Charles Dickens’ masterpiece A Tale of Two Cities  was published this day in 1859.

Many literary pieces back then were published in magazines. Generally on a weekly basis. Chapter by chapter. Dickens’ work in All The Year Round magazine. Complete publication took to 11/26.

An upsetting time. The French Revolution, aristocrats arrested, summary trials, many executed by the guillotine.

The first paragraph of the novel a literary wonder. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, etc.” I have taken the first paragraph and eliminated certain passages to make it fit today. Our time.

“…..it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom…..it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Darkness…..it was the winter of despair…..”


This is day 50 of my self-quarantine. Break time! Party time! Tonight a dozen people!

Oh, were it so. Merely joking, however. Do not even desire throwing or participating in a party. Not the time yet.

America’s corporate whores and the Republicans at it again.

Meat packing houses across the country seem to be a haven for coronavirus. Does the meat have anything to do with it? Or, is it the close quarters employees work in?

During my 4 years in college, I worked in a meat packing house. Pork and beef. Worked at a Utica plant summers, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter vacations. Made a big buck! I was in the union.

Most of the employees work shoulder to shoulder. From slaughter to the final packing, it is one step after another. The “meat” moving from one person to another. Many times people working shoulder to shoulder.

Ergo, understandable coronavirus is having a field day in the meat packing houses.

Trump wants the meat packing houses opened. Back to work.

Liability a problem. The corporate owners want a law passed that exempts the corporation if a person outside the plant becomes sick in any fashion because of coronavirus. A 100 percent protection against lawsuits.

Understandable, though not necessarily desirable. Many different type corporations have such liability shields. The corporations do not want to be held responsible for wrongdoing even where it can be directly traced back to them.

I suspect that the meat packing houses will get such protection. The reason is America has to eat. The meat packing houses will remain closed if such protection is not provided.

The issue I am sensitive to is that which affects the employees themselves. People injured while on the job or as a result of the employment. Covered in most states via Workers’ Compensation.

I describe the corporations in this instance as whores because they do not want to provide Workers’ Comp coverage to the employees.

Wrong! Unheard of in today’s society.

Another problem involved. No matter what laws are passed, it appears the employees do not want to return to work yet. They fear acquiring the coronavirus.

Cannot argue with the employees. We are talking a death virus here. Sixty one thousand have already died in the U.S.

The meat packing companies will open. They have to open. Trump mandated it so. He signed an Executive Order to that effect. requiring them to. However, no one can force the employees back to work.

An interesting confrontation in the making. The meat packing business requires experienced hands. The knives are working all the time. Inexperienced persons will end up stabbing the person working next to them or themselves.

Many a hand I saw pierced by a person not up to the job. The meat held in the left hand and the knife in the right. How many times the knife missed the meat. Even worse, the person forgot to hold a piece of meat and stabbed themselves in the hand.

Not a simple cut in these instances. The knife goes clearly through the hand.

Another big week for persons signing up for unemployment. This past week 3.8 million. In 6 weeks, more than 30 million have signed for unemployment benefits.

Not “the best of times.” Reflective of “the worst of times.”

Trump and his family must live in a different world. Son in law Jared Kushner spoke up yesterday. He said the federal response to the coronavirus crisis was “a great success story.” The government “rose to the challenge.”

He and his father in law must be smoking from the same pipe.

Locally, the Oro Gold Cosmetic Shop on Duval has closed permanently. This is one of the “rip off” stores the Key West Rip-Off Response Team has been aggravating for 2 years. Properly so. The operators of the store were ripping people off, especially the elderly.

The Rip-Off group contributed to some degree to Oro Gold’s leaving. However, they should not take too much credit. It’s the economy!

May Johnson still in bed. I’m beginning to worry about her. Her diary entry for this day in 1896 says: “In bed all day from effects of chill.”

This is about her 10th day with the problem. She is not getting better.

Enjoy your day!


The musical Hair premiered on Broadway this day in 1968.

It was a first!

It was hippie time in America. The country was in social and cultural upheaval. Hair was a tribal love-rock musical. New!

The show gave New York theater goers a full frontal glimpse of the burgeoning 60s-counterculture aesthetic.

Hair first opened off Broadway. In Joseph Papp’s Public Theater in the East Village. Ran there for 6 weeks before moving onto Broadway.

It was at Papp’s Theater in the Village that I saw the show. A huge old movie theater. Packed. Standing room only.

Hair was different. It was the first of what was to come. However none knew it at the moment.

I became aware when the entire cast appeared on stage at the end of the first act nude. Totally. Male and female. Front and back.

Unheard of in those days.

The crowd went wild!

It was a youth performance with a youth hope. That the world was going to chose tomorrow.

I missed the hippie experience by about 10 years. When I saw Hair, I was 33. Had a wife, 4 children and a mortgage. I was into wearing suits, shirts and ties.

Today appears to be great musicals of yesteryear time for me.

“I’m on the road again…..” One of my all time favorites. Willie Nelson.

He is 87 today and still going strong!

Forrest Gump was prone to come up with brilliant statements. One of my favorites: “Stupid is as stupid does.”

The recipient of the stupid is as stupid does award today is none other than Vice President Michael Pence.

A horse’s ass in many ways.

Pence was at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota this past week. He refused to wear a mask while visiting the doctors and patients. Even though Mayo personnel explained to him it was “policy.”

