collided with one killing a crew member and injuring most on board. In 2021, the USS Connecticut struck a volcano top in the South China Sea causing damage to it sonar array.

Enjoy your Sunday!





The Supreme Court ruling re mifepristone came down last night. The Court reserved access to the pill for now. It blocked limiting access to it for a time. It ruled in effect the case should take the normal course through the federal court appellate systems.

Beware! I would not trust the Republican majority on the Supreme Court on a stack of Bibles. My fear is they are merely delaying their real intent: To deny access to the pill as they did to abortion in the Dobb’s decision which basically killed abortion in most parts of the U.S.

I am 87. In July will be 88. I have a lot of company. More and more people are “getting old.” In their 80’s and 90’s. A good number making it into the 100’s.

New York Times columnist Gail Collins wrote an interesting article on the topic of aging in today’s Times: “How 90 Has Become The New 60.”

She mentioned her being invited to more and more 90th birthday parties: “The really truly – older cadre is zooming.”

Collins reminds us Biden is 80 plus, Gloria Steinem 89. Steinem who is on a tour of Zambia says older people are “past worries about job, family, saving for the future – this is the future!”

Ninety is the new 60.

Collins wrote, “It’s clearly dumb to treat the…..older as a doddering puppet of great-great grandparents.”

“Doddering” I am not. My head is still as good as it was at 40. My body like a car. It breaks down as it ages. Must keep having it fixed. Hopefully the problems continue to be fixable.

Collins reminds us to keep in mind that Biden in his 80’s is better than DeSantis who is 44. She claims DeSantis “is giving youth a bad name.”

Right she is!

Key West lover and frequent visitor Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson wrote about Republicans and abortion in today’s newspaper: “Republicans’ Longtime Opposition To Abortion Is Coming Back To Haunt Them.”

The column’s opening line: “Be careful what you wish for. Republican zealots spent decades trying to erase the Constitutional right to abortion. Last year, they finally succeeded – and now they are reaping the whirlwind.”

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). A smart woman. One of tomorrow’s leaders. Re the debt ceiling, she says Republicans are too much of themselves to negotiate with on the budget and debt ceiling. She refers to Republicans as “that”: “Negotiating with that is like trying to nail jello to a tree.”

Researchers have predicted a slightly below average hurricane season. Hope they are correct.

Hurricanes are fickle. They are wind. Sailing fans understand. The wind changes constantly and radically. You never really know when and how strong.

May the researchers be correct. If wrong, on the side of less being even more less.

Citizens’ Voice this morning. Words of wisdom: “Help fix this crisis or we won’t have any more service people! Those of you financially comfortable enough to offer long-term affordable housing for locals, please do so! Especially if you have a one unit or studio accessory dwelling, show your love for the island and rent it for less than $2,000. Save Key West!”

Last night Brady’s!

I went to Sally O’Brien’s for dinner. Not Sally O’Brien’s anymore. Brady’s!

Same place, same menu, same help.

Enjoyed wings and onion rings. A soul satisfying meal.

Met two new people. Spent quite a while chatting with them. Paul and Dina.

Paul and Dina knew each other. Were not together, however. One sat on one side of me, the other the opposite side.

Dina’s name immediately struck me as interesting. Same first name as Dina Markis who I had dinner with twice last week. Dina and her husband Theos my friends from Greece.

Dina’s husband is having some heart problems. Scheduled for a heart catherization. Paul and I comforted her. We both have had heart catherizations. No big deal.

Paul a CPA. An interesting person. Close to retirement. We covered a multitude of situations. Especially family.

I look forward to visiting with both again.

Needed gas. Shortage still exists at some stations. Could not get any till I hit the third station.

Busy day ahead. Sloan at noon. I have been up since 5 working on the blog. It will be 2 this afternoon or later before I can pack it in and grab a mid afternoon nap.

Enjoy your day!


Bess Levin in a 4/20 article wrote: “Everything is coming up Murdoch.” The article: In Comically Evil Twist, FOX Will Receive A Huge Tax Break From Its Dominion Settlement.

Levin wrote that thanks to an “arcane line” in the U.S. Tax Code – which allows companies to write off “ordinary and necessary” business expenses – “FOX will be able to deduct the nine figure settlement from its income taxes and receive a tax break up to $213 million.”

Brian Nick, chief communications officer for FOX, confirmed the “tax deduction, but not amount,” to Daniel Shaviro, an NYU tax professor.

Anticipated Supreme Court decision by midnight tonight re mifepristone could be one of the most brazen attacks on America’s health yet. So says Dr. Jack Resnick Jr., President of the American Medical Association.

Joke of the day: An attempt to humorize DeSantis attacks on Disney.

A tongue in cheek report. Yesterday, Governor DeSantis ended his feud with Disney. He has replaced Disney with an attack on the Smurfs. The campaign expected to be a scorched earth one.

In a major policy speech, DeSantis accused the Smurfs of spreading a message of “blue supremacy” and vowed to ban the teaching of Smurf to students from Florida schools.

A break in the Disney tirade.

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema living well spending more than $100,000 in campaign amounts on jets, limos, luxury hotels and wine.

Not proper fodder for reelection.

Well done!

A Russian warplane accidentally bombed its own city. The Russian city Belgorod. Twenty five miles from the Ukraine border.

The Russian government described the bombing as an “accident.”

Conch Republic Days Celebration begins today. Runs through 4/30. Marks the Conch Republic 1982 invasion of Key West followed by the Conch Republic’s immediate surrender to the U.S. and reinvention of Key West as the independent Conch Republic. 

Many interesting fun filled events. Best from my point of view is the Great Sea Battle at 7 pm on friday 4/28. A sea and air battle. Like you would not believe. Conch Republic bi-planes dropping streaming rolls of toilet paper on U.S. Coast Guard vessels.

Enjoy the week! Festivities every day!

A most enjoyable evening! Dinner last night at La Te Da with Fran and Tom Dixon. Friends for 15 years.

The meal scrumptious. For me, crispy duck.

We had a lot of catching up to do.

Fran always brings me something. A food product she prepared. Some trips home made Italian sauce with chunks of beef and pork. Others home made candy. This trip home made candy. Peanut butter covered in chocolate and fudge. I enjoyed some of both when I returned home. Why not!

We’ll grab another night before they leave.

The day itself busy yesterday. Some business first. Then a manicure with Tammy. Followed by lunch at Hogfish where I enjoyed a blackened grouper Reuben.

On the go all day and night.

Enjoy your today!