Woodrow Wilson must have had a suspicion that some day a Donald Trump would be President. A Wilson observation befitting Trump: “All the extraordinary men I have ever known were clearly extraordinary in their own estimation.”

My blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou last night. The main topic was Fauci, Giuliani, Wuhan Laboratory, and the $3.7 million grant.

I was loaded for bear.

Absorbed 20 minutes of the 30 minute show. Worthy of such a long exploration of the situation. I have not shared it here as yet. Saving the material for another day as I suspect the “show” is not yet over.

The Florida Keys are doing well as far as Covid-19 is involved. The Keys are part of Monroe County.

The County so far reports 79 confirmed cases, 3 of those resulting in death. Key West claims 38 of the cases, none of the deaths.

Trump is proud of his record. Especially as to “promises made, promises kept.”

The problem which Trump does not recognize is that few of his promises become reality.

Stimulus monies. Small Business loans a major screw up. Everyone is aware.

I was concerned about the $1200 stimulus payment to Social Security recipients. I am one of those, together with millions of others. Thought sure there was going to be a screw up. Business as usual.

Not this time. Trump delivered as represented. Monday  the Washington word was those entitled to payment who were on direct deposit would receive their deposit by the end of the month.

The end of the month tomorrow.

I checked my bank account on the internet this morning. The $1200 was there.

On this day in 1946, movie producer David Selznick and movie star Jennifer Jones checked into La Concha Hotel.

Jones one of my all time favorites. Especially her performances in The Song of Bernadette and Love Is A Many Splendored Thing.

May Johnson still sick. Her second week in bed. “Chills” a major complaint. In her diary for this day in 1896, she wrote: “In bed all day, at 10 o’clock had another dreadful chill.”

Enjoy your day!



Being the ever interested citizen, I watched Trump’s “show” at 6 last night. Nothing new. Same old same old, except been a while since Trump had some national CEO’s on.

I have a bitch.

Since day one, test kits, masks, etc. were always next week. Second week 1 million plus “next week.” Four million the representation for another next week. Nothing even close to the numbers represented ever arrived.

All talk. No action. No “promise made, promise kept.”

Last night, new numbers. In millions like you would not believe. Some next week, some in a month.

Always “tomorrow.” The problem is tomorrow never comes.

The media is having a field day with Trump’s Clorox/Lysol cure.

An article on 4/27 in Forbes was titled “Disinfecting Info: How Clorox and Lysol Took the White House to the Cleaners.”

The Boston Globe expressed itself editorially yesterday: “Disinfect the White House of Quackery.”

Even the Key West KONK Life E-Blast this morning in a Tim Weaver Bonehead Island cartoon: “The Press didn’t say ingest Clorox. An idiot would know better. He said inject Clorox! Inject!”

I fear coronavirus induced restrictions are being lifted too soon. Hope I am wrong. My guess is there will be an increase in Covid-19 cases and deaths in certain areas of the U.S. in 4-6 weeks.

Trump and his people love telling us “a promise made is a promise kept.”

My comment is limited to stimulus monies being sent to Social Security recipients who receive their Social Security payments by direct deposit. The deposits will be made by the end of April.

We shall see.

Key West beaches were opened yesterday afternoon at 4. One admonition: Masks preferred, but not mandatory.”

Blake Hunter’s Prime Time opened over the weekend at Studios of Key West. An opening party the first night following the performance.

I am going to receive many negative comments from what I am about to write.

This mornings KONK Life E-Blast contained a series of photos of those at the party. I know most of them. Are they crazy? Irresponsible? Most seniors. Maybe they thought they have been on earth long enough.

Whatever, they were hugging and standing close together. No 6 feet, not 3 feet, not 1 foot.

Love you all! Stupid move! Unless you believe it’s time to open things up. It’s like driving 100 plus miles an hour on U.S. 1.

An “only in Key West” occurrence. As reported in this morning’s Key West Citizen Keys History section.

On this date in 1992 “police made a gruesome discovery at a home on Southard Street: They found a man who had been dead for 2 months and his room mate was unaware he was dead.”

Twenty year old May Johnson still sick. If she were alive today, we would think it was coronavirus.

May’s April 28, 1896 diary entry states, “Still sick. In bed all day, very sick from effects of yesterday’s chill.”

May has been sick for at least a week.

Fitting words by Abraham Lincoln for today’s U.S.: “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

Mutiny on the Bounty for real. Not just a movie starring Clark Gable.

It was on this day in 1789 that the mutiny occurred on the HMS Bounty. Fletcher Christian and his followers set Captain Bligh adrift in a launch in the South Pacific.

Tuesday comes quickly each week. Tonight Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me at 9 my time for a bit of ranting and raving.

My primary topic concerns Dr. Anthony Fauci, the $3.7 million he allegedly gave to the Wuhan Laboratory, and Rudy Giuliani’s charge intimating Fauci’s purported wrongdoing. Very interesting.

Typical Giuliani muckraking.


Enjoy your day!


Better to begin with a happy event. Too many sad ones recently.

On this day in 1805, the U.S. Marines attacked and conquered the Tripolitan port city of Derna. The Marine hymn words “to the shores of Tripoli” born of the battle.

The U.S. was a young nation. Still seeking respect from other nations.

Pirates from the Barbary states in North Africa were raiding U.S. ships. Successfully. American sailors were abducted and held for ransom.

The war with the pirates was 4 years old. President Jefferson had it. He ordered the U.S. Navy to the Mediterranean Sea to protest the attacks on American vessels.

Derna was located in Tripoli. It was there that the significant battle was to be waged. By U.S. Marines.

This was not a ship to shore event. The Marines had to travel 500 miles over desert to reach Derna. This they did.

U.S. agent William Eaton led the forces of Marines and Berber mercenaries. The Marine leader was Lt. Presley O’Bannon.

The Marines won a glorious victory.

Two historical factors were born of the battle.

The first is today’s Marine sword. Elaborately designed. The pattern representative of the battle. The sword carried by today’s Marine officers.

The other specific words in the Marine hymn. From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli…..the Tripoli portion presenting the Derna victory.

A return to the normal. The trials and tribulations our nation is suffering at the moment.

Rudy Giuliani has returned!

His dementia obvious.

He slammed Dr. Anthony Fauci over the weekend. Like saying God isn’t good.

It appears Trump may be getting ready to dump Fauci. Blame him for the coronavirus. Fauci appeared only once last week at the Task Force briefings.

Giuliani  has developed into a muckraker. Especially when he attacks Fauci. He claims Fauci is responsible for the “damn virus that is killing us.”

Several years ago, Fauci approved a $3.7 million grant to Wuhan Laboratory. The Laboratory connected with the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic.

Giuliani went on to indicate it was China’s intent to “weaponize” the virus. Thereby affecting the U.S.

The accusation typical Giuliani. Typical Trump. Giuliani said, “I don’t want to make any accusations.” Throw the thought out in the form of an accusation and let it hang there.

Already facts are coming to the forefront indicating no wrongdoing on Fauci’s part.

The Lab did not receive all of the funding. Everything else re China’s plan to infect, etc. unsubstantiated.

Giuliani says Fauci violated an Obama rule. One which prohibited the U.S. from giving money to any laboratory fooling around with viruses.

Typical of Giuliani accusations, he may next accuse Fauci of having had an affair with a staff member of the Laboratory. She made him do it!

Our politics are not just down and dirty. They are sick! The sickest I have seen.

Bill Gates is a man to be admired. I respect his successes. I respect what he and his wife are doing in these times to improve the world.

Microsoft. Gates was instrumental in creating a new industrial revolution.

His wealth appears to know no bounds. Deservedly so. He and his wife Melinda recently purchased a $43 million home near San Diego. They also purchased an $18 million house in Santa Fe.

Gates has appeared recently in the media. He has ideas and solutions for the coronavirus. In addition, thoughts and solutions for other maladies.

He puts his money where his mouth is. Significant amounts. To research and resolve the world’s dilemmas. The house costs pale in comparison.

I share this portion of the Gates story with you because some are beginning to knock the guy for his recent house purchases. They fail to mention his huge dollar contributions to charitable causes.

I look at it his way. The man made the money. His “invention” advanced the world tremendously. He is the Thomas Edison of our time. He can spend his money any way he wants.

Back to the increasing food shortages. An issue I have been discussing for some time.

We have a food shortage problem! I am not sure everyone recognizes it. What is required to make more people take notice, I do not know.

Food is rotting in the fields. At the same time that shortages are evident in supermarkets.

Many reasons involved. Two more significant than others.

The first is that the food “supply chain” has collapsed. People forget that food is grown/prepared in one place. Demand is in another.

Due to the epidemic, many of the jobs required to get the food from one place to another are gone. People out of work because of coronavirus. For example, truck drivers and those who arrange the product in whatever form for delivery.

The supply chain is broken.

Another involves fresh fruits and leafy greens. Covid-19 caused people to raid supermarkets and buy “non-perishables.” Things they could store. They forgot about fresh fruits and vegetables.

The food shortage is only going to get worse. The food bank lines longer. People not working. Stimulus checks better than nothing. However not enough to properly support a family.

Some observations concerning the economy and letting the elderly die.

Mike Norman Economics reports, “We need a real fucking plan, you shitbags.”

Strong words. True, however. The U.S. is wandering aimlessly in a reactive fashion rather than proactively. Some reactiveness required. An overall plan necessary, also.

McConnell says he favors “letting the States declare bankruptcy.”

His lunacy more skillfully stated than Trump’s. Trump comes out hitting away, with little thought. McConnell thinks things out before he speaks and many times has a reason not initially evident behind his statements. A skillful mind, a devious mind.

McConnell fears “revenue replacement…..We’re not interested in solving their pension problems for them…..We’re not interested in saving them from bad decisions they’ve made in the past.”

What is he saying? Some believe his words are intended to mean we should avoid the costs of caring for retirees and just let them die off faster. And in case you do not understand, the Republican right wing wants the elderly to die sooner than later. What’s the purpose in keeping them alive?

An example used involves New York City and coronavirus. Two thirds of all Covid-19 deaths involve people 70 or older. Who make up only 10 percent of the population. Their care and confinement expensive.

Then there are Medicare and Social Security. Think of the money that will be saved!

They think this way and talk this way. They are as bad as our Russian, Iranian and North Korean enemies.


Enjoy your day!




Genesis 19 recalls Gomorrah as a place where “grave sins” were committed. Flagrant sins.

Studio 54 opened in New York City on this day in 1977. Disco! Big time! The global epicenter of the disco craze.

Immediately became the most famous night club in the world. Drugs and sex the attraction. Drugs not my thing. Fine looking women another story. All beautiful!

I visited 2 times in my late 30’s.

A class club.

I had a limousine driving me around. My days in New York were extremely busy. Several different conferences in different parts so Manhattan. I required the limousine. I general kept it for a night on the town afterward.

I had already stopped at a couple of bars and restaurants. It was late. Asked the limo driver if I could get into Studio 54. “No problem, Mr. Petrone.”

He made 2 telephone calls. One to make my reservation. The other to announce when we arrived that I was there.

The doorman open the limo door and said, “Welcome to Studio 54, Mr. Petrone.” Immediately knew I was going to like the place.

I did not have to pay, though there were long lines of others waiting to get in and/or pay. I was escorted into the heart of Studio 54.

What a place! Magnificent! Reeking of excitement. The women outstanding! I had died and gone to Heaven!

Studio 54 had not the best of reputations. Probably the drug issue. However in the end the authorities were not able to close it down because of drugs. They got one of the principals for tax evasion. Shades of Al Capone.

Studio 54 had its closing party the evening of February 4, 1980. It was labeled: “The End of Modern-day Gomorrah.”

Nothing like it has ever returned to New York City.

I have been predicting a food shortage for several months. It is here and is only going to get worse.

Forty percent of Los Angeles has turned to food banks. Food banks being strained in New York, San Diego, Chicago and Houston. Running out of staple goods.

At the same time, farmers are culling pigs, dumping dairy products, and breaking eggs. The food supply chains have been upended. Becoming increasingly impossible to get crops from farms to where ever they go next and then to grocery stores. Markets struggling to stock their shelves.

The strain on the food system a social bomb in the making. Proof the long lines on highways waiting to get to food banks. Many in line there for the first time. Not working, no cash flow.

I hope we do not get to where Greece was the first time I visited. Food scarce. People ate their pets. Then raided the zoos and killed the animals. Then ate anything growing from the earth. Then dug for roots to boil to make soup.

Big Pine is physically the largest of the Keys. Population  only 5,000. Not one case of coronavirus!


Big Pine residents are a bit of a different breed. Skilled at being alone. Worry not about career prospects. Appear emotionally experienced in dealing with problems.

The Monroe County Commission announced the County will not be open to outsiders till June 1. Good for the Commission. The road block preventing non residents from entering will remain in place. Other restrictions will remain also.

The numbers for the County are not bad. A total of 76 caronavirus cases. Only 3 deaths. Fifteen of the cases in Key west.

As the world turns. Yesterday I reported that the County determined the Keys were into a drought. Much sun and next to no rain for several months. A drought restriction was imposed. Lawns could only be watered 2 times a week rather than 3.

This morning it rained big time for 3 hours. Hard! The drought announcement may have come a day or two early.

Yesterday was my 44th day of quarantine. Self-imposed.

Necessity is the mother of invention. The internet has become the site of whatever social life I have. We all have.

Last night was cocktails at 7 again with Cathy in Seattle, Washington. We celebrated her 58th birthday.

Love Skype!

Enjoy your Sunday!


The pain of coronavirus is everywhere. Those afflicted, their families, and the medical staff caring for them. Personal and in one’s face.

An example occurred on Anderson Cooper’s show last night.

A young wife and mother. Married 10 years. Two children. Ages appeared 3 and 2. The husband/father had come down with the virus and was hospitalized. He died.

He left a note to his wife for her and someday the children to read and understand. The mother said that she had a blanket with her husband’s picture a part of it. The children were climbing on the blanket, pointing, and saying Daddy. Sometimes striking the picture with their hands as young ones are prone to do.

Anderson Cooper was the first to cry. He broke up several times. Then the wife. Then me.

It was heart wrenching.

Day 45 of my self-quarantine. Hanging in there. Wish things would get better however so I could get out into the world again. I think I am in the initial stages of cabin fever.

Some things happening in Key West.

Key West is closed to visitors until after May. Then local authorities will do a look see to determine if it is time to open the town up to outsiders. All of Monroe County operating under the same rule.

The County is being safe and not sorry. Smart! It was reported in the Citizen that Monroe County will probably be closed to outsiders till after Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties opened and experienced no problems. Then Monroe County would consider reopening “lodging.”

I mentioned yesterday Key West had a case of Legionnaire’s disease. One. Turns out it is 5.

The one reported yesterday at Poinciana Gardens. The “new 4” really “old.” I do  not recall hearing about them. The 4 oldies were reported 2 months ago at the Paradise Inn on Simonton Street.

Keys weather has been fantastic for several months. Bright sunny days. Very little rain.

The lack of rain has caught up with us. The beginnings of a drought. Officials describe it as a “moderate drought.”

Flowers and greenery beginning to wilt.

Not bad, but enough to impose a drought restriction. Homeowners may only water their lawns 2 days a week. No longer the 3 days previously the rule.

Key West 1896 young lady May Johnson not well. Her sickness keeping her bed ridden. She thought she recovered and went out for 2 days. Dancing one of them. However, not her time yet.

She has suffered for 3 consecutive days. Terrible chills. SICK AGAIN as she describes it. “Suffering agonies.”

The doctor visited. Gave her some pills.

Trump time.

Donald does as Donald wants and gets away with it.

There is something called the emoluments clause in the Constitution. Prohibits a President from certain investments. The issue came up early in Trump’s Presidency. He said he was not going to be bound by the clause.

Trump owned 30 percent of 1290 Avenue of the Americas. The remaining 70 percent was owned by Vornado Realty Trust. The building was refinanced in 2012. The total refinancing package $950 million.

It is assumed Trump still owns the 30 percent interest.

The Bank of China is state owned. The government owns it. The Bank of China took $211 million of the $950 refinancing

The note becomes due in 2022.

Has the obligation influenced or will it influence Trump’s judgment?

Trump has been using the Task Force reports at dinner time each evening in place of the rallies that no longer can be held because of coronavirus. Trump has taken to reading from a prepared text. Sometime deviating and speaking extemporaneously. Followed by questions and answers.

We are looking at roughly 2 hours each evening.

Not last night. Trump took no questions. Immediately walked off the platform following the text material. His total time last night 21 minutes.

The “why” of it all. Trump’s by needle or other type ingestion of a disinfectant into the body or  some form of UV ultra light to cure coronavirus.

The world up in arms. Cannot understand the stupidity of Trump’s suggestion.

Trump took no questions because he well knew they would have had to do with his foolishness from the previous evening.

Trump’s drug of choice to kill Covid-19 has been hydroxychloroquine. He had been pushing it like crazy. The possible “cure.” Why not try it?

It was revealed this past week that it had been used in some hospitals. Where tried, more died than recovered. Obviously the hydro whatever not the “cure” as Trump had promoted it.

Turns out there is another phase to the story.

Admiral Brett Giroir is Assistant Secretary of HHS.He sent out a 4/4 e-mail pushing government officials “to flood New York and New Jersey with treatment courses.”

Someone was not happy. Thought the drug stores should also be “pushed.”

The matter now public.

I would like to know who and why it was “pushed.” Who is responsible? Is anyone in government benefiting financially from the “push?”

Worthy of an inquiry? Especially where people apparently died because of its use.

Saturday night. A date night. I am having cocktails at 7 via Skype with Cathy in Seattle. We are celebrating her birthday.

Enjoy your day!



I just completed reading Dorothy Downs’ most recent novel. Her Soldier of the Queen.

Dot and I have been friends for years. She has written before. About Indians, their art, crafts and activities. Her Soldier of the Queen her first venture into life. Its joys and sorrows.

War time. Two lovers. One married to another. The pain of the romance. The pain of separating from a husband. The pain of a lover’s death.

The story of a woman who never became the woman she was meant to be till she met her lover. The novel’s closing line: “I did know happiness for a brief moment in time.”

I enjoyed reading the book for a number of reasons. The primary that it had the Hemingway touch. Inadvertent, I am sure. Never the less, it was there. Dot wrote certain passages and phrases in Hemingway style.

I recommend Her Soldier and the Queen. The novel will touch you. It is available at Books & Books and through Amazon.com.

Trump is aware he is on a downward trend. 2020 has not been a good year for him. Coronavirus and how he has handled it behind his downfall.

Instead of letting the scientists and doctors rule the roost, Trump gets his nose into the situation every day. For whatever reason, he does not understand that the illness that confronts us must be approached step by step. Total resolution will take time.

Trump seeks the “immediate cure.” One discovered by him, of course.

First it was hydroxcloroquine. The malaria cure that he said would be the the cure all. He knew. He knew because he understood these things, because he had a feeling.

He did not know and his feeling failed him.

Yesterday came the best. Two new and different approaches. Untried. In their infancy stages of examination at best.

One the injection of disinfectant into the body to beat the coronavirus and clean the lungs. The other UV radiation or some sort of light made to enter the body, also.

The disinfectant some thing like Lysol or Clorox. The UV light’s precise source, I am not sure.

Prospective suicides can kill themselves by drinking even a small portion of a disinfectant.

We were told yesterday that the disinfectant bleach approach could kill the virus in 5 minutes. An isopropyl alcohol even quicker.

Trump was aware that the day before, his hydroxcloroquine cure had gone down the drain. A report came out indicating more deaths where the drug was used in comparison to survivals.

He needed a new winner! Immediately! He found it in the disinfectant injection and /or ultra violet light.

The information re the 2 possible “cures” came from a mid level employee in the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate. Neither scientist nor doctor.

Trump proudly showed him off at the podium. His new find! The man responsible for the 2 possible new cures.

Some physician comments in the news this morning: “Irresponsible and dangerous…..Don’t take medical advice from Trump…..A totally ridiculous concept.”

Timing can be an upsetting factor. Earlier this week and before news of the possible new cure finds, the CDC warned Americans to be careful with cleaning products as cures for the virus. The FDA warned against ingesting disinfectants.

As I was listening to Trump pontificate at the Task Force report session yesterday, Dr. Josef Mengele came to mind. The Nazi SS doctor who experimented with prisoners at Auschwitz. Known as the Angel of Death.

Many were killed via lethal injection in the years Mengele was at Auschwitz.

A fellow by the name of Clifton published a book in 1986 about Mengele. He wrote Mengele was “lacking empathy.”

Trump does not agree with Dr. Fauci’s testing concerns. Understandable. Trump is smart. Knows everything.

Key West like the rest of the world is concerned with coronavirus. Our lives have changed here as elsewhere. Quarantine, businesses closed, etc.

Now comes an old disease to harass us. Legionnaires Disease. One case. A resident of Poinciana Gardens. Residents have been made aware of the problem.

Oil companies are like banks and insurance companies. Whores.

The oil industry is in deep trouble. Saudi Arabia and Russia are paying traders to take their crude oil excesses off their hands. Oil is trading at zero levels.

One would expect gasoline prices at the pump to drop radically. Finally, consumers would get a break.

Not so. At least in the Key West area. Price per gallon has only dropped $.14 in the past 3 weeks.

Enjoy your day!


I love Greece. Its history, culture and people.

I have developed friendships with many Greeks. Two mentioned here. Theodore Markis and Jim Brown. Theodore lives in Loannina on the Greek mainland. Jim on the island of Crete.

Both have kept in touch during the coronavirus pandemic. It has affected Greece as it has the U.S. Both cannot understand the recent protests in U.S. streets to open things up. Not the way the people handled things in Greece.

They are literally shocked that America is behaving as it has.

Time Magazine published an article on its website 4/21. An investigative report. An interesting writing. It gives top grades to Greece for the way it has handled Covid-19.

Theodore brought the article to my attention.

I am paraphrasing its contents. I will not be comparing Greece’s actions to those of the U.S. We know what the U.S. has done. The comparisons will automatically come to mind as you read today’s blog.

Greece has  succeeded in meeting the coronavirus attack. Big time.

Greece’s success is attributed to the way it met the coronavirus onslaught. Head on. They prepared and managed it.

The success is attributed to 2 factors. Sweeping restrictive measures and the country began to impose them before any other European country.

Time lionizes Greek authorities in glowing terms for the country’s spectacular success. Success in limiting the spread of the virus and in keeping the death toll extremely low. One hundred sixteen to date.

The people were asked to suffer in order to win. And suffer they did! The most painful deprivation was the national lock down at Easter time.

Greek tradition has people traveling during Easter time to their ancestral homes to celebrate the holiday. Passengers in well over 100,000 vehicles travel to the various provinces.

Churches were monitored, streets patrolled, drones deployed. The lock down was strictly enforced. The people uncomplainingly did as told.

In the final analysis, it was the government imposed measures and the way the Greek people largely abided by them that made success possible.

Prior to this year, Greece has suffered 10 years of extreme financial difficulty. Everything cut to the bone so Greece could survive economically. Greece has been wrapped in financial austerity.

Medical facilities a place where cuts were imposed. So much so that as coronavirus was imminent, Greece had only 560 ICU beds. In all of Greece! In a country of 11 million persons that equates to 5.2 ICU beds per 100,000 people.

The Orthodox Church of Greece was a problem when the government imposed lock down at Easter time. Clerics insisted no one could contact the virus from Holy Communion because Communion consisted of the “true body and blood” of Christ.

Clerics turned to the media to attack the government’s position. The media did not challenge the Church’s position. It let the Clerics speak and then moved on to another subject. No questions, no exchanges.

The media did express one short comment each time: Scientific facts to the contrary had been presented in previous interviews. There the issue died.

The right mixture of measures to prevent and contain the virus contributed also to Greece’s success.

Late in February, before a single death, carnivals were cancelled. On March 5, schools, cafes, universities, and most businesses were closed.

Note that there were only 31 confirmed cases on March 5. The government anticipated what was to come and took steps before the virus hit full blast.

Compelling early government action were the budget cuts over the years. They necessitated early action to avoid collapse of an already “fragile” public health system. Additional ICU beds were added and hundreds of doctors and nurses hired.

Note again. Only 31 confirmed cases on March 5.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis an unusual leader. He saw and met the task before him. Time praised him.

On March 22, the Prime Minister announced the lock down. He cited neighboring Italy’s tragic situation to rally the Greek people behind him: “In Italy unfortunately, one person is lost every two minutes. We have to protect the common good, our health.”

On lock down day March 22, Greece had 624 confirmed cases, 15 deaths. By comparison, the United Kingdom announced its own lock down the same day: 6,650 confirmed cases, 335 deaths.

The government conducted an effective public information campaign. It was critical to Greece’s success. The truth. Good, bad or indifferent. No shading.

A daily television broadcast provided the Greek people with up to the moment developments.

Time reported Greece’s success in large measure is attributed to a “massive, effective public information campaign.”

Costly, however. The government thus far has spent a whopping 11 million euros from an already depleted budget.

In the daily TV reports, citizens were warned that the weak health care system meant harsh measures had to be implemented early in order to save lives, even if the economy was hit hard.

Greece has private and public hospitals. The government entered into an agreement with the private hospitals whereby the private hospitals agreed to take on non-coronavirus cases. Thereby freeing up space for Covid-19 patients in public hospitals.

Keep in mind refugees had poured into Greece in big numbers prior to the onset of coronavirus. Most from Africa. The government had placed them in migrant camps. These refugees posed a special challenge.

The migrant camps received unequal care when compared to the Greek populace. They also had a higher risk of infection.

The threat was minimized by 2 factors. Both unusual. First, the low average age of refugees and immigrants. Second, their physical stamina and endurance after making the long and arduous journey to Europe.

There were 5 refugee camps on islands themselves. In one where 40,000 were located, the conditions were squalid. The place a “legal limbo.”

Nineteen thousand were confined at another camp on a different island. Things bad there also. One benefit, however. The camp had 3 doctors.

No virus cases developed on the islands where the vast majority of migrants were kept. However, cases occurred at 2 camps on the Greek mainland. Forty four cases at one and 150 cases at another. All confirmed. No deaths.

Always keep in mind that Greece was broke going into the epidemic. The country had been in financial distress for 10 years. Its economy battered.

Coronavirus is having a dire impact on the economy. Borrowing money has become as much of a challenge as fighting the virus.

The government continues to meet the challenge. Whatever is necessary. Borrow from Peter to pay Paul, fail to pay Paul, etc.

Two areas contribute heavily to Greece’s GDP. Tourism and indirect income. Tourism normally constitutes 11.7 percent. Indirect income, which includes international shipping, 39.9 percent.

The government recognizes the economy must be stimulated so the people can return to work, etc. Borrowing as described a problem. The lock down not helping. No income being produced.

Greece’s high debt to GDP ratio means it may be difficult to continue borrowing if the coronavirus crisis stretches into months or years.

Thus Greece’s story. That of one of the poorest nations in the world. Compare it to the story of the U.S. Considered by most the richest nation.

Greece has accomplished more with less. In addition, a different mindset. The people and government alike.

Enjoy your day!



Ian Welsh is a Canadian blogger. Excellent. Sees things others do not.

I enjoy his writings.

The past few days I have reported re the wealthy corporate and individual conservative class. The extremely rich. How they are behind the protests in the streets, make money from politics, care not about the U.S. except only as an opportunity to add to their wealth, etc.

Some have responded to my writings and spoken word re this group suggesting I’m crazy. Know not that of which I speak.

As it turns out, Welsh agrees with me. I suggest you read his blog of 4/21/20 titled “The Sheer Awe Inspiring American Clusterfuck.”

His blog way too long for me to fully share with you. However, a small portion with a few short excerpts is. His words inspired by coronavirus and its impact on the U.S.

Descriptions like “reinfection…..a complete clusterfuck…..America is broken…..all empires and great nations end – they rot from the inside.”

He writes, “America is a failing state…..awe inspiring to watch. Surreal. Amazing.”

Re the wealthy/the elite, he writes, “The American elite reaction to anything these days is to see it as a looting opportunity. Pump up the stock market, let the peons starve and run out of rent money, shovel money to the rich, and buy up distressed assets. That’s what both DC Republicans and Democrats are doing  and ok with.”

Additionally, “…..the elites are inbred, out of touch with actual production and only capable of playing political games. They get money by manipulating politics, not by genuine production.”

Bettie Page was the first modern day model. The classic. She set the standard for all models who followed her.

The original pin up girl. Racy. Taboo. First known as Queen of Pin-Ups. Then Queen of Bondage. She was Hugh Hefner’s third center fold Playgirl.

Graduated high school with a 97.19 GPA. Second in her class. A college grad.

Bettie spent many years in Key West. Off and on. Found God in Key West. Became a born again Christian. It was 1958. Bettie attended the Key West Temple Baptist Church. She became drawn to the multicultural environment.

Her born again status resulted in her giving up alcohol consumption. Her favorite drink became root beer. She enjoyed her drinking, whatever it may have been at the moment, at Turtle Kraals.

She did missionary work in her later years.

Bettie died this day in 2008.

I think of Larry Smith, Christine Cordone, and Terri White as I share the following with you.

They are musicians. They work “gigs.” Musicians working gigs a huge part of the Florida work force. Represent 20 percent of the work force. They are legally independent contractors. Not however part of the “work force” recognized for purpose of receiving stimulus monies.

Florida is way back in processing stimulus payments under their program at the present time. However, the State is looking at making “gig” workers part of the program so they will receive weekly $600 checks.

Terri White and Larry Baeder are doing a live stream show tonight at 8. From the Greenfield Guitar.

Necessity is the mother of invention. With bars closed, Key West musicians have no where to perform and earn a living. Many have turned to the internet. As Terri and Larry are doing.

Their show tonight being carried nationwide.

If a viewer is so inclined, donations can be sent via Viewer and PayPay.

Keys beaches will remain closed. Local authorities showing more wisdom than Governor De Santis and Jacksonville authorities.

However consideration is being given to opening golf courses and public parks. No decision made as yet.

Coronavirus testing in the Keys has sucked. The population 74,000. Tests performed 952.

“12 Mile Reef” a 1953 movie filmed in Key West. On this day in 1953, the movie crew arrived. Took over the Casa Marina. Including the movie’s stars Terry Moore, Robert Wagner, Gilbert Roland and J. Carroll Nash.

Seventy five locals were used as extras. Tino’s precursors.

Today is the 50th birthday of Earth Day. We are still struggling with the problem.

There is a picture on the internet showing the crowd marching on Earth Day 50 years ago. On Fifth Avenue. A mass of humanity from one side of the street to the other as far as the eyes could see.

I am just getting into Zoom. Sloan set me up Sunday. I have not yet tried to use the site on my own.

Zoom is one of the newest and hottest social network sites. It began as a social life line early in the pandemic. It has taken off!

Zoom has exceeded expectations. Personnel are complaining. Being worked hard. Wearing them down. The site is being used for everything. It has swiftly developed into everyone’s “go to.”

The $2.3 trillion stimulus package provided $349 billion for small business loans. As we all know, the money went swiftly. The banks moved the processing rapidly.

Why not! The banks earned in excess of $10 billion in fees in so doing.

Harvard’s $8.7 million payment from the same stimulus package has raised concerns. How did Harvard get the $8.7 million or any amount? Why a university? If proper, why so much for a university that has one of the richest endowments in the world?

When the news first broke, it sounded like Harvard was getting a piece of the small business portion of the stimulus.

Trump has demanded Harvard pay the money back.

Harvard refuses.

Harvard advises the monies did not come from the small business portion of the stimulus. The Payment Protection Program. Rather, it came from the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund portion of the stimulus package. Properly intended for colleges and universities. The Higher Education portion specifically designated to help colleges and universities mitigate the impact of the coronavirus.

I believe the monies to Harvard never the less inappropriate. Harvard in the position to cover its own losses, whatever they may be. The small business man on the other hand not.

Enjoy your day!



The operative word in the title is “clothed.”

Key West is closed down. Duval dead!

One of Key West’s famous gentleman’s clubs is The Red Garter on Duval. A strip joint with class. There is a large sign in its window: Sorry…..We’re Clothed Until Further Notice.

A delicate touch! A Key West one!

Florida’s Governor De Santis is one of the country’s worst governors in my opinion. A Donald Trump in disguise. He dances to every Trump tune.

De Santis gave local authorities permission to open the beaches. Jacksonville did. People showed up in large numbers. I wonder how many new coronavirus cases there will be in the Jacksonville area in 4-6 weeks.

Key West is in Monroe County. All the Keys are located in Monroe County.

Keys local authorities have decided to play it safe. Keys beaches will remain closed. No open ’em up date has been scheduled.

Keys people are sensitive to the virus. The  Keys suffer enough from hurricanes. Damage from 2017 Irma not yet totally remedied. People still living under tarpaulins. No stoves. No toilet facilities.

The blockade at the entrance to the Keys remains. Non-residents are not permitted to enter the Keys.

Better safe than sorry.

Key West is the southernmost point in the U.S. News travels fast in modern times. There was a time when it was not so.

Abraham Lincoln died on April 15, 1865. It took 6 days for the news of his death to reach Key West.

Governor De Santis announced Florida expects to receive 100,000 test kits for coronavirus antibodies this week.

Seeing is believing!

While Trump was campaigning in 2016, he said he was going to Washington to “drain the swamp.” Didn’t work that way. The swamp is draining Washington and all of the U.S.

I mentioned a couple of days ago that the U.S. was on the verge of becoming a feudalistic society. A significant number of comments. Including cell phone and e-mail.

Some agreed, some not. More not. I thought perhaps I did not express myself clearly enough. Feudalism today was a new concept. I read it nowhere. It was born in my mind.

I now have company!

Paul Craig Roberts is a blog writer. His blog: PCR Institute For Political Economy. His most recent blog: “Are We Becoming A New Feudalism? The Economy Is Being Destroyed.”

His answer: “Yes.”

Our thought processes generally similar, though different in certain respects. I do not totally agree with Roberts nor he I. Though on the significant point we do: The U.S. is becoming a feudalistic society.

Roberts wrote (emphasis mine): “The LARGE BAILED OUT CREDITORS will end up with the property of the NON-BAILED-OUT DEBTORS who are BEING PUSHED DEEPER INTO DEBT with ‘bail-out loans’ and fess and penalties for missed debt payments. WRITE-OFFS FOR THE ONE PERCENT, and MORE INDEBTEDNESS FOR EVERYONE ELSE…..Break up the banks ‘too big to fail’ and return corporations from Asia to the United States a solution.”

Roberts’ final words: Time to dethrone the “elites.”

Oil companies are taking a beating. My heart bleeds for them. How sad.

Not really. As far as I am concerned, oil companies cannot hurt enough.

Oil prices are falling. Described at the moment as being below zero. First time ever.

Greed brought the oil companies to this point. Especially Russia and Saudi Arabia. They pumped and pumped. Money galore pouring in. Till each pumped too much.

The problem a simple one. So much oil has been pumped there is no place to store it. Not even huge tankers where normally excess is stored.

As a result, oil traders are paying other traders to take excess barrels off their hands. As much as $40 a barrel.

The scenario will end soon. The oil companies have seen the light. They are switching off their wells. Cheaper to leave it in the ground.

A second problem is contributing to the zero price situation. People are not buying gasoline for their cars as they once did. Most people world wide are confined to their homes because of coronavirus.

I have no sympathy re the problem of the oil companies for a couple of reasons. Each significant.

I recall when gasoline went to $4 a gallon. Twice in my lifetime. I recall when I had to wait in line for like 2 hours to get to a pump to buy gas. Hoping each time my car moved forward that the gasoline would not run out before I got there.

Finally, I am one of those that consider Saudi Arabia the master mind of 9/11. I forget the specific number. Something like 15 or 17 of those involved were citizens of Saudi Arabia.

Russia. I could also care less. They have been our “enemy” since the end of World War II. They have “hurt” us whenever they could. Especially under Putin.

David Winans is a leading oil figure. He says re the drop to a zero price, “Today’s price move feels like oil is passing a kidney stone.”


Trump was elected in 2016 because he figured out how to anger certain voters to support him. He is continuing this year to foment the anger of voters. The goal the same. Anger directed at the establishment. This year in the form of a “peaceful” rebellion against governors.

Trump is literally destroying the Presidency to guarantee his reelection.

The historical purpose of the Presidency was to unite the States, not further divide them. Trump’s encouragement against State stay-in-place orders is unpresidential and unbecoming a President.

Trump’s dislike of immigrants evidenced in the recent $2.3 trillion stimulus package. Quietly. Just coming out.

More than one million U.S. citizens are barred from recovering stimulus checks if their spouses are immigrants.

Tuesday again! My blog talk radio show tonight at 9: Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Join me! The show is a quick half hour. Guaranteed not boring. I rant and rave about everything.

Little is happening in our country at the moment, except for Trump and coronavirus.. Therefore most of the show will be about Trump and coronavirus. The 2 most important topics on our plates at the moment. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!